Sakon Shima by LordofWei

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Samurai Warriors 2
Sakon Shima FAQ
Made by LordofWei
Version 1.06


1. Introduction
2. Biography of Sakon Shima
3. Unlocking Sakon Shima
4. Move List
5. How to use Sakon effectively
6. Sakon's Tale
    Chapter 1: Battle of Yamazaki
    Chapter 2: Conquest for Kyushu
    Chapter 3: Siege of Odawara Castle (West)
    Chapter 4: Battle of Kusegawa
    Chapter 5: Battle of Sekigahara
    Sakon's Dream: Battle of Mikatagahara
7. Weapons
8. Obtaining 4th Weapon
9. Stats
11. Final Words

 1. Introduction

Hello, my name is LordofWei and this is my very first FAQ. I'm a long time
veteran of Koei's Dynasty and Samurai Warriors games. I was really excited
when I heard about SW2 first time (because I thought SW1 and XL were awesome
games >_>) and I immediately bought it when I had the chance. So now I'm happy
owner of SW2. But let's get started with my FAQ.

This FAQ is about Sakon Shima, one of the ten new characters introduced in
SW2. Before SW2 was announced I was already a big fan of this guy, so you
can't imagine how I felt when I heard he's going to be playable.

Sakon is calm and wise tactician. When playing his Story Mode, he decides to
join Mitsunari Ishida and help him to unify the land. Most of the characters
in game, however, can't understand why Sakon wastes his talents to someone
like Mitsunari. Sakon wields two-handed broadsword and is specialized to massive
enemy troops. Almost all of his attacks are excellent in crowds and you can
clear them quickly.

Version/Update History:

10/21/06 - I started writing the FAQ.

10/24/06 - Version 0.90 was published in GameFAQs.

10/25/06 - Added strategy for Sakon's Dream Stage and finished Version 1.00.

01/06/07 - Finished the new 'Sakon's Quotes' section.

01/07/07 - Updated the following sections: Move List, Obtaining 4th Weapon and
           Final Words. Version 1.05 finished.

01/13/07 - 'How to use Sakon effectively' section added. I totally forgot this
           section when I last time updated my FAQ, so here it is now.
           Version 1.06 finished.

2. Biography of Sakon Shima

Shima Sakon, also known as Shima Tomoyuki, Shima Kiyooki or
Katsukatake, was the retainer of Tsutsui and Toyotomi clans. During his times
with the Tsutsui, together with Matsukura Ukon Shigenobu, they were
known as the Right and Left hands of Tsutsui. After his master Tsutsui
Junkei passed away in 1584, he retired, but not for long time. Later Sakon
would leave Tsutsui clan and join to forces of Ishida Mitsunari, who offered
an extraordinarily generous and polite proposal to Sakon. There was a saying
among people, "Ishida Mitsunari doesn't deserve two things, Shima Sakon and
Sawayama Castle."

Sakon was indeed the most famous warrior and strategist under Mitsunari's
service and was a great help for him during the Campaign of Sekigahara, which
eventually ended to defeat of Mitsunari's forces. Before the Battle of
Sekigahara, Sakon quarreled with Shimazu Yoshihiro who suggested a night
attack, which Sakon opposed. At the battle Sakon fought fiercely with
only 1,000 men, but in the end he and his two sons were slain by rifle fire
in the battlefield of Sekigahara. It's said that Sakon possesed the skills of
famous Honda Tadakatsu in Sekigahara. Sakon also wielded his famous two-handed

It could be said Shima Sakon was famous, but mysterious retainer as well.
His birthplace, original clan and accurate age at death for example are
questionable to historians. However, legend has it that Sakon's wife and
daughters were hiding during Battle of Sekigahara. Later Sakon's descendant
Shima Kichijiro would build Sakon's grave to Kikawa Graveyard in 1934.

3. Unlocking Sakon Shima

To unlock Sakon, you need to complete Mitsunari Ishida's Story Mode.

4. Move List

Type: Special
The main development is found in the increase of Special Move strength.

S = Square
T = Triangle

Normal attacks:

SSS: Sakon slashes to left side with his sword, then to right and again to

SSS+SSSSS: Sakon slashes to left side with his sword, then to right and again
           to left, he then starts spinning with his sword to clockwise

X+S: Sakon does a downward slash with his sword.

Dash+S: Sakon does an upward slash to his left side, turns arounds and does
        downward slash to his left side.

Charge attacks:

T(T): Sakon does a big swing with his sword to right side. Then he grabs one
      enemy with his left arm, runs a short distance and hits the enemy
      with his sword.

S+T(T): Sakon slashes upwards while doing a small spin with his sword. If the
        attack connects, he stabs his sword to the ground, which causes
        a small earhquake around him. This attack damages all enemies
        near him.

SS+T(T): Sakon makes a quick slash to left side with his sword. Then he does 
         a small spin and smashes his sword to the ground damaging all 
         enemies near him.

SSS+T(T): Sakon causes a 360 shockwave attack with his sword. He then puts his
          sword close to the ground, slashes upwards and shoots an
          energy beam from his sword damaging all enemies in front
          of him.

X+T: Sakon slams his sword into ground and damages all enemies near him.

Special attacks:

Special 1 (R1+S[SS])
Description: Damage all enemies within a specific range.

R1+S: Sakon stabs his sword into ground once and causes a fire circle around
      him. All enemies who are inside the circle get hit by fire.
R1+S(S): Sakon stabs his sword into ground twice and causes a lightning circle
         around him. All enemies who are inside the circle get hit by
R1+S(SS): Sakon stabs his sword into ground three times and causes an ice
          circle around him. All enemies who are inside the circle get hit by

Special 2 (R1+T[TT])
Description: Call a rain of supporting cover fire. (Bullets also use the 
             elemental attack of your current weapon/Musou attack) 

R1+T: Basic arrows give cover fire for Sakon. 
R1+T(T): More powerful arrows give cover fire for Sakon.
R1+T(TT): Charged rifle shots give cover fire for Sakon. These 
          bullets are also faster than others.

Mounted attacks:

SSS+SSSSS: Sakon keeps slashing to his right side with his sword.

S+T: Sakon lifts his enemies into air by doing a huge swing with his sword to 
     his right side.

SS+T: Sakon does a horizontal attack to his right side stunning enemies at the 
      same time.

SSS+T: First Sakon does a quick slash to right side and then does another 
       quick slash to left side with his sword.

Deadlock: Sakon does a huge downward slash to his left side, then while
          turning around he does another huge slash to his right side and his
          back is facing towards the enemy when he is finished.

Musou attacks:

Level 1: Sakon does quick slashes to his left and right sides with his sword.
Level 2: His attacks are stronger and his reach is a bit longer.
Level 3: A "Meteor Storm" gives cover fire for Sakon while he 
         keeps slashing with his sword.

True Musou: When your life is at critical or you have Awakening 2, you are 
            able to perform True Musou. Fire element is added to your 
            attacks and Sakon spins three times with his sword near 
            the end of Musou attack.

Double Musou: This is performed when you and your bodyguard or 2nd player have 
              Musou bar full. Double Musou is just like True Musou, 
              except Lightning element is added to your attacks.

Ultimate Musou: The most powerful Musou attack in game. Can only be used with 
                level 3 Awakening skill. Your attacks have Shura 

5. How to use Sakon effectively

Sakon's greatest advantages are his long range and crowd clearing abilities.
When facing big crowds, you can stick with his S string and Charge attacks.
You don't need to rely to his Musou attack often, but once you obtain
level 3 Musou, then you should make good use of it. Not only it's effective
against crowds, but generals too (may require some practise). Simply put them
against wall or high object and when you see an opening, unleash your Musou
attack, hold L1 and aim the meteors towards general. With Awakening 3, even
super-hyper-mode generals die in just few seconds.
As for Sakon's Special attacks, they are useful when used in right situations.
Special 1 shouldn't be used when fightning against strong generals, because
they like to block it or hit you before you can execute the attack. Only use it
in crowds. Special 2, however, is a different story. This move is best to use
when you face more than one general. Usually they manage to juggle you, but
cover fire prevents them from doing that.

At this point, you probably wonder has Sakon got any disadvantages? Well,
of course he has. It seems that his Charge attacks have a bit slow execution
time (especially his S+TT) and that's why facing more than one general without
level 3 Musou is sometimes really annoying. Your only real advantage is his
SS+TT. See, enemies have hard time to block this move, because they don't
understand to turn around after the slash and then the slam in the end hits them
almost everytime. So before you get this move, avoid getting surrounded
by generals.

Another unfortunate thing is his 4th weapon. Base attack and stats are good, but
it doesn't have Lightning or Ice element, which would help him really really
much in crowds or against generals. If you are trying to make better third
weapon for him, this would be pretty good:

Element: Ice/Lightning
Attack +60
MuCha +60
Musou +40

His range is good enought, so no need for that. And you really don't need
defense when using character like Sakon, who is great in crowds. Attack+ just
increases the damage his S string, Charge and Musou attacks deal. Musou+ gives
you better chances to kill enemy generals with level 3 Musou and MuCha+ allows
you to use it often.

That's all I have to say. Rest is up to you.

6. Sakon's Tale

NOTE: I'm just telling you the strategies for each stage, so you can read 
      this section without worrying about the spoilers.

Chapter 1: Battle of Yamazaki

Hashiba Army vs. Akechi Army
Victory Conditions: Defeat Mitsuhide.
Defeat Conditions: Hideyoshi or Hidenaga is defeated.

Strategy: Here we go! Immediately take the stronghold next to you and defeat 
          Kaneaki Mimaki. Don't seize Shoryuji just yet. Instead head to 
          north where two Akechi generals Masachika Matsuda and Yasuie 
          Namikawa are. You get the mission to prevent their entry to 
          Mt. Tenno. Do so by defeating them. Now go seize Mt. Tenno by 
          heading to the summit of mountain. Mitsunari launches an ambush 
          soon at Mt. Tenno, but ignore these generals for now. Go back 
          to Shoryuji and seize it by defeating Sadayuki Atsuji there. 
          Before you head back to Mt. Tenno, defeat Nobuhara Tsuda 
          who appeared from south stronghold just a while ago. Another 
          ambush unit appears, but this time near Shoryuji. Deal with 
          them later. Once you arrive at Mt. Tenno, defeat Kunitsugu 
          Yasuda and Sadaoki Ise to protect Defense Captain. You also 
          get the mission to escort Kiyomasa Kato to mountain. 
          Mitsuhide should have launched full assault by now. Go after 
          the remaining enemy generals and finish stage by slaying the 
          traitor Mitsuhide.

NOTE: Remember to seal strongholds. Reserve Captains give you +100 or +200 
      Experience points and not +50 like they normally do.  

Chapter 2: Conquest for Kyushu

Toyotomi Army vs. Shimazu Army
Victory Conditions: Defeat Yoshihisa, Yoshihiro and Toshihisa.
Defeat Conditions: Hideyoshi or Ginchiyo is defeated.        

Strategy: Ride to south and seize the central garrison by defeating Tadamune
          Ijuin there. Head north and defeat Nobumitsu Saruwatari.
          Don't kill Iehisa Shimazu immediately. Wait until Tadamoto
          Niiro's ambush party appears and you get the mission to rescue
          Hidehisa Sengoku. Rescue him by killing Iehisa and Tadamoto.
          Head east and defeat Arinobu Yamada. Go to fortress in northeast, but
          don't kill Tadanaga Shimazu just yet. Once Ginchiyo has reached
          the fortress, she gets trapped and your mission is to rescue her.
          Do so by defeating Tadanaga. Now it's time to seize Tsuruga Castle,
          which is protected by Yoshihiro Shimazu. Once you have seized
          Tsuruga Castle, take the eastern road. You are ambushed by Toshihisa
          Shimazu, Tadatsune Shimazu and Hisatora Ei. Defeat all three after
          you unlock the mission to defeat Toshihisa Shimazu and head
          back to Tsuruga Castle. Ambush parties appear at west and
          north side of Tsuruga Castle and you get a mission to defeat
          them. Watch out for the volcano. When you have defeated ambush
          parties, go after Toyohisa Shimazu and prevent him from
          entering your main camp. You may think that only Yoshihisa
          Shimazu is left anymore, wrong. Enter the Shimazu main camp
          and Yoshihiro, Iehisa and Toshihisa come to help Yoshihisa.
          Defeat all four and you have conquered Kyushu for Hideyoshi!

Chapter 3: Siege of Odawara Castle (West)

Toyotomi Army vs. Hojo Army
Victory Conditions: Defeat Ujimasa.
Defeat: Conditions: Hideyoshi is defeated.

Strategy: All right, it's time to crush Hojo. First, defeat Ujitaka Hojo and
          Norisada Ueda and seize north garrison. Proceed to 
          northeastern castle gate and you find another two enemy 
          defeat them as well. Don't enter to castle yet, go to 
          Mt. Ishikagi and help Mitsunari to seize it. After you have 
          seized the mountain Ujimitsu Hojo and Ujinori Uesugi start to 
          suspect something. Don't let them near the mountain and defeat 
          them quickly. Kanbei Kuroda appears with engineers at the 
          same time in southwestern garrison. He's immediately attacked 
          by enemy general though, so you'd better go help him ASAP. 
          Now defeat the three remaining enemy generals outside 
          the castle (Yasusato Matsuda, Naohide Matsuda and Ujinaga 
          Narita). If you managed to save Kanbei, he builds a siege ramp 
          near south garrison after he has reached to Mt. Ishikagi. 
          Hope you killed Yasusato already, otherwise it's hard to 
          protect siege ramp. Once the siege ramp is in place at the 
          wall of Odawara Castle, Hideyoshi says that their cohort has 
          been captured and you have to rescue him. He's in supply 
          storage, which is guarded by Masatake Kasahara. At the same 
          time Kotaro decides to open the enterance of Odawara Castle 
          and two enemy generals charge out. Rescue the cohort Norihide 
          Matsuda and go after the two generals. Yasuhiro Ogasawara and 
          Ujimasa Hojo are the only ones left anymore. Go to north and 
          defeat Yasuhiro. Finally it's time to enter into castle. 
          Enter from the north first and destroy the mechanism on the 
          first floor. The door which leads to second floor opens now. 
          Exit the castle's main keep and enter to castle's main keep 
          from west gate this time. Go up the stairs and on the 3rd 
          floor you face Ujimasa. Japan has finally been united... well 
          almost. The Ujimasa you just defeated wasn't real, it was just 
          a "magic trick" of Kotaro and now you have to defeat him 
          to open the door to 2nd floor. Real Ujimasa has appeared 
          outside the castle with his son Ujinao and two generals. 
          Slay Ujimasa and Ujinao and finally Japan belongs to Hideyoshi.
Chaper 4: Battle of Kusegawa

Western Army vs. Eastern Army
Victory Conditions: Defeat all enemy officers.
Defeat Conditions: Any allied officer is defeated.

Strategy: Ok, so the peace didn't last long. You can thank Ieyasu for that.
          Your first task is to defeat fleeing Eastern Army generals. 
          Defeat Tanomo Noisshiki and Kazuhide Nakamura who are closest 
          to you. Yoshimasa Tanaka appears in southeast corner. 
          Immediately head towards him to block Eastern Army's 
          escape route. Once you arrive there, Kojiro appears as well 
          (in hyper mode). Try to defeat both of them as fast as 
          you can. Head to west now where Kazutada Nakamura is. 
          Soon Eastern Army's reinforcements appear. Naomasa Ii and 
          Moritsuna Watanabe are first to attack you. If you defeat 
          them quickly, you can try to prevent Tadakatsu from reaching 
          your main camp. He faces you with another enemy general 
          (who is generic and fortunetly not in hyper mode) so be 
          prepared. Take out Hanzo who appeared in north and go rescue 
          Shimazus from Ina. Finish the stage by defeating remaining 
          enemy generals.
NOTE: Your allies are pretty tough in this stage so even if they face 2 or 3 
      enemy generals at the same time, they can hold out for long time. 

Chapter 5: Battle of Sekigahara

Western Army vs. Eastern Army
Victory Conditions: Defeat Ieyasu.
Defeat Conditions: Mitsunari is defeated.   

Strategy: The strategy I used to obtain Sakon's 4th weapon (told below) works 
          also when you're playing this stage normally.

Sakon's Dream: Battle of Mikatagahara
How to unlock: Complete Sakon's Story Mode.

Takeda Army vs. Oda-Tokugawa
Victory Conditions: Defeat Ieyasu
Defeat Conditions: Shingen is defeated, or Ieyasu reaches the Ecape Point.

Strategy: This is pretty tough stage, I recommend Sakon is at least on
          level 30 before playing this stage or then you try this on Easy.
          You're also going to need a fast horse (Matsukaze or Persian
          Mare if possible). But now to the stage itself...
          So you start from north. Defeat the enemy generals Ietada Matsudaira
          and Tadatsugu Sakai close to you. Soon the Oda forces in the
          northwest start retreating to southwest. Shingen tells you to go
          stop them and that's exactly what you should do. Once you have
          defeated the three Oda generals, head towards Kazumasa Ishikawa
          who should be near Shingen's garrison by now. You'll meet Tadakatsu
          there too, but I recommend you ignore him, because he's extremely
          tough to beat and Ieyasu might get away. However, you can try to
          take about 1/3 of his life now and come back for him later.
          Leave Tadakatsu and ride to southwest, you should see Hanzo.
          Go ahead and defeat him, he's not in hyper mode. At this point,
          Ieyasu should be in southwest corner and not even close to
          Hamamatsu Castle so you can easily catch up with him. Beat him and
          you have completed the stage... almost. That was just Ieyasu's
          double. Hurry back to central garrison and Ieyasu appears there
          with Moritsuna Watanabe. Wait until you get the mission to defend
          central garrison and then defeat Moritsuna. Tons of reinforcements
          appear soon, first some Tokugawa and then some Oda generals,
          how nice. Ride to west garrison, Katsuei Shibata and Nagahide
          Niwa are there. Defeat Katsuei, but ignore Nagahide. Go give a
          hand for Shingen, because he is being assaulted by Mitsuhide and
          Hideyoshi. Defeat those two quickly. If you think you have time,
          attack to Tadakatsu again and hurt him as much as you can.
          With Attack x2, you are probably even able to defeat him. In any
          case, go to east garrison (where you fought Tadakatsu) and exit
          from the south gate. 

          You should soon catch up with Ieyasu. He has two generals this time
          to help him, unfortunetly. They can be annoying to defeat, but try
          to do your best. No, the stage still isn't over after you have
          defeated Ieyasu because it was another double. Get back to west
          garrison where your ally Nobukado Takeda is. Finally, the 3rd
          and real Ieyasu appears there. If Nagahide Niwa is still alive,
          defeat him and you have defeated all Oda generals. Only few enemy
          generals remain anymore. In case you haven't defeated Tadakatsu
          yet, now is the time. You can ignore others and go after Ieyasu's
          head after defeating Tadakatsu. Then, at long last, the real Ieyasu
          has been defeated and you have finished Sakon's Dream stage.

NOTE: Sealing the gates in southeast corner buys some time for you, because
      Ieyasu stops his advance when he encounters them.
7. Weapons

1st: Broadsword
Base Attack: 21

2nd: Machete
Base Attack: 30

3rd: Body Cleaver
Base Attack: 38

4th: Wrecking Blade
Base Attack: 46
Element: Wind
Stats: Life +18, Attack +36, Defense +37, Musou Charge +34 and Range +12

8. Obtaining 4th Weapon

IMPORTANT: You must have completed Sakon's Story Mode at least once 
           and play on Hard in order to obtain his 4th weapon.

Stage: Battle of Sekigahara (Sakon's 5th stage).
Requirements: Defeat all enemy officers while protecting all of your allies.
Transport units: Appears in southeast garrison where Hideaki Kobayakawa is.

Method: It's important to remember that you don't need to protect or kill the
        defecting units (Kikkawa, Mori and Kobayakawa). However, it's
        recommended that you kill them in case they defect. Start by
        defeating the two closest enemy generals, Nagamasa Kuroda and
        Sadatsugu Tsutsui. Once you have defeated them take out Eastern
        Army's cannons. With cannons captured, your allies have better
        chances against enemy. Before Magobei Fuse shows up, defeat as
        many enemy generals in center as you can (Takatora Todo,
        Yoshiaki Kato, Masanori Fukushima and Yoshimasa Tanaka).
        Tokugawa sends his 2nd wave, but you can ignore it for now. When
        Magobei Fuse appears, go after him immediately (otherwise
        Kobayakawa defects and this really lowers your morale). Now head
        to northeast garrison, where Ankokuji, Kikkawa and Mori are. 
        There you have plenty of generals to defeat: Yoshinaga Asano,
        Terumasa Ikeda, Kazutoyo Yamanouchi and Hanzo Hattori who is
        heading towards you. However, before you go to help Ekei, Interim save.
        If you get too near the garrison, Mori and Kikkawa defect. Try to hit
        the enemy generals at least once, so that they start to follow you and
        lure them away from the garrison. Defeat all 4 officers and seal the
        stonghold in the north to ensure Ekei Ankokuji's safety. Try to get
        Defense x2/Attack x2 and keep using your C3 (SSS+TT) and Musou attack
        to kill enemy generals quickly. Ekei should be able to care of
        himself now, so go after Kikkawa. When you have
        defeated Kikkawa, you can defeat rest of the enemy generals in
        the center or try to prevent Ina from reaching your main camp
        (but it doesn't matter if she reaches there).

        With Ina and enemy generals in the center being defeated, head
        to Ginchiyo's location. There you should find Tadaoki Hosokawa.
        Defeat him and only Tadakatsu Honda remains. If
        Tadakatsu is surrounded by your allies, Interim Save to make
        sure that he doesn't kill any of your allies and you deal the
        final blow on him. Transport units should appear soon if you defeated
        all enemy generals personally and your all allies survived. Go
        get your weapon and finish the stage by defeating
        Ieyasu Tokugawa.

My thoughts about Wrecking Blade: 
It's extremely good fourth weapon with great attributes (Atk+, Def+, 
MuCha+ etc). The damage it deals is high and range is quite long as well. 
Only negative side is the Wind element. Sakon, who is excellent in crowds 
definitely should have Lightning or Ice instead of Wind element.
9. Sakon's Stats

Level 1:

Life: 118
Musou: 92
Attack: 91
Defense: 91
Ride: 91
Speed: 102
Dexterity: 100
Luck: 93

Level 50:

Life: 292
Musou: 276
Attack: 186
Defense: 186
Ride: 179
Speed: 167
Dexterity: 165
Luck: 190

10. Sakon's Quotes

These are quotes that you can hear from Sakon when certain conditions are met.
This section most likely doesn't have all of his quotes, so please contact me
if you know more of them (e-mail told below).

Character selection: Sharp as always!

Musou: Don't expect any mercy!

True Musou: This is gonna hurt... don't tell me I didn't warn ya!

Officer defeated: Keep lining 'em up and I'll keep knocking 'em down!

Officer defeated - Praise 1: Ha haa! You're doing great!

Officer defeated - Praise 2: You don't look it, but you're quite a fighter!

Officer defeated - Praise 3: Words cannot express your might 
                             on the battlefield!

Officer defeated - Praise 4: That's the way to do it!

Officer defeated - Special Praise (for Shingen): Like a fine wine, you only
                                                 get better with age!

100 defeated: Hah! When am I going to get a real challenge?

1000 defeated: What use is strategy without the strenght realizing it?

1000 defeated - Special Praise 1 (for Mitsunari): Marvelous! I chose my
                                                  lord well!

1000 defeated - Special Praise 2 (for Shingen): You're not called the Tiger of
                                                Kai for nothing.

Struggling: Where did I go wrong?

Thank Reinforcements: Thank you. Thank you very much. 

Thank Reinforcements - Special 1
(rescued by Shingen): Lord Shingen, your strategies are second to none.

Thank Reinforcements - Special 2
(rescued by Mitsunari): I shall return the favor someday.

Meeting 1: This is a battlefield. Don't blame me if you get hurt.

Meeting 2: You might have potential. Show me what you got.

Meeting 3: I'm gonna give you the gift of pain.

Meeting - Special (Sekigahara): Oppose my lord, get killed by me. Simple
                                as that.

Withdraw 1: Sakon... has left the battlefield.

Withdraw 2: Live to fight another day. That sounds like an advice.

Death 1: So this is where it all ends then, huh...

Death 2: I'm glad... it was you... who killed me...

Death - Special (Sekigahara): Blasted Ieyasu... wilier than I thought.

Victory 1: Victory is made long before the battle begins.

Victory 2: All according to plan. Simple as that.

Victory 3: Brains and brawn, I've got them all.

11. Final Words

This FAQ is Copyright2006 LordofWei. Only GameFAQs (
is allowed to use this FAQ and not any other site. If anyone else wants to use
this FAQ, suggest or ask something you can contact me in:

I would like to say thanks to:

- Koei and Omega Force for creating one of the best games ever.

- GameFAQs and its members for helping me numerous times with different games.

- Alex Dino aka BlacKite, for giving me the permission to use Sakon Shima's
  biography from his and Honda Tadakatsu's Sengoku Jidai database

- BustermanZero for giving me useful tips to improve my FAQ.

- Seraphil for giving me Sakon's 3rd victory quote

- KoeiWarriors (, which is the best site
  about Koei and hack'n slash games.