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About baal? 1
About dark world? 1
Baal part2? 1
Best possible leveling spots? 1
Can i capture monster in the Item World ? 1
Can you get Axel? 3
How can I get Raspberyl? and Mao? 4
How do I get hyper drive? 3
How do you get a makai wars? 2
I dont know how to get magic for non mage character ? 5
Is there japanese audio? 1
my item is full when I go to item world so what happen to that item? 2
Preventing a Bill? 3
The Item World? 3
Turning enemies into chests? 6
What is the name of the song that plays when rozalin has turned into overlord zenon? 2
where is tenpay (The music shop owner)? 2
Will this game also be released on the DS? 3
2 Questions about Extra Gain? 2
A gold bar? 1
About dark world ? 1
Are there any good endings? If yes how do you get them? 1
Are there any other characters good at stealing besides the "thief" class? 2
Can I unlock all the Extra Stage's on one play through? And what would be the requirement to get them all? 3
Can i use priere in disgaea 2? 2
Codebreaker Title Modifier? 1
Dark World maps? 1
Do you get laharl and who do you play as? 1
Does a Prism or Galaxy (mage/skull) learn a Tera spell? 1
Felony? 2
How many felonies do you need? 3
How many pages!? 1
How many weapon masteries should I get so I can learn skills? 1
Is "no way out" a real move? 2
Is disgaea 2 a japan only game? 3
Is the Triple EXP bonus used up if you destroy a Geo Symbol? 2
Is there a limit to the number of skills a character can learn? 1
Is there something like "statistician" (boosts gained EXP)? 1
Item World Pirate Problem, Help Me Out? 1
Last pirate, need ideas help? 2
Level cap? 1
Lvl 100 items - Codebreaker? 1
Open the back gates (priere)? 1
Pirates ? 1
Secret Switch For dark world? 1
Shop felonies - who counts? 2
Specialist Farming? 1
Tink question? 1
Use of felonies? 1
What are the lyrics to "Sinful Rose"? 1
What do they mean by "danger"? 1
What do treasure maps do? 2
what does Felonies have to do w/ Levels? 4
What exactly the benefit of REINCARNATION??? 1
What is a max drive save? 1
What is felony? 1
What level can my mage learn a tera star? 1
What level i need in the reincarnation to see a good boost? 1
Why are some of my characters not allowed to address the Dark Assembly? 2
Why do Monster Charachters level easier than Human Charachters? 1
Wonderin? 1

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