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Its the first time I am doing this kind 
of translation for a game I reall like 
it so much and I also hope everyone now 
is playing this game enjoy it like I do. 
Its just a very brief introduction of the 
game, and I will add more things late 
when I have time. Anyway, I am new here 
please send me suggestions to help me 
how to improve it.:) 
IF you have any questions, please send 
me mail t0 momoko_h2046@hotmail.com,


Check the pot on the desk first ,wait 
till the two guys left thencheck it 
again. Choose yes and you will be 
in the pot.


Now you were alone in the wood and was 
chasing by monsters.Then you will be 
in a village. Follow the shining yellow 
signs in themap, when you get inside 
the room and talk to the major then go 
to the basement. But you will be caught 
by the guards and put into the jail but 
don't worry, check the wall at your 
left side and you will be out of the jail. 
Then you will go to the entrace of
まどわしの畢,save the game and go to the 
first battle.

Chapter 1: まどわしの畢(5F)

Just basic dungeon battle, the guy b
eside you will heal you if your hp is 
running down although he will fight 
with you. There is no boss after 
you finish exploring the dungeon, 
you will be back to the village 
again but this time you will have 
to  explore the wood by yourself
alone. Level up till level 6 then 
ready for the boss-まじんキノコ, 
you can use the sleeping grass(ラリホ`課)
then use the second order from your main 
manu--you can store your energy then 
can double the result of your fighting. 
Heal yourself at the same time. After 
the boss battle return to the village.
Back to the major's house then back 
to your own house , save your game beside 
a desk with a book on it.Then go outside 
talk to the creature beside your door, 
get the magic wood and the key to the 
warehouse.The warehouse is at the left 
side of your house--pay 1000 each time a
fter you have finished one chapter to 
enlarge your warehouse. Go to visit the 
major again then you can get inside 
the ruins below his house.

Chapter 2: 
Try to level up by beating the water 
monsters before you get inside, at 
the second floor there are some cats 
monsters(HP less than 30). The 
boss is a monster with a big hammer 
,has 150 HP. You 
can still use the sleeping grass
to make it sleep.Try to kill the 
two small monsters beside the
boss first then fight with the 
hammer monster. Then the monster
will become the owner of the 
inventory store.Go back to the 
village and go to the inventory 
store located at the middle of 
the village. 
You can now buy and sale things 
from him now. Then go back to the 
major's place three times, at the 
same time Mr.morrie will show up.
~~~~~! Go to the basement talk to 
Mr.morrie and your can get the pot
to catch the monsters from him. Go 
to the wood at the south part of
the village,follow the instructions 
to learn how to catch and feed 
your monsters. then come back to the 
village. Back to the breeding 
house in front of your house, 
talk to Mr.morrie and you can get a 
heart means now you can combine with 
the water type monsters. Also 
you can put your monsters at the 
breed house--talk to the small green
creature in the house. You have to 
put your monsters in the breed
house once then take them to the battles. 
Otherwise they will vanish 
for ever.Go back to the guy in front 
of your house, its a bank. You 
can save your money there, because each 
time if you have been kicked out of the 
middle of the battle, you will be taken 
half your money and inventories you 
have. So its better to store it in the bank. 
Back to the ruin カンダタ凖治,帛の寂,
try to get three monsters and 
feed them to the yellow face shown up. 
Taking them to the sixth floor 
and use the third order at the 
monster's order menu, put them at 
each shining squre to open the gate 
of カンダタ凖治,匚の寂。

Chapter 3:
Talk to the old guy inside and you 
will get the travelling stone. 
Now you can use the stone at the 
right side of the gate to go to 
each ruins you have finished. Go 
inside the ladder and you will 
meet new monsters. try to catch 
an ant monster-アイアンアント。
Final boss isギガントビ`ト 
and the other two. Boss's HP is 
lessthan 200. After you have beaten 
the boss, the weapon boss shows up. 
Back to the village and go to the 
weapon's store. Now you can buy 
weapons there, the weapons are not 
that good actually.:) 

Chapter 4 あやしの仇和邦祇(13F)

Go to the entrance of the ruin and 
get inside カンダタ凖治,帛の寂 ,
At the third level 3F,you will find 
a gate around by rocks. Combined 
with your ant and use its first 
special attack--choosen from your 
main manu's the fifth one to break 
the stone and get into the gate 
of あやしの仇和邦祇.The monsters 
are not hard but be careful of the 
turles hidding in the water because
 you can not beat them when they
are in the water. Try to catch some 
turtles and combine with them 
you can walk inside the water now. 
Be care if your monsters are getting
tired, they will back to the breeding 
house if you have put them in 
there once . You will see the secret 
gate, there are two kids of them: 
one is where you can meet the girl 
talking to her and pay 100, then you 
can answer her questions. You can get 
special gifts if you can correctly 
answer them all. The boss is a crab
 with more than 200 HP. Be cafeful 
since it will survive afer then first
 time you have beaten it. The 
second time he will have four other 
monsters to help it. Don't forget 
to heal yourself then this battle is 
easy.The sculptor will show up.
Back to the village and you will be 
informed Mr.morrie has build up 
the basement when you can match the 
monsters with different gender.
Then go to the scuplptor in front of 
the breeding school. Now if you
pay certain money the sculpter 
will make all your weapons a sign of
revivial--which means if you die in
 the battle you still can keep your
weapon otherwise you will lose it forever.

Chapter 5 
Bring one monster which can walk 
inside the water like a turtle. 
Get inside the night part of the 
ruins.匚の寂, at the third floor
you can find a gate around with water. 
Combine with your monster 
walk inside it.Now you are in the 
ならくの挟くつ cave.This one 
is a little bit hard since its 
totally black and the enemies can 
use better attack. Also take care 
of those tricks you will meet 
when you cross those rooms. The 
boss is harder than before, heal 
yourself and your monster. You can 
even take another three monsters
with you just in case one die and 
you can still use the other as 
your shielder. Now you have saved 
the foger, go to his room then 
go out to the fountain talking to 
the guy there. Then go back to 
his room again you can get the 
dull weed. Go to the breeding house, 
and now the sleeping room is ready. 
You can put some of your monsters 
to the sleeping room because there 
is a limit for the amount of the 
monsters to be in the breeding house. 
Then go to talk to the guy who 
is in front of your warehouse 
knowing that you can also pay 1000 to 
enlarge your sleeping room for the monsters.


Chapter 6 

First go to the ならくの挟くつ to 
catch a bat or bird, then feed 
it until you can combine with it. 
Go to the sixth floor combining 
with your bat or bird get inside 
the gate of しゃくねつのほら僭.
Just level up yourself to 20 then 
be ready for the final battle. 
Try to kill the four other monsters 
first because they can blow 
automatically. The big boss had HP 
350, keep your HP around 100 
all the time or its hard to beat the 
boss. Try to get more strong 
monsters to help you.You now have 
saved the magician, go to his 
room first then back to the major's 
house. Then go to the invertory 
house, then breeding house then 
Magician house. You will talk to 
the girl ゲルダ first. then you 
will get the ウォ`ハンマ`and 
おびえの嬌 from the magician's house.


Back to theしゃくねつのほら僭 first
after the 7F you will see
the red bugかえんムカデuse the 
おびえの嬌 on him then cut his HP 
down to catch him. Go to the 
あやしの仇和邦祇議4F with your red bug
you will find a gate around with 
ice rock. Use the red bug's special 
attack to break it for the new 
dungeon--まぼろし僣の痴.The monsters are 
hard especially between the 9th floor 
and the 11th, you will meet invisible
monsters. Try to get inside the small 
road as soon as possible and then 
fight with it. But you can also catch 
some stronge monsters, some monsters 
you have to use special skill to catch 
them.The boss's HP has 350 and other 
two monsters have 200 HP. level up 
yourself up to Level 20 and keep your 
HP to 100 all the time. Back to your 
house after it, then you will get 
sepcial match method from Mr.morrie. 
You can get the magic stone from the 
magician's house.Take the マヌ`サの嬌 
go to the しゃくねつのほら僭, at the 
fifth floor to catch the cute small 
red dragon メラリザ`ド,use マヌ`サの嬌 
on it then cut down its HP to catch it. 
Go back the village again then go back 
to the まぼろし僣の痴幸, at the eighth 
floor your will see the ice monster 
8Fブリザ`ド, catch it just cut down 
its HP. Be careful, these two monsters ' 
gender must be different. Feed your 
two monsters till they have reached 
the highest point to you then go to 
see Mr.morrie. Choose the two monsters 
and answer yes then give him the magic 
stone. Now you will have a special 
monster ベビ`ニュ`ト--a very cute 
blue dragon. Feed it till you can 
combine with it. From now you can combine your
monsters under the same catalogue, like
dragons with different gender can be combined
together but each time you need to give
one time as the gift for the marriage ceremony.:)


Chapter 8 義竒藍の痴幸 (31F)

Now take your blue drangon to the 
カンダタ凖治,匚の寂's 7F you will 
find a new gate will open. Use 
your dragon's special attack 
つめたいいき to put down the 
fire and get into the final dungeon.
Its getting hard at the last 
10 floors. Be careful at floor 15, there 
are many box monsters sleeping on
a stage--DON"T let your monsters get close 
to them and don't wake them up. T
ry to put your monsters on the third order. 
The boss now you find out acutally 
its the pot itself has two status. The first 
one has 300 HP and you cannot see 
him, set your monsters on fighting order; 
his second status has 600HP, just heal 
you and your monsters to beat him down. 
Now its the final battle, go back to the 
village watching the ending. Save and you 
can continue playing this game.

* 具蟻翫

Check the pot and choose the answer 
NO this time, get inside the pot again.
You will be in the village again. Now 
you have to put all your monsters back 
to the breeding house and all your 
money to the bank. All your inventories 
to the warehouse. 

Chapter 1 

With nothing taken with you just go 
inside the ruin, you will get new 
information. Go to the six floor 
then know there is a new gate opened. 
Back to the village 
again.Talk to the people in the 
village, now you can take all your monsters 
and weapons. 

 Chapter 2 

Go to theあやしの仇和邦祇's 13F--the dungeon 
where you can get inside the 
water with the monsters, you will find a 
new gate of the おそろしの寄邦祇. 
Just be ready for the battles since it 
has 60 floors!The boss is easy acutally. :p

Chapter 3 

Go to the snow dungeon まぼろし僣の痴幸, 
find the new gate at the 16th 
floor of the まぼろしの寄僣祇議促杢.  
You can not take any weapons or 
money ONLY three of your monsters. 
The monsters at the first 20 floors 
are weak, try to level yourself up. 
From the 20th floor to the 28th floor, 
monsters are harder. Try to catch 
some. The monsters after 30th floor 
all can use magician, 
be careful! Beat them down as soon 
as possible.  The big boss has four 
other small monsters to help him. 
Keep your health around 100 and its 
easy to beat it.

Chapter 4 

Go to the しゃくねつのほら僭 and 
you will see the new gate opened. To
get inside this cave, you cannot 
bring anything! Only yourself.The
boss is not hard to beat but its 
hard to get to the final floor. 
Be careful of the monsters' house, 
and try to avoid the trips on the floor. 
Don't get close to any secret gate!!!

Chapter 5

The new gate is at 義竒藍の痴幸's 
15F. Remeber there are many box 
monsters around the gate? Kill them 
first then combine with your 
monster that can fly over to the 
gate. Also you cannt take ANYTHING 
to this palace!Monsters at first 
20 floors are not hard, try to 
catch some monsters after 20th 
floors. After 80th floor, the monsters 
are really hard, be careful of 
those invisible monsters.Fortunately 
you can save at each floor, 
remember to choose yes each 
time you have saved, or you will have 
to start from the 1st floor again. Level up to 
Level 99 then go to the final battle. 
The boss its VERY HARD since he 
also has had other eight monster 
to help him. Try to catch the red 
water monster could be easier for 
your game. 
Back to the villiage , its the 
ending of the屈巓朕. Save and reset. 


Now you will find out you wake 
up from the dream, get the
義竒藍のあかし. Go the the 
entrance of the wood. Now you 
can startanother travel and also 
can watch your precisou recorded games at the 
right side of the entrance.  

Chapter 1 
Bring your strongest monsters and enough 
inventories for reovery, 
among the monsters should be some 
can fly and also the monsters 
can walk in the water ( if you have 
the necklace that can allow 
your to walk in the water,take one). 
Go to the 義竒藍の痴幸5F, 
you will find a gate around by water 
and needles. Get inside it -- 
actually you can also get inside at 
second round.This is the dardest 
dungeon. Each floor has the monsters' 
house and the big boss you have 
fighted before. My suggestion is 
try to use the rolls -- the paper 
thing to lock monsters, then kill 
them. The boss isエスタ`ク, he 
can act twice each time with HP 550. 
Alone, try to let your monsters fight in 
front of you and you just heal them.

Chapter 2 

Go to the 義竒藍の痴幸's 18F, 
you need the monsters that can
destroy the rocks. Don't get inside 
soon, because there are 
bombs around, fight around to 
make the bombs show up then get 
inside. Inside this dungeon, 
just hard to see clearly and you have 
remember the road to the gate of 
the next floor. Fortunately all the 
monsters are not hard, so just head 
for the final boss battle. boss is 
めいおうのか and other four zombies, 
the boss is invisible with the HP
 around 200. Use the bomb to kill it.

Now its the ending for this game. :) 
After all, you can still come back 
to the game and breed your strongest