Hyuuga Neji by Hikauri

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                          Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3
                          Hyuuga Neji Character FAQ

        Written by Hikauri, for the Playstation 2 Entertainment System
                    Game Release Date: December 22, 2005
                      FAQ Start Date: January 13, 2006

  Table of Contents

I. Introduction
  a. Opening
  b. Copyrights
  c. Revision History
  d. Basic Neji Info
  e. Legend / Controls

II. In-depth with Neji
  a. Move Set
     i. Regular
     ii. Jutsus
     iii. Ougis
  b. Strategies
     i. Strengths / Weaknesses
     ii. Combos
     iii. Miscellaneous

III. Closing
  a. Ending Remarks
  b. Credits
  c. The End

                                I. INTRODUCTION

       a. Opening

Welcome to my FAQ for Hyuuga Neji, one of the featured characters in Narutimate
Hero 3. This FAQ is pretty much complete, but I do want to add or change
anything that may have slipped my mind. If you have ANYTHING to contribute,
please email me at: "ocarinalink@lycos.com". Please do not abuse this email add;
this is in pursuit of a definitive FAQ for at least part of a great game that
lacks any info for us English-speaking people. ;)

      b. Copyrights

This FAQ is the original work of Jan Ignacio. Any reproduction, reuse, or
reposting without my or the owners of this FAQ's expressed consent is strictly
prohibited. Please email me at ocarinalink@lycos.com for such purposes. If you
have been given authorization to use this FAQ by the owner without my consent,
you must not alter it in any shape or form, and must express full credit to me.
Thank you.

   c. Revision History

0.2 - Outlined FAQ. Written Opening and Copyrights portion. Completed Legend /
Controls section.

0.5 - Corrected typographical and format errors. Added (Up + O) Start-up move
to move list. Added some advanced combos. Added Ougis and jutsus. Added names
to combos and jutsus. Revised some of the advanced strategies.

   d. Basic Neji Info

Neji is distinguished in the Naruto world as part of the Hyuuga clan, which is
renown for its Advanced Bloodline Limit, Byakugan (literally White Eyes). His
fighting style, which is the most pertinent to this FAQ, is excerpted from

Utilizing Byakugan to its full potential, Neji is able to sense his surroundings
in a 359-degree arc. This enables him to stop most, if not all, incoming attacks
from all directions though a variety of attacks, most notably using Hakkeshou
Kaiten, his "ultimate defense"; using a solid burst of chakra expelled from the
entire body, Neji spins around and creates a dome of chakra around him that is
strong enough to stop and repel any attack. As for offense, Neji combines his
Byakugan with his training as a Hyuuga in Jyuuken (the Chinese martial art of
Gentle Fist) to attack with his Hakke (Eight Trigrams) techniques. His most well
known technique is his Hakke Rokujuyon Sho (Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms), in
which he closes 64 of the 361 tenketsu (chakra points) of his opponent through
blindingly fast and pinpoint accurate Jyuuken strikes. This leaves the opponent
with a totally disrupted chakra flow, giving the opponent problems in standing
up and making it impossible to concentrate chakra into executing jutsus,
rendering all of the opponent's jutsus useless! Neji has also been seen doing an
advanced version of Hakke Rokujuyon Sho (namely Hakke Hyaku Nijuhachi Sho,
"Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms), in which he hits each of the 64
tenketsu twice!

Info was taken from the Taijutsu guide at NarutoHQ.com. Special thanks goes to
Gav Thetford, for pointing out the incorrect info in my previous description.
More info can be found by watching the anime or reading the manga!

  e. Legend / Controls

O - Circle - Basic attack button

Triangle - Activates Ougi attack; hit opponent with O right after to attack
with a "trigger" attack; if it connects, the game goes into an Ougi mini-game.
What Ougi and trigger attack are used depends on the Ougi the character was set
to at the Jutsu / Ougi select screen (top option after choosing at the
character select screen)

X - Jump; press again to double-jump; double-tap to dash towards opponent

[] - Square - throw projectile (i.e. shuriken, kunai, explosive tag)

L1/R1 - switch projectiles / items in inventory
L2/R2 - Block; press right when an opposing attack hits to perform a Kawarimi.

D-pad / Left Analog stick - movement; press down to recharge Chakra, up to
                            taunt left/right to run left/right;

Kawarimi - art of substitution. When performed, the character disappears from
the opponent's attack, and reappears behind the opponent, ready to counter-
attack. A necessity to master if you are to become proficient at Neji.

Chakra - the energy borne from mixing the physical with the spiritual energies
in the body. This is represented by the blue bar below the character's life
bar. Chakra fuels your jutsu attacks, Kawarimis, and Ougis (when the trigger
attack connects), so it must be watched as carefully as your life. Press Down
to recharge/mold your Chakra, or absorb Chakra items as you break open
containers while in battle.

Ougi - Term given to attacks made through the Triangle button. When an Ougi
attack is activated and you connect with the trigger attack (press O) right
after, a mini-game is played; if the attacker wins, damage is usually done;
also, the character may gain special attributes, ranging from enhanced
strength, to a full-on transformation (i.e. Naruto to Kyuubi). If the defender
barely wins, damage is reduced (?); if the defender wins by a substantial
amount, the Ougi is disrupted, and the defender receives no damage, whatsoever.
The amount of Chakra spent depends on the level of the Ougi used.

Level one - One third of the Chakra bar is depleted
Level two - Two thirds of the Chakra bar is depleted
Level three - The whole Chakra bar is depleted

Trigger attack does not connect - No Chakra is depleted; you can't activate the
Ougi again for a short time.

Jutsu - Japanese for "technique", this term describes the signature moves each
character carries. Each character can perform two in battle: (Up, Up, O)(the
Up-Jutsu) or (Down, Down, O)(the Down-Jutsu). The Jutsu performed depends on
the character; for example, performing the Down-Jutsu with Naruto will have
him attack with Rasengan, while the Down-Jutsu with Sasuke will have him attack
with Chidori. Each character has different jutsus with varying effects. Also,
each time a jutsu is performed, whether it connects or not, drains a set amount
of charka, depending on what jutsu it is.

Ui Ochi - Kawarimi sequence - RIGHT AFTER sending an opponent flying, via throw
or combo, press O while moving in the direction the opponent is flying, and you
will go into this mini-game: an animation of you hitting your opponent from
behind begins. If your opponent presses O before you hit him, he/she reverses
the sequence; now YOU are in danger. Press O before he hits you, and youreverse
the sequence back at him/her; and so on and so forth. The first to lose the
sequence takes damage.

Dash - double tapping the Jump button (by default X) while moving in a
direction will cause your character to dash. If you manage to dash into your
opponent, you'll stun him/her for a second, leaving him/her vulnerable to an
aerial combo/attack. Most projectiles, like kunai or needles, are also
deflected while you're dashing, making it a good idea to dash if you want to
get to your opponent quickly. Be careful, though; you are still vulnerable to
Ougi trigger attacks and certain projectiles (like tags), so don't depend on
the dash too much.

Guard Breaker - A move that can break an opponent's guard; the move deals
damage and will leave the opponent stunned and open to attack. Great for
turtlers, charka-less opponents, and surprising them after being lulled into
guarding instead of kawarimi-ing; however, these moves are usually slower than
most moves.

                            II. IN-DEPTH WITH NEJI

        Move Set

(thanks to jygting for the combo names; they're all in his Move List FAQ)

(O) - Single strike
(O,O) - Flurry of strikes

Each regular combo can end with one of five possible moves (aka "enders")
The name of the resulting combo will also be given:

(tap O repeatedly) - Mugen Keitotsu
                   - Neji unleashes a barrage of strikes, ala E. Honda-style
(Forward + O, O, O) - Hakei Sanrengeki
              - Chakra-powered strikes
(Down + O, O) - Sousou Shuurengeki
           - Low strikes (Guard Breaker)
(Back + O) - Byakkikaihou
           - Neji jumps at the opponent with a sphere of Chakra-surrounding
             him. VERY SLOW, but powerful.
(Up + O, O) - Soukuu Shoukakyaku
         - Neji punches the opponent into the air, and ends with an aerial

There are three additional starter moves, only one of which you can chain
towards a combo.

NOTE: these are START-OFF moves, NOT combo finishers.
(Forward + O) - Shunkeirentotsu
              - Throws two strikes at the opponent. Neji can combo off of this.
(Down + O, O) - Senrakukyaku
           - Low strikes (Guard Breaker); I think these are even slower than
             the low strikes described above.
(Up + O, O) - Shoutenhougeki
         - Neji kicks the opponent up into the air, and finishes with a powerful
           upward fist.
(Back + O) - Keiregeki - Throw (of course); Neji grabs the opponent and sends
                         him/her flying the other way with a chakra strike.
                         Treat it like a non-comboable, one-move Guard Breaker,
                         and you might want to follow up with a Ui Ochi.

Aerial attacks:
(Forward + O,O) - Tenshou Ranbu
                - Aerial strikes
(Down + O,O) - Tenken Ranbu
             - Neji strikes the opponent down, sending him toward the ground.
               He finishes with a flying kick towards the ground.
(Up + O,O) - Tenshuu Ranbu
           - Neji strikes the opponent skyward.
(Back + O) - Shouhaisoukyaku
           - Aerial throw.

These can be changed at the Character Select screen; choose the top option when
you select Neji, and the top option again to see a list of jutsus he can use.
Unfortunately, Neji doesn't have any other jutsus of his own, other than the
default ones (unlike Sasuke or Naruto), so the rest of his jutsus are made up
of jutsus from other characters.

Default Jutsus:
(Up, Up, O) - Hakkeshou Ranbu (thanks to jygting for the name)
            - Neji goes into Jyuuken mode, giving the opponent 15(?) strikes
              before ending with a powerful strike. The damage is in the medium

(Down, Down, O) - Kaiten
                - Neji's signature move, it has less risk than Hakkeshou Ranbu,
                  it's a great defensive move, and is great at breaking up your
                  opponent's flow. However, disruption is it's only real
                  purpose, since its damage is pretty light; it also uses
                  slightly more chakra than Hakkeshou Ranbu.

Here's a list of his customizable jutsus. You can gain them from leveling up
and playing around in RPG mode.

Again, thanks to jygting for providing the names and the list of these jutsus.
This is taken directly from his Move List FAQ. Since this FAQ deals with Neji on
his default configuration, I will only list the names here and leave it up to
you to decide if you want to use these jutsus or not(i.e. Suiton: Suiryuudan no
Jutsu would totally eliminate Neji's close-range-only problem).

  Bakumetsu Houjin
  Chou Kaifukuyaku
  Doton: Doryuudango
  Doton: Doryuuheki
  Dynamic Entry
  Genjutsu: Kasumi
  Hien Kuusen
  Kagura Shuriken
  Nehanshousha no Jutsu
  Ninpou Dokukiri
  Suiton: Suijinheki
  Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu

If you want an English version of the above list, and from who you learn these
Jutsus from in RPG mode, take a look at IAznDragonI Yan's Jutsu FAQ.

You can also change which Ougi Neji carries into battle from the Character
select screen (top option after character choice, then bottom option). The top
option in the Ougi screen allows you to change the method of mini-game when
you're doing an Ougi (i.e. button mashing instead of button sequences). The
bottom option allows you to change the Ougi itself.

Initial Ougis:

Zesshou: Hachimonhougeki (Level 3)(default Ougi)
- Neji goes into Byakugan mode and connects with a barrage of extremely powerful
Chakra-powered strikes at the opponent, ending with a heart-stopping, shockwave-
inducing strike to the heart.
- Neji gains Byakugan mode
- Thanks to jygting for providing the name for this one.

Kaiten (Level 1)
- Neji performs his Kaiten, right as the opponent is rushing him.

Here's a list of the other Ougis Neji can learn from RPG mode.

Thanks to Janna and her Ougi FAQ for these. These are taken directly from that
FAQ. I haven't learned any of these yet, so I trust Janna left this list
accurate and correct.

Hyuuga Ryuu Taijutsu - combo counter.               (Activates Byakugan)
Tenketsu Shouda - heart pound chakra thing          (Activates Byakugan)
Hakke Rokujyuuyonshou - 64 hit combo                (Activates Byakugan)
Hakke Sanbyakurokujyuuisshisa - 361 hit combo
Kaiten 2
Hyuuga Ryuu Taijutsu 2                              (Activates Byakugan)
Tenketsu Shouda 2                                   (Activates Byakugan)
Hakke Rokujyuuyonshou 2                            (Activates Byakugan)
Zessho Hachimon Hougeki 2                          (Activates Byakugan)
Hakke Sanbyakurokujyuuisshisa 2


Strengths / Weaknesses

- Neji is one of the faster fighters in the game. His combos come out quick and
effortlessly, and are very easy to chain Ougi's and Jutsus off of them.

- His Chakra regeneration rate is also faster than most characters; this means
you are at a bit of an advantage when both you and your opponent are running
low on Chakra (as what happens many times when Jutsus are flying around in some

- His Kaiten Jutsu is AWESOME. Kaiten enables Neji to blow back anyone who gets
too close for comfort, and is usually successful, since the opponent is usually
attacking you when the Kaiten comes out (essentially running into Neji's
Kaiten). It's a great surprise attack, and is relatively fast to execute and
recover from, making it easy to pull off in the midst of battle, while being
able to defend yourself from counter-attack. Kaiten can also deflect ANY
projectile attack; however, there are better ways of avoiding the more advanced
projectiles without wasting a justu-amount of chakra. The damage is moderate,
but its other uses more than makes up for this.

- Byakugan mode: If you can manage to pull off an Ougi that activates his
Byakugan (i.e. his default lvl.3 Ougi), you will have temporary Byakugan
powers. Neji gains strength, speed, and (most importantly of all) the ability
to drain your opponent's chakra through strikes, EVEN if they are blocked. With
just a couple of complete combos, as long as they connect, Neji will reduce the
opponent to NO CHAKRA.

- Neji's regular attacks, while fast, are some of the weakest in the game. This
is the one major weakness for Neji; if he is not keeping up a steady stream of
attacks, he will not inflict as much damage as most characters do with less
effort. The speed and number of consecutive strikes make up for this, but don't
expect tons of damage each time Neji hits the opponent; Neji will need to make
consecutive combos if he hopes to do any real damage to an opponent.

- He has no special taunt, unlike some characters. (i.e. Naruto gains Attack-Up
when he taunts)

- His defense is also weaker than most characters, although not to the degree
as his attack power is compared to other characters.

- After achieving Byakugan mode, you'll be left with NO CHAKRA. This can mean
proverbial suicide if Byakugan wears off, and Neji is still left with no

- Neji, just like in the anime, specializes in close-quarters combat; he needs
to be next to the opponent in order to attack. Unlike other characters (i.e.
Zabuza and his Suiton jutsu), he has no long-range attacks, save his projectile
attacks. This poses a problem for Neji, especially with characters like Naruto,
whose Kage Bunshin attacks are great at keeping others away.

In short, be very aggressive when you are Neji. DO NOT LET UP, otherwise the
opponent has the opportunity to get into a rhythm, where the opponent can take
advantage of Neji's low defense and low attack power. If this happens, a good
Kaiten is a great way to disrupt your opponent's flow and rhythm (plus, give
you a chance to regain chakra and breathe a little).
If you get to Byakugan mode, THROW DEFENSE OUT THE WINDOW AND ATTACK! If you
let up even for one second, the opponent can start laying attacks on you and
drive you to a wall; and, since you have no chakra, you can't escape and renew
your attack drive, and your Byakugan time is wasting away. Do not give your
opponent that chance; keep up a steady stream of strikes (the barrage of
strikes-combo is great for this), no matter if your opponent blocks them or
not. At the very least, you want to drain your opponent's chakra as fast as
possible, so that he/she will not be able to kawarimi away from your attacks.

For more strategy, visit the Misc. section.

Advanced Combos

Ougi-ending combo:
Connect with a combo that ends with a guard breaker. While Neji is performing
the guard breaker, activate his Ougi trigger attack (the Ougi aura). Your
opponent will bounce off the ground, and as the opponent is falling down to the
ground, hit him/her with the Ougi trigger attack. (Note: most Ougi trigger
attacks have a delay before execution; you may want to start right after Neji
finishes his regular combo in order to get the timing right)

Jutsu-ending combo:
Same as the Ougi-ending combo, without having to activate the trigger attack,
and executing the jutsu instead of an Ougi at the end. You can use almost any
jutsu that is combo-able, such as Kaiten or Neji's default Up-Jutsu. Obviously,
choose the one that does more damage.

Ground Infinite:
(O,O,O,[])(repeat) - A true infinite ONLY for opponents with no chakra. The
shuriken at the end acts as a cancel, and as long as you can go straight into
another infinite, your opponent will have no chance whatsoever of escaping
damage. Back chakra-less opponent against a wall (not necessary, but
recommended), start using this infinite, and watch his life slowly, but surely,
go down to zero. If your opponent blocks, use one of the above combos. Cheap
tactic, but, hey, whatever nets you a win, right? ;)
(Thanks to Shishi-Rendan.com, esp. Rave, for this combo)

If you have any combos you'd like to add to this list, please email me at the
above email address. I'll be sure to give credit to you when I post it.


- Neji's Kaiten jutsu is great at winning kawarimi/attack contests (exchanging
attacks and kawarimis, until someone "wins", via an Ougi, jutsu, or finishing a
combo). As soon as you see the opponent kawarimi-ing, perform the Kaiten; more
often than not, your opponent will run into (if not appear right on top of)
Neji's Kaiten.

- Neji's style requires you to keep the pressure on the opponent, and force
him/her to always be on the defense. Keep this in mind when you pick Neji.

- Don't waste chakra on Jutsus unless you're sure it will hit, such as the
above strategy with Kaiten. Even though Neji has a great chakra regeneration
rate, it won't help you when you need to perform a Kaiten after a kawarimi,
only to find you don't have enough chakra; you'll end up on the receiving end
of a full combo instead.

- Change up your combo finishers; you'll tend to catch your opponent's timing

- If you choose to carry a Level 3 Ougi, start throwing Ougi trigger attacks
whenever you see a full Chakra bar and there's any chance of you connecting.
Even if the attack gets blocked or misses, it wastes no chakra, most opponents
are not dumb enough to try to attack you mid-Trigger attack (and if they are,
all the better for you), and you can try other tactics while you wait to use
your trigger attack again.
The only time that you don't want to do this is when you're facing a long-range
opponent (i.e. Temari), and you're not even in range to connect with your Ougi

- When attacking in Byakugan mode, keep up a furious stream of attacks, but
watch out when your opponent start blocking, and they still have a substantial
amount of chakra left; they're looking to kawarimi from your attacks, and take
advantage of the fact that you have no chakra to back you into a wall. There
are two ways around this:
  1) Hit them enough times to drain their chakra fast enough so that they can't
     kawarimi in the first place. (Preferred)
  2) Somehow recover enough chakra, via chakra items, to escape, such as
     kawarimi-ing or (if you're really lucky) land a Kaiten as your opponent
     kawarimis (much more riskier).
  3) If you're feeling even more courageous, here's an alternate strategy,
     which may work a little better: Once you see your opponent kawarimi, throw
     shuriken at them if you have no chakra left. The shuriken will most likely
     cancel the combo you're in, stun the opponent for a quick second, and give
     you a chance to follow up, all at once! This is all theory, but it should
     work; I haven't personally tried it yet, but if it works, please let me
If they kawarimi right behind you when you have no chakra at all and are caught
by surprise, GET AWAY! Constant offense is good, but not to the point of
walking straight into an attack. As soon as you're out of attack range, resume
your offense; otherwise, once they connect with an attack and start to combo,
you're essentially helpless until they finish their combo (I would recommend
going crazy over the buttons to get away if that happens, but I've never seen
it be successful; that's why they call it a button lock).

                                 III. CLOSING

Closing Remarks
If you really don't use Neji much, I hope this FAQ helped convince you to use
him more. If you do use Neji, I hope this FAQ helped you find out more about
Neji's abilities and capabilities. A big thanks to the GameFAQs boards; a lot
of info can be found there, if you look hard enough.

GameFAQs boards, and the people who post there; a lot of info found here was
posted there.

Decal, for his work on the GameFAQs boards, and his help to the less-
knowledgeable ;)

Rockman and Shishi Rendan, for showing me that more advanced techniques exist
out there, most notably the Ougi/Jutsu combos.

Janna Limain, for Neji's section of her Ougi FAQ.

Jygting, for Neji's Move list from his FAQ.

IAznDragonI Yan, for writing his Jutsu FAQ.

The End

Got anything to say? Give me a shout.

AIM: ocarinalnk