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Best way to make money?

I have been trying to max out my people on here but the skills at level 3 are so expensive even when you play on hard can anyone tell me a fast way to make money and difficulty is not a problem because i have the best weapons and maxed stats.

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naxilo answered:

get hideyoshi and use his special - its bound to drop some money


you can use this cheat by Geese911

1. Start any stage in Story Mode, create an Interim Save, choose Quit

2. Choose the Continue option. exit the map using Triangle to go back to the previous screen.

3. Select Free Mode and select a different character from the one you used for Story Mode.

4. Buy whatever you want from the shop, exit the shop, and soft reset (hold Start+Select at the same time) on the stage select screen. You will have all your gold back and keep the items you bought!
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Zo6Jim answered:

get greed 3, by defeating enemy officers that have this in their skills list, when you look under officer tab ingame. Once you do that, head to the survive mode, and continue up the floors, every once in awhile you will get a floor that the enemies drop coins when you defeat all the bosses. Once you get to a floor like this, get all the enemies around you, and make sure you musou charge bar, and your guards is also. then activate your musou with him/her close, so you get the extra bonus, then spin around attacking the same small circle of enemies until your musou runs out, it will get you a very nice chunk of coins.
Also if you have at least plunder 2, you can see all the chests in a large area.
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tadakatsu98 answered:

be hedyoshi in the battle saika village and use his R1+square
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