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How do I beat...?

is there an easier way to beat Vergil(3) at the end of BP? cuz i tried twice and got owned the first time and did better the second time.
I even watched this vid for help :

someone plz help me?

Xanth93 asked for clarification:

You using Vergil or Dante?

TheImpure69 provided additional details:

Vergil in Nelo Angelo costume...basically all i use is the beowulf, starfall when he uses judgement cut and combo/lunar phase till he counters (which thats the thing that gets his counter moves..hard to dodge when he moves that fast..)

feel free to add dantes too cuz ill prolly try it with him later after i beat it vergil in BP


Xanth93 answered:

You'll have to ask someone else about Vergil.

As for Dante, use this setup:


E&I and Kalina Ann
Beowulf and Rebellion

Now this strategy may work for Vergil, but it is intended for Dante.

Make sure to avoid Vergil as much as possible. It's not worth attacking him anytime when all he'll do is pummel you.

What you want to do is attack him after he finishes a combo or while he's using Judgement Cut. That will stun him. Devil Trigger and knock the crap out of him with Beowulf until he blocks one of your attacks. Then get out of the way. Trickster makes this entire thing so much easier. Dodging is key with this boss and Trickster is the best style for dodging.

When Vergil Devil Triggers, make sure not to just avoid him. His health will restore and you don't want that. What you can do is hit him after he does a combo, but get out of the way. You only need to hit him two or three times with Beowulf to get him out of it. He is not stunned when hit if he DTed, so don't try to combo him. You will regret it.

The big problem is when he Super DTs. That's when you don't want to attack. Just dodge every one of his attacks, which shouldn't be hard with Trickster, and wait until he stops. Then he'll be wide open for attack.

It takes a bit of time to hammer him down, but he's not impossible. He is an extremely hard boss, though. It took me seven hours to beat him on Dante Must Die mode.

If you need any more information, please let me know.

Oh, by the way, don't use DTE. It's not worth it in this fight.
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rivalencia answered:

well for easier way to beat him make sure to TURN OFF TURBO MODE cuz when turbo mode is on he will counter much faster the difficulty for him only hard mode so don't be scared enough for me he is quite easy just avoid his attack when he attack you watch out for stinger it's no joke beacuse it has long range avoid it by rolling or jump+air trick+helm breaker to counter it. it will be so easy if you are able to jump cancelling. well if you able to do it it will be extremely easy just for jump cancelling attack him when releasing judgement cut be keeping air trick+trick up then follow by starfall then rising sun jump cancelling (press attack button together with jump button must be together in order to make it longer and after he parry it he will use upper slash, helm breaker, rapid slash or teleported away if he use upper slash use air trick then folowed by trick down and trick up again then helm breaker to counter
when super dt avoid his attack if you're brave enough or using either super vergil or super corrupted vergil u can play some fun with him by using trick up then helm breaker if not just run away and keep shooting summoned sword "Don't target him just press shoot button" i beat him only 5 minute -7minute the most interesting parts from this fight is countering his attack just a plain Fun
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