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Where can I find all of the catalyst of the planetary fonic arte?

I need help to find it. i have 2 of them that's luke and guy's weapon

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0i000a answered:

Nebilim - This is the first Catalyst Weapon, and it's for Luke. You get it in
the story, simply by defeating the Blade Rex in the Meggiora
Highlands. You can't miss it, but note that the damage it does is
terrible until after you beat the boss. So yeah, after you get the
Nebilim, just finish Eldrant and then return, going to Daath. Talk
to Tritheim for some information, then go to Keterburg.

Lost Celesti - In Keterburg, just go right to Nephyr's office and talk to her,
and then go to Grand Chokmah to talk to Emperor Peony once in
the audience hall for some new sweet costumes, once in his
chambers about his rappigs (ignore), and then again in his
chambers for an absolutely hilarious scene, and then you've got
the second catalyst, the Lost Celesti for Guy. St. Binah next.

Blood Pain - Enter and talk to Elder McGovern, who refuses to lend it to you
because it was used to seal a demon away. Now enter the inn and
talk to Glenn there, who will give it to you if you find his
rappig. Easy, just leave the town and look near the trees, you'll
notice it immediately. Now just talk to Glenn again and he'll give
you the Blood Pain for Jade. Back to Daath, now.

Heart of Chaos - Once in the cathedral of Daath, Florian is running everywhere
with one of the catalysts and wants to play tag, which Luke
and Jade are far too eager to do. Whatever, just head east
and take the southeast symbol to immediately see Florian in
that room, and then Tritheim agrees to give it to you. And
naturally it's the Heart of Chaos for Anise. Now, sad to say...

Holy Quelqatl - I never thought I'd go back to that damn Abandoned Factory, but
it needs to be done. Go there from Baticul and head up two
ladders, using Mieu Wings to get up another and then Mieu Fire
2 on the left switch. With that, leave and use the air car
that appeared above the entrance one, and there you'll find a
Sunlight Chamber and the Holy Quelqatl for Natalia. Last...

Unicorn Horn - The very last catalyst weapon is in Eldrant, in Yulia's tomb
to be exact, but believe it or not it doesn't really take that
long to get in there. All you need to do is have a couple Holy
Bottles handy and Eldrant is a snap to run through. After an
awkward moment between Luke and Tear, the last catalyst, the
Unicorn Horn for Tear, is in your possession.
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TrueBlackKnight answered:

*Spoilers, I guess*

Tear's: A secret room in Eldrant

Anise's: After Radiation Gate, talk to Florian in Ion's room (In Daath's Catherdral)

Jade's: After Shurrey Hill, go to St. Binah, & talk to McGovern

Natalia's: After Mt. Zaleho, in the first room of the Abandoned Factory (You NEED Mieu Wings, & Mieu Fire 2)
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