Question from tohjiro14

Asked: 6 years ago

How do i play multiplayer?

The other controller is plugged in but i can't play multi player

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From: mario9996 5 years ago

There is no multiplayer mode on the PS2 version.

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You cant have multiplayer on grand theft auto: liberty city stories
on the back of the box of the game it states that its only 1 player.

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Becka_x is so wrong
this gam is 6 player dumass

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codemaster14 is wrong. There is no multiplayer feature in GTA:LCS

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Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories is 1 Player as stated on the back of the box.
GTA Games that are Multiplayer:
San Andreas Xbox Ps2
GTA 4 Pc
Liberty City Stories Psp
Vice City Stories Psp
Online GTA Games
Gta 4 Xbox360 Ps3 PC
San Andreas Online Mod PC

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