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Asked: 6 years ago

How to do fatalities in mortal kombat armageddon?

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From: catkiller904 6 years ago

There, that's perfect.

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Fatalities are different in this game. IIRC, it's create-a-fatality or something. Different inputs will do different things, ranging from ripping an arm off to ripping both off and beating them with it. You'll have to figure out what commands do what, although some FAQs might have it. Things like > > [ ], for instance.

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Just press triangle, X, square or triangle to rip your enemy up

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press 2 directions then square or triangle for starting parts press 2 diretions+O to finish them

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Now MKA has a Kreate A Fatalities. No more long series of pressing buttons. Look online to figure out them. One bad thing is that the KAFs are not as good as the ones that one character uses (can't do Leg Rip, Hat Decapitation, Dragon Transformation, etc).

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See the other question to see how to do them.

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See catkiller's question or a FAQ om how to do them.

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When it says finish him/her, I hit right right circle.

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