Hanabi Hyuuga by AnkiRendan / Pazuzu

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                  Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3: Hanabi Hyuuga FAQ
                           by: SSBM Pichu/Pazuzu
                          Platform: Playstation 2
                             Genre: Fighting
                          Release Date: 22/12/2005

01) Introduction
02) Who's Hanabi? 
03) How to unlock Hanabi
04) Battle System/Game Controls
05) Move List
06) Why Hanabi? 
07) Thanks to...


If you're looking at this FAQ, you should be pretty familiar with the Naruto 
series, right? If you are, you can skip this.
If you aren't...well, I'll tell you about it anyway, so keep reading.

The series Naruto started out as a manga created by Masashi Kishimoto (Japanese 
comic) in 1999. It appeared in Shounen Jump, a magazine full of action packed 
stories. Naruto is the story of a 12 year old boy who has a nine-tailed demon 
fox sealed inside of him. Being the container for this demon, Naruto was 
supposed to be seen as a hero, but instead everyone in his village feared and 
disliked him. Naruto hopes to change this by becoming an excellent ninja, and 
then the village leader (called a Hokage) so everyone will respect him. 
Believe me, my short summary doesn't do the series justice. It's really popular 
among anime fans, and the best thing you can do is give it a chance. 

...Besides. Unless you're into this game because of its fighting system...I 
doubt you'll know what the hell I'm talking about if you don't watch Naruto. I'm
going to be using a lot of terms from the series, and it'll be hard to explain 

Note: To see the Japanese text in this FAQ, you need to set your encoding to 
S-JIS, which is in the View menu of most browsers.

02) Who's Hanabi...?

If the name Hanabi doesn't sound familiar to you, it could be that you're not 
far enough in the series to know of her existence, or she's so minor you never 
bothered to care (unfortunately, she is VERY minor). 
Hanabi has only had two appearances in the series. The first is in the Hinata 
vs. Neji fight, where Kurenai looks back on when she went to visit the Hyuuga 
household. Hiashi pointed out that Hinata was so pathetic that she couldn't beat
her younger sister in sparring. (Hanabi is 7 years old, while Hinata is 12.) 
The next time that Hanabi is seen is in the crowds during the match of Naruto 
vs. Neji. Hiashi explains to Hanabi about Neji being the genius of the Hyuuga 
clan, and Hanabi watches her cousin in awe. That was the last time Hanabi was 
seen in the Naruto series...

...until now! CyberConnect 2 decided to make Hanabi a playable character in this
game, which is quite nice, adding to a huge rouster of characters. In the game, 
Hanabi's explored a little more than she is in the series. Throughout the course
of the game, you will take Hanabi on dates to eat food and give her gifts. 
Hanabi explains to you (Naruto) that her father makes her train all the time, so
she never gets to have any fun. Poor Hanabi. With how Hinata turned out, I guess
Hiashi doesn't want Hanabi to follow the same fate.

One more thing to explain here before I move on. I'm sure you're wondering, 
"What is Hanabi capable of?" Well, since she IS a Hyuuga, she can do everything 
Neji and Hinata can do...except she's quite basic. She has the doujutsu 
Byakugan, which makes her able to steal chakra from the enemy.

03) How to Unlock Hanabi

I won't lie to you. I'll be completely honest. I never unlocked Hanabi for 
myself. *shameful* My good friend David just gave me his file with all of the 
characters unlocked...but not to worry! This is why Pazuzu comes to the rescue 
for everyone who keeps posting on the message board with those Where's Hanabi 
topics! I'll hand it over to him...

"To unlock Hanabi, first you must finish RPG Mode, i.e. have defeated Kakashi 
and Tsunade in the final round.

When the game is finished, a set of events unlock that I call the dating game. 
Various people will be standing around, and by giving them the items that they 
ask for, you will go to eat with them. You unlock two dates with each person 
through this method. At the end of each second date, you get an item to use that
character's ougi in the Customize screen.

The steps for completing a date scene fully are:
1) Go to the merchant and buy his wares. These are what you'll use as presents 
(bribes?) to get a date. There's two of each type of item, buy both.
2) Talk to a character and they will ask for an item. If you have it, give it to
3) The character will then appear in another part of Konoha, and you talk to 
them to initiate the date.
4) Repeat 2) and 3) for the second date with the second item.

- The areas have set patterns, so if Hanabi isn't there, go to a different area 
then go back.
- Items don't run out, so don't worry about giving them away.
- Hanabi tends to hang out at a roof in the southern part of central Konoha, 
where Hiashi usually stands.

The item that Hanabi wants is the perfume, in the merchant's list as ??. She is 
the most rare character to find, so you may have to exit and re-enter a few 
times before she appears there.

When you've dated Hanabi both times, she'll be unlocked as a character."

04) Battle System/Game Controls

Okay, first I'll explain the battle system. For those who are new to the 
Narutimate Hero series, this game is best compared to Super Smash Brothers 
Melee. You fight in the two dimensional style on a stage. Stages in Narutimate 
Hero are pretty big and in each stage there are two layers: the foreground and 
the background. There are also items that you can use to heal health, raises 
status like offense or speed, and of course ninja weapons like explosives or 
items that will lower your opponent's stats. 

Another element in the Narutimate Hero series is the chakra system. Under your 
health bar you have three bars of chakra. Chakra is used to execute jutsu and 
ougi. Your jutsu is usually activated by pressing ^^ + O or vv + O. Every time 
you use a jutsu, you use up some of your chakra bar. You activate an ougi by 
pressing triangle and then pressing circle to strike the enemy when they're not 
blocking. An ougi is a cinematic technique that does more damage than a jutsu. 
By mashing the button repeatedly, twirling the analog or pushing buttons in an 
order outlined for you on the screen, your goal is to get a higher number than 
your opponent so that the ougi can go through its entire sequence and do nice 
damage or transform you into a new state.  The final use for chakra is the 
Kawarimi jutsu. As you should know, kawarimi substitutes the body for a log so 
you don't get hurt. Chakra is very important. Without it, you can't perform any 
jutsu/ougi, and you can't walk on water...you'll just sink. You can charge your 
chakra by pressing down on the control pad.

I think that's everything you need to know...now we get to controls.

Up on the control pad: Taunt (Some taunts have special effects like making you 
dodge projectiles or healing for the price of chakra. Others don't do anything.)
Left and right on the control pad: Walk/run around. You know, moving. >.>;
Down on the control pad: Charge chakra.

L1 and R1: Shift through items.
L2 and R2: Block/Kawarimi no Jutsu.

Triangle: Ougi Preperation
Square: Throw projectile
X: Jump, dash towards opponent if tapped twice quickly
Circle: Attacking button. When you press circle while your character is red, 
purple or blue (because of ougi preperation), your character will attempt to 
strike with their ougi.

Left Analog Stick: Walk/run around...or twirl during an ougi sequence (if you've
chosen it)
Right Analog Stick: Uh...twirl it during ougis?

05) Hanabi's Movelist

Rinshouda - Rising Circle Strike (OOO ^+O)
This is a 7 hit string that ends with Hanabi hitting the enemy up into the air, 
where you can have a special kawarimi exchange or use an air attack/throw kunai.

Houtotsugeki - Gun Thrust Attack (OOO >+O)
This is a 6 hit string that ends with Hanabi pushing the enemy away. It's good 
for creating distance between you and your enemy, throwing items and stuff like 

Geten Hougeki - Worldly Destruction (OOO V+O)
A 6 hit string that ends with Hanabi smacking the enemy into the ground, 
releasing chakra balls for you to collect. This move is also used to guard 

Senkaishou - Revolving Palm (OOO <+O)
A 7 hit string that ends with Hanabi falling on her bottom. Fortunately, this 
little animation can be canceled by throwing a kunai.

Tentotsu Renshou - Heaven Thrust Palms (^+OO)
A 2 hit string that sends the enemy into the air.

Komen Soukyaku - Both Feet on Lake Surface (V+OO)
A 2 hit downward strike. Unlike the Revolving Palm, the animation of Hanabi 
cleaning her pants cannot be canceled, so no follow ups are allowed here. =(

Byakubaku Keishou - Palm Through White Explosion (>+OO)
This is a sweet move. You need some distance between you and your point. Hanabi 
will move in a circular rotation. When she reaches the enemy, she sends them 
flying off the level or into the wall, releasing chakra. This is quite a useful 
move, but you have to make sure the distance between you and your opponent is 
good enough, or else Hanabi will either go past the opponent or get caught in an

Chouhai Ryoukyaku - Both Legs Leaping High (>+O)
(ground throw)
It's a throw. Not much to say about a throw. Use it when the enemy's guarding 
too much, but beware of Kawarimi.

Tenhaku Houshou - Gun Palm Grabbing Heaven (>+O)
(air throw)
An air throw. The best way to use this when not in the air already is to dash X 
and then use it. Throwing the enemy into a wall will release chakra balls.

Tenshuu Ranbu - Heavenly Kick Dance (Jump ^+OO)
(in air)
2 hit kick. Can lead into a special Kawarimi exchange.

Tenken Ranbu - Heavenly Punch Dance (Jump V+OO)
(in air)
2 hit string. Hits the opponent downward so that--you guessed it, chakra balls 
are released. =D

Tenshou Ranbu - Heavenly Palm Dance (Jump OO)
(in air)
2 hit strike in the air.

Rekkashou - Wild Petal Palm (uses chakra) (^^+O)
Hanabi performs a 10 hit combo on the enemy. Try to combo into this as much as 
possible. Don't you just love it when Hanabi cries, "Rekkashou!" after she's 

Kazaguruma - Windmill (V+OO)
This is a counter, but you've got to be extremely careful with it. Timing and 
prediction is everything. If I was talking about Shikamaru and Haku, I could say
the same thing, but there's something different with Hanabi. Hanabi uses up 
chakra each time she goes into her counter stance. Chakra control is extremely 
important, and you should only rely on the Windmill when you know your opponent 
is going to strike and how quickly they'll strike. Once Hanabi catches them, she
spins around creating a 7 hit combo. She goes into her defensive stance for 2 

Juuken Shinan - Juuken Instruction (Triangle + O, uses up 2 chakra bars)
Here we go...Hanabi's ougi. Have you tried using it? If you have, I'm sure 
you've noticed how slow it is, and how hard it is to connect with friends. 
Therefore, there's only 3 possible ways you can connect with this move.

1. Face a computer.
They'll run into it eventually.

2. Face a newb.
If you don't teach a newbie how to block, you can feel good that you finally 
landed it.

3. Distract your friend.
Are you and your friend just as good as the other? Does he keep blocking you 
every time you try and see Hiashi kick ass? Don't take that from him. Nothing 
works better than the cheap way of screaming, hitting your friend or doing 
something so distracting that he'll get hit by the ougi. Personally, I recommend
that level with the tall blades of grass. They'll never see it coming. >>;

There you have it. The three best ways to connect into Hanabi's ougi.

...Alright, I'll be serious now.

There are two ways to connect into Hanabi's ougi.

1. Heavenly Punch Dance (Jump V+OO)
Note that the timing on this is KILLER. It has to be just right. If you can pull
this off effortlessly, you are the man. Or woman. Whatever.

2. Button Lock! Rising Circle Strike! (OOO ^+O)
That's right! The little Hyuuga has a button locking technique, just like 
everyone else! Use the Rising Circle Strike, throw a kunai and then ougi. 

Finally, there's Hanabi's taunt. When Hanabi is performing her taunt, she
will be able to avoid all items.

06) Why Use Hanabi...?

Alright...now we get to this section. You may be wondering, "Why the heck should
I use Hanabi?" Well, let's look at it this way. Hanabi (and Konohamaru) can be 
looked at as the "Pichu" of Narutimate Hero 3. They're small and fast, but their
defense ratings aren't very good. If you're going to use Hanabi exclusively, it 
takes true skill. She's not like the alternate Hinata that was in Narutimate 
Hero 2 (which was basically a stronger and faster Hinata).

The key to Hanabi's game is defense. Without defense, you're pretty much food on
a plate to devour. You must learn how to Kawarimi. If you don't know how to 
Kawarimi, I suggest playing the CPU on Very Hard. You can change the difficulty 
of the computer when you're done picking your characters and choosing the level.
At the face off screen, press square and change the second option to the highest
one. The CPU will force you to learn how to Kawarimi with their rapid attacks, 
and they'll also teach you how to defend against Kawarimi, since they 
Kawarimi...pretty much all of the time. The mistake you shouldn't make is 
abusing Kawarimi like they do, or else you won't be left with any chakra to 
counter attacks or get your ougi in. That's why blocking is just as 
important...but don't do it for too long, because you can be guard broken.

Now the next important part about Hanabi's game is the Byakugan. If you land the
ougi and complete it, you'll be in for a nice reward. Hanabi's Byakugan is 
activated, and the enemy becomes your prey. Under no conditions should you let 
them escape. Every touch you get on them removes their chakra, even if they're 
blocking. What if they use Kawarimi? Well, they're still using up chakra. 
Byakugan only lasts for around 20 seconds so you've got to hit them as much as 
possible. When the opponent doesn't have any chakra...they become Hanabi's 
victim. Byakugan, like other charged up states also makes Hanabi faster and 

On her own, Hanabi is actually strong. She does nice damage, but the problem is 
that she is slow and clumsy in some of her movements. You've got to be able to 
decide when it is a good time to strike. As you can guess, Hanabi is a close 
range character, so if your enemy is pelting you with weapons, you've got to 
find or make an opening to attack. Items help out everyone's game, and if you've
got the right mind you can use them to help out your game as well. 

Well, to finish this off...the reason you should give Hanabi a chance is because
if you can win with her, you'll be able to show that you are a truly talented 
player. Hanabi has a lot of flaws that will be easily noticeable from the moment
you pick her, but no character is without strengths, and the same goes for 
Hanabi. Plus, she's cute. If Neji and Hinata aren't characters you like, Hanabi 
might be the one. 

07) Thanks to....

Ah, the credits section. Well, there's three people who I wouldn't have been 
able to even write this FAQ without...

Pazuzu: As I noted in section 3, that was Pazuzu who wrote it, so everyone who's
having trouble with unlocking Hanabi should thank him. He also provided me with 
the names of Hanabi's moves in her movelist, since I cannot read kanji and the 
furigana was too small. Even though we're in different areas, Pazuzu's 
encouragement kept me writing.

Rockman: The true lord of the Narutimate Hero scene. I had quite the chat with 
him, and he was helpful in giving me some additional tips about Hanabi. Of 
course, without his site and guidance, I think I'd be hopeless in Narutimate 
Hero matches.

My little brother and friends: My 11 year old brother, who is a royal pain in 
the butt to face. I'll be honest. I lose to him a lot, but he was able to help 
me in my research by being a good person to practice against. My friends are 
very good players as well, and they're also quite good at giving me a bunch of 
losses. XP

Finally, there's CyberConnect2. They made an excellent game, and I'm glad they 
were creative enough to consider adding Hanabi, Konohamaru, Kurenai, Asuma and 
others to an already huge cast. 

08) Closing

Well, that's the end of that. I hope in some way, I helped you learn a bit more 
about Hanabi, or gave you another perspective. If I didn't, oh well. =p I'll 
update the FAQ if there's any more things I've learned, or if I just want to 
make minor adjustments.

Anyway, if you have any questions for me, please feel free to e-mail me at 
yukiwarashi@gmail.com, or IM me on AIM (Yukiwarashiii). I'm a Canadian, so if 
there's any talented Canadian players out there, I'd be happy to face you. If 
not, there's always Anime North. =p

(c) Travis Eubanks, Colin Farrell.