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a. Introduction
b. Hanzo's Biography
c. Hanzo in General
d. Unlocking Method
e. Hanzo's Stats & Moveset
f. Story Mode Walkthrough
g. Getting the Final Weapon
h. Update Blog
i. Closing Credits and the other craps

a. Introduction

b. Hanzo's Biography

According to Koei :

A ninja who served under two generations: Ieyasu Tokugawa and his father 
Hirotada Matsudaira. When he was just 16 years old, he led dozens of soldiers 
and set fire to the Mikawa Uto Castle. His illustrious career included an 
attack on the Enshu Kakegawa Castle, the Battles of Anegawa and Mikatagahara, 
and the fight against Katsuyori Takeda. During the Honnouji Incident, Hattori 
rescued the marooned Tokugawa and escorted him all the way from Sakai to 
Okazaki. That escape, known as the Iga Crossing (because it spanned the 
province of Iga), was one of the most perilous moments of Tokugawa’s life. 
Hattori consequently became head of Tokugawa’s echelon of ninja. When Tokugawa 
moved the capital from Kyoto to Kanto (the plain surrounding modern day Tokyo), 
Hattori was given a mansion at the western gate of Edo Castle.

According to Wikipedia : 

Hattori Hanzo (1541-1596), also formally known as Masanari or Masashige 
(Hattori Masanari), the son of a certain Hattori Yasunaga, was a head of clan 
from Iga region of Japan famous for Iga Ninja. Whether Hattori himself was 
trained as a ninja is not confirmed. However, he is commonly depicted as such 
in manga and novel fiction. Born a samurai vassal of the Matsudaira (later 
Tokugawa) clan, Hanzo, who would earn the nickname Oni no Hanzo (Devil Hanzo) 
due to the ferocity he displayed in battle, served Tokugawa Ieyasu loyally and 
usefully. His nickname distinguishes him from another Tokugawa samurai, 
Watanabe Hanzo, called Hanzo of Spear.

Though Hanzo was born and raised in Mikawa, he often returned to Iga, home of 
the Hattori ninja family. He was an extremely skilled swordsman, tactician, 
spearman, and a master of all ninja techniques. This is because the Iga and 
Koga regions were the birthplace of ninjutsu, and there were over 70 
clandestine organizations carrying out the art in the region. In the 
surrounding mountains there were large institutes for training in military 
tactics. Onmyodo, a Chinese system of divination propagated in Kyoto by Abe no 
Seimei, had been brought from the capital. The village of Yagyu, along the 
Kyoto-Nara border, was home to a venerable school of sword technique. And the 
Hozo-in temple in Nara supported of a unique school of spear fighting. All 
the arts necessary for ninjutsu could be acquired within a radius of 45 miles 
from Iga. Hattori, who fought his first battle at the age of 16, went on to 
serve at the battles of Anegawa (1570) and Mikatagahara (1572), but his most 
valuable contribution came in 1582, following Oda Nobunaga's death.

At that time, Ieyasu and his retainers had been staying near Osaka and learned 
of the assassination only just in time to avoid being detained by Akechi 
Mitsuhide's troops. But they were not safe yet. Mikawa was still a long way 
away, and Akechi's men would be combing the roads for them. At this point, 
Hanzo suggested that they take a route through Iga, as he had ties with the 
samurai there. In addition, Ieyasu had sheltered survivors from Nobunaga's 
bloody invasion of that province in 1580 and those who knew of this would 
certainly be well disposed to offer assistance. Honda Tadakatsu sent Hanzo on 
ahead, and, as hoped, the Iga men agreed not only to guide them along back 
roads, but also to provide them with an escort. At length, Ieyasu and his band 
returned to Mikawa safely. The same could not be said for Anayama Beisetsu, a 
recent Tokugawa addition who had insisted on taking a different route.

Hanzo Masanari died in 1596 at the age of fifty-five. It is believed he was 
killed in action by the hands of the Fuuma ninja clan, who were formerly in the 
service of the late Hojo clan of Odawara. He was succeeded by his 
eighteen-year-old son, whose name was also Masanari, though written with 
different japanese characters. His son was given the title "Iwami-no-Kami" and 
his men would act as guards of Edo Castle. Hanzo’s son had not mastered 
ninjutsu, and he mistreated the members of the Band of Iga. The ninja did not 
consider him worthy of the name Hanzo, and the band revolted. Armed with guns 
and bows, they holed up in a nearby temple and demanded his dismissal. If their 
demand wasn't met, they vowed to kill Masanari and to take their own lives. 
Their number was large enough that historians consider their action to be the 
first strike in Japan. The year was 1605. After his dismissal, the Band of Iga 
was divided into four factions, each led by a low-ranking samurai.

To this day, artifacts of Hanzo's legacy remain; the Imperial Palace (formerly 
the shogun's palace) still has a gate called Hanzo's Gate, and the Hanzo-mon 
subway line which runs from central Tokyo to the southwestern suburbs is named 
after the gate. Hanzo’s remains now rest in the Sainen-ji temple cemetery in 
Shinjuku, Tokyo. The temple also holds his favorite spears.

c. Hanzo in General

This section here talks about our general view with Hanzo.

Well, the kusarigama wielding shadow obsessed ninja is back, and compared to
his SW1 form he is much more deadly. He now wore more light armors unlike the
previous installment where he just wore traditional ninja outfit. 
He also sports a new ninja hood, you may be familiar with it if you watched 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, since it bore resemblance to Shredder's helmet. 
His personality is still quite familiar to the previous one, but he now never 
shows up in random forces (as in appearing in the Uesugi forces). Now he always 
appears on the Tokugawa force and you'll see him more as an enemy. And in this 
game, he gained one true rival, Fuuma Kotarou, and one semi-rival, Nene.

d. Unlocking Method

Hanzo can be unlocked with two ways:
-Start the game with Sengoku Musou 1 data in your memory card
-Finish Fuuma Kotarou's Story Mode

e. Hanzo's Stats & Moveset

Hanzo's starting stats:

Life: 103
Musou: 100
Attack: 87
Defense: 84
Mounted: 101
Speed: 130
Jump: 150
Luck: 93

Hanzo's stats once he reached level 50:

Life: 261
Musou: 300
Attack: 174
Defense: 169
Mounted: 194
Speed: 200
Jump: 200
Luck: 187

Hanzo's moveset is Special type moveset.


Hanzo will start with a slash from lower right to upper left, quickly followed 
with a slash from lower left to upper right, followed by a slash from upper
right to lower left. As the finishing combo, he dashes forward while slashing
from left to right and right to left 4 times before finishing with a strong
forward horizontal slash.


T : Hanzo performed a seal with one arm and throws an explosive to the ground.
    This attack may either cause fire damage or ice damage.

TT : Same like before, but looks like it'll cause more damage. I'm not too
     sure on this one... E-mail me if you can clarify me.

ST(T) : Hanzo delivers a kick that launches the enemy upwards. If you press T
        again he'll launch another kick, reappear above the enemy and kick the 
        enemy to the ground, generating shockwave. Unlike SW1, he lost his 
        final slash after the shockwave. The final kick and the shockwave does 
        elemental damage.

SST(T) : Hanzo throws a smoke bomb while jumping back. Press T again to make
         him stretch his kusarigama, spin it around and send a crescent 
         projectile forward. The kusarigama won't spin as long as in SW1. 
         However, it, along with the projectile, does elemental hit.

SSST(T) : Hanzo spun his kusarigama, stretched out, above his head before 
          launching it in front of him. The even hits of the kusarigama are
          elemental hits, and he can spin up to 4 times. This is best used in
          a crowd.


Jumping S : Hanzo throws a shuriken. As he levels up, he'll throw three
            shurikens instead. This move can hit the enemy lying on the ground.

Jumping T : Hanzo delivers a diving punch to the ground.


R1+S(SS) : Hanzo performs a seal with two hands and lets out a small jet stream
           of fire forward. Press S again and he'll smash the ground with his
           fist and creates a quake. Press S again and he will perform a 360
           clockwise degree sweep, creating ground waves on his trails, 
           knocking the enemy away.

R1+T(TT) : Hanzo performs one to three seals with two hands (depending on how
           many times you press the T) and summons one to three mirror images
           of himself. These mirror images reads your joystick input and will
           perform as you command, but will not always correctly mimic Hanzo's
           move. For example, when your Hanzo is performing his SSSTT, but his
           clones are currently idle, they will perform his TT instead.

f. Story Mode Walkthrough

Hanzo's stages are as follows :
1. Battle of Anegawa
2. Battle of Mikatagahara
3. Battle of Nagashino
4. Battle of Komaki-Nagakute
5. Siege of Osaka Castle
Gaiden. Attack on Ueda Castle

His Gaiden can be unlocked right after you finished his main story.

1. Battle of Anegawa
Oda-Tokugawa vs Azai-Asakura
Victory Condition : Defeat Azai Nagamasa and Asakura Yoshikage
Defeat Condition : Oda Nobunaga or Tokugawa Ieyasu defeated

You and the Tokugawa force start on the south fighting the Asakura army, while
the Oda forces are fighting the Azai army to the east. As Tokugawa Ieyasu tells
you at the beginning, you will start with a mission to escort a general to
sneak attack the Asakura main camp. Defeat the general and the guard captain in
front of the gate and it'll complete the mission. Other than money, the rest of
the Asakura generals will lose their super stats, although if your character is
strong enough, they are rather easy. Defeat Asakura Yoshikage and you can
proceed to the east to help the Oda.

Oichi will try to stop you. While it's not on the mission objectives, you have
to defeat her. If you don't, Azai Nagamasa will keep respawning after you
defeat him. After you defeat Oichi, get to her husband next. Use the small
waterfalls to get there quicker. If Nagamasa has yet to enter Nobunaga's fort,
there'll be a mission to prevent him to enter the fort. It'll get you money.
Defeating Nagamasa ends the battle.

2. Battle of Mikatagahara
Oda-Tokugawa vs Takeda
Victory Condition : Defeat Takeda Shingen or Tokugawa Ieyasu reaches escape 
Defeat Condition : Tokugawa Ieyasu defeated

As you start, you should go and assist the two Oda generals retreating to the
west. Start by defeating the enemy generals on the western fortress. The two
allied generals have a tendency to get stuck fighting with lesser peons so take
care of them as well. 

When Ieyasu reached south of the Takeda main camp, Shingen will send Katsuyori 
and the Takeda Cavalry to attack him. Head there immediately. There's also a
mission to defeat the Takeda general that started west from the Takeda main
camp. The Takeda Cavalry is similar to the horse units in Sengoku Basara or
Devil Kings. They can never be dismounted, but they will die along with their
horse. A safe method is to use your Horse Musou, assuming that you have a 
horse. Otherwise, play it safe. Hanzo can use his shurikens or his fire jutsu
to attack from afar. Defeating Takeda Katsuyori also counts as a mission.
Getting into the center fortress will trigger an ambush.

Walk along with Ieyasu and you will spot a ninja path. Get through there and it
will trigger a mission to sneak attack an enemy general to the south. When
Ieyasu gets into the south gate of the center fortress, Fuuma Kotarou will show
up as a neutral force and attack. Head back to Ieyasu and defeat Fuuma.

A short while after defeating Fuuma, Shingen will launch an all out attack.
Luckily, some generals attempted to distract them by pretending that they are
Tokugawa Ieyasu. Continue to stay near Ieyasu and assist him in fending off the
ambush at the southwest section of the map. The ambush has a lot of annoying
archers so be careful.

A little more to the east and you'll reach the Tokugawa main camp. However, you
will have to face Shima Sakon and his ambush party beforehand. Once you take
care of him, you will be faced with 2 options : Ensure everyone's safety or
defeat Shingen right away. Both yields the same result, so it doesn't matter.

3. Battle of Nagashino
Oda-Tokugawa vs Takeda
Victory Condition : Defeat all enemy officers
Defeat Condition : Oda Nobunaga or Tokugawa Ieyasu defeated

Unlike the rest of the army, you (Hanzo) will start at the enemy camp behind
Takeda Katsuyori's. You will receive a mission to defeat an enemy general and
Sanada Yukimura. While they pose no problems for now, Yukimura will not die or
retreat yet. After finishing your mission, head to the northern fortress for 
another 'defeat the enemy general' mission. Once you do, Nobunaga will order 
the musket unit to start shooting the cavalries.

Afterwards, just defeat the rest of the Takeda generals, and Katsuyori will 
flee. Intercept and defeat him. Your next task should be defeating the rest of
the enemy officers. However, right after you defeat Katsuyori, Sanada Yukimura
will reappear, stronger than before. He may pose more problems than the other
generals remaining, so you should take extra notice. Defeating enemy officers
will finish the map with you as the victor.

4. Battle of Komaki-Nagakute
Tokugawa vs Toyotomi
Victory Condition : Defeat Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Defeat Condition : Tokugawa Ieyasu or Oda Nobukatsu defeated

The awesome Komaki-Nagakute song in SW:XL is gone... T_T

Anyway, head to the southeast fortress through the eastern passage. When you
arrive at the north gate, an ambush party will appear. Defeat them all. After
that, Ishida Mitsunari will send another wave of enemy generals. Protect your
allies and defeat the second wave.

After that, Ieyasu will charge into the enemy main camp. However, he will get
ambushed at the fortress south of the Toyotomi camp. As if it's not enough,
Nene will suddenly teleport to Oda Nobukatsu's camp and attack him. Both can
endure for quite some time, but you still have to be quick. To save Ieyasu, use
the ninja path nearby.

Once you save both leaders, the whole Toyotomi army will charge. They're not 
that hard, but Mitsunari and Hideyoshi can gang up on you and it can lead to 
trouble. Intercept and defeat them to end the stage.

5. Siege of Osaka Castle
Tokugawa-Hojo vs Toyotomi
Victory Condition : Defeat Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Defeat Condition : Tokugawa Ieyasu or Hojo Ujimasa defeated or Fuuma Kotarou
                   reached Osaka Castle first

For starters, this is not your usual Osaka stage where you have to defeat
Toyotomi Hideyori. You fight against Hideyoshi. The Hojo clan is with you, but
Fuuma Kotarou will make charge right into Osaka Castle, you as Hanzo must best 
him and get there first. This is important as it will result game over if 
Fuuma gets to the castle first, so spend your time killing peons wisely

At the beginning of the stage, Inahime will charge forward, but eventually gets
trapped and ambushed in the gate in front of her. You can opt to save her, but
she can hold off on her own for long. Rescuing her counts as a mission, though,
so if you do rescue her, you will get money. Alternatively, you can also sneak
to the cannon fortress and defeat all the officers there to silence it. Saika
Magoichi is among those officers, but he shouldn't pose much problems. 
Silencing the cannons also counts as a mission. Both missions will give you a
way to advance to Osaka Castle.

After finishing one mission, continue on your path on Osaka Castle. If you
advance through the south gate, Ishida Mitsunari will ambush you, but he's not
quite hard to fight actually. You can also rack up your KO points during the
ambush. Once he's defeated, the castle door will open and you can enter, now
without worrying Fuuma getting there first.

Advance to the next floor and you will face Nene. A scene will play and 
suddenly Fuuma defected from your forces, turned neutral and attacks both you
and Nene. Now this is the hardest part of the stage. Both Fuuma and Nene are
superpowered and Hanzo's rather low defense can hurt really bad. Play it safe
and try to take them out one at the time. Fuuma seems to pack more damage so
you better be careful on him. After a long, hard battle, you will eventually
defeat them and can go on to the third, final floor.

Hideyoshi awaits there. While he's superpowered, fighting him is not as 
dangerous as fighting Fuuma and Nene in the same time. His attacks comes out
fast, so you will want to be careful

Gaiden. Attack on Ueda Castle
Tokugawa vs Sanada
Victory Condition : Defeat Sanada Masayuki and Sanada Yukimura
Defeat Condition : Tokugawa Ieyasu defeated

There's a lot of hidden paths here and they will not appear unless you get 
there yourself, so keep your eye open. As you start the stage, try to find a
hidden passage to the left. Don't bother to keep going straight as the door
is blocked and you won't be able to pass it no matter what. The left passage
will lead you to the northwestern fort. You can complete a mission to defeat
the officers there.

Soon after, Sanada Masayuki will order some ninja to open the floodgate. In
normal stages, you won't be able to do anything on it. But in Hanzo's Gaiden,
you can get a mission to stop them. Simply approach the ninja group southeast
the northwest fortress, and defeat the ninja leaders (leaders have name above
their head). If you do this, all the hidden passages will be revealed.

Somewhere after this, Fuuma Kotarou will appear in the northwest fortress. 
Defeat him, and he will vanish. However, he also leaves 3 clones of himself to 
fend off with you. A clone is located west of the southeast fort, while another
one is next to Sanada Yukimura, and the last one is holed up in Ueda Castle.

Around this time, Tokugawa Ieyasu will prompt to charge the castle. Quickly
assist him as he will be ganged by a Fuuma clone, various officers and Naoe
Kanetsugu on the way. With them defeated, you can go on to the two main 
enemies: Yukimura and Masayuki.

Yukimura himself is greatly superpowered. If Hanzo's attack is not high enough,
he will not be able to stagger Yukimura and suffer great damage. But if you
did prevent the water attack, Honda Tadakatsu and various officers will be
there to keep him busy, so you can attack him together. Just be careful if he
lands a hit on you, because it's going to hurt. Alternatively, you can also
sneak past Yukimura and attack Masayuki from the side gates. Defeating Masayuki
first will cause Yukimura to lose his super hyper mode and you will have an 
easier time. Defeating both Sanada warriors will end the stage with you as the 

g. Getting The Final Weapon

Big thanks to EChang for his 4th Weapon Guide.

Inga Yomitsu
Stats: Base Attack 44
       Shura Element
       Attack +39
       Speed +36
       Jump +34
       Attack Range +38

This weapon is acquired in Hanzo's Gaiden (Attack on Ueda Castle). Your tasks
are to defeat Fuuma Kotarou and his three clones. And then defeat Sanada
Yukimura first before Sanada Masayuki. While this may sound simple, defeating
a super-hyper mode Yukimura is a requirement. You will want to succeed in the
mission to prevent the water attack, and so Honda Tadakatsu and the others will
be there to help you. Just beware not to have them deal the finishing blow to 
Yukimura. You don't need to defeat all of the Fuuma clones before defeating
Yukimura, so you can skip the clone in the castle and defeat Yukimura first.
Once the requirements are fulfilled, a box containing the weapon will be 
revealed just behind the Fuuma clone inside the castle. Pick it up and defeat
Sanada Masayuki as usual.

h. Update Blog

June 10th 2006 - First draft. Yay !

i. Closing Credits and the other craps

I would like to say thank you to :

-God. For giving us life and creating me (and you guys as well).

-My parents. For conceiving me.

-Koei and Omega Force. For creating this wonderful game. 

-CJayC. For letting me post this FAQ on his site.

-Edward Chang. For the information about getting Hanzo's Final Weapon

-Leonkung and Yun. for giving me inspiration of the basic layout of the FAQ.

This FAQ may only be used in Do not use this FAQ without
permission, for any reasons other than personal uses, as it's extremely
prohibited. If you want to use this FAQ you can contact me in or

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