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Samurai Warriors 2
Jiyu Aifu
Version 1

* Contents *

1. Introduction
2. History Lesson
3. Unlocking No
4. Move List
5. No's Tale
     Chapter 1: Battle of Nagashino
     Chapter 2: Village Rescue
     Chapter 3: Battle of Tedorigawa
     Chapter 4: Fall of the Takeda
     Chapter 5: Incident at Honnoji
     No's Dream: Incident at Shizugatake
6. Weapons
7. Stats
8. Movies
9. Credits
10. Update History
11. Contact Info
12. Copyright

**                             1. Introduction                               **

No is the beautiful, elegant, and sadistic wife of Nobunaga Oda, the so called
Demon King. Her distinctive characteristics are her beauty, her cold, sinister,
better-than-you attitude, and her elegance. And she just has that dangerous
aura about her. And those concealed claws and her bombs confirm that.

No is my favorite character, along with Nobunaga. The reason being mostly
because I identify easily with her character and I find her relationship with
Nobunaga perfect. Though it is no longer that interesting love/hate
relationship as it was in the original Samurai Warriors, it is still a good

No has an interesting moveset, but she is not that easy to use. Despite that,
once you get the hang of her I think you'll find a very enjoyable character.

**                            2. History Lesson                              **

The one absolute fact that is known about No is that she existed. Information
on her is scarce and most of what is known comes from legends, stories, and
speculations. This is all the information I could find on her.

No was the daughter of Dosan Saito, a daimyo in control of the Mino province.
And her mother was a member of the Akechi family. Her real name is Kicho, but
she was commonly called No, or Nohime, meaning "Princess of Mino". In 1549, the
father of Nobunaga Oda, Nobuhide Oda, arranged the marriage of his son with No
to prevent hostilities between the Oda of Owari and the Saito of Mino.

This marriage was strictly political. There was no love between Nobunaga and
No. There is even one story that has No working as a spy, or possibly an
assassin, for her father, who was thought to desire control of Owari. In order
to test her loyalty, Nobunaga gave her false information on two officers of her
father regarding a betrayal. These two men were reported to be executed and
that told Nobunaga all he needed to know about his wife, as well as weakening
the Saito.

Lady No was said to live in seclusion ever since. She never bore a child to
Nobunaga, and she was said to be barren. Nobunaga's first and most successful
son, Nobutada Oda was born from his concubine, Kitsuno.

It's uncertain what became of No after the event at Honnoji which claimed the
lives of Nobunaga, Nobutada, and Ranmaru Mori. Some say she died at Honnoji,
but this could also have been a maid with a name similar to No's. Nobunaga's
wives and female servants were sent to Azuchi Castle after that incident and
among them was a Lady Azuchi. Many believe her to be No.

Nevertheless, No only matters today because of her official status as the wife
of Nobunaga Oda. She gave him no children, neither of them loved each other,
she did not support him in his conquest for Japan, but rather tried to prevent
it. But even so, she is the only one immortalized with a statue at Kiyosu
Castle today.


**                             3. Unlocking No                               **

To unlock No, you need to complete Mitsuhide Akechi's Story Mode to unlock
Magoichi Saika, then complete Magoichi's to unlock Nobunaga Oda, and finally
complete Nobunaga's to unlock No.

**                              4. Move List                                 **

This is a description of No's moveset. Move Lists start out small and then
increase with newer attacks as you level your character. I first listed her
original moveset and then followed with what it becomes at its maximum growth.
The Move List's type refers to what type of attack the character's main
development reflects. And as a note, S refers to the Square button and T refers
to the Triangle button.

Type: Special
The main development is found in the increase of Special Move strength.

Initial Move List:

Normal Attack- S - S - S - S
                  \   \   \
Charge Attack- T   T   T   T

Special 1- R1 + S
Place a mine on the ground

Special 2- R1 + T
Explode mines previously set

Final Move List:

Normal Attack- S - S - S - S - S - S - S - S
                  \   \   \
Charge Attack- T   T   T   T
               |   |   |   |
               T   T   T   T

Special 1- R1 + S - R1 + S - R1 + S
Place a mine on the ground

Special 2- R1 + T - R1 + T - R1 + T
Explode mines previously set

Normal Attacks:
No's normal attack set is relatively the same attack repeated so I just split
it up into where it gets a subtle change.

SS: No spins around and kicks twice.

SS+SSSSS: No spins around and kicks twice, followed by continuous backflips to
          kick the enemy.

SS+SSSSS+S: No spins around and kicks twice, followed by continuous backflips
            to kick the enemy, and ending with No lashing out her claws to her

Running + S: No performs a spin attack with her claws.

Jump + S: No does a backflip and lashes her claws out to her sides.

Charge Attacks:

T: No tosses a bomb forward.

T+T: No tosses a bomb forward followed by another bomb which explodes in an
     area attack.

S+T: No backflips and kicks the enemy in the air.

S+T+T: No backflips and kicks the enemy in the air and as they come down she
       closes her claws on them like scissors.

SS+T: No jumps in the air and brings her foot down on the enemy.

SS+T+T: No jumps in the air and brings her foot down on the enemy, thrusts her
        claw forward, and does a spinning attack.

SSS+T: No performs a spinning area attack.

SSS+T+T: No spins around repeatedly wih her claws and ends it with her SSS+T

Jump + T: No brings her foot down on the ground and backflips back on her feet.

Special Attacks:

This is how No's special works. You use her first special to place the mines,
and her second to make them blow up. You may have multiple mines placed at
once. After you set one, you can move to another position and set another. Then
you can use her second special to make them explode and damage the enemy. If
they are placed in a good pattern and a nice mob or an officer is caught in
between them, this can be a pretty nice move.

R1 + S: No places a mine on the ground. You may place up to two mines at once.
        Placing any more will cause the first of those two to explode.

R1 + S + R1 + S: That is not actually how that control works. For this one you
                 may just place up to four mines. Placing any more will cause
                 the first of those to explode.

R1 + S + R1 + S + R1 + S: Again, that's not actually the right control, but
                          that's how it's organized. Now you may place up to
                          six mines. Placing any more will cause the first of
                          those to explode.

The way the controls for No's second special is listed is inaccurate. Pressing
R1 + T + R1 + T will just cause you to perform her first level Special 2 twice.
Pressing it the way I have it listed here is the appropriate way to do it as
this way goes on into the second and third levels.

R1 + T: No explodes one previously set mine.

R1 + T+T: No explodes one previously set mine, followed by two.

R1 +T+T+T: No explodes one previously set mine, followed by two, followed by

Musou Attack:

Samurai Warriors 2 has a new feature. Instead of filling one Musou Gauge, there
will be a maximum of three gauges to fill. Each one higher will give a stronger
Musou attack than the last. You'll start off with one and as you level your
character it will grow into the next two. You may still also tap the O button
to perform normal attacks with the Musou effect or you may hold the O button to
perform the character's own Musou attack. This here is No's own Musou.

One Gauge: No tosses out a barrage of bombs while slowly stepping backward,
           followed by an area attack.

Two Gauges: No tosses out a barrage of bombs while slowly stepping backward,
            followed by an area attack. The power and length of this one is

Three Gauges: No tosses out a barrage of bombs, which explode with a dark
              energy, while slowly stepping backward, followed by an area
              attack. The power and length of this one is increased.

Double/True Musou: This is just like her regular musou except the damage is
                   increased with an extra lightning element charge and before
                   she does her area attack she throws an extra barrage of

**                              5. No's Tale                                 **

In this section I will walk you through No's Story Mode. I will show the story
for each stage, the victory and defeat conditions, the officers attending the
battle, and I will give a step by step guide on a good way to proceed through
the battle. And note that these stages were done on the Normal difficulty
setting. Other difficulties and circumstances may change the way the stage goes
for you, but these will just provide a basic guide. Feel free to play the
stages however you want to though.

                       "To Hell and back, if necessary."

-                        Chapter 1: Battle of Nagashino                       -

         "My life belongs to him. I will sacrifice it for him gladly."

                          Oda-Tokugawa VS Takeda Army

Lady No was the wife of Nobunaga Oda. She was always by his side, closer to him
than his own shadow.

Her husband had sent a shockwave throughout Japan when he attacked and defeated
the Imagawa clan at Okehazama.

In response to this, other lords throughout the land unified themselves against
Nobunaga. They called themselves the "Anti-Nobunaga Coalition" and they had
him surrounded on all sides.

Katsuyori Takeda, leader of the coalition, made the first move, marching with
the legendary Takeda cavalry to face off with Nobunaga at Nagashino.

The upcoming battle would be a grueling one. Nobunaga was thankful that his
beloved wife No was there at his side...

  Victory: Defeat all enemy officers.
  Defeat: Nobunaga or Ieyasu is defeated, or Katsuyori reaches the Escape

-Oda-Tokugawa-                     -Takeda Army-

Nobunaga Oda                       Katsuyori Takeda
Ieyasu Tokugawa                    Yukimura Sanada
No                                 Nobufusa Baba
Katsuie Shibata                    Masakage Yamagata
Hideyoshi Hashiba                  Masatoyo Naito
Mitsuhide Akechi                   Masatsugu Tsuchiya
Nobutada Oda                       Nobukimi Anayama
Kazumasu Takigawa                  Masateru Sanada
Toshiie Maeda                      Nobuzane Takeda
Nobumori Sakuma                    Nobukado Takeda
Tadakatsu Honda                    Nobushige Oyamada
Yasumasa Sakakibara                Nobutsuna Sanada
Nobumasa Okudaira                  Masatane Hara
                                   Moritomo Saegusa

1) You'll start off with a mission to prevent the Takeda Army from entering the
allied main camp. Put that on hold for a moment and head up to Maruyama
garrison. You'll get a mission to defeat Nobufusa Baba and protect it. I would
do that first.

2) Defeat Masatoyo Naito, Masakage Yamagata, Masatsugu Tsuchiya, and Yukimura
Sanada to complete the mission to prevent the Takeda from entering your main
camp. This can be a little hard since the mounted enemy soldiers can be pretty
strong and when you're just starting to play with No, they can be quite brutal
so be careful of them.

3) Afterward, wait for the Takeda main camp gates to open and immediately chase
down Katsuyori Takeda and defeat him before he can escape.

4) Now you'll just be slaughtering the remainder of the Takeda Army and they'll
all pretty much be together attacking your army. Take your pick. Assist Ieyasu
or Nobunaga first.

5) It doesn't really matter how you proceed at this point. Just massacre the
remaining officers. Ieyasu will probably need help more than Nobunaga so you
might want to head for his aid first. Yukimura Sanada will also come back for
another beating.

6) After defeating the remaining Takeda officers, you'll complete the stage.

-                          Chapter 2: Village Rescue                          -

     "I cannot forgive those who torment my beloved. Not even if I tried."

                             Villagers VS Bandits

With No's help, Nobunaga overcame the Takeda cavalry and the Oda enjoyed
victory at Nagashino.

However, the resistance to Nobunaga's conquest would not end there.

Nobunaga's chief officers, Mitsuhide and Hideyoshi, were struggling to hold off
his enemies and lost several battles. The Oda Army was faced with a desperate

Then, the Anti-Nobunaga Coalition tried a new tactic. They incited a group of
bandits settled within Nobunaga's territory to riot, thus turning even the
common people against him.

When No received word that her husband's people were suffering at the hands of
the bandits, she set out to the mountains by herself in order to stop them.

  Victory: Defeat the Marauder.
  Defeat: All peasants are eliminated, or any Main Camp is captured.

-Villagers-                     -Bandits-
No                              Raider
Peasant                         Raider
Peasant                         Raider
Peasant                         Raider
Peasant                         Raider
Reinforcements-                 Raider
Peasant                         Raider

                                Yoshikata Rokkaku

1) Head straight and defeat the two Raiders ahead of you.

2) Now the east garrison will be getting attacked so run on over there and
defeat the two Raiders to save it.

3) Afterward, more Raiders will appear and they will attack the Peasants. Go up
to defeat two more Raiders to rescue them.

4) Now the village gates will open. Head down and knock off that Reserve
Captain and then head on into the village. Once you do, you'll be locked inside
and four more Raiders will arrive to attack the west garrison. Defeat the four
Raiders inside to retake the village and open the gates.

5) Now both the west and east garrisons should be in trouble. The east is just
being attacked by normal soldiers while the west has four Raiders assaulting
it. Take your pick. The west has a greater threat, but they have more troops to
defend themselves while the east only has few. In the process of doing this,
three more Raiders will arrive and attack the village.

6) When you enter the village again you'll get a mission to score 100 KOs in 90
seconds. This is not exactly easy to do because there are only small mobs
scattered around the village and running around to go attack another one wastes
a lot of time.

7) Afterward, the Marauder will finally arrive with two more Raiders and
Yoshikata Rokkaku. Defeat the three Raiders in the village if you have not done
so, then head up to defeat those two Raiders up north.

8) Now go back and defeat Yoshikata Rokkaku and the Marauder to complete the

-                       Chapter 3: Battle of Tedorigawa                       -

   "Those who have pledged loyalty to my beloved must not be left to fall."

                            Oda Army VS Uesugi Army

No single-handedly destroyed the bandit settlement in the mountains. Thus the
coalition's plans had been foiled, but the Oda clan was far from safety.

Kenshin Uesugi, the strongest of the Oda's many enemies, decided he would
forever purge the land of the villain known as Nobunaga.

Again, Mitsuhide and Hideyoshi did their best to protect their lord, but
Nobunaga's forces were nearly decimated by Kenshin.

What was left of his army was now trapped at Tedorigara. Determined to get them
out alive, Nobunaga and No personally marched to the rescue...

  Victory: Defeat Kenshin.
  Defeat: Nobunaga is defeated.

-Oda Army-                     -Uesugi Army-

Nobunaga Oda                   Kenshin Uesugi
No                             Kanetsugu Naoe
Mitsuhide Akechi               Yataro Onikojima
Hideyoshi Hashiba              Tomonobu Saito
Katsuie Shibata                Nagahide Yasuda
Toshiie Maeda                  Takahiro Kitajo
Nagahide Niwa                  Naganori Kawada
Kazumasu Takigawa              Nagazane Irobe
                               Shigenaga Honjo
                               Kagemochi Amakasu
                               Masashige Jojo
                               Kagetsugu Amakasu
                               Nagaatsu Shimura
                               Shigeie Shimura

                               Chikanori Suibara
                               Mototada Kasuga
                               Kagekatsu Uesugi

1) Begin by defeating Kagetsugu Amakasu and Shigeie Shimura.

2) Most of your allies will be isolated by the enemy so now you have to go and
rescue them. If you're not quick enough, some of them may be defeated. Start
out by assisting Hideyoshi Hashiba by defeating Naganori Kawada.

3) Now help out Toshiie Maeda by defeating Shigenaga Honjo.

4) Then go and help Katsuie Shibata by defeating Takahiro Kitajo.

5) Now assist Kazumasu Takigawa and defeat Kagemochi Amakasu.

6) And if Nagahide Niwa is still alive, go aid his escape by defeating Nagahide

7) Mitsuhide Akechi will have been fighting the Peasants and he will start to
question Nobunaga's methods and leave the battlefield soon. Move over to where
your allies are running to and get rid of Nagaatsu Shimura.

8) Now I'd say don't do anything until Kanetsugu Naoe reaches Funaoka Castle.
Just hang out in that western area and help your allies defeat any remaining
enemies there. Once Kanetsugu reaches the castle, he'll close the flood gates
which will rearrange the paths you can travel along. Reinforcements will also
arrive for the Uesugi Army.

9) The Uesugi Army will begin advancing against you. How far they get will be
determined by how many allies you rescued and how long you take. They will all
be heading for your main camp so the next few steps to defeat them may be off
for different experiences. This is how it may basically go if you saved
everyone and can defeat them pretty quickly.

10) Start by knocking out Kanetsugu Naoe and the Peasant with him.

11) Then move up and defeat Mototada Kasuga and another Peasant.

12) Move along and defeat Masashige Jojo, Tomonobu Saito, and Nagazane Irobe.

13) Chikanori Suibara and a Peasant should be heading down to cross over to
your main camp. Defeat them.

14) Kagekatsu Uesugi and two Peasants will arrive right at your main camp in an
ambush. Quickly go and dispose of them.

15) Time to finish off the War God. Enter the Uesugi camp and defeat Yataro
Onikojima first. Kenshin will insult you and your husband, so show him how sharp
your claws are and slay him. That will complete the stage.

-                        Chapter 4: Fall of the Takeda                        -

   "Pointless resistance, petty revenge. It's time for this misery to end."

                         Oda Coalition VS Takeda Army

Nobunaga and No stole victory from the Uesugi Army, and by the day's end,
Kenshin lay dead in the waters of Tedorigawa. The greatest remaining threat to
the Oda clan was Katsuyori Takeda, lord of Kai.

Nobunaga called on his allies, the Tokugawa and Hojo clans, to create a
formidable new army. Before long, he had defeated the Takeda as well.

Katsuyori fled, seeking refuge with Masayuki Sanada at Ueda Castle. There he
welcomed remnants from the defeated Uesugi Army into what was left of his own
and waited, for the Oda were again closing in to attack...

  Victory: Defeat Masayuki and Katsuyori.
  Defeat: Nobunaga is defeated.

-Oda Coalition-                     -Takeda Army-

Nobunaga Oda                        Masayuki Sanada
Ieyasu Tokugawa                     Katsuyori Takeda
Ujimasa Hojo                        Yukimura Sanada
Nobutada Oda                        Kanetsugu Naoe
No                                  Nobuyuki Sanada
Tadatsugu Sakai                     Morinobu Nishina
Ujiteru Hojo                        Shigenori Suzuki
Kotaro Fuma                         Nobutomo Akiyama
Nobukimi Anayama                    Nobutoyo Takeda
Yoshimasa Kiso                      Kagekatsu Uesugi
Nobushige Oyamada                   Tomonobu Saito
                                    Takahiro Kitajo
                                    Iyo Tomizawa
                                    Yorisada Yazawa
                                    Zushonosuke Yumoto
                                    Yukishige Yokotani

                                    Noritsuna Yazawa
                                    Masanobu Kosaka
                                    Bitchu Kozuki
                                    Mino Kaneko
                                    Genba Karasawa
                                    Kotaro Fuma

1) Nobukimi Anayama, Yoshimasa Kiso, and Nobushige Oyamada defected to the Oda.
If any of them are defeated, the Oda Coalition's morale will drop. Your first
task is to protect them. Start out by heading for Toishi Castle and defeating
Morinobu Nishina. Go straight up and take a left through that tunnel and then
continue going straight up to the castle to get there. Ueda's west gate will
also close.

2) Now head for Nobukimi Anayama. Rescue him by defeating Nobutoyo Takeda and
Noritsuna Yazawa.

3) Nobushige Oyamada will start heading for Ueda's south gate. Race over to
rescue him from Masanobu Kosaka. Take out that Reserve Captain as well.

4) Ujimasa Hojo will send Kotaro Fuma off and he'll disappear for a while. Then
the Hojo Army will retreat due to a supposed revolt in Odawara. (You can tell
what's coming.) That will leave Yoshimasa Kiso all by himself so go down and
help him out by defeating Takahiro Kitajo and Tomonobu Saito.

5) Head back over to Nobushige Oyamada who should start fighting with the
Uesugi officers and you'll get a mission to defeat the Uesugi Army. Defeat
Kagekatsu Uesugi and Kanetsugu Naoe.

6) Go up toward the entrance to Ueda Castle and defeat Shigenori Suzuki.

7) Once Nobushige Oyamada joins you at the entrance, Katsuyori Takeda will be
furious and charge out the entrance at him. Defeat Nobutomo Akiyama,
Zushonosuke Yumoto, Iyo Tomizawa, and Katsuyori Takeda as they come out from
the castle.

8) An ambush will appear at the allied main camp. Oh no! Run down and help
Nobunaga. Defeat Bitchu Kozuki, Mino Kaneko, and Genba Karasawa.

9) Go back up to the castle and defeat Yukishige Yokotani and Yorisada Yazawa.
Now enter the castle itself.

10) There are two paths leading from the castle, the right one is a dead end so
take the left one to meet up with Yukimura Sanada and Nobuyuki Sanada. Defeat
the two of them and continue upstairs.

11) When you reach the second floor you'll find that Masayuki is not there. But
guess who is? It's Kotaro Fuma, which means the Hojo were conspiring against
you. Defeat him to open up the secret room where Masayuki is hiding.

12) Take the other stairway leading to the other area downstairs and defeat
Masayuki Sanada to complete the stage.

-                       Chapter 5: Incident at Honnoji                        -

      "Mitsuhide has revealed his claws. I can't wait to show him mine."

                            Oda Army VS Akechi Army

The Oda had now completely destroyed the Takeda and Uesugi, their greatest
enemies in the east. Ready to deal with his opponents in the west, Nobunaga
ordered his men to return to the capital.

While he and No lodged at Honnoji, Nobunaga sent Mitsuhide to assist Hideyoshi,
who was already leading a military campaign in Japan's west.

However, Mitsuhide's reinforcements never reached Hideyoshi. After great
deliberation, Mitsuhide decided to lead them toward Honnoji instead...

  Victory: Defeat Mitsuhide.
  Defeat: Nobunaga is defeated.

-Oda Army-                     -Akechi Army-

Nobunaga Oda                   Hidemitsu Akechi
No                             Kaneaki Mimaki
Ranmaru Mori                   Toshimitsu Saito
Nobutada Oda                   Junkei Tsutsui
Naonori Akaza                  Shigetomo Akechi
Sadakatsu Murai                Sadayuki Atsuji
Shoju Ogura                    Katsusada Shibata
Jinsuke Yuasa                  Sadaoki Ise
                               Masachika Matsuda
                               Nobuharu Tsuda
                               Kunitsugu Yasuda

                               Mitsuhide Akechi
                               Fujitaka Hosokawa
                               Tadaoki Hosokawa

1) Begin by defeating Kunitsugu Yasuda and Nobuharu Tsuda. You don't have many
troops in this battle and the few allies you have up north will drop like
flies. You should just hang out by Nobunaga and Ranmaru and wait for the enemy
officers to come to you, which they will. Rack up a lot of KOs while you're

2) Or if you want a little something more to do, you can go rescue Nobutada
Oda. After taking out the two aforementioned officers near Nobunaga already,
head up to Nijo Castle and defeat Kaneaki Mimaki and Hidemistu Akechi to save

3) Now return to your beloved husband's side. There should be a rifle unit
bothering him now and Katsusada Shibata and Toshimitsu Saito should be the
next two goons attacking him. You know what to do to them. Make it painful.

4) Continue defeating the officers coming down to Nobunaga and Mitsuhide Akechi
will arrive during that process along with Fujitaka Hosokawa and Tadaoki
Hosokawa. Ranmaru will dart after him. Follow him after defeating everyone
else, and finish off Mitsuhide to complete the stage.

Completing this stage unlocks No's final movie, Into the Depths. It also
unlocks her Dream stage.

                       "To Hell for good, if necessary."

-                    No's Dream: Incident at Shizugatake                      -

  "The epitomy of beauty. That is what it means to be the Demon King's wife."

                             Oda Army VS Azai Army

Being Nobunaga's wife, Lady No had gotten to know her husband's younger sister,
Oichi, very well. And she did not like her.

Oichi was the type of girl who rarely spoke her mind. She disliked imposing on
others, and always did what she was told. She was weak-willed and subservient,
two qualities that annoyed No to no end.

Even worse, many men throughout the land found those same qualities charming.
An increasng number of people were even beginning to agree that Lady Oichi was
the most beautiful woman in all Japan.

No boiled into a rage whenever she thought of being outdone by her
sister-in-law. One day, she decided to invite Oichi to meet her at Shizugatake,
Oichi agreed, and No immediately began sharpening her claws...

  Victory: Defeat all enemy officers.
  Defeat: Nobunaga or No is defeated.

-Oda Army-                     -Azai Army-
Nobunaga Oda                   Nagamasa Azai
No                             Oichi
Kazumasu Takigawa              Keijun Miyabe
Nagahide Niwa                  Naotsune Endo
Yoshinari Mori                 Kiyotsuna Akao
Toshiie Maeda                  Tsunachika Kaiho
                               Sadayuki Atsuji
Nene                           Reinforcements-
                               Ginchiyo Tachibana
                               Ranmaru Mori

I simply love this stage. If not only for the story behind it, then for the
cheeky comments everyone makes throughout it. No starting a battle with Oichi
to decide who's more beautiful. I never expected that, though it doesn't really
surprise me. Let's get to it!

1) Start off by defeating Sadayuki Atsuji. Okuni will soon arrive on Oichi's

2) Go over to Tsunachika Kaiho and show him just how beautiful you are by
smacking his life bar away.

3) Okuni will attack Yoshinari Mori. Rescue him by defeating the dancing
damsel. Nene will also arrive on your side, after all, she wouldn't want you to
do anything bad to her beloved monkey husband.

4) Go over to Naotsune Endo and beat some sense into him to make him recognize
your beauty. Then do the same to Kiyotsuna Akao.

5) Nagamasa Azai will come after you in order to defend his wife. Take out your
claws and show him that he got stuck with the wrong woman.

6) Oichi will begin advancing now, but save her for last. First go show Keijun
Miyabe how gorgeous you are.

7) Now, it's time. Go over to Oichi and take her down, for she can't possibly
compare with your beauty. Now it's proven.

8) But it's not over yet! Now Ginchiyo Tachibana comes out from nowhere,
arguing that she is most beautiful since her clan is the strongest. Show her
how wrong she is.

9) Nene will switch sides, stating that you need to be punished for starting
this nonsense. Defeat her as well and instill terror in her heart for the
safety of her husband.

10) Now here comes Ina. With her father being the perfect man, she says it's
only right that she's the perfect woman. Educate her in the art of beauty with
your claws.

11) I believe we've run out of women to compete with, but there's still one
more to overcome. I think we can all agree that Ranmaru Mori is very beautiful
for a boy, but not as much as No. Stick your claws through him and become the
reigning queen of beauty!

And that completes No's Story Mode. If this was the first Dream stage you did,
you'll unlock the Credits 2 movie. You'll also now unlock Oichi's Dream stage
for when you finish her Story Mode.

**                               6. Weapons                                  **

Everyone has four weapons. The first three can be gotten randomly, though the
increased difficulty and higher the Discern skill will increase your chances of
finding a more powerful version of these three weapons. The fourth weapon can
only be obtained on the Hard difficulty setting in Story Mode and you must have
completed that character's Story Mode. You do not need to complete their Dream
stage though. You will then have to fulfill certain requirements to obtain the
fourth weapon. These are No's weapons, including how to obtain the fourth.

Hand Claw-
   Base Attack- 19

Spider Sting-
   Base Attack- 28

Scorpion Tail-
   Base Attack- 36

Delicious Venom-
   Base Attack- 44
   Element- Wind
     Musou        +38
     Defense      +36
     Speed        +37
     Musou Charge +36

        Obtaining Delicious Venom

You must play No's fifth stage in Story Mode, "Incident at Honnoji" on the
Hard difficulty after completing her Story Mode.

What you must do is allow Ranmaru Mori to be defeated with Nobutada Oda still
alive. You must also complete the mission to rescue Nobutada and you must NOT
trigger the mission to assist Ranmaru when he goes after Mitsuhide Akechi.

1) Begin by defeating Kunitsugu Yasuda and Nobuharu Tsuda.

2) Now head up to Nijo Castle where Nobutada Oda is. You'll have to run through
that little alley maze near the main path due to the fire attack. Once you get
there, you'll be given a mission to rescue Nobutada. Complete this mission by
defeating Kaneaki Mimaki and Hidemistu Akechi.

3) Now head back down to Nobunaga. Nobutada will probably be fine for the rest
of the stage, but if he does run into trouble then you'll want to go and help

4) Now just kill enemies and take out officers as they come while you wait for
Mitsuhide Akechi to arrive. Once he does, Ranmaru Mori will go after him. Do
NOT follow him. Wait for Ranmaru to be defeated. However, if you approach him
while he's fighting Mitsuhide, you'll trigger a mission to assist him. You must
NOT trigger this mission.

5) Once Ranmaru is defeated and with Nobutada still alive after completing the
mission to help him, the Supply Team will show up in the west and head east.
Defeat the Supply Captain for the weapon and then finish the stage normally.

**                                7. Stats                                   **

These are No's stats. First I will show her beginning stats followed by her
stats when they are maxed.

Beginning Stats:

Life      115
Musou     96
Attack    88
Defense   88
Ride      87
Speed     106
Dex       100
Luck      93

Maximum Stats:

Life      289
Musou     288
Attack    181
Defense   181
Ride      173
Speed     171
Dex       165
Luck      189

**                               8. Movies                                   **

No has three movies. Each of them is unlocked by progressing through her Story
Mode. I will show the name of each movie, what stage you get them from, and
give a brief description of what happens in them.

-A Conqueror is Born-
Unlocked at the beginning of "Battle of Nagashino"

It begins at Okehazama. Nobunaga Oda leads his force down on the enemy and he
is shown killing quite a few enemy soldiers. A palanquin is surrounded by his
soldiers, wielding spears. They then thrust their weapons through it.

Then Nobunaga is in his tent, with No and Ranmaru Mori at his sides and all his
officers present. He talks of his vision and how the land was born on might,
how it runs on might, and that he intends to take it by force. He calls out his
officers' names and declares the attack on the Takeda.

-Dance of Death-
Unlocked at the beginning of "Incident at Honnoji"

Mitsuhide Akechi is leading an army while Nobunaga Oda is in Honnoji. He is
dancing between a few candles, taking out their flames with a folding fan while
No slowly beats a drum. Ranmaru Mori then slides open the door and reports that
Mitsuhide has betrayed them. "Let him come." says Nobunaga.

-Into the Depths-
Unlocked after completing "Incident at Honnoji"

Nobunaga Oda and No stand before a burning Honnoji. Nobunaga asks No if she
will follow him. She says, "Anywhere, my lord." Then they both turn around and
walk away from the enflamed temple.

**                               9. Credits                                  **

Credits to Koei, W-Omega Force, and any others involved in the making of this
great game. Also credits to the real Lady No for being worthy enough to be
included in this game, as thin as that line may have been.

Also thanks to:
Wikipedia for information on No.

Rainforest Wind for information on No.

Samurai Archives for very little information on No and Nobunaga Oda.

EChang for information on obtaining No's fourth weapon.

My dear friend, OniWar, for pointing out a few grammatical errors.

**                           10. Update History                              **

September 28
Version 1- Original completed layout.

October 1
Version 1- Edited a few typing errors.

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