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Reiko FAQ and Movelist

Mortal Kombat:  Armageddon

by Whitelotus878

Created 10/25/06
Version 1.0


Table of Contents:

I.  Biography

II.  Button configurations 

III.  Fighting stances

IV.  Basic Moves and Combos

V.  Special Moves

VI.  Advanced Combos

VII.  Notes and Strategies for using Reiko


IX.  Credits


This guide was created for Mortal Kombat players new to Armageddon who are 
interested in using the fighter Reiko.  Much has changed since Mortal Kombat
4, where we last saw this evil general, so let's get right to the man 


I.  Biography

Reiko was first introduced to the Mortal Kombat series in Mortal Kombat 4, 
a 3-D fighting game which received almost universally mixed reviews.  Reiko
himself was not too popular, but his new look, plus his effectiveness in
Armageddon, have brought him some new fans.  

Reiko has served as a general in the armies of both Shinnok and Shao Kahn.  
As evidenced by the emblem on his costume in Mortal Kombat 4, he was also a 
member of the Brotherhood of Shadows.  He mysteriously re-appeared in order 
to lead Shinnok's forces against the Elder Gods, but after Shinnok's defeat, 
he disappeared once again.  Apparently, he is now a general of Shao Kahn's 
armies.  He is ruthless in battle.

Although Reiko is loyal to his emperor, he has a kind of fascination
with assuming power for himself.  His ending in Armageddon's Arcade mode 
confirms this.  

Reiko is a mysterious and effective fighter, although not simple to control
at first.  This guide will show you how to utitilize him effectively.


II.  Button Configuration

This guide is designed for the PlayStation2 control scheme.  The face 
buttons will be given a corresponding number for combos.  The controls will
be as follows:

D-pad/Left Joystick - Moves the fighter.  Pressing up or down will cause 
Reiko to strafe around his opponent.  Pretty up and towards the opponent, 
plus any attack button will make Reiko throw a jump kick.  Pressing up and 
away will make Reiko leap away from the opponent.  

For Air Kombat options, jump up in the air, while your opponent is in the air
from a juggle or pop-up move and use a single attack or a combo on them.

Square - (1) 
Triangle - (2)
X - (3)
Circle - (4)

R1 - Throw (must be close to opponent)
R2 - Block
L1 - Stance Change
L2 - not used

Start - Brings up Pause menu


III.  Fighting Stances

Unlike in Mortal Kombat:  Deadly Alliance and Mortal Kombat:  Deception, each
fighter in this game is only given two stances.  One hand-to-hand combat 
stance, and one weapon stance.  Reiko's two options are Ying Yeung and the 
Crude Hammer stances.  

Ying Yeung is a fast poking stance, with some punishing options.  It gives 
you a little of everything, except for big, damaging single strikes.  But...

That is what the Crude Hammer is for.  It's a great compliment to Reiko's 
Ying Yeung stance.  Like Shao Kahn's War Hammer, the Crude Hammer is all 
about big, damaging one-hit knockdowns.  The problem is that it is slow to 
manage.  As a result, you won't be wanting to use this stance as your primary


IV.  Basic Moves and Combos

This section will take you through the basic moves and combos of Reiko's two
stances.  Keep in mind that Square, Triangle, X and Circle, will be referred
to as 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively.  Let's get to it.

- Ying Yeung moves and combos-

- (1) - Snake Fang - 4 damage...almost all your combos will start with this.  
Fast, but low damage.  

- Back + (1) - Gusting Wind - 9 damage...good, fast knockdown move.

- Down + (1) - Low Wrist Chop - 5 damage...low hitting, and quick.

- (2) - Elbow - 8 damage...Fast, more damage than the Snake Fang.

- Back + (2) - Chin Breaker - 6 damage...Fast pop-up attack, but damage is 
scaled down afterwards.  

- Up + (2) - Shoulder Pain - 8 damage...Fast knockdown move, but low damage.

- Down + (2) - Palm King - 13 damage...Reiko's uppercut, and a good one too.  
Very fast, and good damage.  

- (3) - Fan Kick - 10 damage...Two hit pop=up kick.  Quick and very good for
juggles.  Damage scaled down afterwards.

- Down + (3) - Tiger Tail Kick - 6 damage...Your typical low kick.  Nothing
really special here.  Good for a change up.  

- (4) - Reverse Side Kick - 8 damage...Fast high kick, moderate damage.  More
useful in combos though.  

- Back + (4) - Ankle Chipper - 5 damage...Quick, low hitting poke.  Good for
the keep-away game.

- Down + (4) - Demon Sweep - 3 damage...Not a favorite of mine.  Very low 
damage, although very quick.  Does not knock the opponent down.

- (1), (1) - Sharp Nails - 7 damage...More of a prelude to other combos.  

- (1), (1), (1) - Fingers to the Eyes - 9 damage...Very, very quick, very, 
very easy, and very little damage.  Good for poking, because if its blocked,
you're not left wide open.

- (1), (1), (2) - Serpent Takes Prey - 12 damage...Very fast knockdown combo,
but does fairly little damage.  

- (1), (1), (3) - Heaven and Hell - 13 damage...Fast pop-up combo.  You'll 
probably use this for a few juggle starters.  

- (1), (1), (4) - Good and Evil - 12 damage...Stick with the other two three-
button combos.  This one is fast, but does not juggle or knock the opponent

-Ying Yeung Air Combos- 
All combo damage seen in these, is done after a Devastating Flip Kick, which
is Reiko's best juggle starter.  So keep in mind that all damage seen in 
these air combos DO have damage from the Flip Kick factored into them.  And 
do these while in the air!!

- (1) - Onslaught - 14 damage...This should always be a lead-in to other air

- (2) - Spin Cycle - 15 damage...A better option for a one-hit air combo, but
you should try to do longer ones if you can.  More damaging ones too.  

- (3) - Big Blast Combo - 14 damage...Weird name for this...see my comments 
for Onslaught regarding this one.  

- (4) - Rain Drop - 19 damage...Now this is more like it.  Better damage, 
plus it juggles the opponent for the opportunity at another air combo.  Keep
this one in mind.  

- (1), (1) - Medium Hit - 17 damage...Not bad damage, but there are better 

- (3), (3) - The Twist - 17 damage...almost identical to the Medium Hit.  

- (1), (1), (1) - Take Off - 20 damage...Good all-around air combo.  This is 
the very least amount of damage you should do with a Reiko air combo.  You 
can't re-juggle with it, unfortunately.

- (1), (1), (2) - Power Spin - 22 damage...Remember this one.  This does good
damage, and it gives you an opportunity at yet another air combo.  

- (1), (1), (3) - Twister - 20 damage...Basically a lead in to another more
damaging air combo.  

- (1), (1), (4) - Drop Down - 26 damage...Another one to file away in your 
memory.  More damage, and another air combo opportunity.  Can't go wrong 

- (3), (3), (2) - Fierce Power - 23 damage...A good re-juggling air combo. 

- (3), (3), (3) - Kickback - 20 damage...Use this, if you have a re-juggle
chance.  There are better options for an initial air combo.

- (3), (3), (4) - Bird Toss - 22 damage...Another re-juggle chance here, but
there are better options that you can use for this, like the Drop Down.

- (1), (1), (3), (2) - Hurricane - 27 damage...Solid damage.  Use this if
you're having trouble with your re-juggle timing.  

- (1), (1), (3), (4) - Overhead Air Toss - 25 damage...Surprisingly, the Drop
Down does more inherant damage.  But a good re-juggle air combo, anyway.  

- (1), (1), (3), (3) - Gravity Strikes - 23 damage...The Hurricane is a 
better bet for a single air combo chance.  

-Ying Yeung Style Branching Combos-
Actually, you only get one.  But it's a good way to transition into your 
Crude Hammer stance.  And you must be on the ground.  

- (1), (1), (3), L1 - False Emperor - 15 damage...It will cause a knockdown
and get you into your weapon stance, but it doesn't do much damage.  Plus, 
you can't use it in a juggle, the CPU will only let you perform the first 
three strikes in any juggle.  Use this as a way to mix things up on the 

-Crude Hammer Moves and Combos-
You don't get many options here.  This isn't a precision weapon!  Any combos
that you use in this stance will be from pop-up moves. do get some
air combos!  

- (1) - Face Smasher - 12 damage...You all-around Crude Hammer move.  Strong
and it knocks the opponent down.

- Back + (1) - Raging Uproar - 13 damage...A bit more damage, and it'll knock
the opponent further away from you.  

- Down + (1) - Blunt End - 11 damage...It'll knock the opponent down, but 
only for an instant.  I wouldn't rely on this, except as a mix-up.

- (2) - Pleading Hammer - 9 damage...One of your pop-up moves in this stance.
You'll do well to remember this move.

- Forward + (2) - Stunned - 11 damage...Flattens your opponent for a close-up
knockdown.  Decent move.

- Down + (2) - Power Swing - 16 damage...Does more damage alone than most of
Reiko's standing combos!  Remember this if you are trying to land a round-
swinging blow.  

- (3) - Hammer Stomper - 14 damage...Remember this one as well.  A good pop 
up move.  Take this over the Power Swing, because you get a juggle chance.  

- Forward + (3) - Lower Hammer Hit - 9 damage...A good change of pace move, but
it's not good for much else.

- Down + (3) - Shin Destroyer - 8 damage...A better option for a low hit, 
since it knocks the opponent a little further away.  It's worth the 1 point 
of damage.  

- (4) - Power Kick - 12 damage...Your change of pace move in the Crude Hammer
stance.  It's fairly fast and does very good damage.  Use this if you think 
your opponent is expecting a big, slow swing.  It could surprise them.

- Back + (4) - Krazy Swing - 16 damage...Again, big damage, but your opponent
might be able to see this one coming.  Use very sparingly.  

- Down + (4) - Cheap Shot - 5 damage...Not an impressive move.  Stick with 
the other low blow options.  

-Crude Hammer Air Combos-
Again, I used the Flip Kick as a starter for these air combos.  

- (1) - Thrash Out - 14 damage...Again, a starter for other air combos.

- (2) - Bogie - 15 damage...You get a re-juggle with this move.  

- (3) - Long Legs - 14 damage...See the Thrash Out.

- (4) - Spinning Feet Grab - 19 damage...Not a bad move.  Decent damage for 
just one pretty of the button.  But explore other options if you can.

- (1), (1) - Rebel - 17 damage...Not great damage, but again, this is a lead
in to other air combos.  

- (3), (3) - Airborne Kick - 17 damage...See the Rebel above.

- (1), (1), (1) - Fresh Air - 20 damage...Moderate damage for a very easy air
combo to execute.

- (1), (1), (2) - Spinning Attack - 22 damage...The timing is very tricky on
this, but you can have another air combo chance here.  

- (1), (1), (3) - Lucky Wind - 20 damage...A decent air combo.  Nothing 
special about it.  

- (1), (1), (4) - Flip Down - 26 damage... Good air combo to use.  Easy to 
pull off, and good damage.  

- (3), (3), (2) - Somersault - 22 damage...A good chance for another air 
juggle comes with this one.  

- (3), (3), (3) - Boot to the Face - 20 damage...Easy to pull off, but you 
can do better than this.  

- (3), (3), (4) - Pincer Throw - 26 damage...You don't get a re-juggle 
chance, but it does pretty good damage anyway.

- (1), (1), (3), (3) - Guiding LIght - 23 damage...Decent damage and easy to
use, but you're better off going with an air combo with a re-juggle chance.

- (1), (1), (3), (4) - Zero Gravity - 29 damage...You can't go wrong with 
this air combo.  Does very good damage, and not too hard to use.  If you are 
having too much trouble with re-juggles, just use this.  


V.  Special Moves
Reiko has an excellent array of special moves, and has one for nearly every 
situation.  Overall, they do very good damage as well.  We'll dive right in.

- Devastating Flip Kick - Down, Forward, (4)...11 damage.
Reiko performs a fast spinning kick towards his opponent.  

This is Reiko's best juggle starter.  It's insanely fast, and damage isn't
scaled down much at all, after it.  This should be one of your bread and 
butter moves.  Not to mention that it deals out good damage on its own. 

-Assassin Throwing Stars - Back, Forward, (1)...9 damage.
Reiko quickly flings a series of ninja stars towards his opponent.  Eight in

The Stars will either be your best friend or worse enemy.  The good part 
about them is that they are VERY fast, hit 8 times, and even if the opponent
blocks, they will be pushed back a great deal.  The downside is that if you 
miss with them, the throwing animation can take a while and leave you 
exposed.  Still, it's a very solid projectile and you shouldn't be afraid 
to use it.  It can even be used at the end of juggles.  

-Shadow Grab - Down, Up, (2)...11 damage.
Reiko disappears into the ground, reappearing beneath his opponent, to slam
them into the ground.  

A very disconcerting, fast and good damaging move.  Just don't abuse it, or
your opponent will start to see it coming, if you duck a lot, to start the 
move.  A good move for Reiko's arsenal.  

-Charging Pain - Back, Forward, (3)...11 damage.
Reiko charges forwards a short energy replica of Shao Kahn's
helmet appears on his head, when he strikes the opponent.  

Very fast charging move, but it doesn't have much distance.  Be warned.  If
it's blocked, it doesn't leave you too open, as long as you sidestep or 
back-dash right away.  

-Flipping Strikes - R1 (close to opponent)...16 damage
A pretty underrated throw.  You don't get a juggle opportunity with this 
throw, but that's ok.  Also, it just plain looks cool.


VI.  Advanced Combos
If Reiko has a weakness, its that he doesn't have any overwhelming combos in 
his Ying Yeung least, not at first glance.  You simply must 
master the art of juggling with Reiko, and air combat.  I won't list every 
single combo, because that would just take too long.  But I will list some of
Reiko's more damaging ones.  These will make your life a lot easier, when 
playing as the general.  

-Ying Yeung ground combos-

(1), (1), (3)...(1), (1), (2) - 16 damage

(1), (1), (3)...Flip Kick...(1), (1), (2) - 18 damage

(1), (1), (3)...Flip Kick...Throwing Stars - 22 damage

Flip Kick...Flip Kick...Throwing Stars - 26 damage

(3)...(1), (1), (2) - 16 damage

Flip Kick...Flip Kick...(1), (1), (3) - 31 damage

Flip Kick...Flip Kick...(1), (1), (2) - 29 damage

Flip Kick...Flip Kick...(1), (1), (4) - 29 damage

Flip Kick...Flip Kick...Charging Pain - 26 damage

-Ying Yeung air combos-
Note:  If you want more damaging air combos, start them off with a couple of
Devastating Flip Kicks.  You'll have to do less re-juggling, but the damage
differential will be more than made up for.  

Flip Kick...Flip Kick...(1), (1), (3), (2) - 31 damage

Flip Kick...Flip Kick...(1), (1), (3), (4) - 30 damage

Flip Kick...Flip Kick...(1), (1), (4) - 31 damage

Flip Kick...(3), (3), (2)...(1), (1), (3), (2) - 39 damage

Flip Kick...(3), (3), (2)...(1), (1), (3), (4) - 37 damage

Flip Kick...(3), (3), (2)...(1), (1), (4) - 34 damage

Flip Kick...(3), (3), (2)...(3), (3), (2) - 35 damage

-Crude Hammer ground combos-
These combos are really a combination of pop ups.  Reiko has no other way to
use combos in the Crude Hammer stance on the ground.

(3)...(3)...(3) - 28 damage

(3)...(3)...Down + (2) - 28 damage

Flip Kick...Flip Kick...Down + 2 - 28 damage

Flip Kick...(3)...(3) - 28 damage

(3)...(2)...Down + (2) - 27 damage

Flip Kick...Flip Kick...(3) - 27 damage

Flip Kick...(3)...Down + (2) - 29 damage 

-Crude Hammer air combos- 

Flip Kick...(3)...(1), (1), (3), (4) - 34 damage

Flip Kick...(3)...(3), (3), (2)...(1), (1), (3), (4) - 40 damage (yes, it can
be done!!)

Flip Kick...(3)...(3), (3), (2)...(1), (1), (4) - 34 damage

Now that I've gotten the ball rolling for you, see what combos you can come 
up with!  There are tons and tons of possibilities.  Now you know what 
Reiko's damage potential is.  


VII.  Notes and Strategies for using Reiko

- I've said it before and I'll say it again, you have to learn to juggle 
effectively, in order to use Reiko.  This is where his offense comes from.  

- Don't be afraid to use your special moves to end juggles.  Reiko's Throwing
Stars and Charging Pain are great for that last hit, when the opponent is on 
his/her way to the ground.  

- Don't stay in the Crude Hammer stance for too long.  You do take more 
damage in the weapon stance, and the hammer is simply too slow and cumbersome
to rely upon.  It's good as a change-up tactic, but not to rely on.  

- The Charging Pain is a great move to send an opponent into a Death Trap.  
The Throwing Stars can't do it though.

- Reiko's Throwing Stars CAN hurt Blaze.  But, be very, very careful using
his Charging Pain and Shadow Grab on him.  The Shadow Grab will damage him 
(and other bosses) but will not lift him.  Plus, you will be left wide open
for a counter-attack.  The Charging Pain will hurt Blaze, but it it won't 
faze him much.  I don't suggest these attacks on him.  The Flip Kick also 
has this problem

You're at a natural disadvantage against Blaze because you can't juggle him.  
Keep side-stepping him, and use your basic Ying Yeung combos against him, 
and your Throwing Stars and you should get a couple of wins against him.  
Just be intelligent, and keep in are faster than he is.  Use it
to your advantage.

- Running short of cash to make a Kreated Fighter?  This is a boring trick,
but it works wonders.  Plus in a controller in the second port on your PS2, 
and play a versus match against anyone.  Simply use your Throwing Stars 
against the "dummy" opponent, and you will get 50 koins every time you use 
them.  Try to do a big fatality for even more koins at the end of the match.
You will easily get over 1000 koins per match.  If you do this back to back,
it's actually faster than trying to get money through Konquest.  

-Keep in mind, Reiko is a fighter made to punish opposition.  You have to 
take advantage of opponents who whiff attacks, or make mistakes.  That's what
a juggle master like Reiko is built for.  



1.  Is Reiko really Shao Kahn?  

NO.  If you watch the bonus disc that came with the Premium Edition of 
Armageddon, the development team says as much on Reiko's video card.  But 
they do like to throw little hints into the game, as to Reiko's connection
to Kahn, such as his glowing helmet, when he uses the Charging Pain.  But no, 
Reiko is not Kahn.

2.  How do I use his alternate costume?  And do I have to find it in 

Just press start, when you highlight Reiko at the player select screen?  And 
no, you do not have to wait to find it in Konquest, you can simply go right
into the Krypt when you have enough koins and buy it right away.  You can do 
this for all alternate costumes.

3.  What is Reiko's ending in Armageddon like?

I don't want to spoil's nothing too life-changing...but YES, it does
involved Shao Kahn's helmet!

4.  Wasn't Reiko originally going to have a sword?

Yes, he was originally going to have the Devastator weapon, but that was 
given to Fujin.  His Crude Hammer gives him more of a connection to Shao 

5.  Are his Assassin Throwing Stars in the Kreate a Fighter mode?

No.  As of now, there is no way to use them in Kreate a Fighter.  Which is 
very, very unfortunate.  


IX.  Credits

And that, as they say, is that!  I hope that I was able to help a few of you 
out there.  

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, feel free to contact me at

Thanks go to Midway for the creation of this great gaming franchise.  And to for hosting this guide.  

This guide was created specifically for  It may not be 
duplicated, reproduced or copied on any other website, without my permission.

Thank you for reading!!!

Copyright, 2006, whitelotus878.