Question from rhunt72

Asked: 6 years ago

Venerated dragon?

The question asks you about mastering the crushed sword, slingshot, or vampire. how do i pass?

Additional details - 6 years ago

Thanks. I was totally baffled with the question.

Accepted Answer

From: DoctorRocco 6 years ago

You need to place one of the following Sealstones in a Dais.

- Wrath of Forcefulness is in the same room, in the upper left.
- Go left from the room with the stone, and then continue left to find Wrath of Bread Alone
- From the room with the stone, go left, down and left to find Stone Hurler Wrath

I recommend you hold Stone Hurler Wrath. From where you find Stone Hurler Wrath, continue right to find a Dais and place one of those Sealstones in it to open the path.

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