Ginchiyo Tachibana by Jiyu Aifu

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Samurai Warriors 2
Ginchiyo Tachibana
Jiyu Aifu
Version 1

* Contents *

1. Introduction
2. History Lesson
3. Unlocking Ginchiyo Tachibana
4. Move List
5. Ginchiyo's Tale
     Chapter 1: Conquest for Kyushu
     Chapter 2: Siege of Odawara Castle
     Chapter 3: Battle of Kusegawa
     Chapter 4: Battle of Sekigahara
     Chapter 5: Pursuit of Yoshihiro
     Ginchiyo's Dream: Edo Campaign
6. Weapons
7. Stats
8. Movies
9. Credits
10. Update History
11. Contact Info
12. Copyright

**                             1. Introduction                               **

Ginchiyo, the female warrior with a serrated blade. She's very easy to use and
also very effective. It's nice to have another female character aside from Ina
that's a true warrior with a serious weapon. Her character design isn't all
that impressive, but her weapon is. That's what originally drove my attention
to her and she was the first character I played. She has a great warrior's
personality and a fitting voice for that role. Her moveset is pretty effective
and well rounded, especially if you have a Lightning element on your weapon.
Ginchiyo is a good character to use if you're a beginner to the game and a fun
character to use if you're not.

**                            2. History Lesson                              **

Ginchiyo Tachibana (1569-1602) the head of the Japanese clan of Tachibana
during the Sengoku Period of the 16th century. Ginchiyo was the daughter of
Dosetsu Tachibana, retainer of the Otomo (which were rivals of the Shimazu at
the time). Due to the fact that Dosetsu had no sons, Ginchiyo ironically took
the position as the new head of the Tachibana following his death. After about
five years, Ginchiyo was married to Muneshige Tachibana who followed in
becoming the head daimyo of the clan not too long after their marriage.

**                     3. Unlocking Ginchiyo Tachibana                       **

To unlock Ginchiyo, you must buy, rent, or borrow the game. She is a playable
character from the beginning.

**                              4. Move List                                 **

This is a description of Ginchiyo's moveset. Move Lists start out small and
then increase with newer attacks as you level your character. I first listed
her original moveset and then followed with what it becomes at its maximum
growth. The Move List's type refers to what type of attack the character's main
development reflects. And as a note, S refers to the Square button and T refers
to the Triangle button.

Comment: Ginchiyo's moveset will be more effective if you have a weapon with
         the Lightning element as most of her attacks already have a lightning

Type: Normal
The main development is found in the number of linked attacks.

Initial Move List:

Normal Attack- S - S - S - S
                  \   \   \
Charge Attack- T   T   T   T

Special 1- R1 + S
Summon lightning to strike enemies

Special 2- R1 + T
Increase the strength of weapon attacks

Final Move List:

Normal Attack- S - S - S - S - S - S - S - S - S - S - S - S
                  \   \   \   \   \   \   \
Charge Attack- T   T   T   T   T   T   T   T

Special 1- R1 + S
Summon lightning to strike enemies

Special 2- R1 + T
Increase the strength of weapon attacks

Normal Attacks:
Ginchiyo's normal attack set is relatively the same attack repeated so I just
split it up into where it gets a subtle change.

SSSSS: Slashing attacks from side to side.

SSSSS+SS: Slashing attacks from side to side, followed by two stronger side
          to side slashes.

SSSSS+SS+SSSSS: Slashing attacks from side to side, followed by two stronger
                side to side slashes, followed by five charged slashing attacks
                from side to side. The first four normal charged attacks are
                weaker, but have elemental effects useable, while the last one
                is stronger with an elemental effect useable.

Running + S: Ginchiyo does a backflip while slashing her sword forward.

             Comment: This move seems a little awkward while she's doing her
                      backflip, but it's still an interesting attack.

Jump + S: A downward slash.

Charge Attacks:

T: Ginchiyo summons three lightning bolts to strike down around her.

S+T: A powerful upward diagonal slash.

SS+T: A powerful downward slash.

SSS+T: A powerful downward spinning slash.

SSSS+T: Ginchiyo sends an electric ball to the ground which explodes and causes
        enemies to be thrown into the air.

SSSSS+T: A wave of electricity emits from Ginchiyo.

         Comment: This is an excellent crowd clearing move.

SSSSSS+T: A forward sword thrust which sends a very powerful streak of
          lightning through the enemy if they are hit with the sword thrust.

          Comment: This is a very good attack.

SSSSSSS+T: Ginchiyo charges forward with a lightning coating and ends with a
           horizontal slash.

Jump + T: Ginchiyo throws an exploding lightning ball at the ground and tumbles
          once she lands.

Special Attacks:

R1 + S: Summons lightning to strike enemies. The lightning bolts are continuous
        and keep striking for a short period of time in random areas around

R1 + T: Increase the strength of weapon attacks. This not only increases weapon
        strength, but also increases attack speed and range.

        Comment: Ginchiyo's special attacks are very useful, especially her
                 second one.

Musou Attack:

Samurai Warriors 2 has a new feature. Instead of filling one Musou Gauge, there
will be a maximum of three gauges to fill. Each one higher will give a stronger
Musou attack than the last. You'll start off with one and as you level your
character it will grow into the next two. You may still also tap the O button
to perform normal attacks with the Musou effect or you may hold the O button to
perform the character's own Musou attack. This here is Ginchiyo's own Musou.

One Gauge: Ginchiyo hovers in the air while enemies around her are electrocuted
           by her surrounding wave of electricity. She then follows up with an
           area attack.

Two Gauges: Ginchiyo hovers in the air while enemies around her are
            electrocuted by her surrounding wave of electricity. She then
            follows up with an area attack. The range, power, and length of
            this one is increased.

Three Gauges: Ginchiyo hovers in the air while enemies around her are
              electrocuted by her surrounding wave of electricity. Bolts of
              lightning will also strike down all around her. She then follows
              up with an area attack. The range, power, and length of this one
              is increased.

Double/True Musou: This is just like her regular musou except the damage is
                   increased with an extra lightning element charge and before
                   she does her area attack she performs a few swings of her

     Comment: Ginchiyo's Musou is not very good. It has terrible range and that
              is troublesome since she cannot move during her Musou. In most
              cases you'll be better off using her normal attacks for her
              Musou. However, it is useful to use on an enemy officer since
              you'll be juggling them in your electrocution wave and at higher
              levels the damage shouldn't be that bad.

**                           5. Ginchiyo's Tale                              **

In this section I will walk you through Ginchiyo's Story Mode. I will show the
story for each stage, the victory and defeat conditions, the officers attending
the battle, and I will give a step by step guide on a good way to proceed
through the battle. And note that these stages were done on the Normal
difficulty setting. Other difficulties and circumstances may change the way the
stage goes for you, but these will just provide a basic guide. Feel free to
play the stages however you want to though.

                      "Onward, to unconditional victory!"

-                        Chapter 1: Conquest for Kyushu                       -

        "The Shimazu are my lifelong enemy. I will show them no mercy."

                         Toyotomi Army VS Shimazu Army
Ginchiyo Tachibana was the daughter of Dosetsu Tachibana, a powerful lord of
Kyushu. As his only child, she had been raised like a son, and following his
death, she succeeded him as the head of the Tachibana clan.

At the time of her succession, the Tachibana were already losing territory to
their rivals, the Shimazu. And although Ginchiyo fought many battles against
them, eventually her clan was pushed to the brink of annihilation.

However, things changed when Hideyoshi Toyotomi, conqueror of most of Japan's
main island, came down from the north.

Hideyoshi sided with the Tachibana. Backed with fresh reinforcements and
supplies, Ginchiyo led a new charge to reclaim her clan's lost dominance.

  Victory: Defeat Yoshihisa, Yoshihiro, and Toshihisa.
  Defeat: Hideyoshi or Ginchiyo is defeated.

-Toyotomi Army-                     -Shimazu Army-

Hideyoshi Toyotomi                  Yoshihisa Shimazu
Mitsunari Ishida                    Yoshihiro Shimazu
Sakon Shima                         Iehisa Shimazu
Ginchiyo Tachibana                  Toshihisa Shimazu
Hidehisa Sengoku                    Toyohisa Shimazu
Motochika Chosokabe                 Arinobu Yamada
Nobuchika Chosokabe                 Nobumitsu Saruwatari
                                    Tadatsune Shimazu
                                    Tadanaga Shimazu
                                    Tadamune Ijuin

                                    Tadamoto Niiro
                                    Hisatora Ei
                                    Kakuken Uwai
                                    Hisataka Kabayama

1) Immediately go straight and cross over the bridge. After a short time, the
bridge will be destroyed and Hidehisa Sengoku will be ambushed by Iehisa
Shimazu and Tadamoto Niiro. Defeat them and Nobumitsu Saruwatari as well. He
should swing on by at this point. Take out the Reserve Captain in the north as

2) Since you're right there, you may as well clear out the northeast garrison.
So head on over there and defeat Arinobu Yamada, Tadanaga Shimazu, and the
Reserve Captain. Since he's getting ganged up on by your allies, Tadamune Ijuin
will probably be defeated soon and the central garrison taken.

3) Go on down to Tsuruga Castle and you'll get a mission to capture it. Take
out the Reserve Captain north of it for the hell of it, then go in and defeat
Yoshihiro Shimazu and the Reserve Captain to complete the mission.

4) Head over the little area in the east and you'll get ambushed by Toshihisa
Shimazu and an avalanche will block the path you took to get there. Defeat
Toshihisa Shimazu, Tadatsune Shimazu, and Hisatora Ei as well as the Reserve
Captains in the area. Around this point the Geyser will recede, opening a path
for the Shimazu to attack your main camp. The Volcano will also start spewing
molten rocks out.

5) When you enter the southeast garrison, another ambush will appear around
Tsuruga Castle. When you approach one of the ambush officers, a  mission to
defend Tsuruga Castle will activate. Defeat Kakuken Uwai and Hisataka Kabayama
to complete the mission.

6) Go over to Toyohisa Shimazu and prevent him from entering thr Toyotomi main
camp by defeating him.

7) Now enter the Shimazu main camp. When you do, Yoshihiro, Toshihisa, and
Iehisa will return and they'll all be in hyper mode. Defeat all three of them
and then finish off Yoshihisa Shimazu to clear the stage.

-                      Chapter 2: Siege of Odawara Castle                     -

  "I shall follow the path that I believe most just, wherever it may lead me."

                           Toyotomi Army VS Hojo Army

Hideyoshi defeated the Shimazu, and the island of Kyushu was brought into his
domain. Thankful for Ginchiyo's help, he praised her ability highly, and the
Tachibana name became famous throughout the land.

A few years laters, only two forces remained not yet under Hideyoshi's control.
They were the Hojo clan in Kanto and the Date clan in Oshu.

Hieyoshi wanted to show the Hojo how powerful he had become and gathered all of
his strongest retainers to attack their main castle in Odawara. Ginchiyo was
among them, marching from the east.

In the midst of the battle, a messenger appeared to report the arrival of
Masamune Date. The powerful young lord of the north wished an audience with
Hideyoshi, so he could express his desire to serve him...

  Victory: Defeat Ujimasa and Ujinao.
  Defeat: Hideyoshi is defeated.

-Toyotomi Army-                     -Hojo Army-

Hideyoshi Toyotomi                  Ujimasa Hojo
Ieyasu Tokugawa                     Ujinao Hojo
Tadakatsu Honda                     Ujiteru Hojo
Ina                                 Ujimitsu Hojo
Ginchiyo Tachibana                  Naosada Hojo
Masamune Date                       Ujitaka Hojo
Yoshihiro Shimazu                   Ujifusa Hojo
Kojuro Katakura                     Naohide Matsuda
Toyohisa Shimazu                    Tanenaga Hara
                                    Norisada Ueda
                                    Ujinori Uesugi
                                    Yoshitake Mibu
                                    Naoshige Chiba
                                    Masataka Kasahara
                                    Ujinaga Narita
                                    Masayo Ito
                                    Yasusato Matsuda
                                    Hiroteru Minagawa

                                    Ujitada Hojo
                                    Yasuhiro Ogasawara
                                    Kotaro Fuma

1) A short while into the stage, you'll get a mission to defend a siege ramp.
As it comes down, a Hojo ambush will appear. Fight off the enemies before the
ramp is destroyed and then go take out that Reserve Captain while you wait for
it to get into position.

2) Once inside, you'll get a mission to stop the enemy cannon fire. Defeat
Naohide Matsuda to do so and kill the Reserve Captain hanging around by him.
You'll then be prompted to locate the enemy storehouse. Don't worry about that
for now. You'll also be given a mission to open all the castle gates. Work on

3) Begin by defeating Yasusato Matsuda and Ujifusa Hojo. Knock off that Reserve
Captain nearby as well.

4) Then go and defeat Naoshige Chiba and Ujinaga Narita to open the south gate.
While you're there, help Yoshihiro out by defeating Yoshitake Mibu as well.
There's a Reserve Captain closeby as well that you might want to defeat. You
can go after the storehouse now as well. Refer to step 9.

5) Head up north and take out Masataka Kasahara and Ujinori Uesugi to open the
north gate which will complete that mission. Then assist Masamune and defeat
Norisada Ueda. Also defeat the Reserve Captain up there.

6) Kotaro Fuma will begin a march onto your main camp. The northeast gate will
open so now loop around and chase down the officers heading for your camp.
Defeat Ujitaka Hojo, Tanenaga Hara, and Masayo Ito to complete this mission.
Go ahead and remove that Reserve Captain you passed now.

7) When you or an ally first entered the area in the middle, cannon fire would
have begun. Now go and stop that. Head into the middle area and enter the
castle. Defeat Hiroteru Minagawa and Naosada Hojo to deactivate the bomb

8) Exit from the west gate of the castle and an ambush will spring. Defeat 100
enemies to open the gates and continue.

9) The storehouse is in the southwest corner. Once you approach it, you'll be
prompted to seize it. Defeat Ujitada Hojo and Yasuhiro Ogasawara. You may do
this after opening the south gate as well since it is nearby.

10) Go up north and defeat Ujiteru Hojo and Ujimitsu Hojo as well as the
Reserve Captain.

11) Enter the castle again and go up to the second floor where Kotaro Fuma will
greet you. Defeat him and move on to the third floor.

12) Defeat Ujimasa Hojo and Ujinao Hojo to finish the stage.

-                        Chapter 3: Battle of Kusegawa                        -

                 "Honor in battle is defined by the victors."

                          Western Army VS Eastern Army

Odawara Castle fell to Hideyoshi and control of the land went to his clan, the

However, the Toyotomi's rule only lasted as long as Hideyoshi did. After his
death, the scramble to seize control of Japan was reignited.

In the year 1600, the land's most powerful lords were divided into two forces:
an Eastern Army under Ieyasu Tokugawa and a Western Army under Mitsunari

Ginchiyo remained with the Western Army along with her sworn enemy, Yoshihiro
of the Shimazu. The two were ordered to stand together against the Eastern Army
at Kusegawa.

Kusegawa was where the two great armies would first meet. Whichever side could
win the river would have the advantage in the greater battle that was yet to

  Victory: Defeat all enemy officers.
  Defeat: Any allied officer is defeated.

-Western Army-                     -Eastern Army-

Mitsunari Ishida                   Kazutada Nakamura
Sakon Shima                        Kazuhide Nakamura
Yoshihiro Shimazu                  Toyouji Arima
Ginchiyo Tachibana                 Noriyori Arima
Toyohisa Shimazu                   Tanomo Noisshiki
Teruzumi Akashi
                                   Yoshimasa Tanaka
                                   Kojiro Sasaki
                                   Tadakatsu Honda
                                   Moritsuna Watanabe
                                   Naomasa Ii
                                   Tadatomo Honda
                                   Tadayoshi Matsudaira
                                   Hanzo Hattori

1) You'll first get a mission to prevent the Eastern Army's escape. Defeat
Kazuhide Nakamura, Tanomo Noisshiki, and Noriyori Arima to complete this

2) Now go block off the Eastern Army's escape route by defeating Yoshimasa
Tanaka and Kojiro Sasaki.

3) Go defeat Kazutada Nakamura now. Then a whole bunch of officers should
arrive for the Eastern Army.

4) Start off by taking out Naomasa Ii and Moritsuna Watanabe. Defeat the
Reserve Captain down there as well.

5) Now go attack the force that's heading for your main camp. Defeat Tadakatsu
Honda and Tadatomo Honda. Hanzo Hattori will also show up and head for
Mitsunari. Defeat him.

6) Finish off the remaining officers by defeating Tadayoshi Matsudaira and Ina.
Defeating Ina is a mission. This will complete the stage. This is not a very
complicated stage other than maybe keeping your allies alive.

-                       Chapter 4: Battle of Sekigahara                       -

     "To a Tachibana, the only victory worth winning is absolute victory."

                          Western Army VS Eastern Army

The Western Army was victorious at the Battle of Kusegawa.

Not wanting to lose momentum, Mitsunari wasted no time and continued to push
his army forward.

The Eastern Army was eager to redeem themselves and headed toward Osaka, where
they hoped to capture Hideyoshi's son and heir to the Toyotomi throne,

Despite objections from his generals, Mitsunari continued pursuit. However,
this was just what Ieyasu wanted. He made camp at Sekigahara and prepared to
assault Mitsunari's forces the moment they arrived.

Discontent toward Mitsunari's behavior ran rampant in the Western Army.
Ginchiyo paid no attention to this and simply prepared for the oncoming

  Victory: Defeat Ieyasu.
  Defeat: Mitsunari is defeated.

-Western Army-                     -Eastern Army-

Mitsunari Ishida                   Ieyasu Tokugawa
Sakon Shima                        Tadakatsu Honda
Ginchiyo Tachibana                 Hanzo Hattori
Yoshihiro Shimazu                  Ina
Yoshitsugu Otani                   Naomasa Ii
Yukinaga Konishi                   Nagamasa Kuroda
Hideie Ukita                       Tadaoki Hosokawa
Hideaki Kobayakawa                 Takatora Todo
Ekei Ankokuji                      Yoshimasa Tanaka
Hiroie Kikkawa                     Terumasa Ikeda
Hidemoto Mori                      Yoshiaki Kato
Yasuharu Wakisaka                  Sadatsugu Tsutsui
Toyohisa Shimazu                   Tadayoshi Matsudaira
                                   Masanori Fukushima
                                   Yoshinaga Asano
                                   Kazutoyo Yamanouchi

                                   Magobei Fuse
                                   Hideaki Kobayakawa
                                   Hidemoto Mori
                                   Hiroie Kikkawa
                                   Yasuharu Wakisaka

1) Capture the northwest garrison by defeating Tadaoki Hosokawa and the Reserve

2) Head over to that Reserve Captain nearby and then go down and defeat
Tadayoshi Matsudaira. Now silence the Tokugawa cannons by defeating the two
indicated Defense Captains. Defeat the Reserve Captains while you're there.

3) Ina should appear in the northwest. Go defeat her before she enters the
Western Army main camp. Hideaki Kobayakawa will betray you sometime around this
point. You can prevent him from doing so by stopping Magobei Fuse from
harrassing him.

4) Hidemoto Mori, Hiroie Kikkawa, and Yasuharu Wakisaka may also defect around
this point. Right now just focus on clearing out all those enemy officers in
the center.

5) Hanzo Hattori should be advancing on your main camp. Go defeat him. Take out
Hideaki Kobayakawa and Yasuharu Wakisaka as well, filthy traitors.

6) Go up and defeat Tadakatsu Honda and then Ieyasu Tokugawa to complete the

-                       Chapter 5: Pursuit of Yoshihiro                       -

            "Shimazu, is this the path that you believe most just?"

                         Toyotomi Army VS Shimazu Army

The Battle of Sekigahara was won by the Western Army and Ieyasu fled back to

However, after the battle, Yoshihiro left the ranks of the Western Army and
marched his troops toward Osaka.

It was his intention to capture Hideyori and ultimately eliminate both
Mitsunari and Ieyasu.

In addition, Masanori Fukushima and others who were loyal to the Toyotomi chose
to side with Yoshihiro.

Swearing to take out her longtime enemy once and for all, Ginchiyo set out with
Mitsunari to stop Yoshihiro's ambitions...

  Victory: Defeat Yoshihiro.
  Defeat: Either Mitsunari or Sakon is defeated, or one of the Main Camps is

-Toyotomi Army-                     -Shimazu Army-

Mitsunari Ishida                    Yoshihiro Shimazu
Ginchiyo Tachibana                  Toyohisa Shimazu
Sakon Shima                         Masanori Fukushima
Yoshitsugu Otani                    Nagamasa Kuroda
Hideie Ukita                        Yoshinaga Asano
Morichika Chosokabe                 Terumasa Ikeda
                                    Tadaoki Hosokawa
                                    Yoshiaki Kato

                                    Kojiro Sasaki
                                    Kotaro Fuma
                                    Yoshihisa Shimazu
                                    Tadatsune Shimazu
                                    Hisataka Kabayama
                                    Arinaga Yamada
                                    Tadamoto Niiro
                                    Shigetaka Togo

1) Head southeast toward Shoryuji and defeat that Reserve Captain and Yoshiaki
Kato. When you enter, you'll get a mission to seize it. Defeat Masanori
Fukushima to do that. Then get rid of that Reserve Captain.

2) Kill the Reserve Captain in the middle of the map just because.

3) Once Sakon enters Shoryuji, he'll be locked in with Kojiro Sasaki. Defeat
one of the Defense Captains to open the gates and rescue Sakon by defeating

4) Kotaro Fuma will appear and head for the western main camp. Defeat him.

5) Now the eastern main camp will probably be in trouble so hurry up there and
defeat Terumasa Ikeda and Yoshinaga Asano.

6) Stop the cannon fire by defeating Tadaoki Hosokawa and Nagamasa Kuroda.

7) Now it's time to pick off all these officers that just showed up. Start with
Arinaga Yamada. Yoshihisa Shimazu should come after you too so take him out as

8) Now jump down and defeat Tadamoto Niiro. Then start circling around and
defeat Shigetaka Togo, Hisataka Kabayama, Tadatsne Shimazu, and Toyohisa

9) Time to scale up Mt. Tenno, defeat Yoshihiro Shimazu, and end the stage.

Completing this stage unlocks Ginchiyo's final movie, Worthy of Respect. It
also unlocks her Dream stage and Yoshihiro Shimazu as a playable character. If
this is the first Story Mode you completed you'll also unlock the Credits 1

                    "Onward, from the depths of the heart."

-                       Ginchiyo's Dream: Edo Campaign                        -

                    "My path is my own. My honor is my own."

                          Western Army VS Eastern Army

Yoshihiro was captured at Yamazaki and defeated.

Th Western Army turned its focus back toward Ieyasu in the east.

Mitsunari's friends Kanetsugu Naoe and Yukimura Sanada heard the news and set
forth with their armies to assist him.

Meanwhile, Ieyasu, who had allied himself with Masamune Date, lord of Oshu,
waited for his enemies to come to him in Edo.

Once again, Ginchiyo was there to fight with the Western Army. When this battle
was finished, it was her hope that the land would finally know a much needed

  Victory: Defeat Ieyasu.
  Defeat: Hideyori or Mitsunari is defeated.

-Western Army-                     -Eastern Army-

Hideyori Toyotomi                  Ieyasu Tokugawa
Mitsunari Ishida                   Masamune Date
Ginchiyo Tachibana                 Tadakatsu Honda
Satoie Gamo                        Masanobu Honda
Yoshitsugu Otani                   Naomasa Ii
Hideie Ukita                       Yasumasa Sakakibara
Yukinaga Konishi                   Yoshiaki Mogami
Hideaki Kobayakawa                 Takatora Todo
Hiroie Kikkawa                     Nagachika Kanamori
Hidemoto Mori                      Terumasa Ikeda
                                   Hidetada Tokugawa
Reinforcements-                    Ietsugu Sakai
Ekei Ankokuji                      Hideyasu Yuki
Kanetsugu Naoe                     Naotaka Ii
Yukimura Sanada                    Shigenaga Katakura
Yoshinobu Satake                   Shigezane Date
                                   Hidemune Date

                                   Hideaki Kobayakawa
                                   Hiroie Kikkawa
                                   Hidemoto Mori
                                   Toranosuke Aoyama
                                   Kotaro Fuma

1) To start things off, defeat Naotaka Ii and that Reserve Captain.

2) Enter the castle and save Hideie Ukita from the rifle unit by defeating
Shigenaga Katakura.

3) Go to that little area west and defeat Masanobu Honda and take out that
Reserve Captain.

4) Exit the castle and go toward the west gate and defeat that Reserve Captain.
Then open the west gate by defeating Terumasa Ikeda.

5) Ieyasu will signal some of your allies to defect. They are Hidemoto Mori,
Hiroie Kikkawa, and Hideaki Kobayakawa. (Again) When you approach one of them
you'll get a mission to defeat all these nasty traitors. Start off with Hiroie
Kikkawa. You will also be prompted to search for Ekei Ankokuji. Forget about
him for now.

6) Kanetsugu Naoe and Yukimura Sanada will arrive as reinforcements around this
point. Run down and defeat Hidemoto Mori and Nagachika Kanamori. Also defeat
that Reserve Captain at the bottom as well as the other one nearby.

7) Now go defeat Hideaki Kobayakawa and Yoshiaki Mogami. That will complete the
mission to defeat the traitors.

8) Enter the castle from the west gate and defeat Naomasa Ii and that Reserve

9) Defeat Shigezane Date. Head toward the south gate and knock out that Defense
Captain to open the south gate as well.

10) Defeat Takatora Todo and that Reserve Captain near his position.

11) Ignore the Defense Captain by the Keep for now and move up to defeat
Ietsugu Sakai and that Reserve Captain. Also defeat the Defense Captain to open
the east gate.

12) Defeat that Defense Captain near the Keep to open a door which will reveal
Ekei Ankokuji. You'll get a mission to escort him to the Toyotomi main camp. As
he moves along, Toranosuke Aoyama will show up to ambush him. Defeat him. After
that, Ekei should be able to make the rest of the way himself as long as you
opened the south gate already. So just continue on now.

13) Kotaro Fuma will arrive around this time. Defeat Yasumasa Sakakibara and
that Reserve Captain up there.

14) Defeat the Defense Captain to open the northern inner gate and then head
over to Kotaro and dispose of him. You can't get upstairs from the Main Keep so
you'll have to travel back down to the Keep.

15) Enter the Keep and defeat Hidemune Date. Go upstairs and defeat Masamune
Date. You should have the help of Yukimura and Kanetsugu which will make things
a little easier. Just don't let them steal your kill.

16) Travel along the little path into the main keep and encounter Tadakatsu
Honda. Tadakatsu is tough here. Take advantage of Yukimura and Kanetsugu's help
and abuse Ginchiyo's second special move to increase her weapon strength.
Hideyasu Yuki should be nearby too so defeat him as well.

17) Now go upstairs and finish off Ieyasu Tokugawa.

And that completes Ginchiyo Tachibana's Story Mode. If this was the first Dream
stage you did, you'll unlock the Credits 2 movie.

**                               6. Weapons                                  **

Everyone has four weapons. The first three can be gotten randomly, though the
increased difficulty and higher the Discern skill will increase your chances of
finding a more powerful version of these three weapons. The fourth weapon can
only be obtained on the Hard difficulty setting in Story Mode and you must
have completed that character's Story Mode. You do not need to complete their
Dream stage though. You will then have to fulfill certain requirements to
obtain the fourth weapon. These are Ginchiyo's weapons, including how to obtain
the fourth.

Serrate Blade-
   Base Attack- 19

Lightning Sword-
   Base Attack- 28

Thunder's Roar-
   Base Attack- 36

Heaven's Bite-
   Base Attack- 44
   Element- Lightning
     Life         +18
     Musou        +18
     Attack       +20
     Defense      +17
     Speed        +18
     Luck         +19
     Musou Charge +20
     Range        +17

        Obtaining Heaven's Bite

You must play Ginchiyo's first stage in Story Mode, "Conquest for Kyushu" on
the Hard difficulty after completing her Story Mode.

1) Head straight across the bridge before it gets destroyed and you'll
encounter an ambush by Iehisa Shimazu. Defeat Iehisa.

2) Move on to the northeast garrison and defeat Tadanaga Shimazu.

3) Now head down to Tsuruga Castle and defeat Yoshihiro Shimazu.

4) When the doors open, exit from the east gate and head south to encounter
another ambush. Defeat Toshihisa Shimazu.

5) Now run down to the Shimazu main camp and Iehisa, Toshihisa, and Yoshihiro
will return. You must defeat the three of them exactly in that order. First,
Iehisa. Second, Toshihisa. Third, Yoshihiro. It makes it a little more
difficult that all three of them are in hyper mode, but this is not a difficult
weapon to obtain. In fact, it is probabaly the easiest. This is Ginchiyo's
first stage so it's not that difficult even on Hard mode and she should be
leveled pretty well by now after completing her Story Mode anyway.

6) Once you defeat the Shimazu trio in the correct order, the Supply Team will
appear at a gate northeast of you and it will head west. Chase it down and
defeat the Supply Captain. Pick up the weapon and return to the Shimazu main
camp and defeat Yoshihisa to complete the stage. Be sure not to defeat him
earlier as you will not be able to get the weapon before the stage ends.

**                                7. Stats                                   **

These are Ginchiyo's stats. First I will show her beginning stats followed by
her stats when they are maxed.

Beginning Stats:

Life      108
Musou     102
Attack    84
Defense   87
Ride      90
Speed     124
Dex       126
Luck      93

Maximum Stats:

Life      267
Musou     306
Attack    169
Defense   174
Ride      178
Speed     194
Dex       196
Luck      189

**                               8. Movies                                   **

Ginchiyo has four movies. Each of them is unlocked by progressing through her
Story Mode. I will show the name of each movie, what stage you get them from,
and give a brief description of what happens in them.

Unlocked at the beginning of "Conquest for Kyushu"

Mitsunari Ishida tells Hideyoshi Toyotomi about Kyushu and Yoshihiro Shimazu.
Yoshihiro is battling against an army when Ginchiyo Tachibana rides up on a
horse. Yoshihiro takes the horse down with his hammer, but Ginchiyo comes down
upon him and splits his helmet in half. He is impressed by her ability and
surprised to find she is a woman. Ginchiyo introduces herself and charges at
Yoshihiro and the two end up in a deadlock.

-Late Arrival-
Unlocked at the beginning of "Siege of Odawara Castle"

The reason for the upcoming battle is explained and then Masamune Date's
arrival is announced. He walks up to Hideyoshi Toyotomi in his tent, passing by
all of his officers, and bows to him with an apology. He sees Hideyoshi hold a
sword to his neck, but it turns out to only be a folding fan. Hideyoshi says,
"I would take your head, but it's worth more where it is now." Then he shouts
to make the enemy beg for peace.

-Showdown at Sekigahara-
Unlocked at the beginning of "Battle of Sekigahara"

The Western Army is marching and Tadakatsu Honda tells Ieyasu Tokugawa of their
formation. He laughs and declares that the progress he has made to attain peace
cannot be stopped and he will win, as he was meant to win. His army cheers.

-Worthy of Respect-
Unlocked after completing "Pursuit of Yoshihiro"

Ginchiyo Tachibana stands above a defeated Yoshihiro Shimazu. He admits his
defeat and asks that she allow his soldiers to go on to live their lives and in
return, the Shimazu clan will follow her. She tells him what it means to lose.
"You're soldiers die, your lands burn, your people suffer." But she then says
that the Tachibana are different and she would be honored to lead such
admirable opponents.

**                               9. Credits                                  **

Credits to Koei, W-Omega Force, and any others involved in the making of this
great game. Also credits to the real Ginchiyo Tachibana for being worthy enough
to be included in this game.

Also thanks to:
Wikipedia for information on Ginchiyo. (
EChang for information on obtaining Ginchiyo's fourth weapon.
My dear friend, OniWar, for pointing out a few grammatical errors.

**                           10. Update History                              **

September 26
Version 1- Original completed layout.

September 28
Version 1- Edited a few minor typing errors.

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