Keiji Maeda by Sima Zhongda

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       Character Guide: Keiji Maeda
               Version 1.00
         Created by: Sima Zhongda


 1. Introduction
 2. About Keiji Maeda
 3. Unlocking Keiji Maeda
 4. Keiji's Tale
     4.1 Siege of Odawara Castle
     4.2 Rescue of Mitsunari
     4.3 Pirate Hunt
     4.4 Battle of Hasedo
     4.5 Siege of Edo Castle
     4.6 Keiji's Dream: Tournament of Champions
 5. Weapons
     5.1 General List
     5.2 Obtaining the Fourth Weapon
 6. Moves
     6.1 Move List
     6.2 Normal Attacks
     6.3 Charge Attacks
     6.4 Special Moves
     6.5 Musou
 7. Statistics
 8. Thanks and Credits
 9. Copyright and Contact Information

  1. Introduction

Keiji Maeda, the Wild One, the Insurmountable, the one who loves battle more
than life itself, has inspired the creation of this guide. He is an extremely
powerful warrior whose personality combines a wild, free spirit with a very
strong sense of honor and friendship.

As usual, the FAQ intends to cover the most relevant aspects of gameplay as
Keiji Maeda in Samurai Warriors 2. And since there is no official strategy guide
for the American version of the game, the majority of the information provided
here derives from my own experience, so bear with me. All other credits are
listed in the corresponding section, at the end of the document. Now let us

  2. About Keiji Maeda

Keiji Maeda was the adopted son of Toshihisa Maeda. When the house of Maeda was
passed along to Toshiie Maeda, Keiji took to the road and soon gained honor and
fame in various battles. He rode his horse Shofu into battle, brandishing a
two-pronged spear. He was barred from Toyotomi’s Kyushu campaign for his wild
ways. But Kagekatsu Uesugi’s trusted assistant Kanetsugu Naoe liked him and
invited him to provide aide in the attack against the Honma family on the island
of Sado. Afterwards, he returned to the capital and devoted himself to art and
literature. When Tokugawa challenged Uesugi, he once again fought with Uesugi’s
army. During the battle against Mogami, he broke through the enemy base with
only eight riders and blew the enemy formation apart. 


  3. Unlocking Keiji Maeda

In order to unlock Keiji Maeda, complete Kanetsugu Naoe's Tale (unlocked by
completing Yukimura Sanada's Tale).

  4. Keiji's Tale

This section is dedicated to a detailed explanation of Keiji's Tale, stage by
stage. For the sake of making the guide as helpful as possible, I have included
a walkthrough for each battle; however, walkthroughs are based solely on my
experience and are by no means the only way to get things done. The proposed
strategies have been deviced in Hard difficulty setting.

4.1 Siege of Odawara Castle

     It was a few years following Nobunaga's death at Honnoji that Hideyoshi
     began to pursue his late master's ambitions as his own. Before long,
     Hideyoshi forced the surrender of Masamune Date, ruler of Oshu, leaving the
     Hojo in Odawara as his only adversary. In the year 1590, Hideyoshi gathered
     his vassals from far and wide and set forth to conquer Odawara in an
     attempt to unify the land under his rule.

     Standing among the many warriors in Hideyoshi's western army, the figure of
     Keiji Maeda could be seen. A giant of a man, Keiji loved battle more than
     life itself...


            "So this fight is gonna determine who rules the land, huh?
                             This is gonna be sweet!"

                           [Toyotomi Army vs Hojo Army]

Time Limit: 60'00"00
Victory Condition: Defeat Ujimasa.
Defeat Condition: Hideyoshi is defeated.


     The Toyotomi army is attacking Odawara Castle, and Mitsunari Ishida
     determines that it would be of great help if Hideyoshi and his allies had a
     castle of their own. Mt. Ishigaki seems like a good construction site, but
     it is currently occupied by the enemy; seize control of it [Mission] so
     that Mitsunari may carry out his project. This causes the Hojo officers
     positioned inside the north garrison to advance towards the allied main
     camp, but Yukimura Sanada and Sakon Shima are nearby, so let them handle
     the situation for now. The most immediate concern is that Ujimitsu Hojo and
     Ujinori Uesugi, who are positioned inside the south garrison, become
     suspicious as Mt. Ishigaki is taken, and decide to investigate; stop them
     before they reach Mt. Ishigaki [Mission] and use this chance to close the
     two enemy entry points to the south as well.

     Also around this time, Kanbei Kuroda and his group of engineers arrive at
     the southwest, with the intention of building the castle; however, they are
     trapped inside a garrison with enemy officer Ujitada Hojo, so hurry to
     assist them and clear the path to Mt. Ishigaki so that they may begin their
     task (note that Kanbei will stop and fight whatever enemy units he finds
     along the way, so the area must be entirely clear for him to advance).

     Once Kanbei and his engineers are on their way to Mt. Ishigaki, go north
     and get rid of Ujitaka Hojo and Norisada Ueda before they enter the allied
     main camp [Mission]. From here, head southeast to eliminate Yasusato
     Matsuda (he enjoys destroying the siege ramp that Kanbei sends to Odawara
     upon finishing the construction of the castle), as well as the other enemy
     officers outside the walls of Odawara Castle.

     Mitsunari and Kanbei should be done with their work by now, which greatly
     lowers the Hojo army's morale. Kotaro Fuuma closes the gate of Odawara, but
     it is possible to enter the castle either via siege ramp if it is there, or
     through the northeast after defeating the enemy officers that guard the
     corresponding gate. Whichever the case, setting foot inside the castle
     causes Norihide Matsuda, who has betrayed the Hojo and joined Hideyoshi's
     forces, to be discovered; find this treacherous man and rescue him
     [Mission]; he is inside a room to the south, within the castle walls.

     After the battlefield has been cleared of enemy officers, the next part
     begins: enter Odawara Castle itself, in order to search for the enemy
     commander. It can be accessed through the center of the walled area. The 
     castle is relatively small, but on the first two floors there are doors
     that must be opened through a mechanism; a ninja explains that the
     mechanism to open the door on the first floor is on the second floor, and
     the mechanism to open the door on the second floor is on the first floor.
     Here is the basic layout of the castle:

            Floor 1
                                _   ________
                           ____| | |        |
                        2F|____  |_|        |
                           ____| D_         |
                          | _____| |_  _____|       M - Mechanism
                       ___||___     _||_____        D - Door
                      |        |   |______  |       X - To battlefield
                      |        |    ____  | |      2F - To Floor 2
                      |        |   |M   |_| |
                     X|________|   |        |

            Floor 2
                        ________   _________
                       |  ______| |  _____  |
                       | |    1F  | |  ___| |
                       | |________| | |M    |
                       |         _  | |     |       M - Mechanism
                       |        | |_| |_   _|       D - Door
                       |        |      _|D|_       1F - To Floor 1
                       |________|  _  |     |      3F - To Floor 3
                                3F| | |     |
                                  | |_|     |

            Floor 3 (Main Keep)
                               |            |
                               |  _         |      2F - To Floor 2
                               | | |     H  |       H - Ujimasa Hojo
                             2F|_| |________|

     The idea is simple: go to Floor 2 and activate the mechanism to open the
     door on Floor 1, which grants access to the area where the mechanism to
     open the door on Floor 2 is. Activate said mechanism, return to Floor 2 and
     continue to Floor 3, where Ujimasa Hojo can be found and defeated... Or so
     it seemed. Upon his defeat, Kotaro Fuuma appears (in hyper mode) and says
     that the man inside the castle was not the real Ujimasa Hojo, who, by the
     way, is now heading for the allied main camp with three of his officers.
     Defeat Kotaro Fuuma, quickly exit the castle and eliminate what remains of
     the Hojo clan, and finally Ujimasa. Thus Hideyoshi's last powerful enemy
     vanishes into oblivion.

4.2 Rescue of Mitsunari

     The Hojo in Odawara stood little chance against the sheer size of
     Hideyoshi's forces and were soon defeated. However, following Hideyoshi's
     death, many of the retainers who had once served the Toyotomi faithfully
     now pledged their loyalty to the charismatic Ieyasu Tokugawa instead.
     Ieyasu welcomed these new recruits into his army and set forth to eradicate
     Mitsunari Ishida, the loyal retainer of the Toyotomi.

     Always in search of a challenge, Keiji decided to help the weak and
     isolated forces of Mitsunari...


       "Helping these poor fellas could cost me my life. Ain't I heroic?"

                        [Ishida Army vs Anti-Ishida Army]

Time Limit: 60'00"00
Victory Condition: Mitsunari arrives at the Escape Point
Defeat Condition: Mitsunari or Kanetsugu is defeated.


     The main goal in this stage is to ensure the survival of Mitsunari Ishida
     and Kanetsugu Naoe. Start by eliminating Yoshiaki Kato and then go towards
     Kanetsugu. When what seems to be Hanzo Hattori appears in a nearby alley,
     defeat him, and then aid Kanetsugu, who has been ambushed. Kill the Spy
     Captain within the area; more Spy Captains soon appear, but instead of
     defeating each one of them, head for Honnoji and eliminate their leader,
     Kiyomasa Kato, while breaking through Honnoji [Mission]. At this point,
     Hanzo Hattori's doubles attempt to take the lives of Kanetsugu and
     Mitsunari; defeat all of the Hanzo Hattoris [Mission], as well as all other
     enemy generals at Nijo Castle and its surroundings.

     Reinforcements of the Anti-Mitsunari Coalition arrive soon after the last
     enemy officer is defeated, which causes Mitsunari to initiate his retreat.
     Kanetsugu stays behind to hold off the enemy, but he can take care of
     himself; focus on defeating the enemy reinforcements [Mission] while
     escorting Mitsunari to the escape point. Kiyomasa Kato returns with a few
     other generals as Mitsunari approaches the east side of the map, so defeat
     them, as well as the real Hanzo, in order to clear the path. The stage ends
     when Mitsunari reaches the escape point.

4.3 Pirate Hunt

     Thanks to Keiji's incredible strength and prowess, Mitsunari's forces were
     able to seize victory from the jaws of defeat. Along the way, Keiji
     befriended Kanetsugu Naoe, and chose to follow him back to his home to
     serve under the Uesugi.

     When the two men arrived, they were greeted with pleas from the people to
     stave off recent pirate raids that had plagued the region. After the long,
     uneventful ride from Kyoto, Keiji was more than happy to oblige...


           "Sure, being a pirate has its allure, but killing pirates?
                            That's the life for me!"

                             [Fishermen vs Pirates]

Time Limit: 60'00"00
Victory Condition: Defeat the Marauder.
Defeat Condition: All peasants are eliminated, or any Main Camp is captured.


     This stage is rather simple. The objective is to defend the Peasants and
     their two main camps (one at the northwest and one at the southeast) from
     the Raiders. First, proceed due southeast through the pirate ships, beating
     pirates [Mission] and protecting Peasants [Mission] along the way; also,
     defend the southeast garrison [Mission]. This is the end of the first wave.

     Now for the second wave, head northwest, defeating pirates along the way.
     Defend the northwest garrison [Mission]; then go back to the ships and
     rescue some Peasants that have been trapped by pirates [Mission].

     The third and final wave is concentrated on the south area, and aims for
     the southeast garrison. Defeat the three Raiders in order to gain access to
     the Marauder, who must be eliminated in order to win the battle.

4.4 Battle of Hasedo*

     Faced with Keiji's amazing heroics, the pirates fled and were never heard
     from again. Kanetsugu was grateful for this favor, and the friendship
     between him and Keiji grew stronger than ever.

     As the years passed, Kanetsugu became increasingly angered by Ieyasu's
     attempts to seize the land. In response, he allied himself with Mitsunari
     Ishida and attempted to overthrow the despotic Ieyasu. The plan ended in
     failure, and Ieyasu turned westward and defeated Mitsunari at Sekigahara.
     Mitsunari's whereabouts after the battle were unknown.

     Meanwhile, Kanetsugu was being pursued by one of Ieyasu's strongest allies,
     Masamune Date. Suddenly, Keiji Maeda appeared, intent on rescuing his good
     friend despite facing certain death...


       "I wonder if we're gonna survive this... Ohh, I love the suspense!"

                           [Uesugi Army vs Date-Mogami]

Time Limit: 60'00"00
Victory Condition: The allied officers arrive at the Escape Point.
Defeat Condition: Kanetsugu is defeated.


     So, uncle Keiji's task is to aid Kanetsugu's escape from the Date-Mogami
     Army, for which it is necessary to clear a series of five gates. In order
     to break through the first gate [Mission], defeat Yoshiaki Mogami. This
     causes enemy reinforcements to appear between the first and second gates;
     eliminate them and break through the second gate [Mission]. Now head for
     the area between the second and third gates, defeat the enemies present and
     wait for Kanetsugu and the others to catch up.

     As the group approaches the third gate, Masakage Rusu and two other enemy
     officers appear from the south; this is just the first wave. Stop the enemy
     at the third gate [Mission] while Kanetsugu moves on forward; this means no
     enemy officers must be allowed to clear the gate. To waves of the Date
     Army's rear guard and one of the Mogami Army's reinforcements, Yoshiaki
     Mogami returns with three other enemy officers, all in hyper mode; they try
     to chase Kanetsugu more actively than the previous waves, so be on guard
     and do not let them pass.

     Once all the enemy reinforcements have been taken care of, rendezvous with
     Kanetsugu. The only obstacles left are Masamune Date and his two officers,
     who arrive from the north (Victory Condition has changed). Defeat Masamune
     in order to complete the stage.

* This stage contains Keiji's fourth weapon (for more information, see section
  5.2 of this guide).

4.5 Siege of Edo Castle

     Thanks to Keiji's efforts, Kanetsugu was able to win the battle at Hasedo
     and escape from the clutches of Masamune Date. Kanetsugu, joined by his
     friend Yukimura Sanada, decided to attack Ieyasu's son Hidetada at Edo
     Castle, in an attempt to avenge the deceased Mitsunari.

     Moved by this show of friendship and loyalty, Keiji decided to join them as
     they began the march towards Edo. Ieyasu, however, was already aware of the
     coming assault, and was preparing a massive army of his own in response...


      "This battle's gonna go down in history. Hey, I wonder if I will too?"

                       [Uesugi Coalition vs Tokugawa Army]

Time Limit: 60'00"00
Victory Condition: Defeat Hidetada.
Defeat Condition: Kagekatsu, Kanetsugu, or Keiji is defeated.


     Keiji's first objective in this battle is to take over the main keep of Edo
     Castle before Ieyasu Tokugawa's main force arrives. Break through the north
     gate, defeating enemy officers along the way, and head for the main keep.
     Once inside the castle, go to the second floor and proceed south in order
     to seize control of the small keep first [Mission]; then return to the main
     keep, defeat Ina and continue advancing to the third floor, where Hidetada
     Tokugawa awaits.

     After Hidetada is slain (Victory Condition has changed), Hanzo Hattori
     appears at the allied main camp and, together with four other enemy
     generals, attacks Kagekatsu Uesugi; quickly exit the castle and assist the
     commander. Soon afterwards, upon Ieyasu's arrival, Kagekatsu accepts
     Kanetsugu Naoe's suggestion of moving the main camp to Edo Castle, and
     advances towards the main keep; escort him along the way [Mission].

     But Ieyasu is not willing to accept the loss of Edo Castle so easily. In an
     effort to eliminate Kagekatsu, he sends Masamune Date and Tadakatsu Honda
     to attack. They appear at the northwest and northeast corner, respectively,
     but since the Uesugi Army tends to be concentrated on the east side, head
     for Masamune first and prevent him from entering the main keep [Mission];
     also take this chance to eliminate any other enemy officers that advance
     towards the main keep. Now intercept Tadakatsu and do not allow him to
     enter the smaller keep [Mission]. The Uesugi Coalition now has the upper
     hand in this battle, so all that remains is to eliminate any remaining
     enemy officers and to slay Ieyasu himself.

4.6 Keiji's Dream: Tournament of Champions*

     One day, Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Ieyasu Tokugawa got into a heated argument
     over who was the strongest warrior in the land. Ieyasu said it was
     Tadakatsu Honda, while Hideyoshi swore it was Keiji Maeda. The two decided
     that the only way to settle the argument was to hold a mock battle between
     their two armies and place the two men in direct competition. The
     conditions were set: The Toyotomi would position itself inside the castle,
     and the Tokugawa army would attack from the outside. Keiji couldn't believe
     his good fortune. At long last, he was going to have a chance to prove his
     strength to all the land...


              "The wild man of the west vs the beast of the east!"

                         [Toyotomi Army vs Tokugawa Army]

Time Limit: 60'00"00
Victory Condition: Defeat Ieyasu.
Defeat Condition: Main Camp is captured.


     At last, Keiji's chance to show off his true power... The first objective
     is to defend the main camp, so start by eliminating the enemy troops within
     the area. When Hanzo Hattori begins his advance towards the main camp, go
     southeast to intercept him and do not allow him to enter [Mission]. Soon
     afterwards, Yukimura Sanada and Kanetsugu Naoe arrive to help their good
     friend Keiji (Defeat Condition is modified), although, as always, it is
     more of a mutual help situation.

     Since Yukimura is closer, rendezvous with him first, defeat Tadamasa Mori
     and continue west towards the next enemy entry point. Entering this area
     causes master swordsman Musashi Miyamoto and the deliciously evil Kojiro
     Sasaki, both in hyper mode, to appear; assist Yukimura's advance [Mission]
     by defeating them.

     Now turn back and go towards Kanetsugu. He should be all right, but there
     are other matters to take care of: move counterclockwise around the map,
     defeating enemy officers and closing enemy entry points along the way. From
     the far north (Naomasa Ii's location), go south into the fort, defeat
     Tadatsugu Sakai and Yasumasa Sakakibara, and exit from the west towards the
     enemy entry point. This causes Masamune Date and his army to appear in an
     ambush; defeat them all [Mission]. At the same time, Yoshihiro Shimazu and
     his army appear close to Yukimura and attack him, so take care of them once
     the Date Army has been eliminated. The main camp may struggle once or
     twice, but Kanetsugu can defend it just fine.

     The only remaining enemies on the map should be those inside Ieyasu's fort
     and the two that guard its southern gate. Eliminate them all, including
     Ieyasu, in order to win the right to duel against Tadakatsu Honda. After
     Ieyasu is defeated, both armies leave the battlefield and Tadakatsu arrives
     at the southwest garrison; defeat him [Mission] to win the contest.

* This is a bonus stage, unlocked by completing Keiji's Tale.

  5. Weapons

5.1 General List

    1st Weapon - Double Pike
                 Base Attack: 23
    2nd Weapon - Snake Tongue
                 Base Attack: 33
    3rd Weapon - Ogre Horn
                 Base Attack: 41
    4th Weapon - Divine Mandible
                 Base Attack: 50
                 Element: Lightning
                 Statistics: Life +18
                             Attack +53 (Three slots)
                             Ride + 19
                             Musou Charge +49 (Three slots)

5.2 Obtaining the Fourth Weapon

Stage: Battle of Hasedo
Mode: Story Mode
Difficulty Setting: Hard
Requirements: Get a KO count of 1000.
Note: Must have previously completed Keiji's Tale (Dream is not required), with
     any difficulty setting.


1. Defeat Yoshiaki Mogami and clear the first gate [Mission].
2. Move forward and defeat the three enemy officers that appear in ambush before
   the second gate, and as many of their troops as possible.
3. Clear the second gate [Mission], kill the enemy troops located between the
   second and third gate, and wait until the Date-Mogami army attacks from the
4. Fight enemies as they come, and try to keep officers away from the third gate
   [Mission] (although the weapon can still be obtained even if the mission
   fails). This is the best opportunity to get KO count to 1000. When KO count
   reaches 1000, a transport unit appears at one of the entry points to the
   southwest and starts heading south.
5. Defeat the Supply Captain [Mission] for the weapon.
6. Turn back to join Kanetsugu, rescue him and finish the stage by eliminating
   Masamune Date.

Notes and Recommendations:

- It is irrelevant whether the mission to prevent enemy officers from clearing
  the third gate succeeds or fails, but by all means keep them away from
  Kanetsugu, since he will be in enough trouble when Masamune arrives.
- An allied officer or two may be slain during the process of getting a KO
  count of 1000, but this, too, is irrelevant.
- Kanetsugu will more than likely struggle a few times throughout the battle,
  but he is strong enough to defend himself for quite a while.
- Equip a mount with maximum stats, like Matsukaze, and take advantage of
  Keiji's ability to call his horse to his side (R1+T) whenever needed.
- Equip a third weapon; one with an attack bonus is preferred.
- It is a good idea to use the Interim Save funcion throughout the stage.

  6. Moves

6.1 Move List

This is the diagram of Keiji's moves. Since he will gain new moves as he
advances in level, I have included both the initial and the final lists as

Type: Charge
      [The main development is found in the increase of charge attack strength.]


          Normal Attack: S -> S -> S -> S
                           \    \    \
          Charge Attack: T   T   T   T

          Special 1:    R1 + S
               Grab and throw an enemy.

          Special 2:    R1 + T
               Call Keiji's horse to his side.


          Normal Attack: S -> S -> S -> S -> S -> S -> S -> S
                           \    \    \
          Charge Attack: T   T   T   T
                         |   |   |   |
                         T   T   T   T
                         |   |   |   |
                         T   T   T   T

          Special 1:    R1 + S
               Grab and throw an enemy.

          Special 2:    R1 + T
               Call Keiji's horse to his side.

6.2 Normal Attacks

 Rush S : Swings his spear once as he turns 360 degrees.

Jump +
      S : Jumps and swings his spear once in a downward horizontal arc.

SSSSSSSS: Swings his spear three times, holds it horizontally and performs four
          attacks more while moving forward, alternating hits with each end of
          the weapon, and finally jumps and hits the ground as he lands, causing
          an earthquake effect around himself.

6.3 Charge Attacks

Jump +
      T : Jumps, turns 360 in the air, and hits the ground with the edge of his
          spear as he lands, creating an area effect in front of himself.

   T(TT): Charges up and swings his weapon forward a single time; if T is
          pressed a second time, he also performs two 360 degrees swings; if T
          is pressed three times, he finishes the charge by thrusting forward
          and upward. This move includes two guard-breaking hits.

  ST(TT): Swings his spear once, and then swings again, throwing his opponents
          upwards into the air; if T is pressed twice, he swings a third time,
          which hits his targets again as they fall to the ground; if T is
          pressed thrice, he finally stomps on the ground, causing a small area
          effect that hits enemies around him.

 SST(TT): Swings his spear twice and hits the opponent in front of him with his
          left fist; if T is pressed two times, he then performs a 360 degrees
          slash; if T is pressed three times, he slams the ground with the blunt
          end of his spear for an earthquake effect that hits a large area
          around him.

SSST(TT): Swings his spear three times, raises his spear above his head and
          spins 360 degrees twice; if T is pressed two times, he spins his
          spear three times; and if T is pressed three times, a total of five

6.4 Special Moves

   R1+S : Grabs an opponent, spins 360 degrees and throws them.

   R1+T : Keiji whistles and his horse comes running to his side. It does not
          work inside castles, nor in any other areas where horses are not

6.5 Musou

In Samurai Warriors 2, the Musou Gauge is divided in three sections that
determine the strength of the Musou attack. Each character begins with a
fragment of one section, and will gradually complete all three as he or she
gains levels and Musou stat. Like in the first Samurai Warriors, there are two
options for the use of Musou attacks: either press and hold O to perform the
character's unique Musou, or tap O and use regular attacks while Musou is
active. The following are Keiji's unique Musou attacks:

Level 1 : Swings his spear diagonally, alternating to each side, in front of
          himself; finishes with a circular area hit. Keiji can turn but not
          advance while performing this attack. Indicated by a blue aura.

Level 2 : Swings his spear diagonally, alternating to each side, in front of
          himself; finishes with a circular area hit. Keiji can turn but not
          advance while performing this attack. It inflicts more damage and
          lasts longer than level 1. Indicated by a green aura.

Level 3 : Swings his spear diagonally, alternating to each side, in front of
          himself, while explosions occur on the ground all around him;
          finishes with a circular area hit. Keiji can turn but not advance
          while performing this attack. It inflicts more damage and lasts longer
          than level 2. Indicated by a yellow aura.

  Musou : Performed with the aid of a guard or a second player, this Musou
          attack is enhanced by lightning element and does many more hits than a
          single Musou. Indicated by red waves of electricity that link both
          parties in proximity.

  7. Statistics

      |      Statistic     |    Base    |    Maximum    |
      |  Life              |    128     |      317      |
      |  Musou             |     82     |      246      |
      |  Attack            |     95     |      198      |
      |  Defense           |     95     |      198      |
      |  Ride              |     95     |      185      |
      |  Speed             |     94     |      154      |
      |  Dex               |     86     |      146      |
      |  Luck              |     93     |      190      |

  8. Thanks and Credits

+ To KOEI, for creating Samurai Warriors 2.
+ To EChang, for his Fourth Weapons Guide.
+ To GameFAQs, for publishing my work.

  9. Copyright and Contact Information

Copyright 2006 Sima Zhongda.

This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
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