Question from zack266

How can I get Raspberyl? and Mao?

I just wanna unlock strong characters.... I have Laharl, flonne, etna, gordon, zetta, prism red, asagi, mr.champloo in my team.... and I have priere in my other save data.....I wanna unlock raspberyl and mao.. thanks.


mihari24 answered:

To get Raspberyl you need to unlock Mr.Champloo and 30 dark sun stages.
To get Mao unlock Raspberyl and Mr.Champloo and Land of Carnage.
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zeldaman1559 answered:

Those two don't appear in this game, dood. They only appear in Disgaea 3 which I'm pretty sure is only for the PS3, dood.
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Lord_Maninho answered:

zeldaman1559, they appear in the PSP remake!

: )
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Naru534 answered:

Lord_Maninho this is a PS2 Disgaea 2 answer board. if he's wondering for the PSP remake he should ask his question there.
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