Question from Gunsandredroses

Asked: 5 years ago

Can you get more than one Royal Fruit?

I beat the Ghost Ship Extreme once and got the royal fruit. If I complete it again, do I get another?

Also, what does the royal fruit do if I feed it to an insector?

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From: fabyutytu16 5 years ago

Yes, you do, simply do it again, and you can get yourself another Dark Emp.
I'm gonna get my 3rd one, as i HAVE to kill a few remaining monsters of the bottom floors.

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Simplelly, just beat GHOST SHIP EXTREME again.

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Oh yea, i forgot to mention, you get the incetor the Dark Emporer if you keep it in a cage in the sacutary mother lives.
Don't worry, no other incetor expet the Dark Emporer eats the royal fruit. It's basically the strongest kind of incetor there is, it can be any insector, but it will still be the strongest.

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