RPG Mode FAQ by Ohoni

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Version: 1.0

This game has a lot of unknown elements to it, there are a lot of things that
nobody seems to know how or when they become available, but hopefully this will
at least make things a little easier:

Game Locations:
These are chosen by selecting the bottom option on the Triangle menu, from the
top, clockwise:
Tree Climbing Area: In the forest, with a big tree in the back. Sakura, or
sometimes Kurenai will be here for you to play the tree climbing game.

Memorial Shrine: Only available for a couple of specific story battles,
otherwise not an option.

Three Logs Area: This is the area where Kakashi took his team to train early
on, with three posts in the ground. Most often Lee, Guy, or both will be around
to use their minigames.

Chuunin Stadium: Where the Chuunin finals were faught. This area is only
available at the end of RPG mode and allows you to fight the final battles.

Casino Area: This is the flashy part of town that houses the slots casino.

Bathouse Area: This is the bathouse and houses TenTen (for her minigame) and
usually Jiraiya as well. After dating certain characters you might return here
to find random NPCs standing around outside the bathouse. Talking to them
activates a comical "bathouse scene" featuring one of the female ninja you've
dated (G rated, mind you). There should be one scene for each datable female
ninja, although some, such as Sakura/Ino, Kurenai/Anko, and TenTen/Temari are
doubled up.

Konoha town: This is where you start, and where most of the missions and
interaction takes place.

RPG mode basics:
Before Starting RPG mode, it's recomended that you first beat Story Mode, which
unlocked a bunch of characters. You'll want them unlocked so that they level up
alongside your other characters as you progress through RPG mode.

RPG mode comes in three "acts". To start Act 1, you need to visit the Memorial
Shrine area. There you will activate some cut scenes, ending in one with
Tsunade standing on top of her office and announcing some sort of contest.
After this there might be some fights, and you should also be able to return to
the three logs area to fight with Kakashi as both Naruto and Sasuke. During Act
1, your goal is to collect blue and red "crystals", the ones that spin during
the load screens. You recieve a number of these every time you fight someone
(by talking to them and selecting the top option), or by finding them around
town (look for little white sparkles everywhere, including under boxes). Once
you have enough (60 blue ones) talk to Tsunade or Iruka to activate Act 2. Note
that you cannot do "alphabet missions" while in Act 1 or 2.

Act 2 starts with a cut scene similar to the first one with Tsunade on her
roof, and plays much like act 1 as well, just keep collecting crystals and
fighting ninja. Once you have enough, talk to Tsunade, Shikamaru, or Iruka to
activate anopther cutscene and act 3.

In Act 3 you can do Alphabet missions if you'd like, but the real goal is to
beat RPG mode, which you can do by going to the stadium area, which should open
up on the map at some point. If it's not open, try completing a few D-Rank
missions or leveling some characters. Once there you should fight Kakashi
twice, then Tsunade. Some people have reported not being able to fight Tsunade,
this might be tied to how many crystals you collected in act 2.

The credits roll and then you restart RPG mode, with any dates, jutsu,
leveling, or items you've collected remaining, but all missions cleared. This
also unlockes several characters and allows you to talk to Konohamaru's friends
to unlock him as a playable character, and unlocks Ebisu in the resteraunt at
the front of town for his "Hokage quiz", unlcoking the two first Hokage. It
also seems to unlock the "scared headband" Naruto needs to use his One-Tail
transformation jutsu.

Once you've beaten the game, go ahead and complete any missions you want, level
up, date, and unlock any Jutsu or Ougi you haven't already.

Notable NPCs:
Bag Merchant:
This guy has a big backpack and stands outside to the West of the Ramen Shop.
He sells what look like little backpacks that are used in some character
missions, but mainly in dating. Each character requires a specific two of these
bags to successfully date, although they are re-used. It's basically a good
idea to buy all of these as soon as you possibly can because you will need them
all anyways.

Item/Scroll Merchant:
This guy is in a shop to the South of the Ramen Shop, and he sells what appear
to be scrolls. These scrolls are needed to unlock Ougis in RPG mode (if you
have an Ougi can cannot equip it because one or more of the three items below
it have a blue seal over them, it is because you need the appropriate scroll).
It is worth buying every one of these scrolls, but if you want to pick a
specific one, just open up the Ougi choosing screen, move the cursor over the
item that is sealed, and find something memorable about it's name so you can
pick it off the list.

His scrolls are purchased using the orange scrolls that are dropped around town
when you complete a mission. Sometimes thesescrolls are floating on balloons
and much be shot down using shuriken mode, make sure to collect them all. Once
you've purchased all the scrolls (or before if you'd like) you can sell him the
orange scrolls for $100 a piece.

Weapon Merchant:
This is the girl in the shop in the center of town who sells things like
Shuriken that you can keep in reserve. You don't need to buy these things, but
she is part of one or two missions.

Shishkibab girl:
This is what I call the girl in the shop on the left side of town, she's a part
of one or two missions as well.

Ninja locations:
Anko: Top Left of map, unde the long spiral stairs.
Asuma: Top Right of map, along river.
Chouji: Middle Left of map, in front of shishkibab place.
Gaara: Middle Left of map, on top of tall tower.
Guy: Middle Left of map, on top of building behind shishkibab place, same place
as Lee.
Hanabi: Bottom Right of map, on top of blue resteraunt.
Hinata: Bottom Left of map, standig next to ledge on the ground.
Ino: Top Middle of map, in front of flower shop.
Iruka: Top Middle of map, in front of school gates (also appears in front of
ramen shop).
Kakashi: Middle of map, on top of the building with the "gang plank".
Kankuro: Bottom Right of map, on top of blue resteraunt, above Hanabi's
Konohamaru: Inside school at the top of the map.
Kurenai: Top Right of map, along river.
Lee: Middle Left of map, on top of building behind shishkibab place, same place
as Lee.
Neiji: Top middle of the map, on top of tall building.
Sakura: Bottom Right of map, by the river.
Sasuke: Bottom Middle of map, on top of the great wall.
Shikamaru: Top Left of map, on top of the building with the "porch" thing.
Shino: Bottom Right of map, in the front area with the trees.
Shizune: Bottom Left of map, in the front area with the trees.
Temari: Bottom Right of map, on top of blue resteraunt, same place as Kankuro's.
TenTen: Middle Right of map, in front of store above the ramen shop.
Tsunade: Top Right of map, in front of her office.

Note that these are their default locations (mainly for dating), and that they
will likely be in different locations if they're part of a mission.

Guy's 50 Battle:
This is a sequence of 50 fights that are activated by talking to Guy in his
dojo (the building south of the Ramen shop that usually has Iruka in it). This
became available to me after clearing RPG mode once, your millage may vary.
Each time you talk to him he'll say something, followed by the number of the
battle sequence you're currently on, and they you'll have to fight a specific
opponent. The first ones are very easy, the last few can be a little tricky but
are geneally not a big deal. Every tenth fight is a "summon" battle, like
Jiraiya's frog or Tsunade's slug, and after each of these battles you win a
prize. One known prize is the item needed to use Gaara's transformation Ougi,
it is suspected (but not confirmed) that the other items won in this mode
follow the same pattern, being items that unlock transformation Ougis. It is
also suspected that this mode must be cleared before unlocking some jutsu and
Dual Ougi.

After beating Guy's 50 battle sequence, he because a "battle vendor", from
which you can select any opponent to fight for a little XP and cash. This is
done by him asking a series of questions, the end result being your opponent.
Selecting all the first series of options, for example, is "Konoha ninja",
"Genin", "Team Kakashi", and finally "Naruto". The bottom option is always

Unlocking Custom Jutsu:
Some people insist that Jutsu are unlocked by dating characters. I dated every
character and unlocked no Jutsu. On the other hand, I had dated every character
before doing most of the jutsu missions below, so it's possible that you need
to BOTH complete the missions and date certain characters to unlock the jutsu,
such that doing them in the opposite order unlocks the jutsu as well. Either
way you'll know that you recieved a new Jutsu when you see a string of text
that includes a red phrase, that's the jutsu name. You can also check by
opening Naruto's jutsu selection screen and scrolling all the way through them,
counting each one until you return to the start, since he can use all of them.

There are a few Jutsu here hat I'm not sure where I got them, including
Hinata's healing Jutsu, Kiba's Gatsuga, and Tsunade's kick. These might be tied
to milestones in the main storyline, I just picked them up along the way.

Shizune's poison breath:
Two green dots, Hinata and Chouji: This one a lot of people have done, it seems
to be available right at the start of RPG mode. First talk to each character,
then go to the bag merchant and buy the first two (highlighted) bags. Talk to
them again. A green dot should appear at Tsunade's place, go in there are talk
to Shizune. Go outside and look for a white sparkle right around there. Grab
it, then return to Shizune. This should unlock Shizune's poison breath.

Somewhere in here I also picked up Hinata's Jutsu, Kiba's Jutsu, and Tsunade's
jutsu, I'm not sure how. Given that there are three and that they ended with
Tsunade's, they might be rewards for completing each "phase" of the RPG mode.

Guy's Dynamic Entry:
I got this one after completing his 50 challenge, not positive that that's
necessary (and I'd also done several of the alphabet "guy minigame" missions).
Anyways, I met Guy in the three logs area, next to the logs, and when I talked
to him, he challenged me to a fight. I beat him and he gave me the Dynamic

3rd's Rock Pillar:
Green Dot in the center of town, Konohamaru (I did this one after Guy's, not
sure if that matters). After talking to him, go to the three logs, tree
climbing, and bathouse levels and look for a sparkly in each. They might be
hidden behind stuff so you might have to just look for the "click here" message
instead. Once you have all three items, return to town and get the forth one at
the green dot (in the school yard), then return to Konohamaru. there will be a
message to him from the 3rd and you learn the jutsu.

TenTen's shurikens:
Talk to TenTen in the bathouse. For this to work, Jiriaya should be missing for
some reason (you might need to have all the above jutsu and maybe have
completed at least her D-rank mini-game mission). She will chat a little and
then tell you to go to town. Go to town and go to each green dot, each a Jounin
(like Kakashi). make sure that none of them are in active missions. Once you
talk to each, return to the bathouse and talk to her again. Go back to town and
follow the green dots again (I think the next step is to talk to the guy
outside Tsunade's), then return to TenTen. She'll make you beat her at her
minigame, then beat her at fighting (you have to use three items as well), then
you get her jutsu.

I have no idea what the conditions are for initiating these missions though, I
think they flow from beating Guy's challenge.

Azuma's Punch:
This one started in the bathouse, Guy and Kakashi were next to the door. I
talked to both of them, then Guy vanished and I went to town. I followed the
green dots (to Kurenai and Azuma, then to the shishkibab girl, then to the bag
merchant, and then he had me look for a sparkly (it was right between him and
the ramen shop), then he sent me to the item shop girl (all green dots so it
wasn't that hard), and then I had to talk to Sakura, who I had to beat at her
treeclimbing thing. Then I talked to the shiskibab girl again, then to anko and
Azuma, then I had to beat Azuma in 60 seconds and got the move. Lots of running
around but none to challenging.

This one starts in the three log area with Guy. This time he's standing next to
the tree. He'll talk you you and you have to do his minigame (if he asks if you
want to do it, it's not for this mission).Beat him and he'll disapear. Go to
the tree climbing area and talk to him again, and get under 1 minute there.
Then he'll vanish and Kakashi will appear and teach you Chidori.

Kurenai's Blossom Clone:
Start in the three log area, Guy and Lee are talking. Talk to one of them, they
vanish. Kurenai shows up, say "hai" to fight her (low gravity), then she talks
and you fight her again (black smoke status effect), and then she teaches you
her Jutsu.

Jiroubou's Boulder Throw:
Three tree area, Jiraiya and Tsunade. Talk to Tsunade and she vanishes. Go to
her office in town, then go to Shizune at the green dot, answer 3. Then go to
the guys outside Tsunade's, I answered 1. Then talk to Shizune again and shoot
down the orange dot which is a bird. Grab the scroll and talk to Shizune again,
Tsunade appears and gives you this jutsu.

Kabuto's Sleep Jutsu:
Talk to a ninja in the center of the map (green dot). Then shoot down the bird
and talk to him again. He vanishes. Go to the three log area, talk to "some
dude", go to outside Tsunade's office (green dot) and talk to the scarfaced
ninja again, then talk to "some dude" again at the three logs. ZOMG! "Some
Dude" is really Kabuto! Beat him up (he regens health costantly) and he teaches
you his jutsu.

Nidaime Hokage's Water Tornado Wall:
Talk to scarface ninja again, he'll send you to the great wall, where Kimimaru
is. Beat him, talk to scarface again, he'll send you to the three log area.
Talk to Kakashi there, he'll fight you, win while maintaining at least half
chakra (maybe full) and he'll teach you the jutsu.

Now at this point you can continue to gain Jutsu, but the Dual Ougis might be
available as well. If you'd like, check the three logs area. If Guy and Lee are
standing righ under the tree (not near the posts or the lake) then you can talk
to Guy to start the Dual Ogui sequence. I suggest just clearing the jutsus
first though, it's less confusing.

Shikamaru's Kunai Bomb Trap:
Go to town, there will be several green dots. Go to the one where Shikamaru is.
Talk yto him twice, he'll fight you. Beat him using at least 3 items. Talk to
him again and beat him again, this time using 3 items and 6 kawarimis. He'll
teach you the jutsu.

Purple Poison Trap:
Talk to Ebisu (green dot next to the well), then to konohamaru (green dot in
the schoolyard). Then you fight him (you need a 10 hit combo in there). Then
you talk to Lee in the three logs area, then to Shizune in the city near the
scroll shop, then you need to play the stealth minigame to catch Tonton, then
talk to her again, then Ebisu again and he'll teach you the jutsu.

Zabuza's Water Dragon:
Last of those green dots, Sakura by the river. She asks a question, I picked 3
(not sure if the others would work too), Hinata appeared then disapeared and
you go find Kiba (green dot). He has you do the stealth game for Akamaru, then
talk to him again and he gives you something, then talk to Sakura again and she
asks another question. This time answer 2, and you get the jutsu!

Unlocking Ougi:
There are some dual Ougi, but there are other guides for that. Most of the
Ougi, however, are gained through simple leveling up. Naruto gains primary XP
whenever you complete a mission or win a fight with him. When you have the
option to fight with a character other than Naruto, that character gets the
primary XP. In both of these cases, all OTHER characters you've unlocked will
also gain a portion of the XP, which seems to be able half as much, so everyone
will level up eventually, even if you never use them. Once they've done
everything else you've wanted to do, the way I suggest to "power level" is to
just repeat the second to the last A-Rank mission, which is a lot less hassle
than the last A-Rank for not too much less reward.

Lotsa helpful folks in the Gamefaqs forums, make sure to check all the other
FAQs there for anything not found here.