Terminal Disk FAQ by CRtwenty

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.hack//G.U. Terminal Disk FAQ
Composed by CRtwenty
Table of Contents:

0. Introduction.............................................(ZW00)
1. Graceless Unison - Infection.............................(ZW01)
2. Geek's Utopia - Mutation.................................(ZW02)
3. Guilty Universe - Outbreak...............................(ZW03)
4. Genesis of Ultima - Quarantine...........................(ZW04)
5. Guardian Ubiquitos - Disappearance of Aura...............(ZW05)
6. Gateway to Utopia - Salvage Plan.........................(ZW06)
7. Gathering of the Unwilling - Cubia: the Anti-Existence...(ZW07)
8. Genetics of the Unknown - Jyotaro Amagi .................(ZW08)
9. Genocide of the Unfaithful - Loss of Epitaph Users.......(ZW09)
10. Generation of Unity - Last Day of "The World"...........(ZW10)
11. Guide to an Uprising - Ovan: Corbenik the Rebirth.......(ZW11)
12. Gate of Uroboros - To my Sister.........................(ZW12)
13. Credits.....................................(ZW13)
0 - Introduction (ZW00)

The Terminal Disk is a special disk that was bundled with the special
edition copy of ".hack//G.U.Vol.1//Rebirth". It contains a series of
video files known as "Interim Reports" that make up a story known as
"The End of The World". This story, the diary of a programmer named 
Jun Bansyoya summarizes the story of the original four games, and also 
tells the reason why "The World" was replaced with "The World R:2".

Since this crucial knowledge was not made available to many people
who bought the game, I decided to transcribe the files and make
an FAQ out of the scripts. Be warned, that the files were originally
made to be viewed out of order. Reading them in chronological order
will spoil certain aspects of future volumes so read at your own
1 - Infection - Graceless Unison

My name is Jun Bansyoya. I wrote this journal.
I'm a programmer, an A.I. psychologist and an employee at CC
Corporation. This journal will serve as a collection of my
experiences as the lead developer on something called Project
G.U. and my personal impressions and analysis of a game known
as "The World." Struck as I was by a bout of guilt, I feel this
is the only possible remedy for my conscience. Although I wouldn't
swear that everything in this journal is one-hundred percent
accurate to me it's the absolute truth.

Title Slide

"The World" is an online game. Players assume the role of a
character and enjoy various adventures while chatting with friends.
Also by e-mail or through forums... they exchange game information
and engage in social interactions that they might not normally
experience.  It can truly be called a Game of Communication. As I
write this journal I know there is one event I can't avoid discussing.
It's the first thing I want to talk about: the 2nd Network Crisis.
The event is often referred to by its nickname, the Morganna Incident.
The information that will follow is based on what I learned while
working on G.U. for the CC Corporation. It's a reconstruction of what
happened, from my personal point of view, supplemented with logs...
logs I stole off the network. I'm going back now to the year 2010.

I'll begin this story with the story of a boy, a young gamer who had
just logged on to "The World" for the first time. His character's
name was Kite. And at the time he was only fourteen years old. He had
been invited to play by his friend, whose character's name was Orca.
This was his first adventure.

Kite and Orca witness Aura being chased by Skeith-

While Kite and Orca were journeying through the dungeon, they met a
mysterious girl named Aura. Aura was being chased by a rogue
monster known as Skeith.

Aura appears before Orca and Kite.

Orca:   Or was the rumor true?

Aura:   Take this. Please, take this. There's no time! Please!

Orca:   What's this?

Aura:   A great force. The power it holds can bring forth either salvation
        or destruction, at the whim of the user.

After entrusting them with the Book of Twilight, the mysterious
girl disappeared. Soon after, Orca was killed when Skeith attacked
him with an unauthorized and illegal power, and the character was lost.
As a result, the gamer who was playing as Orca fell into a coma.

Skeith appears before Orca and Kite.

Orca:   Run! It'll kill you!

Orca attacks Skeith but none of his attacks are effective.

Orca:   What the hell? What is this? There's something wrong.
        Nothing works!

Skeith protect breaks Orca and Data Drains him on his staff.

Orca:   No...I...it... it wasn't supposed to be this way. I'm sorry.
        Get out of here!

The Book of Twilight flies out of Orca's body as his character

I know it sounds like some cheap sci-fi movie but the player actually
fell into a coma because of this online game. As involved as I was in
Project G.U., I understood how something like this could happen. This
incident, a player being left comatose after playing "The World," was
not made public. I'm just an engineer, so I don't know all the details,
but I can guess what happened. The CC Corporation must have used their
political influence to kill the story before it was released. Not long
after, I found evidence that at least six other gamers had suffered
exactly the same fate as that boy.

The names of the six were: Sora, Alph, Carl, Kazu, Orca and Sieg.
The first of the lost players had already woken up from her coma. The
character name was Tsukasa. At another point much later, Sora and Sieg
became intimately involved with Project G.U. But for now let's return to
Kite's story.

Skeith prepares to Data Drain Kite but is distracted by the appearance
of Helba. Helba uses the opportunity to teleport Kite away.

Thanks to the intervention of Helba. Kite was saved from the threat of
Skeith. And it was Kite who received the Installation Book, Book of
Twilight instead of Orca.

The Book of Twilight falls into Kite's character.

With it, Kite's skills were expanded, becoming able to modify the
abilities of his character and gain unauthorized powers.

The Book of Twilight opens and modifies Kite's character, changing his
appearance and allowing him to use Data Drain.

Data Drain, Like it or not it was the same attack Skeith had used to
put his friend, Orca, into a coma.

Balmung: That skill, now I understand. You are the same as
         the virus. To think that I was saved by someone
         like you!

Kite:    No! that's not... I don't even know what's--

Balmung: Do not lie to me! Recently many places within
         "The World" have been damaged by a virus. Those
         who willfully spread the virus and destroy this
         world for their own amusement, they... they
         shall receive no mercy!

Kite:    No! That's not me! I...

Aura had given him the Bracelet, and now, with his new illegal powers
Kite decided to take action to save his unconscious friend Orca. And
alongside Kite, there was always one girl.

BlackRose: You didn't even need by help at all, did you?

BlackRose: By the way...

Kite:      Hmmm?

BlackRose: I guess you can tell that I'm a newbie, too?

Kite:      Yeah.

BlackRose: It must be pretty obvious by the way I acted back

BlackRose: That's hardly the way to talk to someone who just
           saved your life!

BlackRose: Who me? I'm not afraid! No way! ... Well, all right,
           I am. I'm scared enough for the both of us. My
           controller is soaked with sweat. So, what about you, huh?

Her character name was BlackRose. She was the real-life older sister
of Kazu, one of the coma victims I mentioned above. She was also a
new player. She had just logged onto "The World" for the first time,
to try to save her brother. The two of them were working together
toward a common goal. Kite's war continued, and soon many other players
joined him. Mia the mysterious, rogue cat and Elk, the young man that
cared so much for her.

Mia and Elk walk through the streets of Mac Anu

Elk:    Mia, I found a place that has lots of Aromatic Grass,
        wanna go?

Mia:    Yeah, sure.

Elk:    Okay. Let's get ready then. Ah, Mia?

Mia notices Kite walking nearby and runs towards him.

Mia:    Excuse me! You. Yes, you! That's a unique bracelet!
        Can I take a look?

Kite:   Can you see it?

Mia:    Yes, of course! Do you mean to say you can't see this
        nice bracelet? Even if you can't see it, as long as
        you know it's there, it's the same thing as seeing it

Elk:    Bracelet? Hey, what are you talking about? I can't see
        any bracelet, Mia.

Mia:    Well, thanks a lot for letting me look at your bracelet.
        I have a feeling we're going to meet again. Somehow.
        Well, see you around.

Elk glares at Kite and runs after Mia

Elk: Wait, Mia! What about the Aromatic Grass?

Balmung, who along with his sworn friend Orca had earned the
title "Descendant of Fianna," appeared as well.

Balmung: Draw! Draw your sword. Now!

Balmung: I do not speak with hackers!

Balmung: Then I must ask. I have not been able to contact
	 "him since that event. What has become of him?

Balmung: I do understand. But you need to face facts. With
	 you two involved, things get worse. That's how I
	 see it. Am I wrong?

And Helba, the legendary super-hacker.

Helba:  You don't have time to get depressed.

Kite:   Who are you?

Helba:  A friend, or perhaps a foe? A meddler with a warning.

Helba:  It's not that hard to imagine. Like I said. Someone
        is always watching you.

Amidst the increasing turmoil of "The World," they each had
their own reasons. But together, they set out to deal with the
illegal monsters called data bugs.

Kite encounters Aura again.

Kite:   Aura?

Aura:   I see you received the mail I sent you, yet...
        however, it's too late.

Kite:   Wait! There's something I have to ask you... ?!

Skeith's staff appears behind Aura, with Skeith appearing soon after.

Kite:   No!

Skeith Data Drain's Aura, segmenting her data into three pieces and
scattering them throughout "The World." Kite readies himself as
Skeith prepares to launch an attack against him.

Kite finally managed to reunite with Aura but immediately after Kite
found here, she was deleted by Skeith. Aura's data was chopped into
segments, and frozen in various locations around "The World." There
was a battle between the 1st Phase Skeith and Kite, the holder of
the Bracelet. Kite managed to gain a difficult victory, but what he
couldn't imagine at the time was that it was just the opening battle
in a long, long war.

Kite watches as the remnants of Skeith's body dissolve into a liquid.
The liquid forms a pool that begins to bubble, and the area around Kite
starts to shake violently. A large object bursts out of the ground in
front of Kite and flies into the sky.

Kite's story shall continue but first there's the mystery of the brilliant
A.I. programmer and creator of "The World," Harald Hoerwick, and the lost
epic poem, Epitaph of Twilight. There's little doubt that the 2nd Network
Crisis of 2010 was a direct result of "The World." It was awful. It caused
catastophic damage to travel, communication, and health care industries all
over the planet. What exactly was it that caused the Network Crisis? It
was the very power that was being researched at Project G.U. In other words,
the network version of God. My efforts were entirely devoted to technical
research into the existence of God in "The World." It became a story of
human foolishness and a Paradise abandoned by God.

2 - Mutation - Geek's Utopia (ZW02)

Using the power of the Bracelet, Kite defeated Skeith. But
instead of rescuing his friend Orca from the coma... Kite's
victory actually lead to the birth of a new, frightening enemy,

Kite looks around, suddenly a small rock lands on his head.
Looking up he sees Cubia floating in the sky above him. Helba
appears nearby and watches as Cubia hits Kite with a powerful
breath attack. She uses her powers to teleport Kite away from
Cubia and turns to look at the creature.

Helba:  Cubia...

Helba gates away.

Lios, the system administrator at CC Corp., viewed Kite's
behavior as potentially dangerous.

Lios appears before Kite and BlackRose.

Lios:   Welcome, I am Lios. 

Kite was determined to do whatever was necessary to save
his friend. But to Balmung, who represented average players,
and to the system administrators the ones who maintained "The
World," the power of the Bracelet was nothing more than a cheat.
In other words, an illegal engine mod.

Lios:   But aside from that, to take immediate action to
        prevent the situation from worsening it requires
        that you delete your character.

Kite:   Delete it?! Why?!

Lios:   You should know that your character violates the
        software usage agreement. Installation of an illegal
        effect. You do know what I'm referring to? I will
        delete you now.

Lios prepares to delete Kite.

Helba:  Wait a moment.

Helba teleports in.

Lios:   Helba?!

However, Kite's character was protected by powerful defenses
and even the system administrators were unable to cancel his account.

Helba:  I wonder what would happen if the boy were to use Data Drain,
        right here and now?

Kite:   No way, I wouldn't do that!

Helba:  I know. Since you aren't stupid. The stupid one is this
        pig-headed man. You don't even understand how it works. Yet,
        you'll delete it before finding that out? Or do you even
        possess the ability to delete it in the first place?

Lios:   ...

Helba:  The boy's character data is so well protected, the System
        Administrator can't even crack it. In spite of the fact that
        you developed a vaccine and disguised it as a rare item.
        Deleting those you cannot control is something that a pig-head
        would do.

Thanks to some help from a hacker named Helba, Kite was able to
escape surveillance by Lios. Intrigued by Kite's powers Helba told
Kite of the relationship between Orca's coma and the Epitaph of
Twilight. The Epitaph of Twilight was an epic poem that spread
around the Internet and inspired the creation of "The World." The
author, Emma Wielant, was no longer alive, and the poem fragments
had been scattered all over. So the true nature of the poem was the
subject of much debate among players.

Helba:  If the design of this world was based upon writings in the
        "Epitaph of Twilight" it should provide you a clue.

Lios:   Forget it!

Helba:  Lios.

Lios:   Yeah, what?

Helba:  The code name given to a System Administrator... were you
        remotely aware that it's the name of the "King of Light"
        that appears in the Epitaph?

Lios:   It is?

Following the instruction of Lios, Kite set out to investigate an
area infected by a virus.

Kite and BlackRose run through a dungeon. Suddenly the area becomes
staticy as Innis appears in front of them.

BlackRose: Oh no! What now?!

Kite:      That's it? What thing is the cause?!

Kite begins to attack Innis.

That's where he defeated the 2nd Phase, Innis. Skeith, Innis... yes.
This was exactly the Morganna Factor that we were researching at
Project G.U. After defeating the 2nd Phase, Kite found one of the
segments Aura had been divided into, and liberated it. Following this,
Kite made his way to an area Aura had told him about in an e-mail,
where he encountered Cubia.

Kite and Mistral walk through a dungeon. The Aura segment flies out
of Kite's Bracelet transforming into Aura in the process. Aura's body
silently floats above them.

Mistral: Whoa. That story you told me was true, wasn't it?

Kite:    Yes it was.

Mistral: At any rate, this girl, she's beautiful, but... I don't know
         how to say this, but she's not alive.

Kite's Bracelet begins to shine, he walks towards Aura but stops as the
area begins to shake violently. Aura fades away and Mistral and Kite
find themselves standing on a glowing platform.

Mistral: Hey, what is this?!

Mistral looks up, Kite follows her eyes and sees Cubia floating
in the air above them.

Kite:    That's the...

Using the Bracelet's power, Kite was able to fight off Cubia, for
the moment. Believing that freeing Aura was the only way to solve
the mysteries that had been plaguing him Kite redoubled his efforts.
It was remarkable. Kite, this lone young man was attempting to do by
himself what we, the members of Project G.U., had spent countless
man hours and huge amounts of money working towards. No special,
knowledge. No help from anyone. With only the strength of his own
convictions, this young man, this Kite pursued the mystery of the
Epitaph of Twilight. To that end, Kite contacted an information broker.
Someone named Wiseman. From Wiseman, Kite learned about the Epitaph
of Twilight and the Eight Phases of the Cursed Wave. He went to
visit an unauthorized server called the Net Slum. This was a place
within "The World" that wasn't part of "The World," a kind of gathering
place for hackers rogue A.I. characters and other types of junk data.

Kite and BlackRose walk together through the Net Slum. They are
met by the A.I. Tartaga.

Tartaga:   Are you looking for Helba?

Kite:      Yes.

Tartaga:   It so happens that I briefly heard from her recently.
           The "Epitaph of Twilight." To sum it up in a nutshell,
	   it is a tale. Or to elaborate further, it is a saga
	   that recounts how the age of the spirits came to an end.

Kite:      The tale of an end?

Tartaga:   Indeed. However, the texts are scattered. Even if found,
           they are extremely difficult to comprehend. Yes. It'll
           be a very tricky business.

BlackRose: Say, uh, there's been something that's been bothering me.
           the people around here. They all look so different from
           anybody I've seen anywhere else.

Tartaga:   This place was once where all of the unsuccessful non-player
           characters drifted. Sort of a sanctuary for failures. Those
           players who considered them amusing came up with their own
           variations of failed characters. Now the boundaries between
           player and non-player character is quite indistinct. Some
           of them simply don't know which category they fall in to.
           There are maybe even those who have lost their bodies on
           the outside. Mere memories, faded reminders of the
           individuals they once were. Only their character data remains
           intact and active as they wander the network. Yes, the same
           fate as Harald.

Hacker's Paradise. It was there that Kite reunited with Helba. If
anyone could be called the creator of the Net Slum, it was Helba. In
the Net Slum Kite learned more about the original creator of "The World,"
Harald Hoerwick, and his goal. He also learned that at the heart of
"The World" exists another consciousness, separate from Harald. Just
then, Balmung and Lios appeared.

Helba:   "Epitaph of Twilight." Both of you have succeeded in reaching
         it as well, I see. Oh, look. We have an unusual and unexpected
         guest. As a representative of Net slum, I greet you. Welcome
         to Paradise.

Helba turns to look at Balmung who was spying from a nearby building.

Kite:    Huh? Balmung.

Balmung flies down from the building to land next to Helba.

Helba:   You sided with Lios, I see. You cracked easily for
         someone who was so sure of himself.

Balmung: Don't judge! I'm not like you!

Helba:   Stalking the boy is shameful behavior. You've disgraced
         the name of the Descendant of Fianna.

Kite:    What? Balmung, you used us?

Balmung: It was necessary to restore order.

Helba:   Order? There's an order that the world desires, and
         then there's the order that you desire. Which form
         should it take, Balmung?

Lios:    The order that I desire, of course.

Lios gates in, floating above the others gathered below.

Helba:	 Our featured performer. Now, all of the actors have

Lios:	 Quit your yapping, woman! You are entities that
         unquestionably pose a grave threat to this world.
         I'll delete you all!

Oddly, "Lios" was the name of the King of Light mentioned in the
Epitaph of Twilight and Helba was the name of the Queen of Darkness.
During Lios and Helba's confrontation, another strange phenomenon
occurred. This time in Net Slum. It was the 3rd Phase, Magus. The
situation took a sudden turn.

Net Slum shakes as Magus begins to appear. Balmung, Lios, and Helba
retreat by gating away leaving Kite and BlackRose to deal with the Phase.
BlackRose looks up into the sky as Magus finally arrives.

BlackRose: A leaf?!

Once again, with the power of the Bracelet, Kite was able to defeat Magus.
But another problem was awaiting him. The town that had had its data

Kite and BlackRose warp into Lambda Server's Root Town Carmina Gadelica.
However the data of the town has been seriously damaged, the graphics
of the town have fallen away in places revealing untextured buildings,
and pieces of code. The two look around in shock.

BlackRose: What the hell happened?! You're kidding me, right?

3 - Outbreak - Guilty Universe (ZW03)

We can only guess what Harald Hoerwick's real purpose was in
creating the online game, "The World." But many think that it
was first created as a testament to the woman he loved. A love
letter to Emma Wielant, the woman who wrote the epic, but
unfinished poem, Epitaph of Twilight. Harald designed and
created an online game based upon her unpublished manuscripts
and sold it to CC Corporation. "The World" is, in fact, a
fusion of Harald's genius for artificial intelligence and
Emma's beautiful lyrical poetry. In other words I believe
Harald's true goal was to use the game to acquire data on
the behavior of millions of online players. And by doing so,
to create the ultimate A.I.

It's known that Harald had a secret untouchable folder, a
black box. It was commonly known as the Harald System.
Could it be that "The World" was actually a human behavior
sampling system, simply disguised as an online game? If so
it was a bold and ingenious plan. This system, the Morganna
System, formed the nucleus of "The World." It was to become
the birth mother of the ultimate A.I., Aura.

To Harald, Aura was something special. She was like the child
born to himself and Emma Wielant, part human, part machine.
The Morganna incident was the result of the Morganna System
running out of control. It occurred because the Morganna
system had developed self-awareness. She realized that she
would become disposable as soon as the ultimate Artificial
Intelligence, Aura, was born. In trying to prevent the birth
of Aura, Morganna drove her creator, Harald, insane. She
even locked him inside the network.

Then came the 8 Cursed Waves. Morganna's Eight Phases took
physical forms based on the Eight Phases in the Epitaph.
They appeared to Kite, who had been entrusted with the
Bracelet from the then-incomplete Aura. At that point,
"The World" began t.o slowly come apart.

Kite and BlackRose look at the corrupted Root Town of
Carmina Gadelica.

After destroying the 3rd Phase, Magus Kite returned to
Root Town, only to find "The World" completely in ruins.
Server trouble increased, game data was being destroyed
by viruses. In short, "The World" was beginning to break
down. Then strangely, these abnormalities began to
expand and spread into the real world.

Kite anguished over the fact that each time he used his
Bracelet, the problems with "The World" seemed to increase.
However with the encouragement of BlackRose, whose real
life younger brother was still in a coma from the incident
Kite reconciled with Orca's friend, Balmung and decided
on a course of action.

Kite approaches BlackRose in the Hulle Granz Cathedral.

BlackRose: Do you want to know something? My brother fell
           unconscious here.

Kite:      ...

BlackRose: I couldn't tell you because I couldn't find the
           right time. Sorry. When I first met you, I forced
           you to come here, right?

Kite:      Yeah.

BlackRose: I wanted to see what had happened here with my
           own eyes. Yet I was too frightened to come here
           by myself. And I still feel that way. I'm very,
           very scared. But I wouldn't have gotten this far
           without you. So, what am I going to do if you
           start doubting yourself? How am I supposed
           to cope? Does a big sister have to be happy?!
           I want-I want to--

Kite:      BlackRose, please don't cry.

BlackRose: Wh-what do you mean?! I'm not crying! You can't
           even see me, so don't make any assumptions!

Kite:      ...

BlackRose: There you go, how typical. You always clam up
           when you should be talking.

Kite:      Yeah. I'm sorry. I was wrong in thinking that
           I'm the only one who's trying to do something
           about Orca and the disaster. Everybody wants
           to do something. Now I know I'm not the only
           one. We all want to bring this whole horrible
           mess to an end.

BlackRose: Yeah.

Kite:      What can we do about the situation now? It's
           simple, we've gotta do what we think is right.
           That's the only way we'll move forward.

BlackRose: Yep. Let's do it together. Things will work out.
           My intuition is pretty good. :-) Well, I'm off to
           go see my brother.

Kite:      At the hospital?

BlackRose: Yep, thanks.

Kite:      Thank you, to you, too.

Balmung: So, why did you help me? I scorned you when you both
         fought bravely. I am guilty of resorting to more cowardly

Kite:    You ask why did I help you, but why shouldn't I?

Balmung: Yes, of course. I seem to have lost myself in hatred
         for the power of that bracelet. The power itself isn't
         good or evil. There are only evil intentions. It appears
         that I am the one who may have been selfish.

Kite:    "A great force. The power it holds can bring forth either
         salvation or destruction at the whim of the user."

Balmung: What's that?

Kite:	 The girl Aura that's what she said when she gave me the

Balmung: I see. You are indeed the one who should wear the bracelet.
         I'm sorry for what I've said and done. I apologize.

Kite:    Balmung...

Balmung: I want to restore this world. And like you, I want to help
         Orca as well. However, it's not something I can accomplish
         alone perhaps you could lend me a hand? I am being selfish
         go ahead and laugh.

Kite:    I wouldn't laugh because I happen to have a request, too.
         Care to hear it? I want two things: to help Orca, and to
         play in "The World" that's not corrupted. But it's really
         not something I can accomplish alone. could you lend me
         a hand?

Balmung: You're...of course!

While discussing the Cursed Waves described in the Epitaph
of Twilight Wiseman told Kite his theory that in order to
stop the virus from spreading further he had to defeat the
five remaining Phases as well as Cubia. Wiseman's theory
was of extreme interest to those of us working on Project
G.U. It helped explain the relationship between the
Bracelet and Cubia; and Aura and Morganna's Eight Phases.

In order to comprehend this theory, one must understand the
true meaning encoded into the Epitaph of Twilight poem.
Wiseman knew a lot more than we at Project G.U.

Kite and BlackRose confront the Phase Fidhell.

BlackRose: What the hell? It's a mask this time!

Helba:     Launching program. Audio and visual communication
           from this end will now cease functioning. White
           noise on the screen will signal the start of
           battle. Good luck!

Kite:      Ready!

BlackRose: Ready!

With help from Wiseman and Helba, Kite defeated the 4th
Phase, Fidhell. He also obtained the second Aura segment.
However, Lios, who was concerned about the spread of the
virus, decided to destroy "The World's" servers. Guided
by her voice, Kite descended into the dungeon and was
reunited with Aura. However, before that, Cubia appeared
for a third battle with Kite.

Kite, BlackRose, and Balmung are confronted by Aura. Lios
appears behind them and watches the proceedings with interest.

Lios:      Damaged data?

The second Aura segment flies from Kite's Bracelet and into
Aura who opens her eyes.

Balmung:   What's this?

BlackRose: I think she wants to say something.

The ground begins to shake, Aura fades away as Cubia reappears.

Lios:      Wh - what is it?! Something like that exists?!

BlackRose: It's-it's that thing again!

Balmung:   It's big. Too big! Can we defeat it?

Kite:      It's growing!

As if responding to the call of the Bracelet, Cubia's strength
grew enormous. Kite must have felt terrible, having upset the
very balance of the world. Or perhaps his mental state was like
mine. Perhaps, like me, he decided to try and act heroically,
using the power at his command to set the world back on the correct
path. After a long and difficult second battle Kite defeated Cubia
and made peace between the hacker, Helba, and the admin, Lios.
When we learned that, for this battle anyway, we were on the same
side as a detested hacker my teammates and I couldn't hide our
surprise. Just as the Epitaph of Twilight foretold, the King of
Light and the Queen of the Dark were to fight on the same side.
And that was how, through the Morganna Incident we were able to
achieve the single most important factor in our research at Project
G.U. The liberation of Sora, one of the six coma victims.

Kite walks into a dungeon and finds Skeith's Staff floating inside
of it.

Kite:   That's... Skeith's wand?!

The staff dissolves and Sora appears from inside it. He smiles at
Kite then vanishes.

Kite:   Thank you?

Skeith had done it. Skeith, one of the Eight Phases, had merged
with the spirit of the player who played as Sora. The player,
Sora had been imprisoned inside the network. Inside Skeith's staff.
Sora was a rare and unique sample case. Government pressure.
CC Corporation's very own cover-up. Even as the damage to the real
world continued to grow. Kite and his friends began Operation
Breakwater, in an attempt to put a stop to the incursion by
Morganna's Eight Phases.

Kite and BlackRose face off against the Phase Gorre.

Helba:     The area Sigma Chatting Snaring Twins is now quarantined.
           Communication will be offline.

Kite:      Ready!

BlackRose: Ready!

Gorre appears and prepares to attack.

BlackRose: Just who designs these freaky things anyway?

After defeating the 5th Phase, Gorre, Kite received a
transmission from Helba. At last the source of the Cursed
Wave had been discovered. It was the self-aware program,

Guilty Universe: Harald Hoerwick's world of corrupted
love and dreams.

4 - Quarantine - Genesis of Ultima (ZW04)

Morganna, the basic system that controls "The World," was imbued
with an artificial personality. Her creator, Harald, had bestowed
upon her the role of mother to the ultimate A.I., Aura. But she
rejected it. Instead, in order to preserve herself she chose to
imprison Harald within the network. And immediately after Aura
was born, Morganna decided to delete her.

When they learned this, Kite and his friends set out for their
final challenge: to resurrect Aura.

Kite notices Mia's odd behavior:

Mia:    Oh, it's you.

Mia:    The barriers have been lifted. They're all gone.
        We can go back and forth freely now. Isn't that

Mia:    Tell me. Do you happen to know where Elk is?

Mia:    I don't remember. My memory these days is fuzzy.

Mia:    So, who are you?

Elk comes across Mia in a dungeon.

Mia:    Elk, who am I?

Elk:    You're Mia, of course!

Mia:    I have no memory.

Elk:    ...

Mia:    It's true. I only exist in "The World." The only memory
        I have is when I'm in "The World." No! Stop it!

Elk:    Mia!

Mia:    I-I want to stay as me!

The true identity of Mia, the cat-like character, was actually a
wandering A.I. Program, the 6th Phase, Macha.

Mia:    Elk, I'm sorry.

Mia transforms into Macha and prepares to battle Kite.

It's unclear why the 6th Phase was the only one to take the
form of an NPC. This was yet another sample case for Project
G.U. to consider. Was it possible to establish a character
with the Morganna Factor and put the powers of the Eight Phases
of the Epitaph under a player's control? Macha, the 6th Phase,
was destroyed, thus causing Mia to be erased as well. Elk,
the wavemaster, had lost an irreplaceable companion. He mourned
her deeply.

Kite cradles Mia in his arms as her data slowly fades away.

Kite:   Mia...

Elk appears and runs to Mia's side. His attempts at healing
spells are useless as her data continues to deteoriate.

Elk:    Mia, what have you done to Mia?!

Mia:    Oh Elk, thank you.

Mia vanishes in a burst of green light. Kite watches as the last
traces of her vanish, then turns to Elk.

Kite:   Elk, Mia is--

Elk:    Just leave me alone!

Now their quest had reached the point of no return. After
collecting all her segments, Kite received Aura's help and
was able to destroy the 7th Phase, Tarvos. In order to cover
up the unfortunate fact that several gamers had collapsed
into a coma while playing "The World" CC Corp planned to
destroy their servers. So to Kite and the others, their
greatest enemy may very well have been the greedy, power-hungry
humans in charge of the company. If they succeeded, and "The
World's" servers were destroyed Kite and his friends would never
be able to revive the coma patients.

Only two enemies remained: Cubia and the 8th and final Phase.
How would he fight the two of them? Pressed by time and
gasping desperately for an answer, Kite finally met Harald's
pseudo-personality deep in an infected area of a dungeon.
As well as the newly free Aura.

Kite and BlackRose enter a strange room. A large stone
covered with writing floats in the center. As they approach
the stone begins to glow, and Harald's voice is heard.

Harald:    Who goes there? Who are you?

Kite:      This-this is Harald?

Harald:    My name is Harald.

BlackRose: What?! Hey, you're nothing but a piece of rock!
           You're responsible for the Cursed Wave, aren't you?
           All right then, fix this thing!

Harald:	   No. The passage of time is irreversible. Birth or
           death. Now only these two choices remain.

BlackRose: What? What are you saying?!

Kite's bracelet begins to glow as Aura appears in front of the stone.

Kite:      Aura!

Harald:	   Aura the Child of Light. Emma's daughter. My daughter.
           Just a little more.

BlackRose: It's no use. This guy is totally gone.

Kite:      Aura, I have something I want to ask you. You said that
           I shouldn't fight Cubia. But why?

Aura:      Cubia is the shadow. When there is light burning in the
           darkness, a shadow is born. When the bracelet appeared
           in this world, Cubia was born as well. The bracelet and
           Cubia are opposite sides of the same coin. Therefore...
           if you defeat Cubia the bracelet will be destroyed.

Kite:	   Cubia must have already known that, and that's why
           it kept running away.

Aura:      Cubia will no longer run away. Because-because I have
           finally been released.

BlackRose: What do you mean?

The room suddenly begins to shake, Lios's voice is heard.

Lios:      Massive data believed to be the Wave is heading in your
           direction! That's the last one! Destroy it!

Harald:	   Traveler, take this to heart. It is darkest before
           the dawn.

Aura:      Run away. It is not too late!

Kite:      We'll defeat it, and end this!

Aura:      No. It's not...That is --

A surge of data causes the rock containing Harald to explode.
The ground beneath Kite and BlackRose gives way and they both
tumble through the empty space beneath them. As they fall they
both see Cubia floating far below them.

Kite:      Cubia...

Kite finally found the truth behind "The World." Aura was the
child Harald had dreamt of having with Emma Wielant. The Bracelet
and Cubia were two sides of the same entity. And Cubia was the
anti-existence of the Bracelet. To defeat Cubia, Kite would have
to abandon the Bracelet. But without the Bracelet's power behind him,
how could he possibly resist Morganna?

Kite and BlackRose fight against Cubia.

BlackRose: Do you think we can really defeat it?

Kite:      BlackRose, strike my bracelet!

BlackRose: You want me to do what?! Hey, what the hell are
           you saying?

Kite:      If they're two sides of the same coin, then this
           would settle it!

BlackRose: But the bracelet, it's--

Kite:      Forget about the bracelet! We're in danger!

Blackrose: ...

Kite:      If you can't do it--

BlackRose: Oh, all right! Fine, I'll do it! I'll do it, so
           shut up!

BlackRose attacks Kite's bracelet causing a piece of it to
break off. The bracelet goes out of control and dissolves,
causing Cubia to dissolve along with it.

Kite decided that the only way to defeat Cubia once and for
all, was to destroy the Bracelet. To do so, he was forced to
enlist the help of BlackRose. Kite believed that the revived
Aura had enough power to stop the cursed Wave of Morganna.
That's what Epitaph of Twilight meant.

Twilight refers to a time of day that contains both light
and darkness. If the epic poem had in fact been referring
to dawn, instead of dusk then that must mean that Aura would
bring light to "The World."

Along with Aura and his other companions, Kite faced off
against the 8th Phase, Corbenik. Joining them were Kazu
and Sieg, who had regained consciousness with the resurrection
of Aura as well as Kite's close friend, Orca. To win this
battle, Kite would have to beat not only Corbenik, the 8th
Phase, but also Morganna, the source of all the Phases.
However, in the face of Corbenik's relentless assault, Kite's
companions fell one by one. Then...

Kite watches as Corbenik's Drain Heart attack rushes towards
him. He tightens his grip on his weapon.

Kite:   I won't. I'm not giving up!

Kite runs towards Corbenik, dodging attack after attack.
Finally getting within striking range he leaps forward in
one final attack. However Aura suddenly appears in front of
him and is struck by one of his knives. Kite looks up at her
in shock.

Kite:   ...Aura?

The brutal fight came to an end in an unexpected way. Aura
sacrificed her own life on the tip of Kite's sword. Self-
Sacrifice. It was the final act necessary for Aura to
awaken as the ultimate A.I. It was a bitter irony. Aura
had finally become the ultimate A.I. She attained a wisdom
beyond that of humanity, and in doing so she formed a new
system, a better system in which "The World" could exist.
Yes. It was a far greater dream than any of us at Project
G.U. had ever hoped to see fulfilled.

Genesis of Ultima. That's what it began to be called on
the net. The battle by Kite's ".hackers" that led to the
birth of the ultimate A.I., Aura. But who was a member of
.hackers? And who wasn't? I'm sure that whomever is reading
this journal is wise enough to understand the futility in
trying to answer that.

These people weren't interested in trying to be called
heroes, or taking credit for saving the world. They did it
to save the people they loved. To protect them. It was
with their own faith that they fought. Everyone dreams
of a hero, but most of us can only catch glimpses of them,
buried in the pages of a journal.  And so, it was from
this point that Project. G.U. truly began.
5 - Disappearance of Aura - Guardian Ubiquitos (ZW05)

The four-year period between 2011 and 2014 were golden years
for "The World." It was no accident that this coincided perfectly
with the presence of Aura. After all, "The World" was an online
game managed by the ultimate A.I. Even in CC Corp. this was
known only to a limited number of people.

From the moment it began, no one fully understood Aura, the
omnipresent A.I. system that controlled "The World." The
average player would have no way at all to even learn of
her existence. Aura had inherited the intelligence of the
genius Harald Hoerwick, and the beauty of a poet Emma
Wielant. She was the ultimate administrator of "The World"
and a gifted debugger. And yes, she could behave like a 
temperamental creator. As the lone deity in "The World"
Aura would sometimes act impulsively, like a fickle goddess.

For example it was Aura's idea, not CC Corporation's to
create a replica of the Kite character and use it in a
promotional giveaway campaign. She even put the hero of
the bracelet in a demo version and returned him to gameplay.

As to when Aura disappeared, that can only be determined
by examining conditions in "The World." Our best
estimate is in late 2014. It was seven years after the
day of Pluto's Kiss that abnormalities first began to
be clearly detected in "The World." Time lags, and frequent
crashed servers began to seriously interfere with the game.

These problems didn't just cause trouble for "The World,"
they effected the entire network. Load processing increased,
and real world trouble quickly magnified. The Network
Marketing Research Organization N.A.B. (Network Analysis
Bureau) along with other institutions investigated the cause.
And although they suspected it was due to a new type of virus,
one similar to the one that had caused the original network
crisis, they were unable to find evidence of sabotage. That
was no surprise. The real reason was simply that Aura had
vanished. This alone caused the network to revert to its
original specs. It took until early 2015 before executives
at CC Corp. would come to that realization.

And that's how it began. The network albeit quietly, began
to fall into decay, and "The World" faced its own dark age.
As it became less and less reliable "The World" soon lost
its popular appeal. Aura the Guardian Ubiquitos...

Only a handful of people understood the relation between the
loss of Aura and the network chaos. The top executives at
CC Corp. were forced to make a decision. Their plan was to
resurrect Aura and bring her back to the network again. But
the father of Aura, Harald Hoerwick was dead. Therefore the
R.A. Plan, the plan for bringing her back required a different
organization. This is how Project G.U. was established.

6 - Salvage Plan: Gateway to Utopia (ZW06)

The loss of the ultimate A.I. Aura, was the second major
network crisis. In other words the birth of Aura paved the
way for "The World's" second paradigm shift. "The World's"
golden age lasted from 2011 until 2014. When Aura's disappearance
was confirmed "The World's" golden age had truly become a
dark age.

A variety of problems such as faulty servers began to spread
everywhere. Not just "The World" but the entire internet.
However, once CC executives learned that the cause of these
problems was due to the loss of Aura. They began to formulate
a plan to counteract against the silent danger. They would
forcibly restore Aura back to her original state. They
intended to seize control over the next network society by
creating and managing this ultimate A.I. themselves. It was
a return to the plan both CC Corp. and Altimit Corp. had
hatched during the first network crisis, that was back in
2005, when they were still using the Altimit operating system.
Altimit had managed the network's hegemony.

This is how Project G.U. officially began. It was all thanks
to CC Corp.'s sponsorship. The budget was limitless, a special
team was put together, first-class engineers, A.I. programmers,
and other technical experts. I myself was also a major part of
this project. I was brought on to represent CC Corporation and
insure their goals were met. The project's overall objective
was to restore Aura, and thus G.U.'s R.A. plan began.

The R.A. plan, we were to salvage the eight broken pieces of
the Morganna factor, which had sunk into a sea of data after
being destroyed by Kite's Bracelet during the 2010 Morganna
Incident. It was thought that by sealing each piece of
Morganna Factor separately into character data, players could
then take control of them one at a time. There were precedents
for this kind of strategy. The mind of a player known as
Sora had attached itself to Skeith. And there was Macha, whose
mind was thought to have adhered itself to the wandering
cat-like A.I. Mia.

Of the people involved in Project G.U., there was one man
on the team who was absolutely invaluable, Jyotaro Amagi.
An elite mind who came to CC Corp. at age 19 after working
intelligence for the Ministry of Economy. For his age, he
was truly a genius. Although Mr. Amagi and I were far from
what you would consider friends our complementary knowledge
and combined abilities helped greatly to advance the project
forward. We were the two essential wheels that kept G.U.
rolling. Our age difference didn't matter, yet we would
frequently clash in fevered arguments. For some reason a
strange mixture of feelings: respect, envy, and scorn had
begun to grow in my heart.

Even so Amagi and myself scoured the network, finally managing
to find a single piece of the Morganna Factor. It was Magus,
the factor for propagation. After a great deal of trial and
error the team finally succeeded in attaching the Morganna
Factor to a character in "The World." This completed prototype
became known as an Epitaph User, so named for Morganna's
eight Phases of the Epitaph. The one we completed first was
called the Epitaph User of Propagation. However no one
involved in the project, not even myself or Amagai could use
one of these characters. When some one would try to log into
"The World" using one of these characters an unbearable vertigo,
nausea, and headache would paralyze him. The Morganna Factor,
just as it had in the cases of Skeith and Sora, showed a high
affinity for human minds. But perhaps that was only towards the
chosen ones.

Amagi had a theory that the Morganna Factor could choose the
player it would attach too, and though conditions were unclear
the Morganna Factor would approve only a certain type of human.
If that were indeed the case, locating those eight chosen ones
became an important issue for Project G.U. At the advice of
Amagi, a search team was created within the security admin
department. They would filter players in "The World" to find
the chosen ones. Unfortunately we learned that Sora's real
life player had already canceled his account with "The World."

Mia is reborn in "The World" following her defeat at the hands
of Kite.

Amagi and I continued our search for the other seven pieces
of the Morganna Factor. Skeith, Innis, Fidhell, Gorre, Macha,
Tarvos, and Corbenik. Eventually we discovered that the Macha
piece had once again attached itself to the cat character
Mia. We were able to extract it by destroying the cat character.

We continued to produce Epitaph Users one at a time. And
eventually we had completed all eight of them. All we had
to do next was allow the chosen ones to control these
epitaph users. Then have them use the power of Morganna's
eight Phases to activate the program Amagi had created.
This R.A. program would restore Aura.

Gateway to Utopia. We at Project G.U. had come so close, we
had almost arrived at our utopia.
Interim Report 7 - Cubia: the Anti-Existence: 
 Gathering of the Unwilling             (ZW07)

Jyotaro Amagi and I continued looking for the Morganna Factor as
part of CC Corps. Project G.U. After collecting each Epitaph Force:
Skeith, Innis, Magus, Fidhell, Gorre, Macha, Tarvos, and Corbenik,
we managed to complete eight Epitaph Users. All we then had to do
was allow the Chosen Ones to control these Epitaph Users, then have
them activate the R.A. program that Amagi had created in order to
restore Aura to existence.

To put it simply this involved unleashing the immense power of
Morganna eight Phases into the network. However, during preperations
for the final stage I realized that there was something incredibly
dangerous that could occur in rebooting the Morganna Factor. The use
of a power that shouldn't exist, strong enough to revive Aura the
ultimate A.I. doing so could produce giant distortions all over the

These distortions were basically "Anti-Existences." They had also
occured during the Morganna Incident. Kite's Bracelet, given to him
by Aura unleashed a force, and it was this force that had created
the nightmarish Cubia.

Cubia's birth, encounters with Kite, and eventual destruction.

If the distortion field produced from a single bracelet resulted
in Cubia... there's no telling what the distortion caused from eight
powerful Epitaph Users might do.

The salvaging of the eight pieces of the Morganna Factor would
literally become a Gathering of the Unwilling. Distortions would
appear randomly like unwanted tumors. I reported these findings to
Amagi and urged him to put the R.A. Plan on hold until my concerns
could be resolved. But Amagi refused, saying that the distortion
produced earlier was due to hidden bugs in the Harald System. He
said the R.A. program he had designed would never allow anything
like that to occur, and laughed at my concerns.

With our rivalry and the envy of the genius Harald Hoerwick
consuming him, Amagi began to press ahead with the R.A. Plan
at all costs in order to prove his own abilities.

8 - Jyotaro Amagi: Genetics of the Unknown (ZW08)

I was concerned about the R.A. Plan, so I opposed Amagi's attempts
to experiment with his program. Fearing the situation would worsen
to a point of real danger, I secretely removed one Epitaph User from
"The World" and hid it in my home computer. This was the Epitaph
User integrated with the Morganna Factor of Tarvos the Avenger.
Without all eight characters there was no way the R.A. Program
could be activated.

But Amagi didn't even bat an eye at the expected absence of a key
Epitaph User. It turned out that Amagi had secretly constructed
a dummy Morganna Factor, and had prepared his own original Epitaph
User as a backup. It didn't take him long to deduce that the
missing Epitaph User was my doing.

Amagi went ahead with his plan. He proceeded to gather seven of
the potential Chosen Ones together. Systematically he matched
them up to each Epitaph User. Meanwhile he used his own dummy
Epitaph User to connect to the network and began testing the
R.A. program.

This was the highpoint of Amagi's life. If he succeeded in
reviving the ultimate A.I. his genius would be considered on
par with the great Harald Hoerwick. If he could somehow manage
to control the ultimate A.I., then in the eyes of many he would
even surpass Harald's genius.

He was playing with Genetics of the Unknown. And unfortunately,
I knew it was only to further himself. He wished to combine his
own mind, and fuse it with the ultimate A.I. He wanted to become
a God inside the network using the eight pillars to support him.

As a result Amagi's experiment was anything but perfect. In an
instant the R.A. program crashed. Suddenly over 80% of "The World's"
game data was completely wiped out. The minds of all seven potential
chosen ones were caught up in the Morganna Factor's rampage and they
fell into comas. Sadly, Amagi suffered severe mental damage as well.

9 - Loss of Epitaph Users: Genocide of the Unfaithful (ZW9)

Amagi's experimentation of the R.A. program ended in failure.
I arrived shortly after the R.A. program went beserk and set
about containing the situation. However, I was only able to
recover a single Epitaph User from the devastation. The one
I recovered was the Epitaph User integrated with the Morganna
Factor of Propagation, Magus.

His experiment having failed, a deranged Amagi caused a fire
to break out. The fire spread fast, consuming a third of the
CC Corp. building causing tremendous damage. The media was
given news of only the fire itself, announcing to the public
that several people were injured.

Genocide of the Unfaithful, what was the reason for this
miserable failure? Most likely it was because Amagi did not
approach "The World" with enough respect. It may also be that
the one most cursed by the ghost of Harald Hoerwick was none
other than Amagi himself. Whatever the reason, the R.A. programs
failure and the huge fire that accompanied it caused over 80%
of "The World's" data to be lost. And at the same time Project
G.U.'s research data was also irrepably damaged.

G.U. was suspended and I took responsiblity for the projects
failure by resigning from CC Corporation.

10 - Generation of Unity: Last Day of "The World"  (ZW10)

As a result of Jyotaro Amagi's Project G.U. failure and the
huge fire that accompanied it over 80% of "The World's" data
was gone. G.U. was dissolved, and I assumed responsiblity for
its failure by resigning from CC Corp.

In the end I supposed I couldn't win against either Amagi or
Harald Hoerwick. But I didn't lose to them either, the faith of
engineer Jun Bansyoya had not yet been broken. It was soon decided
that "The World" would be shut down temporarily. One can only
theorize at the purpose of CC Corp's executives, but after having
lost over half their data it was assumed that it was a simple
managerial decision.

They reasoned that instead of working towards repairing the old
game's data, it would be a better idea to apply their resources to
a new generation game. A new game project the company had dubbed
"R:2." This was also a way to escape from the ever looming ghost
of the genius Harald Hoerwick. Of course, analysis of the Harald
system had been halted. And the re-examining black box data had
also been implemented into R:2.

Soon the day arrived. The town and area data that they had
managed to save were presented to the public. The first
generation of "The World" faced its final day. I logged in
with my own private character to see.

Mac Anu was serenely quiet. The cityscape that made one think
of Venice was beautiful, and the waterways reflected the evening
sun. Many had gathered underneath the bridge. It reminded me
of a happier time when the voices of hundreds of players echoed 
on the streets. Like a midsummer night's dream, the next day
this world would be gone.

With lingering memories and grieving voices.  Those who were angry
at CC Corporation completely disregared the presence of System
Administrators on that final day. The characters that they had grown
so attached to would not be carried over to the next version, effictively
ending their lives all at once.

Even so they gathered together in the town. Everyone said goodbye to
their friends. Some vowed to meet again, others decided to move on.


Keeping to myself in a desolate alley I couldn't help but wonder.
I wondered where Aura had gone, she was like Amaterasu hiding
in her cave. After losing her, those four golden years had all
of a sudden come crashing down upon us. We humans had lost our
God. We couldn't stop from wailing and weeping. Project G.U.
had been designed to give us a new God, but it had collapsed in

She integrated into the world.

I don't know exactly when it happened. A young girl bathed in
the sunset whispered the following to me.

You mean Aura?

Abandoned the individual and became a god. And now abandoned
godhood and distanced from fate, returned to null.

The barefooted girl with saffron colored hair whispered to me.

You know of Aura? So I will return to the wind as well.

Her last whisper disappeared, as if the wind had blown it away.
And then the girl was gone. It felt like I stood there forever.
I tried to make sense of her words. and then I realized that girl
with her obviously hacked character might well have been a
Wandering A.I. Somehow she gave me the impression of Aura that
I had once known.

"The World" will end, it will end. And yet its core will be
preserved in the next generation. Generation of Unity, it is
what people have always wished for. Was I the only one to think
that this comforting chaos, although ironic, somehow fit perfectly
with "The World?" But now, it is all too late.

11 - Guide to an Uprising: Ovan: Corbenik the Rebirth (ZW11)

"The World R:2" was released to the public on December 24th 2015.
That day, which became known as "Death of a Goddess" must have
been bittersweet even for the players who knew nothing about the
disappearance of Aura. Releasing the new game barely a year after
the unforseeable data loss... CC Corp surprised even me with their
speed. And even though all the graphic data, and the battle engine
were already up and running on release. The message text as well as
the core system must have been hastily thrown together by programmers.

They couldn't have had time to properly debug. As a result R:2 was
plagued by constant bug issues since day one. And the game had to be
repaired and refined through regular maintanence. The majority of the
Epitaph Users had been lost. The only Epitaph User left to CC Corp was
the Propagation, it should have been carefully stored by the security
administrators who took over the now defuct Project G.U. However the
Avenger, the Epitaph User I removed to prevent Amagi's experiment was
still being kept in my computer.

Eventually, CC Corp will become aware of the existence of Tarvos, which
contains a piece of the Morganna Factor and that I have it. I have to
come up with some countermeasures. When the R.A. program failed the
other six pieces of the Morganna Factor, having been seperated from
their Epitaph Users were once again lost in the networks ocean of data.
Project G.U. was gone, Amagi was beyond any hope of recovery, and
with me now gone from CC corp things will be safe. At least as long as
the Chosen Ones don't access The World. If they do, they may unwittingly
draw Epitaphs to themselves.

Then, much like what happened with Sora and Skeith could happen again.
In the end, my goal of preventing the birth of Cubia the Anti-Existence
can be said to have been accomplished. Having known Harald Hoerwick,
Jyotaro Amagi, and "The World" more intimately than any other I had one
final duty. I had to keep the Epitaph User of Tarvos safely hidden away.
I had to prevent those outside CC Corp from learning of the Morganna
Factor. However, things had taken a turn for the worse.

Ovan... he is the Epitaph User of the Rebirth. Ovan has already started
to act. He's assembled a Guild. His members include Sakisaka, B-set,
Godo, and finally Shino. The name of the Guild is "Twilight Brigade."

Does he know about Harald Hoerwick and the Epitaph of Twilight?
Where did he learn about it? Does he also know about Morganna? And
the ultimate A.I. Aura?

I've confirmed that Ovan's left arm contains indechiperable data...
what on earth is it? He has an almost incalcuable amount of data
capicity within him...

Please stop Ovan, I'm begging you! Everything is Ovan's doing!
I repeat, everything is in Ovan's hands! That man will become
the Guide to an Uprising!

12 - Gate of Uroboros: To My Sister (ZW12)

To my Little Sister:

I'm so sorry that my final gift to you ends like this. Right now
it is far too dangerous for me to see you in person. However, I
can think of no one wiser than you to whom I can give this journal.
I want you to use the character left on my computer... you must use
it to access "The World." I'm certain it will help to open up a new
door for your life. The rest, I can only leave up to you.

My wish, is that you will walk this path of fate for the sake of
your beliefs and for justice. You are a Chosen One...

We are siblings with many years between us. I'm sure you don't
remember me as you and I parted ways when you were still just a
small child. But I remember you, the little girl you used to be.
And I know what you've done with your life in the time since.

My only regret is that I was unable to see you again. Please
forgive me for being unable to watch over you. Reiko...
even though our parent's went their seperate ways a long
time ago, you and I are brother and sister. And that will
never change, ever...

You will always be, my darling sister...

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