Affection Guide by Rahuran

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Affection Quick Guide and FAQ

by Rahuran

Copyright 2007 Eric Long (Rahuran)

Version: 1.00 (9/17/07)

This guide is both written and compiled by Rahuran with the help of the great 
people at not to be confused with I will
credit any other contributors as I go along. 

Special Thanks to:
 Natsume of (for being my biggest help!)
 Bandai: For the first .hack games
 BandaiNamco: for these games
 dothackers of GameFAQS (for the layout of content)

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        Table of Contents                       quick find (ctrl-f)
------------------------------                 ---------------------
  1. Intro/FAQ                                      #INT
  2. Basics of Affection                            #BOA
  3. Affection While Training                       #AWT
  4. Greeting Cards                                 #GC1
  5. Gift Giving                                    #GG1
  6. Topic Replying                                 #TR1
  7. God Chim Chim                                  #GCC
  8. Max Affection Event                            #MAE
  9. Contact Info                                   #CI1


     1. Introduction and FAQ (#INT)


Hello and Welcome to Rahuran's Quick Guide and FAQ for .hack//G.U. 
vol.3//Redemption. I will provide quick reference info for anything to do with 
affection, as well as including as much in-depth info as I can. This is my 
first FAQ so please be patient as I learn the ropes around here okay?
*WARNING*: This guide may contain minor spoilers; I will refrain from these as 
much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is .hack//G.U. vol.3//Redemption? 

A: Get out. Kidding; it is the third in a series of three games set in the 
future where a popular online game called "The World" is played. In a nutshell, 
viruses mess it up, and you have to fix it (but its much more interesting than 

Q: What is Affection?

A: Affection is the little colorful guage with the dots orbiting it. It can be 
found in either the friends list under email, or you can see it in your Party 
members' status. It determines how much your friends like you.

Q: Why is it important?

A: I'm here to tell you that :D (skip down to "Basics of Affection")

Q: Do I need it to beat the game?

A: No. Good Affection is not a requirement to beat the game, but it sure helps 
quite a bit.

Q: Should I keep Sakubo?

A: This is entirely up to you. I kept her, but the game doesn't seem to require
you to. But if you get rid of her, you can't get her back.

Q: Is your information true? Are your sources reliable?

A: I understand if you have concerns about this being my first guide. I can't 
be 100% sure if all of my information is factual, and if I'm not, I'll be sure 
to say so. I will provide as much true information as I can and if there are 
any things false, be sure to point them out and contact me immediately.


      2. Basics of Affection (#BOA)


Affection is, in a nutshell, how much your friend's like you (or, don't hate 
you in vol. 1's case). Affection is very useful in that the higher it is, the 
better battles usually turn out. For example, when using the Divine Awakening 
in vol. 2, the higher your affection was, the easier it would be to score 
greater damage. Of course now that we are in vol. 3 that's moot point with the 
new Avatar Awakening but that was just for example.

Also, the higher your affection, the easier it will be for you to get good 
deals on trades with your freinds. For example, Azure Kite, when you are given 
his member address, has a Book of Power and a Text of Power. At first when his 
affection is red, these are almost impossible to get in one trade without 
getting really ripped off. Once his affection is maxed, you can trade a few 
spell scrolls for it.

Here are the different levels of Affection, the level of good deals, and what 
the max is for each volume:

 Volume 1
 -Red: dots 0-5 poor deals, often rip offs for decent items
 -Blue: dots 0-3* decent deals, usually pretty even trades
 *(max for vol. 1)

 Volume 2
 -Blue: dots 4-5 decent deals, usually pretty even trades
 -Yellow: dots 0-5 good deals, good items for less valuable ones
 -Pink: dots 0* amazing deals, recieve great items for a few invaluable ones
 *(max for vol. 2)

 Volume 3
 -Pink: dots 1-5* amazing deals, recieve great items for a few invaluable ones
 *(max for vol.3; max affection possible)

 To raise affection initially, you can do any of three things: combat, replies,

 *MAIN POINTS*: Affection helps battle and gets you good deals when trading 
with your friends.


 3. Affection While Training (#AWT)


During training and other such combat, you will usually raise or lower 
affection even if you don't want to. There are two factors in this case: 
"Favorite Action" and KO
When performing a skill (usually Rengeki*) it will sometimes be a "Favorite 
Action". You will know this by reading the response next to your Party 
member's status bars. The text will be gold instead of the usual white, and it 
will say "Favorite" above it. This indicates a small (very small) increase in
affection of those friends. 

*I have seen a "favorite action" triggered by one of my Party members when 
they used an Art. I have not yet seen myself trigger a "favorite action" other 
than from Rengeki.

Often you will be unprepared for a fight and that is perfectly understandable. 
I myself lost to Ovan three times before actually going to train XD. However, 
if you plan on keeping affection high, you best be prepared. If and when a 
Party member get's KO'd, their affection will decrease (also a small amount). 
The best way to solve this is to keep your party members close to your level 
when training your level. Make sure they are up to speed by going to an area 
for THEM. It is important to note that they will not have a "Favorite Action" 
response if you use Rengeki when they are KO'd.

*MAIN POINTS*: Trigger Favorite Actions with Rengeki for affection increase, 
friend's getting KO'd decreases affection.


           4. Greeting Cards (#GC1)


Greeting Cards are something you recieve when you start filling in the Ryu 
Books. You can send them to anyone on your friend's list that you choose, 
however you may not send them the same one if they have already recieved it. 
The replies greatly vary from friend to friend as do the length of the email 
chain (emailing back and forth) and can often be quite hilarious. I have not 
seen all the cards nor have I recieved all the replies but I will list them 
in order of recieval and note the volume exclusive ones.

Greeting Cards increase affection by a much more significant amount 
than Rengeki. Depending on your reply, you will usually get increased 
affection, or in some cases, no affection, or in rare cases, affection 
decrease. I am not aware of which replies do which one but most of them lead 
to increase. Just be as nice as possible.

Here are the different types of greeting cards and titles of them:

Volume 1
- Hello!
- Food
- How Are You?
- Motto
- Flower Gift*
- Hobbies
- Challenge
*(recieved only in vol. 1)

Volume 2
- Poetry Gift*
*(Received when MAX rank for Ryu Book I)

Volume 3
- Leader
- Just Between Us
- Promise*
*(Received after obtaining all friends, can send only to MAX affection 
character** (Pink, 5 orbs))
**(you only get ONE. Choose wisely, or save before sending)

*MAIN POINTS*: send Greeting Cards to increase Affection. Be nice!


              5. Gift Giving (#GG1)


Gift Giving is a wonderful thing! Practiced often for Birthdays and Christmas, 
it is available to do on .hack//G.U.! Giving a Gift to a friend will raise 
Affection (I am not sure but I believe the better the item, the more 
Affection goes up). You can usually tell if they like the item by the 
response (except with people like Pi and Bordeaux or any of the Azure 
Knights). Usually it is best to give them an item that they can use but that 
pretty much goes without saying. Just make sure you dont give them something 
that you will want to keep for yourself. I usually use Gift Giving as a method 
of outfitting my Party for combat rather than affection, but giving a gift 
solely for raising Affection works too. 

It also helps fill one your Ryu Books so that you can get more Greeting Cards.

*MAIN POINTS*: Give good gifts to raise Affection!


           6. Topic Replying (#TR1)


Every once in a while, one of your friends will post in the Official Forum or 
the Community Forum. These posts will be marked by a red exclamation mark "!". 
The title of the post will be highlighted and the text will be blue and 
underlined. this means that by pressing "X", you can reply to it just as if it 
were an email. The replies vary from rude to nice so be polite and you will 
get an Affection increase when they reply back. 

*MAIN POINTS*: Reply to your friends' post to raise Affection! Be Nice!


            7. God Chim Chim (#GCC)


*WARNING*: This is by far the cheapest, quickest, and easiest way to raise 
affection. If you want to raise it the fun way (giving gifts, training, and 
greeting cards) DO NOT READ THIS SECTION. 

After you beat the game, you will recieve an email from CC Corp informing you 
about the ultra-rare, one of a kind, cheap Affection raiser, GOD CHIM CHIM! 
The email will contain the third Area Word: "BBQ Plate". God Chim Chim will 
always appear in any area with the third word as "BBQ PLate". He will always 
be in the open and quite easy to spot. This is your last resort to raising 
affection if its all very low and neglected and you've given up hope. 

God Chim Chim is defeated the exact same way as King Chim Chim: you kick him a 
few times, dodge when he tries to jump on you, rinse and repeat. He drops a 
LOT of pink Chim spheres per kick. By defeating him, you will gain a heap of 
Affection increase to your current Party members depending on what their 
Affection Guage is currently at. This is usually at a minimum of two dots at a 
time, but when you get to blue with 5 dots, it often jumps a WHOLE color, 
zipping straight to yellow with 5 dots or pink with none.

The best place to do this would be on delta server where enemies are pathetic 
at this point. Here is a really good Area to kick God Chim Chim: 
"DELTA Elegant, Barren, BBQ Plate". In this lvl 6 Field, God Chim Chim is 
right on the other side of the raised ground. just go around the raised 
ground either way: one way takes longer but you dont have to bother with pesky 
monsters, the other way is faster but you need to dispatch a party of monsters 
in order to take it. I personally suggest the monster route. God Chim Chim 
will be right around the corner in all his glory.

*MAIN POINTS*: Kick God Chim Chim for a BIG Affection increase in your Party!


      8. Max Affection Event (#MAE)


Here it is! The big reward for all of your hard work! After the game ends, and 
if you have every single friend on your list (inlcuding Natsume and Tabby), CC 
Corp will send you an email notifying you of a limited time event to take 
place on The Isle of Kings, Hy Brasail: Weddings! That's right, you can get 
married to one of the beautiful girls on your friend list, or you can become 
best buddies with one of the guys! How do you go about doing this? I'll tell 

Prerequisites for Max Affection Event:

1. You must have beaten the game
2. You must have every single member on your list (Natsume can be acquired by 
completeing the bounty hunter campaign, Tabby is found in level 50 of 
the Forest of Pain Quest, I'm not sure if you are required to keep Saku)
3. The character you intend to do the event with must be at Max Affection 
(pink 5 dots)

Once you have fulfilled all of these requirements, Aura will send you an email 
containing the "Promise" Gift Card. You may send this to ONE AND ONLY ONE 
PERSON; it is the only one in the game. It is suggested that you SAVE before 
sending it in case you select the wrong person or dont like the ending, or 
just want to see all of them. The person you sent it to will reply with a 
varied response and tell you to meet them at Mac Anu's Chaos Gate. At the 
Chaos Gate, upon logging in you will be confronted by that person, and will 
share your feelings with them. Their reaction depends on the character. If 
you send it to any girl, you will marry her*. If you send it to any guy, you 
will form a bond with him and become best buddies*. After both conversations 
take place, credits will follow preceeded by the words "Forever In Love" for 
girls, and "Best Wishes" for guys. The credits contain flashbacks of that 
characters, as well as two epilogue shots at the end.

*(Sending it to Natsume will trigger a becoming best buddies scene with no 
marriage. Likewise, sending it to Endrance will trigger a Wedding)

NOTE: You may send the card to any friend as long as they have max affection. 
This includes Kite, Orca, and Balmung.

*MAIN POINTS*: Send the "Promise" card to trigger a max affection ending!


             9. Contact Info (#CI1)

Well that about wraps it up. I hope you all enjoyed my Quick Guide and 
Reference for raising affection in volume three! If there are any errors 
please let me know immediately! 

You can reach me by email:

Please include "dothack" in the subject