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				NARUTO: Narutimate Hero 3 Menu Translations


---General Notes---

When you are given two options, one being 2 letters long and one being three
letters long, the two letter one being on top, the game is asking you Yes or No.
Yes will be the two-letter option on top. If you are saving your game, Yes is
the option on the left. It would make your life a lot easier if you would
memorize these, as they appear frequently throughout the game.

Also, some of these menus are organized from right to left, as you may notice.
This is because that is how they appear both in the game and in traditional
Japanese text.


---Title Menu---

New Game


---Main Menu---

RPG Mode (Continue is the top choice, New Game is the bottom choice)
Story Mode
Versus Mode
Training Mode
Mini Games
Tanzaku's Store (This was the vending machine in Ultimate Ninja 1)
Naruto's House (Look at items and input passwords.)


---RPG Mode (Triangle Menu)---

Naruto's House
Konoha Map


---Versus Mode---

While Selecting a character:
Press L1 to change costumes:    Red is costume 1
                                Blue is costume 2
                                Green is costume 3

Press R1 to use character stat builds from RPG mode

Select a character with Circle. A menu will pop up.
It's asking you if you want to customize this character for the battle.
The top option is yes, the bottom option is no.

If you select "Yes" a new screen will appear (After you're opponent is selected)
You will see 2 boxes:

Jutsu   -       In battle, you'll press "Up, up, attack" to use the top one, and
                "Down, down, attack" to use the bottom one.
                Pick this option to edit them.

Ougi    -       This option brings up two more options. The top option is your
                Finisher Input Style. In order from left to right, they are:
        Command         -       You'll input a button combination. The player to
                                input the most in the time limit wins.

        Spin Joysticks  -       You'll rotate both joysticks at once. The player
                                with the most rotations at the end of the time
                                limit wins.

        Rapid Tap       -       A button will appear, either X, Circle, Square,
                                or Triangle. Press this button rapidly until
                                time runs out. The player with the highest
                                number of presses at the end of the time
                                limit wins.

                The bottom option is your finisher. Select this option to
                pick a finisher.

Once you're done this, press X a few times to back out of this system.
This will bring you to the Level Select Screen.

While selecting a level, either press Circle on the level you'd like to go to,
or press Triangle to spin through levels for a random selection. Press X or
Circle to stop on a level.

Once you've selected a level, the VS screen will appear, with player one on
the left, and player 2 on the right. Now you have a few choices. You can
either press X to go back, Circle to begin the fight, or Square to set up the
fight options.

---Fight Option Menu---

Time Limit              -       10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 99, Infinite
CPU Difficult           -       Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert
Item Appearance Rate    -       Low, Medium, High
Chakra                  -       Normal, Infinite
Finishers               -       Off, On

---In-Battle Pause Menu--- (From Right to Left)

1P Move List
2P Move List
General Commands List
Attack Command Display  -       On / Off
Item Stock (Note: This only appears when fighting the computer.)
Return to Mode Select
Return to Character Select


---Mini Game Mode---

Tree Climbing
"Nice Guy" - Guy / Lee's Challenge
Tenten's Shuriken Game


---Naruto's House--- (From Right to Left)

Input Code
Item Viewer

---Item Viewer Menu--- (From Right to Left)

Character Figures
Audio (Left option is Character Voices, Right option is everything else)
Ninja Info Cards (Each option is a different group of them)
Finisher Videos


---Options Menu--- (As they appear on screen)

Computer Difficulty                     Menu speaker (Default is random)
Controls                                Screen Adjust
Sound Adjust                            Restore Defaults

---Computer Difficulty Settings--- (Left to Right)


---Control Settings Menu: Defaults---

Circle          -       Attack
Triangle        -       Start Finisher
Square          -       Items
X               -       Jump
L1 - R1         -       Change Items
L2 - R2         -       Guard
Rumble          -       On / Off

(Press Select to restore to default controls)

---Sound Adjust Settings---

Top Bar (Slide left to right)   -       Music Volume
Bottom Switch                   -       Mono / Stereo


Written by: Chris Ueltschy

GameFAQs ID: TKDKurisu