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What does BL mean in this game? 1
How do I get the Japanese Audio for this game? 2
Where can I find a geocrystal? 1
Where can I find segment file 14? 1
How do I identify the type of enemy attacks? 1
Looking to buy this game? 4
Boost gauge? 1
Cheat codes? 1
How Do YouActivate The Secret Level In The E.S Landmass? 1
How do I get the chests from the woods and the cave ? 2
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Debug Room? 0
How do you figure out the COUPON NUMBERS? 1
How do I beat the black testament? 6
Decoder 5? 1
Is there any way to use the special attacks of the Asher after Chapter 6? 1
Durandle? 1
How do I beat Leupold and companion? 1
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