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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I get all of the special insectors(the rare, hard to find ones)?

It says in the game that there is a rare type of insector for each kind. Like the mantus family. Where would I find them and what food should I use and which trap to use?

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From: GoalieGuy6 6 years ago

Did you try checking the Insectron Guide on this site? It has some pretty good information in it.

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Go to this link for Insector locations:

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if you use Rubies or diamonds in all three traps and place them Directly ON TOP of the Leo kings tomb in Jurika you will usually get a Little Elf

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A mantis can be found in johannasburg by putting meat in the insector trap II.A fairy can be found in the path to the ruins on juraika by putting lapis lazuli in all 3 traps.An itsahorse insector can be caught in Ti'athia forest on mariglenn by putting any meat in any trap
(electric eel,smoked rainbow newt,etc.)by the goat on the path from the gulza sanctuary.My friend told me you can get a snail by putting yago milk in all the traps and place them by Chief Ugozi in burkaqua village.A hopper(grasshopper)can be found in johannasburg by putting any fruit in the traps beside the fountain in town.

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