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Asked: 5 years ago

How can i find Florian in Daath??

How can i find Florian in Daath??
and do you know prelude used to???


Accepted Answer

From: steen_cloud 5 years ago

Florian can also be found in Ion's room for the recipe.
He can also be found in one of the glyphs (forgot which one) if you're doing the other sidequest.
If you have no sidequest involving looking for him, he should be somewhere in the cathedral (most likely in an unique room).
His location depends on which sidequests are active.

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Why do you want to meet him ?

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Prelude is a fonic music disc
you can hear it at music box house at north of sheridan
Collect them all to get tear title

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Florian is in his fonic glyph thing (the gold one in the right).
Prelude is for music disc for a event with a girl named Ishtar in Sheridan

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