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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find (The Xth Form's Bike Parts)?

Some knows how to get the parts to could fly in the areas.Thanks

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I don;t know if there's any Xth Form's Bike Parts, but maybe you can try to break the records of all Bike Missions (1st word: Passing)

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The only xth form's bke part is the muffler it is sold at the netslum by kiosik

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Really there not xth form parts since u get them anytime but get first place in the bike missions and u got them then go put them on ur bike.

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You can get them anytime even you arent in the Xth form in Breg Epona and Netslum Tartarga

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I bought the muffler from Netslum Tartarga and do a bunch of bike missions.

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