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How can i use the mystic arte????

All my entire party is above level 20
but i don't know how to use it...
and i already use Overlimit...
is there any special button to use it?

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0i000a answered:

You must be in level 30
In that level you have the AD skill "special"
Press R2 --> use arcane arte and X (for Anise, Guy, Luke and Natalia)
Press R2 --> high level fonic arte (for Jade and Tear)
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wwaa92 answered:

you need to have level 30 and AD skill 'special'.
when your over limit gauge is full (the green bar that goes up when you attack), press R2
then for guy, luke, natalia and anise you have to use an arcane art tnen hold (x)
for tear and jade use a high level fonic art and hold(x)

ps. if ion is with the party keep on holding (x) when using luke's mystic artes
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