Question from bburt1977

How do I get past (Normandy Mansion)?

How do I get into the mansion? I found the lock but I can't get it to open

drevol asked for clarification:

How to solve the Venus puzzle?


mydogjoe321 answered:

I hope you fed the dogs and rang the bell. Then go over to the bridge and turn the wheel. Now turn around and you wil see a building go behind it. Climb in the window, fight this man and you have to solve a lock combination puzzles. Once you have the puzzle figured out you get the key to the manson.
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drevol answered:

How to solve the Venus puzzle?
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prikitiewunited answered:

What venus puzzle ? if it is about the stained glass , here's the answer
down , right , up , left . ( it's about the fleur the lys disc). and you got it.
is this that you were searching ?
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