Max Stats Guide by Aerius

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Disgaea 2: Max Stats Guide
Version 1.10
December 12, 2006
by Aerius


1: Introduction ................................................... [SEC001]

2. Levelling & Maximization Guide ................................. [SEC002]
       2.1  Preface to the FAQ .................................... [LMG201]
       2.2  Levelling to finish the game (Lv100) .................. [LMG202]
       2.3  The Dark World ........................................ [LMG203]
       2.4  Capturing Lv9999 Nekomatas ............................ [LMG204]
       2.5  Armsmasters and Legendaries ........................... [LMG205]
       2.6  Item World Exploration ................................ [LMG206]
       2.7  Legendary Rank 39 Levelling ........................... [LMG207]
       2.8  Creating a Character Structure ........................ [LMG208]
       2.9  Collecting Felonies ................................... [LMG209]
       2.10 Unlocking Land of Carnage ............................. [LMG210]
       2.11 Creating a Mothman .................................... [LMG211]
       2.12 Making Perfect Items .................................. [LMG212]
       2.13 Extreme Leveling ...................................... [LMG213]
       2.14 Reincarnation and Specialist maxing ................... [LMG214]
       2.15 Weapon and skill mastery maxing ....................... [LMG215]
       2.16 Final Challenges ...................................... [LMG216]

3. Appendix ....................................................... [SEC003]
       3.1 Passing Bills .......................................... [APX301]
       3.2 Optional Bosses ........................................ [APX302]
       3.3 Item World Strategies .................................. [APX303]
       3.4 Learning Magic ......................................... [APX304]

4. Commonly Asked Questions ....................................... [SEC004]

5. Credits ........................................................ [SEC005]

 - INTRODUCTION -                                                    [SEC001]

The purpose of this document is to explain how to achieve ‘maxed 
character(s)’ in Disgaea II.  This FAQ is not meant to explain every aspect 
of the game and assumes that you have a relatively solid grasp of how the 
game works; the ideal user is someone who has just finished the game and is 
now looking to max their characters in the least amount of time and tedium 
possible.  I have also included a brief section at the start for those who 
are having trouble with the last chapter and are looking for a couple 
strategies to quickly beat the game.  There are many steps in power 
levelling and the order is rather interchangeable for a lot of it. I have 
compiled the steps in what I feel is optimal, but you can do a lot of the 
steps out of order and arrive at the same result although it may come at the 
cost of additional time spent.

On the topic of credit for various strategies, I can say that I have learned 
a lot from some of the GameFAQ Disgaea II forum regulars.  In particular I 
think the following people have made a significant contribution to helping 
others and further general knowledge of the public, listed alphabetically: 
BirgitteSilver, danieljrod, Darth Stalin, LordMagus, KarmaBeast, Kylain, and 
tacomagic.  I generally have not attributed specific contributions because I 
cannot quantify the degree of thought leadership that can be directly 
inferred from forum posts.  I’d imagine most of the strategies out there are 
pulled from the official guide and various excellent websites, many from the 
era of the original release Japanese release.  

Saying that, if you have performed significant testing on a certain aspect 
of the game think you deserve special credit, I will be more than happy to 
make your name more prominent in the relevant sections if you can show that 
you were one of the first to prove something or think of something.  Lastly, 
thanks to my friend Brad for testing various mechanics that I have not been 
able to devote time to; this FAQ would not be possible without you.


2.1 Preface to the FAQ                                               [LMG201]

As a preface to this FAQ, I wanted to explain some general tradeoffs and 
decisions that one can make.  The extent to which you will follow this FAQ 
will depend greatly on the level of your existing party and your preference 
to saving time or using humans.  To elaborate a bit more, if you already 
have a strong party, you can skip a lot of the earlier levelling material 
and just go directly to maxing items and reincarnation.  If your party are 
all relatively low level (say, sub lv250) then you need to either do the 
Nekomata trick or levelling up naturally.  That brings up the point of using 
monsters vs using humans.  

This FAQ will teach you how to get a lv9999 monster almost immediately, and 
if you use this method you will save a lot of hours of game time.  
Throughout this process you always have the option of switching back to your 
normal characters, but just realize that the longer you wait the faster 
you’ll be able to level them up.  To quantify it, it’ll probably take you 
around 8-10 hours to get to level 1500 if you try to use humans right away, 
and if you wait until the end you can get to level 9999 in 30-45 minutes.  
While this isn’t too bad if you are only levelling one character, fact is 
you will probably need more than one multiplying your time investment.  In 
15 hours you can have a monster with 1.2 million attack power, and probably 
most of the high level weapons and maps, or you can have a couple guys at 
level 1500.  Ultimately for a lot of people it is not really about the 
destination but more about the journey, so if you are happy to make the time 
trade off to use human classes then by all means go ahead.  

Since using Lv9999 monsters is a significantly faster way of maxing out, 
this guide is centered on using this strategy.  However, I am mindful that 
some people want to use story characters and I have included some short 
blurbs on what you should do at certain points if you want to switch from 
monsters to humans.

2.2 Levelling to finish the game                                     [LMG202]

This section is dedicated to those who just want to beat the game but are 
having trouble with some of the later levels.  There are many ways to level 
up, but I’m only going to outline what I feel is the quickest way to get to 
lv100 which should realistically be all you need to beat the game.  If you 
no where near beating the game (say before Episode 10) you just want to play 
some random stages a couple times to gain some few levels.

I personally find Cave of Ordeals 1 (CoO1) to be the best place to gain the 
necessary levels.  To unlock this special stage you need to pass the ‘Cave 
of Ordeals’ bill in the Dark Assembly.  The only requirement for this is 
that one of your characters must have at least 700 Mana, which shouldn’t be 
a problem.  If you are having trouble passing the bill, refer to the 
‘Passing Bills’ section in the Appendix.

After you unlock the Cave of Ordeals you can access the level through the 
Dimension Guide.  Go into the first stage of CoO and you’ll see a bunch of 
lv60 archers surrounding your base.   This stage is useful because you can 
hit the geos behind the enemies to cause a combo almost killing them.  
Afterwards, just mop up by dealing the killing blow with whoever you want to 
gain some XP.  

If you feel that you can take higher level enemies (and thus get more xp) go 
pass the ‘Stronger Enemies’ bill in the Dark Assembly, though realize that 
you will probably eventually need to reduce it back to kill the boss so 
don’t go too crazy here.  After awhile you’ll have a nice chunk of cash that 
you can use to buy some new gear for your characters, and with your buffed 
characters you should be able to easily kill the boss.  It is recommended 
that you do not make a clear save but instead continue your previous game 
(that is, be at the point in the story where you are right before the last 

Now that you have beaten the game (congratulations!) you now have the option 
to unlock all the goodies in the game.  This is a process that could easily 
take in excess of 100+ hours, so if you do not have the patience or really 
don’t love this game *that* much, then this is probably a good time to stop 

If you are committed to maxing your characters then you have a decision to 
make at this point.  The logical next step in terms of difficulty is the 
Dark World; if you go there now, all the stages will be fairly challenging 
and you’ll come out of it at a fairly decent level.  Alternatively, if all 
you want to do is to max levels and skip a lot of content then bypass the 
Dark World and go directly to Capturing Lv9999 Nekomatas’ section.  

Going through Dark World now will add maybe like 10 hours to your game time 
but it will be fun challenging battles, but if you wait and get really 
powerful characters then it will be super easy (thus boring) but it will go 
a lot faster.  The choice is up to you.  Either way, I recommend that you do 
*not* start a New Game+ but instead reload to a point previous to the last 
battle so that you have maximum flexibility in obtaining characters and DW 
maps.  As a final note, if you want to obtain one of the best items in the 
game you will need to do the Dark World, so it is not a matter of whether 
you will be doing it, it is a matter of when you will be doing it.

2.3 The Dark World                                                   [LMG203]

The Dark World is essentially a mirror image of all the stages you have been 
through except with one caveat.  Every stage will now have a ‘Dark Sun’ who 
performs unpleasant actions on you while you fight; it varies per stage but 
it can change your characters into dragons, resurrect all enemies that you 
have killed, and whatnot.  

There will also be an option to ‘Ascend’ and will essentially suicide one of 
your guys against the Sun.  If you win, the Dark Sun will be ‘dead’ and 
won’t do anything for the rest of the battle; if you lose its life bar will 
go down by an amount depending on the strength of the character you sent up. 
Regardless of whether you kill the Sun or not, you will not get to use 
characters you Ascended for the rest of the battle.  As a side note, if you 
Ascend anyone with felonies it will level up enemies on the map instead of 
damaging the Sun.

The first step in doing the Dark World is to unlock it.  You can do this 
simply by pressing five invisible buttons around Holt Village.  Just go to 
the five locations describe and run around while mashing the X button until 
you see a prompt that says ‘There is a mysterious button.  Would you like to 
push it?’ to confirm that you have found it.  The buttons are:
    1. Behind the character who sends you to the Dark assembly between the
       broken pillar and the edge of the screen.
    2. Behind the house behind the zombie character.
    3. In the corner of the backside of Adell’s House (go behind the house 
       and press X where the walls of the house intersect)
    4. Across from the Wood Golem on the little break in the wall. (Go to 
       the Wood Golem, and jump over the wall in the direction of the
       zombie, there is a little patch of grass that you should jump to, 
       face the break in the wall and press X)
    5. Near the Ghost, between the tree closest to the corner and the corner
After you press all five buttons a box will pop up that says ‘an eerie 
shadow lurks upon Holt village’ and a new character that looks like a shadow 
(Friday MKII) will appear near the ghost.  Talk to her a couple times and 
she will ask if you want to want to go to the Dark World.  Answer ‘Of 
course’ then ‘Yes’ to enter in a fight with her.  She is lv100 but not very 
hard.  After you defeat her she will stand beside your other Dimension Guide 
and will take you to the Dark World.

Once you travel to the Dark World you will notice that you only have one map 
(1-1) unlocked.  In order to play the other ones you need to complete 
special objectives in the Holt Village equivalent levels, some of these 
objectives cannot be completed on your initial attempt of the stage, hence 
why I recommended that you not start New Game+.  Below is a list of what you 
need to do in each stage to unlock the Dark World equivalent.  After you 
complete the objective, you will either be transported automatically to the 
DW equivalent stage, or it will give you the option of going there; the word 
in parenthesis following the objective should indicate how it works.  
Remember to save regularly, there are a number of DW maps where you can 
screw it up and basically never be able to beat it even though you have 
maxed out characters.

Town Fields
1-1 Initially unlocked.
1-2 Do not take any damage  (Optional)
1-3 Take at least 1 point of damage (Automatic)
1-4 Kill a Green Skull (Automatic) – Killing one of your own counts

Zenon's Palace
2-1 Defeat enemies within 2 turns (Optional)
2-2 Defeat enemies within 1 turn (Optional)
2-3 Move 9 or fewer spaces (Optional)
2-4 Pick up an enemy or one of your characters (Automatic)

Murderer's Vault
3-1 Let 11 turns pass (Automatic)
3-2 Destroy a Geo Symbol (Automatic)
3-3 Make a tower of 5 by lifting characters (Automatic)
3-4 Lift nothing (Optional)

Dallos River
4-1 Destroy all red panels (Automatic)
4-2 Fuse 5 enemies by throwing them together (Optional)
4-3 Fuse all enemies (Automatic)
4-4 Let 30 turns pass (Automatic)

Cavern of Evil
5-1 Let one of your characters die (Automatic)
5-2 Clear the stage with less than 5 characters (Optional)
5-3 Make a tower of 8 through lifting (Automatic)
5-4 Use only Tower attacks by attacking while lifting someone (Optional)

Battle Arena
6-1 Make a tower of 10 through lifting (Automatic)
6-2 Clear the stage with less than 7 characters (Optional)
6-3 Fuse all enemies through throwing (Optional) – You may open it before 
    you are done fusing them all
6-4 Defeat all Prinnies by blowing them up or throwing them (Optional)
    – Destroy the ‘No Lifting’ geo symbol then throw them at each other
7-1 Destroy all Geo Panels (Automatic)
7-2 Take zero damage (Optional)
7-3 Throw an enemy onto a lifted enemy (Automatic)

Colosseum Depths
8-1 Change the color of at least 6 Geo Panels (Automatic)
8-2 Destroy the moving ‘No Entry’ Geo Symbol (Automatic)
8-3 Do not use the ‘Special’ command option (Optional)
8-4 Take zero damage (Optional)
8-5 Raise your bonus gauge above 4 (Optional)
8-6 Throw an enemy onto a lifted enemy (Automatic)

Alche City
9-1 Move to the highest spot on the map (Automatic) – On a house at 64m
9-2 Move fewer than 9 spaces (Optional)
9-3 Raise Bonus gauge to 2 (Optional)
9-4 Move onto the head of the center serpent (Automatic)

Carcassed Lands
10-1 Fuse at least 5 enemies (Optional)
10-2 Destroy all Geo Panels (Optional)
10-3 Deal at least 500 damage in one combo (Automatic)
10-4 Raise the bonus gauge to at least 3 (Automatic)

Shinra Tower
11-1 Take zero damage (Optional)
11-2 Do not change the color or destroy any Geo Panels (Optional)
11-3 Deal more than 1000 damage in one combo (Automatic)
11-4 Clear the stage with fewer than 4 characters (Optional)
11-5 Do not use the ‘Special’ command option (Optional)
11-6 Take zero damage (Optional)
11-7 Use only Tower attacks (Optional)

To Zenon's Castle
12-1 Merge all the enemies (Automatic)
12-2 Clear the stage within 2 turns (Optional)
12-3 Make a tower of 9 through lifting (Automatic)
12-4 Make a tower of 3 through lifting (Automatic)
12-5 Clear the stage with only 1 character (Optional)
12-6 Deal at least 2000 damage in a single combo (Automatic)

Zenon's Castle
13-1 Take zero damage (Optional) – Does not apply to poison
13-2 Do at least 2500 damage in a single combo (Automatic)
13-3 Destroy all Geo Panels (Automatic)
13-4 Do at least 3000 damage in a single combo (Automatic)

After you unlock all the levels and beat them you will obtain an Usagi’s 
Journal.  If you complete at least 10 levels you unlock Zetta, and at least 
24 levels you will unlock Baal.  You do not have to complete all the levels, 
just do enough until you feel bored or just want to get on with the game.  

2.4 Capturing Lv9999 Nekomatas                                       [LMG204]

Whether you have just beat the game (but reloaded) or finished the Dark 
World, this is where the real power levelling begins.  This strategy uses 
game mechanics to create an Lv9999 Nekomata which is considered extremely 
cheap to some.  If you do not want to utilize this tactic it is ok, but you 
will need to level up your normal guys through standard means spending a lot 
more time.  Another neutral option is to only use Nekos to steal and to use 
your normal characters to kill enemies.  Just keep in mind that using all 
Nekos is faster than using a mix, and using a mix is way faster than only 
using your normal characters.

If you choose to use your normal characters, this section will be much 
longer as you need to grind up your characters to a reasonable level before 
you can steal legendary rank 39 items.  As a quick primer on item levels, 
everything in the game is categorized with a rank ranging from 1 to 40.  
Rank 1 is the weakest, and rank 40 is the strongest; the highest level you 
can obtain in ‘normal’ game play is rank 39, the highest rank item you can 
buy is 38 (at customer rank 12).

If you do not want to use nekos, then what you want to do is pass the ‘Cave 
of Ordeals’ bill then do CoO1 repeatedly.  Note that this level is good 
because you can blast the geo symbols to start combos dealing major damage 
to the enemies, and if you want you can also move the XP bonus Geo Symbols 
to boost XP gain.  Continue to do CoO1 until you think it is too easy, then 
go to the Dark Assembly and pass a ‘Stronger Enemies’ bill.  Go back to CoO1 
and repeat the process until your characters can one hit an enemy around 
level 250.  While you are doing this, try to unlock additional 
Consumer/Product ranks and buy better weapons as you go.  

After CoO1, go back to the Dark Assembly and pass ‘Weaker Enemies’ all the 
way back down and unlock CoO4.  Use area attacks such as Winged Slayer or 
Big Bang to kill the enemies, but you may need to raise your weapon mastery 
a bit if your sword/fist users cannot do the special moves yet.  You can do 
this by using two of your characters to hit each other repeatedly.  If you 
want to ‘solo kill’ for levels you can do that too, but it is quite a bit 
slower.  As you gain levels keep passing more ‘Stronger Enemies’ bills and 
do CoO4 repeatedly until you are around level 1000-1500, depending on your 
tolerance for boredom.  

After you are happy with your levels, pass ‘Weaker Enemies’ bills all the 
way back down so that Item World is easier.  You do not need to pass the 
easier enemy bills if you don’t want to, but you’ll probably get stomped 
once you progress further into the Item World.  If you have been forcing all 
your bills, doing 40-50 bill passes will make you cry, so make sure you use 
the bribe method as outlined in the ‘Passing Bills’ section in the Appendix. 
Note that doing this does not put you on equal ground as nekos as you 
cannot steal from high level enemies and you are substantially weaker, but 
it will get you to the point where Item World will not take you forever.

Anyway, back to making uber Nekomatas.  The way monster capturing works is 
that you pick up the enemy you want to capture and throw it into your base 
panel.  Of course there are some restrictions, one is that you cannot 
capture enemy types that you cannot make.  It means that you can’t capture 
upper tier monsters until you unlock them through levelling the lower tier 
types.  Secondarily, when you throw a monster into your base panel it fights 
whoever is in there and you only capture it if you win the fight, this means 
you cannot capture a super high level monster at level 1.

The strategy circumvents the restrictions by capturing a tier one monster of 
the Felynn class (Nekomata) and uses a ladder system so that the monsters 
you capture help you get even higher monsters.  To get into the meat of the 
tactic, first you want to go to level 4-3 (Red Waterfall).  This map is 
unique in that it has lots of Geo panels that raise the enemy’s level; it 
means that given enough turns everything will be level 9999.  

Of course you cannot capture a Lv9999 directly because your levels are too 
low so you need to slowly work your way up.  Monsters captured on this map 
will always have a very small amount of HP so you can capture safely around 
2.5x your level.  For example if your highest level character is lv100, you 
can capture a lv250.  The next time you do the level you now have a lv250 so 
you can capture a lv600, and then a lv1400, then a lv3000, then a lv6500, 
and lastly a lv9999.  This is only an example of course and your capture 
order will depend greatly on your beginning level and how aggressive you are 
in jumping levels.  Most people stick to around 2x to as a capture multiple 
while you can push it to 3x if you do not mind the risk (if you fail it 
kills your base panel, so you capture nothing and have to try again the 
level again).  As a final note, remember that your newly captured monsters 
are captured ‘dead’ and must be revived in the hospital; they also must 
remain in the base panel while you are trying to capture so they can fight 
whatever you throw inside.

Now that the general strategy has been laid out I’ll outline how I actually 
do a 4-3 stage.  There are many ways to do this, some people fuse enemies, 
some people capture the top cat while others capture the bottom cat, some 
people sacrifice characters, some people don’t, etc.  Point is, my strategy 
is not only one way, and you are free to use your own if you find that you 
like it better.  Before you start I suggest you make a couple of Heavy 
Knights since they can throw the furthest and will help out a bit; their 
level and gear do not matter so don’t stress over that.  I also recommend 
that you have at least 750,000 HL for hospital expenses through if you have 
more it is even better.  To describe 4-3, there is a bridge at the bottom, a 
bridge at the middle, and a river at the top separating the two sides.  We 
will not be using the middle bridge.  There are also lots of red geo panels, 
anything that is red is not considered part of the bridge, so when I say ‘3 
spaces on the bridge’ I mean, R123, where R is a red geo panel and the 
numbers represent spaces.  

When the stage starts, move one of your stronger characters who can counter 
to the bottom bridge. Move another decently strong character and a Heavy 
Knight towards the top near the null Geo Symbol.  Heavy Knights move really 
slow so it might be advisable to throw him on the first turn with your other 
character so you get up there slightly quicker, but it’s up to you.  Also 
move another couple Heavy Knights out of your base panel to the surrounding 
area; they will eventually be used to throw in the enemy inside.  

On the second turn, continue to move your character across the bottom bridge 
while the two move up the side.  Depending on who you chose, the bottom 
bridge character may be able to cross the entire bridge.  Be sure that you 
do not move past the first red geo panel on the other side.  Moving across 
the bridge will provoke the Nekos to run up and attack you; given the level 
difference you’ll probably counter kill most of them.  Move back to three 
squares on the bridge and stay there at the first opportunity, all the lower 
positioned Nekos should now be dead except for one in the corner.  If you do 
not move back on the bridge fast enough, the neko you want to capture will 
also move, so make sure you are quick.

With the two characters up the side, use the Heavy Knight to throw your 
other character across the river to deal with the Beast Tamer and whatever 
is left up there.  Now there should only be one enemy alive in the lower 
corner.  Now keep on ending turns doing nothing.  Once the computer feels 
confident about damaging your character on the bridge they will run up and 
use Cat Blast.  Unless you are using a really weak character, it should not 
be enough to kill you.  Immediately run your character on the bridge back 
towards your base panel.  If you used someone like Adell you should be able 
to get away easily, but if you are using a character with low movement you 
may need to chain lift him out the harm’s way.  This will drain essentially 
all of the monster’s SP so it cannot blast you anymore.  

Keep on ending turns until the enemy is at the level that you want (if you 
are lv75 you’ll want something around lv150 to 175) then use the Heavy 
Knight in the top corner to pick up the Geo Symbol so the enemy stops 
gaining levels.  Now move a character that cannot counter or is very weak 5 
squares from the Nekomata and it will run forward on its turn and hit you.  
Now lift up the Nekomata and chain throw it into your base panel to capture 
it.  After you have captured one you repeat the same process over and over 
except allowing the Neko gain a higher level each time until you capture an 

Along the way you may run out of money if you did not go to Dark World.  The 
easiest way to gain money is to clear high level Nekos on the same stage.  
Instead of wiping out all of them but one early on, duplicate the process 
but let them ALL level up.  If you have a Lv1000 neko you should be able to 
clear out of map of 800s even without gear (ie, 80% of level).  Just move 
very slowly across the bottom bridge so that you do not pull more than one 
neko at a time because you don’t want them killing each other with Cat 
Blast.  Remember to move the geo at the top so they stop gaining levels once 
you are happy with their difficulty.  Clearing a map of level 800 nekos 
should net you around 6 million HL.

After you capture a Lv9,999 neko you need to capture several more, if you 
can get 7-8 that would be very good.  You can repeat what you have already 
been doing or you can combine the money method with the capture method.  Let 
everything level up to Lv9,999 and kill them off with the Lv9,999 neko.  
Move slowly across the bridge and have your throwing guys ready to run ahead 
and chain throw one back to the panel when you have a chance.  Once you have 
a Lv9,999 inside your base panel, you can capture 4-5 per attempt if you are 
really aggressive.  

The main reason for doing this is for money.  Clearing 4-3 with all Lv9999s 
will get you approximately 300 million HL.  You want to clear the level a 
couple times to make a billion HL, then use the money to max your Customer 
Rank (12).  That allows you to buy some armor (Majin Armor) and weapons 
(Phoenix Feather or Dante’s Inferno) for your Nekos.  You don’t need to 
equip them all, but you probably want a couple to have some gear.  Also buy 
a bunch of Falcon shoes to stick on some Nekos and Heavy Knights.  They 
improve movement and will help out.  So in around two hours you have a bunch 
of Lv9999 monsters geared in some rank 38 gear, the next step is to get some 

2.5 Armsmasters and Legendaries                                      [LMG205]

There are many things you need to do to ‘max out’ and you can do it in 
basically any order that you want. This FAQ is ordered in such a way that it 
will try to concurrently try to do as many of the levelling objectives 
concurrently as possible so that you don’t need to ‘grind’ later on.  To 
best suit you, I suggest reading the next couple sections to see if you want 
to do it in my preferred order.

If you decided to stick with my order the next step is to mass collect 
legendaries and Mr. Gency Exits.  The former is important because they 
contain rare specialists and Lovers, while the latter is important because 
exits are essentially the currency for levelling.  The more exits you have 
the faster you can level because you can skip stuff or reload more to get 
what you want.  As a brief description to how to steal you want to go to the 
general store and buy ‘Hands’ which are way at the bottom of the list.  The 
most important statistic is Hit so buy ones with high Hit though it only 
matters if you are using your main characters because level 9999 nekos can 
steal from virtually any enemy with any hand at 50% (max for monsters).  

Before you start heading into items, there are five things you need to keep 
in mind when doing them, consider these your objectives.  You may not 
understand what they all are at the moment, but it’ll all become clear later.

1. Collect legendaries – The list below lists all of the rank 39 and rank 38 
items (in that order) for all the major item types.  Your primary goal is to 
get as many Legendary rank 39 items as possible.  You should generally avoid 
Rare items unless you are actually going to use it, since they are next to 
worthless overall.  A secondary goal is to collect random legendary items 
because you need them later on to spawn Lovers.  Lovers do not spawn on low 
level items so as a general rule, do not steal legendaries from enemies 
under level 50.  You will only need around 100 legendary items to get all 
the lovers you could possibly want, so after you reach that threshold don’t 
bother with crappy items and only steal rank 39 (or rank 38 if you don’t 
have the rank 39).  If you see a legendary Excalibur you must do everything 
in your power to get it. Refer to the ‘Item World Strategies’ section in the 
Appendix if you are not too familiar with the game.

Swords – Excalibur, Infernal Sword
Fists – God’s Hand, Star Shatter
Spears – Holy Longinus, Beam Javelin
Bows – Artemis, Seraphic Bow
Guns – Megiddo Cannon, Dead Whisper
Axes – Beam Axe, Diabolic Axe
Staff – Infernal Staff, Sage’s Staff
Monster (melee) – Satan’s Motor, Phoenix Feather
Monster (magic) – The King, Dante’s Inferno
Armor – Infernal Armor, Majin Armor
Emblem – Exodus (rank 38)
Belt – Orion’s Belt (rank 39)
Shoes – Angel’s Sandals (rank 32)
Orbs – Universal Orb (rank 39)
Glasses – Providence (rank 39)
Muscle – Cosmos Muscle (rank 39)

2. Mr. Gency Exits – As mentioned before, you want to have as many of these 
as possible.  Make sure you kill all of them enemies on the floors with Item 
Generals/Kings/God so that you get a gency.  If an enemy Geomancer blows it 
up, just change the bonus list with your own Geomancer (Bonus Charge) before 
the map ends to get it back.  Also try to not use any gencies while 
levelling trash items.  

3. Pirates – Try to spend at least 1-2 turns on a level before beating it to 
give pirates a chance to come to attack you.  When pirates appear, kill them 
up for their Treasure Maps and equip them on someone.  They have no innate 
stats so just throw them on some random character; it doesn’t matter if you 
use the character.  Equipping them after you get them is important, so make 
sure you do it.

4. Mystery Rooms – There are many benefits of going into mystery rooms.  If 
you see the Cell Phone vendor you can buy EDP/Prism/Dark Hero phones which 
will aid you in getting felonies later in the game.  The shop vendor will 
let you buy legendary items, sometimes even rank 39 ones or items that you 
cannot steal/buy otherwise.  If you are really lucky you might even run into 
the Convict, who will sell you weapon scrolls.  If you don’t buy the 
mentioned items it isn’t a major issue since you can get them elsewhere 
later, but you will waste time doing so.  Note that it is quite a bit faster 
to whip through item worlds ignoring all mystery rooms, but you give up the 
chance of finding chests and buying items, so the choice is up to you.  

5. Specialists – Make sure you capture any specialist that appears while in 
an item.  While sometimes you will be entering an item specifically for 
specialists, they are usually ‘nice to have’ for various reasons after.  You 
can tell a specialist is on a stage because there will be a neutral enemy 
which flashes ‘Check’ before your first turn.  If possible, try to kill the 
specialist even if it takes throwing on the first turn.  Lastly, unless you 
know what you are doing, don’t combine stat gain specialists as you need 
them to level items later.  Generally combining specialists who do not 
directly raise stats, such as Armsmasters, Teachers, Professionals, 
Hypnotists, etc, are ok.  Be sure to store subdued specialists somewhere 
safe so you don’t delete them by accident.  Personally, I put them on my 
Treasure Maps because I never delete those.

That’s a fair bit to remember but it’s not really that bad.  Operationally 
it means you pick an item and go inside of it, once a stage starts, subdue 
any specialists if they exist, check enemies and the bonus list for 
legendary items you want, and if there are none then work your way over to 
the exit taking 2-3 turns if possible.  If pirates with Treasure Maps appear 
kill them, and if you want mystery rooms go inside of them.  Every 10 levels 
make sure to clear everything so you score a Gency Exit.  

You first priority should be to collect Armsmasters specialists.  Buy a 
bunch of ‘100 Fists’ from the Weapon Store because they have the highest 
level specialists out of the available items.  It would probably be best if 
the Armsmaster was the only specialist in there to speed things up, but 
since 100 Fists doesn’t show up all the time you can’t be too picky.  
Afterwards, go into them to subdue and combine the specialists them until 
you have 1900, which is the cap.  Try to steal some Angel Sandals while you 
are in the Item World even if they are normal because you cannot buy them 
and they give you +2 movement, which is very handy.

After you get your 1900 Armsmasters you should have a good number of 
legendary items and hopefully a couple of rank 39 legendaries.  Note that 
Armsamasters allow you to raise weapon mastery faster so be sure to put it 
on the weapon of one of your characters if you use human classes (monsters 
do not have weapon mastery).  

2.6 Item World Exploration                                           [LMG206]

This next phase of levelling has the primary objective of securing a 
legendary Excalibur.  Swords are the preferred levelling weapon because you 
can do Winged Slayer with them, which coincidentally has the largest area 
effect special move in the game.  An alternative is to do Big Bang with 
Fists, but it requires higher weapon mastery and is elementally aligned, so 
it takes longer before you can level with it.  Hopefully through your 
travels in the Item World you have found an Excalibur, or maybe a God’s 
hand, but if you haven’t this section is to help you get one.

The common belief is that higher level items have a higher chance of 
containing other high level items to steal or win from Bonus Gauges.  Thus 
we set out to get some really high level Legendaries.  The first one we will 
be getting is the Arcadia which we will be stealing from the Zombie King in 
Cave of Ordeals 5.  If you have killed him already then you are out of luck, 
but otherwise this is a sure thing.  Clear up to CoO5 with your Nekomatas 
quickly, and save before going to CoO5 (just in case you screw it up).  
Before you go inside, make sure that you have at least 8 Heavy Knights, and 
also equip one of your Nekomatas with 3 pairs of shoes to have an additional 
+3 movement.  Lastly, have 2 Heavy Knights also equipped with shoes so they 
can walk farther and make sure you have at least 1 bandit hand in your 
inventory.  There are several ways of doing CoO5 and I’m just going to 
explain one specific method.

When you enter CoO5, you’ll notice that this map is quite massive, there is 
a long ramp with lots of enemies, then a long snake path leading to some 
platforms then another snake path.  The trick with this map is that if you 
cannot kill the Geo Symbol (which moves) in 3 turns, it will turn all the 
Yellow Geo Panels as ‘No Entry’ thus making it impossible to beat the map.  
To solve this puzzle you want to make a huge tower and throw your Neko on 
the second snake path on the first turn so you have time to run up to the 
Geo and kill it.  The way you want to construct your tower is shown in the 
next diagram.  All the numbers represent Heavy Knights and the number is the 
order that you will pick people up in.  That is, number ‘1’ picks up the 
neko from the base panel, then number ‘2’ picks up number ‘1’ and so forth.

 | 2 | 3 | 8
 | 1 | 4 | 7
 | N | 5 | 6

If you did it correctly, your #8 Heavy Knight should be against the ledge of 
the platform to the right of the base panel and should have a straight line 
to the two solo platforms between the snake paths.  The trick here is that 
you must throw over the big hand and not follow the first snake path.  Once 
you make sure it’s all lined up, do a big chain throw and your Neko should 
land on the second snake path with one other Heavy Knight.  Start moving 
your neko towards the Geo Symbol, and by the next turn you should be able to 
destroy it with Cat Blast due to your enhanced movement range.  When your 
pair on the snake path reaches the end have the knight throw the Neko down; 
after the cat lands move it to one of the corners of the platform so you 
don’t counterattack the boss by accident and kill it.  Use your Bandit Hand 
and steal the Arcadia, this may take a couple turns if you are unlucky. 
Meanwhile, pop out another neko from your base Panel to clean up the Sinners.

Next we will go get the Legendary Accelerator.  If you had previously 
accumulated 3 Cell Phones that summon the EDF then you are good to go, 
otherwise, you may have to do level 1-1 a bunch of times until you get 
enough.  When you have 3 EDF phones use them on any level you want (you can 
only use 1 per level though) which will unlock the bill ‘Rescue the 
Defender!!’ in the Dark Assembly.  Once you pass that you will need to beat 
the stage ‘Defenders of Earth’.  Upon completion you will be awarded a 
legendary Accelerator.  Note that Adell needs to be a Senator and you need 
to use him to pass the bill through the ‘Attend Dark Assembly’ option.  Like 
all story rewards, if you skip the cut scene after the fight you will 
automatically get a rarity zero item (which you should probably do).

Note that if you already have a legendary Excalibur you don’t need to get 
these two items, but they are pretty simple to obtain and will help out if 
you want to grab them anyway.  If you don’t have a legendary Excalibur then 
the next step is to enter the item world in search of one.  You have a 
choice of what to level up, and the Arcadia and Accelerator are both high 
level options.  However, I would recommend that you enter a legendary 
Satan’s Motor (if you are using nekos) or a legendary Infernal Armor if you 
have found them.  While the Arcadia and Accelerator are pretty good, you do 
not gain a ton from going through them while weapons and armor make a 
massive difference.  Note that if you are levelling your Accelerator make 
sure you take some time to pass +movement bills since that is essentially 
the only reason why you would equip it.  Refer to the ‘Making Perfect Items’ 
section if you are unfamiliar with how the Item World Dark Assembly works.  
Note that you should gency out at floor 99 in any of these items and not go 
to the floor 100.

I stress that the point is to find legendaries, pirates, and especially an 
Excalibur, not to get a buffed Arcadia or Accelerator.  Both are items 
you’ll probably end up using a fair bit in the short term so you don’t want 
them to be super bad, but do not waste too much time resetting for mystery 
portals or chicken assemblies.  You’ll be wasting more than your share of 
time resetting later.

If you go through the Arcadia, Accelerator, Infernal Armor, Satan’s Motor, 
etc, and you still do not have a legendary Excalibur you can start 
collecting other useful specialists that you would have to gather later 
anyway.  The first are Mentors which will let you gain skills faster, they 
are capped at 300, and you can find them in pretty large denominations in 
Seraphic Bows and Heroic Guns.  There are also Professionals, which will 
guarantee you a Critical Hit (not the type that insta-kills) for your 
attacks once you max that out at 100.  You can find professionals on the 
fist weapon 7 Year Kill and Hell Strike, though they come in low numbers.  
Another option are Teachers, who only spawn on legendary items, but will 
raise the level of other specialists; teachers are capped at 100.  Teachers 
are rare and you probably won’t have enough to cap.  Mediators are much the 
same in that you will use them later to make dual-specialists and are also 
capped at 100, but they spawn in rares in addition to legendaries.

After you max out Mentors, Professionals (maybe Teachers too), and have gone 
through a couple rank 39 items, I can almost guarantee you will have a 
legendary Excalibur.  If you have not been sticking around on levels for a 
turn or two, and also equipping treasure maps, you should start immediately 
so you complete the Pirate aspect at the same time.  In the very remote 
chance you still do not have an Excalibur then you have no other option but 
to go into more rank 39 legendaries until you find one.  Sorry that I cannot 
provide better advice, but welcome to the randomness that is inherent in 
stealing and bonus lists.

2.7 Legendary Rank 39 Levelling                                      [LMG207]

At this point you should have your Excalibur (or at least a God’s Hand but 
it is less preferable).   If you do not have one, go back to the previous 

The next step after getting your Excalibur (or your God’s Hand if you are 
super desperate) is to level it up.  I am going to introduce some item 
levelling techniques both as a primer to perfect item creation and also 
because we don’t want the Excalibur to be crappy.  The process is fairly 
simple at this point.  First go into the Excalibur and clear normally until 
floor 9 then gency out and save, if the item still has unsubdued specialists 
then go back into the item to subdue them.  If the specialist is not on 
floor 9, then reset your game (go to Quit and reload) until you subdue all 
of your specialists.  Gency out and reload until the item has no more 
unsubdued specialists.  Afterwards, remove all of the specialists and put in 
6 subdued gladiators in there place, the level of the gladiators does not 
matter.  Now when you kill the level 10 Item General you will get the full 
specialist bonus.  When you kill Item Kings more POP slots will open up to a 
maximum of 8, so make sure you gency out afterwards to put in more 

The second thing we will do is to make sure we get maximum attack growth 
from the Item World Dark Assembly.  In a legendary item you can get a 
maximum of three boosts, so we will reset until we get them.  When you reach 
level 10, 20 and 30, gency out and save.  Go back in, kill the boss and then 
go to the portal; note that it is not recommended that you clear the map 
because it takes some time and you will most likely be resetting.  Basically 
you reset your game unless you both get transported to Innocent Town *and* 
the chicken is there to take you to the Dark Assembly.  When inside, pass 
the ‘More ATK growth’ bill.  You will pass this bill 3 times, at levels 10, 
20 and 30 respectively.  Afterwards you can fully kill boss levels for your 
gencies if you wish.  As a final note, if you reset a lot of times and the 
damn chicken won’t show up just move on, this is merely an exercise to get 
you familiar with the process more so than to get a perfect weapon.  I would 
recommend *not* talking to the old man in the mystery gates because getting 
horrible luck is really bad.  Again, your call though.

Lastly, it is very important that you *do not* go to floor 100.  Make very 
sure you gency out on floor 99 and save.  You can go back and explore after 
you save of course, but make sure you reset. Your completed Excalibur should 
be somewhere in the ballpark of 55-70k ATK depending on how much effort you 
spent levelling it up.  If you have someone who can use Swords decently, 
this may be a good time to knock off Baal or other bonus bosses if you want, 
refer to the ‘Optional Bosses’ section in the Appendix for that.

2.8 Creating a Character Structure                                   [LMG208]

At this point you must pick up to nine (9) characters that you want to max 
out.  If you decide later on that you want to max out someone you didn’t 
choose right now it is not the end of the world, it just means you are going 
to have to spend a couple hours to individually duplicate what we are going 
to do for everyone else at once.  This however, only really matters for 
story characters because they cannot reincarnate to another class.  All your 
other characters can reincarnate at their leisure into other classes if you 
change your mind later.

Once you decide upon the characters you want, you need to decide on a 
master/student structure.  For example, if you go to the Dark Assembly with 
Adell and create a warrior and a skull, Adell will be the master, and the 
new warrior and skull will be students.  The main benefit here is the master 
will gain approximately 10% of the stats from the pupil (raw stat growth, 
not equipped stats).  For example, say the warrior gains 200 ATK, it means 
that Adell will gain 20 extra ATK.  Considering that a maxed out character 
will have something around 3-4 million stats, 10% of that ends up to be 
quite substantial.  To avoid rampant exploitation of the system, the master 
will only have a bonus based on the pupil with the highest correspondent 
stat.  For example, if the warrior had 200 ATK and 50 INT, and the skull had 
25 ATK and 250 INT, Adell would gain a bonus based on the 200 ATK from the 
warrior and the 250 INT from the skull.  

The caveat is that maxing out students is not exactly an easy process, so 
you need to choose which ones you want to level.  To capitalize on this 
bonus, you need to create a structure based on who you want as a student of 
whom, this also means that you may need to delete and recreate a number of 
characters so that it matches your desired structure.  As a side note, you 
will be levelling up your new characters will very rapidly (within minutes) 
and will likely surpass your old characters (assuming they are relatively 
low level) so it is not a big deal to delete.  Mages with extremely high 
magic skills may be the exception because while Armsmasters can build up 
weapon levels very fast they have no effect on the rate that you can raise 
spell casting ability.  However, if you are going to truly max a mage, 
you’ll be reincarnating him a ton of times later losing more or less all of 
his spells anyway.  You should try to make students at Genius if possible 

Last of all keep in mind that these are only the characters you are going to 
level. You can create tons of other characters for purposes for spells 
learning so do not let that factor into your decision.  The key decision 
here is the structure and what story characters you want to use.  I’ll give 
a sample of my structure for reference, you do not (and probably should not) 
choose the same thing I did.  It is totally based on who you like to play as.

Master                     Adell         Rozalin       Laharl    Yukimaru
                           /     \           |            |             
Students        Magic Knight   Thief   Heavy Knight   Valkyrie
GrandStudents   Magic Knight

With a finished character structure you can use the opportunity to level up 
some of your lower levelled characters if you want.  Doing so will allow you 
to have some exposure using them in Item World.  However, it is still 
suboptimal to be levelling at this point so I would advise skipping over 
this part unless you really want to start using your human characters or 
want to buff them up.

If you decide that you need to level up some characters the next step is to 
get them a high enough weapon skill to use Winged Slayer (or Big Bang if you 
have been levelling fists).  If possible, you want to have a Sword Scroll so 
that whoever you are working on has a ‘A rank’ using swords.  If you bought 
one from the Item World earlier then great, otherwise it will take slightly 
longer, but it is nothing to be too concerned about.  Equip whoever you want 
to level with a sword with the Armsmasters on it and go to stage 11-3 (Death 
to Cowards).  Sit on some Reverse damage tiles and wack each other until you 
have the weapon mastery that you desire (minimum of 10 for Winged Slayer).  

After that,  just equip your levelled Excalibur along with anything else 
good that you have, such as your Arcadia or levelled Inferno Armors on 
whoever you want to level and go to CoO4.  You may need to pass Stronger 
Enemy bills to the maximum level in order to get serious level gain, so 
weight that against your decision if you just want to level some random mage 
that is irrelevant to the process.  One method of clearing CoO4 is to use 
two characters, one to kill 6 of them and someone else to just mop up the 
other two.  An alternative way is to throw all of the enemies in formation 
so you kill them all at once; this method is more effective if you just want 
to level 1 character or if you do not have 2 characters who can easily 
defeat the enemies.  If you want to throw them, refer to the following 

3  Z X X X
   Y X X X
4  1   2 5

Move one of character to position 1 and throw enemy Y to position 2.  Then 
move someone else to position 3 to throw enemy Z to a guy you have at 
position 4 who will throw it to position 5.  The throwing method will be 
slightly slower than using two separate attacks, but you get to concentrate 
all your level gains into one person at a time.  Note that theoretically the 
fastest method would be to diagonally throw enemy Z between 1 and 5, but it 
is pretty tough to reliably repeat that.

If you are levelling fresh characters from level 1, you may need to equip 
some items that increase HIT (like legendary Providences) to boost your 
accuracy.  However, once you do a round or two, it will be no problem at all 
to one hit all of them, every time.  Do not waste too much time on this 
since this is ‘slow’ levelling.  After you are done, you may or may not need 
to pass ‘Weaker Enemies’ bills to get the Item World back under control 
depending on how good your gear is.

2.9 Collecting Felonies                                              [LMG209]

As a last ditch attempt to find Treasure Maps naturally we’ll spend yet more 
time in the Item World while we collect some felonies.  For every felony you 
collect, the character gains 1% more XP.  Hence at the cap of 300 felonies 
you will be levelling 4 times as fast (100% levelling base + 300%).  
Felonies also let you buy items for less, sell items for more, and pass 
bills easier in the Dark Assembly.  The reason why the previous section had 
you commit to certain characters is because felonies are tracked per 
character and cannot be transferred, so ideally you get all your felonies 
once and then never have to deal with them again.

Felonies are obtained when you complete some sort of objective in the game.  
Below is a list of all the subpoenas in the game with the minimum that you 
need for each felony.  Subpoenas are tracked on a per character except for 
the last grouping which affect everyone. 

Charge                   Requirement                  Felonies  Floor(s)
High Lv                  Lv 20                        2         8-14
High HP                  HP 500                       2         8-14
High SP                  SP 250                       2         8-14
High ATK                 ATK 200                      2         8-14
High DEF                 DEF 200                      2         8-14
High HIT                 HIT 200                      2         8-14
High INT                 INT 200                      2         8-14
High RES                 RES 200                      2         8-14
High SPD                 SPD 200                      2         8-14
Too High Lv              Lv 200                       6         18-22   
Too High HP              HP 5,000                     6         18-22   
Too High SP              SP 2,500                     6         18-22   
Too High ATK             ATK 2,000                    6         18-22   
Too High DEF             DEF 2,000                    6         18-22   
Too High HIT             HIT 2,000                    6         18-22
Too High INT             INT 2,000                    6         18-22
Too High RES             RES 2,000                    6         18-22   
Too High SPD             SPD 2,000                    6         18-22   
Way Too High Lv          Lv 2,000                     10        38-42   
Way Too High HP          HP 5,0000                    10        38-42   
Way Too High SP          SP 2,5000                    10        38-42   
Way Too High ATK         ATK 20,000                   10        38-42 
Way Too High DEF         DEF 20,000                   10        38-42
Way Too High HIT         HIT 20,000                   10        38-42
Way Too High INT         INT 20,000                   10        38-42
Way Too High RES         RES 20,000                   10        38-42   
Way Too High SPD         SPD 20,000                   10        38-42  

Being a Breeder          10 Monster Pupils            2         16-24 
Being a Loser            Killed 20 times              2         16-24   
Friendly Fire            Kill 20 Allies               2         16-24 
Geo Vandalism            Change 500 panels            2         16-24     
Liking Guys              10 Male Pupils               2         16-24   
Liking Girls             10 Female Pupils             2         16-24   
Too Many Murders         Kill 100 enemies             2         16-24  
Pitching Prinnies        Throw 20 Prinnies            3         16-24 
Comboing                 Be in 100 Combos             4         16-24   
Corrupting the Youth     Human Pupil Lv100            4         16-24   
Excessive Force          1000 damage hit              4         16-24  
Illegal breeding         Monster Pupil Lv100          6         16-24   
Team Attacking           100 Team Attacks             6         16-24   
Stack Attacking          100 Stack Attacks            6         16-24   
Reincarnating            Reincarnate 10 times         16        36-44   

Mastering Axes           Lv15 Axe Mastery             12        58-62   
Mastering Bows           Lv15 Bow Mastery             12        58-62   
Mastering Knuckles       Lv15 Fist Mastery            12        58-62   
Mastering Guns           Lv15 Gun Mastery             12        58-62   
Mastering Spears         Lv15 Spear Mastery           12        58-62   
Mastering Staves         Lv15 Staff Mastery           12        58-62   
Mastering Swords         Lv15 Sword Mastery           12        58-62   
Mastering Fire Magic*    Combined Fire Spells Lv15    12        58-62   
Mastering Wind Magic*    Combined Wind Spells Lv15    12        58-62   
Mastering Water Magic*   Combined Water Spells Lv15   12        58-62   
Mastering Star Magic*    Combined Star Spells Lv15    12        58-62   
Mastering Healing*       Combined Healing Lv15        12        58-62   
* Magic mastery requires character level of 100 as well

2nd Round of Playing     See any ending once          10        36-44 
Being too rich           Have over 100 million HL     10        12-18 
Kidnapping               Capture 15 monsters          10        12-18 
Mastering Classes        Open all Tier 1 classes      10        12-18 
Murdering Baal           Defeat Tyrant Baal           10        56-64 
Playing too much         Play game over 100 hours     10        12-18 
Political Unrest         Force 30 proposals           10        12-18 
Tele Fraud (1)           Use 30 Earth Defender Phones 10        12-18 
Tele Fraud (2)           Use 30 Prism Ranger Phones   10        12-18 
Tele Fraud (3)           Use 30 Dark Hero Phones      10        12-18

If you add up all the felonies, you will see that there are 469, much more 
than the 300 that you need.  Furthermore, you can repeat felonies, so if you 
made several high level nekomatas earlier, the ‘Way too High’ bills in 
itself will get you to 300.  However, it is very important that you do all 
of the weapon mastery ones (the magic ones don’t matter) so you get all the 
scrolls if you have not previously purchased them in the Item World.  Just 
use your Armsmaster to quickly boost someone up to mastery 15 (should take 
like 10 minutes with 1900 Armsmasters) then scoop the felonies.

After you have done the prerequisites for the subpoenas that you want, 
accept as many subpoenas as you can.  If you examine each individually you 
will notice that they each have a subdued Bailiff at a certain level; the 
level denotes what floor they are on in a given item.  Choose a legendary 
item that you want to level and move the lowest level Bailiff you can find 
onto the item.  Go into the item and go through it until you reach the floor 
with the Bailiff.  Here you will find a gate which will take you to the Dark 
Court.  But instead of going through with one character, the trick is that 
you want to level up all your guys at once by throwing in a massive tower.  

The reason why you chose 9 characters previously and not 10 is because the 
bottom guy obviously cannot throw himself so you can only get felonies for 9 
people at once.  Most of the time you will be able to create a tower by your 
base panel and simply throw everyone in right away, other times there will 
be a Gatekeeper so you can move around your neko and just kill everything 
before taking your time with the throw.

Occasionally the Dark Court gate will be across the screen and there will be 
no gatekeeper.  As some tips for doing this, if you have a thief you can 
usually use him to steal ‘Consciousness’ putting the last enemy to sleep.  
Be warned that if the level gap is too large the enemy will probably wake up 
very fast afterwards.  Another method is that you can throw the Geo Symbols 
around and try to make an area where you can trap the last enemy and just 
throw him there.

If you have reasonably strong human characters, the easiest way will be just 
to make your tower while you are getting attacked.  One way of accomplishing 
this is to build your tower immediately once you take all your characters 
out of the base panel (this may not be possible for all maps, but you will 
get the idea).  Construct your tower so that your strongest character is at 
the bottom so even if they get hit he/she will survive.  Then what you can 
do is throw the entire stack to another character (who is also strong) so 
that the upper tower is never attackable.  While you are doing this have the 
character that you do not want to level (the 10th character who will throw 
the stack in the portal) run along so that he can do the final throw when 
the portal is in range.  If your stack is getting slaughtered, consider 
passing Weaker Enemy bills or going into a super weak item.

After you successfully get felonies for 9 of your characters you need to 
exit out of the item and put on the next lowest level Bailiff that is above 
the level that you exited.  If you have a ton of Gency exits you can exit 
immediately exit afterwards and put on another one.  To make this crystal 
clear I will give an example.  Say you are using a legendary Infernal Armor 
as your item of choice and the lowest Bailiff you have is lv12.  You put the 
Bailiff on the Armor and go into the Dark Court on the 12th floor with a 
tower of 9 characters.  If you have lots of Gencies, exit out of the item 
and look for  the Bailiff that is the lowest level, but needs to be higher 
than 12, since you are already on the 12th floor.  Say you have a Bailiff 
18, transfer that to the armor, go back into the Item World and go to the 
Dark Court on floor 18, and repeat.  

If you do not have a Gencies, after finishing the Dark Court on floor 12 you 
would need to go all the up to floor 20 before leaving.  With this method, 
you must find a Bailiff higher than level 20 when looking for a new one to 
put on your armor.  The reason why you should be using legendary items is 
because they have 100 floors, as compared to 60 for rares, and 30 for normal 

This is somewhat delicate because if any of the people you want to level 
dies you pretty much need to exit the item and resurrect them before you can 
claim the felonies.  Uniform felony gathering between your characters is 
handy if only for tracking purposes.  The game gives you benefits up to 300 
felonies, but the stamp on your character portrait only tracks up to 99 
hence you need to manually keep track past that point.  There are many ways 
of tracking this, and I’ll only list a couple of the more popular ways.

1. A method that is surprisingly popular is to do reincarnations at 100 
felonies.  So you would level up all your characters at once, but once the 
stamp on their portrait maxed out they would reincarnate one of the 
characters resetting it to zero.  Then they would repeat the process 2 more 
times so that each character would have gotten at least 300 felonies.  If 
you are having trouble reading number of the felony stamp you can go to the 
Dark World and Ascend that person.  If enemies were level 100 and are level 
160 after Ascending, then you have 160-100 = 60 felonies.  Enemies will not 
level up by more than 99 levels regardless of the number of felonies you 
have.  If you atone for your sins the stamp will be removed and you cannot 
use this method.  It is easiest to reincarnate story characters because you 
just atone and do not need to reincarnate twice (to prinny and back).

2. You could alternatively just keep track of the subpoenas that you 
successfully completed and just sum up the values.  This takes a bit more 
work but should be exact.  Consider printing out a list of the felonies and 
just crossing them out or making marks beside them as you complete them.

3. Another pretty simple way is to back it out from experience gained.  Just 
write down how much experience your character has before he kills an enemy, 
and write down how much experience he has afterwards.  Then bring in someone 
with no felonies and do the same thing.  Calculate the differences and 
determine how much more your first character got.  For example if your no 
felony character got 150xp and your criminal got 420xp, then he has 
420/150-1*100, or 180 felonies.  Keep in mind the enemy must be exactly the 
same level so story stages should be used (I recommend DW 1-1).  Also you 
should use the same class whenever possible because different character have 
different experience multiples.  Humans are generally the same, but for 
instance, Majins take more to level, and Orcs take less (refer to the 
reincarnation section for more info).

To further explain felonies, you can remove the stamp from your portrait if 
you go to the Dark Assembly and ‘Atone for your Sins’ (‘Reincarnate into a 
Prinny’ for non story characters).  If you do this you will be able to kill 
the Dark Sun with Ascend, but you also keep all the benefits of the felonies 
even though you don’t see them.  Thus don’t worry about doing felonies as 
nothing bad can result from it, you will always have the benefits regardless 
of what you do later.

As a side note, make sure you have all your pirate maps equipped when you 
are collecting felonies to hopefully finish collecting them.  Also, if 
possible you should try to go into items that you will actually use to kill 
two birds with one stone so to speak.  Levelling Angel’s Sandals (passing 3 
movement bills), Providences (passing HIT bills), or general rank 39 items 
are all good choices.

2.10 Unlocking Land of Carnage                                       [LMG210]

The next major objective is to go to the Land of Carnage (LoC) to optimise 
the levelling of your characters.  The difficulty of this will depend on the 
extent to which you have been following the FAQ and how much time you have 
invested in the Item World.

Opening LoC is generally an extremely frustrating experience so brace for 
it.  If you have been following previous instructions to wait around for a 
couple turns at every level, you should have most if not all of the maps 
already.  If you have them all 16 maps, you are a very lucky person so go 
buy the lotto and congrats.  If you do not, look at the list below and 
figure out which ones you are missing.  Common culprits are the Animal, 
Jolly, and Red pirates.

Ambling (Lv1+)
Baseful (Lv1+)
Chicken (Lv1+)
Dancing (Lv1+)
Orc     (Lv1+)
Prinnt  (LV1+)
Animal  (Lv21+)
Monk    (Lv21+)
Hunter  (Lv21+)
Gate    (Lv21+)
Wealthy (Lv21+)
Jolly   (Lv21+)
Ninja   (Lv41+)
Prism   (Lv41+)
Red     (Lv41+)
Z       (Lv61+)

Next look up what floors they spawn on so you can narrow down your search 
range.  For example if you are missing only Jolly and Red pirates, there is 
no point searching below level 20 because they will never spawn there.  At 
the same time you shouldn’t go above floor 60 because even though they can 
still appear there, there will be an additional pirate type (Z).  If you are 
missing a lot of pirates (more than 3) then just do all the levels since 
your level range will be massive anyway.

Once you have discovered what floors concentrate on, pick a fairly weak 
legendary item and go into it (so pirates don’t kill you).  Proceed to the 
floor that is the first level of the range that you determined; in the 
previous example you would go to floor 21.  When you reach your destination, 
gency out and save.  Go back into the item and go from the first floor of 
the range to the last floor.  In the above example you would go from floor 
21 to floor 60.  If you still have not found the pirates by the time you 
reach the last level, reset the game and do the levels again.  You repeat 
this process until you find the ones you are missing.  Note that if you are 
missing a ton of pirates, just choose items you actually want to level and 
go from floor 1 to 99, then do another one.  Do as many items as it takes 
until you are only missing a couple so you can switch to the narrow down 

As a final refresher for pirate hunting, you want to wait on every floor you 
go to for at least 1-2 turns, but ideally 3 turns.  Pirates have a chance of 
spawning on any turn on any level, but the odds diminish as turns pass.  
Thus although a pirate could spawn past the third turn, the probability is 
low.  Also, I stress that you *must* equip Treasure Maps that you have 
obtained in the past in order to increase your future odds.  If you have 11 
maps equip them all, not just the first couple.  Just put them on some 
random characters (even if they are level 1).  You do not need to use the 
characters or bring them onto the map.

When you get all 16 maps you are done this section, congrats, you are done 
one of the more annoying parts of the game.  If the ship that takes you to 
LoC is not ready, then it is probably because you are not far enough in the 
story line.  Also, unequip all your treasure maps now.  Pirates are bad 
because they slow you down, and you have no more reason to want to see them 
anymore (except Wealthy pirates I suppose).

2.11 Creating a Mothman                                              [LMG211]

Before we continue we need to quickly make an uber Mothman so you can clear 
the Item World more effectively.  While some people suggest making this 
really early on, I personally believe that if you do not have one you will 
be less temped to whiz through floors and will be more open to the idea of 
sticking around to find pirates.

Basically the idea is really simple.  Mothmen are somewhat unique because 
they are a flying character (there are others of course) which can pass 
through enemies, making them very effectively in portal running.  
Additionally, their special ability is increased movement, so they can move 
further than other flying characters.

To make a uber Mothman simply go to the Dark Assembly and have someone 
create one.  Then equip it with shoes and your Accelerator (unless you have 
some better use for it).  With an innate move of 6 and 3 pairs of Angel 
Sandals, that would amount to a movement of 12, but that’s not all.  You can 
pass the bill in the Dark Assembly for an additional +1 movement, and if the 
Mothman is in critical condition, it gains yet another +1 movement.  Later 
on, if you collect Mothman Lovers, you can have it more an addition +2 
squares per turn as well.  Lastly, you can level your Angel 
Sandals/Accelerators in the Item World Dark Assembly by passing 3 Movement 
bills.  If you have a Mothman with 20 lovers, and a weapon, 2 pairs of Angel 
Sandals and an accelerator, all with 3 movement bills passed, that results 
in a total movement of 28! (30 if you have 3 Accelerators)

Of course you don’t have any Lovers yet, nor are you required to do much in 
this section.  The goal is to point out that having one equipped with basic 
Angel Sandals will probably help you out a fair bit, especially on really 
dense maps where you need to fight through a ton of enemies.  Levelling up 
some legendary Angel Sandals or Accelerators is really a time investment for 
faster Item World clears later on, it is up to you how much you want to 
invest.  As a final note, you can take advantage of the Mothman extra 
movement while in critical by just equipping a Weight on it to instantly 
drop its health.  That’s right, weights in this game are actually useful for 

After making a Mothman it may be worthwhile to capture another super high 
level one (make sure you have unlocked the tier though) or equip one of your 
higher level fist users with all shoes.  While the basic Mothman is really 
useful for stages without a Gatekeeper, the fact remains that if there is 
indeed a Gatekeeper you need to kill it as fast as possible.  If you capture 
a 9999 Mothman, or have someone who can move really far and do Triple Strike 
to knock Gatekeepers away, you can go through the item world extremely fast.

Tink is technically a better choice because in his travel form you have one 
extra movement.  However, I suggest a Mothman for three reasons.  Firstly a 
Mothman is always accessible and you do not need to unlock it on future 
playthroughs.  Secondly, you can make and delete them as you see fit, this 
makes it way easier to have one somewhere you want on your character list 
(so you can quickly move to him to select it) saving you time every time you 
do a level.  Lastly, you can capture a level 9999 Mothman and not have to 
level up Tink for if you want to runner to be able to kill things.  However, 
both are valid choices, so use whatever you prefer.

2.12 Making Perfect Items                                            [LMG212]

After all that you are now in the Land of Carnage (LoC).  The LoC is 
important because you can only gain rank 40 items from there.  For every 
rank 39 item that you levelled to floor 99, you can now go to the Item World 
in LoC and steal a rank 40 legendary.  Keep in mind that the Item God is 
quite formidable and will probably crush your Nekos if you have Stronger 
Enemies bills passed. 

If you have decently buffed characters you can go to CoO4 LoC and wipe out 
the enemies there to quickly gain a couple levels to deal with the Item God, 
but it’s not really necessary.  At this point you may still have very weak 
human characters, or you may have very strong ones depending on how you 
progressed through this FAQ.  If you have strong characters and can kill 
Item Gods easily then I suggest going through all the floor 99 legendaries 
that you have accumulated and quickly finishing them off.  Killing the final 
boss gives a substantial boost to the item.  For items you intend on using, 
be sure you double kill the Item God.  Skim below if you do not know what 
that means.

Just be very careful when stealing rank 40 items because you want the rarity 
to match.  While the rarity of an item doesn’t change the stats, if your 
items have the same rarity you get a stat bonus.  For 2 same rarity items, 
you get a 10% status bonus, for 3 same rarity a 20% bonus, and for a 4 same 
rarity a 30% bonus.  30% of your stats is a lot so make sure you are 
stealing items all of the same rarity.  You will probably need to reload a 
bunch of times before finding what you want.  Rarity zero (0) is what most 
people go after because all of the story line legendaries come at zero and 
makes it the easiest to match; also, given that normal items are something 
like rarity 200, rarity 0 is theoretically the ‘most rare’ even though there 
is no stat difference.  

The reloading for rarity makes it a time consuming process if you cannot 
confidently defeat the Item God every time.  This is why I do not recommend 
you do all your items at this point if you are low in level.  Regardless of 
your level however, you need to get the rank 40 sword (Yoshitsuna) for 
levelling purposes.  If you can’t defeat the Item God then you just want to 
steal the item and gency out.  Since the item God is a level 9999 enemy you 
may want to prepare a special stealing hand with some subdued Marksmen on it 
to boost the Hit a bit if you have been having trouble.  Also remember to 
try to steal from behind.  Lastly, if you have not been using monsters and 
your human characters are too low level it is possible that you cannot steal 
from the Item God.  To solve this, either go all the way back to the start 
of this FAQ to make a Neko, or make do with what you have and try to level 
in LoC CoO4.  

When you have stole your rarity 0 Yoshitsuna (or whatever rarity you decided 
to go for) then you are ready to make your first perfect weapon.  The 
‘perfect item’ is essentially any item that you have raised to level 200 
(not floor 200) while doing all the other little important steps.  This 
section will guide you on how to make a perfect Yoshitsuna, and the process 
can be duplicated for any other item you want.  The process usually takes 
around 12 hours per item, but could be more or lees depending on your luck.  
This is likely the most confusing part of this FAQ so I’m going to be 
repeating the process in several ways to make sure there is no ambiguity.  
I’m going to cover very general objectives, then explain why you want to do 
certain things, and finally a detailed walkthrough of an item.

In the general sense, making a perfect weapon is not that difficult.  You 
need to 1) raise the level of the item to 200, 2) go to the dark assembly 
three times, 3) double kill each boss, and 4) always be filled on 

Now I will describe each of these four factions and why they are important:
1. Item Level 200 – In a standard item you will have a level 100 item by 
floor 100 (1 level per item), but through extreme manipulation of mystery 
rooms we will get the item level to 200.  Vendors or treasure chests in 
mystery rooms have no effect; the only ones of relevance are the ones where 
you get attacked by 7 monsters or if you find the old man (Fortune Teller).  
If you can defeat all the monsters within two turns (before they retreat) 
then the item gains a 3 levels.  If the old man gives you horrible luck, the 
item loses 10 levels, if you get bad luck, the item loses 3 levels, if you 
get good luck it gains 3 levels, and if you get great luck it gains 10 
levels.  You can only see the mystery room once every three levels.  When I 
say ‘item level increase’ later in this section, it means that you either 
saw the 7 monsters and killed them within 2 turns, or the Fortune Teller 
gave you Good/Great luck.

2. Dark Assembly – In each Innocent Town there is a chance that there will 
be a chicken which will bring you to a Dark Assembly with the option of 
raising the stats on your weapon.  In a legendary item you can only get 3 
Dark Assembly boosts, but you are not guaranteed three.  Therefore, you must 
reload repeatedly to make sure you get all three bonuses.  What you pass in 
the Dark Assembly is totally based on what you intend to use the weapon or 
item for.

3. Bosses – Killing the Item Generals, Kings, and God give a special bonus 
on top of the floor bonus.  You can also ‘double kill’ a boss and get extra 
stat gain.  The way this works is that you go to say, floor 40, kill the 
boss, and then gency out before you finish the level.  Then you go back into 
the floor again, kill the boss a second time then complete it normally.  To 
get a perfect item you must double kill every boss (6 Generals, 3 Kings, 1 
God).  This actually amounts to a significant stat difference so be sure you 
do it.  You can kill a boss and run to the portal and receive the same stat 
bonus as if you had stuck around and killed all of the enemies.  Of course 
the downside is that you don’t get a gency for portal running to the next 
level, but it saves a lot of time when you are resetting for chicken dark 
assemblies.  You must kill the boss the first time you reach the level, if 
you gency out you ‘lose’ the stat gain for the first kill and you cannot do 
the double kill.

4. Specialists – To maximize stat growth you must always have specialist 
slots filled before killing any Item Generals, Kings, or Gods.  What this 
means is that before level 10, you must remove all default specialists and 
replace them with the types that you want.  If you want ATK, then fill all 
the specialist slots with Gladiators, for INT put in Tutors, for DEF, put in 
Sentries, etc.  Note that after you double kill the level 30 Item King, two 
additional specialist slots opens up, so you must exit the item and put in 
two more (8 in an item total).  For purposes of levelling an item, the level 
of the specialist does not matter; a level 12 gladiator will have the same 
effect as a level 12350.  For reference of what all the main stat 
specialists are: ATK (Gladiator), DEF (Sentry), INT (Tutor), HIT (Marksman), 
HP (Dietician), RES (Physician), SPD (Coach), SP (Master).  Dual specialists 
like Snipers do not work for this purpose so don’t bother putting them in.

Nothing in Disgaea is as simple as it seems, so we’ll go through some of the 
nuances of the process in the following example that incorporates the four 
points above. Most of the manipulation will be to get the mystery rooms as 
the other factors relatively straightforward. It is assumed that you do 
floors 1 to 99 in Holt Village.  Special thanks to Faxanaduu who was one of 
the pioneers in establishing the procedure.

Before the full walkthrough, I’ll briefly cover the steps required for a 
perfect item.  You will understand why you are doing certain things after 
you reach the in-depth section afterwards.  Note that that the ‘brief 
example’ is a gency inefficient method, but that I’m using to reduce 
complexity, thus make sure you have a ton of gencies before you start.  When 
it tells you to reset, it means go to ‘Quit’ and reload your game, and keep 
trying that step until you do not have to reset.

1. Go inside the item, if there is no specialist you can subdue, reset.

2. If there is a specialist, subdue it then gency out and save.

3. Repeat steps 1-2 until the item has no more unsubdued specialists, then 
transfer them all out and put in 6 gladiators, then save.

4. Go back into the item, if there is no Mystery Gate, reset.  (If you have 
reset a lot of times and haven’t seen the gate, go into another item for 10 
levels, then try again)

5. If there is a Mystery Gate, go inside of it; if you encountered the 7 
monsters and you and defeated them within 2 turns, or if you encountered the 
Fortune Teller and got Good/Great luck then go to Step 6, else reset

6. Proceed 2 levels (ie, if you were on floor 1, go to floor 3), then gency 
out and save

7. Proceed 1 more level, and if there is no Mystery Gate, reset

8. If there was a gate, and you got the 7 monsters or Good/Great luck, go to 
Step 9, otherwise reset

9. Proceed 2 levels (ie, if you were on floor 4, go to floor 6), then gency 
out and save

10. Proceed 1 more level, and if there is no Mystery Gate, reset

11. If there was a gate, and you got the 7 monsters or Good/Great luck, go 
to Step 12, otherwise reset

12. Proceed to the boss (you should have done 3 mystery gate so far since 
the last boss or since the start of the item, each giving you an item level 
increase).  Kill the boss, do not finish the level, gency out and save.

13. Go back into the item, kill the boss again (the double kill), and run 
into the portal to the next level.  If there is no Dark Assembly Chicken in 
Innocent Town, or if you didn’t go to Innocent Town, reset.

14. If there was a Dark Assembly Chicken, pass the bill for ‘More ATK growth’

15. Repeat steps 4 to 14 until you reach floor 30 (do not kill the Item 
King, but rather follow the instructions from step 16 onwards).

16. Kill the floor 30 Item King, gency out and put a 7th gladiator on your 
item, then save.

17. Go back to floor 30, kill the Item King again and run to the portal to 
the next level.  If you did not get the Dark Assembly Chicken, reset.

18. If there was a Dark Assembly Chicken, pass the bill for ‘More ATK 
growth’ then leave the item and put on your 8th gladiator

19. Repeat steps 4 to 14 until you reach floor 99.  It is important to note 
that you can no longer see anymore Dark Assembly Chickens after floor 30, so 
just double kill the bosses and forget about the Innocent Town reset.

20. You are now on floor 99.  If your Item Level is less than 199, go to 
step 21, if it is 199 or higher, go to step 25

21. Gency out, save, and go into another item.

22. Proceed three floors (in the other item), and if you see a Mystery Gate 
on any of the levels, reset.  Otherwise, gency out and save.

23. Go back to your original item, if there is no Mystery Gate, reset.

24. If there was a Mystery Gate and you got either the 7 monsters of 
Good/Great luck, then go to step 20.

25. If you are in Holt Village Item World, gency out and save.

26. Go inside the item in LoC, steal the legendary item from the Item God, 
kill him, then gency out.

27. Go back inside the item and kill the Item God again (double kill), and 
finish the level.

Important: The detailed description below is a slightly different process 
than the brief description above.  It assumes that you move in blocks of 3 
floors instead of 2 so you don’t need to keep on running to portals, but it 
also requires that you leave the item at times.  The method below is more 
gency efficient because it allows you to replenish your supply, but is more 
confusing.  Thus I *strongly* recommend you read both before you choose the 
method you want to use, you can switch between the methods midway, but it 
will likely increase the confusion.

1. Specialists – Save the game and go into the item (floor 1).  If there is 
a specialist, subdue him, gency out and save, if not reload.  Repeat this 
until there are no more specialists on the item, then fill the item with 
whatever specialist that you want.  Since we are levelling the Yoshitsuna 
for attack, fill the weapon with Gladiators.  Save when done.  It is 
possible to do this on any level before level 10, but we are doing it on 
floor 1 just to get it out of the way.

2. Mystery Gate 1 – Go back into the item (floor 1) and see if there is a 
mystery gate.  If there is a gate, go into it.  If the gate contained an old 
man that gave you good/great luck, or you fought the 7 monsters and killed 
them all within 2 turns then it means your item got a level boost (a box 
should pop up saying item level increased).  If you got the increase then 
proceed 3 levels (to floor 4).  If there was no gate, or the gate did not 
contain anything that led to a level increase, reload your saved game.  If 
you reset a lot of times and still do not encounter a gate, it could mean 
that you have previously seen a gate (in the last item you did), thus, go 
into another item, do 10 levels and come back, making sure you do not see a 
gate on floor 9 (of the other item).

3. Mystery Gate 2 – You should have gotten an item level increase on floor 
1, and currently be on floor 4.  Since you can only encounter a mystery gate 
once every 3 floors, it is impossible to see a mystery gate on floors two 
and three, but it could appear on floor 4.  If you are lucky there will be 
no gate on floor 4.  Then all you have to do is gency out, save, and reload 
until you get an item level increase from the mystery room (7 monsters or 
good/great luck).

If you are unlucky, then there is a gate on floor 4 the first time you get 
there (before you have had a chance to gency and save) you need to be 
careful because if you get horrible/bad luck it means you need to reset back 
to level 1.  Thus, if you see a gate the first time you reach a level, you 
should go into it *only* to try to get the 7 monsters, if you see a Fortune 
Teller, do not talk with him.  If you got the 7 monsters then great, it 
means you can proceed another 3 levels. If you did not get an item level 
boost it means you ‘used up’ your mystery gate and you cannot see another 
for 3 levels.  Because we do not want to leave floor 4 until we get a level 
increase, it means we need to do 3 levels in another item so that we have a 
chance to see it again on floor 4.

To recap, if you see a mystery gate the first time you enter a level, and it 
did not give you an item level increase, you must go into another item (an 
alternate item) for at least 3 floors so you can go back into the original 
and have a chance to see it again.  To further complicate matters, if you 
see a gate in the alternate item, you must then do another 3 levels before 
you can go back to original item.  Remember, if you see a mystery gate 
*anywhere* it means that you cannot see another for 3 floors.  This is 
occasionally a problem because usually people will clear a full 10 floors of 
the alternate item to restock on gencies.  If you decide to do floors in 
sets of 10, just remember that if you are doing 10 floors of an alternate 
item and you see a mystery gate on floor 9, you have to clear another 10 
floors before you can go back to the original (and another 10 if you see one 
on 19, and so forth).

Eventually you will have cleared 3 consecutive levels without seeing a 
mystery gate; save your game, then go back into your original item at floor 
4.  Now you reset until you get a positive item level gain, then proceed to 
floor 7.  Again, if you did not see a mystery gate the first time you 
reached floor 4, you do not need to go into another item, just save and 

4. Mystery Gate 3 – At this point you should have had two positive mystery 
gates (good/great luck, or 7 monsters) and be on floor 7.  You must do 
exactly what you did with floor 4.  That is, if there is no gate the first 
time you get there, gency out, save, then reset until you get an item level 
increase.  If you see a gate the first time you get there, check it out to 
see if it has monsters, if it doesn’t then go into another item until you 
have seen at least 3 consecutive floors with no mystery gate, then go back 
into the original item and reset until you get an item level increase.  
After you get a level increase, proceed to floor 10 to fight the first boss.

5. Boss 1 – There are two things you need you need to accomplish here; you 
need to double kill the boss, and you need to get the Item World Dark 
Assembly.  To address the double kill, the first time you get to floor 10, 
kill the boss then gency out before clearing the stage.  Save, then go back 
inside, kill the boss a second time, then run to the portal.  Unless you 
enter Innocent Town and see the Dark Assembly chicken, reset and repeat the 
process.  You must kill the Item General each time before you go inside the 
portal.  You could also kill everything on the level if you wanted, but it 
is a waste of time because you will likely have to reset a number of times 
before the Dark Assembly appears.  Eventually you will run into the chicken 
and you will be able to pass a bill to improve your item.  For our 
Yoshitsuna we want to pass ‘More Attack growth.’  Afterwards, go to the next 
level (floor 11).

6. Mystery Gate 4 – By now you must have realized that you are only going to 
be going into 30 gates throughout the item.  If you go into one every first 
floor, fourth floor, and seventh floor that means 3 per 10 levels * 10 sets 
of 10 floors = 30.  However, 100 floors / 3 = 33.33, so where did the 3.33 
go?  The answer is that because we do cannot get mystery gates on the boss 
floors we are wasting 10 floors as possible gate spawn points.  Said 
differently, it gives you 1 floor of flexibility per 10 floors that you can 
spawn gates (3 consecutive * 3 gates = 9).  For example, you can do the 
1/4/7 combo as we have been doing, or 1/4/8, or 2/5/8, or 1/5/8, or so 

As long as there are at least three consecutive floors with no mystery gate, 
it is ok.  This is also why we should not use a portal on floor 9, because 
then we cannot use another portal until 9+3 = 12, blocking off all the 1 
floors.  Although you could certainly make a trade-off on not using 1s and 
using 9s, for simplicity reasons just do not use 9s.  Operationally, this 
means that for our fourth mystery gate, we could spawn it on floors 11 or 
12, depending on if we wanted to use our flex level.  So if you go to level 
11 and there is no portal, instead of resetting, go to floor 12, and only 
reset if there is none there.  However, if you go to floor 11 and there is a 
portal (and the result is not positive) then there is no point going to 12 
since you need to wait for another 3 levels for another one to spawn, hence 
you should reload immediately.  Note that if the portal is far away or 
otherwise hard to reach, it may be faster just to reset.

7. Mystery Gate 5 – You should now have 4 positive item level boosts, with 
the most recent on floor 11 or floor 12.  If you got the boost on floor 11, 
then gency out on floor 14 (11+3) to save, if you got the boost on floor 12 
then gency out on 15 (12+3).  As usual, if there is a mystery gate the first 
time to the level (and you didn’t get the monsters), you have to do a 
minimum of 3 levels in another item.  If you had previously used the flex 
level (ie, you got your boost on floor 12) then you must get your boost from 
floor 15.  If you did not use your flex level (ie, you got your boost on 
floor 11) then you have the option of going to floor 14 and floor 15 to see 
if there is a gate in one of them.  When you get a positive item level then 
progress 3 more levels.

8. Mystery Gate 6 – You should now be on floor 17 if you have not used your 
flex floor, or on 18 if you have.  Do the standard, save and reload process 
until you get a positive item level gain, then proceed to floor 20 for the 
next boss.

9. Boss 2 – The second boss is handled exactly like the first one, kill the 
boss once you arrive then gency out the first time you reach floor 20.  Then 
go back in, kill the boss and proceed to the next level repeatedly until the 
game takes you to Innocent Town with a chicken in it.  For our Yoshitsuna we 
want to pass ‘More Attack’ again.  When you have done this proceed to the 
next floor.

10. Mystery Gate 7,8,9 – There is nothing new here.  If you see a gate when 
you first arrive on floor 21, then check if it has the 7 monsters in it.  If 
it doesn’t then you need to do another item until you get 3 consecutive 
levels with no mystery gates.  If you didn’t see the gate the first time to 
the level, gency out and save.  Reload until you get an item level increase. 
 Depending on when you use your flex floor you may get your bonus on floor 
21 or floor 22.  Afterwards, repeat the process two more times finishing on 
either floor 27 or 28.

11. Boss 3 – You should now be on floor 30.  This is exactly the same as the 
previous boss except that this boss will also give you additional population 
slots.  Go in, kill the Item King, and gency out to get the double kill out 
of the way.  If you check your weapon you will notice that there is now a 
7th population slot.  Therefore, you need to add another gladiator before 
going back inside.  Afterwards, reset until you get your third and final 
Item World Dark Assembly.  Pass the ‘More ATK’ bill for the third time.  
When you leave Innocent Town and return to Holt Village you will see the 
weapon not has 8 population slots.  Be sure to add your 8th and final 
gladiator before continuing.

13. Floors 31 to 97 – Nothing different really happens on these levels 
except that you no longer need to reload after bosses since you have used 
all of your chicken upgrades.  It means that you should probably completely 
beat those levels to restore some of your gencies.  Just make sure you do at 
least 3 mystery rooms per 10 levels.  If at any time your item level is 
greater than your floor number plus 100, (ie, item level 151 on floor 48), 
it means you have been extremely lucky with Great Lucks and that you can 
skip the gate reloading process until the item level falls below floor 
number plus 100.

14. Floor 98 – There is nothing significant about this level except that it 
is almost the end.  By this point you should have had 30 positive item level 
increases (this assumes you have used the mystery gate on 97 or 98).  If you 
are unlucky and got zero great lucks, then you would have accumulated 30 * 3 
= 90 bonus levels.  That plus your 100 standard levels equals an item level 
of 190, 10 less than 200.  If your item is showing an item level of 198 or 
higher than you have gotten enough great lucks to get 200 (198 + the 2 
levels you still have to do).  Therefore if your item level is below 198 at 
this point, you will be punished by having to do more resets to counteract 
your crappy luck.

If you have been paying attention, you know that you need to have 3 
consecutive levels of no mystery gates in order to see another one.  That 
also means that hypothetically, we do not need to progress in level in our 
original item to reach 200, in fact it is possible to reach level 200 on 
floor 1.  However, doing so is slower because you must level in another item 
between gates.  Operationally, if your item level is lower than 198 on floor 
98, you need to save and then gency out.  After that, do the typical 
clearing of floors in another item until you have 3 consecutive floors with 
no mystery gate. Then go back to floor 98 and reload until you get a 
positive item level gain.  After you get your boost, *no not* go to the next 
level.  Instead, gency out, do some more levels in another item, and go back 
into floor 98, reloading until you get another item level increase.  You’ll 
need to do this potentially 4 times before you surpass 198.

15. Floor 99 – Nothing special about 99 except that this is your last chance 
to gain item levels.  Also if you are in Holt Village you want to gency out 
so you can do the final floor in LoC.

16. Floor 100 – Be sure that you go to LoC before you do this step.  Unless 
your party is quite strong the Item God will probably crush you like a bug.  
The important thing here is that you steal what you were after.  For our 
case we want to steal a Yoshitsuna from the boss.  Remember that you should 
try to steal one with the same rarity as your other gear so you get your 
stat bonus, if you do not have a preference yet, I strongly suggest you go 
for rarity 0.  If you are having trouble stealing, try stealing from behind, 
and if that doesn’t work try putting a subdued Marksman on your stealing 
hand.  If you still have 0% or 1%, then your level is too low.  After you 
steal what you want, remember that you must double kill the Item God.  If 
the LoC Item God is too tough for you, you should gency out.  Then go back 
to the Holt Village version, kill the Item God then gency out.  Then go back 
in, and kill him again before finishing the level.  You can do the 
double-kill in Holt or in LoC, it will not make a stat difference.  If you 
are in a rank 40 item, ‘Item God 2’ will have a legendary version of the 
item in both LoC and HV.

If you follow the above instructions exactly, the Yoshitsuna you just 
completed (after you remove all the gladiators) should have the following 
stats.  If your numbers are slightly off that means you messed up somewhere 
(sorry!).  However, even with slightly imperfect stats it should be insanely 
strong allowing you to power level like crazy. 

Perfect Yoshitsuna
HP  - 39800   Lvl - 200
SP  - 20000   Pop - 0/8
ATK - 358815  DEF - 29900
INT - 99200   RES - 20000
HIT - 39800   SPD – 49700

To explain a couple concepts before we move on, the two examples above are 
to illustrate some different strategies you can use in attaining a perfect 
item.  In the brief example we only progress two floors before saving to 
totally eliminating the possibility of there being a gate on the level the 
first time we are there, thus removing the need to ever leave the item 
(except possibly on floor 1 and floor 99).  The downside of this is that you 
must run to the portal after you load in each time.  With the detailed 
approach, you never need to run to the portal after you load inside, but if 
you are unlucky and get a gate the first time you arrive on the level, you 
must leave and clear levels elsewhere.  

I would like to point out that you can actually combine these two methods by 
progressing 2 floors, gencing out to save, then progressing one more level 
and gencing out to save again if there is no gate the first time you reach 
the level.  Of course the significant downside is that there are 33 gates * 
2 gencies each + 10 bosses * 1 gency each = 76 gencies.  With the two other 
approaches discussed earlier, the number of gencies used is roughly half of 
this (since the boss clear bonus gencies roughly make up for what you use up 
to double kill). The ‘best’ method really depends on what you perceive to be 
your major time sink, and how many gencies you have.  If you have gencies to 
burn, then the combined method will allow you to finish the item the 
quickest.  If you are annoyed that you have to keep on leaving the item then 
use the 2 floor saving method, and if you have horrible luck and hate having 
to run to a portal a million times only to be disappointed with no Mystery 
Gate, then maybe the 3 floor method is for you.

Lastly, there is the practice of ‘de-lovering’ an item before you pass floor 
99.  Lovers are a special kind of specialist that will spawn on any item 
after a minimum of 35 battles (and will be further discussed later in this 
FAQ).  The risk is that if you do not spawn a lover on your item before you 
create your ‘perfect item’ that it will spawn afterwards when you cannot 
re-enter the item to subdue it, effectively reducing your specialist slots 
by one.  On a realistic basis, few people actually have enough maxed 
specialists to fill all of their slots so it has minimal impact, but if you 
are going to spend a dozen hours making an item an argument can be raised 
that you should probably get rid of the lover first.  Just be warned that at 
times it can take well in excess of 100 battles before a lover will spawn, 
so it isn’t always easy.  If you are bent on de-lovering an item, my 
suggestion is to level up your items to floor 99 and leave them there until 
the reincarnation step (later in the FAQ).  At that point you can make an 
effort to remove lovers before you finish off floor 100.  As a side note, if 
you fill an item with 8 specialists of any kind, it is impossible for a 
lover to spawn on it; hence you can ‘block’ a lover from spawning.

2.13 Extreme Levelling                                               [LMG213]

With a maxed out rank 40 weapon you can now do optimal levelling in LoC 
CoO4.  If you have decent levelled characters (lv1000+) they should be able 
to effortless slash the enemies to bits, but if you have lower level ones 
you are going to have trouble hitting the enemies even though your ATK is 
more than enough.  If you have not levelled up a Providence, this is an 
excellent time to do so.  You don’t need to make a perfect one, just a plain 
Lv100 with 3 HIT bills passed will be sufficient.   That combined with level 
20-25 sword mastery should be enough to kill the enemies regardless of your 
level.  Just be sure you equip the appropriate weapon scroll and any items 
that you have that boost HIT (Providence, Arcadia, etc).

This weapon mastery threshold may be an issue especially if you have been 
waiting until now to do ‘optimal’ levelling.  Fortunately for you a lot of 
the work has already been done since you obtained 1900 Armsmasters way at 
the beginning of the game.  But since we are going to have to raise weapon 
mastery by a ton later anyway, we’ll get some administrative stuff out of 
the way.  First, pick a legendary monster weapon, and take it into the item 
world.  The goal here is to pass three Counter bills in the Item World Dark 
Assembly.  The easiest way is to gency out on floors 10, 20 and 30, and just 
keep on reloading until you get the chicken 3 times.  Next pick a legendary 
sword and do the same thing with that.  Afterwards, go to the Dark Assembly 
and pass the bill for increased Counter for all the characters you want to 
level, and Taro as well.  Lastly, transfer your Armsmaster to the sword you 
just maxed countered on.

Now that all the preparation is complete, equip the monster weapon on Taro 
the sword on whoever you want to level, then and go to stage 11-3 (Death to 
Cowards).  Clear one of the sides and bring out your two guys so that they 
are side by side on the Reverse Damage tiles, then just use your sword 
character to hit Taro, and watch them counter for awhile.  Repeat this until 
you are happy with their weapon mastery then finish the stage.  If you have 
characters who do not use swords, you may need to quickly make some more 
counter weapons.  

With your buffed weapon mastery you should be able to very easily crush the 
enemies in LoC CoO4 and level to your hearts content.  Because the enemies 
on that stage give off such high amounts of experience, it should take no 
longer than an hour to get level 9,999 with whomever you want.  However, 
keep in mind that we still need to do reincarnating afterwards, so it may 
not be worth the time to go to extreme levels, but that again is up to you.  
A level of around 7000-8000 would be sufficient as a recommendation.

When you are happy with your levels it is time to clean out some bosses.  
You probably have finished some of them, but make sure you kill Baal and 
pick up some of the other legendary items that you can obtain.  Refer to the 
‘Optional Bosses’ section in the Appendix to check out what you can kill.  
If you already haven’t done so you can also pass the ‘Rescue Hero!!’ and 
‘Rescue Hero again!!’ bills by using 3 EDF cell phones, passing one bill, 
then using another three before passing the other bill.  You probably 
already completed the first section for the Accelerator, but the second half 
gets you the ‘ID Card.’ Last, and possibly most significant are the Dark 
World related rewards.  

When you are done playing around in DW and with other bosses then it is time 
to go back to the Item World again.  You probably have lots of new rank 40 
items, or rank 39s that you should take through to 40.  With your strong 
characters you can now level up any other items that you want.  Many people 
get a rank 40 of each weapon type.  What items you end up perfecting is 
totally up to you, but in my personal opinion I think it is insane to try to 
do all of them ‘perfectly.’  A moderate route that I use quite often is to 
reset for my ‘More ATK’ on floors 10, 20,30 and double kill the Item 
Kings/God only.  This gives you somewhat of a boost and is relatively 
effortless; it also lets you do full item clears in 1-2 hours as compared to 
10-15 for a perfect item.

If you are trying to make an ‘ultimate character’ (as compared to an 
ultimate party) I would suggest perfecting the relevant rank 40 weapon, a 
perfect Makai wars, and 2x perfect SRS and stacking it on the same person.  
ATK and DEF are logical things to boost, but don’t forget RES and movement.  
Also make sure all 4 items are of the same rarity so you get your 30% stat 
bonus.  The ‘most powerful class’ arguably Magic Knight because their class 
bonus allows them to deal extra magic damage (further boostable by Lovers).  
Additionally, they have skills that let you debuff the enemy dealing even 
more damage.

You have probably taken time to do this already, but if you have not, this 
would be a good time to unlock all of the tiers of all of the classes.  The 
way tiers work is that you need to level a character at the previous tier to 
a certain level before you unlock the tier above it.  Although the level 
requirements vary a bit between classes, generally it is around: Tier 1: 
(automatic), Tier 2: Lv15, Tier 3: Lv30, Tier 4: Lv60, Tier 5: Lv120, Tier 
5: Lv240.  For example if you wanted to unlock tier 3, you would level a 
tier 2 character to Lv30.  The major exception to the rule are Chaos 
Soldiers which have a progression ladder of 60/120/240/480/960.  Refer to 
various other FAQs if you are interested in exact values.
Personally I find that it is not worth levelling up weapon mastery to use 
Winged Slayer and I just rely on tower attacks.  Make a new character (or 
reincarnate) and stick some shoes on him, then bring him into CoO4 (HV or 
LoC depending on how strong you are, LoC is way faster obviously).  Move the 
new character next to the enemies then use one of your buff characters to 
pick him up.  Use tower attacks until he gains the level that you want 
(it’ll only take a kill or two) then wipe out the rest and repeat.  You can 
unlock multiple classes/tiers per CoO4 iteration if you reincarnate a couple 
characters every time you go in.  If you are trying to unlock Chaos Soldier 
tiers, they may be the exception in that levelling weapon mastery is 
probably the quicker method.

2.14 Reincarnation and Specialist maxing                             [LMG214]

Reincarnation for all intents and purposes is the same as ‘Transmigration’ 
in Disgaea 1.  I’m not going to go into heavy detail because it is quite 
complex but if you are interested in the underlying mechanics check out the 
‘Training FAQ’ by JungleJim for Disgaea 1.

To explain the basics, when you create character the game allows you to 
allocate points into stats (if you choose ‘Good for nothing’ you deduct 
points).  Reincarnation is just a process to maximize the points you can 
allocate.  Although these points seem puny, they actually multiply up every 
time you level into massive numbers.  You can roughly expect 4500 extra stat 
points by the time you reach level 9999 per every 1 point you allocated.  
Considering you can achieve up to 40 yellow bar points per stat and 220 
allocable bonus points, that’s a total of 540 points * 4500, or 2.4 million 

The number of points you can allocate at reincarnation is based on two 
factors.  First it depends on what level you were at before you 
reincarnated, these bonuses show up as ‘yellow bars’ when you allocate the 
points hence the term.  In addition, you get ‘bonus points’ based on the 
total number of reincarnated levels.  The number of stored levels is shown 
on the screen after character class selection beside ‘Total Lv.’

Since yellow bars fluctuate based on only the most recent reincarnation, it 
is safe to ignore this until the very end when we want to max yellow bars.  
Thus, the first step is to maximize your bonus bars, which means 
accumulating a total of 186,000 stored levels.  The goal here is to gain 
levels as quickly as possible while trying to keep reincarnation at a 
minimum, because every time we do it (assuming we do it at Genius level) we 
lose 5% of our weapon and magic mastery.  

There are a couple ways of clear CoO4 for the purpose of maxing stored 
levels.  You can kill 6 of the enemies at once (using someone else to kill 
the last 2), or you can throw them around and kill all 8 with one attack, 
lastly you can split the group into sets of 4, requiring two winged slayers 
to kill. 

	Lv (m)	6 Kill	4 Kill	8 Kill	Decay
1000	0.5	3.6	4.3	3.7	0.0
1500	0.9	3.4	4.3	3.6	0.2
1800	1.4	3.6	4.8	3.9	0.5
2000	1.8	3.8	5.1	4.1	0.9
2300	2.3	4.0	5.6	4.4	1.6
2500	2.7	4.2	5.9	4.7	2.2
3000	4.0	4.8	6.9	5.3	4.2
4000	6.9	5.9	8.6	6.6	9.3
5000	10.7	7.1	10.4	7.9	15.0
6000	15.4	8.3	12.3	9.3	20.6
7000	21.0	9.6	14.2	10.7	25.8
8000	27.4	10.8	16.1	12.1	30.5
9000	34.7	12.1	18.1	13.6	34.8
9999	42.8	13.4	20.0	15.1	38.7

The table above shows the time to reach a certain level (in minutes) doing 
max Stronger Enemies LoC CoO4, and how long it would take to bank 186,000 
stored levels (in hours).  Because levels take more experience the higher 
you go, the ‘fastest’ way is generally to reincarnate at very low levels.  
This is slightly offset by the fact that reincarnating takes time as well.  
Lastly, the decay column shows how much skills will decay if you reincarnate 
at a certain level.  For instance, if you reincarnate every 2500 levels, you 
will only have 2.2% of a skill left when you are done, as compared to 38.7% 
at level 9999. The decay numbers assume you reincarnate at Genius (which you 
should always do).  The decay numbers are only relevant if you for some 
reason got some spell up to level 200 or something and you badly want to 
retain it.

To translate the table, basically in all scenarios it would be fastest if 
you reincarnated at around level 1500 (or 2 CoO4 runs).  The problem with 
this however is that your weapon mastery would plummet and soon you won’t 
even have enough to use Winged Slayer, thus the realistic lowest options is 
level 1800 (3 CoO4 runs) and 2000 (4 CoO4 runs).  

The fastest enemy setup is to use Winged Slayer on 6 of them and then mop up 
the last two with someone else.  However, if you somehow had two 
extraordinary weapons the true fastest way is to do reincarnation for two 
people at once (by having each kill 4 enemies per CoO4).  Doing so will 
allow you to have two characters at max stored levels in approximately 5 
hours.  This would most certainly require 2 yoshis though, but it may be 
worth it if you eventually intend to have more than 1 sword user anyway.  It 
would also require another 1900 Armsmaster, which may be worth the 
investment if you want to level up weapon mastery for 2 people at once.  
Alternatively, if you killed 6 with one character it would take 3.6 hours x 
2 or 7.2 hours.  The 8 enemy kill option should only be used if you only 
have one character capable of one hitting the enemies (and in all honestly 
it isn’t that much slower).

Before you start the glorious process of clearing CoO4 a billion times there 
are some minor things we need to iron out.  First of all it is important 
that we ensure that a fresh level 1 character has the ability to 
consistently wipe out the level, so we need to do a stat check.  First 
reincarnate him into a class for the storing process (if he is a non story 
character), the class I recommend is the tier 6 female warrior (Iron Maiden) 
because they have 120% affinity to both ATK and HIT.  If it is a story 
character put your Sword Scroll on them to boost their rank to A.  

Next put your Armsmasters on the triple counter bill passed sword you made 
earlier and equip it.  Give Taro the monster equivalent and go to 11-3 
(Death to Cowards) and hit each other until you have weapon mastery 25.  
Equip your Yoshi and look at stats to make sure your HIT is over 120,000.  
If it is less than that equip any other items you have that have high HIT.  
If you are still under 125,000 then take a Providence to floor 100 and use 
that.  Afterwards raise weapon mastery up to 50, this will serve as a buffer 
against weapon mastery decay. When you are at 50 mastery equip your Yoshi 
and look at your ATK, if it is under 1 million (you screwed up your Yoshi) 
then you need to buy a bunch of Hell Strike/7 Year Kill fist weapons and 
quickly farm 100 Professionals.  It may also be worth getting 300 Mentors 
from Seraphic Bows/Heroic Guns as well if you have some time.  The minimum 
you need to guarantee a 1 hit kill on all the enemies is approx 120k HIT and 
850k ATK (without Professionals) at level 1 with no Winged Slayer mastery.

Now you are ready to start.  Stick your Armsmaster (and Professional/Mentors 
if applicable) on your Yoshi and start doing CoO4.  Since reincarnating is 
relatively fast early on I suggest reincarnating (at Genius) every 3 fights 
or around level 1800.  Every time you reincarnate your weapon mastery will 
drop but that is ok because your Winged Slayer mastery will go up (a little 
bit if you aren’t using Mentors, or a lot if you are) along will the amount 
of points you can allocate to ATK/HIT.  Reincarnate at level 1800 for awhile 
until you have tons of points and it starts slowing down because there is so 
much to allocate (probably around 150 points or so).  At this point you 
should probably switch to a 4 fight reincarnation schedule (level 2100) to 
stabilize your weapon mastery at around 25.  Repeat this until you have 
186,000 stored levels.

The next step is to get the class reincarnation bonus; you may have noticed 
that on the selection screen where you choose what class you want to 
reincarnate into that some characters will be jumping up and down.  After 
you reincarnate into any class for at least 10 times, they will start 
jumping which signifies that you will get 10 extra bonus points for 
reincarnating into that class.  The bonus only applies if your last 10 
reincarnation have been into that class, thus transmigrate into the 
appropriate class when you are nearing max stored levels.  In the end you 
should have a total of 220 bonus points, 200 from stores levels + 10 from 
Genius + 10 from reincarnation class bonus (note this shows up as 210 
ability points, but gives you 220 to allocate). 

At this point we’ll max yellow bars.  Repeat CoO4 until you hit level 2000 
again then go reincarnate, but this time spread out all of your bonus points 
evenly so that every stat is at least at 67.  Level up a bit more if you 
cannot attain this.  Reincarnate and level up again until all your stats are 
over 280,000 (without gear), which should be around level 9999.  It may be 
worth mentioning that it is slightly faster if you allocate more points 
before levelling for yellow bars.  For instance, having 70 in all bars 
should only require around level 9000, and 75 in all bars around 8000.  

Now reincarnate one last time into whatever class you originally wanted, and 
allocate your points in how you want your final character to be like (so put 
it all in ATK or DEF, or whatever else).  Level to 9999 and never 
transmigrate again! (woohoo).  If you decide you want to reincarnate at a 
later time (you want to change classes or something) you need to do the last 
couple steps again to ensure you are maxed on yellow bars before your final 

It is important to note that you should do reincarnation for masters before 
students because when you reincarnate it deletes all of the student bonus 
stats until the student gains a level.  Thus if the student is maxed at 
level 9999 full stored levels he/she will never gain a level again and the 
master will never get the stat boost.

Of course nothing is as simple as it seems in Disagaea and as usual the 
developers have added in something to screw up a perfectly good theory.  
Below is a list of levelling multiples for the classes/characters.  The 
lower the multiple the faster they level up, so the numbers above may not 
match exactly.  I did all my testing with multiple 4 classes, so your 
results may differ slightly.  While in theory using a multiple 3 would be 
faster I couldn’t get it to work out because they cannot use swords/fists 
(hence no WS/BB), and while Orcs have a 3x3 (Orc God) they don’t learn it 
until lv68 so I always had to ‘waste’ one turn learning it.  When you are 
reincarnating every 3-4 battles it was simply wasting too much time.  

Very Fast (3)
Story:   Hanako, Taro, Tink
Monster: Orc, Prinny, Marionette, Mothman, Spirit, Undead

Fast (4): 
Human:   Cleric, Gunner, Skull, Thief, Valkyrie, Warrior, Witch
Monster: Aqua Demon, Felynn, Flora Beast, Mystic Beast, Roc, Succubus

Normal (5)
Story:   Adell, Axel, Etna, Flonne, Fubuki, Kurtis, Laharl, 
         Rozalin, Yukimaru
Human:   Beastmaster, Geomancer, Magic Knight, Sinner
Monster: Dragon, Dragon Zombie, Holy Dragon, Rifle Demon, Wood Golem

Slow (6)
Human:   Archer, Kunoichi, Ninja, Samurai

Very Slow (9)
Human:   Chaos Soldier

Lastly, for the very step of levelling to 9999, it is theoretically faster 
to grind off of LoC Baal Castle.  However, it requires insane gear to do it 
in a time effective manner and in my opinion virtually impossible (short of 
completely maxing specialists) to achieve at level 1 at 25 weapon mastery, 
so it is not in my analysis, but something you can check out if you want.  
As a rough guideline you’ll need 10 million + ATK, 4 million+ DEF, and 3 
million+ RES.

We are going to combine the Lover collection process with the reincarnation 
process.  Essentially for every character you take through the reincarnation 
process you should be doing somewhere around 300-400 battles which is ideal 
for Lover farming.  Each Lover increases all your stats by 1% and in 
addition they boost your special ability by 1%.  Each class’ special ability 
is different, and you can generally look them up by just reading the 
description of the class, for example thiefs get higher stealing rate and 
felynns get higher counter damage.  In particular one class that benefits 
greatly are the Mothman class, if you have over 20 lovers on them, their 
movement increases by 2 since that is their special ability!  Lovers are 
capped for 25 for each character to prevent abuse from the stat bonus.

Lovers can spawn on equipment after you have used it in over 35 battles, it 
does not mean that they *will* spawn, but that they have a chance of 
spawning.  When I say ‘used’ I mean that you must have it equipped on 
someone and they must be on the battlefield when you complete it, running to 
portals also does not constitute as ‘beating’ a level.  They are unique in 
that they are named, so Lovers on Adell’s gear will be named ‘Adell Lover’ 
or a thief’s gear will be named ‘Thief Lover’ and so forth.  They only have 
an effect on the class that they were levelled on.  

For story characters that means that you have to make lovers on their gear 
specifically, but for characters you created, they are generic across the 
class.  For example, if you made 5 magic knights and made lovers on each of 
them you could merge them together for any one of them to use.  The last 
point to make here is that ordinary items only spawn level 1 Lovers, rares 
spawn level 2, and legendaries spawn level 3, thus you want to use all 
legendaries.  Like normal specialists, the value doubles when you subdue 
them.  If you have been following the FAQ you should have collected at least 
a hundred various legendaries that you can use for Lover farming.  

In doing reincarnation and Lovers at the same time, just remember that you 
have to move out all your characters whom you want Lovers for out of the 
base panel before you kill the enemies.  This process is actually quite 
annoying and time consuming; it would probably be in your best interest to 
delete non-essential characters and just make them back later so you can 
select the ones you want and bring them out faster.  Once in awhile check 
all your equipment and switch out items that have spawned lovers.  You can 
collect these immediately or later at your convenience.  Remember that they 
are capped at 25, so don’t go overboard.  All you need is 5 legendary lv3 
lovers to cap.  If you take out a full 10 characters in each CoO4, you will 
surely collect all of your lovers before you can max stored levels for a 
single character.

As some final notes before moving on, each item can only spawn a Lover once, 
so it may be in your best interest to either keep track of which ones you 
have already finished somehow or sell it immediately after you subdue the 
Lover to ensure that you do not try to spawn another one on it later when it 
is impossible.  You can also move legendaries between characters midway, but 
it does not guarantee that it will spawn the Lover type of whoever is 
holding it at the end.  For example, if you have been using an item on your 
Nekomata for awhile and you move it to Adell, the Lover that eventually 
spawns could be a Felynn Lover, not an Adell one, even though he had it 
equipped at the end. 

2.15 Weapon and skill mastery maxing                                [LMG216]

Hope you aren’t sick of the game yet, because there are still a couple more 
steps to achieving the ultimate characters.  I’m not sure if it is a good 
thing or a bad thing, but a lot of what is covered here cannot realistically 
be maxed, because it would take a crazy amount of time.  However, I do think 
that a lot of these things can be done in moderation until you are 
comfortable with your power.  Once you can 1-hit kill anything you want, I 
consider your characters maxed, but ultimately ‘stat maxing’ is a personal 
thing where the definition depends on what you are after.

Since you are now done reincarnating, we can start working on weapon masery. 
 The max level is lv255 and will give you a massive boost to your characters 
if you can get it to a high level.  You have done essentially all the work 
in the creation of counter weapons in previous sections so this is quite 
simple though time consuming.  Like before, go to stage 11-3 (Death to 
Cowards) and take out Taro and beat on each other until your weapon mastery 
is as high as you want.  As a side note, if you are levelling to an 
extremely high weapon mastery level it may be worth the time to look for a 
level with both Invincibility/Reverse Damage and Attack +x.  There are no 
natural levels which have this layout, but be on the lookout in the Item 
World.  The Attack +x factor makes it faster than doing it in 11-3.

Leveling spells is unfortunately a lot more work.  First of all, Armsmasters 
do not work for magic, so you need to go through the Item World and collect 
Mentors which come most easily from Heroic Guns and Seraphic Bows.  They 
come is pretty large numbers and are capped at 300.  These will help you 
level magic and weapon skills.  Then you need to cast spells a lot of times, 
and since you cannot ‘counter’ a spell, this process takes a lot longer as 
well.  You would probably be insane to try to max every spell, but you can 
get a decent level on those you use often.  Also remember that you can make 
temporary students and quickly level them up in CoO4 (Holt or LoC) to learn 
whatever spells you want.  Refer to the ‘Learning Magic’ section in the 
Appendix if you don’t know how it works.

So you are happy with your spell/and weapon mastery now, but you are still 
not done.  We now want to finish maxing specialists.  The limit for most 
types of specialists is 19,998 including the common types such as 
Gladiators, Tutors, Sentries and Marksmen.  There is no real strategy in 
doing this other than going through a ton of items for a ton of specialists. 
 Considering that every character can equip 4 items, each of which can have 
8 specialists, and every specialist can go up to 19,998, I think it is safe 
to say that you will not be maxing specialists for every item for your core 
10 characters.   

Teachers will help immensely in this process since they raise the level of 
another specialist by 5%, so if you have a 10,000 gladiator the teacher can 
boost it to 10,500 instantly.  Put the Teacher and the specialist you want 
to increase on the same item and there will be a chance that the Teacher 
will raise the level every time you enter an Innocent Town.  The probability 
of specialist growth increases with the level of the teacher.  Also make 
sure there are no other extraneous specialists since the teacher will grow a 
random specialist.   Teachers are capped at 100, but only come in small 
numbers from legendary items only, so you better keep an eye out for them.

Unfortunately that’s not all; new to Disagaea 2 are ‘dual specialists.’  
These are specialists that boost two stats at once, for example a Sniper 
does the same thing as a Gladiator (ATK) and a Marksman (HIT) combined.  You 
create dual specialists with Mediators, a type of specialist you can find on 
various legendary and rare items.  They work essentially the same as 
Teachers in that the will do a union of 2 of your other specialists in 
Innocent Town.  You will see bubbles on top of your specialist’s head in 
Innocent Town and that will end up spawning a new unsubdued dual-specialist 
based on the parents.  Also like teachers they are capped at 100, and have a 
higher probability of joining the specialists the higher level it is.  
Listed below are the dual specialists:

      Gladiator (ATK) + Marksman (HIT) = Sniper
      Gladiator (ATK) + Tutor (INT) = Hard Worker
      Gladiator (ATK) + Coach (SPD) = Sprinter
      Gladiator (ATK) + Dietician (HP) = Muscleman
      Sentry (DEF) + Physician (RES) = Patient 
      Tutor (INT) + Master (SP) = Nerd

It takes a ton of work to make dual specialists and generally it is not 
worth the time investment because you will more than likely not use all of 
your specialist slots anyway.  However, if you are ultra hardcore, filling 
your character with 31 maxed dual specialists + lovers is probably the 
ultimate setup.

There are also some miscellaneous specialists you can collect to put the 
finishing touches on your gear.  The first are elemental specialists: 
Firefighter, Cryophile, and Aeronaut.  They are each capped at 100 and 
increases elemental resistance and elemental damage dealt.  These are 
especially useful for magic uses classes and will in particular make your 
magic knights dominate.  There are also special defense specialists which 
will protect you from poison (Pharmacist), sleep (Coffee Maker), paralysis 
(Medicine Man), forget (Psychologist), and deprave (Social Worker).  These 
are also capped at 100 making them relatively easy to max out and will 
prevent your super character from getting wrecked by random status ailments.

2.16 Final Challenges                                                [LMG216]

Congratulations, your characters are official ‘done’ levelling.  This final 
section is just to cover some of the bosses you can kill so that you can 
impress your friends with your amazing levelled characters.  The bosses do 
not really give you anything other than bragging rights unfortunately.

If you have been following the FAQ, you probably have unlocked the Dark 
World and defeated a number of the bosses already.  Some of the more 
challenging ones that you can try to one hit are the Baal series.  After you 
defeat Baal, you can go back into the level again to fight 4 of them, plus a 
Prinny Baal.  Then the next challenge is to kill Uber Prinny Baal in LoC.  
If you can kill LoC UPB, try killing UPB last, that is, kill the 4 normal 
guys first; doing so will double UPBs stats making for a harder fight.  If 
you can do that, then you are prepared for the game’s most challenging fight.

First go into a rank 40 item (they may show up in non-rank 40s, but I 
haven’t tested it) and gency out at floor 91.  Equip all your treasure maps 
and keep on reloading floors 91-99 pirate hunting. You’ll see two new kinds 
of pirates here, Baal Pirates and Prinny Pirates (not the easy prinnies).  
The Baal pirates are just Baals and nothing too special, but if you find the 
tough Prinny Pirates and manage to kill the Prinny Baal that appears, you 
will gain the ‘Lord Master’ title.  The Prinny pirates have have 
approximately 4 million in all stats, making it roughly four times harder 
than UPB, so if you do not have rank 40 gear you will get crushed.

A side effect of this is that the next map you go into (whether IW or story 
map) all the enemies will be quadrupled (with a few minor exceptions).  What 
this means is that if you go back to Baal Castle UPB will now have 4 million 
in all stats (just like the Prinny pirates) with 160 million life, and the 
Baals will have around 75 million life with 2.5 million stats.  Thus each 
Baal is actually harder than UPB before and UPB is four times as hard.  On 
top of this, if you kill UPB last it will again double his stats to 8 
million each (2x4 = 8 times as hard).  If you can win this fight without 
cheap tricks, you can confidently say you have ‘beat the game’ – since this 
is essentially the most difficult fight possible.

Bragging rights aside, if you reach this point I suggest you use your ‘next 
map’ boost in the LoC Item World.  Like UPB, all monsters will have four 
times the stats; the significance of this is that monsters in LoC naturally 
are 2x stronger than HV ones, and now they are additionally 4x stronger.  
Thus if you use monsters regularly you should capture any monster that you 
want and save yourself the work of reincarnating them; this is especially a 
time saver if you use a class that does not have a 3x3 attack. The bonus is 
lost if you reincarnate the monster, so take caution that you capture the 
tier and kind that you want (reset until you get what you want).

To explain the pirates a bit more, you can encounter them more than once and 
the effect will be the same each time.  The effect only lasts for one stage, 
but you can save before you use it and reload to try out different things.  
You do not have to have beat UPB before prinny pirates will appear.  I 
personally have only found prinny pirates in rank 40 items but others have 
claimed they have found it on rank 39s and such, but it is not confirmed.  
They show up just like normal Prinny pirates on the silver saucepan thing 
spinning like a dork, but a dork that can kick your ass.

That’s it! You have maxed your characters and destroyed the hardest 
challenges in the game with ease.  If you made it this far, I commend you, I 
don’t think many people will take the effort to truly max out.  It doesn’t 
mean you are done though; you probably need to start a new cycle to grab 
some items you missed or to watch different endings.  That however, is not 
in the scope of this document so I’ll let you read that elsewhere.

 - APPENDIX -                                                        [SEC003]

3.1 Passing Bills                                                    [APX301]

Depending on how strong your party is, there are various ways of passing 
bills.  Below I’ll list a couple of the methods.

Through Force – The most straightforward is just to beat up the Senators.  
After you lose the vote, the choose to fight and voila, bill passed by 
force.  Just be warned that after you kill a Senator they will like you 
slightly less, and will basically start a vicious cycle where you need to 
keep on killing them.  While in theory this sounds cool, when you need to 
pass 20 bills for stronger enemies back to back, this is not very fun.

Through Fusion – This is a tactic that was pioneered with Disgaea 1.  
Basically you still try to persuade through force after losing a vote, but 
you do not kill the Senators.  Instead you combine them with neutral 
senators (ones that voted for you) so that you ‘defeat’ them without it 
counting as a kill.  The main benefit of this method is that they will not 
hate you afterwards, and you can dispatch some very high level senators with 
weak party members as long as you are careful.  Just ensure that the neutral 
senator is a higher level than the hostile, else you’ll end up with even a 
more powerful hostile Senator which isn’t good.  This is also why you should 
try to bribe the highest level members of the assembly so that you can 
basically fuse any enemy you want into them.

Through Bribery – This is probably the method you’ll use for passing bills 
at low levels (or even high ones if you don’t want to fight the Senators 
over and over).  After you enter the court, you can bribe Senators by 
clicking on them.  Some people think that this method is expensive, but it 
doesn’t have to be if you are doing it correctly.  The most cost effective 
way to do this is to move your entire inventory to the warehouse, then go to 
the store and stock up on anything that is cheap (Mint Gums, Chocalate, 
etc).  Go to the Dark Assembly and propose a bill that takes very little 
Mana such as Military Funds, or Cheaper Items.   When you are taken to the 
court, bribe the Wood Golems, then the Mothmen, and the Orcs last.  This 
order is important because you want the Wood Golems who have tons of votes 
to be on your side.  Take their affection level to ‘Love’ for a near 
guarantee positive vote.  ‘Total Support’ is not sufficient because senators 
will still dissent fairly often at that level.  

After you use up all the items that the monsters want, exit back to HQ (do 
not start the vote).  Cancelling out lets you keep the affection you just 
gained for the next vote.  Now go stock up on more items and repeat over and 
over until the majority of Wood Golems and Mothmen love you.  Every time you 
hold a vote (if you don’t cancel to HQ) they will like you a bit less, but 
as long as you do a bribe once every couple bills, there should be no 
problem keeping them all happy.  This is the fastest way to pass a whole 
bunch of bills one after another.  As a side note, you should not try to 
bribe the Baciels (Rifle Demons), Holy Dragons, and Ghosts because they each 
have a counter party that will decrease in affection if you do.  You are 
banking that the Baciels will vote the wrong way because they are confused 
and that Ghosts will be asleep.  

As some generic tips, when you are trying to pass bills that are not 
character specific (like opening a boss, or more expensive items), try to 
use a female character because orcs will then automatically have high 
affection for you.  Also, as soon as possible you should try to make Adell 
into a Senator, and then pass the ‘More Voice’ bill for the Wood Golems, 
Mothmen, and Orcs.  That way their votes will count for more and it is 
virtually impossible to lose as long as you bribe once in awhile.  Another 
tip is that Senators for each vote are random, if you cancel out and 
re-enter the bill selection screen you will see the percentage change for 
whatever you are trying to pass, you can do it a bunch of times until you 
get a value near the top of the range.  

3.2 Optional Bosses                                                  [APX302]

Below are some of the optional bosses in the game.  The quoted levels are 
with no stronger enemy bills passed, so what you see may be higher.  Please 
do not email me if you killed the below bosses at level 1 with your super 
uber throw trick or whatever.  The below are meant as general guidelines and 
do not reflect various strategies or extraordinary gear which will allow you 
to win at lower levels.

Badass Overlord (Zetta) – After you have completed at least 10 Dark World 
levels you can pass the bill for ‘Meet the strongest Overlord!!.’  This will 
open up the ‘Makai Kingdom’ where you will fight a level 2000 boss.  He is 
fairly puny and easily killable by a 9999 neko.  If you win you get the 
title ‘Badass Overlord’

Tyrant Baal – After completing at least 24 Dark World levels you can pass 
the bill ‘Meet Baal the Tyrant!’ which opens up that map ‘Baal Castle.’  The 
boss is level 4000 with around 4 million HP; you will generally not be able 
to kill him with level 9999 nekos unless you upgraded their weapons since 
100k ATK deals zero damage.  If you win you get the item ‘Makai Wars’ which 
is arguably the best accessory in the game, you can only get one of these so 
don’t screw it up by levelling it incorrectly.  If you skip the cut scene 
after the fight, you will be given a rarity zero MW.

Prinny Baal – After unlocking Tyrant Baal and defeating him you can go back 
to the stage ‘Baal Castle’ to fight this boss.  He almost comes with 4 
Tyrant Baals, so you are fighting 5 enemies at once.  The Tyrant Baals are 
the same as before and the Prinny Baal is a level 8000 enemy with around 23 
million HP.  You can steal the Prinny Suit from the boss if you want which 
is a pretty good item.  Note that you have no chance to kill him with a 
basic Lv9999 nekos, though if you have a lv100 Satan’s Motor/Infernal Armor 
it should put you somewhere near 1.5 million ATK and 1 million DEF which 
should be enough if you taught yourself Omega Heal.

Uber Prinny Baal – Uber Prinny Baal is simply the LoC version of the Holt 
Village one.  In the weakest possible form (no Stronger Enemies bills) he 
has around 56 million HP, and the Tyrant Baals have around 10 million each.  
They all hit really hard so rank 40 equipment is strongly advised.

Marjoly – After any of your characters have over 99 felonies, you can pass 
the bill ‘Break the mysterious Seal!’ which will allow you to fight Marjoly. 
 She is a level 1000 boss with wearing some one of a kind items, namely: 
Gao's Spirit, Claudia's Charm, and Kitty's Ears.  None of them are too 
great, but the are unique.  If you win you also get 'Sexy Panties’ as a 

Priere – After any of your characters has over 66 felonies, you can pass the 
bill ‘Unleash the Fallen Maiden!’ to unlock this boss.  Note that you can 
only fight this boss on in new game+ between chapters 1-9.  If you can 
defeat this level 500 boss, you receive a ‘Felicitation’ from winning the 

Laharl – Not exactly a boss per se, but you can fight a level 1000 Laharl if 
you pass the ‘Summon Laharl!!’  bill.  He has around 240k HP and isn’t that 
hard.  If you win you get to use him as one of your characters.  Refer to 
the commonly asked questions section below if you are confused on the 
process of unlocking this bill.

3.3 Item World Strategies                                            [APX303]

Since you will be spending an inordinate time in the Item World this brief 
section will just outline how I complete levels in the most time effective 
way possible.

First of all, and probably most importantly, make sure you have attack 
animations turned off, and fast geo animation on.  This in itself makes a 
huge difference.  Secondarily, learn to use the shoulder buttons in the 
game.  While I’m sure you know how to rotate with R1/L1 you may not know how 
to use the other two buttons.  L2 is useful for levels that are not flat 
because it shows a birds-eye view from above; this allows you to spot random 
gaps behind mountains and such so you know where you are going.  It also 
gives you a good sense of where everything is to help you plan your throws, 
and to determine how many throwers you need.  R2 is one of the tools which 
will save you a ton if time if you use it well.  It will cycle through all 
the portals and all of your characters on the screen; I’ll describe how I 
use it in a play-by-play type of scenario below.

When you first enter a level, tap R2 a couple times to see where the exit 
is.  This will also make you aware of any other gates on the level.  If you 
need items check the Bonus list, then go through all the enemies in the 
characters menu option to check for legendaries.  If there are any 
specialists they will show up in blue after the enemies, but before the 
geos, which is useful because sometimes you don’t see the specialist ‘Check’ 
when it is in a valley or obstructed.  If you don’t need anything, then pop 
out one of your characters to either go to the exit or mystery gate if there 
is one.  If you need pirate maps you should probably use your normal 
characters and fight your way over, picking up some levels and wasting a 
couple turns giving pirates a chance to show up.  If you don’t need pirate 
maps, then use your Mothman to just fly over and finish the level.  If there 
is a gatekeeper, use your buffed fist user to go over and knock him off, or 
use someone strong to kill it before you move your Mothman.  In post-LoC, 
you should be able to go from lv1-99 in 1-2 hours if you get the process 

There are also some tricks when moving your characters out of your base 
panel.  First of all you can use your shoulder buttons to skip through the 
list, so you can strategically add and delete characters so that your 
favourite character(s) fall on perfect pages.  For example you can have just 
enough characters that if you go down 3 pages it will land instantly on 
him/her and you can bring the character out faster.  You can also press the 
up button to cycle to the end of the list and move up pages the other way.  
When bringing out multiple characters R2 is your best friend because it 
moves your cursor back to the base panel for you, saving you time.  Bring 
out character A, press R2, bring out character B, press R2, and so forth.  
If you have characters spread out over the screen, using R2 will also zip 
between them saving you time from having to drag the cursor across the 
level.  It’s also useful for locating people on maps with lots of Warp 

There are also some strategies you can use to boost your Bonus Gauge for the 
off chance that a Legendary Excalibur is on the bonus list, but it is the 
last item and you are on a super tiny map.  The most straightforward way, 
but also the slowest way is just to hit your own guys repeatedly.  The game 
doesn’t really care who you hit as long as you hit something, so take out a 
strong character and have your weaker ones mash on him repeatedly.  Note 
that comboing is very important, and if you are combing with less than 3 or 
4 characters you will see virtually no bonus gauge gain.  Also be mindful of 
counters since if you kill off all your weak characters you could be screwed.

The faster way of doing this is just to blow up geos panels.  Disgaea II has 
really de-emphasized the need to do combo chains so it is not surprising if 
you are confused on how they work.  To give an example, if you blow up a red 
Geo Symbol on a blue Geo Panel, it will turn all the blue panels on the map 
red.  If there were no other Geo Symbols on the blue panels (previously to 
changing the color) the combo will end.  However, say there was a yellow Geo 
Symbol also on blue elsewhere on the map.  Destroying the red geo would then 
change all the blues to red, then all the reds to yellow.  Therefore the 
most straightforward way of clearing a stage of geos is to put everything on 
the same color geo and just start the chain.  

However, you need to be careful that the combo ends with the Null Geo 
Symbol, because if it is in the middle of the chain then it will destroy all 
of the geo panels and reduce the chain length.  You can ensure the Null 
Panel is last by putting it physically the furthest away from the chain 
originating point. Also, you need to watch out for geo panel colors that do 
not have a corresponding Geo Symbol.  For example if there are aqua colored 
geo panels on the map, but only red/green/blue Geo Symbols, then the aqua 
colored ones will never change color unless you start on that color; thus in 
a case like this, you always put your Geo Symbols on the color that does not 
have a corresponding Geo Symbol.  If there are 2 colors on the map without a 
Geo Symbol of the same color it is impossible to eliminate every Geo Panel 
in one combo.

The more complex way (especially given the ultra annoying moving geos in D2) 
is to do multi-color chains which is sometimes necessary if a geo is on an 
island somewhere or if is somewhere you can’t go.  There are a lot of 
variations, but there are many similar characteristics.  One thing you must 
be sure of is that the original color that you trigger the chain on must 
have at least 2 Geo Symbols on it.  If it only has 1 it will just fizzle 
out.  To give an example, lets say there is a blue and red Geo Symbol on 
green panels, and a yellow Geo Symbol on a red panel that you cannot move.  
In this case if you hit the yellow symbol it would just change reds to 
yellow and stop.  If you destroyed the blue one it would change the green 
panels into blue, then trigger the red geo changing the panels to red.  
However, it would not blow up the yellow Geo Symbol.  If you hit the red Geo 
Symbol, it would change the green panels red, and then change all the red 
panels blue (including the one that yellow geo was on), then it would all 
change into yellow.  I know it is complex, and will probably take some 
experimentation if you are unfamiliar with geos, but the general rule is 
that the first color (of the underlying panel) that you start the chain on 
must have at least 2 Geo Symbols on it.  Any other geo symbols can be on any 
color that is not the last color changed (like in the previous example, the 
yellow did not trigger when you hit blue, because red was the last color 
change and yellow was on red) and will be blown up according to the order of 
the color change.  The null symbol must not be on the color of the last 
color change, but needs to be triggered after all of the other color changes 
in order to do a full map geo clear.

As some final tips on the bonus gauge remember that you can clear all the 
geos, then use your geomancer to change all the geos again in essence giving 
you two chances to get mega chains.  Also keep in mind that if you destroy 
all the enemies the map ends, so do not touch the Gatekeeper if you are 
doing bonus gauge stuff.  If there is no Gatekeeper you need to keep at 
least one enemy alive.  To accomplish this, you can move geos to form a 
barrier and throw an enemy behind it to lock them up.  Alternatively, if 
your characters are quite a bit stronger than the monsters, just use someone 
with loads of HP to pick up the enemy so it cannot act.  Using a thief to 
chain sleep an enemy is also an option.

3.4 Learning Magic                                                   [APX304]

The game allows you to teach any character or monster spells through the 
master/student system because a master can learn any spell that the student 
has.  Just go to the Dark Assembly with whoever you want to learn magic, and 
create someone of the relevant class (like a Healer if you want Healing 
spells.  Use Tower attacks, CoO4, or whatever method you want to quickly get 
the pupil some levels so he or she unlocks the spell.  Afterwards, go to any 
level and have the master and the pupil stand beside each other.  If you 
look at the master’s skill list you will see all of the pupil’s skills at 
level 0, this implies that if the pupil was to walk away you will not be 
able to cast the spell.  However, if you cast it a couple times the bar will 
slowly fill up until it reaches level 1, this signifies that you can cast 
the spell whenever you want.  After this point you can use it like how you 
would with any other spell.

Although at first it may seem like it’s an awesome idea to give all your 
characters every single spell, I would advise against it.  The most 
significant reason is that if the spell level fall bellows level 1, you lose 
it.  In normal game play you cannot lose skill levels, however, every time 
you reincarnate you lose a minimum of 5% of your accumulated skills.  Given 
that to fully max a character takes at least a couple dozen reincarnations, 
you are talking about a lot of skill loss by the end.  Another reason is 
that some characters just suck using magic; offensive spells are based on 
INT and healing is based on RES, most melee characters have horrendous 
affinity for INT/RES and would do virtually no damage anyway.  Therefore, 
you are better off using some attack skill than some random attack spell 
most of the time.  

Yet another reason is that spell range is directly related with whether the 
caster is using a staff or not, and that the damage of the spell is based on 
the level of the spell.  The implication is that if you are going to use a 
spell rarely with a sword or whatever, it is going to be doing miniscule 
damage to one enemy only.

Saying all that, I think it is an excellent idea to have your main melee 
characters learn Omega Heal (from any healer class above lv50), and Espoir 
since you will probably end up soloing a lot of maps with one super high 
level character.  Healing paralysis/poison and keeping yourself alive when 
some random Damage 20% tile hits you is useful, as is the ability to kill 
annoying Reverse Damage geos.  May also be useful to combine healer/attack 
spells onto whoever you want so that you don’t need to bring as many 
characters onto the map, speeding up your clearing times.  I personally use 
Magic Knights to double as a mage/healer.

Most of the time you will be making a student only for the purpose of 
teaching spells then delete them afterwards so it’s usually not even worth 
it to level their weapon mastery to the point where they can use Winged 
Slayer/Big Bang.  Although there are many ways of doing this, I personally 
find the quickest way is to go to CoO4 and use tower attacks.  Move your 
strongest character by the enemies, then move out your level 1 gimp.  Use 
the gimp to pick up your strong character and kill one of the enemies.  If 
you have no Stronger Enemies bills passed you may need to kill a couple 
enemies before you are at your desired level.  To keep the gimp alive 
between turns, use another strong character to pick up the gimp so he/she is 
not attackable.  If you do not have any other strong characters then just 
let the character die and redo CoO4.

 - COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS -                                        [SEC004]

Q: How do I get Laharl?
A: First you need to play the game for more than 40 hours.  Then you can the 
   bill ‘I want to fight an Overlord!’ at the Dark Assembly.  Doing so will 
   unlock Flonne.  If Adell is not a Senator, you need to pass the bill to 
   make him one.  Then use Flonne to pass the bill ‘I want to fight Laharl!’ 
   Completing this will unlock Laharl.  As a side note, the special bills
   can only be passed in Chapters 12 and 13.

Q: How do I turn off animations?
A: Press the Triangle button to pull up the menu, go to Setting and turn Off 
   animations for enemies, or if you want allies as well.  This is strongly 
   recommended for levelling and general Item World travelling.  You can
   also make Geos blow up faster.

Q: Why are you telling people to cheat and use level 9,999 Nekos?
A: It’s not cheating if that’s how the game is designed.  That’s like saying 
   throwing in multiple people in the Court Portals is cheating even though
   the game specifically comments on you doing it.  I’m sure the game
   developers caught on after people did level 9,999 monsters strategy in
   Disagaea 1 with Surts, etc and would have prevented people from doing
   it if they felt it was game breaking.  

Q: Why won’t my Legendary Excalibur show up?
A: Weapon and equipment equipped on enemies is random, hence this is a based 
   on how lucky you are.  With the amount of items you can level in this
   game you can pretty much level up new things until you find the weapon
   you are after though.  Don’t fall for conspiracy theories and just have 
   some persistence.  Good luck.

Q: Why won’t my pirates show up?
A: Have you equipped the Treasure Maps you have looted on your characters?  
   You do not need to bring Treasure Map holding characters into battle, but 
   simply having them equipped greatly increases the odds of you finding a 
   pirate.  If you are doing this already and still have not found your 
   pirates, then try some more, welcome to random encounters.

Q: How do I change the rarity of my MW?
A: You can only get 1 MW per game (regardless of New Game+), but if you 
   delete your existing one, you can get another one next playthrough.  
   if you have Collector specialists, every one that transfer to the item
   will increase rarity by 1.  You unfortunately cannot decrease rarity, 
   only increase it.

Q: OMG! This FAQ is massive.. how long does it take to do all this?
A: It’s not unreasonable to finish all of the steps in this guide for one 
   character (ie, reincarnate to the max and deck out in rank 40 gear) in 
   around 70 hours game time (around 85 hours of real time since you are 
   resetting a fair bit) in addition to the time it took you to finish the 
   game.   However, if you decide to use pure humans and not monsters at
   all, this could easily double or triple in the time required.

Q: I followed the FAQ and I only get a crappy ending now, help!
A: This is probably because you accumulated felonies with Adell which will 
   lead to bad endings.  You can reverse this if you go to the Dark
   Assembly and ‘Atone for your Sins’ though it will turn you back into a
   level 1.

Q: What should I be passing in the Item World Assembly?
A: Personally I think that you should try to maximize the relevant stat to 
   increase attack power whenever possible.  For translates into ATK for 
   swords/axes/spears, HIT for guns, ATK or SPD for fists, etc.  I strongly 
   suggest that you pick one stat and stick with it since bills have a 
   compounding effect, thus even for hybrid weapons such as fists, choose 
   either ATK or SPD and pass 3 bills of that type.  You will also see 
   superior gains if you pass bills on whatever stat has the largest base 
   value (ie, passing 3 DEF bills will have a much larger effect than 
   passing 3 RES bills on most armors).  For armor, I suggest you specialize 
   DEF or RES and use them as you see fit.  I generally pass counter 
   bills only for weapons that I use to raise weapon mastery and movement 
   bills only on my shoes, but it’s you game and you can pass them if you 
   want.  You should never pass POP bills since it will cap naturally.

Q: What are Teachers/Mediators and how do they work?
A: They are a special kind of specialists that do not spawn on ‘normal’ 
   items and have the unique function of modifying other specialists.  
   Teachers will raise the level of other specialists and Mediators will 
   combine two specialists into a dual specialist.  The both work in the 
   same way in that every time you enter an Innocent Town they have a 
   probability of showing up based on the level of them, if they appear, 
   then will randomly pick another specialist on the item (mediator will 
   pick two) and perform their function.  If you meet a Teacher the 
   affected specialist will simply be of higher level.  If you meet a 
   Mediator, it will spawn a new dual specialist based on the level of the 
   item (not of the parent specialists), they are typically in a level range 
   that natural specialists will appear at on the item.  You then need to 
   subdue the new dual specialist afterwards.

Q: Should I be reincarnating at low levels?
A: I am a strong believer that reincarnating at low levels is generally a 
   waste of time.  The illusion is that because you are using a higher tier 
   character and that you have more points to allocate that they must be 
   stronger.  Fact is that you lose mastery/time and that you will be lucky 
   if they end up at the same stat level (taking time opportunity cost into 
   account) than if you had not.  Thus my recommendation is to perhaps 
   reincarnate once to take into account certain ‘one time gains’ when you 
   can reincarnate at Distinguished or perhaps one level below that, and not 
   bother with it again until you unlock CoO4.  I actually have hard numbers 
   to back up this recommendation (unlike many people who ‘feel’ that it is 
   good, but have nothing to back it up), but if you find reincarnation fun 
   or just like a ninja with purple hair instead of blue, then by all means 
   go ahead.  Bottom line is that it is not necessary to reincarnate to beat 
   game and it will probably increase it time that you need to spend before
   you can beat it.

Q: What is max attack power, and what do I need to one-shot anything?
A: The maximum attack in this game is 40 million which would take an insane 
   amount of time to even approach.  For normal non-boss enemies, attack 
   power of 2-3 million would be more than sufficient to kill them 
   instantly.  Moderately hard bosses such as Baals, Item Kings and such 
   require approximately 10 million attack.  For the two big hitters, UPB 
   with 65mil HP, and super UPB with 160 mil HP, you will require much more.
   People fully take advantage of buffs/debuffs, and the stand still bonus
   (every turn that you don’t move your ATK goes up) in order to boost 
   damage at extreme levels.  It has been reported that a maxed magic knight 
   can do approximately 2 billion damage as the damage champ.  

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time was from you guys. (BirgitteSilver, danieljrod, Darth Stalin, 
LordMagus, KarmaBeast, Kylain, tacomagic and many others)

JungleJim – Groundbreaking work on transmigration in D1.

Faxanaduu – Figured out some stuff with perfect item creation. – 
The best Disgaea 2 site!

Brad – For your continual patience and testing, even though you are a 

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