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How do i reach mushroom road?

I tried walking from diffrent direction around the lake on the east continent and I saw the location of the mushroom road on the map online but I can't seem to find the exact way to approach the area to do the side quest. If somebody please direct me to where to land and how to walk there please.

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When I take the river up I hit the little bridge and can't go any further up and at the end of
The river the fog is on the left and cheegle wood on the right

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lynarifin2 answered:

Do you already have the Auto-pilot feature availabe? Well, if you do, my method will be easier.

Auto-pilot the Albiore to Fubras River and follow the river until you hit an area covered in thick fog so that the Albiore is prevented from going further. Use the Square button and kinda like trace along the river until you see an open area. If I'm not mistaken, there are 2 ways to go to Fubras River in Boat Mode. Try the lower left side of the continent, I think that's the correct way without hitting the bridge. From the open area (the sea), go to switch to Boat Mode and just follow the river. Sooner or later, you'll reach Mushroom Road.

If you're still stuck, don't hesitate to ask again and I'll play the game so that I can give you the proper direction.
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CatMuto answered:

Let the Albiore go into boat mode. I always forget which side it's on, but on the continent where Engeve and such are located, there should be an open spot the Albiore can get into, close to the Fubras River. Ride on the water and follow the path until you reach the space where Mushroom Road is located.
Once you have the third flightstone, you can reach Mushroom Road by simply blasting through the cloudes surrounding it.

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