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Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3
Yondaime Character FAQ


This FAQ was written by Kaushal Desai
FAQ Start Date: September 16, 2006
FAQ Completion Date: September 16, 2006

This FAQ may not be reproduced in any way accept with my allowance to do so. 
Any copying of this FAQ is strictly prohibited. Thank you for respecting this 

  Table of Contents

1) Introduction
  a. Why Flash
  b. Unlocking Flash/ Hanabi
  c. Ougi Mini-games 
  d. Controls
  e. Terms 
  f. Unlocking Jutsus

2) Flash in Detail 
  a. Moves
  	Special moves
	Aerial Attacks
  b. Strategies
  c. Battling Tips

3) Closing
  a. Credits
  c. THE END

                                1) INTRODUCTION

	a. Why Flash

Well I decided to create a faq for Yondaime: 4th Hokage because he is a great 
mix of raw power and pure speed. If mastered, Yondaime can be a great asset 
ensuring a victory every time. I speak English and no Japanese at all. If you 
have anything to contribute to the faq or anything related, please email me at 
big_pimpin_293@hotmail.com. I’m happy to receive feedback. This is my first 
faq so be nice :P. This faq was meant for all the English speaking kids who 
have had all the problems I’ve had.

	b. Unlocking Flash/ Hanabi 

Unlocking Flash requires the unlocking of the other 41 characters. Flash will 
then appear automatically. This can easily be accomplished by using the cheat 
and unlocking Hanabi, or you can do it the real way. Either way you will have 
to date Hanabi. For those of you who don’t know, the cheat is: hold R1+R2 then 
press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle. Hold L1+L2 then press right, up, 
right, up. Press L3+R3 at the same time. In order to unlock Hanabi, you must 
buy the items from the man in the middle of RPG mode (at the start screen looks 
like 4 Hokage heads). He looks like a pack mule. Then you must locate Hanabi 
(she is normally near the main entrance of Konoha). You speak to her and pick 
the top option. She will disappear and you must locate her in Konaha. Do this 
twice (you only need to get the item once) and she will be unlocked  

	c. Ougi Mini-games
In order to switch, you choose a character and pick the top option, you will 
then be prompted to another screen when both characters are chosen. From there 
you select the bottom option, and then the top. You will see 3 choices. The 
first is a random button sequence, which is the main one. The second is an 
analog rotating sequence. The final one is a single button mashing sequence. 
In order to be successful choose one you are good at (or one your friends can’t 
do :P). The trick to the analog one is that you take your right hand and turn 
it side-ways so it covers both analogs and you move up and down NOT circular. 
You will easily be able to hit 15.

	d. Controls

O - Circle - Basic attack button

/\ - Triangle – This button is used to activate your characters set ougi or 
special attack. When activated your character will glow red (1 chakra bar 
used), purple (2 chakra bars used), or blue (3 chakra bars used). Once 
activated you must press O in order to attack and go into the mini-game mode 
you equipped.

X – Jump, press again to double-jump, double-tap to dash towards opponent 
(dashing is a great combo starter and repels shurikens).

[] - Square - Throw projectile (i.e. shuriken, kunai, explosive tag).

L1/R1 - Switch between projectiles you have picked up, items in inventory.

L2/R2 - Block; press right when an opposing attack hits to perform a Kawarimi 
or replication. LEARN to use this it is a valuable asset. Blocking can only be 
performed before a combo has begun not during. Kawamiri can be performed 
anytime, in exchange for a little chakra. You can even Kawamiri a shuriken 
which will warp you behind your opponent. 

D-pad – movement, press down to recharge Chakra, up to taunt left or right to 
run left or right.

	e. Terms

Kawarimi – Dealing with substitution. This is an art necessary for this game 
with any character seeing as you get to dodge a combo and begin your own.

Ougi – The term that most English speaking people know as ‘special’. Ougi’s 
are hard to pull off but the results are devastating. There are 3 ougi levels 
which use 1,2 or 3 chakra bars, usually 3 being the strongest. Some ougis 
leave you in a special state such as Naruto’s kyubi form, Neji’s byakugan 
form, or Sasuke’s sharingan form. Some just leave you powered up. If the 
trigger attack does not connect, no Chakra is depleted, but you can't activate 
the Ougi again for a short time.

Chakra – The basic energy of your character. This is used for everything from 
jutsus to ougis to kawamiris. Chakra is replenished by holding down, smashing 
a character against the wall or floor and stealing it, or picking up a chakra 
replenishing item from the floor (looks like a blue orb). You need to keep your 
chakra high in order to keep the edge in battle.

Jutsu – These are your techniques. Each character has two that they are known 
for in the show, or a combo that will deal damage. This is used by pressing 
d, d, O or u, u, O. They can also be changed by selecting you character then 
choosing the top option. From there you choose the top option again and switch 
the two.

Dash – By pressing X twice quickly you will perform a dash. This move is 
VITAL in your victory. It shortens the distance between you and your opponent 
and if close enough, it will stun them. This sets you up for an aerial combo. 
Most projectiles, like kunai or needles or shuriken, are also deflected while 
you're dashing, making it a good idea to dash if you want to get to your 
opponent quickly. Be careful, you are still vulnerable to Ougi attacks and 
certain projectiles (like tags). Also if you stop short in front of the 
opponent you will be attacked.

Ui Ochi - After sending an opponent flying, by a throw or combo or, in some 
cases aerial attack, you move in their direction and press circle to activate 
the mini-game and an animation of you hitting your opponent from behind begins. 
If your opponent presses circle before you hit him it switches and he is now 
the attacker. Press O before he hits you, and reverse the sequence back at 
them. This keeps going and the person to get hit takes damage and is thrown.

Guard Breaker – This move can be activated for all characters by pressing 
d+O, O. This will break the guard but is a slow attack. It will smash them 
into the floor (causing loss of chakra), and send them up a bit. Is timed 
correctly, you can begin a combo from this.

Teleport – I don’t know the technical term for this, but by pressing u+X or 
d+X you will teleport to the other side of the battle field. (HINT: when on 
the other screen from your opponent come back to your opponents screen and 
while doing so, keep tapping O which will send you in front of the enemy with 
a combo begun)

	f. Unlocking Jutsus

Jutsus can be unlocked in a very simple manner. All you must do is use Sasuke 
and any ougi that puts you in sharingan mode. From there you use the Jutsu and 
that may result in you learning it. If not, it can’t be learned. You can also 
try leveling up in rpg mode. If I am mistaken would somebody please kindly 
correct me.

                            2) FLASH IN DETAIL

	a.	Moves

Special combos:

(I took the names from jygting. Thanks a lot there’s no way I could have known
 about it without you)

O, O, O, u+O		Shuntenshoushuu
O, O, O, f+O		Shakousen
O, O, O, d+O		Kijinsen
O, O, O, b+O		Sankousen
u+O, O		     	Shouraisen
d+O, O			Choukoukyaku
f+O, O	 	  	Shunraijin       
Aerial attacks:

In air, u+O, O, O      Kikousen
In air, d+O, O, O      Kouraijin
In air, O, O, O        Jinraisen


b+O                    Ryuukoukyaku 
In air, b+O            Shikkoudan


u,u+O                  Shunkou
d,d+O                  Rasengan
(Rasengan is the heart and sole of Flash’s greatness. When fully charged he 
will teleport behind the opponent and unleash his attack, doing high damage 
and throwing the enemy)


/\ then O              Hiraishin no Jutsu
(This is Yondaime’s only ougi that he can learn. It is a lvl 2 jutsu doing 
medium damage and can be used if you really feel it necessary)

	b.	Strategies

Strengths / Weaknesses


- Flash is probably THE fastest character in the game with attacks that come 
out in, well, a flash

- His Rasengan is amazing when fully charged as it can teleport you to the 
other side of the field as well

- His chakra regeneration rate is MASSIVE, and I mean massive. You don’t know 
till you’ve seen it for yourself. This provides you with a huge advantage in 
being able to recover chakra in less then half the time of other characters

- His raw strength and flashy combos make his attacks hard to dodge or block. 
Even a kawamiris may be fooled as Flash replaces on his own during some of the 
combos which will send them right back into the attack.

- His attacks have massive range allowing you to move from one side of the 
screen to the other almost instantly


- Flash only has one ougi that can be learned regardless of his level in rpg 
mode. This is only a level 2 ougi which is not one of the best, or flashiest 
ougis in the game 

- He sometimes get out of hand in his combos and an enemy may be behind you 
while you just punch at thin air for a while

- When fighting in an area with places to fall it’s hard to stop yourself and 
not take some unnecessary damage.

-What you want to do is basically mash the circle button until you get the hang
of it. In reality mashing O will get you to win, and when you learn to use him
skillfully, you will just be able to win in flashier methods. There is really
no losing with this character so choose him if you think winning is for you.

	c. Battling Tips

- Button mashing is key to fighting successfully with flash. You need to have
 quick eyes and timing just to keep up with your own moves.

- ALWAYS try to get a fully charged rasengan out no matter what. It may seem 
hard it first, but you will see you opportunities, like when you opponent is 

- Stick to using your u, u+O justsu when finishing combos, rasengan only works 
well when charged.

- The best ways to begin combos are by dashing or throwing a shuriken. These 
will both stun the opponent for a bit leaving them open for a barrage of attaks.

- DO NOT focus on unleashing your ougi. I’ve seen it happen so many times when 
someone good gets creamed by a newbie because they focus too much on 1 attack. 
Change it up because once you get predictable you’re done.

- Watch out for turtlers (people who just don’t let go of block) especially 
when fighting with flash. You will no even realize them blocking because of 
the commotion from flash’s attacks and they may spring back out of nowhere. 
Take into consideration they need great timing or a good defense (like Neji’s 
Kaiten, the greatest move ever) to pull it off.

- Try to stay away from stages with gaps where you can fall and if it occurs, 
then switch sides (u+X) to the side without any openings.

- A great combo with Yondaime is by starting out with u+O, O which will send 
them flying. Dash towards them and hit them some more (which is a lot for 
Flash). When you come down you have 1 of 2 options you can catch them as they 
are coming down and do it again OR you can begin charging a rasengan, which by 
the time they get up, will be attacking them.

                                 3) CLOSING

	a. Credits

- I’d like to thank GameFAQs for keeping the site running and CJayC for keeping 
the site great

- Jygting for the translations of the justsu to japanese

- Rajbir for coming to my house repeatedly with his ps2 and naruto just so I 
could play

- Tajvir for picking itachi which motivated me to get better

- Ishan for just being some sort of comic relief and also being the first to 
play with Flash

- Naveen for also letting me play naruto on his ps2 

- AND above all WP (West Punjab) because that’s how we roll


Questions? Or comments?

Big_pimpin_293@hotmail.com feel free to add me on msn messenger where we can 
talk in more detail.