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TF System Tower G: how to pass AREA 14?

I'm in area 14 of the Tf System tower G. There are 5 balls that can be aimed, but nothing happens when I shot at then. There are messages in area 13 that must be the answer, but I didn't figure out what that mean's. Please I really need Help!!!!!

Accepted Answer

Luneth_Acklund answered:

As far as I can remember, the messages state various colors. Those colors represent various ammo cartridges. I don't remember what most of the colors stand for, but you can probably figure the basic colors out. You know, Red=fire, purple=ice, that sort of thing.
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khaoz95746 answered:

Just check out split infinity's walkthrough. he's got a step by step for everything in the game including optional dungeons and overworld items. (sometimes i think he doesnt play the game before writing the walkthrough tho cause his way of doing things is so damn tedious haha)
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