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This is my Quarries FAQ for Rogue Galaxy, this is also my first FAQ so feel
free to send any suggestions, comments or whatever.
Quarries are monsters that can be found in the game that give you large 
amounts of Hunter Points, there are 22 total, although one isn't found like
the others.

TO find something use the ctrl+f search and type in the codes of the section
you wish to go to or search the name of the quarry you are looking for

                              Table of Contents

                               Quarries 101 (quarr1)
                          Location and items(quarr2)
                  Frequently Asked Questions(quarr3)
                              Special Thanks(quarr4)
                                 Legal Stuff(quarr5)
                             Version History(quarr6)

                                 Quarries 101 (quarr1)

Quarries are monsters that give large amounts of Hunter Points when defeated
however there is (except for 1) a required way to do this.

Step 1. Go to the Galaxy Corporation on Zerard and go to the desk at the back
and talk to the shop keeper. Purchase the information on a quarry.

Step 2. Go to the planet that the quarry is located on and find a thinking

Step 3. The thinking circle will give you a hint as to which item to use. Use
the item, then the enemy will appear. 

Step 4. Defeat the enemy then go to a transporter to collect the Hunter Points

                           Location and Items (quarr2)

This section will describe where to find every quarry, what item to use and a
brief description of what it looks like/how to fight it


[Name of Quarry]
[Location Description] [Item needed] [Earliest possible place to get item]
[Description of enemy and strategy to fight]

All will be in this format except Scorching Alchemist

Scorching Alchemist is the Chapter 1 boss. It does however still give Hunter

The Cave Bandit
Inside the Great Tablet Hall(past where you fight Gale) [Stella Crystal]
Stella Crystals can be bought from the Insectron store and the store in 
Poccachio's office. Frogmen (Chapter 6) drop them
The Cave Bandit is a giant Baphu who deals large amounts of damage if you are
underleveled. Stay far away and hit him with your secondary weapon and use
abilities often

Tomb Guardian
North Observation Deck in front of the stone grave-like monument [Mirror unit]
Mirror units are dropped by Shock Gems (Chapter 5)
Tomb Guardian is one of those giant ball-on-legs looking things. It is a jump
to attack monster so many abilities won't work on it. Use Flash Sword and it
will be easy

The Steel Shipwright
Zerard Factory Assembly Line 3a on top of the ship [Cyclonic Pump] 
Cyclonic pumps can be purchased from the robot shopkeeper in the same room
The Steel Shipwright is the same type of monster as Undead Bandit, so it is a
jump to attack enemy. Its attack may have heavy knockback, but aren't very
fast, you can usually get 2 or 3 attacks in land then guard his attack. Use
Flash Sword

The Wayward Phantasm
Sylvazard Ruins, warp to Entrance then walk into the ruins past the shop
toward the next area. The thinking circle is there [Crystal Staff] Crystal
Staffs are dropped by Phantom (Chapter 11)
It is an Egyptian dog-jackal thing. By the time you can get Crystal Staffs
This quarry should be simple

The Voracius Wanderer
Sail the Dorgenark to Rose Nebula, go on deck and walk to the very front where
there is a narrow walkway [Primeval Beef] Purchase from Insectron Store
This is similar to the sting-ray thing s that attack Jaster and Kisala the
first time they are in Rose Nebula. Use Flash Sword, Desert Wind and guns they
all work against it

The Jungle Master
Warp to Path to Leo King ruins Endpoint, the thinking circle is in the centre
of this area [Cursed Mask] Cursed Masks are dropped by Zombies (Chapter6)
The Jungle Masteris a giant vine-covered lion or maybe he is made of branches 
and vines
First you need to destroy the jewel in its head before you damage it. Use
Flash Sword on it as I found guns don't deal much damage. Maybe I have a weak
gun though, so you could try using a gun

The Shapeless Assassin
Found in the Cancer King's ruins past where the kid builds a bridge over the
water, it is found in a tunnel [Smoked Rainbow Newt] Purchase at Insectron
The Shapeless Assassin is a giant bug. It is found in a tunnel, so there isn't
much room. You have to be careful not to get trapped against a corner, while
fighting it.

The Sin Steeped Drifter
Warp to Juraika Creekside then travel along the creek toward a dead end(not
toward Filio's house) you will find a turn-off on the left that will cross
overhead of the creek and end at a waterfall the thinking circle is there
[Myriad Branch] Purchase in Poccahio's office
The Sin Steeped Drifter is a green version of the Dark Gigant enemy. It is a
jump to attack enemy, so use Flash Sword then attack.

The Rumored Ladyhunter
Warp to South Myna Station then go west into the tunnel [Magic Lipstick]
Magic Lipstick is dropped by Mutch (Chapter 2) Kisala and Lilika both need
to be in the active party (on screen)
The Rumored Ladyhunter is a giant version of the Dark Ape enemies, so it can
attack by rolling to hit multiple times in addition to normal attacks. Use
Jaster's gun, and if it is still alive when you run out of reloads use Flash

The Tower Predator
Warp to Gladius Towers Tower 1 floor 6 and take the elevator to floor 7, walk
to the walkway between Towers 1 and 2, the thinking circle is on the walkway
from 1 to 2 [Perfect Elixer] Dropped by Bosses and bought at shops late in the
The Tower Predator is a mammoth. It is easy to defeat during your trip through
the Gladius Towers, just fire your gun and use Flash Sword

The Tower Matador
Warp to Gladius Towers Tower 2 floor 6 and take the elevator to floor 7, walk
to the walkway between Towers 1 and 2, the thinking circle is on the walkway
from 2 to 1 [Perfect Reviver] Dropped by Bosses and bought at shops late in
the game. Must be in top 20 hunter levels
The Tower Matador is a giant figure in golden armor and it hits pretty hard
for the area. Use Flash Sword and watch your health if your doing this during
the Gladius Towers in Chapter 8, otherwise just go kamikaze on it

The Desert Idol
Warp to Kuje Desert Near the Monument and walk north down the central path
[Alluring Lamp] Alluring Lamp is dropped by Moleman (Chapter 6)
The Desert Idol is a middle-eastern looking statue with swords. To fight it
use Flash Sword and your gun. Illusion Sword is also useful

The Winged Traveller
Warp to Johannaburg Plaza, it near the fountain where the merchant is
[Hoho Bird Feather] The feather is dropped by Stinger (Chapter 3) +Player must
be controlling Jupis when Feather is used.
The Winged Traveller is a big bird, so you need to jump up, but if you hit it
enough it will fall to the ground. You control Jupis at the beginning, so use
Aromatic Burst, then switch to Jaster if you aren't good using Jupis. With
either one abilities and secondary weapons

The Rock N Roller
Juraika Crash Site (where you found the Freeze shot) [CO2 Powder] CO2 Powder
is sold at most item shops
The Rock N Roller is a flaming version of the Tortoise enemies. It can set you
on fire so bring several CO2 Powders. Use a charge attack to break its shield
then attack with abilities like Flash Sword

The Fallen Monarch
Warp to Ti'atha Forest Midpoint then walk back to the waterfall where the
acorn-looking guy sells stuff [Alexander Sword] Alexander Sword is made in the
factory (Sword of holy lightning)
The Fallen Monarch looks like Phantom Lord Gazel and should be fought in the
same way. Stay back and fire your secondary weapon. Note that you first must
use the barrier break shot on him

The Ancient Fairy
Warp to the entrance of the Leo King's Castle it is in the very first room
[Zipangu Axe] Shop in Burkaqua village
The Anicent Fairy does not look like your ordinary fairy. For one it's big
and two it's strong. Use Illusion Sword to simplify the battle or your gun

The Labyrinth Terror
Warp to Maze of Chaos then enter the room with all the ancient writing on the
walls, go to the southernmost part. [Nebuladon Egg] Nebuladon Egg is dropped
by Living Lava (Chapter 7)
The Labyrinth Terror is a big mimic, so don't stand right in front of it or
you will be in trouble. Use your gun, Illusion Sword and Flash Sword from
behind the mimic to avoid damage.

The Rogue Pirates
Warp to Salgin Spaceport Depot, then exit the spaceport. Just as houses begin
to appear there will be two large areas to your right and left go into the one
on the right, that's where they are [Lucky Clover] Lucky Clovers are dropped
by Flame Tortoise (Chapter 10)
The Rogue Pirates are three things, I really can't describe them any other way
They all fight the same way, though, so appearances don't matter. They have
two attacks a tackle and an attack with two weapons -one on either hand.
They are easy to defeat if you attack then guard. Think of them as three Gales
in one fight

The Envoy on High
Gulza Sanctuary Plaza [Sealing Sunfire] Sealing Sunfire is dropped by Infernal
Fruit (Chapter 8 on Juraika) You need to be in the top 5 hunter levels
The Envoy on High is a dragon that uses alot of lightning and paralyzes often
bring lots of status healing items. It has a barrier, so use the Barrier Break
Shot first, then use Illusion sword and Flash Sword

The Seaside Terror
Warp to Nalvasa Seaway Beginning and go south-east onto a small beach
[Pirate Grog] Purchase at Isectron Store
It looks like a worm, fights like a worm, hides underground like a worm, must
be a worm. This battle can take longer than it should if it ducks below ground
too often. Attack when it pops up and watch your health it does a fair bit of

Raft to the Underworld
Warp to Nalvasa Seaway Endpoint and go south [Dark Music Box] Dark Music boxes
are dropped by Angry Spirit (Chapter 8 Juraika)
Raft to the Underworld is a living raft that hovers at your height. It has two
spinning wheels, one on each side. It is invincible to attacks from behind the
wheels. It can run you over dealing damage when it hits you and an additional
1 or 2 hits when the wheels hit you. Stay back and use abilities and your gun.

                       Frequently Asked Questions(quarr3)

Q: I went to the area you described, but there wasn't a thinking circle. What

A: The most likely answer is you've not purchased that quarry's information in
the Galaxy Corporation on Zerard

Q: I can't find [insert monster's name here] for [insert item's name]?

A: I found most of my regular enemy information in the enemy location guide by
rogue_leader_1 look there.

Q: I found [insert item's name here] earlier than you said.

A: While not a question, it is very possible as I did not include treasure

Q: Why don't you have the point values for each enemy up yet?

A: As I only rented this game I had to return it and forgot to mark the point
values for each quarry. Once I have the game again I will add them

Q: I have a great strategy for [insert quarry's name here]!

A: If you've got a strategy you'd like me to add it send it to me and I will 
add it and your username to the guide

Q: I found a spelling/grammar/game information error in your guide!

A: Send message to me and I will correct it.

Q: I would like ________ in your guide.

A: Send it to me and if it's relevant I will add it and credit you

                             Special Thanks to...
Ryukami211 -your topic on quarries helped me find many of them while I was
searching for the more elusive ones

rogue_leader_1 -your enemy location FAQ helped me immensly with the item finds

                              Legal Stuff
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                            Version History
Version 1.0-Completed and submitted