Question from boyzUcry

Asked: 5 years ago

Nebuladon Egg, Mermaid Scale, Dragon God's Skull ?

What monster drop those things ? or is there any shop that sell those things ?

Accepted Answer

From: krishna_movva 5 years ago

Ok.Dragon god skull is dropped by:Petite Pooch, Salvage Dog, Protobeast, Stray Dog, Ghost Animal, Dark Buffalo , Hell Corpse, Death Skeletar, Devil, Deimos, Evil Skeletar,
Hades monk,Ghost baphu,Ghoul,Garm and Dark Monk

Mermaid scale is dropped by:Water Wyrm, Aurora Slime, Solon, Orochi, Spiral Sid, Dark Worm and Uruma

Nebuladon egg is dropped by: Vulture, Living Lava, Poisonous Fly, Vedabird, Flame Tortoise, Dark Vulture, Ice Eater, Dragon, Exploder, Kull Jelly and Man-o-War

You can't buy these items but you can find them in chests throughout the galaxy.

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