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Asked: 6 years ago

How Do You Recover Your Password??

I Forget Mine

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You cant

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Sorry, but there's no way.

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You can, But you will lose your file after this.OK ,Delete your file and then make a new one

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Well there isn't a real way to recover a password but a clue i can give you is to write it in the game manual or else in a piece of paper. try to make the password not too complicated so that you won't forget it. If you forgot too much (like me) do it easy. Example: Triangle, square, X, O, up, down.

That's kinda easy and by that you can't forget but my opinion is to write it somewhere and keep it in the game's cover.

I hope that you have found this Answer useful. Thanks!

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You cant. I just restarted I forgot mine to. Sorry.

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you cant get ur password...sorry but u can write on paper and put it somewhere safe (But you have to make new profile)

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Hmmm i suggest ur password should be square square etc

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I had the same problem I down, down, down, down, down, down I forgot it because I have 30 profiles( 3 memory cards), I suggest entering every code you know think about what the code was. That's how a got it.

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That sucks! You can't!

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I'm sorry but you can't. The only way to do is to make a new profile and make sure you remember the password.

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Sorry, but you will have to start a new file. You should write it down. If you don't want to write it down make it something simple. I just have mine be all the same button. You shouldn't make it to complicated. It's not like anyone else is going to play on your file. So don't bother!

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You cant but if you create a new profile you will keep everything you unlocked in the previous one as long as you dont delete your previous file from the memory card

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there is only 1 way to recover your password.there's 6 buttons to press , this might take time to do but to get your password press every button 6 times for a example: triangle X6 etc. then keep on for another example: triangle X5 then X ETC. keep on trying and you well get it

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