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How do I get past (16)?

I need help getting the moon crest on level 16

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JochNessMonster answered:

Simple enough.

Go back to where you began the mission, ie, the elevator, but don't get in it. Instead, take the left fork. In the corridor with Enigmas and Gluttonies, go left and look for a hole in the wall - go through it. In this room, there are two dials which let down two spheres. Light up both dials, then make the spheres collide into each other to trigger the unlocking of the gate.

The easiest way to get them to collide is to equip A&R, stand behind a sphere with your back to the wall, jump up, do a single Aerial Cross, then run and do the same for the other sphere. Pick up the Onyx Moonshard. You'll have to defeat two Fallen before you can leave, but by happy coincidence the single best attack for Fallen is... Aerial Cross :p
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rivalencia answered:

this doesn't too bad try to break the two sphere together the best trick i thing is by using rebellion that pull the sphere quite far enough to give you time to move at another Sphere better use devil trigger in order to move faster and hit the sphere faster but even that the most important is try to break it or we can say Never Surrender till it break,at this mission or another mission probably i prefer to using vergil due to his move speed and simple weapon management well ^_^ good luck
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