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Narutimate Hero 3/Ultimate Ninja 3 FAQ By: Spazzdude

Hope this helps you all!!!

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Table of Contents           ___________________________________________________
---------------------------|Hey for you all who arent familiar with browser
1. Version History....[S1] |hotkeys, hit ctrl+f for the find box and type 
2. General Overview...[S2] |the section source code for a magical teleport!!
3. Basic Controls.....[S3] |___________________________________________________
4. Menu Translator...............................[S4] 
5. Story Mode [Hero's History]...................[S5]
     Part 1......................................[S5.1]
     Part 2......................................[S5.2]
     Part 3......................................[S5.3]
     Part 4......................................[S5.4]
5. RPG Mode [Ultimate Contest]...................[S6]
     Plot Missions
         Part #1.................................[S6.1]
         Part #2.................................[S6.2]
         Part #3.................................[S6.3]
         Free Act................................[S6.4]
     Ranked Missions.............................[S6.5]
         D Rank..................................[S6.5D]
         C Rank..................................[S6.5C]
         B Rank..................................[S6.5B]
         A Rank..................................[S6.5A]
         S Rank..................................[S6.5S]     
     "Dating" Information........................[S6.6]
      Jutsu & Ougi Information...................[S6.7]
6. "Tips"........................................[S7]
7. Narutimate Hero 3 vs Ultimate Ninja 3.........[S8]
8. Legal Information.............................[S9]
9. Credits & Thank you's.........................[S10]

[S1]  Version History

3/26/2007; v1.00 - Finished very first version

4/29/2007; v1.20 - Story mode bug;Added Hokage info;Some grammar & typo errors

5/16/2007; v1.40 - RPG Mode bug;Konohamaru mission help;Secret scroll locations

11/16/2007; v1.60- Few more tips;added Ultimate Ninja 3 info;typo/errors

4/1/2008  ; v2.00 - Added translations from Ultimate Ninja 3 where needed as 
                    well as changes that were made by developers.

[S2] General Overview

Naruto: Narutimate Hero is the third entry in a series of fighting games based 
on the popular manga & anime, Naruto.

The game itself can be said to be an extreme cross between Dragon Ball Z:
Budokai 3 and Super Smash Bros. Meele. It has the HUGE cinematic scenes and 
power of DBZ:B3 and the stage presence of SSBM. If you are a Naruto fan, GET IT
If you are a fan of DBZ:B3 or SSBM I would still recommend it.

[S3] Basic Controls

This covers BOTH  menu and fighting controls

------Menu Controls------

      *Note that in Japanese imports, O selects and X cancels. Get out of the 
       of pressing X to go forward as it will cause you a lot of frustration*

Left Analog Stick or Directional Buttons - Select option
x Button - Previous Menu/Cancel
O Button - Confirm/select

------BASIC Fighting Controls------

Left and Right - Char. movement
Up (Hold)      - Taunt (some characters cause special effects)
Down (hold)    - Charge Chakra
O Button       - Attack
X Button       - Jump (tap twice rapidly to dash, twice slowly to double jump)
[] Button      - Throw selected item
/\ Button      - Ougi (must have required chakra to power-up)
L1/R1 Button   - Cycle through equipped weapons
L2/R2 Button   - Defend (if hit at the correct time you will warp behind enemy)
Start Button   - Pause

[S4] Menu Translator

--If you are playing the English release, no need to read this section.
  as it is COMPLETLY unchanged from previous versions of the FAQ.

------Title Screen------

Top Option - New Game
Bottom Option - Load Game

------Main Menu------

RPG Mode (Top choice in continue, bottom choice is new game) 
Story Mode
Versus Mode
Training/Practice Mode
Naruto's House

------Versus Mode Menu------

Left Analog Stick or Directional Buttons - Select Character
O Button - Confirm Char. Selection
L1 Button - Select Outfit, there are three options
R1 Button - Use char. with stats from RPG mode

After you select your char. with circle, another menu will appear with two 
options. This menu is asking if you want to customize your character. Select
the bottom option for the default preset and select the top to customize.

In the customize menu, you will see 2 options, a top and bottom

      *Note - you unlock more Jutsu and Ougi in RPG mode*

The top option allows you to selet you 2 different jutsu for the battle.
These will be mapped to the up, up, O & down, down, O configurations

The bottom option sends you to the ougi selection screen. Here you choose which
Ougi (Special) your char. will perform. There are two options were. The top
allows you to select you mini-battle.

       Option 1 - Command - Tap different random buttons 
       Option 2 - Spin - Spin those analog as fast as possible
       Option 3 - Press - Mash a single random button till your arm hurts

The bottom option allows you to select you char. actual Ougi (Ultimate) for the

After you are finished, tap X a few times untill you get to the level selection
screen. Hit /\ for a random stage.

Now the Fight screen will appear. This is your last chance to tweak the fight
to your liking. Hit O to begin the match, X to go back, or [] for the battle
settings menu.

------Battle Settings Menu------

      -From top to bottom-

Time Limit          - 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,99,infinite
Difficulty          - Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane
Item Frequency Rate - Low, Standard, High
Chakra              - Standard, Infinite
Ougi's              - On, Off
Handicap            - More stars=greater handicap

------Pause Menu------

      -From Left to Right-

Exit to Char. Select
Exit to Main Menu
Jutsu Attack Display - on, off(toggles commands that appear when jutsu perform)
Button List
P2 Command List
P1 Command List
Reutrn to Fight

------Naruto's House------

      -From Left to Right-

View Items

------Options Menu------

--Left Row--

Computer Difficulty - (Easy, Standard, Hard, Expert)
Button Config.
Sound Adujuster     - Stero, Mono

--Right Row--

Jonin Selection     - Selects which Jonin appears at the Main menu
Screen Adjuster
Reset (Defaults)

------Rpg Mode Menu------

      *Press triangle to show this menu*

Char. Development/Stats
   -Here you place jutsu and Ougi on your unlocked characters
Ranked Missions
   -Ranks D through S
Naruto's House
   -Starting from the top-most option and in a circular motion (clockwise)
   -Forest Area
   -Training Grounds
   -Hot Springs
   -Main City

[S5] Story Mode/Hero's History

Story Mode Tells the story of Naruto from the formation of Team 7 through the
Retrieve Sasuke arc. There are four seperate parts.


[S5.1] Story Part 1-Genin Training Arc

Part 1 focuses on the formation of Team 7 and the Land of Waves Arc
Part 1 has 3 Fights

Naruto  vs. Kakashi
Naruto  vs. Haku     - Unlocks Haku
Kakashi vs. Zabuza   - Unlocks Zabuza

[S5.2] Story Part 2-Leaf Destruction Arc

Part 2 focuses on the Chuunin exams and the destruction of Konoha Arc
Part 2 has 4 fights

Naruto     vs. Orochimaru      - Unlocks Orochimaru
Naruto     vs. Neji
3rd Hokage vs. Orochimaru      - Unlocks 3rd Hokage
Naruto     vs. Shukaku (Gaara Transformed) - Unlocks Gaara

Other Characters unlocked after Part 2 completion

[S5.3] Story Part 3-TsunadeSearch Arc

Part 3 focuses on Akatsuki's attempt to capture Naruto and the Tsunade search
Part 3 has 5 fights

Kakashi vs. Itachi
Gai     vs. Kisame           - Unlocks Kisame
Jiraiya vs. Kisame           - Unlocks Jiraiya & Itachi
Naruto  vs. Kabuto           - Unlocks Kabuto
Tsunade vs. Manda (Orochimaru's summoned Snake)

Other Characters unlocked after Part 3 completion
[S5.4] Story part 4-Sasuke Retrival Arc

Part 4 focuses on Sasuke feeling weak toward Naruto and running like a Bitch
Part 4 has 10 fights

Naruto    vs. Sasuke
Chouji    vs. Jiroubou
Neji      vs. Kidoumaru
Kiba      vs. Ukon/Sakon
Shikamaru vs. Tayuya
Naruto    vs. Kimimaro
Lee       vs. Kimimaro
Gaara     vs. Kimimaro
Naruto    vs. Sasuke
Naruto (1 tailed) vs. Sasuke (Level 2)

[S6] Rpg Mode/Ultimate Contest

RPG mode is where you will unock all the other characters as well as jutsu and

I highly reccomed completing story mode first as the money earned there will
help when items need to be purchased and it will give you an understanding of
the control system. Story Mode also unlocks several characters, and the more
characters you have unlocked, the more characters you can level up in RPG mode.

Also is stroy mode, you don't need to worry about conditions, such as have a
certain amount of HP or substitute a certain number of times before a match
ends. You can get the hang of the game faster without worrying about certain

[S6.1] RPG Part 1

When Act 1 starts, you will be in free roam mode. Unfortunately, you cannot
begin to complete lettered missions until Act 3 so just jump right into the
plot. Head to the Shrine Area and view the cutscenes (like you have an option

Tsunade announces a competition in which the winner will be determined by the
first person who can collect 60 blue crystal pieces. After this announcement, 
you will fight a few story dirven battles for crystals. Atfer these fights, you 
will return to free roam mode. While in free roam mode, you can find more 
crystal pieces by looking under crates and barrels (punch them) as well as 
challenging other shinobi to fights. To challenge someone to a fight simply 
speak to them. If they dissapear, you have to find them somewhere in the city. 
When you find them (look everywhere, even rooftops) they will agree to your 

When you have enough crystal pieces, a cutscene will auotmatically progress
the plot. If the plot does not advance still, go to the different areas of the
map and talk to everyone. After that go talk to Iruka/Tsunade to advance;Also 
make sure that you have given Hinata & Chouji the items they are requesting.
They can be bought from the street merchant.
[S6.2] RPG Part 2

Part 2 is the definition of repetitive. Now you are collecting 60 red crystal
pieces....Nothing much else to say here.....SCROLL DOWN!!.....GO AWAY.......

[s6.3] RPG Part 3

In part three, you can start alphabet missions, but I suggest you hold off on
it at the moment, as you will have ample time to do these in the free act just
after this act. Here the goal is to finish up the main plot of RPG mode. In 
this act, the Arena will open up. Here you will have to fight Kakashi, twice
and Tsunade once. After you complete that, the credits will roll, but you can
just press start to skip.

Rpg mode will reset. If you get kicked out to the main menu, just re-select RPG
mode and MAKE SURE YOU PICK THE TOP OPTION as the bottom will start you all

Completing RPG mode unlocks the following characters
 -A.N.B.U. Kakashi
 -Green Beast Naruto (Naruto; Lee's clothes--Imagine Naruto trained by Gai--)

|***I threw this in up here in case some Plagiarist deletes my legal section
|This FAQ is copyrighted  2007 to Brayland Ross. International Copyright 
|laws protect this FAQ. You cannot sell or reproduce this for a profit of any 
|kind with out my written consent. You are allowed to download this for
|personal & private use. 
|This FAQ only has permission to be posted at the following website(s):
|Comments, questions, concerns? E-Mail me at: Spazz_dude@yahoo.com 
|***I threw this in up here in case some Plagiarist deletes my legal section

[S6.4] RPG Free Act

Here you will begin to Unlock the rest of the game's characters as well as more
jutsu and Ougi. Depending on your play style, this can be a long and tedious
road ><.

------Important RPG Notes------

 --Street Merchant--
     This is where you purchase the items needed for dates. I call him Street
     merchant because he is the only merchant who does not operate out of a 
     store. He sells what I like to call "infinite sets," by which I mean once
     you purchase an item, it's yours for life. You don't need to re-purchase.
     Check back between acts for new items. You will need to purchase all his
     items eventually. He can be found near the set of stairs outside the
     academy gate.

 --The Scroll Dude...Trade...Person...Guy--
     This trader is in the most southwestern shop on the Konoha map. He sell 
     scrolls that are needed to unseal and use your unlocked ougi's. You can 
     tell if your ougi's are sealed if there is a blue seal over one of the 
     Ougi's items. BUY THESE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as a lot of ougi's not only
     need to be unlocked but unsealed to be used in RPG as well as versus mode.
     Unlike the other shops, this guy requires you to trade for his scrolls 
     rather than just buying them. You can find the trade material floating
     around on the rooftops after you complete an alphabet missions.

 --The Weapon Lady--
     This lady here (the store in the middle of town) sell items that can be
     equipped and used in fights. While she and her items are not relevant to
     completing RPG mode, it can come in handy to start each match with an
     explosive kunai or a multiple shruiken tool.

     To get the Naruto wannabe, first make sure you completed the main RPG mode
     plot missions. Go to the academy and talk to his other to friends. If you
     answer the questions correctly you will recieve konohamaru as a playable
     character. Here is the best way to do so:

     What you want is the first set of answers where choices two & three look 
     like "L shaped hooks", both letter characters contain the same first 
     symbol. If you don't get this setup the first time around, keep guesing 
     incorrectly untill you do. Once you get the set, the right choices will be 
     from top to bottom (example, 3=bottom choice):

              ***Props to heeysa for this***

 --1st & 2nd Hokage--
    You first must unlock Konohamaru to unlock the first and second. Go to the
    resturaunt near the main Konoha gate and talk to the Closet Pervert, Ebisu.
    Once again, he will quiz you and you must answer the questions correctly to
    unlock the Hokage's. Similar to the technique used to unlock Wannabe, look
    for the first set of answers to look like this:


    Once you recieve this set of answers, the correct choices will be:

             ***Props to Jchen6 for this***

 --4th Hogake--
    The Yellow flash will become unlocked once you unlock every other character

[S6.5] Ranked Missions
I'm going to go through each of the Ranked missions now. These can be as simple
as running an errand or as difficult as winning a fight against a powerful
opponent AND follow a bunch of other criteria.

You fail a mission by losing a fight, not completing the required conditions
within a fight, or not doing the task or errand correctly. If you fail,you will
be presented with this menu:

 -Change Char.

The first two are self explanatory. If you surrender, the mission will 
completly end and it will count as a failed misson.

You activite these missions by pressing /\ in RPG mode. It is the third option
from the top. I assume that you are in the city area when you accept these

Missions are listed from top to bottom.....[Insert Joke Here].......
[S6.5D] D Rank Missions

---Mission #1---
After accepting this mission, travel to the Hot Springs area (look above
in this guide for the map locations). Talk to Ten-Ten (WTF is her last name???) 
to begin her mini-game.

    --Win the mini-game. Do not hit the dummies that wear Jonin clothes

---Mission #2---
After accepting this mission, travel to the forest area. Talk to Sakura
to begin her mini-game.

    --Win the mini-game. Hit the feet to increase speed and hit the small
      Naruto faces to drop boulders on your opponents.

---Mission #3---
After accepting this mission, travel to the training grounds. Talk to Lee (the
handsome devil of Konoha village;Fuzzy Brows; THE BEST SHINOBI EVER)
to begin his mini-game.

    --Win the mini-game. There are three parts to his mini-game. The first part
      just out mash Lee. The second part, you just have to alternate between 
      the /\ and X buttons depending on where the meter is. The final part is
      simply pressing the correct button in the as it enters the circle.

---Mission #4---
Talk to Ebisu (the closet perv) after taking this misson. Next talk to Jiraiya
(the open perv). This is your first mission that actually involves a fight,

    --Win the fight
    --Substitute at least three times(tap guard right before getting hit)

Ruturn to Ebisu to complete the mission.

---Mission #5---
Talk to Kakashi (he's too BA for a corny nickname or comment) after this. 
He asks you some questions. Answer them 3,2,1 .....You're done

---Mission #6---
Talk to Shino (the Bug Boy). The brags about his team and says you suck...
Thats a lie....I don't know Japanese....he dissappears after telling you to go
to the forest area. Talk to Kiba (dog-breath) and a fight begins.

    --Win the fight
    --Land a five hit combo (you don't really need a hint here do you???)

---Mission #7---
The kids ran away and Iruka is too lazy to find them himself so you're doin'
it. These are D-Rank after all. After talkint to Iruka, look toward the right 
and a kid will be under a tree. Talk to him and he will go back to school. The
next one is behind the water pump, up those little stairs past the gate. The
final one is near the front gate. Go back to Iruka to get you're reward.

---Mission #8---
Talk to Sakura (Pinky) and she sends you to see Kakashi, who flees as soon as
you talk to him. Keep followin him aroud the city and eventually he will
return to Pinky. Kakashi leaves again and Pinky will ask you some questions.
Answer them 2,2,3.

---MIssion #9---
Go to Tsunade (stop lookin at her chest SHE'S LIKE 50 YEARS OLD). Go meet her
at the Casino place and go into the room that has the slot machines. Talk to
to Shizune (the secretary) and she tell you you gott win 300 more coins than
what you already. It's a lot easer than real slot machines. Go back to the
city and talk to Tsunade to get rewarded.


---Mission #10---
Another Tsunade mission. When she stop speaking leave the office and follow
the dots. Eventually a fight will start against Kankurou.

    --Win the fight
    --Do three Substitution Sequences (the ones there you tap O to get the
      final hit. I suggest throwing your opponent first.

---Mission #11---
Tsunade once again. This is just an errand mission. Go to the dot and then
return to Tsunade when you're finished there. You're done...The people in 
this city are too freakin lazy...

---Mission #12---
Talk to Konohamaru. The wants you to catch Pakkun (Kakashi's talking dog).These
games are fun and should be one of the mini-games on the main menu. You will be
under a box. The compass at the bottom is you guide to the target. Keep your
speed below the line so he wont jet away. When the blue light at the bottom 
turns yellow, decrease speed. When the yellow light starts flashing stop as it
is about to turn red. Do not move until the light is solid yellow again.
Repeat this until you get close enough no nab him with O.

---Mission #13---
Go to Kiba (dog breath). He gives you the same task you just completed. The
thing different is that you have to catch Akamaru instead of Pakkun.

---Mission #14---
The perv asks you to do this one more time but this time you have to catch
Gamakichi (the frog boss' older son).

---Mission #15---
Chouji (CHUBBIES RULE) asks you to do the same thing again but to catch
Gamatatsu, Gamakichi's little brother.

---Mission #16---
This one is a fight. Kakashi sends you to the secretary for a small battle.

    --Win the fight
    --Opponent has speed increase
    --Opponent has attack increase

[S6.5C] C Rank Missions

---Mission #1---
Talk to Shizune. She asks you to go to the slot machines in the casino and
bring Tsunade back to the village. When you get there, talk to Tsunade. A fight
will commence. You must return to Shizune to complete the mission.

    --Win the fight
    --Match is only 60 sec.
    --Opponent has increased attack

---Mission #2---
Talk to Tsunade. Three more dots will appear after she is finished. Only talk
the the dot that represents Ino as the rest will cause you to fail the mission
. After talking to Ino, return to Tsunade for an easy mission complete.

---Mission #3---
Konohamaru is doubting your skills. Meet him in the forest area and win the
tree climbing mini-game. After that, he will ask you to go to the hot springs
area. He talks more trash and makes you play Ten-Ten's game. Win them both for
an easy mission complete

---Mission #4---
Speak to Tsunade after accepting this one and she will send you on a search for
Jiraiya. He in at the hot springs so head there. When you speak to him he will
cut out once Tsunade appears. Go bac to the city and Jiraiya will be there.
Talk to him and a fight will commence.

    --Win the fight
    --Match is only 60 sec.
    --Retain at least 1 chakra bar

---Mission #5---
Another errand mission. Speak to Ino. When she finishes blabbing speak only to
the dot that represents Temari. Don't talk to the other ones. Choose the top
option to Teari's question and go back to Ino for a mission complete.

---Mission #6---
This is a tedious one. Its not hard but tedious. Go talk to Pinky and then a
few more dots will appear. Talk to each one and watch as each rudely
disappears after you talk to them. Go back to Pinky and pick the second choice
when she asks you a question. When you do that, go talk to Shikamaru (Lazydude)
who then sends you to the Bug Boy, who sends you back to Lazydude. Finally, 
head to the training area and speak to Neji. FIGHT.

    --Win the fight
    --Land a five hit combo
    --Use at least three different items

---Mission #7---
Speak to Chubby or Lazydude, you will get the same message anyway. Head to the 
next dot and after that go to the training area. Find the sparkining item and 
return it to Chubby and Lazydude for a mission complete.

---Mission #8---
Ten-Ten wants to play a joke on Neji. It appears her idea of a joke is a fight.
They are ninja after all. She sends you to Neji for a battle.

    --Win the fight
    --Use at least three different items

---Mission #9---
Neji now does the same to Ten-Ten.

    --Win the fight
    --Land a 15 hit combo
          *Note: when a mission tells you to achiece a certain number of hits
                 in a combo, it only counts by the combo counter. What this
                 means is that if you select a char who has a preset jutsu that
                 does the required hits, USE THEM. Sasuke's Up,Up,O Jutsu does
                 25 hits alone and Shizune's Up,Up,O does 32 hits. Use this
                 strategy to make combo hit conditions a cakewalk.

---Mission #10---
Speak to Pinky who will send you to Kakashi for a battle.

    --Win the fight
    --Substitute at least 6 times

---Mission #11---
Talk to the perv who will send you to Konohamaru who sends you to the training
area. Speak to him once more and you will participate in Lee's mini-game. After
winning that game, meet Konohamaru at the Casino and he will have you play the
slots. You must winn 300+ you starting coins. Go back to the city and talk to
the perv to finish the mission.

---Mission #12 (Ghost Mission)---
This mission is a strange one. When I did the missions in order, this specific
one did not appear until I completed all the other missions. Acutally, this is
not true as I only checked back once I complety finished, so it may be possible
that completing another mission inlocked it. Anyway, when it does appear, talk
to Gai who will send you to the training area to fight Lee. You will actually 
fight him three times.

    --Win the fight #1
    --Land a 5 hit combo
    --Win the fight #2
    --Land a 10 hit combo
    --Win the fight #3
    --Land a 10 hit combo
    --Do not block (when a condition says do not block, it means do not get 
                    CAUGHT blocking. If you tap it and the opponent or their 
                    weapons do not hit you, it is ok. You can also substitute,
                    but it may not be best to risk it.)

---Mission #13---
Talk to Kurenai (chick who dresses like a mummy) who wants you to go fight

    --Win the fight
    --Substitute at least 6 times
    --Asuma has stat increase (all of them)

[S6.5B] B Rank Missions

---Mission #1---
After accepting this mission, speak to Kankurou who sends you to Pinky. She
tells you to go the the Hot Springs area. Talk to Chouji and a battle will

    --Win the fight
    --Retain half (50%) of your HP
    --Retain at least 2 chakra bars

---Mission #2---
Speak to the secretary who will tell you to got to the forest area. There is an
item on the ground in this area. Find it and return to the secretary for a

    --Win the fight
    --Retain half (50%) of your HP
    --Retain at least 2 chakra bars

---Mission #3---
Talk to Asuma who challenge4s you to a fight in the training grounds. Go there
and prove yourself...again.

    --Win the fight
    --Substitute at least 6 times
    --Defeat your opponent with a throw
    --Your speed is decreased

---Mission #4---
Go to the training grounds and speak to Gai. Win the mini-game and then a fight
will commence.

    --Win the fight
    --Match is only 60 sec.
    --Land a 20 hit combo (remember my tips for getting a high combo)
    --Win fight #2
    --Opponent has attack increae
    --Opponent has defense increase

---Mission #5---
After accepting this mission go speak to Scarface & Skully (don't act like if
I used their real names you would still recognize them). They send you to the
perv who sends you to some wierd salesman near the gate. He charges you 5,000
for the item. Return it back to the perv and he will fight you. (YEA JERK! I

    --Win the fight
    --Substitute at least 3 times
    --Ground Tech at least three times (learn more about techs in my tips 

---Mission #6---
After speaking to the secretary, speak to the other dots that appear. Return
to the secretary and select the first choice when she asks you a question.
Now you must do battle

    --Win the fight
    --Match is only 30 sec.
    --Opponent has attack increase

---Mission #7---
Again, go to the secretary who sends you to the slot machines where Tsunade is
waiting. Speak to her for a fight. After the battle, go back to the secretary 
to complete the mission.

    --Win the fight
    --Match is only 30 sec.
    --Opponent has speed increase

---Mission #8---
Speak to Temari (Windy) who sends you to Lazydude. He asks you a question and
select the second choice as your answer. Head back to Windy to begin a battle.

    --Win the fight
    --Substitute at least 3 times
    --Defeat you opponent while you both are in the air, (not just you)

---Mission #9---
After talking to the Mummy, go answer's Hinata question in this sequence; 1,2,1
Sh initiates a fight.

    --Win the fight
    --Retain at least a third (30%) of your HP
    --Land a 15 hit combo

---Mission #10---
The perv sends you to the Mummy who wants to fight. Return to the perv to 
complete the mission after the fight

    --Win the fight
    --Land a 25 hit combo
    --Opponent has stat increase

---Mission #11---
Speak to Anko and you jump straight into a fight.

    --Win the fight
    --Substitute at least 6 times
    --Opponent has attack increase
    --Opponent has defense increase

[S6.5A] A Rank Missions

---Mission #1---
After accepting this mission, go to the training area and speak to Kakashi to
battle 2x.

    --Win the fight
    --Do not use any Jutsu
    --Do not use Ougi (specials)
    --Retain at least half (50%) of you HP
    --Win fight #2
    --Match is only 30 sec.
    --Do not Block
    __Do not allow Kakashi to land an Ougi

---Mission #2---
Speak to Tsunade and the 3rd (bless his soul) will appear to battle.

    --Win the fight
    --Retain at least 80% of your HP
    --Opponent has speed increase
    --Do not allow the 3rd to land an Ougi

---Mission #3---
When Tsunade is finished talking, leave her office. Make your way toward 
Kabuto for a fight. Go back to Tsunade for the mission complete.

    --Win the fight
    --Opponent has speed increase
    --Opponent has defense increase

---Mission #4---
After having words with Kakashi, Orochimaru will come for a fight.

    --Win the fight
    --Retain at least 1 chakra bar
    --Substitute at least 6 times
    --Opponent has increased speed

---Mission #5---
Th perv will send you to Kisame (Gills) for a fight.

    --Win the fight
    --Retain at least one chakra bar
    --Retain at least half (50%) of your HP
    --Opponent has Chakra absorption (similar to Byakugan) (Samehada)

---Mission #6---
Scarface is gonna send you to fight both Jiroubou (Fatty) and Kidoumaru

    --Win the fight (Fatty)
    --Match is only 60 sec.
    --Retain at least half (50%) of your HP
    --Opponent has attack increase
    --Win the fight (Spiderboy)
    --Match is only 60 sec.
    --Defeat you opponent while you both are in the air, (not just you)
    --Opponent has speed increase

---Mission #7---
Skully is gonna send you to fight both Sakon (2Face) and Tayuya (Potty-Mouth)

    --Win the fight (2Face)
    --Match is only 60 sec.
    --Defeat your opponent with a throw
    --Opponent has speed increase
    --Win the fight (Potty-Mouth)
    --Match is only 60 sec.
    --Your chaar. starts with no chakra; YIKES!
    --Retain at least one chakra bar

---Mission #8---
Kakashi sends you to Kimimaro (Bones) for a battle. You must return to Kakashi
to recieve mission complete.

    --Win the fight
    --Opponent has attack increase
    --Opponent has speed increase
    --Opponent has defense increase

---Mission #9---
Kakashi sends you to fight with Itachi (traitor!!!).

    --Win the fight
    --Opponent has attack increase
    --Opponent has defense increase
    --Opponent regenerates chakra

[S6.5S] S Rank Missions

---Mission #1---
Collect the 20 Secret scrolls
   -This can be done in any mode. Best advice is to do it in training mode so
    you won't be distracted by an opponent.

Ramen Shop 
 --Destroy 10 items in foreground and background.

Hokage Mountain 
 --Destroy the 4 faces.

Forest of Death 
 --Stand in front of the fish in the water for 5 

Memorial Shrine 
 --Jump back and forth between the two tree 
   branches in the background 5 times. This
   can be difficult depending on you choosen 

The roof with the fishes 
 --Taunt 5 Times while standing on a 
   Fish Tail. you must complete the 
   taunt and not just start it.

Hot Springs 
 --Stand on the middle rooftop of the building in 
   the background and tothe right for 5 seconds.

Konoha Woods and Trees  
 --Stand sideways on a tree for 5 seconds.

Kazekage Mansion 
 --Hit the vending machine 4 times.

Sand Village Courtyard 
 --Hit the vending machine 6 times.

Great Naruto Bridge 
 --Knock the Opponent into the Water 4 times.

Sand Village 
--Hit boxes in tornado 5 times.

Spider Nesting 
 --Hit the small spiders in the foreground 
   of the stage. Use the rope web to get the
   necessary height.
Plains/Tall grass area  
 --Hit Sasuke's barrel 5 times.

Valley of the End 
 --Jump from the statue heads 5 times.

Orochimaru+3rd battle area 
 --Jump from Frog to Snake to Frog.

Chuunnin Stadium 
 --Hit the floating Kunai 5 times.

3 Stick Training area 
 --Stand on water for 5 seconds.

Swamp N' Snakes   
 --Hit the snake in the face 3 times.

Zabusa+Haku's Hideout 
 --Stay in attic (upper Upper area) for 5 seconds.

Sasuke+Naruto battle cliff 
 --Knock opponent off 5 times.

---Mission #2---
Unlock All the characters

---Mission #4---
Collect all the Ninja Information Cards
   -Buy in the shop

---Mission #5---
Collect all the music files
   -Buy in the shop

---Mission #6---
Collect all the sound files
   -Buy in the shop

---Mission #7--
Collect all the character videos
   -Buy in the shop

---Mission #8---
Do konohamaru's objective's. You can find him in the academy
   *Note: All of these tasks must be accomplished in RPG mode fights

    --Have a total of at least 50 fights
    --Win at least 50 fights
    --Gain 1500 exp points in a single 
    --Finish at least one match in 10 sec. or less
    --Land a 40 hit combo or higher

Things may get a little difficult here, espicially the Combo objective and the
1500 exp objective. The best advice I can give for the combo objective 
is to attempt to deplete youropponents chakra and trap them in an infinite or 
another type of combo. With you opponent out of chakra, they cannot substitute
 out of the combo; Or you can try to combo into Shizune's big combo jutsu. As 
for the 1500 exp, here is a neat little trick you can use. Select a character 
that has the chakra powerup for their Ougi. Use it about 4 times in the match. 
Landing an Ougi gives you 300 exp, so spam this Ougi to gurantee success.

---Mission #9---
Acquire at least 9,999,999 dollars. Must have this cash at once, not over a
period of time. The best way to do this is not to spend a single buck unless
necessary to move the plot of the story. If you do get this huge amount, you
will have all the money you will ever need.

|***I threw this in up here in case some Plagiarist deletes my legal section
|This FAQ is copyrighted  2007 to Brayland Ross. International Copyright 
|laws protect this FAQ. You cannot sell or reproduce this for a profit of any 
|kind with out my written consent. You are allowed to download this for
|personal & private use. 
|This FAQ only has permission to be posted at the following website(s):
|Comments, questions, concerns? E-Mail me at: Spazz_dude@yahoo.com 
|***I threw this in up here in case some Plagiarist deletes my legal section

[S6.6]  "Dating" Information

In RPG mode, to collect all the collectible jutsu, you must "date" other 
characters. Dating does not mean hugging and kissing, but just spending time
with that character. First you will have to buy the item from the street
merchant and you will have to date the character twice brfore they reward you
with their jutsu. 

To date a character, simply talk to them. You can tell if a character is
dateable if an option appears after a message when you talk to them. Chose the
top option to begin dating that character. Do this a second time and they 
should reward you with their respective jutsu after the date.

The following lists each dateable character, where they can be found, and
the locations of where they will meet you for the "date"

     The middle of the map, reading his book on a balcony
---Date location #1---
     The Ramen Shop, but he will disappear after you speak(it still counts)
---Date Location #2---
     Ramen Shop again, this time he will stay and eat

     In the middle on top of the Konoha gate.
---Date location #1---
     Near the river on the right side of the map
---Date location #2---
     The training area

     Middle of the map next to the river
---Date location #1---
     In front of the store that has those benches out;left middle of the map
---Date location #2---
     Near the river on the right side of the map

     The top right of the river
---Date location #1---
     The resturaunt located at the bottom right of the map
---Date location #2---
     Same location

     Bottom right of the map, on the ramp just under the Konoha gate
---Date location #1---
     The resturaunt located at the bottom right of the map
---Date location #2---
     Same location

     The bottom right of the map, next to the tree
---Date location #1---
     Near Gai+Iruka's Dojo
---Date location #2---
     The left of the Ramen shop

     Left bottom of the Konoha map, just under the ledge
---Date location #1---
     In front of the store that has the beches out
---Date location #2---
     Same location

     The roof neft to the roof of the blace that has the benches out
---Date location #1---
     Hot springs
---Date location #2---
     Same location

     Same location as Gai
---Date location #1---
     Hot Springs
---Date location #2---
     Same location

     On the roof of a building in the middle of a map
---Date location #1---
     In front of the Ninja Academy gates
---Date location #2---
     The Ramen shop

     In front of the store just North of the Ramen shop
---Date location #1---
     In front of the store that has the benches out
---Date location #2---
     Same location; Lee will interrupt

     Near the top right of the map along the river
---Date location #1---
     The training area
---Date location #2---
     Same location

     Upper left of the map on the roof of a building, under the awning
---Date location #1---
     Hot Sorings
---Date location #2---
     Same location

     Standing in front of the store that has the benches out
---Date location #1---
     Ramen shop
---Date location #2---
     Same location

     In front of her family's flower shop, next to her father
---Date location #1---
     In front of the store that has the benches out
---Date location #2---
     Same location

     On top of the tall tower near the middle of the map
---Date location #1---
     The exact same spot where you found him,walk a bit away and come back
---Date location #2---
     Far left of the Ramen shop;between Chouji & Hinata's usual spots

     On top of a building near the bottom right of the map
---Date location #1---
     Ramen shop
---Date location #2---
     Same location

     Same location as Kankurou
---Date location #1---
     In front of the store that has the benches out
---Date location #2---
     Same location

     In the academy
---Date location #1---
     Ramen shop
---Date location #2---
     Same location

     On top of the samebuilding as Temari & Kankurou
---Date location #1---
     Near the flower shop
---Date location #2---
     On top of the same building as Neji

     The hot springs area
---Date location #1---
     In front of the Rames shop
---Date location #2---
     Same location

     Outside the Hokage's mansion
---Date location #1---
     The casino area
---Date location #2---
     Same location

     Under those long stairs
---Date location #1---
     In front of the store that has the benches out
---Date location #2---
     Same location

[S6.7] Jutsu & Ougi information

Basically date other characters, thats above.

The only way to obtain each and every ougi (exception are the dual Ougi's) is
to spen time leveling up each and every character. The last jutsu each char.
recieves will be the one that increases their stats. You can dtop leveling up
when the char. recieves this jutsu, usually around level 43-45.

A great way to level up is to complete the very last A rank mission multiple
times. All you have to do for this mission is defeat Itachi. This works out 
great because its high rang allow for plenty of exp and if you have the game on
the hard or expert difficulty, the fight will never get old. Itachi is already
a tough opponent abt the fact that he has increased attack speed and defense
makes ot even harder.

You also have to buy scrolls from the scroll trader to remove those blue seals
that keep you from equiping your Ougi's. When you by all the scrolls from him,
there will still be seals on a few Ougi. The way to unseal these is to beat
Gai's 50 batle challenge and to complete Konohamaru's S rank mission.

Each Char. has several Ougi and some of those have a number next to it, (2-5).
An Ougi with a higher number next to it does more damage and requires the
same amount of chakra as the original. If you have already unsealed the
original Ougi, the higher level ones are automatically unlocked.

Yea, I don't know Japanese so the translated names are 55% Wikipedia.org and
the other 45% are names i made up because of how they look. They are in the
order they appear in the RPG mode stats menu (Starting with Naruto and moving
to the right).

Oh and for you cunfused fanboys out there, there is a difference between
Chidori and Lightining Blade. Lightining Blade is stronger as Kakashi's power. 
And yes, I do use a lot of the english translated names for moves. Why? Cause 
I speak english ya dunce.

I get A LOT of crap about -"Where is [insert character here] ultimate. 
                          -"what about the dual rasengan?"
                          -"I'm an idiot who would rather spam your inbox than 
                            hit up Google myself"

So here, a list of what to do. I you have not done all these things, it's the 
reason you don't have a certain ultimate.
    1) Level up all characters to max
    2) Do Gai's challenge
    3) Talk to Konohamaru & do his SRank mission
    4) Get all scrolls from scroll merchant

For Dual ougi, jygting wrote an excellent guide on gameFAQs and I am going to
point you in his direction.


There. Don't ask me anymore. He explained it better than I ever could.


Naruto Rendan [1-2]
Gamabunta knife slash [1-2]
4th Hogake & Gamabunta combo [1-2]
Fox uppercut-Releases red chakra [1-2]
Rasengan [1-2]
Rasengan using the red chakra [1-2]
Gamabunta fox transformation [1-2]
massive shadow clone attack [1-2]
Fox rasengan-activates tailed Naruto [1-2]
Chakra Power up - stats increase


shishi rendan [1-2]
Shuriken attack-Opens sharingan eyes [1-2]
Arm bender-Activates cursed mark level 1 [1-2]
chidori [1-2]
Dark chidori-activates cursed mark level 1 [1-2]
Fireball attack [1-2]
Cursed chidori-Activates cursed mark level 2 [1-2]
sharingan piledriver-opens sharingan eyes [1-2]
Chakra Power up - stats increase


Pirmary Lotus [1-2]
Hidden Lotus-Opens the gates [1-2]
Blooming Lotus-opens the gates [1-2]
Lotus-opens the gates [1-2]
Sake-Activates Drunk Lee [1-2]
Air combok-opens the gates [1-2]


desert funeral [1-2]
giant sand clone smush [1-2]
Half Shukaku shuriken-Activates Half Shukaku [1-2]
Half Shukaku Blast-Activates Half Shukaku [1-2]
Shukaku Mouth Blast-Activates Shukaku [1-2]
Sand Avalanche [1-2]
Pillars of sand crush [1-2]
Shuukaku-Activates Shukaku [1-2]


Shadow possession [1-2]
Shadow binding choke [1-2]
shadow shikamaru Bind [1-2]
Shadow Crush [1-2]


Rotation [1-2]
Hyuga Taijutsu counter-Opens Byakugan eyes [1-2]
Jyuuken-Opens Byakugan eyes [1-2]
64 hit combo-Opens Byakugan eyes [1-2]
Jyuuken combo-Opens Byakugan eyes [1-2]
OMFG hit combo [1-2]


Huge Inner sakura bone smash [1-2]
Inner sakura uppercut [1-2]
Inner sakura multiple punch combo [1-2]
explosive tag & kunai attack [1-2]
"Summons" inner Sakura [1-2]


flying lightining blade-opens sharingan eye [1-4]
dual lightining blades-opens sharingan eye [1-4]
Ultimate lightining blade-opens sharingan eye [1-4]


Scares the crap out of your char. combo [1-4]
Summoned Manda eats you [1-4]
Summons coffins that suck you in [1-4]
Manda-Summons Manda [1-4]


1000 Needles of death & Destruction [1-5]
Demon ice mirrors [1-5] (lol. this kicked Sasuke's ***)


Hidden Mist sword slash [1-3]
Water Clone Combo [1-3]
Water Dragon Blast attack [1-3]
Water Dragon attack [1-3]


Hinata's rotation [1-3]
Hyuga Counter-Opens Byakugan Eyes [1-3]
Gentile Fist Combo-Opens Byakugan Eyes [1-3]
Gentile Fist Glowing Combo [1-3] 


Weaopn Chakra puppet attack [1-2]
The ol' ball and chain [1-2]
Wepaon scroll attack [1-2]


He throws and slams you [1-5]
Body Slam [1-5]
Expansion jutsu [1-5]
Butterfly-Activates chakra wings [1-5]


Flower senbon [1-3]
She calls her daddy [1-3]
Explosive bouquet of flowers [1-3]


Gatsuuga [1-3]
Giant dog head slam [1-3]
Giant dog gatsuuga-2 Headed Wolf Transformation [1-3]
2 Headed Wolf Transformation [1-3]


A lot of bugs [1-3]
Bug tornado [1-3]
Bug Bomb [1-3]


Karasu missile [1-5]
Karasu blade spiarl [1-5]
Black Secret Technique Machine One Slot [1-3]


She throws her fan then slams you [1-5]
Slicing Winds [1-5]
Summoning: Quick Behading Dance [1-5]


Nice Guy Combo [1-3]
Hidden Lotus [1-3]
100 combo [1-3]
Primary Lotus [1-3]
Blooming Lotus-Opens the Gates [1-3]
Air punch-Opens the Gates


Gamabunta knife slash [1-3]
Toad Oil Flame Bullet [1-3]
Toad Stomach Flame [1-3]
Toad Stomach Rasengan [1-3]
Rasengan [1-3]
Summon Gamabunta [1-3]

---3rd Hokage---

Shadow shuriken [1-4]
Adamantine Pole attack [1-4]
Adamantine Prison Wall [1-4]
Dead Demon Consuming Seal [1-4]
Pyramid(couldn't find a name) [1-4]


Tsukiyomi-opens Mangekyo Sharingan Eyes [1-4]
Tsukiyomi pitfall-Opens Mangekyo Sharingan Eyes [1-4]
Black fire [1-4]
Tsukiyomi Blast [1-4]
Cant think of a name lol [1-4]


Mist sword slash [1-4]
Water clone combo [1-4]
Sword Combo-Powers up Samehada [1-4] (Sadehama=chakra absorbing sword)
Another sword combo-Powers up Samehada [1-4]
Water Shark Missile Technique [1-4]
Water sword [1-4]


1000 Meters [1-4]
The Finger [1-4]
Glowing hands [1-4]
Slug crusher [1-4]
Leg Smash-Can heal at chakra cost [1-4]
Summon Katsuyu [1-4]


Deceptive Tonton slash [1-2]
Chakra power up - Stats increase


A.N.B.U. attack [1-2]
Chakra power up-Stats increase

---A.N.B.U. Kakashi---

Dog Combo [1-2]
Chakra power up-Stats increase

---Green Beast Naruto---

Grean Beast Combo [1-2]
Chakra power up-Stats increase


Fat Combo-Activates cursed mark level 1 [1-4]
2)Ukanken - cs2 com [1-4]


Spider Smash-Activates cursed mark level 1 [1-4]
Bow and arrow-Activates cursed mark level 2 [1-4]


Combo-Activates cursed seal level 1 [1-4]
Hear No Evil,See No Evil,Speak No Evil-Acitvates cursed mark level 2 [1-2]


Summoning Rashomon-Activates cursed mark level 1 [1-4]
DOuble Trouble-Activates Cursed mark level 2 [1-2]


He pokes you-Activates cursed mark level 1 [1-5]
Srtikes with bone arm-Activates cursed mark level 2 [1-5]

---4th Hokage---

Flying Thunder God Technique [1-2]
Chakra power up-Stats increase


FUnny...just watch [1-2]
Chakra powerup-Stats increase


She calls her dad-Opend Byakugan eyes [1-2]
Chakra power up-stats increase

---1st Hokage---

OMFG Explosion [1-2]
Chakra power up-stats increase

---2nd Hokage---

Practically drowns opponent [1-2]
Chakra power up-stats increase


Trench Knife combo [1-2]
Chakra power up-stats increase


Flower/tree genjutsu [1-2]
Chakra power up-stats increase


Twin Snake Sacrifice Jutsu [1-2] (don't worry, this DOES NOT hurt Anko)
Chakra power up-stats increase [1-2]

[S7] "Tips"

If you are looking for a tier list, go away. I do not believe in tiers in this
game because it depends on the skill of you opponent. Yes, some characters can
take more hits that others and some punch hard but every character has both
advantages and disadvantages. I am a hitness to this myself, as a friend of
mine chooses Hinata ans kicks my ass regularly. He is that good. If you put
fourth the time and effort, you can kill opponents with the weakest of them!

Here I'm gonna list some basic tips. I'm not going to go into specific details
with each char. because that will take to long. I'm just going to go over some
basic defense moves, the ever useful "Techs"

Ground Tech:
   --When your char. is thrown, press X just before you hit the ground. If done
     correctly, you should hop up and jump back a small distance instead of 
     hitting the ground on your face. Learn how to judge this, as falling on
     your face may be safer than performing the tech

Bounce Tech:
   --Similar to a ground tech, but this is performed by hitting X after your 
     chararacter is bounced off the ground and not fully thrown. Like when your
     opponent slams you into the ground instead of tossing you.

Spin Tech:
   --Press X Just before your character goes into that little spiral motion. If
     done correctly, you should re-gain control of your character in mid-air

Wall Tech:
   --Press X right before you character hits a wall. If done correctly, you 
     should bounce off the wall with complete control or you character

Shuriken Cancel:
   --During your combo string, hit [] to interrupt your characters animation.
     This is useful for throwing off your opponent and disrupting then if they
     are attempting a substitution

Dash Cancel:
   --This is performed by pressing [] just after dashing with X,X. You can tell
     if this was performed correctly if your charecter does the small spin
     but DOES NOT follow through and move toward you opponent. This is very
     useful for faking out opponents and evading incoming shuriken without
     moving or jumping.

Ok, I uill admit that some of these are hard to do with out seeing. So I am
going to give you this AWESOME link


This forum has videos you can watch that shows an explains everything I just
went over so you see them in action for yourself. 

Join this site too so you can post on the fourms. They have tournaments and
other events as well. My member name is Spazzdude, if you see me, PM me!!!

We have also posted several character guides on how to do great with each
individual characters. Though I cannot officially state how long the guides
will remain avaliable, they are indeed present at the time of this most current 

[S8] Narutimate Hero 3 vs Ultimate Ninja 3

The game is here and as I suspected, there are no changes other than the 
translations. Which unfortunately means they did not fix any of the game
breaking glitches andit is just a direct port.

I will be constantly updating this guide untill all translations are complete.

[S9] Legal Information

This FAQ is copyrighted  2007 to Brayland Ross. International Copyright 
laws protect this FAQ. You cannot sell or reproduce this for a profit of any 
kind with out my written consent. You are allowed to download this for
personal & private use. 

This FAQ only has permission to be posted at the following website(s):

Comments, questions, concerns? E-Mail me at: Spazz_dude@yahoo.com

[S10] Credits & Thank You's

www.Shishi-rendan.com - I pretty much live there
www.wikipedia.org - for the jutsu translations
www.GameFaqs.com - for posting this FAQ filled with my sweat

Masashi Kishimoto -love hate relationship right there

My Parents....self-expalinatory
My Rivals.....Segaman & Milo I'm looking at you two 
God, cause he pwns