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The 13th Entity's Guide to:


version 1.0

The author can be contacted at <duerkargenti@yahoo.com>
but, spam not the messenger nor yourself.

       < Itenuary (aka. Table of Contents):               >
       <                                                  >
       < I. FAQ Info                                      >
       < II. Controls                                     >
       < III. Entity's Corner (Storyline in my words)     >
       < IV. Walkthrough                                  >
       < ______A.  First Second's Third Piece             >
       <       ______1.  There's No Place Like @HOME      >
       <       ______2.  Of Dots and Hacking              >
       <       ______3.  The Use of Running               >
       < ______B.  Corrupted Sage's Palace                >
       <       ______1.  An Art to Player Killer Killing  >
       <       ______2.  The Beating of Rage              >
       <       ______3.  Against the Big, Red Star        >
       <       ______4.  Three Heads are Possessed by One >
       <       ______5.  . . . Holy Cow                   >
       < ______C.  Turning Twilight's Key                 >
       <       ______1.  The Wiseman's Prophecy           >
       <       ______2.  The Ghastly Business of AIDA     >
       <       ______3.  Death Versus Rebirth Reprised    >
       < ______E.  Second Wave's Aftermath                >
       <       ______1.  For Those Still Lost             >
       <       ______2.  Showdown at Once the Navel       >
       <       ______3.  Never to Lose the Lost Grounds   >
       <       ______4.  Another Crisis, Another Finale   >
       < ______F.  Many Stories' Epilogue                 >
       <       ______1.  Continuing to Grow               >
       <       ______2.  No Road Stays the Same           >
       <       ______3.  For All Those We Affect          >
       < V. Perfect Game Checklist                        >
       <       ______1.  Ryu Books                        >
       <       ______2.  Crimson VS Guide                 >
       <       ______3.  The Checklist                    >
       < VI. Item Uses                                    >
       < VII. Q&A                                         >
       < VIII. Legal Stuff                                >
       < IX. Many Thanks                                  >

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I. FAQ Info

July 4, 2008

I hereby give to the GameFAQs community this guide for part 3 of the trilogy of
.Hack//G.U.  I've been a fan of the series since //SIGN, and wish to show this
with my way of writing these three guides.  Enjoy them.

This continues and completes the trilogy.  I've written this guide as though
you thoroughly beat Rebirth and Reminisce.  If you haven't, it shouldn't be a
problem.  These guides were also written to make these games easy for you.  You
have the option of adjusting the leveling and such to your needs.

II. Controls

Please read the manual if you've a copy of it.  Otherwise:


GP - Game currency.  You need this to buy stuff.

Exp - Experience.  It takes 1000 experience to get from one level to the next.

Lv - Level.  There are 3 types to look for.  One is your character level which
     goes as high as 150 in Redemption, and it takes 1000 exp to get from one
     to the next.  Second is the Weapon Level, which is capped at 30 in this
     volume as well, and you level this by using your skills on that weapon or
     by using special items.  Lastly, there are the Book of 1000 levels, and
     those go up as we do stuff in the game (See the checklist guide below for
     more details).

Additional Lv Info - Avatar Awakening can be brought up to level 10 by doing
     AAs frequently.  The higher the level, the greater the potency.  Also, the
     battle animation for it changes at level 4 with Drain Arc and level 10
     with Drain Heart.  Second, in this volume we have Growth Level on the Lost
     Weapons.  You need Virus Cores to get the Lost Weapons to Growth Lv 4, and
     to fight special bosses to obtain Growth Lv 5.  Cheat Lv appears when you
     use Cheat Codes--the key items, not actual codes--to Alchemize super rare
     weapons or armor.  If you use them on normal weapons or armor, it'll just
     appear as a normal Alchemy Bonus.  Cheat Lv works much the same.

Party - You play mainly as Haseo.  You can have up to two characters from your
     member address list travel and battle alongside Haseo.

Desktop - This game has two modes.  One is the main where you walk around and
     interact with other characters in a simulated MMORPG called The World.
     The other is the desktop, which is like a big menu full of options for you
     to explore.  This provides a number of things to help play the game.

Affection - Each character you add to Haseo's address list has a gauge in the
     form of a sphere with up to five orbs around it (and as few as none).  In
     this game, a character's affection ranges from a lonesome red sphere to a
     pink sphere with five pink orbs around it with the latter being high.  As
     this grows, your trades get better, but this affects something else in the
     end when you have all 22 characters.

Chim - As you kick most Chim Chims (normal, rare, and King) you gain some Chim
     Spheres.  These are useful for opening doors, activating some warps, and
     rescuing Mecha Grunty each of 50 times per game.  You can carry up to 99,
     but they're so very easy to replenish.  Watch for for the Chim Assassins
     and for the stomping attacks of the King Chim and God Chim Chim.

HP - The health your characters have.

SP - Skill Points.  The more you have, the more often you can use skills.

P-ATK - Your attacks' damage is based on this.

P-DEF - Your ability to resist physical attacks is based on this.

M-ATK - Magic attacks are based on this.

M-DEF - Resistance to magic attacks is based on this.

Fire/Water/Wind/Earth/Light/Dark - These influence your attacks and defenses
     by adding these elements to both.  I would love to help you with this, but
     it is my experience to keep opposites (Fire and Water, Wind and Earth, and
     Light and Dark) close enough to balanced.  Feel free to play with these at
     your own leisure.

Status Effects - Below are some ailments against your status.  They will only
     affect you during battle, which makes the expansion for Guild Rank 9 a
     waste since there was a Platform Heal expansion earlier.

Curse - Depletes SP gradually.  Voodoo is stronger.

Poison - Depletes HP over time.  Venom is stronger.

Sleep - Makes target unable to move until they are healed or hit.  For this, I
     typically don't worry about it.  A couple PKs and Arena fighters counter
     with this, but it's still hardly any trouble.  Siesta is more effective.

Seal - Makes you unable to use skills or items. Banish is stronger.

Paralysis - Makes you unable to move for a time.  Sometimes, this effect takes
     a break for a second or two, so bust out a skill trigger as soon as you
     can move.  With luck, that will kill something.  Shackle is stronger.

Slow - Makes you move slow.  It's more annoying than a problem, really.  Stun
     is stronger to the point of making targets stop.  (I haven't hit or been
     hit with Stun)

Charm - Makes target attack his or her own allies.  You can also target them
     when they are affected this way, which can be annoying when you are trying
     to switch targets or keep aim on one enemy.  Seducing is more effective.

Confusion - Makes someone attack their party members.  Insanity's a stronger
     version of this

Area and Arena Ranks - When you leave an area or an Arena Battle you are then
     graded according to your performance.

   * In an area, the ranking is based on surprise attacks, enemy parties you've
          beaten, Chim Spheres collected, chests opened, and objects destroyed.
          When you earn a rank of B or higher, you earn a nice prize such as a
          keyword or a decent item.
   * In the arena following a Limit Battle or Survival Battle, you are graded
          based on as little time elapsed as possible, enemies beaten, counter-
          attacks performed, and highest hits reached in a combo.  The higher
          you rank, the more WP you gain.

Area Level - When you select to go to an area, you see a large number over the
     picture of what the area will look like.  That tells you the average level
     of the enemies you encounter.  Item Level is shown in the +/- bar below
     that picture, and tells you how good or bad the items are in that area.

   * TIP: Just below the areas address you see two small icons with numbers by
          them.  The left is a bunch of people, and the right is one person who
          hands a heart to another person.  The former says how many people are
          in that area while the latter tells how many you have met.  Use this
          if you wish to meet someone new, or if you wish to have a chance at
          meeting the Medic Union or a Battle Area with someone in it.  You do
          this by highlighting/selecting the area or keyword, canceling out of
          one screen, and returning until you see numbers that you like.  Or,
          in the case of Area Word where you put in the keywords manually, the
          toggling between words also has this effect.

Server - This series' idea of a server is one of five roots to the many areas.
     In Rebirth, we have the Delta and Omega servers only.  Each server has one
     root town from which we can visit other areas, though Omega has only the
     root town.

Save/Load - Through Data Manager or a Save Shop in a town, you can save a file
     of your progress on a memory card.  You can load through the Data Manager,
     but also load the saved file through loading up this game.

-------------Movement and Interaction-------------

Walk/Run - Use the left analog stick.  Tilting it lightly causes slow motion.

Examining/Selecting - X button.  This only works if something to examine is
     within range, or if there is a choice to be made.  Don't ask why you can't
     talk to an NPC on the other side of town when you aren't moving.

Kicking - X button.  This works when your target is a breakable object, a chest
     you are trying to open, a steam switch, or a Chim Chim.  Again, it must be
     within range to even be a target.

Trapped Chests - These look like normal chests except for the occasional shake.
     When you kick one open, you have -3 seconds- to put in the right combo of
     buttons.  If you mess up, you have the time remaining to do the combo all
     over.  If you fail, Haseo takes damage.  If you succeed, the reward might
     even be a little better than the rest of the area.

Target Toggling - When multiple targets are in range use the digital pad to
     switch from target to target.

Cancel - Circle button.  You do this to exit out of menus and such.

Steam Bike - When in a town or field, as long you're not in a battle, and after
     you do the Guild Master event for Canard, you can toggle between sitting
     idly on a steam powered bike and walking by pressing the Square button.
     If you are moving on the bike, the Square button slows you until you stop.
     When on the bike, you move forward with X, and steer with the analog stick
     left or right.  You can use the bike to surprise enemies as long as they
     do not see you by riding right into them, but WATCH OUT; big enemies will
     cause Haseo to bounce back into the wall of the resulting Battle Area.  As
     of Reminisce, there is more which I'll try to cover in the guide.  Also,
     in Redemption there is a Bike Part that'll cancel my warning above if it
     is tuned onto your Steam Bike.

Camera Angles - R2 puts the camera in Haseo's perspective, but then you cannot
     move around more than Haseo's point of view.  L2 quickly moves the camera
     behind Haseo so you can see what you're moving towards.  The right analog
     adjusts the camera angle manually even while you move.

Gather - By pressing L1 in a field or dungeon, you can call your party members
     over to Haseo's position.  This is helpful in some situations.

Data Search - Starting early in Redemption you can press R1 to hack the area
     around you.  If you are close enough to some white noise, and not blocked
     by walls or elevation changes, then this will reveal an Anomalous Data.
     An Anomalous Data can either have an item in it or warp you to another
     Area in the game.  (The warps only happen in story Areas)

-------------Menus and Such-------------

Open a Menu - Triangle button.  This works as long as you are walking around in
     a town, a field, a dungeon, or in a battle (not when you're being flung
     around or doing an attack).  If you're in a menu, this won't work, so do
     not ask why you can't open the main menu while in the middle of a trade.

Item Info - When you are highlighted over an item, press the Square button to
     receive info about that item.

Store Menu - Talk to the NPC or character running the store, press X, and then
     select to view their wares.  You will see price amounts.  If you have the
     money to pay for the item you want, then press X while highlighting that
     same item.

Item/Option Highlighting - Move either the left analog stick or the digital pad
     in the direction it takes to get from option to option.

Chaos Gate Menu - While in a town, examine the Chaos Gate.  Select Warp Menu to
     see a bunch of options.  If you already have an area bookmarked from the
     boards, emails, story events, or Quest Shop, you can select the area from
     the Bookmark list.  Warp Record lists all areas visited in order from the
     most recent on earlier without repeating any areas.  Random will give you
     a combination of keywords from your pool or collection.  Area Word allows
     you to do what Random does, but manually.  There are three pools:
         -1st Word         -2nd Word         -3rd Word
   * You gain these keywords from emails, forums on the desktop, and from when
          you learn area addresses as mentioned a moment ago.
   * The server you're on comes into play as well.  You cannot access any areas
          from Lumina Cloth, but you can switch between towns with the Chaos
          Gate under the option "To Town."

Trade - Talk to a character either walking around or that is in your party.  If
     your party member isn't wanting to show the normal options, they will when
     you are in an area.  Select to Trade.  You will see your item box on the
     left, the other person's on the right, and an icon between them.  Go into
     the other person's box to view their items, and select up to five types
     of items (five pieces of equipment, 3 pieces and 2 different items, etc.,)
     before you cancel out once to see that box filled with what you want.  You
     then do a similar process in picking items from Haseo's inventory up to
     five types, and keep adding items until the Negotiate bar below fills.  As
     long as the said bar is all red and says "Trade OK" you can select the
     icon in the middle to end the transaction.

Gift - You can select Trade with your party members.  There is no Trade window,
     but you do see your own list of items as to what you wish to give.  This
     helps in the affection level just a bit.

-------------About Battles-------------

Yay, they're not random.  The battles are in set places, though you COULD make
and enemy party follow you to the other side of the map.  There is a variety of
ways to get into a battle:
     Story or Event - There's no avoiding or surprise in these battles.  They
          will start after any number of scenes.
     Just Starting w/ X - When enemies in a field or dungeon see you, and you
          select X on the target that does, a battle will start.
     Surprise/Collision - When an enemy does not see you, and you're not on the
          steam bike, you will jump at the enemy in a surprise attack with X.
          When one enemy sees you, you can often toggle targets to one who does
          not.  As for being on the Steam Bike, it is possible to collide with
          the enemy when it sees you, but you have to be close and fast enough
          for it to not matter.  The collision still counts as a surprise.
     Arena - By selecting Survival Battle, Limit Battle, Tournament, or Title
          Match, you'll appear in the waiting room.  From there, use the Warp
          Point to appear in the arena battle area.  A scene usually starts you
          off here as well.

Attack - Press X like you're interacting with an object or a character.  Your
     equipped weapon has one of a couple attack patterns to it.  You can always
     hold down on X to release a big attack, but Dual Swords and Broadswords
     work one of two ways each.  One is the Hold and Release pattern, which is
     reliant on holding X, but you can still do a few quick hits by pressing X
     a few times.  The other pattern is the rapid attack in which you can press
     X repeatedly after the first few attacks in order to add to your chain of
     hit combos.  (I like the rapid on Dual Swords, and am easy on Broadswords)

Skill Trigger - You can set these in the menu outside of battle.  You start off
     with pressing R1, and you see one of four shortcuts to weapon skills as
     equipped to the X, Circle, Square, and Triangle buttons.  You then press
     the respective button to use that skill.  You then have to wait a couple
     seconds before the next Skill Trigger is available for use.

Double Trigger - After getting the Xth Form, you can follow up a Skill Trigger
     within two seconds with a Double Trigger by pressing R1 inside of the one-
     to-two seconds you have after doing a Skill Trigger.  This does a sort of
     skill with the Dual Guns for.  Useful if you want to keep a short distance
     to not be countered with some status effect.

Rengeki - When you have racked up the hit combos, colorful rings appear around
     a target for a short time.  QUICKLY use a Skill Trigger on that enemy when
     those rings are still up to launch a Rengeki, which does more damage and
     adds to the Morale Gauge.

Morale Gauge - This fills up by Haseo and members of your party doing something
     to cause any number of characters to speak out in battle (as it appears
     next to their stats on the bottom left of the screen).  The Morale Gauge
     is in the top right.  Once it fills, it will ring once, and flash for you
     to use the Square button.  This stays full until you leave an area or once
     you use an Awakening.  With a Beast Awakening, you can begin with half a
     bar, but a full one is more advisable still.

Awakening - In Rebirth, you have only the Beast Awakening.  During the time you
     are in an Awakening (by pressing Square with at least half a Morale Gauge)
     you will deal more damage than usual.  You cannot do a Rengeki during an
     Awakening, but you can rack up the hits enough to where a Rengeki might
     follow the Awakening wearing off.  In Arena Battles, the Morale wears out
     about as fast as having half the gauge filled outside the Arena, and full
     gauges outside the Arena last MORE THAN twice as long.

Demon Awakening - At the start of Reminisce, this rather useless Awakening is
     added.  It pours your Morale into Haseo and his party mates performing a
     big, one-hit spell that looks cool and gets stronger with multiple taps of
     the X button.  That's all.

Avatar Awakening - The Divine Awakening is hacked by an anonymous ally at the
     start of Redemption.  You will see one of three battle animations for this
     depending on whether it is "Data Drain," "Drain Arc," or "Drain Heart" as
     this awakening levels up.  The more you use it, the stronger AA gets until
     it finally reaches level 10.  For using it, you deal lots of damage plus
     you gain Virus Cores depending on an enemy's size.
          Players             - none
          Small Monsters      - 1
          Medium Monsters     - 2
          Big (Boss) Monsters - 3
        * As a suggestion for quicker gains, try using AA against Bosses, enemy
               parties with a Medium and two Small targets, or else two Medium
               targets.  This way, it's 3-4 Virus Cores per use.

Game Over - When you run out of health, you have to start over from the last
     place you saved.

Items/Spells - To use these in battle, you must open the main menu and select
     what you want to use from there.  The spells will be under Skills, not
     Skill Trigger.

III. Entity's Corner

"The World" is the biggest online game since a disaster known as Pluto's Kiss.
In the year 2017, it was on its second revision since Fragment, and a kid who
lost memories of playing in Revision 1 after a trauma he experienced joined the
game only to find himself PK'd.  A few months later, he became the PKK known as
The Terror of Death.

Seeking revenge against a player or NPC he did not understand, Haseo soon found
himself back at square one with his contacts and items and levels.  He then met
new people as well as found himself in the middle of something even bigger.  He
had but one chance to survive and find the answers he needed, and that was for
Haseo to Grow Up (and get stronger).

Over time Haseo then beat Endrance at the first of three Arena tournaments, and
finally went face-to-face victoriously against the AI called Tri-Edge.  Atoli,
a girl Haseo recently met with a similar character design to the friend who had
fallen into a coma, had just been attacked by an Artificially Intelligent Data
Anomaly (AIDA).  So ended Rebirth, so began Reminisce.

Haseo then found himself emerged in AIDA servers, saving Atoli several times,
befriending Alkaid before she fell into a coma, and plenty else.  The truth was
finally showing itself as the man Haseo trusted for so long turned out being
the one responsible for Shino's coma . . . the reason Haseo had become the
Terror of Death in the first place.  Haseo faced off against this man, but it
was not yet enough; the man told Haseo to grow stronger.

This is the conclusion . . . .

IV. Walkthrough

   * For the purpose of this guide (A) will be Delta, (O) will be Omega, (8)
          will resemble Theta, and (E) will be Sigma.  These are to help you
          know which server we're on.  Then again, the Omega server has only
          Lumina Cloth.  There's another town, but it's not part of any server.
   * Also, I will provide SOME maps.  Here's the key for most of them:
          @  Platform for leaving area
          #  The numbers will show which platforms connect when they go one way
               The # symbol itself will notate a chim door in dungeons
          o  The Warp Receivers.  I'll say most of which #s lead to these.  You
               don't have to worry about the few I don't mention.
          =  Dungeon pathway between east and west
          I  Dungeon pathway between north and south
          M  General encounter spot for monsters
          B  Boss
          E  Other enemies you may encounter.
          !  If there is a "Battle Area" to look for, I'll try to note it
          C  Generic chest (Safe if a capital C, but Trapped if lower case) or
               a Data Cluster in Outer Dungeons
          S  Altar (or chest guarded by enemies).  Some contain the Symbol
               Fragments you need to unlock the Beast Temple in some areas.
               The capital S will be for the Symbol Fragments.
          Z  Altar with trapped chest
          T  Temple and main chest when on a field; main chest when in dungeon
          L  Lucky Animal
          G  Mecha Grunty
          k  Such kick-able items as barrels and small mushrooms (Steam Devices
               are ignored to keep map clean)
          Y  Tree or Big Mushroom with Chim Chims
          u  Way up in dungeons
          d  Way down in dungeons
          %  Anomalous Data
          $  Save Point in a dungeon
   * You can skip scenes by selecting Start and then the respective option.

Select to play a New Game.  If you have a Clear Data from Rebirth, you can have
it converted for Reminisce.

-------------First Second's Third Piece-------------

                ~~Part 1: There's No Place Like @HOME~~

For the conversion from Reminisce you will receive some bonus items:  10 Holy
Arrows, 10 Hell Raisers, The Wheel x10, 15 Warrior Souls, and 15 Wizard Souls.
10000 GP will also be awarded, but if you still have over 3mil from Reminisce,
then you'll probably laugh at that as I did.

The game opens with a scene about Ovan and his sister Aina.  Ovan will refer to
a goddess (Aura) who used to reside in the cathedral.  You can skip the recap
if you wish.  Haseo will make his vow against Ovan, and Yata will receive a
notice of his time being up.

You will appear on your desktop.  In case you forgot or are new to this, the
desktop is .Hack's way of simulating life outside the game The World.  Here is
where you can check your email, read the forums, play with desktop accessories,
and play around on the mini-game Crimson VS.

          Messages from the developers (including CC Corp) will tell you of the
               bonuses from converting from previous games, about the campaigns
               from Reminisce being over, you now have access to Sigma server
               without much chance to say good bye to Theta, and the couple of
               changes to go with your guild's growth.
          Atoli will say that Moon Tree is unable to access their @HOME due to
               issues that occurred in Reminisce.
          An anonymous ally will notify you that the Divine Awakening has been
               altered to the Avatar Awakening (yay!) and that the Virus Cores
               you can get will be able to alter the Lost Weapons.  The Fan we
               could not get in Reminisce has been sent to its owner.
     Crimson VS
          This mini game will act like you haven't played yet, though you will
               start off with the cards from Reminisce plus a few new cards for
               having just logged in.  If you wish to play this, please look at
               my section on it.
     News Capture:
          Online Jack #7 is up if you want to watch it.
          There are two new topics and three new wallpapers.  To get them, you
               need to enlarge each picture with X and cancel out to download
               them.  There will be a lot of these in this game.

Boot up The World, and Log in.

 Mac Anu--

You'll automatically be in the root town for the Delta server.  Go to the Chaos
Gate, select Warp Menu, To Town, and then Breg Epona.

 Breg Epona--

Use the Warp Point next to the Chaos Gate to quickly reach the @HOME.  Before
you head in, backtrack a bit to the Parts Shop, which can be found with the
tire symbol on the game's map.  Buy one of each bike part.  It should cost a
bit over half a million GP.  Finally, head to the very back to the doors so you
can choose to enter Canard's @HOME.

After the scene you will be told a couple Extensions are available.  Talk to
Death Grunty for another scene to start off an event.  After that, talk to the
guild's NPC again.  Selecting Expand Facility, pay another 175000 GP for the
new stuff.  You can now store more types of items, but still 50 per consumable,
and prices at the guilds Alchemy Shop will reduce by half.  Check Book of 1000
next to see how much of a head start you got from the last two games.  The two
Ryu Books having to do with items and monsters should each be halfway between
level 6 and level 7, and the rest will likely be level 7 or higher.  This will
grant a bunch more rewards.

Using your menu, invite Atoli and Silabus.  Head back to the Chaos Gate to go
to our first new area in Redemption.

 (E) Universal Ocean's Glide--

You don't have to worry about clearing the field here, but beating monsters in
your way and leveling up a bit is still a good idea.  The monsters are old if
you played Reminisce, too--Duster Goblins and Ignis Tails.  Performing Rengeki
attacks here is suggested.  If you're at level 100, then this field should get
you to level 101.

I do suggest filling up your Morale gauge to do an Avatar Awakening so you will
be started on Virus Cores and leveling up the same Awakening.  Just one use can
slay an entire enemy party in this field.

Let's go grunty hunting.  King Grunty is on the hill upon the northwest island.
Gao Grunty is on the hill to the south and a bit to the east of King Grunty.
Wise Grunty is on the hill on the southeast isle.  Once you have all three of
their scents, Melo Grunty will give away his position.  You will THEN find him
on the hill of the northeast isle.  Talk to it for a scene.

Use a platform to head back to town when you're done here.

 Breg Epona--

Head into the @HOME for a scene.  Log out when it's done.

          Melo Grunty thanks you.
          Your anonymous ally gives a little info about using the Virus Cores
               to make the Lost Weapons grow.
          Pi summons you to Raven's @HOME.
          2 new topics, 2 new wallpapers.

 Mac Anu--

Head to the Mercenary district to enter Raven's @HOME.  You will get a couple
scenes about Yata being gone, and Sakaki taking command.  Log back out.

          Pi promises to find Yata.
          Silabus invites you on a quest.

 Breg Epona--

Well, it looks like we're forced into the Bounty Hunter quest early.  Invite
Silabus and Gaspard before heading to the Quest Shop to accept Dubious Dog.

 (E) Unseen Alien Elf Animal--

On your way down to the second floor, try to fill up your Morale gauge with as
many Rengeki attacks as you can do.  While we're here, let's use the Avatar
Awakening once, and fill up the Morale a second time on the second floor.

You'll see a scene on the second floor about a room inward.  On the second
floor, we can do another Avatar Awakening if we're good enough yet at raising
the Morale (which you should be after playing the last two games).

On the third floor you can see where the last room will be by using a Fairy's
Orb and looking for the empty room near the bottom right of the map.  When you
get there the boss will appear right behind Gaspard.

***Heatwave Hound***
HP: 5505

Unlike the bosses in the previous games, here's a different strategy for some
bosses which will get better as you level your AA.  That's right, start off by
using an Avatar Awakening to knock out 700 HP plus yield a few Virus Cores.

Next, we're going to treat the rest of this fight much like the Beasts of the
Seals back in Reminisce.  Use a Skill Trigger, and get behind the monster.  You
and Silabus should thus be attacking the boss from two separate sides, and the
heals or attack spells will come from Gaspard.  Move when the boss does so you
can keep it pincered between your attacks.  This will allow for better combos,
and thus more Rengeki attacks.  This way, the boss will go down after the third
Rengeki attack (and just before the fourth).
***End of Battle***

You will leave automatically.

 Breg Epona--

You will get a Book of Stamina for this quest.  This will, however, cause the
Chaotic PKs to begin appearing randomly in the Battle Areas you can walk into.
So, unless you think you can take them now, I suggest laying off entering those
Battle Areas until late in the game.  As for the Book of Stamina, I suggest you
give it to Gaspard as a gift, and then have him use it on Haseo.

                ~~Part 2: Of Dots and Hacking~~

Log out.

          Gaspard and Silabus will thank you for the quest.
          Pi has an update about Sakaki, and summons you to an area on Theta

 Dol Dona--

Invite Pi and Atoli.

 (8) Hidden Forbidden Hades--

During a scene you will be introduced to Area Hacking.  Run forward to the end
of the walkway, and press R1.  This will open a new type of warp.  Select to
warp with the Anomalous Data.

 Outer Dungeon--

The monsters here are a type of data bug.  There are also barrier traps which
you must time yourself in passing through.  As for the Bugborn Alpha and Bug
Queen Alpha, they just have more health than they know what to do with.  There
is no boss, so use an Avatar Awakening whenever you can.  I like using it on
the bigger monster parties here since they give more Virus Cores.  You should
hit 30 by the end of this area.

When you get to the end with the third platform, you will get a scene.  Leave
when you're done here.

 Dol Dona--

Invite Kuhn real quick.  We have an errand with all these Virus Cores.

 (8) Hidden Forbidden Sacrament--

Put 10 Virus Cores into the Lost Weapons for Kuhn, Atoli, and Haseo.  This will
add to the strength of their weapons, though Heine's Zero will still be a bit
stronger than the Ticking Death for a short while longer.

 Dol Dona--

Log back out.

          CC Corp will send a notice about the PK Tournament in place of the
               Sage Palace.
          Sirius summons you to Lumina Cloth.
          2 new topics, 3 new wallpapers.

 Lumina Cloth--

Watch the scene.  Sadly, we won't get to do any PKK stuff while in town.  You
will see Taihaku and his AIDA infected sword take out a few players.  Sirius
will thank Haseo for his promise to save Taihaku and Alkaid.

                ~~Part 3: The Use of Running~~

Head back to the desktop.

          Sakaki blackmails you into joining the Sage Palace Tournament.
          Silabus says it's time for a Canard meeting.

 Breg Epona--

Head over to the @HOME.  A couple PKs will be attacking Gaspard, and he'll then
be saved by Haseo and Atoli.  After the scene is done, it's back to the desktop
for us again.

          Kuhn asks you to invite him and Atoli and to meet where everyone met
               not too long ago.
          2 new topics, 2 new wallpapers.

 Breg Epona--

Before we meet with Kuhn and Atoli, let's do a somewhat quick quest.  It'll be
a solo quest, too.  Pick up "The Goblins Are Coming!" from the Quest Shop.

 (E) Running Speed's Rider--

For this, I highly suggest using the best bike parts from Reminisce, or else
use the best from this volume if that's all you have for some reason.  You must
get on your bike and stay on it.  You have a few minutes to tag all the goblins
here.  Grab some Chim Spheres along the way to allow for boosting with R1.

First is Stehoney.  He turns a lot, so cut some corners in your riding to gain
on him.  When you get close enough, hit R1 to boost right into Stehoney.

Second is Jonue who is much the same except that you have to tag him twice.  If
you have over 3 and a half minutes left, then you're in really good shape.  You
are still good if 3 minutes remain, but you'd have to step up your effort.

Zyan and Albert are next.  Really, it's like Jonue times two.  Concentrate on
one, and then the other.  One takes two tags while the other takes three.  You
may need about a minute or less to do this match.

Finally is Martina.  Every time you tag her, she boosts in speed for a little
bit of time.  Still try to gain on her without boost until you get halfway near
Martina, and then boost away as you steer into the last goblin.  After three
tags, it's all over.

 Breg Epona--

You'll receive a Book of Power.  If you check your email, you'll be able to
start a campaign with gives bike parts and a few other neat items.  Since we
did Routes 1-5 in Reminisce, the ones you'll want to play with in Redemption
are Routes 6-10.  You will ear lots of rewards, so I suggest throwing them into
storage until you can sell things by guild shop again.

   * TIP: To quickly beat all the Time Trials, reach the nearest King Chim, but
          don't hit it just yet.  Just before you hit it, hit Select to bring
          up your map, and then hit Circle followed quickly by X.  If you do it
          right, the Bike Mission will end upon hitting the first King Chim.
   * Ultimately for the campaign, for which the NPC is by the @HOME in Theta's
          root town, you will need to do 50+ runs in the bike missions and also
          collect over 3000 Chim Chims during those missions.  To get a mission
          going, you need only start an area with "Passing" and look for which
          route number appears in the area info.  I find Route 5 to be the best
          for collecting Chims.
                  5 Runs  - Speed Talisman x6
                 10 Runs  - Speed Charm x6
                 20 Runs  - Kagikumo Tires
                 35 Runs  - Murasame Engine
                 50 Runs  - Hisame Engine
                400 Chims - Beginner's Text
                800 Chims - Beginner's Book
               1200 Chims - Word of Vigor
               1600 Chims - Word of Spirit
               2000 Chims - Master's Text
               2400 Chims - Master's Book
               2800 Chims - Dawn Chim Chim
               3200 Chims - Dusk Chim Chim
               3600 Chims - Dawn Chim Chim
   * I would put the health increasing items on Atoli so she'll be less likely
          to die, and I would use the Dusk Chim Chim on Kuhn.  Everyhing else I
          would use on Haseo.

Unfortunately, the next step of the event isn't available just yet.  So, equip
your bike with the Hisame Engine, Kogane Armor, Tidal Muffler and Rain Tires.
For those of you who didn't play Reminisce, the Tidal Muffler is from there.
This setup of bike parts will allow not just for fast movement but also for you
to surprise any enemy on a field without being knocked off your bike by the big
or medium monsters.

 Dol Dona--

Save if you wish.  Be sure Atoli and Kuhn are in your party.

 (8) Hidden Forbidden Hades--

Use R1 just after the short stairway, and examine the Anomalous Data.

 Outer Dungeon--

Same place, same enemies.  Fitting in another two Avatar Awakenings would be a
good idea.  Three more uses would be even better.

At the end, we'll get a scene with Pi.  Leave.

 Dol Dona--

Log out.

-------------Corrupted Sage's Palace-------------

                ~~Part 1: An Art to Player Killer Killing~~

          CC Corp says you've been chosen to participate in the tournament, and
               we need to register.

Yes, we're holding off on the topic in The World Board for the moment.  We'll
be doing it soon enough, though.

 Lumina Cloth--

Head to the Reception desk.  Select to register three times to finally get this
Arena thing started . . . sorta.  Matsu will show up, as will Antares, and they
will say they're in the tournament as well.  Oh, and so will Gabi and also the
PKs who took out Haseo on his first day of playing the game.

We'll then be called over to Breg Epona.

 Breg Epona--

Hurray for Gaspard finally developing a backbone outside of Crimson VS.  The
guild shop will finally open, so you can finally display 10 different items to
be sold while you're off doing other things.  Log out.

          Kuhn will send (E) Calm Betrayal's Longing.
          2 new topics, 3 new wallpapers.

 Breg Epona--

Reinvite Kuhn and Atoli.

 (E) Calm Betrayal's Longing--

In the first big room, go north a bit past the first enemy group to find some
white noise.  Press R1 to reveal an Anomalous Data, and examine it for a Chica
Potion.  A Hadesbane Salve can be found by going west from the north end of the
big room, and finding an Anomalous Data there.  Otherwise, keep fighting the
Azul Sachem and Chain Whips you see on your way to the second floor.  By the
end of the first floor you should be able to do an Avatar Awakening.

On the second floor it's Gobcannon 77s and more Chain Whips.  There are also a
couple more Anomalous Data around.  Try for another Avatar Awakening here.

On the third floor you finally meet a monster called Funnyface which has flight
armor.  You might be able to pull off two Avatar Awakenings down here.  Make
your way to the Beast Statue for a scene.  The team for the tournament will be
decided.  Grab the treasure, and leave.

 Breg Epona--

When you're done selling what you don't need, log out.

          Matsu will invite you to do a quest with him.

 Dol Dona--

What are we doing here, you ask?  Well, you should have another 25+ Virus Cores
since the last visit to . . .

 (8)Hidden Forbidden Sacrament--

Put 25 Virus Cores into Haseo's Lost Weapon.  The Ticking Death should now be a
deal better than the Heine's Zero for Haseo's Scythe.  Equip it now, and retire
the Doppleganger weapon into storage.  Leave.

 Dol Dona--

Switch to the Sigma server.

 Breg Epona--

Before we do the quest with Matsu, invite Atoli and Kuhn so we can level with
an area.  Hopefully, the party should average at level 104 by now.

 (E) Buzzing Kourin's Two Wings--

The monsters are Grim Stags, Funnyfaces, and Chain Whips.  Fill up your Morale
gauge, and decide whether to beat the boss of the field with either the Beast
Awakening method or the Avatar Awakening method; switch your Awakening to meet
what you need.  I choose the latter since I'm trying to get the Virus Cores up.

The Lucky Animal and Mecha Grunty should both be on the same island as where
you'll find the boss.  If your bike is tuned up as suggested, then ram it into
the boss so you can inflict Seal on it.  I also suggest that you skip half the
monsters until after the boss so you can do an additional Avatar Awakening.

HP: 5127

In the BA method, pop the awakening, and use the attacks and skills as needed
to lower the boss's health and to rack up the hit combo.  Once it ends, hit the
boss again to get it into a Rengeki.

In the AA method, do as we did with the Heatwave Hound, and use the AA every
chance you get.  The Rengeki attacks will help you there.  Then again you won't
likely get the chance to to a second awakening since this boss will be easy.

If you succeeded in Sealing the boss, this fight will be way easier.
***End of Battle***

When you're done clearing the field, leave.  If you rank a B or higher for this
area, then you can get "2nd Word: Overripe."

 Breg Epona--

Once you're done selling stuff, switch out Kuhn for Matsu.  Go to the Quest
Shop to pick up "Hail Bikman."

 (E) Gathering Familiar Mascot--

I know this place is big, but let's clear out enough mushrooms and chests with
the battles to get a B rank or higher.  Grabbing only two of the chests on the
first floor will be enough for the first floor, I mean.  Beat up the monsters
in the way, and get to the second floor.

On the second floor, you'll want to save your Morale for the second awakening
of the dungeon to go towards the boss.  AA should be level 2 by now as well.
Also, try to continue clearing this floor.  The boss should be last.  The last
room for this quest is the larger of the two rooms in the far east.

After a . . . scene . . . the battle will begin.  It's another Deepone.  Just
massacre it like we did in the last area.  You will leave automatically.

For ranking high, you can get "1st Word: Serving."

 Breg Epona--

You will get a Book of Sense.  Log out.

          CC Corp will inform you that the first match is about to begin.
          You will also receive a message that begins a campaign.  To do it, go
               to Mac Anu to find Bikman in the Alchemy district, get the Flyer
               Radar from him, and use it every time you zone into a town.  You
               can also use the area info window for random areas to find the
               Medic Union, but you have to hurry to them before fighting any
               of the monsters.  Once you've talked to every character running
               or standing around in towns and fields, you will get some items.
               This campaign is optional, though helpful.
     The World Board:
          In "A strange place" respond with "A question," boot up The World,
               and return here for (E) Unknown Mortuary's Shady Rite.
          2 new topics, 2 new wallpapers

How are you doing on Crimson VS?  There's a deck for it that can take you right
to Rank #1 using cards from Volume 2.  I'll explain in the Crimson VS section.

 Breg Epona--

Before heading to the Arena, we have a few things to take care of real quick to
make things easier for us.  Invite Atoli and Kuhn so we can begin.

     (E) Submissive Aster's Pure Bred - Wisdom Owl is a boss, and ranking high
          finally gives you "1st Word: Courageous."
     (E) Courageous Military Generation - Clear it for "1st Word: Inviting."
     (E) Courageous Returning Foot Stone - Boss is a Brigandine, and I'd use
          Beast Awakening since it has armor.  Clear this so that you can get
          "1st Word: Clamorous."
   * This should get your party to average at level 107.  From here on, if you
          are not at the suggested level by the end of a few areas like above,
          then do another area from the same level range to get there.

I suggest saving for the next one.

 (E) Unknown Mortuary's Shady Rite--

Surprise and beat the two monster groups, open the Chim Doors, collect plenty
of Chim Spheres, and just get to the end of this short dungeon for a scene.

***Zombion x3***
HP: 1950 ea.

Start off immediately with a skill.  Then, just pound the crap out of them.
The only hard part to this fight would be to keep up a combo, but even that is
not too much a problem if you know how to pace yourself and block.
***End of Battle***

After the scene, leave.

 Breg Epona--

By now Ryu Book VII should be just under 300 points away from Canard reaching
the next rank.  Save now if you didn't before.

Finally, before moving on, make sure everyone's equipment is ready for what we
are about to fight.

 Lumina Cloth--

Head to the Reception desk, and select Tournament to begin.  Use the Warp Point
to watch a scene, and then the battle will begin.

****Tournament Round #1***
Genjyo the Fatal - Steam Gunner, lv.111
takumi - Twin Blade, lv. 97
Yu-ichi - Macabre Dancer, lv.97

Unlike every other tournament battle, this will be more like a Survival Battle
in the Arena . . . versus a bunch of PKs.  The first team is led by the first
Chaotic PK on the blacklist, too.

Take out Yu-ichi first.  However, do not use any skills except to counter THEIR
skills.  One counterattack can knock Yu-ichi down to almost nothing, so follow
it up with another attack or two to finish him.  Then, you'll only have the 97
and the leader to worry about.  Counter and attack as needed to end this.  When
it is down to just Genjyo, corner him, and rack up the hits.  Between you and
Kuhn and this PK having no allies you can start using Skill Triggers regularly.

***Greedy Cervantes and allies***

51 and Yuka are the support attackers, so take them out with counters and some
regular attacks.  Then, it's hunting season for the leader's HP.

***Miyo, CHIYOKO, and mackey****

They're weak.  Take out the leader directly or their allies first.  The choice
is yours.  This is so easy.

"Ha ha ha!  You're struggling, Terror of Death." - Sakaki

***Suzuki of the 7 Seas, pyoi, and sasukec***

The Chaotic PK is the only one of them with any strength.  Take out his allies
so you can corner his sorry ass like Genjyo and Cervantes.

***Immortal Goriki, oJo, and moheji***

See Sazuki, Cervantes, and Genjyo.  Seriously.  Sakaki is an idiot.  These guys
don't open up to be countered so much, though.  You can still pound away.
***End of Battle***

During a scene, you will see one of the big parties you have to fight later on.
For winning you get 200 WP, a Sabertooth Tooth, Tortoise Shell, and a Tortoise

                ~~Part 2: The Beating of Rage~~

Log out.

          Pi will tell you Sirius's player is in a coma, and that the Hetero
               Trio is heavily contaminated with AIDA.
          Kaede will ask you to come to (E) Wise Calamity's Water Mill.

 Breg Epona--

Invite Pi and Saku(Bo).

 (E) Wise Calamity's Water Mill--

Since we already did a level 105 area, there's no real need to clear this, but
we're bringing a full party just in case you do get into a fight.  Get on your
bike, and ram into the chests to open the Beast Temple.  If you do decide to
fight at least one group of enemies, make it one with an Atmosphere monster.

Don't forget the Lucky Animal or Mecha Grunty while you're here.  You should be
on the sixth or seventh of each by now.

Upon entering the Beast Temple you will get a scene with Zelkova and Kaede.
You're done here.

 Breg Epona--

Pi will leave.  Log out again.

          Zelkova will give you a hint as to how to beat Sakaki.
          Pi will tell you a bit about Yata's past as a hacker, informant, and
               status as a Dot Hacker (yay, Wiseman!) before he was hired to
               eliminate AIDA.
          CC Corp will inform you of the second round beginning.  Don't worry,
               this will be against one group.

 Breg Epona--

Alright, let's do some more leveling up first.  Invite Atoli and Kuhn.

     (E) Buzzing Black Phantom - Clearing this can give "3rd Word: Antares."
     (E) Forgotten Bustling Phoenix - Raid Liger is the boss, and you can fight
          Sir Unknown here (as well as Atmosphere is you missed it before now).
          You can get "3rd Word: Dropwort" for clearing this field.
     (E) Forgotten Military Two Wings - Clear to get "1st Word: Boisterous."
          You also meet monsters called Captain Hook here.
     (E) Screaming Swift Generation - Clear to get "2nd Word: Galaxy's."
     (E) Essential Aster's Bum - Being a level 110 area, this will reward you
          with "3rd Word: Daydream" for getting a B or better.  Riverdyles can
          be found here, and the boss is a 6 Arm Maiden.
   * Haseo, Kuhn, and Atoli should have a level average between 111 and 112 if
          you've been clearing these areas so far.

This should also get you to 50 Virus Cores.

 Dol Dona--

Sell if you need to, and then . . .

 (8) Hidden Forbidden Sacrament--

Pour 25 Virus Cores into Atoli's and Kuhn's Lost Weapons.  Leave when you are
done here.

 Dol Dona--

You may wish to save.  Your choice.

 Lumina Cloth--

Go to the Reception desk, and select to take part in the Tournament again.  Use
the Warp Point to get a couple scenes before the battle.  I suggest having the
Avatar Awakening for this even though you won't get any Cores in this fight.

***Tournament Round #2***
IYOTEN - Blade Brandier, lv.107
Asta - Edge Punisher, lv.106
Maniac Helluger - Blade Brandier, lv.106

Use Counterattacks to bring Asta and Helluger down halfway or more each.  This
should be enough to get your Morale filled up.  Release the Awakening to finish
the two of them off, and then it'll be only IYOTEN that remains.

This would-be epic battle will be easy for you from there if it wasn't already
an easy one.  Bring the serial PK down to 1 HP for a scene.
***End of Battle***

When the couple of scenes are over, you will get 300 WP, a Faze Mujin, and a
Boost Candle.  Between these two battles and the two previous volumes, your
Book of 1000 for Arena Battling should be maxed out already.

                ~~Part 3: Against the Big, Red Star~~

Head back to the desktop.

          Matsu says he lost to Antares.
          Kuhn invites you to do a quest with him
     Crimson VS Board:
          The keyword "Competing" now gives 3 new cards.  (nice)
          2 new wallpapers from the 2 new topics.

 Mac Anu--

Using Competing as the first word, go to three areas that have a Beast Temple,
and collect from the temples' chests a Cold Hearted Saku, an Azure Balmung, and
an Azure Orca.  I chose the Delta server since it's easier.  Also, I rescued
Mecha Grunty thrice and kicked a few Lucky Animals on the way.  You may want to
as well.  This should leave only one card you don't have if you've been playing
Crimson VS since Reminisce, and you should be able to make a deck to beat the
Champion Gaspard now.

 Breg Epona--

Invite Kuhn and Atoli before heading to the Quest Shop.  "The Chim Chim Song"
is the name of the quest we're about to do.

 (E) Glowing Passive Fairy--

You do not need to clear this dungeon.  So, make your way down to the second
floor while only fighting the enemies you can't just pass.

The second floor is pretty much the same deal until you get to the last room,
which is to the northeast.  Near the last room you will see a boss, but it can
be skipped.  In the last room a scene will ensue.

Duing the fireworks, you'll find out why Kuhn brought us here.  It's worth a
laugh, at least.

 Breg Epona--

You'll get a Book of Wisdom.  I say use it on Sakubo, and maybe even give it to
Bo as a gift.  As for the new campaign, you can knock it out by collecting Chim
Spheres like made from the different types of Chims.  You need 1000 and should
already be at about 400.  Log out.

          CC Corp informs you that your next match is about to begin.

 Breg Epona--

We have a few areas to tackle before the match.  As we do, keep up the Avatar
Awakenings and Rengeki attacks as much as possible.  Be sure Atoli and Kuhn are
in your party.  Below are areas in order from level 111 to 113.

     (E) Screaming Galaxy's Generation - Clear for "1st Word: Preaching."
     (E) Growing Vane Hand Song - Boss is a Hell Guardian.  "2nd Word: Evil's"
          can be gained here by ranking a B or better.
     (E) Confusing Evil's Fairy - Vice Rippers can be found here.  Should you
          find a Moon Rabbit here, save it for after all the monsters to get
          the most out of this field's exp.  Clear to get "1st Word: Boasting."
   * After you reach another 50 Virus Cores, pour them all into Ticking Death,
          but -DO NOT- fight the Sealed Beast yet.

If you've fought every monster from Rebirth to now, then Ryu Book VII will hit
level 7.  Chances are that this makes everything level 7 or higher, so log out
to check your email message after checking them, then return to Canard's @HOME
to purchase the Platinum Extension (via Expand Facility) for 100000 GP.  This
in addition to the other extensions gives 120 consumable and equipable items in
your storage . . . not that you'd need so much.

 Lumina Cloth--

With Atoli and Kuhn still in your party, head to the Reception desk to begin
the process for the next match.

***Tournament Round #3***
Antares - Blade Brandier, lv.110
Bigwig - Blade Brandier, lv.106
DAIKOKU - Blade Brandier, lv.l06

Antares's level may adjust if you keep leveling up, but let's not worry so much
about that.  Run around and block as needed, and counter his allies to death.
When it's down to just Antares, you should be able to pin him down by a wall to
do a Rengeki.  Just be careful since he's really good at countering as well.

You will get a scene when Antares is down to 1 HP.
***End of Battle***

During a scene, Sakaki will reveal to the crowd about the avatar, and call it a
hack that deviates from the system.  Sakaki is about to delete Haseo when he is
saved by Taihaku.  Endrance and Saku have seemingly teamed up with him as well.
You'll see why after your fight with Taihaku a couple matches from now.

                ~~Part 4: Three Heads are Possessed by One~~

For winning the match you get 400 WP, a Vigor Diamond, and a Broad Otome.  Head
back to your desktop.

          Sakaki will taunt you a bit.
          Antares will invite you to do a quest with him.
          2 new topics, 2 new wallpapers.

 Breg Epona--

Invite Antares and Matsu before picking up "Steam Professor's Research" from
the Quest Shop.

 (E) Undercover Lakeside's Metal Beast--

Look at the game's map.  The idea here is to take out the three altars and then
the boss that appears.  You don't have to clear.  You should, however, raise
your Morale to full for the boss.  Take as long as you need to fill it, and use
healing items if you need to during battle to raise it.

When everything is in place, walk to the south side of the lake for a scene.

***Mosa Machine***
HP: 3333

Start of with an Avatar Awakening, and then beat the crap out of its last 400-
or-so HP.
***End of Battle***

Antares will give Haseo a talk, and you'll leave automatically.

 Breg Epona--

You'll get a Book of Stamina for this.  Use it on Haseo, and log out.

          CC Corp says the next match is about to begin.

 Breg Epona--

You know what time it is!  Invite Kuhn and Atoli.

     (E) Creeping Wrath's Royal Edict - Clear for "3rd Word: Cross Eye."
     (E) Blurry Bustling Starlit Sky - Tetra Foot appears here.  Careful, they
          tend to go boom.  The armored Megalo Adamant is the boss.  You can
          get "3rd Word: Proper" from here.
     (E) Setting Wrath's Footsteps - Clear for "2nd Word: Moonbeam's."
   * If you're having trouble with Sir Unknown or Atmosphere, remember that we
          tuned our bike so we can Seal monsters upon collision.
   * Your party should be at level 118 by now.  Why are we leveling so much?
          It's so you don't have to do most if not all of your leveling in one
          sitting . . . especially as the story of the game develops.
   * If/when you hit another 50 Virus Cores, pour them into Kuhn's weapon, but
          again don't choose to fight the boss yet since those Sealed Beasts
          are like level 135.
   * Also, if you've been selling your more pricey stuff through Shop Acorn,
          then there's a good chance you're around 5mil GP by now.

 Lumina Cloth--

Save your game, and go to the Reception desk to do what we've done so often up
to now so we can progress through the game.

***Tournament Round #4***
Hetero - Flick Reaper, lv.109
Leucistic - Lord Partizan, lv.107
Axanthis - Lord Partizan, lv.107

My only real warning is that these guys are very good at countering you.  On
that note, look at your level difference.  Run and block if needed, but be sure
to counter and attack the partizans so you can corner and beat Hetero.

Somewhere between a third and halfway through beating up Hetero, a scene will
change this battle.

***AIDA (Grunwald)***

That's right, we're finally in our first Avatar Battle in Redemption.  This is
easier than when we fought Oswald, but still be wary of those nasty attacks.

   * Archene Shot - dodge it however you like
   * Kobold Bullet - slash these with your scythe
   * When it rushes it to take a couple swipes, Dash to the side.
   * Arachno Trap - This one's tricky.  Dash a bunch until the first wave comes
          down, move a bit in the opposite direction.  If done right, you can
          then look for the second wave to come up, and then move to the other
          side of the middle of the screen.  If you do this tricky maneuver the
          right way then nothing will happen, but if you mess up then you will
          take damage.

Data Drain is easy.  Charge it while moving regularly, and release when the big
spider is right next to you.
***End of Battle***

Sakaki's rather calm considering we just beat him yet again.  After the scene
you will get 500 WP, a Wrath Dowan, and the Genome Data AIDA-035 which we will
play around with later.

                ~~Part 5: . . . Holy Cow~~

Log out.

          Atoli invites you to do a quest with her.

 Breg Epona--

For the sake of this guide, let's invite Atoli and Pi.  Accept "Story of Kudan"
from the Quest Shop.  Pick up a few Fairy's Orbs if you don't already have a
few in your inventory.

 (E) Looming Muddled Seer--

Since we already cleared a level 110 area, there's no need to clear THIS area.
Use a Fairy's Orb on each floor, and make your way to the 3rd Block.

On the third floor, head all the way to the south-most room on the map.  When
you get there . . . you heard the lady.  "Kick it!"  If you have a Speed Charm
then this will go very fast.  It takes 4 kicks.  The Silvermane Kudan will then
foreshadow the return of something from //I.M.O.Q. and about meeting someone
unexpectedly in the end of all the fighting.

 Breg Epona--

You will get a Book of Power.  I suggest giving it to Pi as a gift, and then
having her use it on Haseo.  Another campaign has begun, but more on it later.
Log out again.

          CC Corp informs you that the next match is about to begin.
     The World Board:
          In "Found the Abyss!...I think" reply to the last post with "Area
               Words," boot up The World without logging in, and return to find
               (E) Clashing Frisson's Oracle.
          2 new topics, 2 new wallpapers.

 Breg Epona--

Re-invite Atoli and Kuhn so we can do some areas.

 (E) Clashing Frisson's Oracle--

It's another level 110 area, so you don't need to clear it.  However, in the 2
battles before the boss at the very end, I suggest filling your Morale.  Use
some items during battle if you need to, and let Kuhn finish off the monsters.

***Death Penalty***
HP: 6591

Open up with an Avatar Awakening, then get behind this boss to continue attacks
between you and Kuhn.  Watch for a chance to do a Rengeki, and bring this thing
down fast.
***End of Battle***

With the second part of this event done, leave.

 Breg Eopna--

We now have some leveling to do.

     (E) Truthful Daybreak's Phoenix - Vak Dibro is here, and these guys are a
          whole lot easier when Sealed, though they still cast stuff.  As for
          the reward for the area, you can get "1st Word: Thirsty."
     (E) Paling Kourin's Nemesis - Chickie Gramma and Malphas make their first
          appearance here.  The boss is a Dryramas.  Clear for "3rd Word: Cool
     (E) Screaming Black Alga Grass - Rank a B or higher for "1st Word: Quiet."

Thanks to all these areas, the Rengeki attacks, and the Exp +10% you have on
your accessories since Rebirth, you should be level 121.  I'm aware you likely
won't be at another 50 Virus Cores yet, so let's move on.

   * I would also like to note that by now Ryu Book IV should be at level 8,
          Ryu Book VII should be a quarter of the way to level 8, and Avatar
          Awakening should be past halfway to level 5.  Way to go if this is

 Lumina Cloth--

Save your game before heading to the Reception.  Select "Title Match" to appear
in the waiting room.  Use the Warp Point.

HP: 2738

That's right, Taihaku ditches Endrance and Saku to fight you alone.  It's still
the same deal with a major Arena battle.  Run and block as needed, use a Skill
Trigger only for a Rengeki or a counter, but be fast because this guy's very
good at countering.

However, when he uses a skill, countering him won't be the same as how counter-
attacks have been up to now.  It's more like he's open to an attack.  Beware
that everything moves slower when Taihaku does his succession of skills.  You
will also get scenes periodically through the fight.  On the second one, Kuhn
will knock away Taihaku's sword, and Haseo will destroy it and fight off AIDA
without summoning Skeith.
***End of Battle***

Sakaki will foolishly enter the Arena thinking Haseo is about to perish.  This
is OF COURSE the same idiot who thought:

   1) An AIDA infected Innis could not lose
   2) That neat little first round of his for the PK Tournament would be too
           difficult for Haseo
   3) The Hetero Trio could not lose
   4) Taihaku would beat Haseo
   5) That Endrance would never stab him in the back.

After the scene that reveals Endrance's true intention, you will launch into
the next battle.  Damn, that kid's full of himself.

***AIDA (Victorian)***

This should be easy enough for you.  Stun, slash, and Data Drain as usual.  Be
careful only that this guy attacks rabidly.

   * Normal Shot - Just move to the nearest side
   * Like with any other rush to take a couple swipes, dash to the side.
   * Royal Bullet - Dash to the side until it's over.  You can also slash these
          things away.
   * Excellent Ray - Dash until the beams end.
   * Elegant Orb - Hit with a few slashes.  Four successful hits will knock it
          right back at him and stun him.

When you go to Data Drain him, evade the normal shots and bullets, and release
when you have a shot.  When you win, Sakaki will fall.
***End of Battle***

Watch the scenes.  Sakaki will be in an Outer Dungeon where the Azure Knights
will finish him off after Ovan leaves him.  You'll get 600 WP, a Wrath Dakini,
and Genome Data AIDA-041.

-------------Turning Twilight's Key-------------

                ~~Part 1: The Wiseman's Prophecy~~

You'll also be called over to Raven's @HOME.

 Mac Anu--

Head to the Mercenary district to enter Raven's @HOME.  You'll get a scene with
Pi explaining the situation with Yata.  Log out.

          You are congratulated by Antares, Matsu, Silabus, and Gaspard.  It's
               funny that Gaspard says Canard is famous and whatnot, because I
               only know of four members.  <_<
          Ovan will also congratulate you as well as admit to pulling Sakaki's
          Pi, in addition to congratulating you, will say that Yata is very
               vulnerable when it comes to having his abilities questioned.
          CC Corp will tell you about a special coronation just for you for the
               three victories you had.  Right . . . special . . . .
          Taihaku asks you to come meet him.
          2 new topics, 3 new wallpapers

 Mac Anu--

Head to the Harbor district, and talk to the NPC standing on the ship.  Choose
to Set Sail, and you'll get a scene.  After the announcer leaves, go back to
the ship to set sail again.  Once back in town, use the Chaos Gate.

 Lumina Cloth--

Go south all the way to the doors of that large building, and select to enter.
During a scene, Taihaku will hand you the Broadsword Silad.  Step outside.

Head behind the Arena for a scene with Saku.  She'll confess to not being real
in the real world as anything more than a second personality to protect the
original one.  Saku's saying goodbye here, but we can bring her back as long as
we are very nice to her in some emails.  That done, let's log out.

          Taihaku brings up the Forest of Pain, and also asks for you to save
               Sirius and Alkaid.  We will shortly.
          Bo wants Saku to stay, and he wants your help.  (Yeesh)
          CC Corp says the coronation for Sage Palace Emperor is postponed.
          Pi says Wisema... Naob... Nal... I mean Yata has run off.  She needs
               everyone to assemble at Raven's @HOME.

Upon logging in you will get a scene with Yata and Ovan.  Ovan will confront
Yata, thus pushing him in a corner emotionally.

 Mac Anu--

Enter Raven's @HOME for a scene.  When that is over, invite Pi and Bo.

 (E) Ethical Prodigy's Prophecy--

There is no need to clear this dungeon, but if you can fill up your Morale just
once and release an Avatar Awakening, that would be swell.  You can do this
with more ease by having Bo and Pi doing most of the attacks, and aiding them
only with your Dual Swords . . . with only one hit or the monsters will die too
fast to get those hit combos up (which is how we're raising the Morale).  If a
chance comes for a Rengeki, then take it.  Who knows?  You might even be able
to use an Avatar Awakening each floor or more often than that!  (Have fun)

Make your way to the Beast Statue on the third floor for a scene.


He's only SLIGHTLY tricky.  He likes to faze in and out all over the place, but
it's usually a good warning for one of his attacks.

   * Quadra Halo - Stop moving.  Get between two beams, and move LIGHTLY to the
          side as they do until the beams stop.  You know this is coming when
          those four discs around him line up.
   * Spinning Death - He throws his mask at you.  Hit it a few times with your
          scythe to deflect it, but watch out for his . . .
   * Normal Shot - A bunch of spikes fly at you.  Dash or move to the side to
          get away.
   * Shield/Rush - He may occasionally block a few of your shots just as he is
          about to dash forward at you for an attack.  Dash away from him, and
          keep shooting.
   * DD Ball - This low-powered Data Drain comes at you like a slow ball.  Hit
          it enough times with your scythe (not your face) to knock it back at
          Yata's Epitaph.  If successful, this will stun him.
   * Data Drain - REPEATEDLY AND QUICKLY press X and Circle or X and Square in
          an alternating pattern to reduce the damage you take.

When it's time to Data Drain Fidchell, keep moving without dashing while you
hold X to charge.  Keep moving still as he moves around, and keep an eye out
for when Fidchell fazes out.  When Fidchell fazes back, he will shoot at you.
It is at THAT split second just before he shoots that you should release your
DD charge on him.

               "The aberrant key, borne in thy left arm.
               The Key of Twilight, borne in thy right arm.
               The final wave, the surge of rebirth...
               shall become light and fill the world.
               Thou shalt lead the new gods to their twilight.
               Thou destroyest and createst, though powerless one...
               As the stirring footsteps of a giant shadow sound.
               Oh blessed be the little ones..."
                                   --Fidchell the Prophet
***End of Battle***

Watch the scene that follows.  You will get the Genome Data Phase 4 Epitaph.
Leave here.

                ~~Part 2: The Ghastly Business of AIDA~~

 Breg Epona--

Before moving on, let's knock a couple areas out.  Invite Atoli and Kuhn.  As a
new thing to note, Key Items called Cheat Codes will begin to appear in the
Anomalous Data.  Collect a bunch of these for later, because we're going to
make some equipment stronger.

     (E) Paling Multiple Belladonna - You'll meet Wheel Jack here as well as
          Evil Grinner.  You can get "1st Word: Forever" from here.
     (E) Unselfish Vane Daydream - The boss is a Memento Mori, but be careful
          of its counter-paralysis.  Clear this for "2nd Word: Engaging," and
          you should now have all the keywords needed to visit the tutorial
          zone from Rebirth.  You should also be level 123 with your Avatar
          Awakening at level 5 and Haseo's weapon skills at 22-23.
   * You should be able to pour 50 Virus Cores into Atoli's Lost Weapon now.
          If you have another 10+ to spare, they'll go towards Pi's weapon when
          she is next available.

Drop out of your party, and head to the Quest Shop.  After you've completed all
the bike mission related stuff up to now, grab "Last Salute of the Goblins" at
the shop, and then tune up your bike to switch out the Tidal Muffler with the
Ayanami Muffler for just this quest.

 (E) Undeterred Legerity's Goblin--

Here, we will be racing each of the five goblins for a total of five laps.  You
should have your bike with max stats.  What you need to do is go around the map
counter-clockwise five times.  You will receive some boost stock at the end of
each lap.

As a tip, stick close enough to the middle of the field including where it gets
really narrow just after passing the platform.  Pass through the Chim Chims on
the first two laps, begin using your boost near the end of the fourth lap, and
keep using it through the fifth until you pass the platform.

If you lose you have to re-accept the quest at the Quest Shop and do the whole
race all over.  If you need to, you can skip the Chim Chims until the last lap
while you are boosting, and also skip that narrow passage during the first and
final laps.  The more tricks you know, the sooner you'll get to the end, and
you will want to start just before Martina who is very fast.

For winning, you will get the accessory Demon Safe Shoes.  You will leave here
automatically, and I suggest either equipping this accessory as soon as you can
since it raises your movement speed by 25% and makes monsters not see you.  It
does NOT, however, work so well equipped to anyone other than Haseo.  The only
real downside is that your +10% exp rate goes away, so I would hang on to the
accessory with that ability on it for a while longer.

 Breg Epona--

For completing the quest, you'll also get a Book of Sense.  You can finally log
out when all that's done.  You will see another scene with Ovan.

          To Saku's message, respond with "Bo's big sister."
          Pi needs you to meet her at Breg Epona's Chaos Gate
          The other messages will give a little insight about Yata and Ovan.
          2 new topics, 2 new wallpapers

 Breg Epona--

In a scene, Bo will meet Aina.  When the scene's over, use the Warp Point to
reach 3-way Junction, and go west to make your way to the end of the walkway.
You will see Bo and Aina vanish.  Invite Pi and Endrance.

First off, we have a quick errand.

 (8) Hidden Forbidden Sacrament--

Pour some Virus Cores into Pi's Lost Weapon . . . Phase 7 in case you forgot.
I was ablt to put 35 in at this point, but even 10 should be fine for now.
Between Haseo's Ticking Death and other weapons, Pi's Stained Wing, and the
Tempting Rose on Endrance, you should be able to beat up some enemies.  Head
back to the Sigma server.

 Breg Epona--

Head to where Bo and Aina has disappeared from, and use R1 to reveal a warp in
the form of an Anomalous Data.  Use it.

 Outer Dungeon--

The only need to fight the monsters here in order to progress.  With the Demon
Safe Shoes on, you can surprise these Bugs easily.  Fight the Bugborn Beta and
Bug Queen Beta.  Endrance's Lost Weapon hastens your chances for getting some
Rengeki attacks going, so attack what he attacks.  Getting more Virus Cores and
leveling Pi and Endrance up a bit would be a good idea with these eight battles
you have to fight.  You should be able to get at least one or two awakenings
out of this.

When the enemies are gone, Haseo and Pi will realize Bo's moved on to another
area.  Use the nearest platform to leave.

 Breg Epona--

Pi will leave.  Switch out Endrance for Kuhn and Atoli for one more round of
areas for training.  Our goal is to hit level 126 or higher using areas leveled
122-124.  You can switch Haseo's accessory back to one with exp +10% for this
since we're training.  Be sure the bike is tuned back to having a Tidal Muffler
equipped so the monsters don't see us.

     (E) Graceful Precept's Daydream - Horndrigal appears here, and "3rd Word:
          can be your reward.
     (E) Piling Evil's Daydream - Clear for "3rd Word: Showers."
     (E) Aesthetic Fortune's Camellia - Here, you start to see Vicious Seeds.
          The boss is a Straight Felon, and ranking a B or higher will get you
          "2nd Word: Stellar."
   * The Avatar Awakening should be getting close to level 6, this party should
          be at level 126, and we should be good on leveling until AFTER a big
          battle not far from now.

With our leveling up done with, log out.

          A frightened Gaspard tries saying he's not afraid of ghosts.  This
               unlocks a topic in . . .
     Rumors Board:
          Read the new post from "Little ghost girl," and a new message will
               then appear in your email.
          Pi directs you to Breg Epona to find the person behind the message on
               the Rumors Board.

 Breg Epona--

Run or ride your bike through that long side-corridor to the dead end where the
blue circle appears on the game's map.  Talk to 'big mountain,' and he'll say
he doesn't want to talk about it just before he leaves.  You will then hear a
scream.  Now, how does Haseo know it's from one specific shop on the other side
of town?

Make your way toward the Warp Point to get a scene with Piros.  He will give
the address to your next area.  Invite Pi and Endrance again.  If you have 50
Virus Cores, then put them into Pi's Lost Weapon before heading to . . .

 (E) Fading Moonflower Glory--
  ____       ____       ____       ____       ____
 | 6  |     |1  2|     |   8|     |    |     |  8 |
 |    |     |   5|     |o  6|     |o  3|     |    |
 |   C|      """"       """"       """"       "II"
 |    |                                       |  |
 |    |                 ___________________   _II_
 | 7  |                |d     @            |=|    |
  """"                  """""""""""""""""""  |    |
  B1                                          """"
            ____        ____
           |1   |  __  |o  o|  ___   _____
           |    |=|  |=|    |=|   |=|    @| Start
            """"   ""   """"   """   """""

 |4        C        3|

  ___________________   ____   __   ____   __   ____
 |u    @             |=|    |#|  |=|1   |=|  |=|C  3|
  """""""""""""""""""  |    |  ""  |   o|  ""  |    |
                        """"        II""        ""II
                                   |  |          |  |
  ___________________   ____        II__   __   __II
 |d    @             |=|@   |      |   o|=|  |=|o   |
  """""""""""""""""""  |   6|      |4   |  ""  |   2|
                        """"        """"        """"

                        ____        ____        ____
                       |    |  __  |    |      |   6|
                       |5   |=|  |=|   o|      |5   |
                        """"   ""   """"        """"
We have to go through this dungeon to find an Anomalous Data.  So, equip the
Demon Safe Shoes on Haseo so we can get moving.  You do NOT need to clear this
dungeon, thankfully.  However, the first floor does introduce you to monsters
called Zan Dibro.  Above are the maps for two of the three floors.

For the first floor Warp #2 goes to the room with Warp #3, Warps #4 and #7 both
go to the receivers in that first hallway from the starting platform, Warp #5
goes east one room, and all other warps go both ways.  So, using this info and
the map together you should be able to figure out to use Warps 1, 5, and 8 to
reach the way down.

As for the second floor's map: Warp #1 goes to the receiver next to #2, Warp #2
goes to the receiver next to Warp #1, Warp #3 goes to the same room as #4, and
#4 takes you one way to the path with two two-way Warp Points before you reach
the way down.  So, just use Warps 4, 5, and 6 before heading west.

When you get to the third floor, make your way to the northeast room where you
will see some white noise.  Press R1 to reveal the Anomalous Data.  Warp!

 Outer Dungeon--
  ____   __   ____        ____   __   ____
 |2   |=|  |=|  M |      |    |=|  |=|   @| Start
 |    |  ""  |    |      |  M |  ""   """"
  """"        II""        ""II
             |  |          |  |
  ____        II__        __II        ____
 |2  3|      |  M |  __  |    |  __  |    |
 |    |      |    |=|  |=|  M |=|  |=|M  1|
  """"        II""   ""   """"   ""   """"
             |  |
  ____        II__        ____        ____
 |    |  __  | M  |      |3   |  __  |   @|
 |1  M|=|  | |    |      |   M|=|  |=|    |
  """"   ""   """"        """"   ""   """"
Oh boy... more Warp Points.  Luckily, we don't have to fight the monsters this
time, so just follow the Warp Points on the map to reach the platform at the
end of this Outer Dungeon.  You can skip Warp Point #1.  When you reach the end
you will get a scene.  Leave when it's done.

                ~~Part 3: Death Versus Rebirth Reprised~~

 Breg Epona--

Head back to the desktop.

          Antares invites you to do a quest with him.
          Respond to Saku with "White chrysanthemum."
          2 new topics with 1 wallpaper in one topic and 3 more in the other.

 Breg Epona--

Be sure to save before this one.  Invite Antares and Kuhn, and pick up "Lawless
Fort" from the Quest Shop.

 (E) Vulnerable Barren Safe House--

There will be a scene upon entry.  Now, understand there is no need to fight
the monsters or do any sort of clearing of this dungeon, BUT you do need to go
up against the PKs on your way down.  Be sure the Demon Safe Shoes are still
equipped as you make your way through the caverns.  When the path splits, take
the route to the west.  Oh, and I suggest setting to Beast Awakening for this.

You will soon run into the first PK, Cervantes.  He'll be easy enough for you
as long you start strong with a Broadsword skill, and keep on him.  A couple
Rengeki attacks should see this encounter over.

Just before reaching the end of the first floor you will see one of the jerks
from the start of the dungeon be finished off by Garden Michelle and Fiery
Genie-Five.  Heal Antares during this fight if you need to, but concentrate on
Genie-Five first with your Scythe before taking down Michelle.  The worst part
of this fight is needing either to heal Antares or getting past those blocks to
do some Rengeki attacks after enough combo hits.

When the path splits on the second floor, go north.  Near the end is when you
will find Wicked Gerango and Wicked Ibaku.  Start off with a Beast Awakening
and concentrating first on Ibaku.  Then, take out Gerango.  However, if your
party members decide to go for Gerango first then there's no pulling on the
correct target, so join them to finish Gerango or else you will have some heal
and paralysis related problems.

A few rooms into the third floor you will run into Immortal Goriki.  Gang up on
him as much as you need to win this fight.

From there, go south as far as you can, west as far as you can, and then north
all the way to the last room for a scene with three of the last four PKs.  The
boss of the trio will recognize you.  The battle will end about as quickly as
Kuhn uses his strongest skill.  Then Grein will show up and join him.  Antares
will laugh a bit and talk to Haseo before the next battle begins.  For the big
fight against this duo, pop a Beast Awakening, finish off Negimaru, and then go
for Grein to make this battle go fast.

After the scene, you will leave automatically.

   * When you get the chance, change back to the Avatar Awakening so you don't
          forget and get surprised later on.

 Breg Epona--

During the scene that usually ends the quest, Grein will show up and thank you.
You will get a Book of Wisdom.  Amazingly, an email will come just when Haseo
suspects that one should come.  Log out.

          Pi will summon you to Raven's @HOME.

As you log in, you will see a couple scenes including a flashback to when Ovan
first got infected by AIDA.

 Mac Anu--

Before anything else, check with Dr. Kubo in his house in Mercenary district to
see if you hit 1000 Chim Data yet.  If you have, then you will get a Dusk Chim
Chim.  Use it right away, and then enter Raven's @HOME.

During a scene, Ovan will beckon to Haseo to come find him.  Yata will decide
to accompany you for this.

 Breg Epona--

Invite Kuhn and Endrance, and then save your game!  I kid you not.

 (E) Immersed Crime's Paraphrase--

The first floor is uneventful, so just run on to the second

On the second floor, run east, north, and then west to use the first Warp Point
before heading west some more to find two Warp Points.  Take the one to the
south to find your way down.

On the third floor, make your way to the north most room where you will find
some white noise.  Use the Data Hacking feature to find the Anomalous Data.
Use it to warp.

 Outer Dungeon--
  ____        ____        ____
 |5  M|      |o   |      |   2|
 |8  6|      |   3|      |o  M|
  """"        """"        """"

  ____        ____        ____
 |  Co|      |@  $|      |1  o|  __   ____
 |M  7|      |%  o|      |4  o|=|  |=|   @| Start
  """"        """"        """"   ""   """"

  ____        ____        ____
 |   o|      |   0|      |o  @|
 |M  9|      |M  o|      |   5|
  """"        """"        """"
At the very least, fight the Bugborn Gamma and Bug Queen Gamma to add to your
Monster Info.  You can probably get another Avatar Awakening or two out of this
place.  It's even better if you can get Endrance leveled up here just once.

Follow the Warp Points on the map I drew by going to #4, #5, #8, #9, and #0.
Once you are in the central room, you will notice white noise in the middle of
an Outer Dungeon.  Press R1 to find the Anomalous Data, and use it to warp to
some Outer Space (or a large white area).  After a scene with all 8 Epitaph
Users plus Aina present.  Then, a battle will begin.

HP: 6800

This is the fight I asked you to be 126+ for, though Endrance will likely be at
121 or 122.  So, be ready to real Endrance if needed.  We brought him so it'll
be that much easier to get Rengeki attacks going.  You should be stronger now
than that shield he loves to put up, so keep laying plenty of attacks on Ovan.

Also, you will want the Beast Awakening on standby for when you have the Morale
to do one.  Once you have the Morale, quickly bring down those Neighbor things
Ovan likes to summon if they're up, be sure his health is about halfway down,
and use that Beast Awakening.  During the awakening, use skills and attacks as
much as your three characters can.  Hopefully, you can bring Ovan's HP to 0 in
that time.  If not, he shouldn't be far off.

A scene will then turn this into an avatar battle.

***Corbenik 2nd***

This one's trickier than the last time you fought Ovan's avatar.  At the start
of the battle you can stun him normally, but then you must do something else to
stun him.  So, Make the first stun count as much as you can.

   * Normal Shot - Move to the side to get out of the way.
   * Variant Summon - A bunch of lesser Annas come out.  Slash them to pieces
          with your scythe, one slash each.
   * Stun Shield - After the first time you stun and slash Corbenik, he'll then
          summon a shield to keep from being stunned so easily.
   * Celestial Wrath - He shoots energy upward, and it rains down.  Dash to a
          side when it starts, and hope to not get hit.
   * Mental Vampirism - A lesser Data Drain comes at you.  Hit it with your
          scythe until it flies back AND STUNS CORBENIK!  Use this chance to
          slash at him some more, and also to get off a few more shots before
          that shield comes back up.
   * Data Drain - Rabid alternating of X and Circle or X and Square to reduce
          the time of exposure to the damage, thus reducing the damage you take
          from this attack.

With your own Data Drain, it gets a little more tricky.  Move to the side and
charge like normal, and stop and release just before Corbenik fires a normal
shot at you.  This will shatter his shield, but you have 5-10 seconds before
that shield comes back up.  -SO- charge while moving again, and once again time
your release of the Data Drain like with the last one . . . just as Corbenik is
firing a normal shot at you.  If you get that second one in there before the
shield comes back up, then it's over.  If the shield comes back up, then it's
another charge.  Remember, this is in addition to the minute you have to do the
Data Drain successfully.  You can do it!  (Good luck)
***End of Battle***

You will get a new Genome Data for this battle, too.

Watch the large chain of scenes.  Ovan will explain his plan all this time, he
will finally initiate Rebirth, Haseo--attached to his PC by the mind--struggles
to hang on to his life in the middle of nowhere until comes a giant flying
turtle with a city on its back, and more...

-------------Second Wave's Aftermath-------------

                ~~Part 1: For Those Still Lost~~

Zelkova will come and explain what happened.  He'll tell Haseo that he needs to
find himself if he wishes to live.  During the reflection upon himself, Haseo
soon comes face to face with Skeith looking much like Haseo . . . but in white
with red hair.  Haseo will tell Skeith that he'll go on in life as hard as it
is, Skeith will try to leave, but Haseo will tell him that Skeith is not going
anywhere.  Upon realizing they are one being together, Haseo's form changes.

Xth Form Time!  You can now fight with Dual Guns in addition to your other
weapons, though only two of the four Dual Guns you get are useful, and Avatar
Awakening can now level up to 6-10.  This also allows for Double Trigger, or
pressing R1 at the end of a skill from a different weapon to use a skill from
the Dual Guns.

 Netslum Tartarga--

Welcome to Paradise.  Current ruler: Zelkova.  It's a hacker's server outside
The World which interacts with the MMO from time to time.  Before moving on,
I suggest going into Skill Trigger on the menu.

                  * Chaotic Strike - Set to Triangle
   * Justice - Set to Square        * Reaper's Touch - Set to Circle
                  * Shell Breaker - Set to X

Alright, head southeast to the Bridge just beyond the doors.  You will get a
scene starting with Zelkova and Kaede.  Yata will arrive followed by Kuhn, Pi,
and Atoli.  Endrance and Bo are right outside as well.

Alright, for those of you who don't know, Tartarga was the leading AI living in
Netslum during the R:1 days.  He's grown into the giant turtle flying around
The World.  Zelkova and Kaede will give you their member addresses.  Haseo will
then explain how all of AIDA and the Rebirth became known as the Third Network
Crisis (Pluto's Kiss and Pluto Again from //I.M.O.Q. being the other two).  But
Shino is among the few people who have not yet returned.

You'll then appear on your desktop.

          Respond to Saku with "What a flower means"
          Sirius will thank you for saving him, but wonder why Alkaid has not
               yet returned.
          Atoli will say she's still worried about something unknown
          Endrance will say AIDA is gone but wonder if the fight isn't over yet
          Based on Kuhn's message, it seems some time has passed.  He says that
               CC Corp is making a scapegoat out of Ovan just so they don't
               lose business over the global network mess.
          Pi will believe based on Fidchell's prophecy that it isn't over yet.
               Then again, we haven't seen Silvermane Kudan's reading into the
               future come true just yet.

Head out of the E-Mail for a second.  Haseo will ponder on something, and then
another message will come.

          Yata will say two things.  First is that the comatose people recover
               rates, and Shino now needs more time.  Second is that he needs
               you to meet him at a Lost Ground.
          2 new topics, 2 new wallpapers.

 Mac Anu--

Use the Chaos Gate.

 (A) Hidden Forbidden Bulwark--

You will get a scene in which Yata shows you a large monster known as Cubia.
Yata will then say how he and Cubia were both present during Pluto Again seven
years earlier, and you will see his first character during the flashback.  He
will then vow not to let The World be destroyed, and Yata will then hand you
his member address.  Leave when it's over.

 Mac Anu--

Invite Yata and Endrance.  Also, switch back to your accessory with Exp +10% on
it.  That's right, it's time to do some leveling and to get Yata's affection up
from the single red sphere.  In fact, if you still have the Book of Wisdom from
earlier, then give it to Yata to use on himself.

 Breg Epona--

Make sure everything's ready to go.  You will notice that Yata has two super
rare weapons.  Don't equip his Lost Weapon on him until we've poured at least
85 Virus Cores into it.  During this round of areas, you may hit the 30th and
final Mecha Grunty rescue for Redemption, which ends with a scene.  Don't be
too worried about the resulting quest after reporting this to the NPC in Mac
Anu, because the quest is for when you're in the 130s.

     (E) Graceful Wrath's Bum - Clear to get "3rd Word: Umbrella."
     (E) Agonizing Daybreak's Daydream - Rank a B or higher for "3rd Word: Wind
     (E) Petitioning Unclean Route - Lei Dibro appears here, and the boss is a
          Spheranodon.  Clear to get "1st Word: Unsheathed."
   * This should be enough to get Haseo to level 129, so feel free to do more
          areas in the 125-127 range until he is.  We should also have enough
          Virus Cores to make Yata's Lost Weapon grow 2 levels.
   * Also, if you've fought every monster mentioned up to now, then you should
          have enough to get Ryu Book VII to level 8.  Check with Death Grunty
          to be sure.  If it is so, then everything else should be at level 8
          or 9, meaning an additional message will appear in your email.

Once you are done sell stuff from the above areas and putting Virus Cores into
Yata's Lost Weapon, log out.

          CC Corp will inform you that Canard has risen to Rank 8 if you have
               done as I've told you.  This will allow for you to display 15
               different items at Shop Acorn instead of 10 (like we really need
               so much room these days, right?) and for a new expansion to show
               up in your guild's menu.
          Aina will ask you to come to the Beast Temple in (E) Incensed World's
          Yata will say CC Corp is up in arms about Cubia
          Saku, if you've been nice to her in the past emails, will say she has
               decided to stay for Bo's sake.
     News Capture:
          Online Jack episode 8 is up.
          Lots of articles also about what lots of people believe to be AIDA's
               work against all sorts of systems and also about a warrant being
               issued for the arrest of the man behind Ovan.

 Breg Epona--

Before anything, stop by Canard's @HOME, and go into Expand Facility to spend
800000 GP on Platform Heal.  This will let you fully recover your HP and SP for
your whole party once per area using the platforms.  You likely won't need this
until near the end of the side event later on in this game, but it's good to
have, yeah?

Equip those Demon Safe Shoes.  I also suggest inviting Zelkova and Kaede just
to help get Kaede's affection started.

 (E) Incensed World's Build-Up--

Alright, like most storyline areas, there is no need to clear this dungeon, but
you should try to get into a few fights for getting combos to 16 hits and to do
Rengeki attacks.  This should help raise Kaede's affection if just a little.
Also, let's try for an Avatar Awakening while we're here.  Haseo doesn't need
to attack except once in a while to keep the combos going or to do a Rengeki.

Make your way through the first floor.  Don't forget to grab the Anomalous Data
near the end since it could be a Cheat Code.  Like I said before, you should be
collecting those things for something coming up soon enough.

On the second floor are a few Warp Points, but no need for me to draw a map for
you.  Use the first Warp Point you reach, then the one across the room from
where you appear, and then head west to continue downward.  Be sure to fight at
least one of those Gan Dibro monsters for your Monster Info.

On the third floor, it should be pretty easy to find your way to the last room,
the Beast Temple.  You'll get a scene where Aina explains how she saw through
Ovan's eyes like a dream when she was comatose.  She'll asky why Ovan was not
saved before she runs off.  You will then receive a short mail from Yata.  Now,
head back to town.

                ~~Part 2: Showdown at Once the Navel~~

 Breg Epona--

You can drop the team now or later.

 Mac Anu--

Head to Raven's @HOME for a scene.  We have to go save Aina, now.  Before we go
on, I suggest stocking up on healing items, and putting them in storage.

Now would also be a good time to go into the Serpent of Lore and fight all the
rematches from Redemption up to now.  You can get a wallpaper from each of the
four rematches.

 Breg Epona--

Invite Yata and Endrance again.  You don't need to equip the accessory with the
10% exp bonus.

     (E) Saddened Prodigy's Utopia - Long-Lived-King appears here.  "1st Word:
          Reaching" can be your reward here.
     (E) Counting Vane Generation - Rue Dibro appears here.  Clear this field
          for "2nd Word: Merciless."
     (E) Dejected Fortune's In-Laws - Ani Dibro can be found here as well as a
          boss monster called Death Radar.  Get a B or higher here to earn "3rd
          Word: Saga."

Finally, go to (8) Hidden Forbidden Sacrament since you should have another 50
Virus Cores to spend by now.  Put them into Yata's Lost Weapon, and we'll only
have two Lost Weapons left to do this for.  As for levels, Haseo should be just
under 132, Avatar Awakening should be at level 7 or somewhere close to, and the
affection for Yata should be at the blue sphere by now.

   * No, we're not slowing down with those Virus Cores, and you will see why
          in a while.

That all said and done, switch out Yata for Bo.

 (E) Fleeing Dismayed Emotion--

As I'm sure you can guess, there's no need to clear.  Getting your Morale gauge
filled before the end is still advisable.  If the Lucky Animal is a Sleipnir,
then grab it right after filling your Morale.  If not, no worries.

Head to the north side of the southwest island for a scene.

***Cubia Gomora x3***
HP: 1800 ea.

Bust out the Avatar Awakening, and it's pretty much overkill.
***End of Battle***

Another scene will follow.  You'll leave automatically.

 Breg Epona--

There's no need to stick around here.

 Mac Anu--

Enter Raven's @HOME for a scene.  Yata will have an idea to try to contact the
ultimate AI, Aura.  Haseo and Yata will decide to go to (A) Hidden Forbidden
Holy Ground, and Aina will ask to come with.  I, for one, like to have Haseo at
level 133 for this because of a big showdown.  So, let's do two more areas with
Yata and Endrance in our party.  Go ahead and equip that accessory with the 10%
exp boost for these areas.

     (E) Decadent Engaging Daydream - Magi Ramon appears here.  Clear this to
          get "1st Word: Glittering."
     (E) Dreaming Swift Phoenix - Harpy Queen appears here.  Rank a B or higher
          to get "2nd Word: Queen's"

You should have quite a few Virus Cores, so put 10 into Endrance's Lost Weapon.
Back in Mac Anu, be sure to save your game.

 (A) Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground--

After a scene, head to the doors and enter.  You will get another scene which
ends with the arrival of . . .

***The Azure Knights***
Kite's HP: 7000
Orca's HP: 3500
Balmung's HP: 3500

Haseo has fought Azure Kite twice before.  The first time was in this very same
place at level 133, one-on-one, with the victory to Kite.  The second was in
some Outer Space, level 50, three-against-one with Haseo being the victor.  In
this fight, Haseo is once again level 133 if you did all that leveling, and the
odds are three against three.  See why I asked you to level so much, now?

In this fight, you will need to concentrate on Kite to get his HP down to half.
As soon as the fight starts, use your Scythe's skill while the Azure Knights
are bunched together.  If you attack Orca or Balmung, they'll just faze out of
sight for a second.  So, keep those attacks on Kite.

The second thing is that EVEN IF you were any higher in level, you may require
the usage of healing items.  Be ready to use a Restoring Rain as needed.

Once you get Kite down halfway, there will be a big attack against Haseo.  At
the same time, you should be about full with your Morale.  Avatar Awakening is
your best best.  With luck, it'll even knock out Orca and Balmung.  This leaves
Kite alone against your full party.  Bring him down from there.
***End of Battle***

Aura, who has taken over Aina, will halt the battle.  Yata will realize why the
Azure Knights listen to her.  She will say the future of The World can only be
decided by the players.  Azure Kite will then hand Haseo his weapon the Empty
Skies before the trio leave.  You will leave here automatically.

                ~~Part 3: Never to Lose the Lost Grounds~~

 Mac Anu--

Yata tells you that now is your chance to take care of any business you have in
town before heading to the Serpent of Lore.  Use this chance to stock up on all
sorts of items, and put them in storage.  The main thing you need, really, is
plenty of Fair Drops which can be bought at the Kiosk in Breg Epona, but you'll
be able to find that and better soon.

   * WARNING: Once you enter Raven's @HOME there will be no turning back unless
          you reload the file.  You will be unable to visit the different towns
          until after you beat the last boss of the main story!  As for me, I'm
          more for rushing in since we're quite high in level already, and also
          because of something that will happen -VERY- soon.

Enter Raven's @HOME when you are ready.  You will get a scene.

 Netslum Tartarga--

You will get another scene.  Head to the Bridge for another scene.  Beware, you
should listen to what everyone says instead of trying to read it.  The game's
biggest flaw will show itself here . . . that is, there are times you will see
"...Man, what was all that about?" when everyone on the screen is saying other
stuff.  The translators are at fault, not you.

Zelkova will explain that the nuclear reactors around the real world are losing
control thanks to Cubia.  Meltdowns could occur if Cubia isn't stopped.  Haseo
will say he will fight the Gomoras as much as needed, and Zelkova will send out
a message to all players to help fight to keep the Gomoras in check.

After that scene is over, head northwest to Silabus and Gaspard for another
scene.  Saku will then show up and deny your hand in her staying.

If you go into your guild's Alchemy Shop, you can now use those Cheat Codes we
have been collecting to fix up your super rare equipment.  I suggest pouring 12
into Heine's Shadow and Heine's Invasion each.  This will increase the damage
you've been doing with those weapons if you've been using them up to now like I
have been doing.  The Ticking Death cannot be helped with this.

Check the Kiosk by the Chaos Gate for any healing items you need.  The Menami
Muffler can also be found here.  Log out when you're done.

          Bo will thank you for getting Saku to not vanish.
          CC Corp, which is full of crap, will call all this server maintenance
          You will get the email Zelkova has sent to everybody.
          Zelkova will call you to Tartarga's bridge.
          4 new topics, 5 new wallpapers.

 Netslum Tartarga--

Head to the Bridge for a scene.  After that, I suggest putting the Demon Safe
Shoes back on.  We actually have 5 areas new visit not including Outer Dungeons
at each of them.  The first four are Lost Grounds which can be done in pretty
much any order.  I saved my favorite for the second last.

Go to the Chaos Gate.  You will notice that you can use it to change the server
you are going to before you put in Area Words.  With Pi and Sakubo in your team
let's get started.

 (8) Hidden Forbidden Battlefield--

During a pretty cool scene, Gabi will arrive followed by the Kestrel trio and
also IYOTEN and Asta to hold off the Gomoras.

You'll find the white noise between the purple and green pillars.  Reveal the
Anomalous Data so you can warp.

 Outer Dungeon--
  ____   __   ____       ____   __   ____
 |    |=|  |=|  M |     |1   |=|  |=|    |
 |    |  ""  |    |     |    |  ""  |    |
  II""        ""II       """"        ""II
 |  |          |  |                   |  |
  II__        __II       ____   __   __II
 |    |      |    |     |    |=|  |=|    |
 |2   |      | C  |     |   M|  ""  | C  |
  """"        ""II       II""        """"
               |  |     |  |
  ____        __II       II__        ____
 |   M|  __  |    |     | M  |  __  |    |
 |    |=|  |=|    |     |    |=|  |=|   o|
  II""   ""   """"       II""   ""   """"
 |  |                   |  |
  II__        ____       II__
 |   @|  __  |    |     |    |  __   ______
 |    |=|  |=|   1|     |    |=|  |=|     @| Start
  """"   ""   """"       """"   ""   """"""
Here, we have to take down 4 groups of Cubia Gomoras.  Follow my map to find
them.  They're easy to bring down even with your Dual Guns.  You could solo the
Outer Dungeon stuff if you wanted to, but having Sabubo and Pi along is still a
good idea.  I also suggest using the Scythe; one or two normal attacks plus a
Skill Trigger when the Gomoras are close together will end the battles fast.

Use a platform to leave when you're done.

 Netslum Tartarga--

Yes, Haseo will keep repeating himself each time you return here until the four
Lost Grounds are taken care of.

 (8) Hidden Forbidden Dragonbein--

Piros will be there to help, and then Silabus and Gaspard will show up as well.
They'll hold off the Gomoras for you here, and so will Antares.

Head down just past the Tri-Edge sign on the ground, press R1, and warp with
the Anomalous Data at the end.

 Outer Dungeon--
  ____   ____   ____   __   ____        ____
 | C  |=|    |=|   M|=|  |=|    |      |1   |
 |M   |  """"  |    |  ""  |   o|      |    |
  II""          """"        """"        ""II
 |  |                                    |  |
  II__          ____        ____        __II
 |M  2|        |   M|  __  |    |  __  | C  |
  """"         |    |=|  |=|   M|=|  |=|  M |
                II""   ""   """"   ""   """"
  ____         |  |
 | 3  |         II__        ______
 |    |        | C  |  __  |      |  __   __   __   _____
 |  C |        |    |=|  |=|  M   |=|  |=|  |=|  |=|    @|
 |    |         """"   ""   ""II""   ""   ""   ""   """""
 |    |  ___   ____          |  |
 | M  |=|   |=|   o|          II
  """"   """   """"          |  |
                             | o|
There are 8 groups of Gomoras here.  I'm sure you can follow the Warp Points in
this area just by looking at which pathway connects to which number on my map.
Use the same strategy against the Gomoras to make this trap go quick.

 Netslum Tartarga--

Now for my favorite of these four.  Switch servers.

 (A) Hidden Forbidden Radiation--

Alkaid!  That's right, she's been back for some time.  The rest of the Icolo
trio shows up as well to help you here.  A bunch of Arena fighters will then
come to aid in the fight.

"There's no point lecturing monsters before fighting them..." --Sirius

Head forward a bit to find the white noise, and use Data Hacking to find your
next warp.

 Outer Dungeon--
  ____          ____          ____
 |   6|        |6   |        |o   |  __   _____
 |M   |        |    |        |    |=|  |=|    @|
  """"          ""II         |o   |  ""   """""
                 |  |         ""II
  ____   ____   __II__         |  |
 | C M|=|    |=| 4 @3 |       __II
 |5   |  """"  |    2 |      |M   |
  """"          ""II""       |   1|
                 |  |         """"
  ____           _II_
 |5   |         | CM |
 |C   |         |    |
  """"           """"

                            |2    1|
                            |      |
There are 5 groups of Gomoras.  Warp Points #3 and #4 both go to the receivers
at the beginning, and all the others connect both ways.  Take out the Gomoras
before leaving.

 Netslum Tartarga--

At this point, I usually like to switch out Sakubo for Alkaid.  This next trip
should level her up quite a bit as long as you follow the quick-kill strategy
I told you about with the Scythe.

 (A) Hidden Forbidden Bulwark--

Moon Tree's remaining leaders will all appear here.  That is, the seven leaders
minus Nala, Zelkova, and Sakaki will fight the Gomoras in this Lost Ground.

There's no need to move to find the white noise.  Reveal the Anomalous Data.

 Outer Dungeon--
  ____                    ____
 |   2|                  |  2 |
 |    |                  | M  |
  II""                   |    |       ____
 |  |                    | M  |  __  |   1|  __   _____
  II__        ____       |  3 |=|  |=|o   |=|  |=|    @| Start
 |o   |      |  o |       """"   ""   """"   ""   """""
 | C  |      | M  |
  """"       |    |       ____
             |  M |  __  |   6|
  ____       |  4 |=|  |=|M   |
 |  @ |       """"   ""   """"
 |    |
 |  C |       ____        ____        ____
 |    |  __  |M  6|      |   5|  __  | C @|
 |    |=|  |=|    |      |o   |=|  |=|    |
  """"   ""   """"        """"   ""   """"
Eighteen Gomoras!  Sorry, that's six groups to take down.  Kill each group fast
for the additional purpose of leveling Alkaid like crazy.

Run ahead to the room with #2 and #3, slay the Gomoras, and use #3.  Kill the
three groups on the way to #6, and then warp to the last group.  From there, go
to the nearest platform.  As usual for these Outer Dungeons, watch out for the
barrier traps.

 Netslum Tartarga--

Head to the Bridge for a scene.  Zelkova has tracked down Cubia, and Aina will
ask you to save The World for Ovan's sake.  Switch the server to Sigma.  I like
to bring Yata and Sakubo for this.

 (E) Excited Conflict's Fate--
  _____________   ____        ____   __   ____
 |d @          |=|   o|      |4   |=|  |=|    |
  """""""""""""  |   5|      |    |  ""  |    |
 B2               """"        """"        ""II
                                           |  |
                  ____        ____        __II
                 |   o|  __  |   3|      |o   |
                 |    |=|  |=|    |      |   o|
                  II""   ""   """"        """"
                 |  |
                  II__        ____        ____
  _____________  |   1|      |o   |  __  |   2|
 |u @          |=|    |      |    |=|  |=|    |
  """""""""""""   """"        """"   ""   """"

         _____________        ____
 B3     |      C      |      |5  4|
        |      @     o|      |o   |
         II"""""""""""        """"
        |  |
         II__     ____   __   ____   __   ____   __   _____
        |  % |   |    |=|  |=|    |=|  |=|2   |=|  |=|   @T|
        |    |   |    |  ""  |    |  ""  |    |  ""   """""
         """"     II""        """"        """"
                 |  |
                  II__        ____
                 |    |      |3   |
                 |o   |      |1   |
                  """"        ""II
                               |  |
                  ____        __II
  _____________  |    |  __  |o  o|
 |u @        @ |=|    |=|  |=|    |
  """""""""""""   """"   ""   """"
The first floor has a bunch of nothing plus weak monsters you don't have to
fight.  Make your way west to the end.

Starting the second floor, start building up your Morale to do at least one
Avatar Awakening before the end of the dungeon.  There are also Warp Points on
this floor.  #1 goes east a room, #2 and #3 reach the same room on the path to
#4, #4 goes west a room, and #5 goes south.  Once you reach the room with #5 in
it, continue west to the next floor.

On the third floor, you have the optional Beast Statue to visit just past Warp
Point #2, which is reached by taking #1.  #2 takes you back to the room with
the two receivers as does #4.  So, take #3 and #5 to reach the way to where you
find the Anomalous Data.

 Outer Dungeon--
  ____        ____   __   ____        ____
 | o  |      |    |=|  |=|   5|      |o  2|
 |    |      |o   |  ""  |    |      |o   |
 |    |       """"       |    |       """"
 |    |       ____   __  |    |       ____   __   _____
 |    |      |    |=|  |=|    |      |  o |=|  |=|    @| Start
 |   3|      |    |  ""   """"       |    |  ""   """""
 |   7|      |    |                  |    |
 |   6|      |    |       ____   __  |    |
 |   4|      |  o |      |    |=|  |=|    |
  """"        """"       |    |  ""   """"
  ____        ____       |    |       ____
 | % $|  __  |o   |      |    |  __  |1   |
 |@   |=|  |=|    |      |    |=|  |=|    |
  """"   ""   """"        """"   ""   """"
   * In the room with the four out-going Warp Points, #3 and #4 lead to #5, and
          #6 brings you to the beginning.  #5 takes you to the room with #2, by
          the way.  #7 sends you to the final steps before the Save Point.

There's no need to fight here, but I do suggest saving when you reach the Save
Point by using Warp Points #1, #2, and #7.  When you get there, there will be a
scene between the seven Epitaph Users before you can save.  Once you are ready
to begin THE FINAL BATTLE OF THE GAME'S MAIN STORY, press R1, and utilize the
Anomalous Data to warp.

                ~~Part 4: Another Crisis, Another Finale~~

After a scene, the battle begins with an Avatar Battle against the exterior of
Cubia's body.

***Cubia Alpha***

Normal stun shots won't work here.  What you have to do is hold Square for one
or two seconds, and release.  Watch out for those Gomoras flying at you when
you hold and release the wave of stun shots.  After hitting Cubia with enough
of the new type of stun shot, dash in to do damage to the head that has poked
out of the hole.

When Cubia uses Ectoplasm, it does no damage but will knock you away from the
body.  Continue with the charged stun shots.

After the first head dies, the second pops out.  Continue as before up to the
third head.  During the fight with the third head you will occasionally see a
chain of Gomoras which will fly at you when the other Gomoras are gone.  Slash
the chain apart before it hits you, and continue with the charged stun shots
and scythe attacks.  The fourth head will be much the same way, but with more
Gomora Chains.

So you know, you won't be right next to a head when you attack it.  Don't waste
too much time trying to dash in.  You should be able to knock out a little over
half a head's health during one stun.  This damage will take two attack chains,
though, so a total of four is needed for each head.

Once all four heads are out, the shell will crack, revealing the main head.

***Cubia Beta***

However much damage you took before, you will be just below full health again.
Quickly do a charged stun before Cubia summons the Gomoras, and then do another
as soon as the Gomoras come out.  You should be able to get a good stun off of
doing this.

Your attacks won't do quite as much damage to the main head, so dash in once,
do a couple attack chains, and get the stun ready.

Keep attacking the Gomoras with those Charged Stuns to stun Cubia.  He's quite
tricky with that, though.  This gets more tedious as the battle progresses.

In his attack where Cubia spits out a BUNCH of Gomoras at once, start slashing
with the scythe to knock out the Gomoras, and continue stunning as before.  The
Chaos Gehenna is deadly if you can't slash enough of it away.

   * TIP: When Chaos Gehenna starts, leans right or left when you slash rapidly
          against the attack.
   * TIP: When trying to stun Cubia, the idea is to wipe out the Gomoras before
          it summons more.  If you back away until the remains of the shell can
          be seen, then you can use your charged stun more easily.  Dash close
          to the head only for the main assault against it, and pull back once
          you are blown back.

EVENTUALLY, and likely after several tries, you will have the chance to Data
Drain the main head.  Just charge, and then release once the head faces you in
its attack.  Good Luck
***End of Battle***

The Data Drain will have no effect, so Yata suggests we hop inside to find the
core of this big thing.  So, jump inside Skeith does.  Everyone will decide to
fight the Cubia Core even if it kills them.  At the end of another scene, you
will then be introduced to Aura's Lightsphere.

   * You can save, load, switch Party Members, and access Item Storage from the
          Aura's Lightsphere.  To invite Party Members, just access the menu
          like you were in town as long you are not in battle.

First off, let me say this one thing.  The weaker the party you take with you
for the first three battles we're about to face, the easier time you will have
in winning each fight.  My first time through, I had everyone at level 150 with
the exception of Alkaid, and she was in my first party for this.  Needless to
say, the other two fights were tough.

So, let's start off with Alkaid and Gaspard.  Walk forward along the path, and
say that you're prepared.  Three dopplegangers will arrive.

   * These dopplegangers are NOT the same as -THE- Doppleganger.  But, they'll
          still have your stats and attacks matched by the party you bring.  I
          also suggest removing any damage reduction abilities from your armor
          so that you aren't forced to do only your stronger attacks against
          the dopplegangers.  Also, try setting up for Beast Awakenings.

***Cubia Dopplegangers #1***

Start off with a Skill Trigger against the copy of Alkaid, and concentrate on
the copy of Gaspard until the Haseo copy remains.  Pound away at him while you
save up the Morale, and he should go down soon enough.
***End of Battle***

More dopplegangers will come, and Alkaid and Gaspard will stay behind to keep
them busy.  When that's over, invite Antares and Matsu, customize as needed,
and head forward to the next prompt asking if you're ready.

***Cubia Dopplegangers #2***

Immediately pop that Beast Awakening, knock out the dopplegangers as best you
can with a skill and plenty of attacks.  Once it wears, and once you have one
copy down, be it Antares or Matsu, start healing with Healing Rains as well as
helping in the attacks.  You will want at least half a bar or more of Morale by
the time the Haseo copy is down for the count.

Rengeki attacks will be a big help here.
***End of Battle***

Antares and Matsu will stay behind.  Invite Silabus and Piros.  Customize out
the damage reducers, and give Haseo back his exp boost before heading forward
to the third fight.

***Cubia Dopplegangers #3***

Beast Awakening, skills, concentrate first on Silabus's copy.  Heal and block
as needed between Rengeki attacks.  The Piros copy will probably go last.  You
should have a good lead on the Morale, now.
***End of Battle***

Piros the 3rd and Silabus will also stay behind now.  Put your abilities back
on, and invite Yata and Endrance.  Take a deep breath.  Proceed.

After a scene the final part of the final battle of the game's main story will
finally begin.

***Cubia Core***
Right Core HP: 2800
Left Core HP: 3200
Cubia Gomoras HP: 1000 each
Core Shield HP: 3000
Central Core HP: 6000

The right and left core arms will swing in and out of the stage.  Gomoras will
enter from time to time to pester you.  You have to knock out both arms, endure
the attack from the main body of the core, and then attack the core's belly.

While weeding through only a few of the Gomoras, attack each arm as its on the
stage.  Try not to get hammered by either arm.  Keep up the attacks and heals
as needed until only the body of the core remains.  It will ram you, and then
stick close where you can attack the shield.  The Gomoras will begin to swarm
like mad to protect it.

Only use the Beast Awakening when the belly is close enough to be attacked.  Be
sure also to heal as much as needed.  When the shield is down, the core will
swing in for its ramming attack again.

That's when the Central Core will become a repeat of the shield.  Since it's so
big, you'll only know to do a Rengeki when the name flashes.  Also, watch out
for the beam attack that will knock you to the back of the stage.  When you are
at a full Morale gauge, use another Beast Awakening, and concentrate on the
core.  Use skills if needed, too.  You can knock out half its health in the use
of one awakening that way.

When the core body pulls back, and you see a light appear over the front of the
stage, pull to the side quickly and block.  Heal when the BIG attack is over
before you go to block again because Cubia will likely follow up with another
ramming attack.

You'll probably use two Beast Awakenings against the Central Core before the
battle is over.
***End of Battle***

Watch the slew of scenes.  Silvermane Kudan's prediction will come true when it
seems Haseo's charge is not working.  This "unexpected encounter" will give the
strength needed to Haseo to carry on through the assault which slays the core.
The remains of Ovan's consciousness will then talk to Haseo for a bit before he
fades away.  Aura will appear saying Ovan appeared because of the bond his soul
had with your own in the time of need, and that this connection between others
is what will form what becomes of the world.

You will appear on the desktop.

          CC Corp blows everything off as maintenance.
          Aina will say she believes Ovan wanted it to end this way, and she
               should find happiness.  This along with the scene of Ovan fading
               away suggests that he's dead.
          Gabi - "This is great!"
          Matsu will say he's going to pay more attention to his real life from
               now on thanks to watching you.
          Kaede thanks you for saving the world.
          Alkaid will thank you for bringing her back, and she's not giving you
               up to Atoli.  (Silly girl)
          Silabus and Gaspard will be happy over the victory, though they don't
               understand it likely.
          Antares will say he's proud of you, and Haseo will finally refer to
               him as "master."
          Yata will say Project G.U. will disband when the cleanup is done, and
               that you should enjoy being a regular player again.
          Bo thanks you, and says he feels braver now.
          Saku . . . is her usual jealous self over Endrance.
          Zelkova will comment on things are finally peaceful.
          Pi will hint she has an interest in you, as well as say she might be
               quitting CC Corp soon.
          Kuhn will comment on how this doesn't feel like RPGs where you are
               thanked by any queen or king for saving the world.
          Endrance . . . I'm sure you can guess what his response is by now.
          Shino calls you to the place we all know so well!

 Mac Anu--

What are you waiting for?

 (A) Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground--

Head inside the cathedral for a scene.  Shino will say how she was watching you
through Ovan like Aina was.  Atoli will show up, and feel out of place before
running off.  Shino will suggest seeking Ovan as a reformed Twilight Brigade,
but know Haseo has a new life to live.  Haseo will run off after Atoli.  The
credits will role after that.  You can't skip them, so I suggest grabbing a
snack or doing something to pass the time.

   * It is suggested in a scene we just passed that Ovan's soul still wanders
          and watches over The World.

-------------Many Stories' Epilogue-------------

                ~~Part 1: Continuing to Grow~~

When the credits are over, you will be given the chance to save a Clear Data.
The remainder of Redemption will be played from here, starting from the desktop
once again.

          You are challenged by a would-be fighter of the Sage Palace.  We'll
               accept the challenge in due time.
          Zelkova will say you can go to Tartarga whenever you like from other
               towns since you're special.  Canard also is still there.
          Shino will give you her Member Address
          CC Corp sends "3rd Word: BBQ Plate."  More on this later.
          Aura will send you Member Addresses for the Azure Knights.
          Bordeaux will also send you her Member Address claiming to want to
               hunt you down.
          Tabby will say she's waiting at the entrance to the Forest of Pain.
               (Go ahead.  Let out a nice, big sigh)
          CC Corp says the Forest of Pain event is open for a time.  We'll get
               to this soon enough.
     News Capture:
          Online Jack #9 is up.  Shino will appear at the end of it.
          The warrant for Ovan's player has been recalled after a leak from CC
               Corp reported the information given was false.
          1 last, new wallpaper from this board.

 Breg Epona--

Alright, we have a lot of stuff to do.  Now to bring order to it all.  We need
to get Haseo and a few other characters or more to level 150, finish campaigns,
finish the Lost Weapons, and win that match at the Arena all before we run off
to the Forest of Pain.  There's also the Doppleganger to cover.  Ready?

Whenever you are ready, stop by the Serpent of Lore in Netslum Tartarga to take
on each Avatar Rematch at least once.  The battle with Cubia is the addition to
before.  Once you've beaten all the rematches, you'll get an extra wallpaper on
top of the ones for each of the rematches.

You should already be done finding and rescuing Mecha Grunty 30 times.  Find
the Vital Vista NPC in his house in Mac Anu's Harbor District so you can be
rewarded accordingly.
                    5 Rescues - Air Rollershoes
                   10 Rescues - Steam Apron
                   15 Rescues - Steam War Suit
                   20 Rescues - Steam Shield
                   30 Rescues - Superhero Suit
   * An email will then appear, which we'll get to after a round of leveling.

Next is the Lucky Animals.  The party level and area level still affect their
appearances much like in Reminisce.  Use my charts below so you can find at
least one of each.  I suggest areas in (A) or (8) for this.  Also, try to bring
someone with you just to pull your level average to whatever you need to find
certain Lucky Animals.  The Demon Safe Shoes will help speed this up as you go
through the dungeons.

   * In case you're confused, let's say Haseo is level 134 and you have someone
          level 130 join you.  Your average will be 132.  So, go to a level 7
          field to find Malice Cat.  Of course, at level 134, you can solo a
          level 9 field to find Malice Cat.
   | Gold Bird - Turn remaining breakable objects into chests  |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | F1                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 4 | F7                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 6 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 7 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 8 | F3                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 0 | F9                                                |
   | Moon Rabbit - Gives 400 Exp to the whole team             |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | F9                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 4 | F3                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 6 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 7 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 8 | F7                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 0 | F1                                                |
   | Leviathan - Gives 5 Materials based on area element/level |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | F5                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 4 | F5                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 6 | F1, F3, F5, F7, F9                                |
   | Lv. 7 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 8 | F5                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 0 | F5                                                |
   | Sleipnir - Halve enemies' health for next 5 encounters    |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | F2                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | F3, F6                                            |
   | Lv. 4 | F4                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | F3, F8                                            |
   | Lv. 6 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 7 | F2, F7                                            |
   | Lv. 8 | F6                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | F4, F9                                            |
   | Lv. 0 | F8                                                |
   | Tsutsuga - Saves you from Game Over three times           |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | F8                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | F4, F9                                            |
   | Lv. 4 | F6                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | F2, F7                                            |
   | Lv. 6 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 7 | F3, F8                                            |
   | Lv. 8 | F4                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | F1, F6                                            |
   | Lv. 0 | F2                                                |
   | Ganesha - Increase HP & SP of party for 5 battles         |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | F4                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | F2, F7                                            |
   | Lv. 4 | F8                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | F1, F6                                            |
   | Lv. 6 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 7 | F4, F9                                            |
   | Lv. 8 | F2                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | F3, F8                                            |
   | Lv. 0 | F1                                                |
   | High Wolf - Gives you one of three item sets              |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | F6                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | F3, F8                                            |
   | Lv. 4 | F2                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | F4, F9                                            |
   | Lv. 6 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 7 | F1, F6                                            |
   | Lv. 8 | F8                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | F2, F7                                            |
   | Lv. 0 | F4                                                |
   | Fate Worm - You receive 10000 GP                          |
   | Lv. 1 | F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F0            |
   | Lv. 2 | F0                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | F5, F0                                            |
   | Lv. 4 | F0                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | F5, F0                                            |
   | Lv. 6 | F2, F4, F6, F8, F0                                |
   | Lv. 7 | F5, F0                                            |
   | Lv. 8 | F0                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | F5, F0                                            |
   | Lv. 0 | F0                                                |
   | Totetsu - Turn remaining breakable objects into chests    |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | D1                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 4 | D7                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 6 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 7 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 8 | D3                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 0 | D9                                                |
   | Kudan - Gives 300 Exp to the whole team                   |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | D9                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 4 | D3                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 6 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 7 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 8 | D7                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 0 | D1                                                |
   | Tengu - Gives 4 Materials based on area element/level     |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | D5                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 4 | D5                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 6 | D1, D3, D5, D7, D9                                |
   | Lv. 7 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 8 | D5                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 0 | D5                                                |
   | Chimera - Halve enemies' health for next 4 encounters     |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | D2                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | D3, D6                                            |
   | Lv. 4 | D4                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | D3, D8                                            |
   | Lv. 6 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 7 | D2, D7                                            |
   | Lv. 8 | D6                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | D4, D9                                            |
   | Lv. 0 | D8                                                |
   | Qi Lin - Saves you from Game Over two times               |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | D8                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | D4, D9                                            |
   | Lv. 4 | D6                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | D2, D7                                            |
   | Lv. 6 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 7 | D3, D8                                            |
   | Lv. 8 | D4                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | D1, D6                                            |
   | Lv. 0 | D2                                                |
   | Tokoh - Increase HP & SP of party for 4 battles           |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | D4                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | D2, D7                                            |
   | Lv. 4 | D8                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | D1, D6                                            |
   | Lv. 6 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 7 | D4, D9                                            |
   | Lv. 8 | D2                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | D3, D8                                            |
   | Lv. 0 | D1                                                |
   | Baku - Gives you one of three item sets                   |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | D6                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | D3, D8                                            |
   | Lv. 4 | D2                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | D4, D9                                            |
   | Lv. 6 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 7 | D1, D6                                            |
   | Lv. 8 | D8                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | D2, D7                                            |
   | Lv. 0 | D4                                                |
   | Ouryu - You receive 8000 GP                               |
   | Lv. 1 | D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D0            |
   | Lv. 2 | D0                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | D5, D0                                            |
   | Lv. 4 | D0                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | D5, D0                                            |
   | Lv. 6 | D2, D4, D6, D8, D0                                |
   | Lv. 7 | D5, D0                                            |
   | Lv. 8 | D0                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | D5, D0                                            |
   | Lv. 0 | D0                                                |
   | Nue - Summons Chim King                                   |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | D3                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 4 | D1                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 6 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 7 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 8 | D9                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 0 | D7                                                |
   | Two-Tailed Fox - Cursed                                   |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | F3                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 4 | F1                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 6 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 7 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 8 | F9                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 0 | F7                                                |
   | Malice Cat - Cursed                                       |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | F7                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 4 | F9                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 6 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 7 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 8 | F1                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 0 | F3                                                |
   | Dark Goat - Cursed                                        |
   | Lv. 1 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 2 | D7                                                |
   | Lv. 3 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 4 | D9                                                |
   | Lv. 5 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 6 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 7 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 8 | D1                                                |
   | Lv. 9 | n/a                                               |
   | Lv. 0 | D3                                                |

   * The Silvermane Kudan appears only in a quest, and gives you a prophecy
          after kicking it enough times.  It came true at the end of the battle
          against Cubia, too.
   * Don't forget to kick the Unlucky Animals before they hit you.

When that's done, we need to find the Lucky Animals enough times to complete
the campaign.  The NPC is still in his house in Mac Anu's Alchemy district.  By
now, though, you should already have hit 50 captures.
                    5 captures - Magical Bandage
                   10 captures - Shelled Uniform
                   20 captures - Dragon's Rage
                   35 captures - Cloak of Eight
                   50 captures - Emperor's Armor
                     1 of each - Enlightened Cape

The other campaign we should look out for is the Bounty Hunter one.  We should
be high enough in level and equipped well enough to take on any of the PKs.
The NPC for this sits in the alley in the back of the Mercenary district in Mac
Anu.  He'll pay you for taking down the PKs.
                    5 PKs - 5000 GP
                   10 PKs - 5500 GP
                   20 PKs - 6000 GP
                   35 PKs - 6300 GP
                   50 PKs - 6500 GP
He will also pay even more for the Chaotic PKs.  In Redemption, we start out
with seven of them.  They appear in order on the blacklist.  When you beat one,
claim the reward before looking for the next.  After you beat the seven, you'll
get the material Grudge Water.
          Genjyo the Fatal      | Steam Gunner    | 28000 GP, Sanity Fan
          Kaotin in the Shadows | Lord Partizan   | 29000 GP, Confusion Leaf
          Magical Pokotan       | Twin Blade      | 30000 GP, Steel Crest
          Silent Teru           | Flick Reaper    | 31000 GP, Steel Shell
          Poison Lei Lei        | Tribal Grappler | 32000 GP, Ein Baku Jawbone
          Lady Bomber Jahad     | Twin Blade      | 38000 GP, Niku Baku Jawbone
          Yokochi "Steel" Taro  | Edge Punisher   | 44000 GP, World Mirror
Once you beat the 7 Chaotic PKs, check The World Board under "They got me..."
to read about an eighth Chaotic.  This will begin the chance to meet someone in
those Battle Areas.  I suggest saving between areas once this happens.

   * The new Chaotic is Natsume the Edgemaniac.  Do your best to pin her to the
          wall with your Dual Guns and the attacks of whoever's in your party,
          and defeat Natsume with any number of Rengeki attacks.  I just have
          one warning when you fight her, and it's how loud of a screamer she
          is.  When you beat her, check The World Board in that topic again to
          find out she hangs out in Breg Epona.  Head to the dead end west of
          3-way Junction to find Piros and Natsume.
   * In the resulting scene from above, Natsume won't remember you because of
          her split personality.  Piros will say Natsume's been after a certain
          man for seven years (the real Kite).  Piros will force Natsume to
          give Haseo her Member Address.

Invite Antares and Bo so we can get started.  Don't forget to collect those
Cheat Codes and Virus Cores as we go along.  Give Haseo back his 10% exp bonus
as well.

     (E) Decadent Aster's Two Wings - Trapspore appears here, completing your
          Plant type monsters, and Goblin General.  The boss is a Duke Orius.
          You can get "3rd Word: Insomnia" from here.
     (E) Petitioning Engaging Alga Grass - Yo-Ho Hyle and Gobdam 78 make their
          first appearance here.  Clear for "3rd Word: Orange."
   * As you get enough Virus Cores, pour them into Endrance's Lost Weapon, and
          then into Sakubo's.
   * If you get a Sapphire Eye, give it to Alkaid, though she can't yet use it.

Speaking of Alkaid, let's get her and Bordeaux up in level a bit.  Invite them
in place of Sakubo and Antares.

 (E) Graceful Engaging BBQ Plate--

You don't really have to clear here, but do kill the monsters quickly enough so
you can raise the levels of Alkaid and Bordeaux.  When you spot the God Chim,
kick it like you would a Chim King.  Kick three times, evade, and repeat to ten
kicks in total.

Wiping out the monsters here should get them up 6-7 levels each.

 Breg Epona--

Invite Zelkova and Atoli for the next round of field hopping.

     (E) Dejected Queen's Masquerade - Sea Guathan appears here.  Clear this to
          get "1st Word: Ignorant."
     (E) Saddened Bustling Hand Song - Break Rest appears here.  TeLeTali is
          the boss you can find here; beware of its Confuse cloud.  You can get
          "2nd Word: Fool's" from this area.
     (E) Counting Daybreak's Two Wings - Rank high for "3rd Word: Bracken."
   * Avatar Awakening should be level 9 now.  Hopefully, you should be done
          with the seven main Chaotic PKs as well.  Congrats if this is so.
          Try at this point to gain Natsume's Member Address.

Head to the Quest Shop in Breg Epona to pick up "Farewell Mecha Grunty."  Yes,
the party should still be Atoli and Zelkova.

 (E) Developed Steel's Magic Fist--

In the first scene, you will meet Proto Gurah . . . one of few monsters who can
actually talk.  He'll call forth a couple Metal Dragons to fight you, thinking
you could actually lose to them.  Broadsword them into trash heaps.

When Gurah warps away, it's time to make our way to the boss.  Ride across the
couple of bridges on your bike to see the next scene.  Ride south and a bit to
the west to find the next bridge, and keep going south until you can go east to
one of the two Warp Points at the south end of the map.  Use Chim Spheres to
activate it.  Warp.

   * On the way to the end, try getting into a few fights.  Be sure Zelkova is
          the one to finish off the monsters so that you can raise the Morale.

On the next island, head northwest to the next Warp Point.  Upon using it, you
will get a scene before a battle.

***Proto Gurah and Black Gurah***
HP: 6666     and     2560

Concentrate first on Black Gurah.  When its HP is down to 0, you will get a
scene.  Proto Gurah will recover its own HP in case it took any damage, and the
battle will continue.

Heal as needed.  Once the Morale fills, use an Avatar Awakening.  Then, keep up
the fight like normal until Proto Gurah is down.
***End of Battle***

You will get another scene.

 Breg Epona--

You will get the material Gurah Fist for this quest.

 Netslum Tartarga--

If you check with your Ryu Books, they should either be all at level 9 or else
be very close.  Check every store including all the Guild Shops for missing
items.  Once all the Ryu Books are at level 9 you will get another email about
Canard raising in rank.  Return to the @HOME to buy the new expansion through
Death Grunty for 1.5mil GP.  Out of the 7-8mil you should have by now, that
should not be a problem.  It actually replaces the other Platform Heal.

The next wave of field hopping is a big one, but it is in part to complete the
Lost Weapons' growth.  Save.  Take a break if you need to.

   * Don't forget you can access these areas from Tartarga's Chaos Gate.

     (E) Serene Innocent Generation - Carrionteinne is here.  They love Curse
          and exploding.  Enjoy.  The boss is a Huge Grudge.  You can earn "1st
          Word: Insightful" from this area.
     (E) Dreaming Nirvana's Daydream - Clear for "1st Word: Continuous."
     (E) Winding Heretic's Pure Bred - Get a B or higher so you can get "2nd
          Word: Wizard's."
     (E) Roaring Engaging Phoenix - Lava Dodo and Barbarous Ankh can be found
          here.  Clear for "3rd Word: Fisherman."
     (E) Spring's Aster's Two Wings - You can find Blue Mage here, and the boss
          is a Chaos Empress.  Get a high rank for "3rd Word: Raven."
     (E) Concealed Engaging Alga Grass - Mikistri appears here.  Clear this to
          get "2nd Word: Youngest's."

You should have enough Virus Cores after all that.  Upgrade the Infinite Spiral
for Sakubo, and we should be ready for the next step, which is to fight the
Sealed Beasts.

 (8) Hidden Forbidden Sacrament--

First off, understand we'll be zoning in and out of this area every couple of
battles to change party members.  That said, let's start off with Atoli and
Kuhn.  Walk up to the Scythe, and choose to fight the boss.

Unlike the Beasts of the Seal in Reminisce, you can actually surprise the seven
bosses here.  At your current level, you shouldn't NEED it, but every little
bit helps.

***The Undying***
HP: 3212

Start off with a Skill Trigger using your Scythe, and then just keep attacking.
Block when it's about to attack so you don't get knocked around.

The Ticking Death becomes the Shadowy Death.
***End of Battle***

Next is the 2nd Phase Staff.

***The Undeceived***
HP: 3518

Start with a Skill Trigger, get behind the boss, and sandwich it between yours
and Kuhn's attacks.  Block as needed.  You can probably get a Rengeki attack or
two before it goes down.

The Dancing Haze will become the Flame Dancer.
***End of Battle***

The 3rd Phase Bayonet is our third target.

***The Unswayed***
HP: 3824

Use the same strategy.  Don't worry about the boss healing itself from time to
time, because you should be doing a little more than it can recover.  Rengeki
attacks will make this go even faster.

The Silent Jade will transform into the Silent Eden
***End of Battle***

For the next two battles, bring in Yata and Pi.  The 4th Phase Fan is next.

***The Uncounseled***
HP: 4689

The differences?  More health, and you now have Pi and Yata attacking from the
opposite side of the boss from Haseo.  Heal only if necessary.  This one may
take three Rengeki attacks, but it should still be easy enough for you.

The Voice Usurper becomes the Voice Cleanser.
***End of Battle***

Pi's Lost Weapon is the next one.

***The Unangered***
HP: 4119

Do with this as we did with the last one.  It's that easy.

The Stained Wing grows into the Blinding Wing.
***End of Battle***

Bring in Sakubo and Endrance.  The 5th Phase Grimoire is next.

***The Unhidden***
HP: 4689

Follow the same strategy with your current party.  Endrance's Lost Weapon will
raise how often you do a Rengeki attack.  It may fall on the third Rengeki.

The Infinite Spiral turns into the Eternal Light.
***End of Battle***

Only one Lost Weapon remains.  Let's do it.

***The Untempted***
HP: 4400

This should be even easier now that you've gotten the hang of these, and also
since Sakubo's Lost Weapon makes their spells plenty stronger.  Bring this last
Sealed Beast down like we did the others before.

The Tempting Rose becomes the Seductive Rose.
***End of Battle***

Once you are done with all seven Lost Weapons, you will get an email from the
previously unseen ally, none other than Zelkova.  He asks if you can give any
extra Virus Cores to Wise Grunty in Tartarga.

 Netslum Tartarga--

So, here's the deal: Wise Grunty is by the Bridge.  Talk to him to exchange any
extra Virus Cores for some stat boosting items.  From now until we get to the
Forest of Pain, let's first try using this chance to buy Master's Texts from
Wise Grunty to get Haseo's weapon levels to 30 . . . and then raise his stats
after that.  When we get around to boosting Haseo's stats, we should also up
Atoli's and Zelkova's defenses by a bit.  To make this easier to remember, here
is a priority list as I'm suggesting:

   1) Get Haseo's weapon levels to 30.  Don't forget to change main weapons in
          order to take care of each one.  This isn't an excuse not to work on
          each weapon stat regularly, it's to make it go faster.  Once a weapon
          reaches level 29 or 30, it's Lv.3 Art can replace whatever skill is
          in place of the same weapon's Skill Trigger.
   2) Atoli and Zelkova need their Physical and Magical defenses raised.  Maybe
          3-6 points--more for the weaker--per stat.
   3) Raise Haseo's SP at least once or twice before the Forest of Pain.  His
          defenses and attack once each is a good idea as well.  I would also
          try raising his P-ATK just once.
   * After the Forest of Pain, you can raise anyone's stats however you like.
          Don't forget about gift giving for affection.

With that said, let's do our next round of field hopping.  Re-invite Atoli and
Zelkova . . . again.

     (E) Protected Returning Vampire - Arachnophobia can be found here, and the
          boss is a Judgement.  Clear for "3rd Word: Bengalese."
     (E) Serene Youngest's Oracle - Clear for "2nd Word: Bull's Eye."
     (E) Winding Bull's Eye Sin Realm - Vak Abado appears here along with Ani
          Abado.  The boss is a Tinder Baron.  Clear this big field to get "3rd
          Word: Full Moon."
     (E) Serene Wizard's Ocean - Lei Abado and Zan Abado are here.  Get a B or
          higher here for "3rd Word: Dragonweed."
     (E) Spring's Friend's Daydream - Gan Abado and Rue Abado are here, thus
          filling out the Divinity monsters in Ryu Book VII.  Clear this field
          to get "2nd Word: Blue Silver."
   * Not only should Haeo, Atoli, and Zelkova be level 150, and also the Avatar
          Awakening level be at 10, but you should now have every keyword you
          can find in the //G.U. trilogy.

With our latest Field Hopping done, save your game.

 Lumina Cloth--

Go to the Reception desk.  Under Limit Battle, select "The Sweepstakers" so we
can take on the challenge from earlier.

***Sage Arena Challenge***
Ono - Edge Punisher, lv.150
Peej - Twin Blade, lv.150
Wolf Song - Harvest Cleric, lv.150

Really, this should feel like a normal Arena battle with your opponents being
at the highest level possible.  So, run and block as needed while you watch for
a chance to counter one of them.

A safe bet would be to take out THEIR Harvest Cleric first.  If Peej is too
much of a bother to do nothing about, then take him out much the same way with
the healer out of the way.  Finally, corner and take out Ono.

One last thing.  When you go to use a skill for ANY reason, be sure the only
opponent close by is the one you're attacking.  These guys are good at counter-
attacks as you should be by now.

For winning, you'll get the Wrath Bringer, Deadly Fearblade, and Summer's Staff
from these guys.
***End of Battle***

Back to Tartarga.

 Netslum Tartarga--

Next, we need to find and beat Doppleganger.  Since the party is level 150, we
need to go to a level 148 field to also find a Sleipnir.

 (E) Serene Nirvana's Old World--
           |    __  |___
           |  S|  |    k|
           | |"  \\     |
           | |    | @   |
           |_ """"  %  _|
             |___  ___|
  ________   |  _ M___  |
 |        |  | |_`` % | |
 | |@  |  |  |  @|    | |
 | |   |  |  |    """"  |
 | | T |  |--|M  Y    |"
 | |___|  |""| Y  %L  |
 | %!S  % |  |___M ___|
  "|  YM|"       II
    """"      ___II_____
         ____|  _  ___  |
        |S     | `` Y | |
        |     @|      | |
        | Y     "|____| |
         "| Y   __      |
           "|   ||   |""
             """  """
The monsters here are Rue Abado, Lei Abado, and Barbarous Ankh.  If you're good
at raising your Morale, you should be able to do two Avatar Awakenings before
raising and saving it the third time for a Beast Awakening.  Save the Sleipnir
until after the monsters are gone, and also try to have well more than half the
Morale gauge filled by then.

After the monsters are gone, the Morale is filled as much as you were able, and
the Sleipnir has been kicked, there are a few things to know.

   * Five minutes of wandering around the field must pass after the last group
          of monsters has been taken down.  This does not include time spent on
          reading texts from kicking barrels or chests or being in the menu.
          Whatever you do, don't be in the Beast Temple at the end of the five
          minutes or Doppleganger won't show up.
   * Doppleganger is vulnerable to Smoke Screens.
   * Unlike the past two games, Doppleganger now has an ability where his SP is
          damaged first before you can attack the HP.  He still regens HP and
          SP.  However, Sleipnir and Beast Awakening both bypass this.  Switch
          to Beast Awakening for this battle.
   * Also much like the previous games, Doppleganger is usually eight levels
          over you.  But, since we're already at level 150, he won't be higher.
   * You know if he's close by from the red arrow that points in his direction.

Like in the previous games, Doppleganger will appear after five minutes have
passed.  He'll warp around and such.  Ram into him with your bike.  He should
not be able to see you thanks to how the bike is tuned up.


As soon as Sleipnir's effect kicks in, use a Smoke Screen.  Get on your bike as
fast as you can to ram into Doppleganger again.  Repeat this until more than
half of Doppleganger's HP is gone.  This may take 4-5 collisions with Sleipnir
ready to assist.

The next step is to use the Beast Awakening, and then lay down the assault of
skills and attacks to bring down Doppleganger's HP to 0.

For this battle, you will gain the Bygone Servant, a Demon Holy, and a DG-O.
***End of Battle***

   * The DG-O is the third best Dual Gun in the game.  If you like to risk low
          HP for great damage, then this is for you.  The Bygone Servant should
          be one of four key items you've gotten so far.  We'll need another
          victory over Doppleganger to put all four to use.

Is that it?  NO!  Head back to town, and return here to fight Doppleganger a
second time the same way.

***Doppleganger (fifth and final)***

Use the same strategy as before to bring him down.
***End of Battle***

After this, all four key items from the previous Doppleganger battles will then
shine.  You will earn the Other Self and Shadow before these key items shatter.
Together, they make for the best defense.  However, with Shadow equipped we'll
be unable to equip the Demon Safe Shoes.  Put these both into storage.  Leave.

 Netslum Tartarga--

Now for the final stretch before Forest of Pain!  Run through areas leveled
148-150 until you pick up enough Cheat Codes and Virus Cores.  The Cheat Codes
should go also into Shadow and Other Self as well as whatever is equipped to
Zelkova and Atoli.

If you have any Materials called Seed of the Land, then give them to Atoli and
Zelkova for their accessories.  That will cut their SP costs by 25% no matter
what skills they use.

                ~~Part 2: No Road Stays the Same~~

Finally, we should be ready.  Haseo should have . . .

   * Heine's Invasion at Cheat Lv5
   * Heine's Shadow at Cheat Lv5
   * Shadowy Death
   * DG-X at Cheat Lv5
   * Rough Mercury or Monarch +5 (optional Physical -50 and Magic -25)
   * Demon Safe Shoes at Cheat Lv5
   * Other Self at Cheat Lv5 and Shadow (In possession, not equipped)
   * All weapons at level 30
   * Level 150, P-DEF and M-DEF at 160+, P-ATK at 155+ (with Dual Swords), and
          SP at 750+
   * Canard at Guild Rank 9
   * PLENTY of healing items just in case they're needed.

Atoli should have . . .

   * Flame Dancer
   * Staff level 30
   * Sub Comet +5 (with No Interrupt and Max SP +10%)
   * Simple Super Belt +5 (with Zen Mastery)
   * An attack spell from each element
   * Level 150, P-Def at 105+, and M-DEF at 185+

And then Zelkova . . .

   * Goddess Scythe at Cheat Lv5
   * Rough Mercury or Monarch +5 (optional Physical -50 and Magic -25)
   * Simple Super Belt +5 (with Zen Mastery)
   * Level 150, P-Def at 166+, M-DEF at 120+, and P-ATK at 185+
   * Plenty of SP recovering items besides his 50 Elven Drops

My first time through the Forest of Pain, I didn't have the Demon Safe Shoes.
The point is that the Forest of Pain is possible without them, but it'll quite
literally be a pain.  It took me about a week without that accessory.  Luckily,
there are Save Points every few floors.

When you're ready for this 100-floor dungeon, use the Chaos Gate.

 (E) Hidden Forbidden Sin Realm--

Tabby isn't here, but you will get a scene about the Side Event relating to a
couple of areas we visited earlier.  The NPC will ask you to beat Cernunnos.
Walk forward to the Warp Point so we can begin.

Every five floors, you will be rewarded based on a performance.  You -DO NOT-
have to clear this dungeon, nor do you even have to shoot for every reward.  I
will still cover what you can earn, though.  This game also calls each set of
floors a phase.  I'll be breaking up the Forest of Pain by the phase.

   * You can leave the Forest of Pain and return if needed.  However, this does
          require you reach certain Blocks (eg., 5th, 10th, etc.) and beat the
          bosses.  If you go back to town after beating a boss, you can select
          from the Chaos Gate which Block to appear in.  This stops after the
          50th floor, so stock up then if needed before continuing onward.
   * You can put items IN storage, but not take out.
   * One more thing.  Through many of the hallways are bladed pendulums which
          you can avoid if you run through the correct side at the right time.
          You be the judge.
   * TIP: The shorter path through the Forest of Pain has a pattern to it.  Go
          north and west or south and west as needed in each floor until you
          earn the Fairy Queen Orb.  This pattern will remain through most if
          not all of the dungeon still.  There's no need to waste Fairy's Orbs.

 FoP 1-4--

     25-Hit Combo: Healing Potion x20

You are rewarded for getting a 25-hit combo, which will be close to impossible
at your current level.  Even if you were level 100 it would be impossible since
the enemies are old and weak.  (Goblin Mage, Onion Mash, and Wild Kettle).  So,
you should already see a benefit to the Demon Safe Shoes . . . you don't have
to fight through these first few floors.

   * Actually, there is a way to get a 25-hit combo.  It involves using your
          Dual Guns from a far enough distance from one target without the same
          enemy getting killed by Zelkova.  Good luck with that, though.

One the second floor is one of those rooms where you have to open all the doors
by putting Chim Spheres into a switch in one corner.  On the fourth floor is a
room full of traps.

On the fifth floor, you'll have to fight a Maxima Bazooka to bring down a near-
by barrier so you can move on.  It's easy even with the Dual Guns.  In the next
room you will find a Save Point.  You can warp back here from the Chaos Gate
in town now that the boss is beaten.  Finally, look at the Neo Platform.  If
you have any desire to switch around party members, then using this will allow
for you to do it.  Keep this in mind if a character runs too low on health or
items.  You shouldn't need it yet, either.  The Save Points and Neo Platforms
will appear periodically through the Forest of Pain.  Continue onward.

 FoP 6-9--

     10 Skill Triggers: Healing Storm x20

You'll have to get into a few fights, and just do some Skill Triggers.  That's
really quite easy.  You should be done with that by the second floor.

The tenth floor is just like the fifth, complete with the same boss.

 FoP 11-14--

     Destroy 10 objects: Healing Storm x20

There are plenty of little mushrooms on the way through these four floors.

The fifteenth floor has a Forest King.  We still good on health and items?  You
shouldn't have used any items by now, really.

 FoP 16-19--

     40-Hit Combo: Restoring Drop x15

Pull out your Dual Guns, and use them on an Angelic Gore from the distance to
do this.  I suggest doing this right off the bat with the first floor, because
if Zelkova is killing the monsters too quick, and if you're wanting to do this,
then you will want to remove Zelkova from your party for this phase.  He should
not be a problem with killing the monsters so fast.  You could also set his
strategy to Life for this.

   * The Goblin Guards are even easier to manage the combo on.

The twentieth floor has another Forest King.  Poke it a few times with Heine's
Shadow so it'll go down fast.

 FoP 21-24--

     12 Skill Triggers: Restoring Drop x15

There's little if any difference here from Phase 11-14.  The enemies do have a
little more health and defense, but that makes it a little easier to get this
done quick.  You could even pace yourself with 3-4 Skill Triggers a block.

When the path splits on the 21st Block, head west.  East takes you needlessly
into a room that closes on you.  Then, on the 23rd, head south where it splits
to reach the end faster.  The same deal on the 24th Block, but north.

The twenty-fifth floor has a Giga Mammoth.  Be careful of its Counter-Sleep.
You might actually get a couple Rengeki attacks off of this one.

 FoP 26-30--

     5 Treasure Boxes: Restoring Drop x15

You're kidding, right?  We just passed a quarter of this dungeon, and the most
easy phase has just come along?  Let's go.  Open the chests on the way if you
want the reward.  North and west on the 26th, past the trap room and then west
on the 27th, north at the split on the 28th, and west at the split on the 29th.

   * I'm sure you've notice a pattern in sticking west.

On the thirtieth floor you will see a Warp Point.  Take a breath before you use
it to take on the boss.  Also, put on the Shadow and Other Self forn this.

***Darklord's Shade***
HP: 9999

Whatever Morale you had before now is gone.

When you attack him, watch his hands.  When one raises launch a Skill Trigger
so that you save the hit combo as well as prevent flying into the wall.  You
may still fly back a couple times, thus keeping you from a Rengeki, but keep on
attacking this guy until he falls.

You will get a Pure Medallion for this fight.
***End of Battle***

You will appear back in the 30th floor of the Forest of Pain.  Save if you wish
to do so before moving on.

 FoP 31-34--

     65-Hit Combo: Restoring Rain x20

Use the same method as we did for the 40-Hit to reach the 65-Hit.  Block when a
spell comes your way.

On the 32nd floor, after you re-open the doors in one room, Head west.

The 35th Floor has a Sorcerer Owl.  Beware of its Counter-Curse.

 FoP 36-39--

     15 Skill Triggers: Fairy Queen Orb

Pace yourself.  4-5 Skill Triggers a floor can tackle this.  On the 39th Block
go south and west.

   * I -HIGHLY- suggest you shoot for this reward because this item is like you
          having infinite Fairy's Orbs.

One the 40th floor, take out the second Sorcerer Owl to move on.

 FoP 41-44--

     Destroy 15 Objects: Restoring Rain x20

If you wish to gain the reward here, then you may also wish to take a detour or
two to find enough little mushrooms.  You'll be fine if you average four per
block, so only stray from the main path when you fall short.

Megalo Adamant can be found on the 45th floor.  The only hard part about it is
its health, armor, and habit of Sealing your party.  You can manage with or
without an awakening.  A Beast Awakening would be good enough to knock out two
thirds of this thing's health.

 FoP 46-49--

     80-Hit Combo: Healing Tonic x15

Dual Guns, distance, you should know the drill.  Once you have it, you can go
through the rest of this phase without getting into anything.

Walk forward for a scene with a sleeping Tabby.  She says this is her last day
on the game, and she's logging off to study for an exam.  You'll notice that
you just got an email when the scene's over.  Let's knock out the boss in the
next room--another Megalo Adamant--so we'll be able to leave, check our email,
and come right back.

In the prompt that follows the boss, you will notice a warning that you cannot
warp in after the 50th floor, but you can still enter through the 50th.  If you
have any business outside this dungeon, DO IT NOW.  Save.  Proceed.

 FoP 51-54--

     18 Skill Triggers: Healing Tonic x15
     6 Enemy Parties: DG-Y
     KO'd 3 times or less: Body Butterfly
     4 Awakenings: Confusion Leaf

   * I'm unsure if I paired them correctly beyond the fact that I listed the
          challenges and the rewards both in order of appearance.  Just know
          this is where you get the weakest of the Dual Guns.

Here is where the Forest of Pain gets fun is when the monsters start getting a
little tougher and you are given multiple things you can be rewarded on.  Doing
everything may take a while.

The Skill Triggers should be easy enough.  3 per battle can meet this.  Six
enemy parties should be easy to find, though we may wish to do more for the
Morale.  I doubt anyone will die here.  The hardest part will just be gaining
the Morale.  The trick?  Let Zelkova deal the finishing blows, do your Skill
Triggers to get the monsters down in health, and heal with Pure Medallion as
many times as needed.  The Avatar Awakening should be fine.

The boss at the end of this phase is a Dryramas.

 FoP 56-59--

     6 Treasure Boxes: Revive Storm x15
     7 Enemy Parties: Nil Strike
     Ko'd 3 times or less: Mind Butterfly
     4 Awakenings: Battle Cosmetics

Instead of pouring so much SP and time into Skill Triggers, we need to open a
few treasures.  Otherwise, the strategy pretty much stays the same for doing as
many Awakenings over as many battles plus one.  A quick way to get the treasure
chests is to collect the three on the 57th Block, reach the 58th, and turn back
to the 57th since everything returns.

   * One of the items a trapped chest on the 58th floor can give is a Rabid
          Fate Book.  It's good to know if you're into all-out item completion.

Another Dryramas awaits on the sixtieth floor.

 FoP 61-64--

     100-Hit Combo: Guiding Wings
     7 Enemy Parties: Nil Theft
     KO'd 3 times or less: Body Butterfly
     5 Awakenings: Grab Bag

Out with the treasure hunt, in with the hit combos using the Dual Guns.  You
may want to go for +1 on enemy parties and awakenings in case the game doesn't
keep the same count as you.  (I had complaints from a few people on that)

The boss on the 65th floor is a Brigandine.

 FoP 66-69--

     20 Skill Triggers: Hadesbane Salve
     7 Enemy Parties: Nil Nil Madness
     KO'd 3 times or less: Mind Butterfly
     5 Awakenings: Divine Seed

This should be much like the last phase, but with having to do a bunch of Skill
Triggers instead of pulling a hit combo.  This phase also has Heavy Stamp, too.
If you are noticing by the 69th floor that you are not doing quite as well with
the number of Skill Triggers as you should be, then track back a floor to take
on the respawned enemies.  Though, in 7-8 battles, you should be able to get a
good 30 Skill Triggers or more.

On the 70th floor is another Warp Point, meaning you should prepare for quite
the boss battle.

***The One Death***
HP: 9999

This will be so very much like the the One Sin and God Eater battles at the end
of Reminisce.  The One Death will alternate between colors periodically.  When
it is lighter in color (see how it starts) try for any Darkness attacks you may
have, and then try Light attacks when he is dark.  Most importantly, and even
if you have no Light or Dark attacks to spare, attack the hand on the right as
this monster is light, and the one on the left when it's dark.

   * Atoli should have Lei Zas, which should help when Light should be used.
          No worries again if she doesn't have it.  Since this boss is easyier
          than Darklord's Shade just was.

When the core is exposed, bust out a Beast Awakening, and just attack without
any skills.  Try to get a Rengeki going with that hit combo, but watch out for
when The One Death pulls back to shoot its main beam.  Call your party to you,
and run as soon as you see the pullback.  The beam is deadly.

If you don't have a full Morale gauge yet during the core's exposure, then do
not worry about the awakening just yet.  Even two thirds of a full gauge will
do nicely for two trips to the monster's core.

You will get an Icon of Purity for winning.  Hurray for infinite SP Heals!
***End of Battle***

Save your game after you hand a bunch of SP healing items (minus the Icon of
Purity) to either Zelkova, Atoli, or both.

 FoP 71-74--

     7 Treasure Boxes: Revive Storm x10
     8 Enemy Parties: Nil Defile
     KO'd 2 times or less: Body Moth
     6 Awakenings: Cat Whiskers

At this point, you might even start backtracking half a floor for an Awakening.
I say try for +1 for those and enemy parties if the game decides not to keep
the same count, but don't stress so much over it.  We're only 3/4 done.  As for
getting KO'd, I doubt anyone in your party has even gotten low on health yet.

The 75th floor is guarded by a Deepone.  However, unlike in the past, this boss
is damaged only when you are in an Awakening.  So, raise your Morale to bring
this thing down with as many Beast Awakenings as you need.  With just attacks,
you should be able to do it with one Beast Awakening.

 FoP 76-79--

     110-Hit Combo: Revive Storm x10
     8 Enemy Parties: Nil Ally
     KO'd 2 times or less: Mind Moth
     6 Awakenings: Funbolt Oil

Use the Dual Guns to get the combo up in one battle, and then treat the enemy
parties much like you did in the previous phase.  Really, you are able to do a
Beast Awakening with each battle at this point, so count on doing that while
you keep count for the eight battles.  I doubt anyone will die, either.

On the 80th floor is a Huge Grudge.

 FoP 81-84--

     25 Skill Triggers: Smoke Bomb
     8 Enemy Parties: Nil Charm
     KO'd 1 time or less: Indulgence
     7 Awakenings: Sapphire Eye

You will not die.  Average 4 Skill Triggers per battle, and try for doing an
awakening each fight.  If you have to, then look for a ninth party to defeat so
you can get in enough Skill Triggers.

In this phase you will also FINALLY encounter the second Angel type monster,
Noble Pain.  Kill it quick; it likes to heal like crazy.  The one thing that
makes this phase at all hard, though, it the Counter-Charm that the monsters
have.  Skill Triggers, Awakenings, and Dual Gun attacks are a big plus here.
It also helps to set Zelkova's strategy to Life.

The boss on the 85th floor is a Judgment.  It also has Counter-Charm, so please
take some caution with you in kicking its butt.  Please bring a Shadow Warlock
for the next phase.

 FoP 86-89--

     8 Treasure Boxes: Revive Storm x10
     9 Enemy Parties: Nil Encroach
     KO'd 1 time or less: World Mirror
     7 Awakenings: Bell of Time

This floor is tough because the enemies are immune to being damaged outside of
awakenings.  So, if you wish to take on the 9 parties, you'd be doing something
like 27 or more awakenings anyways.  Factor in that you need to not die and you
have also the treasure boxes to open, and this will be a painful phase which I
would not blame you for if you decide to either skip the rewards or proceed
with all this on another day alone.  It's tedious.  The creators were out of
their minds with this part of the dungeon.

   * The Dibro monsters can also take damage from attack spells.  You probably
          would prefer to bring Sakubo for this phase just to make them quick.
          Alternatively, you could set Atoli to Rage and hope for the best as
          you raise and spend Morale.  Be sure to heal!  I like using floors 88
          and 89 for this as well by clearing one, the other, and repeating.

At the 90th Block is a Tinder Baron.  Treat it like you did the enemies of the
past phase with attack magic and Beast Awakenings with FULL Morale Gauges.

 FoP 91-94--

     125-Hit Combo: Chica Potion x10
     9 Enemy Parties: Nil Abduct
     KO'd 0 times: Steel Shell
     8 Awakenings: Rosary of Health

Silly game, what could be less than 0 KOs?  Anywho, shoot for an awakening with
every battle after you get the hit combo going with the Dual Guns.  Careful of
the spell casting monsters.  If you can, then kill one fast to do the combo on
the other.  Try to average three enemy parties per floor, and then you can run
through half the 94th Block without fighting anything.

When you get to the 95th floor you have to fight a Chaos Empress.  Watch out
for those Confusion and Paralysis Clouds.  I highly suggest only getting near
it during a Beast Awakening, but that's just me.

 FoP 96-99--

     140-Hit Combo: Wonder Potion x5
     9 Enemy Parties: Nil Embrace
     KO'd 0 times: Steel Crest
     8 Awakenings: Rosary of Spirit

Final stretch of this dungeon.  This time, we have 140 hits in a combo to do.
We also see monsters here called High One.  The magic using monsters are strong
against physical attacks outside of awakenings, but the High One is not.  This
will be quite the test of your skill should you choose to do it instead of just
walking right by the monsters.  You may also wish upon entering the 99th floor
to backtrack through the 98th for the respawned monsters since Mikistri also is
resistant to physical attacks.

Once you've hit the 100th floor and claimed your bonus for the recent phase, a
good idea might be to run back to the Save Point on the 95th floor, and run
back this way.  Either way, ready yourself before using the Warp Point.  After
the following scene will come the hardest boss in //G.U.

***True Cernunnos***
HP: 9999

Yes, he has the highest health possible and Counter-Curse.  Yes, he's strong.
This should really be a slightly stronger version of Cernunnos and Darklord's
Shade.  Remember how you fought before, but maybe with more emphasis on heals
and Dual Gun usage so you can get Rengeki attacks going.

Try your best to get in Beast Awakenings, and I suggest switching your main
weapon to the Broadsword or the Scythe just before hitting Square.  This will
very likely take a GOOD five Beast Awakenings, but be ready to do a sixth if
needed.  This actually should not be as hard as the side bosses of the past two
volumes, either.

Heal everyone's SP and HP as needed.  You should know that by now.

You'll get DG-Z for winning.
***End of Battle***

You'll see some scenes.  Folset will grant you a Guide to Divinity after he
congratulates you on beating Cernunnos.  Haseo will recognize a room he warps
to, and grabbing the sword gives him an audience with the AI Harald.  Haseo
will be asked a few questions he has to answer, and, just like the last time
Haseo was here, Harald will not grant him the sword he grabbed.  However, he
grants Haseo a wish instead.

Ovan will appear, and be as obscure as ever.  He will then fade away again, and
Haseo will reappear next to Atoli and Zelkova like nothing even happened.

Back in Mac Anu, Haseo and Shin will be talking about the encounter with Ovan.

                ~~Part 3: For All Those We Affect~~

 Mac Anu--

We finally get to wrap this up.  Log out.

          Tabby sends you her Member Address.

Head back to the desktop for a second.   If you have all characters, then you
will get another message.

          CC Corp tells you of the Marriage event.  More on this in a bit.

On your way out of your email, yet ANOTHER message will appear.

          Aura gives you a very special Greeting Card.  Do not use it just yet.

If you look at your wallpapers, you'll notice a new one from having beaten the
Forest of Pain.

 Netslum Tartarga--

If you have the Cheat Codes for it and want to fix up the DG-Z, then go for it.
If you look at your Ryu Books, you may also notice that you have found every
type of monster and are likely missing a couple types of items.  Check all the
shops and PCs running around the towns.

Lastly, there is a matter of affection with all 22 characters.  You should have
it maxed with Atoli, Kuhn, Saku, Bo, Endrance, and Zelkova.  Now, I suggest
finding an area like Counting Engaging BBQ Plate on Sigma server.  Take any two
characters with you who don't have max affection, kick the God Chim ten times,
leave, and repeat until those two characters have max affection.  It is not
required to get all 22 characters up to max affection unless you want to see
all 22 sequences.

   * You could also go the long way with Rengeki attacks, Favorite Actions, and
          using the other Greeting Cards.  I'm just going to make this easy for
          you, but it's your decision.  (Oh, and also gifts)

When you have any number of characters at max affection, SAVE YOUR GAME!  Go to
the desktop after you SAVE IT to use the new Greeting Card on anyone who has a
max affection.  From there you need to boot up either Crimson VS or The World
to get the resulting message to appear.

 Mac Anu--

Watch whichever sequence you've chosen.  Enjoy these.  I said to save before
using the Promise Greeting Card so you can reload the file to watch them all.
And that concludes the //G.U. trilogy.
                                                      ***End of Walkthrough***

V. Perfect Game Checklist

-------------Books of 1000-------------

Also known as Ryu Books in the .hack series, these record your progress.  As
you fill them, Death Grunty will send rewards to your desktop.  You start at
6th Rank with all books at level 6 or better thanks to our efforts in Rebirth
and Reminisce.  The highest in this game is level 9 for all books, but I like
to complete the Item Collection and Monster Info lists still.  You might too.

Also, you are rewarded for every quarter of a level gained.  Half the rewards
will be measly GP, and the other half are depicted below next to "R/Q," or
Reward per Quarter.

                ~~Ryu Book I: Battle Records~~

R/Q - Greeting Card

   * Battles Won (1 pt each)
   * Surprise Attacks (3 pts each)
   * Rengeki Attacks (2 pts each)
   * Awakening (3 pts per use)
   * Double Triggers (?? points each)

Even if you started this volume without the first two for whatever reason, you
should have this at the 9th Rank very quickly.

                ~~Ryu Book II: Party Interaction~~

R/Q - Movie

   * # of trades w/ party members (18 pts each)
   * Party members (5 pts per member joined)
   * # of gifts to party members (10 pts each)
   * Total GP worth of gifts given (1 pt per 100 GP)

All the work done up to the start of Redemption will likely see this close to
level 9 or else already there.

                ~~Ryu Book III: Treasures~~

R/Q - Wallpaper

   * Beast Temple treasures opened (30 pts each)
   * Treasure boxes opened (3 pts each)
   * Trapped treasure boxes opened (20 pts each)
   * Objects destroyed (2 pts each)

Level 9 upon first checking . . . if you've been following this whole time.

                ~~Ryu Book IV: Item Collection~~

R/Q - Wallpaper

   * Weapons (129 types/12 pts)
        __Spin Gai Gu               __Spin Kouga
        __Spin Man Que              __Spin Rasetu
        __Spin Corpse               __Spin Locust
        __Spin Ban Mu               __Spin Piney
        __Spin Axe                  __Dorje Hatchet (%)
        __Spin Needle               __Ripper's Blade (!)
        __Spin Ribs                 __Spin Indigo
        __Lit Honeysuckle (%)       __Spin Fang
        __Spin Ribs                 __Heine's Invasion (%)
        __Spin Mujin                __Spin Nezumi
        __Spin Gorai                __Spin Drake
        __Spiral Edge (#)           __Empty Skies (#)
        __Wrath Bringer (#)         __Broad Demon
        __Broad Wheel               __Broad Maiden
        __Broad Legged              __Broad Zhen
        __Broad Tu Wan              __Flame Sword (!)
        __Broad Wings               __Broad Guiren
        __Broad Seigen              __Broad Kuajie
        __Broad Sheaf               __Broad Fenlong
        __Heine's Shadow (%)        __Broad Otome
        __Silad (#)                 __Broad Dowan
        __Broad White               __Deadly Fearblade (#)
        __Scythe Shouxiao           __Scythe Hook
        __Shadowy Death (#)         __Scythe Bite
        __Scythe Hidaru             __Scythe Toge
        __Scythe Dakini             __Goddess Scythe (#)
        __Heine's Zero (%)          __Gun Steel
        __Gun Fu Yue                __Water Bayonet (@)
        __Gun Waves                 __Gun Ocher
        __Gun Hong                  __Gun Lion
        __Gun Bead                  __Silent Eden (#)
        __Gun Fisher                __Gun Petal
        __Gun Luna                  __Gun Garma
        __Blade Guifei              __Blade Fern
        __Blade Thorns              __Blade Thread
        __Spider's Karma (#)        __Crimson Sword (%)
        __Blade Sun                 __Princess Blade (%#)
        __Blade Luer                __Blade Rivet
        __Sarasvati Katana (#)      __Seductive Rose (%)
        __Blade Rank                __Empty Mirage (#)
        __Empty Shadow (#)          __Blade Frost
        __Blade Seki                __Blade Jijo
        __Tiger Fist (@)            __Fist Altair
        __Fist Talon                __Fist Fairy
        __Blinding Wing (#)         __Fist Thrush
        __Fist Claw                 __Feline Soul (#)
        __Fist Hisa                 __Golden Spear (@)
        __Lance Yantie              __Lance Law
        __Lance Xiong               __Lance Tulong
        __Lance Snake               __Lance Quake
        __Lance Rook                __Lance Tower
        __Spell Xialin              __Spell Xinzhu
        __Spell Baiyan              __Spell Omen
        __Spell Ji Yi               __Flame Dancer (#)
        __Spell Noble               __Enchanted Staff (#)
        __Summer's Staff (#)        __Magic Amber
        __Magic Hosei               __Magic Nymph
        __Magic Crest               __Magic Huawen
        __Ogre's Heaven (%#)        __Eternal Light (#)
        __Magic Dielin              __Magic Ji Fu
        __Magic Fumon               __Magic Cloud
        __Fan Jasper                __Voice Cleanser (#)
        __Dark Crow (#)             __DG-X (#)
        __DG-Y (#)                  __DG-Z (#)
        __DG-O (#)
   * Armors (80 types/18 pts)
        __Sub Gear                  __Sub Robe
        __Sub Gown                  __Sub Attire
        __Sub Yin Yang              __Sub Garment
        __Wild Robe (!)             __Sub Cape
        __Sub Mantle                __The Unexpected (%)
        __Sub Frock                 __Steam Vest (%)
        __Sub Suit                  __Sub Cloak
        __Sub Dragon                __Sub Dress
        __Sub Shawl                 __Sub Habit
        __Sub Vestment              __Cloak of Eight (#)
        __Sub Cowl                  __Sub Comet
        __Enlightened Cape (#)      __Loose Sash
        __Loose Guard               __Loose Kimono
        __Loose Vest                __Loose Plate
        __Loose Sheath              __Loose Leather
        __Steam Coat (%)            __Loose Fur
        __Golden Lion (%)           __Loose Guardian
        __Loose Scales              __Loose Case
        __Loose Lionel              __Loose Papa
        __Loose Battle              __Shelled Uniform (#)
        __Loose Wyvern              __Steam War Suit (#)
        __Loose Regalia             __Loose Dispel
        __Loose Holy                __Empty Demon Suit (#)
        __Rough Armor               __Rough Shell
        __Steam Plate (!)           __Rough Mail
        __Rough Defense             __Rough Jiongjia
        __Steam Armor (!)           __Rough Metal
        __Rough Alloy               __Black Armor (!)
        __Steam Suit (!)            __Rough Steel
        __Whistle Armor (%)         __Rough Wave
        __Rough Buddha              __Mountaineer Vest (%)
        __Rough Iron                __Rough Amalgam
        __Steam Battle Pod (%)      __Summit King (%)
        __Rough Dragon              __Invincible Shell (%)
        __Rough Tiger               __Rough Puma
        __Rough Red Bone            __Rough Diamond
        __Rough Imperial            __Rough Mercury
        __Other Self (#)            __Dragon's Rage (#)
        __Rainbow Scale (%)         __Superhero Suit (#)
        __Emperor's Armor (#)       __Rough Monarch
   * Accessories (93 types/18 pts)
        __Simple Bracelet           __Simple Necklace
        __Seal of Ya Wang (@)       __Crown of Lu Ming (@)
        __Medic Badge (@)           __1-Line Reference (@)
        __Secret News Book (@)      __Simple Fire Idol
        __Simple Water Idol         __Simple Wind Idol
        __Simple Earth Idol         __Simple Steam Ring
        __Simple Gloves             __Simple Earrings
        __Steam Bracelet (!)        __Dusty Miller (%)
        __Rose Flower (%)           __Simple Pendant
        __Simple Fire Bell          __Simple Water Bell
        __Simple Wind Bell          __Simple Earth Bell
        __Simple Pouch              __Simple Head Band
        __Simple Watch              __Simple Light Idol
        __Simple Dark Idol          __Simple Light Bell
        __Simple Dark Bell          __Simple Wing Cap
        __Simple Shoulders          __Simple Glasses
        __Wind Barrette (%)         __Wrist Watch (%)
        __Shallow Wit (%#)          __Feed Bag (%#)
        __For Her! (%#)             __Devote Guts (%#)
        __Shining Love (%#)         __Simple Clogs
        __Simple Fire Balm          __Simple Water Balm
        __Simple Wind Balm          __Simple Earth Balm
        __Simple Light Balm         __Simple Dark Balm
        __Steam Watch (%)           __Simple Coat Rope
        __Simple Goggles            __Simple Brazier
        __Biker's Charm (%)         __Simple Hood
        __Simple Fire Comb          __Simple Water Comb
        __Simple Wind Comb          __Simple Earth Comb
        __Simple Light Comb         __Simple Dark Comb
        __Simple Mittens            __Simple Gaiters
        __Simple Handbag            __Flickering Scale (%)
        __Simple Fortunes           __Shadow (#)
        __Simple Fire Pill          __Simple Water Pill
        __Simple Wind Pill          __Simple Earth Pill
        __Simple Light Pill         __Simple Dark Pill
        __Air Rollershoes (#)       __Magical Bandage (#)
        __Demon Safe Shoes (#)      __Simple Super Hood
        __Simple Auto Clock         __Simple Star Play
        __Steam Apron (#)           __Simple Fire Ball
        __Simple Water Ball         __Simple Wind Ball
        __Simple Earth Ball         __Simple Light Ball
        __Simple Dark Ball          __Steam Shield (#)
        __Simple Man Gloves         __Simple Jump Clogs
        __Simple Fate Book          __Guide to Divinity (#)
        __Simple Slant Hood         __Simple Super Belt
        __Victor's Brooch (#)       __Badass Uniform (#)
        __Empty Eye of Sin (#)
   * "Items in Storage" or useable items and materials (303 types/6 pts)
        __Fire Storm                __Fire Barrel
        __Tidal Wave                __Water Dragon
        __Tornado                   __Hurricane Razor
        __Earth Spike               __Earth Rain
        __Light Arrows              __Holy Arrow
        __Air Stroke                __Hell Raiser
        __Health Drink              __Healing Serum
        __Healing Potion            __Healing Tonic
        __Healing Rain              __Revive Rain
        __Healing Storm             __Revive Storm
        __Sprite Drop               __Fairy Drop
        __Elven Drop                __Sprite Rain
        __Fairy Rain                __Elven Rain
        __Weird Black Tea           __Strange Coffee
        __Special Tea               __Holy Potion
        __Godly Potion              __Wonder Potion
        __Antidote Soda             __Stimulant Soda
        __Blessing Soda             __Solution Soda
        __Esthesio Soda             __Lucid Soda
        __Wonder Soda               __Omnipotent Soda
        __Revival Medicine          __Revive Potion
        __Revival Serum             __Asian Mango
        __Caramel Sauce             __Restoring Drop
        __Restoring Rain            __Noble Drop
        __Noble Rain                __Strange Soda
        __Chica Potion              __Hadesbane Salve
        __Pure Medallion            __Icon of Purity
        __Vital Talisman            __Spirit Talisman
        __Vital Charm               __Spirit Charm
        __Speed Talisman            __Speed Charm
        __The Death                 __The Moon
        __The Devil                 __The Emperor
        __The Hanged Man            __The Hermit
        __The Fool                  __The Lovers
        __The Wheel                 __Warrior Blood
        __Knight Blood              __Wizard Blood
        __Astrologer Blood          __Warrior Seal
        __Knight Seal               __Wizard Seal
        __Astrologer Seal           __Warrior Soul
        __Knight Soul               __Wizard Soul
        __Astrologer Soul           __Warrior Chain
        __Knight Chain              __Wizard Chain
        __Astrologer Chain          __Warrior Tome
        __Knight Tome               __Wizard Tome
        __Astrologer Tome           __Warrior Trump
        __Knight Trump              __Wizard Trump
        __Astrologer Trump          __Smoke Screen
        __Fairy's Orb               __Return Feather
        __Return Wing               __Beginner's Text
        __Master's Text             __Beginner's Book
        __Master's Book             __Text of Power
        __Book of Power             __Text of Stamina
        __Book of Stamina           __Text of Wisdom
        __Book of Wisdom            __Text of Sense
        __Book of Sense             __Word of Vigor
        __Dawn Chim Chim            __Word of Spirit
        __Dusk Chim Chim            __Health Scroll
        __Antidote Scroll           __Dawn Bird Scroll
        __Priest Scroll             __Life Scroll
        __Resurrect Scroll          __Reflex Scroll
        __Repeal Scroll             __Sanity Scroll
        __Hellfire Scroll           __Tidal Scroll
        __Tornado Scroll            __Avalanche Scroll
        __Halcyon Scroll            __Abyss Scroll
        __Vitality Scroll           __Chim Crown
        __Coupon                    __Flyer Radar
        __Animal Radar              __Fairy Queen Orb
        __Smoke Bomb                __Guiding Wings
        __Fire Mouse Skin           __Olm Shell
        __Wing of Lufu              __Soil Bug Antenna
        __Scorpion Tail             __Midoro Flagellum
        __Sleeping Powder           __Mantis Nail
        __Bear Paw                  __Thunder Deer Hoof
        __Dark Lizard Tail          __Astrid Specimen
        __Cow Stomach               __Stingray Stinger
        __Shark Tooth               __Niku Baku Tongue
        __Ein Baku Tongue           __Demon Bat Horn
        __Maiden's Hair             __Sabertooth Tooth
        __Niku Baku Fur             __Ein Baku Fur
        __Niku Baku Jawbone         __Ein Baku Jawbone
        __Stopping Moss             __Anti-Air Compass
        __Nutcracker                __Ninja Claw
        __Strategic Fan             __War Drum
        __Nil Strike                __Nil Theft
        __Nil Madness               __Nil Defile
        __Nil Ally                  __Nil Charm
        __Nil Encroach              __Nil Abduct
        __Nil Embrace               __Ginseng
        __Grudge Water              __Crystal Skull
        __Lodestone                 __Cat Fang
        __Shogun's Fan              __Fireserpent Skin
        __Jurgl Shell               __Phoenix Feather
        __Greatworm Feeler          __Stormbeast Hoof
        __Dark Iguana Tail          __Octoscorp Tail
        __Starfish                  __Iron Cow Stomach
        __Gurah Fist                __Hermit Shell
        __Turtle Shell              __Turtle Crest
        __Cleansing Pill            __Jinx's Bane
        __Caffeine Drink            __Poison Leaf
        __Curse Plant               __Dream Wood Leaf
        __Body Egg                  __Mind Egg
        __Body Scale                __Mind Scale
        __Fire Resist Seal          __Aqua Board
        __Calm Propeller            __Dustproof Lens
        __Iron Shell                __Iron Crest
        __Armadillo Shell           __Armadillo Crest
        __Tinted Glass              __Flash Light
        __Opening Cutter            __Fast Glycerin
        __Anti-Paralysis            __Blast Leaf
        __Whirlpool Leaf            __Vacuum Leaf
        __Desert Rose Leaf          __Flash Leaf
        __Dark Leaf                 __Coiling Vine
        __Paralysis Leaf            __Body Larva
        __Mind Larva                __Body Wing
        __Mind Wing                 __Tortoise Shell
        __Tortoise Crest            __Twin Scales
        __Steel Shell               __Steel Crest
        __Sanity Fan                __Health Aroma
        __Confusion Leaf            __Fairyleaf
        __Body Butterfly            __Mind Butterfly
        __Body Moth                 __Mind Moth
        __World Mirror              __Spirit Tree Bud
        __Dual Angel                __Broad Angel
        __Scythe Angel              __Bayonet Angel
        __Blade Angel               __Gauntlets Angel
        __Lance Angel               __Staff Angel
        __Grimoire Angel            __Fan Angel
        __Phonosheet                __Indulgence
        __Fireleaf                  __Tidegrass
        __Galegrass                 __Stone Rose Petal
        __Tomorrowleaf              __Leaf of Lament
        __Toxic Leaf                __Sanctuary Leaf
        __Dreamhold Leaf            __Leaf of Binding
        __Numbing Lotus             __Frenzyflower
        __Charmleaf                 __Red Sun Stone
        __Blue Moon Ore             __White Star Sand
        __Gray Comet Dust           __Gold Snake Skin
        __Dowsing Rod               __Amber Dragon Eye
        __Evil Snake Skin           __Dowsing Chain
        __Gudo Oil                  __Boost Candle
        __Jade Dragon Eye           __Colored Core
        __Giant Snake Skin          __Dowsing Board
        __Skill Candle              __Vigor Crystal
        __Spirit Crystal            __Cat Whiskers
        __Funbolt Oil               __Sapphire Eye
        __Time Conch                __Demonic Mallet
        __Battle Cosmetics          __True Sun Stone
        __True Moon Ore             __Silver Stardust
        __Ashen Comet Dust          __Seed of the Land
        __Grab Bag                  __Bell of Time
        __Divine Seed               __Rosary of Health
        __Rosary of Spirit

Alright, I realize a small mistake from my Rebirth guide, but I can use it to
help me out here.  If an item has (!) with no other marking, then it is a rare
item available only in Rebirth.  (%) means an item is available in Reminisce.
(#) is a 5* item in Redemption.  (@) will appear next to 5* items in all three
volumes, whereas an item with any two symbols from above appears only in those
two games.  Don't worry about the rarity of "Items in Storage."

With all the work we did in Rebirth and Reminisce, this still may take around
the time of Cubia to hit level 9, and around the time of the Forest of Pain to
be completed.  Don't worry, you still don't have to trade your characters for
the weapons they DO equip.  However, things like the Scythe Bordeaux carries
should be traded for to get materials.

                ~~Ryu Book V: Chaos Gate Records~~

R/Q - BGM (BackGround Music)

   * Play Time (5 pts per 30 minutes)
   * Visits to grass fields (35 pts each)
   * Visits to temple type dungeons (35 pts each)
   * Visits to cavern type dungeons (35 pts each)
   * Visits to wilderness fields (?? pts each)
   * Visits to cloister dungeons (?? pts each)
   * Visits to forest dungeons (?? pts each)
   * Visits to the Forest of Pain (?? pts each)

If you followed my guides up to now, this probably hit level 9 when you first
checked this Ryu Book in Redemption, or else it was very close . . . hence the
reason for so many unknown point values.

                ~~Ryu Book VI: Arena Battles~~

R/Q - Movie

   * # of Arena matches (7 pts each)
   * Successful counterattacks YOU have accomplished (7 pts each)
   * WP (Winner Points) acquired (1 pt each)

Remember how I had you accrue 4500 WP and a BUNCH of counterattacks back by the
end of Volume 2?  Well, getting halfway through the Sage Palace Tournament will
probably be enough for this.

                ~~Ryu Book VII: Monsters Defeated~~


   * Ogre (24 types/15pts)
          Lv 1-10
             __Goblin Rookie       __Gun Giant
          Lv 11-20
             __Wight Ride          __Goblin Mage
             __Gigamouth           __Goblin Guard
          Lv 21-30
             __Goblin Abyss        __Poisoned Dead
             __Gurugon             __Baz Giant
          Lv 31-40
             __Living Corpse
          Lv 41-50
             __Apititer            __Goblin Knight
          Lv 51-60
             __Goblin Sage         __Giga Bazooka
             __Steam Goblin        __Morgul
          Lv 61-70
             __Goblin Nemesis
          Lv 71-80
          Lv 81-90
             __Maxima Bazooka
          Lv 91-100
             __Duster Goblin
          Lv 101-110
             __Zombion             __Deepone
          Lv 131-140
             __Goblin General
   * Demon (32 types/35pts)
          Lv 11-20
             __Angelic Gore
          Lv 31-40
             __Fat Lancer          __Holy Eater
          Lv 41-50
             __Cernunnos           __Gaze Knight
          Lv 51-60
             __Heavens Doom
          Lv 71-80
             __Solid Eye           __Death Eater
             __Mirage Banisher     __Propogate Stopper
          Lv 81-90
             __Avenge Preventer    __Tempt Rejecter
             __Scheme Breacher
          Lv 101-110
          Lv 111-120
             __Hell Guardian
          Lv 121-130
             __Evil Grinner        __Horndrigal
             __Memento Mori        __Vicious Seed
             __Magi Ramon
          Lv 131-140
             __The Undying         __The Undeceived
             __The Unswayed        __The Unangered
             __The Untempted       __The Unhidden
             __The Uncounseled     __Duke Orius
             __Darklord's Shade
          Lv 141-150
             __Mikistri            __True Cernunnos
             __Tinder Baron
   * Sea Monster (9 types/60 pts)
          Lv 21-30
             __Spear Fish
          Lv 31-40
             __Lance Marine
          Lv 81-90
             __Sea Trident
          Lv 91-100
             __Azul Sachem
          Lv 101-110
             __Riverdyle           __Mosa Machine
          Lv 131-140
             __Sea Guathan
          Lv 141-150
             __Blue Mage           __High One
   * Supernatural (15 types/25 pts)
          Lv 1-10
             __Zan Bezel           __Vak Bezel
          Lv 11-20
             __Gan Bezel           __Rue Bezel
          Lv 31-40
             __Zan Juggler         __Vak Juggler
          Lv 41-50
             __Gan Juggler         __Rue Juggler
          Lv 61-70
             __Lei Zin             __Zan Zin
          Lv 71-80
             __Rue Zin             __Ani Zin
             __Gan Zin
          Lv 81-90
             __Vak Zin
          Lv 111-120
   * Avian (16 types/30 pts)
          Lv 11-20
             __Chickie             __Trainee Owl
             __Raven Claw
          Lv 31-40
             __Chickie Dada        __Scalvenger
             __Hermit Owl
          Lv 41-50
             __Black Raptor
          Lv 51-60
             __Lady Guard
          Lv 61-70
             __Sorcerer Owl        __Chickie Mama
          Lv 71-80
             __Hell Vulture
          Lv 91-100
             __Ignis Tail          __Wisdom Owl
          Lv 111-120
             __Chickie Gramma
          Lv 131-140
             __Harpy Queen
          Lv 141-150
             __Lava Dodo
   * Plant (9 types/40 pts)
          Lv 1-10
             __Onion Mash
          Lv 11-20
             __Crumple Tree
          Lv 21-30
          Lv 31-40
             __Elder Growth
          Lv 51-60
             __Hanger Berry
          Lv 61-70
          Lv 71-80
             __Funger Hat
          Lv 91-100
             __Forest King
          Lv 131-140
   * Demon Beast (25 types/20 pts)
          Lv 1-10
             __Rue Fang            __Gan Fang
             __Bravo Nose          __Vak Fang
             __Zan Fang
          Lv 11-20
             __Ani Fang            __Lei Fang
          Lv 21-30
             __Zan Ziger           __Rue Ziger
          Lv 31-40
             __Ani Ziger           __Don Elephant
             __Vak Ziger           __Gan Ziger
             __Lei Ziger
          Lv 51-60
             __Shadowless Dog      __Mighty Nuaman
          Lv 61-70
             __Strange Head
          Lv 81-90
             __Olin Pack
          Lv 91-100
             __Giga Mammoth        __Heatwave Hound
          Lv 101-110
             __Raid Liger
          Lv 111-120
             __Sir Unknown
          Lv 121-130
          Lv 131-140
          Lv 141-150
             Chaos Empress
   * Mecha Beast (22 types/35 pts)
          Lv 1-10
             __Wild Kettle
          Lv 11-20
             __Knuckleman          __Buster Kettle
             __Steam Shell
          Lv 41-50
             __Metal Fist          __#Rain
          Lv 51-60
             __Death Kettle        __#Rain Cloud
          Lv 71-80
             __Process Gear        __Gobtank 75
          Lv 81-90
             __Bowler Head
          Lv 91-100
             __Chain Whip          __Gobcannon 77
          Lv 101-110
          Lv 111-120
             __Tetra Foot
          Lv 131-140
             __Black Gurah         __Proto Gurah
             __Gobdam 78           __Break Rest
          Lv 141-150
             __Arachnophobia       __Heavy Stamp
   * Dragon (14 types/35 pts)
          Lv 1-10
             __Lizard Hunter
          Lv 21-30
             __Lizard Assassin     __Drygon
             __Fever Horse
          Lv 41-50
             __Blaze Drake         __Dryas
          Lv 51-60
             __Elite Lizard
          Lv 61-70
             __Meggido Hydra
          Lv 71-80
          Lv 81-90
          Lv 91-100
          Lv 121-130
             __Dryamas             __Long-Lived-King
          Lv 131-140
             __Metal Dragon
   * Crustacean (20 types/35 pts)
          Lv 21-30
             __Hecaton Foot        __Carrie
             __Ruby Cutter
          Lv 31-40
             __Mad Jaws            __Great Jaws
          Lv 41-50
             __Carrianne           __Horned Archelon
             __Fate Crab           __Masked Beast
          Lv 51-60
             __Tick Mask
          Lv 61-70
             __Scorpio '17         __Carrizabeth
          Lv 71-80
             __Face Bug
          Lv 81-90
             __Scissor Byte        __Hash Chase
             __Bison Totoris
          Lv 101-110
             __Grim Stag
          Lv 111-120
             __Megalo Adamant      __Wheel Jack
          Lv 131-140
   * Undead (12 types/60 pts)
          Lv 61-70
             __Anchor Bind
          Lv 71-80
          Lv 91-100
             __Titan Dead          __Massacre Mummy
             __Blind Pain
          Lv 101-110
             __Captain Hook
          Lv 111-120
             __Death Penalty       __Vice Ripper
          Lv 121-130
             __Straight Felon
          Lv 131-140
             __Yo-Ho Hyle
          Lv 141-150
             __Huge Grudge         __Barbarous Ankh
   * Demon Stone (8 types/?? pts)
          Lv 61-70
             __Hell Charm
          Lv 71-80
             __Living Tower
          Lv 91-100
             __Gimmick Torch
          Lv 101-110
             __Break Pillar
          Lv 111-120
             __6 Arm Maiden
          Lv 121-130
          Lv 131-140
             __Death Radar
          Lv 141-150
   * Angel (2 type/20 pts)
          Lv 71-80
             __Heavenly Ray
          Lv 141-150
             __Noble Pain
   * Divinity (12 types/60 pts)
          Lv 111-120
             __Zan Dibro           __Vak Dibro
          Lv 121-130
             __Gan Dibro           __Lei Dibro
             __Rue Dibro           __Ani Dibro
          Lv 141-150
             __Vak Abado           __Rue Abado
             __Zan Abado           __Gan Abado
             __Lei Abado           __Ani Abado
   * ??? (17 types/100 pts)
          Lv 41-50
          Lv 81-90
          Lv 91-100
             __The One Sin         __Bugborn Alpha
             __Bug Queen Alpha     __God Eater
          Lv 111-120
             __Bugborn Beta        __Bug Queen Beta
          Lv 121-130
             __Bugborn Gamma       __Bug Queen Gamma
             __Cubia Gomora        __Ovan
          Lv 131-140
             __Cubia Core
          Lv 141-150
             __The One Death

Within each category you will see the number of types, the points per type, and
the level ranges of each type.  Use Ctrl+F through my guide to see where each
enemy from Redemption can be found.  If it's a monster from earlier volumes, it
will not be mentioned in this guide with a few exceptions.

Following all three of my guides, you should get this book to level 9 around
the time you fight Cubia, and you'll complete the list during the Forest of
Pain.  It's that easy.

                ~~Ryu Book VIII: Steam Bike Stats~~

R/Q - Movie

   * Drive Time (15 pts per minute)
   * Collisions (80 pts per collision)
   * Parts Collected (53 Parts/?? pts each)

Carrying over from the past two games, this will go very fast.

-------------Crimson VS Guide-------------

The game's developers decided to make this mini-game for you to play.  Crimson
VS is a card game involving decks of four cards.  The General is the main card
in each deck, and the Units carry attributes for the Generals to use.  Most of
the cards also have images to do with characters from .hack up to now.  It's a
good source of nostalgia for .hack veterans.

You can have three decks at any one time, but only one can register for the
matches at a time.  I suggest having one deck for each Trinity Element, and
switching between them as needed.  You may begin to see a pattern of which of
the Trinity Elements is more popular like . . .

     Snipe --> Assault --> Shield --> Snipe

. . . which usually switches when the story of the game develops.  What I like
to do in this case is all my leveling stuff first, save, switch my deck for the
current recessive Trinity, progress through the story a bit, and return to see
my deck defeating the recently popular Trinity.  This doesn't always work, but
it still works enough where switching to Shield just before almost everyone
else decides to go to Snipe is what helped me climb from Rank 300 to 198 before
I decided to use a better deck as explained below.

General - You can only have one General in a deck.  This card has HP, AP, and
     Charisma.  The General carries no abilities, but is classified under one
     of the Trinity Elements . . . until you get to #86 when a General does
     have an ability of its own.

Units - These cards carry the Junction Abilities needed to sway the match over
     in your favor.  You can have up to three of one type of Unit present in a
     deck provided you have just as many of that card available.  These cards
     can also form a Delta Combo.

Trinity - Snipe, Shield, and Assault.  They carry Junction Abilities, abilities
     that aid the General should they survive the first stage of a match.  The
     Trinity Elements have a rock-paper-scissors effect to them in that Shield
     Units will gain +1 to their costs when against Snipe, Snipe over Assault,
     and Assault over Shield.  Generals are not affected by this other than by
     which Units survive the first stage.

Charisma - A General's Charisma determines the total cost of the Units that is
     allowed.  If you have a Degenerating Haseo with Units totaling 8 Charisma,
     then the last card cannot be used should all three survive the first stage
     of the match.

AP - This is the General's attack power.  Each General takes turns attacking
     one another until either one runs out of HP or until the turns in the
     third stage run out (at which point the General with the highest HP will
     win the match.

Delta Combo - Right before Stage 1, your Units can form a combo which affects
     the deck in various ways.  To get a Delta Combo going, three characters
     have to appear on the Units.

Stage 1 - Three Units from both sides are paired off against one another.  The
     outcome is determined by their cost.  The dominant Trinity gains +1 to its
     cost for this stage, and the card with the higher cost survives.  Should a
     card have a lower cost or both have the same cost, it retires for the rest
     of the match.  The +1 bonus factors into the cost for this, so ties can be
     broken making the dominant Trinity card the survivor, or the recessive
     Trinity card can be raised to tie or stay too low to survive in which case
     it retires like any other losing or tied card.

Stage 2 - The game then calculates the surviving cards' effects on the Generals
     until both Generals' HP and AP are fully adjusted.  Sometimes, a card can
     stick around since its Junction Ability kicks in during the third phase.
     There can also be a case where one card may cause the Generals to swap the
     Units before any other ability is factored in.

Stage 3 - Here's the main fight to every match.  Generals attack one another,
     and certain Units deal immediate damage over set conditions.  Healers and
     AP boosters also help the General in this stage.  This stage ends when one
     General runs out of HP or too many turns run out, and the General with the
     most HP wins the match.

These matches are automatic, though you may watch the last 20 matches when you
boot up Crimson VS and view the Log.  As long as you are outside of Crimson VS,
such as checking your email or playing the main game, a match passes for every
minute.  However, this does not hold true if you turn the actual game off.

Ranks - You start out with lots of people over you and with very few cards.  As
     you win more battles, and when you get "1st Word: Competing," you can gain
     more cards over time.  Once you earn a card as a prize or by doing special
     areas in the main game, you can earn copies of those cards among the more
     common cards.  Once you hit Rank 1, you can choose to take on Gaspard for
     the Champion title and the first "Haseo at Dawn."  As you win more matches
     after that, you can earn copies of "Haseo at Dawn."  NOTE: This game has a
     limit of 9 copies per card, but that does not mean you cease to earn that
     type of card.  The cards you earn are at random.

Below are two card lists.  In the General list beside each card's name is their
Trinity Element, Charisma, Base HP, and Base AP followed under that by any info
I wish to add.  The Unit list will display the Units' name, Trinity, and Cost.

   * Cards 1-25 (Generals):

        001.  Haseo at Dawn                          Assault      12/ 16/ 3
        002.  Kite                                   Assault      10/ 16/ 3
        003.  Haseo the Black Rogue                  Assault       9/ 16/ 4
        004.  Black Rose                             Assault      11/ 11/ 3
        005.  Haseo the Terror of Death              Assault       6/ 20/ 4
        006.  Pi - Raven                             Assault       8/ 17/ 3
        007.  Balmung                                Assault       7/ 15/ 4
        008.  Tabby - Twlight Brigade                Assault      12/ 14/ 1
        009.  Degenerating Haseo                     Assault       7/ 23/ 2
        010.  Shino - Twilight Brigade                Shield      14/ 16/ 2
        011.  Sakisaka - Twilight Brigade             Shield      10/ 20/ 2
        012.  Haseo Counterattacks                    Shield       8/ 23/ 3
        013.  Gaspard - Canard                        Shield      11/ 15/ 2
        014.  Atoli - Moon Tree                       Shield      10/ 17/ 2
        015.  Sakubo - Trifle                         Shield      10/ 10/ 2
        016.  Orca                                    Shield       9/ 11/ 4
        017.  Raid of New Punishers                   Shield       6/ 29/ 1
        018.  Ovan the Wanderer                        Snipe      12/ 12/ 4
        019.  Tri-Edge                                 Snipe       5/ 25/ 5
        020.  Endrance the Exquisite                   Snipe      13/ 10/ 3
        021.  Kuhn - Raven                             Snipe      12/ 10/ 2
        022.  Bordeaux the Mad Blade                   Snipe       8/ 24/ 2
        023.  Ovan the Twilight                        Snipe      11/  8/ 3
        024.  Mistral                                  Snipe      10/ 14/ 1
        025.  Silabus - Canard                         Snipe       9/ 18/ 2

   * Cards 26-85 (Units):

        026.  Kappa Rappa Kappa                      Assault      Cost:  1
        027.  Bamyon!                                Assault      Cost:  1
        028.  What Was That?!                        Assault      Cost:  1
        029.  Climactic Theory                       Assault      Cost:  2
        030.  The Trinity                            Assault      Cost:  2
        031.  March of Destruction                   Assault      Cost:  2
        032.  Falling Flag                           Assault      Cost:  3
        033.  Fearful Shino                          Assault      Cost:  3
        034.  Time of Peace                          Assault      Cost:  3
        035.  Unreaching Blade                       Assault      Cost:  3
        036.  Black Rose of Insight                  Assault      Cost:  4
        037.  Passing Through                        Assault      Cost:  4
        038.  Iron Fist of Anger                     Assault      Cost:  4
        039.  Unyielding Sparks                      Assault      Cost:  4
        040.  Treasonous Self                        Assault      Cost:  5
        041.  Thirst for Justice                     Assault      Cost:  4
        042.  Flame of Consumption                   Assault      Cost:  6
        043.  Decapitation of Oath                   Assault      Cost:  7
        044.  "She"                                  Assault      Cost:  6
        045.  Baptism of Smiles                      Assault      Cost:  7
        046.  Wrath of Logos                          Shield      Cost:  1
        047.  Young Girl's Path                       Shield      Cost:  1
        048.  Azure Sea's Laugh                       Shield      Cost:  1
        049.  Voluntary Trust                         Shield      Cost:  2
        050.  Come Back Alive                         Shield      Cost:  2
        051.  Aurora Gaze                             Shield      Cost:  2
        052.  Refrain of Shadows                      Shield      Cost:  2
        053.  Coppelia's Repose                       Shield      Cost:  3
        054.  Rival Spirits                           Shield      Cost:  3
        055.  A Time To Love                          Shield      Cost:  3
        056.  With My Brother                         Shield      Cost:  3
        057.  Shadow of Memories                      Shield      Cost:  4
        058.  Freedom to Imagine                      Shield      Cost:  4
        059.  Healing Waves                           Shield      Cost:  4
        060.  Ace of Hearts                           Shield      Cost:  5
        061.  Invisible                               Shield      Cost:  6
        062.  Restraint of Discipline                 Shield      Cost:  5
        063.  No More Loss                            Shield      Cost:  6
        064.  Melody Persuer                          Shield      Cost:  6
        065.  Impenetrable Barrier                    Shield      Cost:  7
        066.  Unstoppable Resolve                      Snipe      Cost:  1
        067.  Cat Punch!!                              Snipe      Cost:  1
        068.  Bird In A Cage                           Snipe      Cost:  1
        069.  Master Subaru!                           Snipe      Cost:  2
        070.  Jackpot                                  Snipe      Cost:  2
        071.  Angry Blue Sky                           Snipe      Cost:  2
        072.  PK Network                               Snipe      Cost:  2
        073.  Two Fangs                                Snipe      Cost:  3
        074.  Gimme Some Chim!                         Snipe      Cost:  3
        075.  Bland Self                               Snipe      Cost:  3
        076.  Order Upheld                             Snipe      Cost:  3
        077.  Rose Letters                             Snipe      Cost:  4
        078.  Reckless Roar                            Snipe      Cost:  4
        079.  Check This Out!                          Snipe      Cost:  5
        080.  Broken Full Moon                         Snipe      Cost:  4
        081.  Dancing Lion                             Snipe      Cost:  5
        082.  Don't kick!!                             Snipe      Cost:  6
        083.  Officially Allowed                       Snipe      Cost:  6
        084.  Strongest Smile                          Snipe      Cost:  6
        085.  Grim Reaper's Rondo                      Snipe      Cost:  7

   * Cards 86-110 (Generals):

        086.  Haseo the Silver Dual Gunner           Assault      12/ 14/ 3
        087.  Bordeaux in Darkness                   Assault       6/ 22/ 4
        088.  Alkaid - Icolo                         Assault      10/ 12/ 3
        089.  Coldhearted Saku                       Assault      12/ 16/ 2
        090.  Kaede - Moon Tree                      Assault      10/ 14/ 2
        091.  Sirius - Icolo                         Assault       9/ 10/ 3
        092.  Sophora - Moon Tree                    Assault       6/  8/ 4
        093.  Twilight Knight Piros the 3rd          Assault       8/ 12/ 2
        094.  Beast Awakening Haseo                  Assault       9/ 18/ 2
        095.  Zelkova - Moon Tree                     Shield      15/ 17/ 0
        096.  Sakaki Lost in Ambition                 Shield       8/ 18/ 4
        097.  Azure Orca                              Shield       6/ 16/ 4
        098.  Avatar Awakening Haseo                  Shield      11/ 10/ 3
        099.  Yata - Raven                            Shield      10/ 12/ 2
        100.  Bo - Trifle                             Shield      12/ 12/ 1
        101.  Sakaki - Moon Tree                      Shield      12/  8/ 1
        102.  Hiiragi - Moon Tree                     Shield      11/ 14/ 1
        103.  Tri-Edge Ovan                            Snipe       7/ 20/ 6
        104.  Gabi - Kestrel                           Snipe      11/ 16/ 4
        105.  Azure Balmung                            Snipe       6/ 12/ 5
        106.  Card King Gaspard                        Snipe      12/ 12/ 2
        107.  Taihaku - Icolo                          Snipe       7/ 10/ 4
        108.  Antares - Icolo                          Snipe       8/ 12/ 3
        109.  Nala - Moon Tree                         Snipe       9/ 10/ 2
        110.  Matsu - Moon Tree                        Snipe       7/ 10/ 3

   * Cards 111-150 (Units):

        111.  Zelpest Light Blast                    Assault      Cost:  7
        112.  Promised Power                         Assault      Cost:  6
        113.  A Road to Change                       Assault      Cost:  6
        114.  Pandora's Box                          Assault      Cost:  5
        115.  Pure Malice                            Assault      Cost:  5
        116.  Howling Fang                           Assault      Cost:  4
        117.  A Promise of Discord                   Assault      Cost:  4
        118.  The Second Seal                        Assault      Cost:  4
        119.  I'm not your pupil!                    Assault      Cost:  4
        120.  Maximum Maxim                          Assault      Cost:  3
        121.  Heavenly Twilight Knight               Assault      Cost:  3
        122.  Hurricane Knight                       Assault      Cost:  3
        123.  The Vain King                          Assault      Cost:  3
        124.  What's Most Important                   Shield      Cost:  7
        125.  Operation Delta                         Shield      Cost:  6
        126.  Overture of Destruction                 Shield      Cost:  6
        127.  Playful Hermit                          Shield      Cost:  5
        128.  Flame Guardian                          Shield      Cost:  5
        129.  Did you see that!                       Shield      Cost:  4
        130.  Magic Surge                             Shield      Cost:  4
        131.  Limitless Knowledge                     Shield      Cost:  4
        132.  Masquerade Ball                         Shield      Cost:  4
        133.  Serpentarius                            Shield      Cost:  4
        134.  A Time for Calm                         Shield      Cost:  3
        135.  Remorse's Companion                     Shield      Cost:  3
        136.  Our Best Shot                           Shield      Cost:  3
        137.  Miracle                                 Shield      Cost:  3
        138.  Ultimate Thanatos                        Snipe      Cost:  7
        139.  A False Future                           Snipe      Cost:  6
        140.  Creatures from the Dark                  Snipe      Cost:  6
        141.  Chaotic Answer                           Snipe      Cost:  5
        142.  Cheer Up                                 Snipe      Cost:  5
        143.  A Glimpse of Twins                       Snipe      Cost:  4
        144.  Next to You, Next to Me                  Snipe      Cost:  4
        145.  Together with the Master                 Snipe      Cost:  4
        146.  A Girl's Heart                           Snipe      Cost:  4
        147.  Grunty Oink!                             Snipe      Cost:  3
        148.  A Hero's Arrival                         Snipe      Cost:  3
        149.  The Place for Evil                       Snipe      Cost:  3
        150.  Cute Hunter                              Snipe      Cost:  3

Deck Building - As I said, I suggest making a deck from each Trinity Element.
     You start out with a small selection that barely seems worthwhile, but as
     you earn more cards you can update each deck as you are able.  Also, if
     this file was transferred over from Reminisce, and you took the Champion
     rank back then, you should be able to build two of the three decks you'll
     ever need.  At -THAT POINT-, you don't need to follow my suggestion of one
     deck to each Trinity Element.

Assault Deck - As for the Units, this is a Trinity that specializes in dealing
     damage from your Units as well as your General.
          "Fear of the Sun"
          Haseo at Dawn
               + Baptism of Smiles + Fearful Shino + The Trinity
     When you have the best Assault General of Reminisce, you can make the deck
     mentioned above to instantly win many battles.  The Trinity doesn't even
     need to survive, but if it does then it may save you should Fearful Shino
     lose in Stage 1.  Otherwise, Baptism of Smiles and Fearful Shino will end
     the battle during Stage 2.  On top of this, you should activate the Delta
     Combo with these Units which will cause a Corrected Cost of +1 to them.
     This means they will be that much harder to beat by the opponent's Units.
     Starting off, this can get you to Rank 200 without too much of a problem,
     and a little better than that if used against Assault and Shield decks.
     There is something even better, however . . .

Rank Sweeper - There is a deck using cards from Reminisce which can blast you
     all the way to Rank 1 regardless of the popular Trinity Element.
          Shino - Twilight Brigade
               + Ace of Hearts + Grim Reaper's Rondo + Come Back Alive
     The resulting Delta Combo raises your Units' costs by 2 each.  Even at the
     higher ranks, this deck wins a ridiculously high amount of the time.

Gaspard's Bane - The Champion is once again Gaspard, and you need to beat him
     when you are Rank 1 to become the Champion yourself and earn Card #86.
          Gabi - Kestrel
               + Pandora's Box + Refrain of Shadows + Did you see that!
     Once you have these four cards and are at Rank 1, make this deck.  This
     has the DC "Intelligent Combo" which nullifies the opponent's Delta Combo.
     This deck is capable of beating Gaspard's decks, but I still suggest you
     save before going against him.

Forever Champion - Unlike in Reminisce, the ranks aren't reset upon playing the
     next game simply because there is no Volume 4 of //G.U.  Also the case in
     Redemption is the fact that once you are the Champion, you should have all
     the cards needed to never lose again.
          Haseo the Silver Dual Gunner
               + Healing Waves + Come Back Alive + Operation Delta
     You once again have "Arena Combo I" in play, meaning Corrected Costs of +2
     for your Units.  Since a DC is in effect, Operation Delta will grant you
     5 HP and 5 AP since it will more than likely beat any other third Unit.
     With this deck registered after you become the Champion, you will never
     lose another match.

And there you have it!  You're still welcome to play with the cards to create
your own decks and discover other Delta Combos.  My explanation here is done.

   * WARNING: Once you begin matches in Crimson VS, there is no stopping them
          except to not play that same file of //G.U.  Do not even boot up the
          mini game if you have no desire to play.

-------------The Checklist-------------

   __Have most of your 22 characters at level 150
   __Haseo's weapon levels for Broadsword, Dual Swords, Scythe and Dual Guns
          are all at 30.
   __Got Ryu Books and Canard's guild rank to 9
   __Collected all 57 Wallpapers from Redemption (plus 155 from the past two
          volumes) for a total of 202 Background Images.
   __Completed Chim Data campaign
   __Completed Lucky Data campaign
   __Completed Mecha Grunty Rescue campaign and "Farewell Mecha Grunty" quest
   __Have the fastest time in all 10 race courses, beat the Gold Goblins for
          the Demon Safe Shoes.
   __Beat all Chaotic PKs including Natsume
   __Beat the game's story mode (and kept Saku by being nice to her)
   __Beat the Forest of Pain
   __Gotten the seven Lost Weapons to Growth Level 5
   __Beat Dopplganger once in Rebirth, twice in Reminisce, and twice more in
          Redemption for Other Self and Shadow
   __Beat the Sweepstakers at the Arena
   __Have everyone's affection as high as it'll go.
   __(HIGHLY OPTIONAL) Completed Bikman's Flyer campaign
   __Become the Champion in Crimson VS
   __Be sure you're saved after doing all that stuff.  I'm sure you don't want
          to do it all over again unless you're replaying the games.

VI. Items Uses

-------------Recovery Items-------------

These can be used in a field or dungeon as well as any battle not in the Arena.

   * Asian Mango      - Heal an ally's HP by 60
   * Health Drink     - Heal an ally's HP by 100
   * Healing Serum    - Heal an ally's HP by 200
   * Healing Potion   - Heal an ally's HP by 350
   * Restoring Drop   - Heal an ally's HP by 750
   * Healing Tonic    - Heal an ally's HP to full
   * Healing Rain     - Heal all allies' HP by 100
   * Revive Rain      - Heal all allies' HP by 200
   * Healing Storm    - Heal all allies' HP by 350
   * Pure Medallion   - Heal all allies' HP by 350 (Infinite Uses)
   * Restoring Rain   - Heal all allies' HP by 750
   * Revive Storm     - Heal all allies' HP to full
   * Caramel Sauce    - Recover an ally's SP by 30
   * Sprite Drop      - Recover an ally's SP by 50
   * Fairy Drop       - Recover an ally's SP by 100
   * Noble Drop       - Recover an ally's SP by 250
   * Elven Drop       - Recover an ally's SP to full
   * Sprite Rain      - Recover all allies' SP by 50
   * Fairy Rain       - Recover all allies' SP by 100
   * Noble Rain       - Recover all allies' SP by 250
   * Icon of Purity   - Recover all allies' SP by 250 (Infinite Uses)
   * Elven Rain       - Recover all allies' SP to full
   * Weird Black Tea  - Heal an ally's HP and SP by 50
   * Strange Coffee   - Heal an ally's HP and SP by 100
   * Strange Soda     - Heal an ally's HP and SP by 250
   * Special Tea      - Heal an ally's HP and SP to full
   * Holy Potion      - Heal all allies' HP and SP by 50
   * Godly Potion     - Heal all allies' HP and SP by 100
   * Chica Potion     - Heal all allies' HP and SP by 250
   * Wonder Potion    - Heal all allies' HP and SP to full
   * Antidote Soda    - Cure an ally's Poison
   * Blessing Soda    - Cure an ally's Curse
   * Stimulant Soda   - Cure an ally's Sleep
   * Solution Soda    - Cure an ally's Seal
   * Esthesio Soda    - Cure an ally's Paralysis
   * Lucid Soda       - Cure an ally's Confusion
   * Wonder Soda      - Cure an ally's status effect
   * Omnipotent Soda  - Cure all allies' status effect(s)
   * Revival Medicine - Bring an ally back to life with 25% HP
   * Hadesbane Salve  - Bring multiple allies back to life with 25% HP
   * Revive Potion    - Fully Revive an ally
   * Revival Serum    - Fully Revive multiple allies

-------------Support Items-------------

Below are items that boost your stats.  Some are permanent, and a few are not.

   * Warrior Blood       - Temp increase in an ally's Physical Attack by 3
   * Knight Blood        - Temp increase in an ally's Physical Defense by 3
   * Wizard Blood        - Temp increase in an ally's Magic Attack by 3
   * Astrologer Blood    - Temp increase in an ally's Magic Defense by 3
   * Warrior Soul        - Temp increase in allies' Physical Attack by 3
   * Knight Soul         - Temp increase in allies' Physical Defense by 3
   * Wizard Soul         - Temp increase in allies' Magic Attack by 3
   * Astrologer Soul     - Temp increase in allies' Magic Defense by 3
   * Warrior Tome        - Temp increase in allies' Physical Attack by 30
   * Knight Tome         - Temp increase in allies' Physical Defense by 30
   * Wizard Tome         - Temp increase in allies' Magic Attack by 30
   * Astrologer Tome     - Temp increase in allies' Magic Defense by 30
   * Vital Talisman      - Gradually heal an ally's HP
   * Spirit Talisman     - Gradually recover an ally's SP
   * Speed Talisman      - Temp raise in an ally's speed by 25%
   * Vital Charm         - Gradually heal all allies' HP
   * Spirit Charm        - Gradually recover all allies' SP
   * Speed Charm         - Temp raise in allies' speed by 25%
   * Beginner's Text     - Raise an ally's equipped weapon level by 1/2
   * Master's Text       - Raise an ally's equipped weapon level by 1 
   * Beginner's Book     - Raise party's equipped weapon level by 1/2
   * Master's Book       - Raise party's equipped weapon level by 1
   * Word of Vigor       - Increase an ally's health by 25 HP
   * Dawn Chim Chim      - Increase an ally's health by 50 HP
   * Word of Spirit      - Increase an ally's SP by 25
   * Dusk Chim Chim      - Increase an ally's SP by 50
   * Text of Power       - Increase an ally's Physical Attack by 3
   * Book of Power       - Increase an ally's Physical Attack by 5
   * Text of Stamina     - Increase an ally's Physical Defense by 3
   * Book of Stamina     - Increase an ally's Physical Defense by 5
   * Text of Wisdom      - Increase an ally's Magic Attack by 3
   * Book of Wisdom      - Increase an ally's Magic Attack by 5
   * Text of Sense       - Increase an an ally's Magic Defense by 3
   * Book of Sense       - Increase an an ally's Magic Defense by 5

-------------Attack Items-------------

These deal damage, inflict status ailments, and debuff your enemies.

   * Earth Spike      - Earth elemental damage on an enemy
   * Earth Rain       - Earth elemental large damage on enemies
   * Fire Storm       - Fire elemental damage on an enemy
   * Fire Barrel      - Fire elemental large damage on enemies
   * Tornado          - Wind elemental damage on an enemy
   * Hurrican Razor   - Wind elemental large damage on enemies
   * Tidal Wave       - Water elemental damage on an enemy
   * Water Dragon     - Water elemental medium damage on an enemy
   * Light Arrows     - Light elemental medium damage on enemies to target
   * Holy Arrow       - Light elemental large damage on enemies to target
   * Air Stroke       - Dark elemental medium damage to an enemy
   * Hell Raiser      - Dark elemental large damage to an enemy
   * The Death        - Poison an enemy
   * The Devil        - Curse an enemy
   * The Moon         - Put an enemy to sleep
   * The Emperor      - Inflict Seal on an enemy
   * The Hanged Man   - Inflict Paralysis on an enemy
   * The Hermit       - Slows an enemy
   * The Fool         - Deals Confusion to an enemy
   * The Lovers       - Charms an enemy
   * The Wheel        - Inflicts a random status effect on an enemy
   * Warrior Seal     - Temp decrease in an enemy's Physical Attack by 3
   * Knight Seal      - Temp decrease in an enemy's Physical Defense by 3
   * Wizard Seal      - Temp decrease in an enemy's Magic Attack by 3
   * Astrologer Seal  - Temp decrease in an enemy's Magic Defense by 3
   * Warrior Chain    - Temp decrease in enemies' Physical Attack by 3
   * Knight Chain     - Temp decrease in enemies' Physical Defense by 3
   * Wizard Chain     - Temp decrease in enemies' Magic Attack by 3
   * Astrologer Chain - Temp decrease in enemies' Magic Defense by 3
   * Warrior Trump    - Temp decrease in enemies' Physical Attack by 30
   * Knight Trump     - Temp decrease in enemies' Physical Defense by 30
   * Wizard Trump     - Temp decrease in enemies' Magic Attack by 30
   * Astrologer Trump - Temp decrease in enemies' Magic Defense by 30

I typically sell all these either at a regular shop or through Shop Acorn when
there's room.  I'm not saying you won't use them, but I'm saying there's really
little need until God Eater with Light Arrows and Air Stroke.  Although, The
Emperor is a help against Angel type monsters such as the Heavenly Ray.

-------------Skill Items-------------

These items teach spells for healing or attacking.  If a character already has
a spell learned, then the scroll to learn it won't help.  Also note that Life
Scrolls in Rebirth were changed to Health Scrolls in Reminisce, and kept this
way through Redemption.

   * Antidote Scroll  - Learn Rip Duk   - cure Poison
   * Dawn Bird Scroll - Learn Rip Mumyn - cure Sleep
   * Priest Scroll    - Learn Rip Maj   - cure Curse
   * Reflex Scroll    - Learn Rip Suvi  - cure Paralysis
   * Repeal Scroll    - Learn Rip Fin   - cure Seal
   * Resurrect Scroll - Learn Rip Maen  - single revive at 25% HP
   * Health Scroll    - Learn Repth     - single heal for 100 HP
   * Life Scroll      - Learn Ul Repth  - single heal for 200 HP
   * Vitality Scroll  - Learn Ol Repth  - single heal for 350 HP
   * Avalanche Scroll - Learn Gan Bolg  - Earth spell
   * Hellfire Scroll  - Learn Vak Don   - Fire spell
   * Tornado Scroll   - Learn Zan Rom   - Water spell
   * Tidal Scroll     - Learn Rue Kruz  - Wind spell
   * Halcyon Scroll   - Learn Lei Zas   - Light spell
   * Abyss Scroll     - Learn Ani Zot   - Dark spell


These can be slapped onto and removed from any piece of equipment with a rarity
value of 4 or less.  5-Star weapons, armor, and accessories cannot be changed
with what ability is equipped.  Also, what you can equip to your weapon, armor,
or accessory depends on the type of Materials.  I will split the list into
three parts to help show this.  Please also understand that some materials need
more than one empty slot.

Weapon Customization:
   * Dark Lizard Tail  - Add Dark damage to a weapon's attack
   * Dark Iguana Tail  - Add heavy Dark damage to a weapon's attack
   * Fire Mouse Skin   - Add Fire damage to a weapon's attack
   * Fireserpent Skin  - Add heavy Fire damage to a weapon's attack
   * Olm Shell         - Add Water damage to a weapon's attack
   * Jurgl Shell       - Add heavy Water damage to a weapon's attack
   * Soil Bug Antenna  - Add Earth damage to a weapon's attack
   * Greatworm Feeler  - Add heavy Earth damage to a weapon's attack
   * Thunder Deer Hoof - Add Light damage to a weapon's attack
   * Stormbeast Hoof   - Add heavy Light damage to a weapon's attack
   * Wing of Lufu      - Add Wind damage to a weapon's attack
   * Phoenix Feather   - Add heavy Wind damage to a weapon's attack
   * Crystal Skull     - Attack with the target's weakness type
   * Lodestone         - All attacks are critical
   * Bear Paw          - Deal more critical attacks against an enemy's back
   * Mantis Nail       - Increase your critical attack rate by 10%
   * Shark Tooth       - Increase your critical attack rate by 25%
   * Sabertooth Tooth  - Increase your critical attack rate by 50%
   * Stopping Moss     - Halve a target's HP upon a critical hit
   * Ginseng           - Increase all damage dealt by 25%
   * Grudge Water      - The less your HP, the greater the damage output bonus
   * Anti-Air Compass  - Easier to ground flying monsters
   * Ninja Claw        - Increase damage bonus from surprise attacks by 10%
   * Cat Fang          - Increase damage bonus from surprise attacks by 25%
   * Nutcracker        - Easier to break monsters' shells
   * Strategic Fan     - Increase chance to do a Rengeki attack
   * War Drum          - Assist in your combo hits
   * Niku Baku Tongue  - Add 10% HP Drain to normal attacks
   * Niku Baku Fur     - Add 25% HP Drain to normal attacks
   * Niku Baku Jawbone - Add 50% HP Drain to normal attacks
   * Ein Baku Tongue   - Add 10% SP Drain to normal attacks
   * Ein Baku Fur      - Add 25% SP Drain to normal attacks
   * Ein Baku Jawbone  - Add 50% SP Drain to normal attacks
   * Astrid Specimen   - Adds the Seal effect to your attacks
   * Cow Stomach       - Adds the Slow effect to your attacks
   * Iron Cow Stomach  - Adds the Stun effect to your attacks
   * Demon Bat Horn    - Adds the Confusion effect to your attacks
   * Maiden's Hair     - Adds the Charm effect to your attacks
   * Midoro Flagellum  - Adds the Curse effect to your attacks
   * Scorpion Tail     - Adds the Poison effect to your attacks
   * Octoscorp Tail    - Adds the Venom effect to your attacks
   * Sleeping Powder   - Adds the Sleep effect to your attacks
   * Stingray Stinger  - Adds the Paralysis effect to your attacks
   * Nil Abduct        - Absorb 50% of regular attack damage as HP
   * Nil Ally          - Absorb 25% of regular attack damage as SP
   * Nil Charm         - Adds the Charm effect to your attacks
   * Nil Defile        - Halve the target's HP
   * Nil Embrace       - Absorb 25% of regular attack damage as SP
   * Nil Encroach      - Give your attacks a 10% to cut target's health by 90%
   * Nil Madness       - Adds the Confusion effect to your attacks
   * Nil Strike        - Increase your critical attack rate by 25%
   * Nil Theft         - Absorb 25% of regular attack damage as HP

The Nil series take up one slot instead of the usual 2-3 you would find with
their abilities.

Armor Customization:
   * Body Egg         - Increase HP by 10%
   * Body Larva       - Increase HP by 25%
   * Body Butterfly   - Increase HP by 50%
   * Body Scale       - Increase HP by 50
   * Body Wing        - Increase HP by 100
   * Body Moth        - Increase HP by 250
   * Iron Crest       - Reduce Magic Damage by 25 points
   * Iron Shell       - Reduce Physical Damage by 25 points
   * Tortoise Crest   - Reduce Magic Damage by 50 points
   * Tortoise Shell   - Reduce Physical Damage by 50 points
   * Mind Egg         - Increase SP by 10%
   * Mind Larva       - Increase SP by 25%
   * Mind Scale       - Increase SP by 50
   * Mind Wing        - Increase SP by 100
   * Hermit Shell     - Increase HP and SP by 10%
   * Turtle Crest     - Reduce Magic Damage by 10%
   * Turtle Shell     - Reduce Physical Damage by 10%
   * Armadillo Crest  - Reduce Magic Damage by 25%
   * Armadillo Shell  - Reduce Physical Damage by 25%
   * Steel Crest      - Reduce Magical Damage by 50%
   * Steel Shell      - Reduce Physical Damage by 50%
   * Aqua Board       - Halve Water damage
   * Calm Propeller   - Halve Wind damage
   * Dustproof Lens   - Halve Earth Damage
   * Fire Resist Seal - Halve Fire damage
   * Flash Light      - Halve Dark damage
   * Tinted Glass     - Halve Light damage
   * Bayonet Angel    - Halve damage from Gun attacks
   * Broad Angel      - Halve damage from Broadsword attacks
   * Blade Angel      - Halve damage from Blade attacks
   * Dual Angel       - Halve damage from Dual Sword attacks
   * Fan Angel        - Halve damage from Fan attacks
   * Gauntlets Angel  - Halve damage from Fist attacks
   * Grimoire Angel   - Halve damage from Grimoire attacks
   * Lance Angel      - Halve damage from Lance attacks
   * Scythe Angel     - Halve damage from Scythe attacks
   * Staff Angel      - Halve damage from Staff attacks
   * Caffeine Drink   - Immunity to Sleep
   * Cleansing Pill   - Immunity to Poison
   * Jinx's Bane      - Immunity to Curse
   * Opening Cutter   - Immunity to Seal
   * Anti-Paralysis   - Immunity to Paralysis
   * Fast Glycerin    - Immunity to Slow
   * Sanity Fan       - Immunity to Confusion
   * Health Aroma     - Immunity to Charm
   * World Mirror     - Immunity to all status effects
   * Coiling Vine     - Counter with Slow
   * Confusion Leaf   - Counter with Confusion
   * Frenzyflower     - Counter with Insanity
   * Curse Plant      - Counter with Curse
   * Sanctuary Leaf   - Counter with Voodoo
   * Dream Wood Leaf  - Counter with Sleep
   * Dreamhold Leaf   - Counter with Siesta
   * Fairyleaf        - Counter with Charm
   * Charmleaf        - Counter with Seduce
   * Paralysis Leaf   - Counter with Paralysis
   * Numbing Lotus    - Counter with Shackle
   * Poison Leaf      - Counter with Poison
   * Toxic Leaf       - Counter with Venom
   * Blast Leaf       - Counter with Fire damage
   * Fireleaf         - Counter with heavy Fire damage
   * Dark Leaf        - Counter with Dark damage
   * Leaf of Lament   - Counter with heavy Dark damage
   * Desert Rose Leaf - Counter with Earth damage
   * Stone Rose Petal - Counter with heavy Earth damage
   * Flash Leaf       - Counter with Light damage
   * Tomorrowleaf     - Counter with heavy Light damage
   * Vacuum Leaf      - Counter with Wind damage
   * Galegrass        - Counter with heavy Wind damage
   * Whirlpool Leaf   - Counter with Water damage
   * Tidegrass        - Counter with heavy Water damage
   * Twin Scales      - Turns HP damage into SP damage until SP runs out
   * Indulgence       - Turns HP damage into being robbed of GP
   * Spirit Tree Bud  - Raises stats by 3 while draining SP
   * Phonosheet       - Immunity to spell interruption

The armor Other Self reduces all damage by 75% and turns HP damage into damage
of the SP until SP hits 0.  Enhance this with Cheat Lv5 and plenty of items to
raise your defenses, and you shouldn't take damage so easily.

Accessory Customization:
   * Blue Moon Ore     - Reduce SP costs of attack spells by 10%, raise all
                         other SP costs by 5 points
   * True Moon Ore     - Reduce SP costs of attack spells by 25%
   * Gray Comet Dust   - Reduce status effect spells' SP costs by 10%, raise
                         all other SP costs by 5 points
   * Ashen Comet Dust  - Reduce SP costs of status spells by 25%
   * Red Sun Stone     - Reduce Reduce SP costs of arts by 10%, raise all other
                         SP costs by 5 points
   * True Sun Stone    - Reduce Arts SP costs by 25%
   * White Star Sand   - Reduce healing spells' SP costs by 10%, raise all
                         other SP costs by 5 points
   * Silver Stardust   - Reduce healing spells' SP costs by 25%
   * Colored Core      - Reduce all skills' SP costs by 10%
   * Seed of the Land  - Reduce SP costs of all skills by 25%
   * Skill Candle      - Greatly increase both the effect and SP cost of skills
   * Amber Dragon Eye  - Increase exp rate by 10%
   * Jade Dragon Eye   - Increase exp rate by 25%
   * Sapphire Eye      - Increase exp rate by 50%
   * Gold Snake Skin   - Increase GP rate by 10%
   * Evil Snake Skin   - Increase GP rate by 25%
   * Giant Snake Skin  - Increase GP rate by 50%
   * Dowsing Rod       - Increase Item drop rate by 10%
   * Dowsing Chain     - Increase Item drop rate by 25%
   * Dowsing Board     - Increase Item drop rate by 50%
   * Grab Bag          - Monsters always drop rare items
   * Demonic Mallet    - Earn extra GP by attacking beaten enemies
   * Time Conch        - Reduce Skill Trigger recharge time
   * Bell of Time      - Greatly reduce Skill Trigger recharge time.
   * Divine Seed       - Enhance growth rate of weapon skill level
   * Battle Cosmetics  - Increases the charge rate of Morale by 25%
   * Gudo Oil          - Increase Speed by 10%
   * Funbolt Oil       - Increase Speed by 25%
   * Boost Candle      - Double the effect of items
   * Vigor Crystal     - Endows wearer with HP Regen
   * Rosary of Health  - Endows wearer with HP Regen 2
   * Spirit Crystal    - Endows wearer with SP Regen
   * Rosary of Spirit  - Endows wearer with SP Regen 2
   * Cat Whiskers      - If on Haseo's accessory, it makes you invisible to the
                         monsters.  Not so much on anyone else.

The accessory Shadow regenerates HP and SP more than the Rosary items combined,
but it also can increase the damage you deal by 25%.  Demon Safe Shoes are
clearly better than having Cat Whiskers on an accessory since it not only makes
Haseo invisible to monsters it also lets him run faster.

-------------Other Use Items-------------

These items are helpful, but most of these deserve a list of their own.

   * Fairy's Orb - Reveal Chim Chims, chests, paths, and platforms/warps on a
          dungeon floor/block.
   * Fairy Queen Orb - Reveal Chim Chims, chests, paths, and platforms/warps on
          dungeon floor.  (Infinite Uses)
   * Return Feather - Return to last platform visited in an area.
   * Return Wing - Warp to any passed platform in a field or one dungeon floor.
   * Guiding Wings - Warp to any passed platform in field or one dungeon floor.
          (Infinite Uses)
   * Smoke Screen - Escape most battles.  Does not work on bosses or Battle
          Areas you enter to try saving another player.
   * Smoke Bomb - Escape most battles.  Does not work on bosses or Battle
          Areas you enter to try saving another player.  (Infinite Uses)
   * Coupon - Earned by meeting a player in an area.  Each can reduce the price
          of a guild shop's item by 1%.  (The max discount at such a shop would
          then be 50% since you can only carry up to 50 of each item)
   * Chim Crown - Dropped by the first Chim King and occasionally among them
          after that.  For each crown you find, bring it to Dr. Kubo for some
   * Flyer Radar - Find player characters in an area or town you have not met
          already (in current volume).
   * Animal Radar - Identify Lucky Animal in an area.  This also tells you in a
          dungeon what floor that Lucky Animal is on.


Got some questions?  Have corrections you'd like me to make?  Please email them
to me, and I'll hopefully answer shortly.  I'll make whatever corrections are
pointed out the next time I play these games.  Any commonly asked question will
be added below as long it isn't already answered by the guide.

Q.  Do I need to play the previous games to get Redemption?
A.  You don't NEED to, but I still recommend it.  At the very least, pick up
         Rebirth and Reminisce.  Get the Clear Data from playing both to make
         things easier for you.

Q.  Who's your favorite character?
A.  Alkaid.  Next question!

Q.  Can I go to (Delta) Courageous Engaging Daydream again?
A.  Yes!  This volume finally gives you the chance to earn all the keywords.
         There really isn't any reason to go there, but feel free.

Q.  Is there anything after //G.U. yet?
A.  So far, //LINK.  It's an incomplete manga taking place 2-3 years after the
         the end of //G.U.  We'll see after that, yeah?

Q.  Do I have to follow every last note of your guide?
A.  You do not.  You can adjust accordingly with your needs.  If you want to
         bring different characters into the Forest of Pain, or be at lower
         levels, then it's entirely up to you.  This guide was meant to make
         this game easier for you.

VIII. Legal Stuff

This FAQ is copyright material by me.  GameFAQs and/or my website is/are the
home(s) for where this FAQ may be found.  So, please don't ask to include my
work on your page.  

This includes quotes and/or plagarism . . . Just don't do it.

IX. Many Thanks

Thanks a couple FAQ authors for having guides which helped me get started in
some areas.

Thanks to those who read this FAQ and give it some thought.

Thanks to the friends who cheered me on in writing this FAQ.

Thanks to the boards for some info here and there.  Especially for the help on
a couple of Crimson VS decks.

And, finally, thanks to GameFAQs for accepting this piece of work.