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.hack//G.U. Volume 2 //Reminisce Walkthrough
Platform: PS2
Memory size: 489 KB
ESRB rating: Teen
Developer: Cyber Connect 2
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Written by Forte V4

There are spoilers riddled throughout this walkthrough. Don't read
ahead, I'm begging you. I'm not going to give you synopses of what
happens like some guides, but I'll write what I want. You've been

Every time you scroll through a guide instead of using control+F,
God kills a kitten. Please, think of the kittens >:3

Table of Contents
<1> Intro [ohsnap]
<2> Controls [konamicode]
<3> Conversion bonuses [freebies]
<4> New Stuff [yay]
<5> Affection [heart]
<6> The Walkthrough [gaem]
<7> Quests [qwerty]
<8> FAQ [helplz]
<9> Version history [dontread]
<10> Credits [awesome]
<11> Contact [kickass]

<1>Intro [ohsnap]
So, welcome to my first guide ever. This is the first time Iíve
ever tried this, so bear with me. If you find any errors, please
send me an email at the address at the bottom of this guide. Please
include something like ".hack//G.U. guide" or "GU". And now for the
part everyone loves to read: the legal babble. 

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All
trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This guide can only be displayed on the following sites:

Essentially, this game is unchanged from Volume 1 //Rebirth. You
still mash the X button to attack, you still go between areas
and Root Towns and the Desktop, and you still have Ryu Books for
which you can reap the goodies from :D If you played //Rebirth, 
you don't really need to read these next sections; instead, skip
on down to Conversion Bonuses.

Also, notice how this game (and the last) received "Suggestive
Themes" on its rating, a game with Pi in it, and the last series
had "Mature Sexual Themes". Lol, ESRB.

<2> Controls [konamicode]

Because some people either bought this used, or torrented it.

(Paraphrased from the manual)

Desktop/ Front Page
D-Pad/Left Analog stick: Menu navigation/Item selection
X button: Confirm selection
O button: Cancel selection
Select button: Move cursor to "The World R:2"
Start button: Hide icons (view background wallpaper)

The World R:2
Root Towns/Field
L1 button: Gather party members (useful for giving items)
L2 button: Reset camera
R2/R3 buttons: First person camera
Left Analog stick: Move, menu navigation, item selection
D-Pad: Switch target, menu navigation, item selection
Right Analog stick: Move camera
Triangle button: Open menu
Square button: Mount and dismount Steam Bike, brake (Bike)
X button: Confirm selection
O button: Cancel selection
Start button: Options
Select button: Change map display

L1 button: Gather party members 
L2 button: Reset camera
Left Analog stick: Move, menu navigation, item selection
Triangle button: Open menu
X button: Attack,Confirm selection
O button: Guard, cancel selection

<3> Conversion Bonuses [yay]

For converting your //Rebirth clear data, you get all your awesome
(hopefully) stuff and stats, and the following:

3 Strange Coffees
3 Fairy Rains
10 Fairy Drops
3 Healing Storms
10 Healing Potions
5000 GP
Volumes 1 & 2 trailer 

If you defeated the Doppleganger in //Rebirth and have the Own 
King Key Item and defeat the Doppleganger again, you get level 50
Dual Swords and a level 50 Broadsword; both of which are as good,
if not moreso, than most level 100 weapons. Once you get your Job
Extension, go seek the Doppleganger again, to get another great
weapon: a level 50 Scythe, which is also incredibly amazing.


<4> New Stuff [yay]

Some changes have happened during the ridiculously long period of
time between //Rebirth and //Reminisce, all for the better mind you.

1. Weapon affinity- depending on what kind of weapon you hit with,
you will do extra damage or get rid of a shield. This means you can
expose the giant enemy crab's weak point and nail it for MASSIVE
DAMAGE a lot quicker than in the first game.

2. The Steam Bike has sped up quite a bit. You can now cast Ap Do
using a charm (don't know if it's on a scroll for you to learn) so
going through fields and dungeons takes far less time. You can now
customize your bike to make it even faster and more kickass. TAKE

3. There are now bike races, for those of you who bothered with 
Grunty racing in the first series. Fortunately, the campaign that
goes with can be completed just by entering races, so if you're like
me and hate racing with a passion, you can just drive around in the
field for however long you like and then grab the King Chim Chims.

4. Dual Sword weapons now have more hits before the end of their
combo (hold and release, stab or whirling blades). You also have to
hit an enemy once before you can charge your weapons.

5. Broadswords now have three gauges for charging. Once you reach a
certain point, you can create a shockwave when you swing the sword
down. You can move while charging, too (without hitting first).

6. Scythes and Fans show up in this game, believe it or not, so you
can actually see a Macabre Dancer.

7. During some cutscenes, you now press X to progress the dialogue

8. There are two new field types: cliff and tower. Towers pwn :D

9. The first episode of .hack//ROOTS is available to watch as soon
as you log out of The World R:2 for the first time (this may have
to do with clear data, if someone would please clear this up for
me, that'd be great.)

10.You can now change your party member's equipment in your menu;
just hit L1 and R1.

11.The sounds were re-recorded, so they're not quite as clear as
they were in //Rebirth. The Rengeki guy's voice has changed and
the Mecha Grunty's voice has, too.


<5> Affection [heart]

Much like the last series, G.U. boasts a system of affection,
which, as the name implies, shows how much your party members like
you. There are four levels (least to greastest), red, blue, yellow
and pink and you earn up to four rotating circles around the
affection gauge. The affection gauge can be found in the party
subscreen, or status subscreen. The highest level in this game
is pink, without orbitals. You raise affection by giving stuff to
the party members, going on adventures with them, and performing
their Favorite Action during battle. All party members like
Rengekis, so if you have a hard time giving someone else the final
blow, you can just go to a hard area, equip Dual Swords, and Rengeki
over and over. Sending greeting cards is also a good way to increase
their affection.

Silabus - 15 hit combo
Piros the 3rd - Final blow
Alkaid - Healing at low HP
Endrance - Final blow
Sakubo (Saku) - Final blow
Sakubo (Bo) 15 hit combo
Antares - 15 hit combo
Matsu - Final blow
Kuhn- Final blow
Pi- 15 hit combo
Atoli- Healing at low HP

<6> The Walkthrough [gaem]

Because you probably didn't read what I wrote above anyway :D

This isn't a 100% walkthrough. I took the time to find the most 
direct path to your destination. If you want an S rank on an area,
that's up to you, not me.

I do not know if the locations of monsters are different for other
people, therefore, if I say there are monsters here or there, there
may be a slight possibility that a monster will show up in place
of a monster I said. If you find any monsters in that area that I
didn't list, please notify with the name of the monster. I am 
going completely under the assumption that going to the same area
yields the same setup for everyone. I can't help you if you didn't
find an enemy in a particular area.

All my directions are given based on the map.

Anyway, at the beginning of each Area, I list several things that
you may find useful about it, such as what level the area is, how
high the item level is and what members I reccomend and their 
levels. If you have a different reccomendation for whom to take,
please contact me. Please understand that I'm not going to change
my reccomendations unless I find yours to be comparably better.

Walkthrough Table of Contents
<6.1> Enjoy your AIDA [1st]
<6.2> The New Server [2nd]
<6.3> Red Haired B**** Rides Again [3rd]
<6.4> The Terror of Death again[4th]

<6.1> Enjoy your AIDA [1st]

"Is your head just for decoration? You should try thinking before
making a big fuss" ---Yata

After the intro, start by talking to everyone in the harbor, 
central, Dome and alchemy districts. Then, head back to the Merce-
nary district. Head to Canard's @HOME and talk to Gaspard. After-
wards, head to the Central District.

I feel for you, admin dude ;_;

Now head to Raven's @HOME. Following the resulting scene, add Pi
to your party and head to the Chaos Gate to go to Moon Tree's 

Delta: Setting Eternity's Night Moon

How did Sakaki know, you ask? Heh, just keep playing. Anyway, 
after that scene, exit the area, add Kuhn and save.

If you stored up any Beginner's Texts or Books, now's a great
time to use them. You can now reach up to level 15 on your skill
levels; doing so nets you two new skills, both of which will really
help out a lot. Chaotic Strike, a new Dual Swords technique, and
Shell Breaker, a new Broadsword technique, should replace Swallow
Dance and Armor Pierce, respectively. 

My Skill Triggers
Dual Swords: Gale Blade, Tri-Strike, Whirlwind, Chaotic Strike
Broadsword: Tiger Blitz, Bone Crusher, Twin Moons, Shell Breaker

Once you're ready, warp to the next area.

Delta: Galloping Subtle Desert
Area Stats

Area Level 43
Item Level 46
Field type: Cliff
Enemy Parties: 15
Treasure Boxes: 4
Destroyable Objects: None
Mission: Symbol Fragments
Party: Pi (level 50), Kuhn (level 50)
My level: 50
Avatar battle: AIDA<Anna>
Enemies: Kestrel PKers

When you arrive here, a cutscene occurs where three Kestrel PKers
challenge you. Defeat them (they aren't tough at all). This 1st 
isle only has a Chim Harvest tree. Once you've kicked your fill,
use the Warp Point to get to the 2nd isle. Here, there are six
teams of Kestrel PKers and another Chim Harvest tree. Defeat them
if you wish, and then head south onto the 3rd isle. This has one
team of PKers and another Chim Harvest Tree. After you've dealt
with these, head east to our fourth isle. Defeat the single team
of Kestrel PKers, and keep going right. The first Symbol Fragment
chest is here on the fifth isle, as well as another team of PKers.
Head south to the Warp Point after defeating them, and getting the
prize. This isle only has a team of PKers. Head north kicking ass
to find a nice change of pace: an Avatar battle. Here's the AIDA
Yata was detecting. Engage it in battle. If you've played volume
1, you know how to deal with AIDA<Anna>. If not, well, you're 
in luck, since this'll break you in. After you Data Drain it,
you receive Data Seed D (If you played the first series, don't
go crazy; you aren't going to have to Data Seed farm like you
did with Virus Cores). Haseo wonders what this item is, and
most likely so do you. Before you have enough time to start
theorizing as to what this is and does, Nala of Moon Tree's 
Seven Counsel contacts you, telling you to head to the Beast
Temple, so, naturally, there's your next destination. There's
a single team of PKers on this isle, so defeat them and go
west. Another Chim Harvest Tree is on this isle, along with 
two teams of Kestrel PKers, and the second Symbol Fragment 
chest. Deal with them and then head north. Your final Symbol
Fragment awaits on this isle along with the last team of PKers.
Get the treasure, beat the dumbasses, and head to the warp point
on the east side of this isle. Now, you've reached the Beast 
Temple. Oh, and Nala, too. After speaking to him, head inside the
Temple and oh, who's this? Why, of all the times to show up,
naturally it's Ovan and Gabi's with him. I like how Haseo
says that Yata was telling him what he wanted to hear, yet didn't
see how Ovan was clearly manipulating him. Genius. After learning
about the operation folder from Ovan, an infuriated Haseo decides
to talk to Yata about the matter. Grab the Beast Statue treasure,
exit the temple, and use the Platform to return to town.

Save and head to the Serpent of Lore. There, Yata conviently 
decides that the G.U. d00ds should indeed go to the operation
folder, wherever that is. Naturally, Yata knows where it is
(you have to assume it's in the same spot as the one in the real
Mac Anu and that Tri-Edge Signs are the only medium of getting
to one without admin status) and tells you to head off to the 
Morrigu Barrow wall at Delta: Hidden Forbidden Bulwark.

Here, investigate the Sign only to find you don't have enough
Data Seeds (remind you of something?). Conveniently, Yata 
sends a mail to Pi with a new area with a new AIDA signal. You 
know what to do. *sigh* Exit, save, and head off to your new area.

Delta: According Floating Eradication
Area Level 43
Item Level 45
Field type: Cave
Enemy Parties: 16
Treasure Boxes: 1
Destroyable Objects: 14
Mission: Beast Statue
Party: Pi (level 51), Kuhn (level 51)
My level: 51
Avatar battles: AIDA<Anna> x 2
Floors: 2
Enemies: Carrianne, Goblin Knight

Unless you've already started screwing around in other areas,
this is the first time you'll see armored enemies, the infamous
Carriannes from //Rebirth. Fun. This time around, though, you are
equipped to fight them properly. Shell Breaker and Armor Pierce
knock out their shell in one hit, so there's a good chance you'll
make mincemeat of them before they explode. You can still use
Dual Swords against them, but Broadswords are the better choice.

From the Platform, head west into the next room to be greeted
by three parties of enemies, most likely Carriannes. Own them and
head south, then east to a room with 2 more enemy parties. After-
wards, head east to find 2 more enemy parties. Heading north, you
will find what you came here for: AIDA<Anna>. Best it in battle 
to receive Data Seed B. Go west to head downstairs.

On the second floor, go east, south, then east again to find 
more enemies. Kick them and go west to find two more enemy parties
yet again and some breakable items. Go southwest to find some more
suckers. After the battle keep going west. Head north to the last
AIDA<Anna> battle in this dungeon. Data Drain this thing for a 
Data Seed E. There are some breakable items here, so kick them if
you wish. Head west, north and finally east to find the Beast
Statue and a Platform. Warp outta here.

Back at town, save and head back to Morrigu Barrow Wall. Inspect
the Sign, and offer two Data Seeds. On the way to the folder,
you come across some resitance: a gate keeper AIDA. SKEEIIIIITH!

BOSS: AIDA<Gate Keeper>
Rewards: Data Seed H, AIDA-012 genome data, O-van 01
My level: 51

The Gate Keeper is basically AIDA<Anna>V2. Its attacks are similar
but if you don't keep an eye out, you can accumulate some hefty
damage. The Algol Maser is particularly difficult to dodge. I find
it easier to move, not dash, to the right or the left while its 
charging, and then keep moving while its firing the Algol Maser 
and quickly stop. You may or may not dodge it, I don't know
I haven't found a better method. The Kobold Blast isn't quite like
the AIDA<Anna>'s Kobold Bullets. Dodging it is more preferable
than slashing it. The key here is to dash to the left until the
bullets come near you, then quickly dash towards AIDA<Gate Keeper>
and finally dash to the left when the bullets are close to you.
The overall strategy is the same as AIDA<Anna>, just with two new
attacks: Pummel it with Skeith's bullets and then slash when you
get the chance. It's not quite the pushover AIDA<Anna> was, but
it's not exactly the Azure Flame God, either. Hey, it's the first
boss, what did you expect, Ocelot?

Afterwards, Pi uses the operation folder to commence the immediate
shutdown of the AIDA server (again, you have to assume that the
operation folder's setup is a direct equivalent of the ones used
in the actual server). Notice the .hack//G.U. logo on the screen
she uses =) Watch the awesome FMV of the shutdown. However, Haseo
logs out rather late, only to see another AIDA<Gate Keeper> right
before he can exit. He tries to use Skeith, however another AIDA
has him immobilized (here, you have to assume that AIDA can
cancel the Avatar transformation). Two mysterious figures arrive
on the scene to destroy the AIDA, and Haseo sees a familiar face
before finally logging out.

<6.2> The New Server [2nd]

"It seems like Atoli still needs to process this new stuff (not
surprising, seeing what's happened and aID"---Kuhn

After that interesting interlude, you find yourself on the desktop
with a plethora of things to check out. You *could* skip straight
to The World, but that's no fun, is it? Save and then go to your
mailbox. There are five new mails (four if you didn't convert) 
for you to read. One is from Atoli about her condition (shit sux)
one is from CC Corp administration about version updates that I
another from CC Corp announcing the end of all the campaigns I
know you finished in the first volume. And the last one is about
the bike shops and bike garage opening up.

Online Jack Phase 4

New Doll Syndrome Spreads (Movie)
Mass Hallucinations in "The World" ? (Movie)
First Crew Members head for "Village" (Movie)
New "BCI" Makes Thoughts Real
Doll Syndrome Symposium in Germany (Movie)
"Crimson VS" Servers Back Online
Kids and MMORPGs: The Good and the Bad
Salvador Wild at "Koshigaya" Premiere
CG Tours: A Shocking New Type of Fraud
Regenerated Organs Transplant Succeeds

The Truth Behind ULCs

The Desert will Save Us?

Yep, you heard it right. Crimson VS is back up. That which they
threw in volume 1 just to taunt you can finally be utilized.
I'm not exactly the best person to consult about this game, but
basically you don't get anything out of it other than new cards
and the satisfaction of beating Gaspard, but it's a fun deviance
to fiddle with. It's played automatically, so you just set up
your deck, check out your past opponents, register it, and you're
all set. There's one card battle per minute, so you can just 
leave the game on and do something else, or you could go play 
The World. Either way, you accumulate victories automatically.
For more detailed information, look at the forums.

The numbers next to a thread name indicates new things to check
out (replying, keywords or wallpapers).


The World
Server Trouble Victims

Crimson VS
How do I make a deck?
How do I use the menu?
"Crimson VS" is back!

System Trouble

A Blade and Edge team (1)
My partner is gone (1)
You should have seen her (1)
Wherever there are Chim Spheres (1)
Madam Pi! (1)
Be careful (1)
Moon Tree Seminar (1)
Admired (2)
Difficult monsters (1)
Chim Chim (4)

Official Forum

(deleted) Yes, that's its name.

Now that you've logged out, you can watch the first episode of
.hack//ROOTS dubbed in english. Short summary: Character intros.
Meaning virtually nothing happens. It's not a bad show, but it's 
not exactly SIGN's level, but I'm not here to review anime, am I?

When you've logged back in, head to the alchemy district and talk
to Atoli to view the scene regarding her condition. Hmm.. Seems
rough, eh? Afterwards, log out and check your email. An email from
Yata says to come to Raven's @HOME. Can't turn him down, so
log back in (yeah, I know it's annoying to view one scene and
then log back in to view another one) and head to the Serpent of
Lore to view another scene concerning how the rest of the world
saw the time spent in the AIDA server. Kuhn got pretty pissed, huh?
Well, say goodbye to him, because he'll be unavailable for use for
quite some time. Gaspard sends you a short mail telling you to go
to Canard's @HOME, so do so and view the scene there. Smooth, dude,
real smooth. Log out and read your new email from none other than
everyone's favorite mysterious know-it-all, Ovan. He tells you to
go to the Hulle Granz Cathedral at Delta: Hidden Forbidden Holy
Ground. Do so, to view the scene there. Log out again to check 
your new mails from Silabus and CC Corp.

Now, you've finally arrived in the new server, Dol Dona. Sadly,
it's a straight road. No diverging roads or anything cool like
what Mac Anu had. Thanks a lot, CC Corp. Anyway, since you're most
likely level 51 right now, you can check out the armor shop for
some new equipment. There are new spells here, better healing,
status cures and two attack spells, Lei Zas (lol) and Ani Zot.
Heading north, you'll see a huge building. This, my friend, is the
new @HOME. And it's only an intermediate level @HOME. Talk to the
guard NPC duck thing, and then go inside to view a scene with
Silabus and Gaspard. They automatically join your party. 

At this point, you can do any of the following:
1. Go directly to the Quest Shop and accept the Steam Scientist
2. Go to the two areas mentioned on the boards for a Cloudy Steel
and Cloudy Fur.
3. Go to a random field, wait for the Doppleganger, then own him
with a Beast Awakening.

Number 2 can still accomplished if you choose number 1, but for
me at least, you can't accomplish number 3 if you do number 1
first. So when you choose to accept the quest, head to the quest
shop and accept the Steam Scientist's Test, the only one there.
Look at the Quests section of this guide for further details.

Well, that was a fun little interlude, wasn't it? Once you return,
you see a scene involving the Holy Palace Emperor, Sirius, and 
everyone's favorite overly outgoing tomboy Alkaid. Seems like
Sirius has his hand on a treasure he's hellbent on keeping, hm?
Yeah, we probably all know what it is, but we'll go along with it
for the time being. Alkaid blames you for Sirius' behavior. Yeah,
clearly Haseo's fault. Anyway, log out.

<6.3> Red Haired B**** Rides Again [3rd]

"Right now it's just me and Alkaid, but we still have a spot open"

Log back into The World to view a scene where Alkaid gives you her
member address. The Challenge from the Goblins quest is now at the
quest shop, so you can do that if you please.

Alkaid's stats 

*These stats are not her base stats, but her stats when you first
get her member address.

Lvl 49
Twin Blade
Dual Swords skill level 10
Affection level: Red, with two orbitals

HP: 1011
SP: 210
P-ATK: 38
P-DEF: 39
M-ATK: 15
M-DEF: 48
Fire: 21
Wind: 33
Light: 15
Water: 16
Earth: 14
Dark: 20

Dorje Hatchet
-Wind Attack

Wall Sheath
-Empty slot

Simple Watch
-Empty slot
-Empty slot

In a nutshell, Alkaid is terrible. Her stats are most likely half
of what Haseo's are at this point in the game. The fact she's a
Twin Blade doesn't really make up for her pathetic P-ATK stat, 
and she's likely to die really quickly. Use her at your own

Theta: Severe Unclean Gray Dance
Area Level 51
Item Level 55
Field type: Cave
Enemy Parties: 23
Treasure Boxes: 3
Destroyable Objects: 3
Mission: Beast Statue
Party: Alkaid (52)
My level: 54
Floors: 2
Enemies: Gaze Knight, Tick Mask

After the scene at the beginning of this area, head west and take
either the upper or lower warp point. This dungeon is designed
in a square, so both paths get you to the same location: a long
room in the middle of the square in the west of this dungeon. 
Defeat any enemy parties and open any chests you come across. The
setup for the next floor is the same too, only your goal is east.
Once you arrive at the Beast Statue, a scene occurs showing Sirius
gone mad under AIDA's influence. And of course, Azure Orca and 
Azure Balmung are right there with him. Alkaid asks Haseo to join
the Holy Palace Tournament with her. Grab the chest and head back
to town.

Back at town, Haseo decides to go take on the Holy Palace Tourney
with Alkaid. Great. Tranfer to Lumina Cloth and go register at the
counter. Seems like you have to give up your title as Demon Palace
Emperor, huh? Who cares? It was only up to level 50 anyway :3 Log
out and check the new mail from Alkaid. She wants to go on a quest
with you, to "see what you can do". -_- There are new news stories
and forum posts for you to read or skip, too.

Topics: Real-Life Card Games are back (movie)
The other side of the "window"
Linear Train Line begins construction

"Forbidden" opens its servers!

Crimson VS
-I can't win

-How do you do. (1)
-Battle (1)
-In the moonlight (1)
-Nice to meet you (1)
-Yay! (1)
-I saw it. (1)

Log back in, and transfer to Dol Dona. Save, invite Piros the 3rd
and Alkaid and go to the quest shop to accept the Cat Smiles Sil-
ently quest. Go to the Quests section for more details on the area

<6.4> The Terror of Death again[4th]

Log out and check your email from Atoli. Check the forums for new

The World
-She got me...
-Area Words (4)

Log back in and head to Canards @HOME. Watch the scene and log out
again. Read the email and head to Lumina Cloth with Atoli and
Alkaid. The Masquerade quest is now available, if you'd like to
complete it before you go to the arena. 

Holy Palace Tournament Battle
Edge Punisher
HP 1108
SP 144

ca-ge LVL 50
Steam Gunner
HP 981
SP 211

kenta LVL 50
Harvest Cleric
HP 848
SP 324

Haseo's level: 58
Atoli's level: 56
Alkaid's level: 56

An Edge Punisher and a Steam Gunner? WTF?

If your levels don't match up to mine, that's OK. If you're at the
very least level 54ish, this'll be a cakewalk. The only way this
is ever difficult is if you killed next to no enemies this whole
time. If you did, however, the best idea is to keep an eye on
kenta, and be ready to Rengeki his ass whenever he's about to use
a skill.

After the fight, log out and read the email about the Job
Extension quest. Time to play as who we really wanted in volume 1.
There's a new forum post, but I'll cover that in the Quests 
section, since it's part of the final quest (which you won't be
getting around to until the end of the game). Anyone who remembers
the Abyss quest from //Rebirth knows what I'm talking about. Log
back in to The World, invite Silabus and Gaspard, and go to the
Quest shop to register for the Seeker of Karma quest. Please go
to the Quests section for more details.

Now that you can use scythes, you can go fight the Doppleganger
again for a third rare weapon, Heine's Zero. Check your email from
Atoli. She wants to level up with you and Alkaid. There are some
new posts, too.

-Nice to meet you all (1)
-Moon Tree (1)
-Looking for a thrusting guild (1) (lol, thrusting)
-okpk!! (1)
-Wait for meee (1)

When you log back in, add Atoli and Alkaid to your party. There's
a new quest available; otherwise head to the area.

Theta: Excusing Illusion's Route
Area Level 58
Item Level 62
Field type: Cliff
Enemy Parties: 7
Treasure Boxes: 5
Destroyable Objects: none
Mission: Symbol Fragments
Party: Atoli (57), Alkaid (57)
My level: 59
Enemies: Elite Lizard, Steam Goblin, Hell Charm

Head west. On this island there are three Chim Harvesting Trees
and two chests, one of them holding the first Symbol Fragment. Go
to the warp point and head north, beating a few enemies on the way
and here there are 2 Chim Harvesting trees and a chest with the 
second Symbol Fragment. Warp, and head east for your last Symbol
Fragment, now head to the Beast Temple to claim your prize.

Log out and head to your desktop. You have a new email and from
Nala of Moon Tree. What does he want? Who is he? How does he know
about Atoli? Is he really a main character? All these will be
answered in due time :D. There are a few new forum posts. Read 'em
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The World
-Cloudy Steel and Cloudy Fur (2)

<7> Quests [qwerty]

Quest 1: Steam Scientist's Test
Reward:Text of Stamina

Delta: Airy Engine's Waltz
Area Level 48
Item Level 51
Field type: Field
Enemy Parties: 13
Treasure Boxes: 3
Destroyable Objects: 3
Mission: Retrieve the memory modules from #Rain and #Cloud
Party: Silabus (52), Gaspard (52)
My level: 52
Enemies: Black Raptor, Fate Crab, #Rain, #Cloud, #Rain Cloud

From where you warp in, there's a single enemy party. The enemies
here will probably make you switch between Dual Swords and Broad-
sword a lot, so don't try to take on Black Raptor with a Broadsword
unless you want to (no real gain or loss). Heading east, defeat the
two enemy parties here. Once you defeat the one on the hill, you
set the Alpha Ohm device to lower #Rain and #Cloud's defense.
There's a chest here, too. Go south onto the elongated island.
This has six enemy parties, some breakable items and a Chim Harvest
tree. Grab the chest, beat the enemy party on the hill to set the
Beta Ohm device and head north, then west. Here, beat the two enemy
parties and set up the Gamma Ohm device on top of the hill. You're
now ready to fight #Rain and #Cloud. Grab the chest and head east
towards them. If you have a Beast Awakening, use it and quickly
take both of them out. You think you've won, however, once Haseo
tries to retrieve the memory modules, they rise again and do the
fusion da-I mean merge to become #Rain Cloud.

BOSS: #Rain Cloud
HP: 1914
#Rain Cloud isn't as tough as he may seem, unless you didn't 
set up all the Ohm devices. Then he's hard as hell ^_^;; If you
have enough Morale to execute another Beast Awakening, do so, but
make sure it's with a Broadsword. Afterwards, run away, charge the
Broadsword up to yellow, run back and swing it at the sucker. He
should go down in just a few more sword swings.

Quest 2: Challenge from the Goblins
Reward: Word of Spirit

Remember these guys from the first series? Don't worry, they're 
much easier. The object of this quest is to ride your bike into 
the running goblins. The general strategy here is to ride your
bike next to the goblin, not behind it. First off, you have to 
hit Stehoney once. Next, hit Jonue twice. Now, both Zyan and
Albert decide to take you on. Hit them both twice. Finally, big 
bad Martina decides to race you. You have to hit her three times.
Try to fake her out, if you're having problems.

Quest 3: Cat Smiles Silenty
Reward: Text of Power

Theta: Standing Calming Western
Area Level 50
Item Level 53
Field type: Field
Enemy Parties: 8
Treasure Boxes: 4
Destroyable Objects: 1
Mission: Kick the White Malice Cat
Party: Alkaid (52), Piros the 3rd (54)
My level: 54
Enemies: Fate Crab, Gaze Knight

Remember, kids. Armor Pierce/Shell Breaker is your friend.

Immediately after you arrive, Haseo is struck by the White Malice
Cat and thus cursed. Your HP and SP are at half their maximum for
the entirety of this mission. Don't worry, it's not a severe 
handicap. Head east to find a chest and two enemy parties. Going
south onto the middle island, there are two enemy parties and 
another chest. Head west (or south if you want to finish the 
mission quickly). Here, there are two Chim Harvest trees, two 
chests, two enemy parties and two breakable objects. Finally, go
to the southeast onto the last island. A final enemy party, Chim
Harvest tree and the White Malice Cat await you. Kick the damn
thing three times to complete the mission.

Quest 4: Masquerade
Reward: Word of Vigor

Theta: No Face Infinite Resident
Area Level 50
Item Level 
Field type: Castle
Enemy Parties: 24
Treasure Boxes: 9
Destroyable Objects: 5
Blocks: 2
Mission: Bring back the Beekeeper Mask
Party: Atoli (53), Alkaid (53)
My level: 55
Enemies: Masked Beast, Fate Crab, Gaze Knight

Start by heading west and grabbing the two chests. Go south and
grab the chest there. Go west, and then northwest to get to the
next block.

Kinda weird to have no monsters, right?

In this block, go east and north and follow the path until the 
three-way intersection. Head south here, then east to get to a
four-way intersection. Check out all the branching paths here to 
find two fake masks, and the real mask (which will be in the third
chest you open at the end of these paths). You'll have to fight a
single Masked Beast after getting the Beekeeper mask. However, it
will call three more Masked Beasts with its final breath. After
you kill them, retrace your steps to the nearest platform. Now,
here's where the monsters show up. You'll have to fight your way
to the platform through them, since you can't use a Return Feather
or Return Wing.

Quest 5: Seeker of Karma
Reward: Third Form, 1000 EXP

Theta: Burning Fallen Seven Sins
Area Level 54
Item Level 57
Field Type: Cave
Enemy Parties:
Treasure Boxes:
Floors: 3
Mission: Retrieve the Mark of Karma
Party: Silabus (55), Gaspard (55)
My level: 58
Enemies: Goblin Sage, Death Kettle, Steam Goblin

Since this place is fairly straightforward, I'll give you the
answers to the questions since not many of you have read the
in-game official site's backstory.

Q. When the Younger Deity lost his life, what happened with his
last breath?
A. The heavens were created.

Q. What name was the Younger Deity given afterwards?
A. Cernunnos.

Q. The elves built something in order to be treated the same as
the gods. What did they build?
A. Air Fortress Fort Ouph.

Q. The elves infuriated the gods and had their powers removed and
their appearance changed. What did they transform into?
A. Beastmen.

Q. What race did Sol, the God of Creation, create using the power
taken from the elves?
A. Grunties.

Q. There was a race jealous of the Grunties' wonderful wisdom
and power. This race is?
A. Humans

Heading downstairs, you can take either of the two warp points, 
since they both end up taking you on the same path anyway.

Q. The humans that envied the Grunties spoke the cursed words...
What is the name of that creature?
A. Puchi Pongo (this one was a bit of a curveball)

Q. What did the gods create?
A. Morrigu Barrow Wall

Q. What did the 8 gods do?
A. Sealed "Shadows"

Take the warp point and head downstairs. Go southeast after the 
scene. After getting to the Beast Statue, don't open it, but go
back to where you last left Silabus and Gaspard. Now go back and
open the chest up.

Quest: something or the other THE ONE SIN LOL
Theta: Chaotic fortified guard
<8> FAQ [helpz]

Q. How long is this game?
A. Anywhere from 15-30 hours.

Q. I found *monster* *here*/didn't find *monster* *here*. Hax?
A. no u. If you found different monsters, please tell me, and I'll
add them. I don't know about appearance ratios or anything for

Q. You didn't include such and such a forum post during your walk
through! WRY?!
A. Either it's a part of the postgame quest, or I simply forgot

Q. I know this was in //Rebirth, but...who is Anfini?
A. She's a Shadow Warlock from .hack//GnU. She's no one important 
to the story, though.

Q. I'm Gabi and I'm hardly in this game at all! :D Why is this?
A. Apparently, CC2 decided to shift the focus onto Moon Tree this
time around =(

Q. Why is Shino's dress white in ROOTS and black in the game's 
A. She changes her appearance in episode 12 to show her devotion
to finding Ovan. Yeah, I thought it was a weird way to show her
determination, too.

Q. I've never seen ROOTS before playing this game, because I can't
wake up at five in the morning to see it. Should I watch it now?
A. Well, the biggest parts of it are spoiled for you, but then
again, everyone who kept up with G.U. before its release had it
spoiled too. Don't worry, you can still enjoy it. Episodes 17 and
26 spoil the biggest secrets of //Reminisce, however, since it's 
a prequel, you're apparently supposed to know this anyway. 
//Reminisce just clarifies what you saw in ROOTS, per se. It's up
to you.

<9> Version History [dontread]

V0.12 7/7/07- changed some info on the first quest, finished section
6.3, added a section on affection and added the Goblin quest.

V0.1 7/6/07- started the guide, laid the ground work, finished 
sections 5.1 and 5.2.

<10> Credits [awesome[

SteveO 526- For the title of section 5.3 :D
<11> Contact [kickass]

My email address is ohsnapitsforte@hotmail.com. Before you email
me, please check every little letter of this guide for the answer
to whatever your question is. I've said it once, I'm not going to
say it again. I don't mind IMs but please email me first. I check
my email once a week, so don't expect an immediate reply. For the 
love of all that's holy, don't send me your ****ing ALTIMIT Corp 
links. I'm already there and I don't want anymore of it. If you do
I'll block you, and probably send a flaming email back. I won't join
such and such a site, I won't subscribe to such and such a newsletter
I've already won one million dollars, and I don't need your bloody
porno links for that matter either.