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.hack//G.U. Vol.2//Reminisce Doppelganger guide
By Master ZED <>


0. Version history
1. Intro
   - Ctrl+F is your friend!
2. Doppelganger stats and facts
   - How to encounter Doppelganger
   - Out of battle
   - Battle
   - Rewards for winning
3. Weaknesses worth exposing
4. Strategies
   - The cheapest strategy
   - Preperation
   - Surprise attack methods
   - In battle
   - End of combat
5. Glitches and general fun
6. Credits
Non-numbered. Legal bull

0. Version history

v1.1 (7:41 AM 6/18/2007)

Doppel's inability to go over the level cap has been confirmed with absolute
certainty.  Also, Doppelganger's armor and accessory abilities have also been
confirmed.  Section 2 has been edited accordingly.

Section 5 has been edited to include a major bug that I finally got to see with
my own eyes; invincibility!

v1.0 (8:04 AM 6/12/2007)

Initial release.

1. Intro

So you have a question on Doppelganger, eh?  Well, you're not alone.

By far.

Doppelganger appears to be the most talked about subject on the Reminisce
boards here and elsewhere; from how to get him to appear, to beating him, to
why haven't I been able to get my twin blades from Doppel, he's surprisingly
popular.  Reminds me of Blitz in Final Fantasy 6 to tell you the truth.  Seeing
as how a guide was made specifically for Blitz beginners by my friend
Yoshi6400, I figure a guide to Doppelganger for G.U. would be just as helpful
to the .hack fanbase.

It won't shut down every topic; some people just don't check the FAQs anyway
before whining and crying to the boards.  But I'm doing what I can.

I've put in quite a bit of research (and gotten particularly lucky at points)
to get this information together, and with any luck, this should be the
definitive guide to defeating Doppel in volume 2.  Yes, there are two editions
of this guide, one for Rebirth and one for Reminisce; there will be a
Redemption version when the final volume hits U.S. shores.

Ctrl+F is your friend!

First and foremost, LEARN CTRL+F!!!  This is usually the shortcut for the
Search function on your browser, which is also usually found under Edit.  You
can use this to look up certain words, sentences, etc., and is much easier than
scrolling through the entire guide.

2. Doppelganger stats and facts

How to encounter Doppelganger

Doppelganger will appear five minutes after you're able to move on most fields,
though he will not ever appear in dungeons.  There are some fields such as
Theta: Concealed Friend's Moonlight in which he simply will not appear, and
those like Theta: Buzzing Ruined Gate that may have a special requirement; in
this instance, the Battle Area must be active for Doppel to appear.  There is
no known way to predict whether a field falls into those rare categories, but
most likely won't.  If you're having problems, changing fields should be enough
to get him to appear.

Once Doppel has or should have arrived, the timer is disabled and he'll begin
wandering the field, teleporting every-so-often to other parts of the area.
When he's close by, a red arrow will appear, and once close enough, the camera
will zoom in on him and give you the message "Encountered Doppelganger"
provided you're not using a Smoke Screen or the Hit in the Dark ability on the
bike.  Doppelganger looks like Haseo's current form, constantly surrounded by
dark smoke, and has glowing yellow eyes.

Beware the following:

- Doppel never appears at fields related to the storyline, such as Delta:
Submissive Tragedy's 1000 Oaks.

- Getting into battle resets Doppelganger's timer.  If you want to see him as
quickly as possible, you will have to wait out the 5 minutes immediately upon
entering the field.

- Entering the Beast Temple does nothing to stall Doppelganger's timer aside
from the actions of using the door and acquiring the treasure.  However, should
Doppel's timer run out while you are inside the inner temple, Doppel will not
appear on the field; you will have to leave and come back to wait out the timer
again.  Getting into a battle won't help, as the timer has already expired and
cannot be reset once that occurs.

- Breaking objects, gathering treasure, and getting on/off the bike freezes the
Doppelganger timer for however long it takes to complete these actions.  This
also includes character, warp point, and platform interaction menus and
dialogue where the game world doesn't appear to freeze save that monsters stop
walking and flying around.  Subscreens like the Trade menu and the map also
freeze the timer for their duration.

- Kicking Chim Chims that aren't the King do not affect the timer since they do
nothing to disrupt the normal flow of time.

3rd word: Moonlight

Using this special 3rd word will make Doppel appear with the rest of the
monsters upon entering the field.  You must beat the game then check the
Special Words e-mail from CC Corp. to acquire this word.

Out of battle

- Doppel's sight is equivilent to that of flying monsters, but takes a few
seconds to "boot up" once you've seen the "Encountered Doppelganger" message.

- His true speed in catching up to you lies in short bursts taken when he sees
you; though fast, this is mostly for show in this volume since Speed Talismans,
Gudo Oil, and the bike can all help you to easily outrun him.


LV: Haseo's + 8*
HP: Supposedly Haseo's unmodified count at said level
SP: Supposedly Haseo's unmodified count at said level
Stats: Supposedly Haseo's unmodified stats at said level, plus whatever
Doppel's own equipment adds in.
Weapon: Doppelganger uses his own weapon of the same type that Haseo is
currently using, and switches whenever Haseo does.  Note that during a weapon
change, Doppelganger is invincible just like Haseo is, and if the Skill Trigger
is used, Doppel will change his weapon after the Weapon Change animation is

Dual sword abilities:
Critical hit rate +25%
HP Drain 25% (heals Doppel for 25% whatever damage he inflicts with normal
attacks occasionally)
Chance to inflict Confuse

Broadsword abilities:
Half the target's current HP on critical hits
SP Drain 25% (heals Doppel's SP for 25% whatever damage he inflicts with normal
attacks occasionally)
Chance to inflict Charm

Scythe abilities:
Critical hits lower target's current HP to 1/10, but only have a 10% chance of
HP Drain 50% (heals Doppel for 50% whatever damage he inflicts with normal
attacks occasionally)
SP Drain 25% (heals Doppel's SP for 25% whatever damage he inflicts with normal
attacks occasionally)

Armor abilities:
Doppel Armor 1 (Physical -75%)
no name (Magic -75%)

Accessory abilities:
Doppel Accessory 1 (Speed +50%)
Doppel Accessory 2 (permanent custom Rig Saem: heals 1/50 max HP per second)

Other abilities:
Cannot be knocked back or juggled, attacks can not be interrupted**

Healing - Ma Repth (heals 300 HP), SP cost unknown
Attack - None
Arts - Any of Haseo's (which he can use depends on Haseo's weapon)

* - Doppelganger cannot go over the game's level limit for your characters
(LV. 100); if by no other method, you can see this via his maximum HP count.
It hits its maximum when Haseo reaches LV. 92, and Doppel will steadily get
weaker in attack and defense as you approach 100.

** - The Steam Bike can send Doppelganger flying, but is the sole exception
unless Doppel has died.  If Rig Saem revives Doppel before he can become a
ghost, the property will reassert itself once he has landed.

Rewards for winning

For the first defeat, you'll get Heine's Shadow and the Forgotten Shadow key
item, along with Heine's Invasion if you have the Own King from the first
volume (Rebirth).  Heine's Shadow is Doppel's broadsword and Heine's Invasion
is the name of Doppel's dual swords.

A second defeat nets you the Moonlight Faith key item and Heine's Zero,
Doppelganger's scythe.  All subsequent defeats give you the normal mission
reward.  Note that Competing fields only give you Crimson VS. cards for opening
a Beast Statue chest; Doppelganger and bosses will not drop cards.

3. Weaknesses worth exposing

- Doppelganger's inability to be knocked around prior to death is a double-
edged sword; it prevents you from getting him away from you easily or juggling
him, but it also keeps him from being knocked away during combos.  This makes
him easy prey for Rengekis if you can stand with him, and in volumes 2 and 3
makes him easy prey for Quick Rengeki weapons.

- Doppel permits running away, and all of the abuse it brings.  Constant
surprise attacks, bike crashes, and multiple Sleipnir attacks can kill him
easily especially if an Awakening and the bike's Hagane Armor are involved.

- Awakenings halt regenerative status for the opposition.

- Doppel's armor has no status immunities or Counter abilities.

4. Strategies

This section will go from flat-out too easy to mostly how Bamco and CC2 wanted
the fight to go.

The cheapest strategy

If you absolutely must go cheap and fast, Sleipnir and Smoke Screens are your
key.  This combo will take out anyone quickly.  First, find a field with
Sleipnir using Zer0's guide:
(Ctrl+F for the code "LUCKI", no quotes)

I recommend kicking Sleipnir when you know Doppel has appeared or after all
other enemies have been cleared from the field.  If you're not confident that
you can beat Doppel with just Sleipnir and the bike, fill your Morale gauge to
full and be prepared to launch into a Beast or Divine Awakening.

Find Doppel and engage him.  A wheelie to the face, using a Smoke Screen to get
behind him for an initial strike, running up before his eyes clear up and
getting the surprise attack, I don't care.  When battle begins, Sleipnir will
halve Doppel's HP.  Use a Smoke Screen and restart battle, and Sleipnir will do
it again.  You should be able to finish this by or at the fifth "battle."  If
not, on the fifth battle, immediately initiate your Beast or Divine Awakening
and finish the fight.


All I'm going to list is what I recommend for Haseo, but you can assume that
this applies to the other characters as well and be mostly correct.  This is
what *I* recommend, keep that in mind.  This is hardly required to win.

Techniques and knowledge:

Due to the fact that I recommend broadswords, guard cancelling is a must.  What
is guard cancelling?  Basically the use of guard to cancel out an attack
animation after the blow has been dealt, eliminating recovery time and letting
you strike again quickly.  Since the first attack is always normal, that's all
you want since every weapon ability works with normal strikes.  Guard
cancelling is done by hitting X to attack, holding O until Haseo goes into his
guard pose, letting go of O and repeating.

If you haven't already, if you're going to actually fight Doppel and not just
throw an Awakening in his face, know how long Rengeki rings last.  The more
damage you can inflict in this state and the longer you can hold back on using
the Rengeki attack the better.  It lasts for a few seconds, and while I could
measure it and tell you, it won't help a lot.  Experience is much better for

Aside from that, basic RPG tactics should work well.


Weapon - Broadsword!  The scythe is too slow and has too great a range,
affecting everyone around him while making you put in extra effort to do
anything.  Doppel's defense will shut down a twin blade assault without someone
aside from Haseo playing damage magnet; if you're alone and using dual swords,
I can't imagine you'd be able to do much to him.  The broadsword isn't as fast
as dual swords coming out, though guard cancelling, which I suggest you pick up
now if you haven't already, speeds it up greatly and makes it the best weapon
Haseo has for this fight.  A +5 Alchemized Broadsword is recommended assuming
you have yet to earn Heine's Shadow, which is likely the best weapon for the
second fight.

Abilities: Quick Rengeki.  Assuming you have a third slot, if alone, Backstab
as well, if not, whatever you like.

Armor - Custom, not rare.  No rare armor carries Physical -(number) abilities.
At the maximum level, this ability will assure you a lot of safety against
Doppel's normal strikes.  Furthermore, the Alchemized bonus works with Physical
-(number) items, unlike the Physical -% items that cut damage after the check
for the former has already come and gone, so a +5 armor is most certainly

Abilities: Physical -50 and Counter Sleep.  Below LV. 100, the proper weapon
Angel add-on (Dual, Broad, or Scythe) for what weapon you're going to use and
Physical -10% (assuming you have a third slot to spare) will likely be more

Accessory - Disregarding EXP/GP/Item drop boosters, I'd go with pure speed,
both for walking and for the Skill Trigger.

Abilities: Quick Charge and Speed +10%, and two more accessories with Speed
+30% (Speed +10% x3) and Item Boost/Speed +10% respectively (if you have no
third slot, forget one of the Speed +10% bonuses).  Replacing Speed with Arts
Knowledge wouldn't be a bad idea if you're cautious about SP.  Item Boost is
something I recommend more for your other characters though, since your Skill
Trigger will have your gauge eaten a lot.

Inventory - Get whatever the strongest healing items are HP and SP-wise (not
both, those items aren't too effective and they're expensive) along with a
*good* elemental for your attack scrolls along with The Hanged Man and The
Emperor.  Not Light or Fire elemental for example, but something that will kill
fast and now.  Hurricane Razor or Earth Rain are what I would recommend.

The problems I have with the other elementals are that Vak Don waits too long
to strike, and Rue Kruz is basically a harder-to-dodge Lei Zas, both of which
only deal three hits and have shoddy areas of effect.  Ani Zot just isn't as
good as Wind and Earth are, but is otherwise okay.

The reason you should grab scrolls is because of the dreadful power of Item
Boost.  2X damage from magic even gets to Doppelganger a little, so it *might*
actually work if his HP is almost zero and you need a quick win.  Hand Boost
Candles over to your allies too, so if you need a quick finish, someone will be
open to deliver the kill.

Surprise attack methods

This is incredibly easy if you go at him fast enough before his vision clears.
There's no way you can't surprise him that way.  However, if he can see you,
here's what you can do.

- If you're playing volume 2 or 3, the Hit in the Dark ability of the Tidal
Muffler is enough to surprise anyone, even Doppel.  He can't teleport either
since Hit in the Dark is just a modified Smoke Screen.  Clearly this is the
best way to surprise any normal field enemy.

- Use a Smoke Screen to get behind him.  Then you can surprise him or summon
the bike and ram him easy.

- Use a wheelie (hold Square, press X, then release Square).  Lure Doppel close
to you, face him, and use a wheelie to drop him before he can start the battle.
You can see this done on my YouTube page:

In battle

Doppelganger is definitely tough.  Even with the damage bonus from reaching the
level limit, Doppel's defense is superb and his IMOQ throwback version of Rig
Saem is headache-inducing.  It takes a lot to finish him, and he can be a big
challenge if you have no idea what you're doing.

- The best strategy is to lower his HP a little and nail him with an Awakening.
Ideally a Rengeki and then starting a Beast Awakening with an awakened Rengeki
should be enough.

- If you don't have a full Morale gauge yet, set the Strategies for your party
members to Rage (or pick out your favorite Arts for both of them) and lay down
a three-on-one beating using Haseo's Skill Trigger as protection.  No new
actions can be initiated while Haseo is using a Skill Trigger art with one
important exception, so let your allies pick their skills and then use the
trigger to stop Doppelganger from attacking.  It will give you the combo hits
you need to get Rengeki going on the next shot, but if that next shot is
immediately after the arts end, without a Rapid accessory (which I suggested
earlier when I mentioned Quick Charge) you may not be able to execute an art in
time to catch the Rengeki rings.  Should this be a problem, don't use the Skill
Trigger, but instead engage Doppel and then tell your allies to attack.  The
important exception, of course, is Doppel's ability to change weapons.  If
you use the Skill Trigger to change, Doppel will likely avoid your attack
entirely as his weapon change, unlike yours, hasn't changed from what it was in
Rebirth.  This gives Doppel ample ability to waste your SP and time.

- Ailments!  The reason I haven't said this yet is because Rengeki rings induce
their own paralysis, making Rengeki status the best toxin.  However, aside from
that, The Hanged Man scrolls are useful for inducing the actual Paralysis
ailment, which may have those small holes where Doppel can move but is better
than nothing.

Charm is just as good as paralysis mostly, but Doppel may still run around
constantly since there's nothing stopping him from doing so.  I prefer
paralysis because at least he'll stay in place enough to make him reliably
vulnerable to Backstab weapons.  Unfortunately, until you beat him once and get
Heine's Shadow, the only way to use Charm is through Endrance's Tempting Rose
sword, making it that much more unreliable.

Sleep... Sleep Attack on your weapon is nice for cancelling out a few attacks
here and there on Doppel's part to give you the upper hand, though you likely
won't get it to work when you want it to.  The Moon, however, is something you
use when you're about to die and absolutely need a reprieve, or if you want to
build another Awakening through healing the team.  In terms of killing Doppel
directly, The Moon and Mumyn Lei/Mumin Lei are almost useless unless you keep
an eye on him and catch the red waves coming from his feet.  If you have the
supplies to use a second Awakening through team healing, then Sleep is a great
ailment since even IMOQ Rig Saem isn't that fast.  Still, this can prove to be
an expensive route; I suggest grabbing several Healing Rain from the Medic
Union shop in Mac Anu if you don't have any from the previous volume.

Seal is good only because Doppel *might* heal, and if might becomes does, Seal
will shut him up.  Doppel has little love for arts most of the time, so Seal
should be restricted for later when he starts trying to recuperate.

The last two ailments, Poison and Curse, are useless.  Poison is no different
than it was in IMOQ, and with the same Rig Saem status thrown in, it's not
worth bothering with unless you have someone like Atoli who won't participate
in direct combat sitting back doing nothing (whatever reason you have for
bringing a Harvest Cleric to this fight at all is your business, not mine). 
You could drain his SP and use Curse to keep it down, which theoretically is
better than using Seal, but... why?

Now, where is Confusion on this list?  Nowhere, because the use of Confusion
means you have Heine's Invasion, which means you've beaten him on Rebirth and
Reminisce, and you're just reading this for fun.  Otherwise, see what I said
about Charm and disregard the part about Endrance; Heine's Invasion is the only
way your party can use Confusion.

- If you wish to fight him alone, a weapon with Quick Rengeki and Backstab is
preferable, along with a healthy stock of The Hanged Man and The Emperor, the
latter for late in the fight.  Bring plenty of healing items, attack him from
behind as much as you can, keep from using your Rengeki until the very last
second to get in as many free hits as possible, and though it will take a long
time, if you don't let up, Doppel can and will fall.

End of combat

If you have a Covetous accessory, juggling Doppel for a couple thousand GP
isn't too bad an idea provided you either have a rapid attack weapon or a Demon
Awakening ready.  The Awakening is of course best (unless it's Light-elemental,
Lei Zas tends to be an awful juggling spell), but a rapid attack broadsword, if
you use guard cancelling, can be just as good with the right positioning and
finishing art.

5. Glitches and general fun

Healing at death before becoming a ghost/fading away may make you
unstrikeable -

Just before a monster fades away or a character becomes a ghost after dying,
there is a chance for that entity to be healed before death so Rip Maen or its
item equivilent aren't necessary.  However, starting in Reminisce, a bug has
appeared in this code that may make the target in question unstrikeable by
anything but status spells and scrolls.  This effectively makes the affected
invincible, with Duk Lei (Poison status) and special cutscene attacks as the
only possible means of defeating them.

This bug appears for characters when they are revived, usually by Rig Saem, and
the limit for post-mortem attacks has been reached (think about when you
juggle dead enemies, characters have a limit too), but Rig Saem saves them
before they hit the ground anyway.  That death protection that halts
further juggling doesn't respond to revival before fading away/becoming a
ghost, so it will remain on those lucky enough to hit their limit with Rig Saem
reviving them.

Monsters and Doppelganger won't see this bug unless they have Charm status.
Doppelganger is closer to your typical PC (you, PK's, Arena fighters...), so
he can revive under Charm status the same as you.  Hit him too many times after
death and if he stays in the air long enough after the final blow, the bug will
trigger for him!  See it for yourself at this YouTube link:

- This was covered in section 2, but bears repeating; if you're inside the
inner Beast Temple when Doppel's timer expires, Doppel will not appear on the
field no matter what.  You'll have to leave and come back before he can show up
at the field in question.  While the timer running inside the beast temple
likely isn't a bug, this unfortunate side effect is.

- Surprising Doppel counts toward the Surprise Attack count, but it actually
shouldn't, so surprising everyone on the field including Doppel pushes the
count over by one.

- If you surprise Doppel and other monsters at the same time, hitting another
monster first before him, Doppel will go flying AFTER he draws his weapon if
you leave him alone.

- In fields with underground entrances like Delta: Graceful Wrath's Shadow, if
you position yourself far enough below ground (use the bike to descend) to not
get warped above ground but not far down enough to be incapable of initiating a
surprise attack, you can fight any enemy with Haseo below ground.  Doppel is no
different, though if you're not far down enough, beware that Doppel might still
be able to hit you, especially with the scythe.  Being knocked down with no
ground beneath you may result in being forced to reset.

- In Theta: Galloping Wrath's Blue Cloud, there is a gap just south of the
first platform in which you can walk straight into the outer space of the
field, or go underground with the bike.  You can have Doppelganger chase you
into the abyss and start battle with him there.  Be warned, however, that
unless the battle ends with a Smoke Screen, without solid ground, there will be
no end.  Otherwise you can do things like use the bike to let him fall to the
"lost ground" below the limitless surface at the bottom of the canyon and use a
Smoke Screen to halt his fall, then let him find you while you're still over
open air and drag Haseo into a fight in the lost ground!  There are many other
things you can do as well, like use jumping arts such as Lotus Flower to dive
low enough to escape the battle cage, or starting a fight with a Doppelganger
near the canyon bottom while Haseo's allies are on solid ground, giving you a
bird's eye view of the fight.  There's nothing useful to this, of course, but
who cares?

6. Credits

HiroTheZero - Provided the strange field Theta: Buzzing Ruined Gate, which I
used to finally and completely decipher Doppelganger's appearance requirements
on non-Moonlight fields.

Zer0 - I merely linked to your guide for those seeking Sleipnir, but the fact
that the guide's there and I didn't have to look into it is enough for me to
stick your name in the credits.

Copyright 2007 Master ZED
The Unoriginal White Sheet:
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