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               Naruto : Narutimeto Hero 3

 - Lefsef's Complete Guide for getting the a) Dual Rasengans
                                           b) Gai-Lee's Special
                                           c) Gai-Kakashi Special 


Table of Contents

- Intro - Contact 

- Basics

- Requirements

- Let's get Started then!

  - Part 1 (Gai-Lee's Minigames) (Where most people are stuck)
  - Part 2 Following Missions
  - Part 3 Gai-Lee special's (-=Cannot remember their names:P=-)
  - Part 4 Following Missions
  - Part 5 Gai - Kakashi Special (-=Dynamic Entry=-)
  - Part 6 Following missions + Jiraya special (-=Dual Rasengan=-)

- Credits - Final Notes

Intro + Contact

Hello people, I am Lefsef, and I will be sharing with you how to get 
the specials in the latest Naruto Game : Narutimeto Hero 3.

I have seen several posts in the forum of people trying to explain how
to do this, but more and more keep saying I am stuck here and there
and had no immediate answers on how to do this.Therefore I have 
decided to write this guide on how to do this STEP BY STEP.

My contact info is this :

MSN MESSENGER : lefsef@hotmail.com (add me to your list if you need
to ask anything, but when you do add me to your list, please write 
for nh3 questions in the box that msn pop's up and asks to write a 
reason for me to see why you want to add me.)

EMAIL : Katsiki22@Yahoo.com
Send me an email here, and eventually I will read it. Reply's are 
not guaranteed this way! Please use MSN Messenger instead!


Ok so you want to have dual rasengan, gai/kakashi dynamic entry and 
gai/lees special's ? (btw all of them are OUGI's not Jutsu's)

This is the place for step-by-step walkthrough on how to do it!
(or atleast how I did it!)


Make sure you did achieve the following before attempting to do this

a) Gai's Dojo (its 50 battles)

b) Have a level of 42 (I did when I started it)

c) Have seen the Jiraya Hot Springs "peeping" video (its the one where
Jiraya is "peeping" on Anko and Kurenai in the Hot Springs area)

d) Have completed ALL the story battles (around 30 or so) (this is 
different from rpg mode)

e) Have dated almost all characters available in rpg mode. (I say 
almost all, because I didnt date kakashi when the hot springs video
poped up for me... but keep in mind that inorder to get the specials
you need ALL of them to be dated)

f) Have bought ALL the items from the merchant, and be sure to have
the first 2 (two) saying 1 next to them. (compared with the others
that would say 0 if you dated all the characters) (total price is
75.000 to buy them all)

g) to have Konohamaru unlocked! (talk to his friends in the 
academy and answer their questions to get him)

h) to have the 1st and second Hokage unlocked! (talk to Ebisu in the 
restaurant and answer his questions to get them)

Some clarifications at this point.

It is a NO requirement to :

a) be of maximum level ( I was 42 when I started it)

b) date all the characters

c) to do many/all missions.! (I had only done the following ones :

D-Rank : 1, 2, 4, 6
C-Rank : none
B-Rank : none
A-Rank : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9
S-Rank : none

I know this does sound strange, but after a few of the D-rank ones, I 
decided it wasnt worth my time, so I did only the A-ranks (which payed
GOOD money ^_^ )

d) to have all/many of your characters be of big level. I played only
naruto, and he was 42, while the second best was the 4th Hokage which 
was of 36 level. The following one was 16 level or so ^_^. So DONT 
waste your time leveling up your characters!

e) to do konohamaru's S-Rank 8 mission. I didnt do it, but I still got
the specials.

Let's get Started then!

Part 1

Im guessing you are stuck in getting the special's because you cannot
get Jiraya to speak to you (or trigger the event that give's you the 
specials.) Well you are of luck because Jiraya is the LAST one that 
will give you his special!

This is verified and the order that you WILL get the specials is the 
following :

1st special : Gai/Lee's (special move)
2nd special : Gai/Kakashi's (dynamic entry)
3rd special : Jiraya's (double rasengan)

There will be NO other way to get them, but in this order.

So with this in mind, you have to go to the 3 log's area where Gai&Lee 
are standing next to each other (on the left-most part of the area).
If you talk to either of them, they will start a minigame where it 
contains 3 phases. 

(If you cant see gai/lee there, exit and reenter the area, wait a few
seconds to get them spawned (I know it happens sometimes!) and then
start the dialog.
If you dont see them, then you dont meet the requirements, and need
to complete them (mainly the date of more characters. Also note that
if you have a mission where Gai or Lee is required, then he WONT be
in that area! So cancel missions and then try again!)

Phase 1 : press fast Circle to get push-ups. You need more than your
opponent. Usually the amount you can make is 33-34 and your opponent
around 29-30. This is a very easy one.

Phase 2 : press fast Triangle a few times followed by pressing fast 
X button a few times, to do 1 "jump". You can make atleast 9 jumps, 
while your opponent usually does 6-8. This is of moderate difficulty.

Phase 3 : You have to press each rolling button as it passes the sun
symbol in the middle of the left bar (your bar). The closer it is to 
the sun symbol the better the points you get. To distinguish between
the better phases you got, if you get it close but not perfectly you
will hear a "chip" sound. If you do it perfectly you will hear a loud
"ching-ching" sound, and the sun symbol will rotate and blink loudly.
Usually if you do most of them perfectly yoy can get around 1000
points, while your opponent does 900-980. This is the hardest 
challenge of the three, but with practise it will be easy ^_^.

Now, after you completed this, this is where most of people really get
 stuck! So next what you have to do is go to the Konoha top area (with
the big tree where you and sakura climbed to the top). Then there will
be Gai and Lee standing to the center of the area. If you initiate 
conversation with any of them ( I did with Gai) Gai will give you the
second minigame. It is to climb the tree in less than a minute! (my 
personal best time is 53' s).

This is fairly easy to do, just remember to keep getting the powerups 
that make you go faster, plus the one's with naruto head on it (they 
remove the boulder's coming towards you from the top) and ofcourse
avoiding trees, as it should be a waste of precious time if you get 
hit by one. Note that 1 time to be hit by a boulder/tree is ok, but 
any more and propably you will not make it. (depending if you are 
always on maximum speed or not).

Part 2

Now after this is done, Tsunade and Jiraya appear in the 3 Log area.
Talk to them, after a while Jiraya is gone, then followed by Tsunade.
Now all you can do is talk to Gai. After that he dissapears as well.

(Note : If you dont get to this stage then something is wrong, and you
need to check for previous requirements and minigames.)

Now go to konoha village. Kurenai will appear. You will have to fight 
her twice! (easy fights, no restrictions) then she will dissapear.

Go talk with Lee if he is in Konoha village. (If he is not, exit and 
enter Konoha village until you get him there. The set order's for 
their appearance is the following : 

a) Gai, Kankurou, Shino
b) Anko, Kurenai, Shizune
c) Hinata, Iruka, Tenten, Shikamaru
d) Kakashi, Lee, Temari, Tsunade
e) Asuma, Chouji, Hanabi
f) Gaara, Ino, Sakura
g) Kiba, Neji, Sasuke

Keep on getting out of konoha and in again until you get him. (He is 
located in the upper left part of your map). He will give you some 
missions, do them, then this will lead you eventually to Tsunade, 
where she will give you 2 missions to do. 

Eventually when you complete them, you will have to talk to Shizune, 
and she will have 3 options available. The first  2 do nothing, so 
select the third one.Mission time.

After this you will have to speak to her again, this time again with 
3 options, but this time select the very first one!
She will be giving you a very simple mission. You will see an orange 
dot moving around in your map instead of the usual green ones. This is
actually a bird that you will have to shoot down! To do this, go to 
your shuriken throw mode (L1-R1) locate the bird, which is flying in 
big circles to the center of the town. Aim for it a little forward of 
where its going to fly and eventually you will bring it down. Then 
go collect the scroll that is left where the bird dropped. Bring it 
back to Shizune.

Tsunade now appears, so talk to her. She will give you a few missions.
Easy stuff, do them all.
When you are finished with them, you will see nothing on your map, so 
you HAVE to leave and re-enter Konoha village. There, it will be a 
green dot which is actually a Jounin which will give you a mission to 
kill yet another bird and bring the scroll it drops back to him.

Now you have to go to the 3 Log's area, where another Jounin will be 
there. Talk to him. After that he dissapears.
Go to Konoha main village again. You will see a jounin that you have 
to talk to. After you talk, he will dissapear.
Again go to the 3 Log's area, where there will be a jounin waiting for 
you. Wait, he is Kabuto instead! And you have to fight him! 

( special note : if you ever want to do with easyness the 1500xp 
required for a single battle (1 of the requirements of Konohamaru's 
S-Rank Number 8 mission) here is your chance! In this battle, if you 
leave Kabuto alone, he will start to heal himself over time slowly, 
so it is a perfect chance to do to him a LOT of ougi's.
Ougi's are executed in fights, when you press triangle (you now have 
a bluish aura) and then circle. If you do hit the opponent the Ougi 
will start.My personal best was 2.388xp, because I was bored to do

After the Kabuto fight, he dissapears, then you have to go back to 
Konoha village. There you will find another Jounin, talk ot him. 
Another Jounin should appear. One of them (or both sometimes) will 
dissapear afterwards. You have to go to konoha Gate's now (in the 
main Konoha village area). There climb up the wall and in the middle 
of it will be Kimimaru waiting for you. You have to fight him.
Then go talk to the two Jounin's. They will dissapear afterwards.

Now you have to go to the 3 Log's area, where you will find Kakashi 
waiting for you. (If you dont, wait a few secs for him to spawn).
You have to fight him. 
For this fight you need ATLEAST 2 bars of chakra left when the battle 
is over. This means when he is very low on health press DOWN on your 
controller to re-charge your chakra. When it is 2 bars or more, 
finish him of with normal attacks. There, easy fight again though ^_^

Part 3

Now you HAVE to WAIT for Gai and Lee to spawn, a bit left of you. ( A 
little trick to make them spawn is to make one complete circle of the 
area, then go to the left most part and they will appear).
Talk to them. They will each give you a minigame.
First is Lee then is Gai. The minigame varies, but for the most part
it is the push-up one. After you are done with BOTH their minigames, 
they will fight you! Again, first is Lee, then is Gai.

For Lee, the only rule is that you have to make a 15-hit combo.
For Gai, the only rule is that you have to make a 20-hit combo.

(Hint : if using Naruto, use his FORWARD + O "bunshin attack" when the 
opponent is near a wall and you have a bit of distance from them).

After you are done with both their fights, TA-DA ! they give you their 
specials ! ! ! 

Congratulations, you have completed the First out of three specials!
                  -==== Gai - Lee SPECIAL ====-

Part 4

Now go back to Konoha main village. Go to the green dot, talk with the 
character. You have now several green dots in your map. You can do them
in any order, but I will tell you how I did it just to make sure.
First go to Sakura (lower/mid right part of your map). She will give 
you 3 options, pick the third one out. Hinata will appear, say 
something, then dissapear. (leave Sakura be right now)
Go to Kiba (the one who had a white dog). He will give you a minigame 
where you have to find...ermm actually chase and catch his dog!

You will be hidden in a box, and you would be able to move around in 
it. Notice the bar on your left portion of the screen, this is your 
speed. Always keep it below the line ^_^. Next to the bar there will 
be three lights, a blue one, a yellow one and a red one. Next to them 
will be a kunai-compass telling you where you need to go to find the 
dog. Also next to the compass, there will be a display of meters, which
will be adjusted if you try to move around. Now a good advice is to 
keep your speed always below the line, until you reach about 32m away 
from the dog. When you do, drop it more around to 1/4 of what you had.
Now notice the lights. If the blue light is on, everything is good, 
the dog doesnt know you are there. When the orange dot is active then 
proceed with caution and with VERY LITTLE speed. 1/6 or so of what you
had. when the yellow light is flashing STOP IMMEDIATELLY. The dog will 
be starting to getting ready to look around for suspicious persons 
(ie : you :P). Then the light is turned red, which you have to stay 
again still. Only when the yellow constant light is on, you can start 
to move again. (Note : with VERY little speed!!!!). Eventually when 
you are near enough of the dog you will see that if you press CIRCLE 
you can grab him.

When you do, return him to Kiba. Now head to the top middle part of 
your map (the Konoha Academy) where Konohamaru will be. You have to 
fight him! 

This is a tricky fight because you will need to get a 10-hit combo on 
him. This sounds easy right? Well its not! Konohamaru is not a so 
easy person to make a combo on. The only strategy if you are playing 
Naruto character is to keep hoping for the best. I was so frustrated 
that I had to take Neji to make the 10-hit combo.. But excuse me Im a 
newb ^_^ :P

Anyway when this is over, head on to Shikamaru (the guy in the roof in 
one of the buildings with the coolest looking hair possible!:P). You 
have to fight him. Twice.

For this battle you need to use atleast 3 items on him. Such as a 
smoke bomb, a kunai, anything from your inventory!.
(Change items by pressing L1-R1)

For his next battle you will need again to use 3 items, but this time
you have to do Kawarimi 6 times as well.
Kawarimi is when you press BLOCK (L2-R2) when the opponent is about to 
hit you, then what you will see on screen is a wooden log in your place
and you will be teleported instantenously in the back of your opponent!
This is a bit tricky to do, and requires a bit of practise, but you can
manage it with practise!

Part 5

Now what you need to do is find Gai and Kakashi on top of a rooftop.
The rooftop location changes, but they are not hard to find. (again all
of these events are located in the Konoha Main Village!)
Now talk to Gai. He will start a minigame asking you to find Kakashi's
dog, Pakkun. Catch him.

(Dont return to Gai or Kakashi yet).

Now go talk with Sakura, which you left her waiting. She will give you
three options. Pick the second one.

Now Sakura should no longer be a green dot. Now go find Gai. Talk to 
him. He will send you on a mission to shoot down a bird. Easy stuff!
Find Gai and talk to him again. 

Now go find Gai and Iruka (they are outside the Academy). When you 
talk to them you now have to fight Gai.

This is a bit tricky battle, since you have to do : 

a) 6 Kawarimi's
b) 3 throw + follow's.

Throw and follow is achieved doing the following : 
(Using Naruto as an example. This may vary from character to character)

Press BACK + O when you are very near of your opponent. If successfull 
you will see Naruto make a clone of himself, and grab Gai and throw 
him in the air.
The moment you will see it is sucessfull, start pressing like crazy, 
UP + O. If done correctly, when Gai takes a bit of height in his throw
Naruto will be telleported on top of him and will kick him downwards.

(A special note. Gai might try to kick naruto instead, what you have 
to do is to keep pressing O like crazy, until Gai is kicked :P)

After you are done with this fight, go find Gai and Lee and talk to Gai

Congratulations ! You now have the Second Special ! !

 -==== Gai - Kakashi Special (-Dynamic Entry-) ====-

Part 6

After all this, go to the Hot Springs area.

If you are on the right path, you will notice that Jiraya will be 
standing on the right part of the screen instead of his usual left 
place. (and there should be no Ten-Ten around but this varies).

Talk to him. Tsunade will pop up. In the end you have to fight her.
Easy fight, no special rules.

Go to Konoha main village. Find Jiraya and talk to him. Now Shizune
will appear. You have to fight her as well.
Easy fight, no special rules.

Now go to Hot Springs area. IMMEDIATELLY go to Konoha main village 
area again! (Important step since you need Jiraya to respawn there!)
Find Jiraya, and talk to him. Anko will pop up, and as usual you have 
to fight her.
Again easy fight, no special rules.

Now find Jiraya, and talk to him again. Kurenai will pop up. Yep you 
guessed it, you have to fight her!

After that there will be a final mission with a bird you will have to 
shoot down. When you collect the scroll, talk to Jiraya.

Congratulations ! You now have the Third Special ! !

 -==== ! ! Dual Rasengan ! !  ====-

And with this, all the Specials are now complete!
Congratulations again!

Credits + Final Notes

The only crediting here will be :

A) myself for writing this Guide, 
B) Gamespot/Gamefaq who will host my file.

And ofcourse to all the readers who will benefit from this! ^_^

As a final note, this guide is of final version, since it is 
complete and doublechecked (verified) for its contents. If you
need to add something or correct me, on any major issue(NOT grammatical
 or orthographical or spelling!) send me an email or an msn msg, and 
I will give you proper credit here.

Thanks for your time to read all of this, and have a happy time playing
Naruto : Narutimeto Hero 3 ! ^_^

This file is Copyright 2006(c) Lefsef 
(lefsef@hotmail.com - katsiki22@yahoo.com ). All rights reserved.
No authorizing, of part or whole of the material writen here
may be reproduced in ANY sites (except Gamespot/Gamefaq) and 
magazines or other media without the written permission of Lefsef.

Naruto is copyrighted 1999 by TV Tokyo, Studio Pierrot, Bandai, 
Shueisha Inc. and Kishimoto Masashi

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their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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