Mavado by whitelotus878

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 11/01/06 | Printable Version

Mavado FAQ and Movelist

Mortal Kombat:  Armageddon

by Whitelotus878

Created 10/26/06
Version 1.0

Version 1.1 (made some minor spelling corrections, 10/27/06)

Version 1.2 (corrected some of the button presses in the Advanced Combos
section, and added some Stance Changing combos, 10/30/06)

Version 1.3 (added some new advanced Hooksword ground combos, 10/31/06)

Version 1.4 (made some more minor grammar corrections, 11/01/06) 


I.  Biography

II.  Button configurations

III.  Fighting stances

IV.  Basic Moves and Combos

V.  Special Moves

VI.  Advanced Combos

VII.  Notes and Strategies for using Mavado


IX.  Credits


This guide was created for MK:  Armageddon players who are interested in 
using the fighter Mavado.  Mavado is now a fairly different fighter from the
one introduced in Mortal Kombat:  Deadly Alliance.  So, we will get right 
down to it.


I.  Biography

Mavado was introduced in Mortal Kombat:  Deadly Alliance, as an alternative
of sorts to Kabal.  Like Kabal, Mavado uses the Hookswords.  Mavado is a high
ranking member of the Red Dragon clan.  His primary goal is to eradicate all
members of the rival Black Dragon clan.  Prior to the events of Deadly 
Alliance, Mavado defeated the Black Dragon member Kabal and took his 
Hookswords as a trophy.  

Mavado wasn't exactly a fan favorite in Deadly Alliance.  He was a lower tier
fighter in that game, and a lot of fans clamored for Kabal's return.  Which
did happen in Mortal Kombat:  Deception.  Kabal's biography for Deception 
claimed that he avenged his defeat, by killing Mavado in a fight (depicted in
a picture in his biography, of a bloodied Mavado laying dead on the ground).  

Mavado has returned in Mortal Kombat:  Armageddon, and his storyline although
not very clear, is depicted in a small way in the Konquest mode.  It is 
revealed that he is a subordinate of Daegon, who is the true founder of the
Red Dragon clan.  It is unclear just how exactly, Mavado "returned to life."
He is still the direct superior of Hsu Hao, it would seem.  

Unlike in Mortal Kombat:  Deadly Alliance, Mavado is now a very strong and
effective fighter.  He has been beefed up considerably for this game, and is
very likely an upper tier fighter.  He is my personal choice in this game, 
out of all of the fighters.  He is very easy to use as well, for beginning


II.  Button configuration

his guide is designed for the PlayStation2 control scheme.  The face 
buttons will be given a corresponding number for combos.  The controls will
be as follows:

D-pad/Left Joystick - Moves the fighter.  Pressing up or down will cause 
Mavado to strafe around his opponent.  Pretty up and towards the opponent, 
plus any attack button will make Mavado throw a jump kick.  Pressing up and 
away will make Reiko leap away from the opponent.  

For Air Kombat options, jump up in the air, while your opponent is in the air
from a juggle or pop-up move and use a single attack or a combo on them.

Square - (1) 
Triangle - (2)
X - (3)
Circle - (4)

R1 - Throw (must be close to opponent)
R2 - Block
L1 - Stance Change
L2 - not used

Start - Brings up Pause menu


III.  Fighting stances

In terms of his stances, Mavado is very similar to his Mortal Kombat:  Deadly
Alliance incarnation.  The fighters in this game only get two stances, one 
hand-to-hand stance, and one weapon stance.  Mavado has lost his Wing Chun 
stance, which honestly, is not a big loss.  Long Fist and the Hookswords are
Mavado's stances.  

Long Fist is a quick and hard-hitting fighting stance.  The damage value of 
this stance is increased from Deadly Alliance.  If you find yourself 
preferring this stance over the Hookswords stance, don't be too surprised.  
Mavado's Long Fist combos are very fast, and can deal out a very healthy 
amount of damage.  

The Hookswords stance is Mavado's weapon stance, and like Long Fist, it is
a strong stance.  Although it is slightly more cumbersome.  Mavado and Kabal
actually are about even, in terms or prowess with the Hooksoords in this 
game, since Mavado basically has all of Kabal's Hooksword moves from 
MK:  Deception.  Kabal's Hooksword moveset in Deception was in turn, taken
from Mavado's moveset in Deadly Alliance.  Mavado has several good options 
to use against an opponent in this stance.  It can be used for poking, pop-
ups, and strong single strikes.  Keep in mind, that you will take more damage
while in your Hooksword stance.  Of both Mavado and Kabal, Mavado is arguably
the more effective fighter of the two, given his combo, pop-up and overall
damage potential.  


IV.  Basic Moves and Combos

This section will take you through the basic moves and combos of Mavado's two
stances.  Keep in mind that Square, Triangle, X and Circle, will be referred
to as 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively.  

Also, with the Anger Management special move going, the damage done to an 
opponent will be increased for the duration of the special move.  Let's get 
to it.

-Long Fist moves and combos-

- (1) - Flat Punch - 8 damage...Decent damage, but basically a standing combo
starter.  Comes out very fast.

- Back + (1) - Knee Strike - 8 damage...Again, decent damage, good for a mix
up attack.  

- Forward + (1) - Double Fist Strike - 12 damage...Good, fast punishing move
that knocks your opponent a good distance away.  

- Down + (1) - Low Snake Bite - 4 damage...Quick, low strike, but very little
damage.  Not to be relied on.  

- (2) - Long Straight Punch - 12 damage...Another good punishing move, but
better served on the end of a combo.  Good damage.

- Back + (2) - Crane Strike - 12 damage...Excellent pop-up move.  This will 
likely be your main juggle starter.  Very fast, and good damage.  

- Down + (2) - Hammerfist Uppercut - 13 damage...Mavado's uppercut is a 
decent one, a solid punishing move.  Use it after a pop-up, if you can.  

- (3) - Head Bash - 7 damage...Not a great attack.  Go for another option.

- Down + (3) - Killer Heel - 4 damage...Simply a mix up attack, much like the
Low Snake Bite.  

- (4) - Cutting Kick - 11 damage...Fast forward kick, does decent damage, 
although it's not quite as fast as the Long Straight Punch.  

- Back + (4) - Spinning Crane - 8 damage...Very effective pop up.  Mavado 
sidesteps his opponent, and then launches them.  Some Mavado players may 
prefer this, to the Crane Strike, although it does less damage.  It will 
throw your opponent off balance, but the damage scale-back is equal to the
Crane Strike.  

- Down + (4) - Floor Kick - 4 damage...Another standard low kick to mix up
attacks with.  Slightly quicker than the Killer Heel.

- (1), (1) - Long Fist Rush - 12 damage...Fair damage, but is really just a 
lead in to other combos.  

- (1), (1), (1) - Long Fist Pain - 16 damage...Decent damage, and extremely
easy to pull off.  A good poking combo, and you're not in bad position if the
hits are all blocked.  

- (1), (1), (2) - Long Fist Blast - 19 damage...A good all-around combo.  It
will knock the opponent down, and do good damage.  Not a bad way to end a pop
up opportunity.  Easy to use. 

- (1), (1), Back + (2) - Long Tiger Claws - 20 damage...Excellent pop up 
combo.  Does very good damage and sets the opponent up for an easy juggle.  
Comes out very fast, and not difficult to master.  

- (1), (1), (3) - Under the Mountain - 14 damage...Another fast pop up combo,
although not in the same league as the Long Tiger Claws.  Use it, if you need
to mix things up.  

- (1), (1), (4) - Pole Distance - 19 damage...Much like the Long Fist Blast, 
this is a knockdown combo, and a good one to end a juggle chance with.  

-Long Fist Air Combos-
All of these combos have been initiated from ONE Crane Strike.  So keep this
in mind, when looking at the damage for these air combos.  The Crane Strike 
is Mavado's most basic air combo starter, so it made a good foundation for 
air combo analysis.  Do these will in the air!!

- (1) - War Cry - 14 damage...A lead in to other more damaging air combos.

- (2) - Smash Down - 16 damage...Light damage, but offers a chance to re-
juggle your opponent.  Not bad.  

- (3) - Gut Kick - 14 damage...Another lead in to other air combos.  Follow
this up with something else.  

- (4) - Flip Throw - 19 damage...A better option for a re-juggle chance, 
since it does more damage than the Smash Down.  The timing will be a little
trickier though.

- (1), (1) - Downward Swat - 17 damage...Again, a lead in for a longer air
combo.  Not great damage, all things considered.

- (3), (3) - Air Sans - 17 damage...See the Downward Swat.  Must be followed
up with something more.  

- (1), (1), (1) - Downward End - 22 damage...This is the least amount of 
damage that you should do with an air combo.  This one is very easy to pull

- (1), (1), (2) - Swipe - 22 damage...If you can, use this over the Downward
End.  You get a re-juggle chance with this combo.  Repeat it again for a 
combo of over 30%.  

- (1), (1), (3) - Hovering Kick - 19 damage...A lead in to the Pinwheel 
combo.  You shouldn't be using this on its own.

- (3), (3), (1) - Swat Team - 19 damage...Again, a lead in to the Downtime
combo.  See the Hovering Kick.  

- (1), (1), (4) - Crashing Wind - 24 damage...A good re-juggle air combo.  
You can't really go wrong here, as long as your timing is good for another 
air combo.  Use this if you are getting good at the re-juggle timing.  

- (3), (3), (2) - Power Down - 21 damage...Another re-juggle chance, although
the Crashing Wind is slightly stronger.  

- (3), (3), (3) - Spinning Wheels - 22 damage...To use if you can't get your
re-juggles to time properly.  Moderate damage.  

- (3), (3), (4) - End Times - 24 damage...Another one to use if your timing 
isn't on.  Simply knocks your opponent flat, and doesn't put much distance
between you and your opponent...but does slightly more damage than the 
Spinning Wheels.

- (3), (3), (1), (1) - Downtime - 24 damage...Decent damage, knocks your 
opponent down and away from you.  

- (1), (1), (3), (3) - Pinwheel - 24 damage...Knocks your opponent a little 
further away.  simply a variation of the Downtime air combo.  

- (1), (1), (3), (4) - Bounceback - 27 damage...One of the more damaging air
combo options.  Knocks your opponent flat, no re-juggle chance.

- (3), (3), (1), (4) - This is the End - 27 damage...A variation of the 
Bounceback.  Again, no re-juggle chance, and a little tricky to use.  But 
good damage.  

-Long Fist Style Branching Combos-
Well, you only get one in Armageddon.  But it's a good way to transition into
the Hookswords stance.  And you must be on the ground to use it.

- (1), (1), L1 - Red Dragon Hunter - 23 damage...Excellent ground combo.  
Hits 4 times, high, high, low, then high.  So it is very hard for your 
opponent to block all four hits, unless they are very good.  It's also very 
easy to pull off.  Use this combo when you can.

-Hookswords Moves and Combos-
The Hookswords is one of the better weapon stances in the game.  It gives you
a lot of options, but also gives you more to remember.  You won't have to 
rely on the Hookswords nearly as much as in Deadly Alliance.  This is a fast 
weapon, but will feel more cumbersome than the fast Long Fist stance.

- (1) - Chest Strike - 10 damage...A lead in to some basic Hooksword combos.
Comes out somewhat quickly, but you shouldn't use it on its own.

- Back + (1) - Shoulder Rip - 17 damage...A damaging two-hit knockdown move.
Good for a mix-up attack, and easy to pull off.  

- Up + (1) - Twisting Hook - 7 damage...Not a great move, but on its own, it
can be decent for a mix up attack.  A Chest Strike is usually better.  

- Down + (1) - Low Reverse Blow - 4 damage...A typical low hitting move 
without a whole lot of range or power.  

- (2) - Power Hook - 9 damage...A decent single hitting move, but if it is 
blocked, you'll leave yourself wide open.  It feels somewhat sluggish unless
used in a combo.

- Back + (2) - Twin Overhead Strike - 11 damage...A good, fast pop up move.
Does solid damage as well.  You should be using this often in the Hookswords

- Up + (2) - Chin and Neck Slice - 16 damage...Definitely worth mentioning.
Probably Mavado's best single move in this stance.  It hits low, then high.  
So it is difficult to block.  And it comes out fairly quickly.  It's hard to
use in a juggle, but is very useful nonetheless.  Keep this move in mind.  

- Down + (2) - One Hook Sweep - 4 damage...A better low option than the Low
Reverse Blow.  Very slightly more range.  

- (3) - Spinning Sidekick - 8 damage...Moderate damage, but a very good mix 
up attack, since it comes out so quickly.  

- Back + (3) - Leg Tripper - 5 damage...A much better low option, as it does
slightly more damage, and knocks down the opponent.  

- Down + (3) - Scissors Swipe - 6 damage...A good low attack.  Does a little
more damage, and comes out quickly.

- (4) - Axe Kick - 10 damage...Not a bad move, but does not knockdown the 
opponent, or cause a popup.  Better used in a combo.  

- Back + (4) - 5 damage...Very quick low kick, but does not faze the opponent
very much at all.  Be warned on this one.  Decent mix up attack.

- Down + (4) - Upward Cross Strike - 5 damage...Insanely fast attack, but low
damage.  It's not really a low hitting move though.  Keep this in mind for a 
surprise move.  Much faster than any of the other Hooksword strikes.

- (1), (1) - Razor Moon - 18 damage...Solid damage for so simple a combo.  
Decent combo for poking.  Easy to transition into the Shady Blows combo.  
Comes out quickly too.

- (2), (1) - Furious Edges - 17 damage...Another version of the Razor Moon.
Doesn't really offer much of an advantage.  Decent at the end of a combo, and
for poking.  

- (1), (1), Back + (1) - Shady Blows - 28 damage...Very good damage here.  
Also pretty easy to pull off, and good for the end of juggles.  Causes a 
knockdown, but doesn't push the opponent away.  Using the Anger Management
move, you can do 36% damage with this combo alone.  Not bad eh?  

- (1), (1), (2) - Strength and Balance - 23 damage...Decent damage, but I 
would stick to the Shady Blows.  If you have this blocked, the lag time at 
the end of this combo, can cause you to eat a combo yourself.  

- (2), (1), (3) - Disciple of Doom - 22 damage...Decent damage again, plus
it knocks the opponent away a bit.  Not a combo you're going to be using much

- (1), (1), (4) - Unholy Strength - 24 damage...Another combo that comes out
quickly, but doesn't offer a juggle, or a knockdown.  The opponent is simply
lowered to their knees, but has a chance to get right back up.  Moderate 

- (2), (1), (4) - Blazing Fury - 20 damage...Now we're talking.  A solid, 
fast pop up combo that can lead to some very damaging results.  Another good
one to remember.

-Hooksword Air Combos-
These air combos were performed immediately following a Twin Overhead Strike,
which is Mavado's most basic launcher in the Hookswords stance.  So keep this
in mind, when reading the damage indicated.  Again, these can only be done in
the air!

- (1) - Downfall - 13 damage...Always should be followed by another move.  
Weak damage.

- (2) - Lucky Change - 14 damage...Not a great air combo option at all.  You
can do better than this.

- (3) - Marked Humanoid - 13 damage...Simply a lead in to other air combos, 
like the Hyper Gust.  

- (4) - Spinning Feet Grab - 18 damage...Better damage, but again, there are 
better options than this move.  

- (1), (1) - Stinky Air - 16 damage...A lead in to other longer air combos.  
Always follow this up with at least one more move.

- (3), (3) - Hyper Gust - 16 damage...Same as the Stinky Air.  It's a lead 
in, nothing more.

- (1), (1), (1) - Fresh Air - 18 damage...Should be your basic air combo.  
Very easy to do, but not much damage.  Causes a knockdown.

- (1), (1), (2) - Air Slinky - 20 damage...Decent damage, but noteworthy 
because you can air combo the opponent once again.  The timing is tricky, but
definitely worth figuring out.  

- (1), (1), (3) - Airway - 18 damage...Basically a lead in to the Air Barrel
or Boot Slam.  

- (1), (1), (4) - Shove It - 23 damage...Pretty good damage, and easy to
pull off.  But doesn't get the opponent far from you.

- (3), (3), (3) - Barrel Roll - 18 damage...Not great damage, but sends the
opponent a good distance away from you.

- (3), (3), (4) - Downward Spiral - 18 damage...A lot like the Shove It air
combo.  Same damage and knockdown distance.  

- (1), (1), (3), (3) - Air Barrel - 20 damage...Decent damage and knocks the
opponent across the screen.  Not a bad air combo to use, but you have better

- (3), (3), (1), (1) - It's All Over - 20 damage...Similar to the Air Barrel
combo, but knocks your opponent down a little closer to where you land, after
you finish the air combo.  Again, not a bad combo.

- (3), (3), (1), (2) - Back in Action - 24 damage...A solid air combo.  
Knocks your opponent up and away from you.  An interesting twist, and a 
better bet to use, than the more simple 4 button air combos.

- (1), (1), (3), (4) - Body Slam - 26 damage...Very good one to use if you 
can't get the re-juggles going.  The button presses can be tricky, but with
practice, it'll be a cinch.  

- (3), (3), (1), (4) - Zero G - 26 damage...A variation of the Body Slam.  
Doesn't offer any real advantage one way or the other, but these two are the
air combos you want to use, if you don't want to bother with re-juggling.  


V. Special Moves
Mavado has a unique set of special moves.  They mainly revolve on propelling
him around the arena.  He does not have a projectile...but then again, he 
doesn't really need one.  Mavado has more special moves than he did in Deadly
Alliance, which is a good thing.  His special moves compliment his attack
style very nicely.  He also has a good power-up move that you do not want to
forget about...

- Grapple Hook Strike - Forward, Forward, (3)...8 damage.
Mavado fires two grappling hooks to each side of his opponent, then propels
himself forward, striking them with two boots right in the chest.  

Be careful using this move.  It doesn't do a whole lot of damage, and doesn't
propel the opponent that far away.  Only use this as a way to mix up your 
attack against your opponent.  If it is blocked, you can be punished easily.

- Change Sides Hook - Down, Up, (2)...No damage.
Mavado fires a grappling hook to his side, quickly evading his opponent.  

This can be effective in a lot of situations.  You can keep your opponent
guessing as to how you will move around the arena, if you mix a lot of these
in with your overall movement.  It's very good to use against larger, slower
opponents to get a new vantage point on them.  Very handy little move.

- Anger Management - Up, Up, (4)...No damage.
Mavado takes a moment to momentarily power up.  Increases damage to all

This move alone makes Mavado a very good one to use.  His combos already do
very solid damage and this move simply increases that potential.  For best 
best results, use after a knockdown move, and move in for the kill.  A long
combo, coupled with the Anger Management power up, can decide a round in 
itself.  The only downside is that you are left open for a second while you
power up, and it only lasts about 5 seconds.  It can be more than enough time
with Mavado's speed, and if used properly though.

Street Fighter III:  3rd Strike players will know of Yun and his 
Genei Jin superart...this is basically Mavado's Genei Jin.

- Low Grapple Slide - Back, Forward, (4) - 8 damage.
Mavado uses his grappling hook to slide forward from a distance and sweep
up his opponent.  

Another handy move.  I prefer this over the Grappling Hook Strike, because
it can be harder to block.  It can also go under projectile, and hit from all
the way across the screen.  A smart player will keep their distance from a 
good Mavado player, but this move can keep them honest.  Keep it in mind.

- Escape Grapple - Forward, Away, (1) - No damage. 
Mavado fires his grappling hooks behind him to quickly escape from harm's

Another somewhat handy move, although I don't find myself using it much.  The
good part of this move is that you can use it immediately after a Change 
Sides Hook, to give you a completely new perspective of the situation.  I 
doubt you'll be using this much, however.  

- Rubberband Feet - R1 (must be close) - 15 damage.

Mavado does a quick version of the Grappling Hook Strike right next to his

A decent throw, if only for the damage.  Use it as a punishing tactic.  You
can't juggle off of it.  


VI.  Advanced Combos
Mavado has very good damage potential with his combos.  We'll explore some
of the many options that he has in his various stances, starting with Long
Fist.  I won't list every single combo possibility, because that would mean 
nearly writing a novel, but I will jot down some combos that definitely bear 
mention, because of their damage potential.  

Keep in mind that there are many, many more combos than just these, so do 
some experimenting.  These are just some of the more damaging options you can

Also...with the Anger Management special move going, these combos will do 
more damage than normal.  That goes for every single Mavado move or combo.

-Long Fist ground combos- 

Back + (2)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), Back + (2) - 29 damage.

Back + (2)...(1), (1), Back + (2) - 28 damage.

Back + (2)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), (4) - 28 damage.

Back + (2)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), (3) - 25 damage.

(1), (1), Back + (2)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), Back + (2) - 30 damage.

(1), (1), Back + (2)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), (2) - 29 damage.

(1), (1), Back + (2)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), (3) - 27 damage.

Back + (4)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), Back + (2) - 25 damage.

Back + (2)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), (2) - 23 damage.

(1), (1), Back + (2)...(1), (1), Back + (2) - 28 damage

(1), (1), (3)...(1), (1), Back + (2) - 23 damage

-Long Fist air combos-
Remember to do these in the air, after the launchers.  

Back + (2)...Back + (2)...(3), (3), (2)...(3), (3), (1), (4) - 35 damage.

Back + (2)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), (4)...(3), (3), (1), (4) - 37 damage.

(1), (1), Back + (2)...Back + (4)...(3), (3), (2)...(3), (3), (1), (4) - 35 

(1), (1), Back + (2)...Back + (4)...(3), (3), (1), (4) - 32 damage.

-Hookswords ground combos-

Back + (2)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), Back + (1) - 27 damage.

Back + (2)...Back + (2)...(2), (1), (3) - 28 damage.

Back + (2)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), (2) - 29 damage.

Back + (2)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), (4) - 30 damage.

Back + (2)...Back + (2)...(2), (1), (4) - 28 damage.

Back + (2)...Back + (2)...(2), (1) - 25 damage.

(2), (1), (4)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), Back + (1) - 32 damage.

(2), (1), (4)...Back + (2)...(2), (1), (3) - 32 damage.

(2), (1), (4)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), (2) - 32 damage.

(2), (1), (4)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), (4) - 33 damage.

(2), (1), (4)...Back + (2)...(2), (1), (4) - 31 damage.

(2), (1), (4)...(1), (1), (2) - 33 damage.

(2), (1), (4)...(1), (1), Back + (1) - 36 damage.

(2), (1), (4)...(1), (1), (4) - 34 damage.

(2), (1), (4)...(2), (1), (4) - 30 damage.

(2), (1), (4)...(2), (1), (3) - 32 damage.

(2), (1), (4)...(1), (1), (4)...(1), (1) - 43 damage.  Note:  The trick here 
(and with the following two combos) is to press forward while you are doing 
the second juggle combo.  This combo is not easy to pull off, but you can get 
it to work with some practice.  

(2), (1), (4)...(1), (1), (4)...(1), (1), Back + (1) - 45 damage.  Note: VERY
hard to pull off.  If you can't get this to work every time, don't be too
discouraged.  But, yes...with great timing, you CAN get that last hit in.

(2), (1), (4)...(1), (1), (4)...(1), (1), (4) - 46 damage.  Note:  Again, 
pretty hard to pull off, but you can get that last hit in, with good timing.
I'll say it again, just in case, with all three of these combos, you've got 
to keep pressing forward to make sure you can get all those hits in. 

-Hookswords air combos-
Once again, after the initial pop up, take it to the air!!

Back + (2)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), (2)...(3), (3), (1), (4) - 32 damage.

(2), (1), (4)...Back + (2)...(1), (1), (2)...(3), (3), (1), (4) - 36 damage.

(2), (1), (4)...(1), (1), (2)...(3), (3), (1), (4) - 36 damage.

-Stance Changing Combos-

(1), (1), Back + (2)...Change Stance...(1), (1), Back + (1) - 33 damage (Long
First to Hookswords)

(1), (1), Back + (2)...Change Stance...(1), (1), (2) - 30 damage (Long Fist
to Hookswords)

(2), (1), (4)...Change Stance...(1), (1), (2) - 31 damage (Hookswords to Long

(2), (1), (4)...Change Stance...(1), (1), L1 - 33 damage (Hookswords to Long
Fist, back to Hookswords again!  Difficult to time right, but all 7 hits CAN
connect!  Just practice!) 


VII.  Notes and Strategies for using Mavado

- Mavado is a very good punisher, with easy to perform combos.  You have to
be able to get close to your opponent to hurt him, because you doo't have any
projectiles to work with.  

- If you are getting beaten, chances are, you are becoming too predictable to
your opponent, especially if your opponent is a human player.  Remember your 
special moves, and start moving around the area with the grappling hook.  

-Mavado is actually very good against Blaze and some other bosses, because 
he does not rely on projectiles.  After a knockdown, try to get an Anger
Management move off.  At the very least, after this, use a Low Grapple Strike
for a free, powered up hit, if you are not feeling confident.  

-Abuse the Red Dragon Hunter move.  This is a combo that is extremely hard to
block.  I know I have said this before, but its true.  This is a GREAT combo
to use against Blaze.  Simply get in his face, perform the combo, and switch 
back to Long Fist.  Do not use your Grappling Hook Strike on him.  

- Above all, keep side stepping and strafing.  You have to be able to get in
close to your opponent to use your most damaging attacks.  

- To get in close to your opponent quickly, tap the D-pad or joystick 
forward, don't hold it forward.  You will take quick, long steps toward your
opponent and throw him off.  Combine this with your grappling hook tactics 
and you will be hard to read.  

- You don't have to rely on the Hookswords to win with Mavado.  His Long Fist
stance is more than enough to hold his own against opponents.  If you take a 
big combo while in the Hookswords stance, you'll receive more damage than 



1.  How do I use Mavado's alternate costume?  And what does it look like?

Simply press start at the player select screen while highlighting Mavado.  
His alternate costume is a silver-ish ceremonial Red Dragon costume that 
makes him look like a knight.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  If you have played
Deadly Alliance, you have seen it there too.

2.  What is Mavado's storyline in this game?

I've hinted at it earlier in the biography, but Midway did not release 
official biographies in this game.  If you bought the Premium Edition, you'll
get a little more info on the bonus disc, but not a whole lot more.  Play
through Konquest, and you will get more of an idea.  

3.   Are Mavado's Hookswords or Grappling Hook moves in the Kreate a Fighter

Sadly, no to both.  

4.   Do Kabal and Mavado have the same Hookswords moves?

As far as I can tell, yes.  They use them in the same manner.  In my opinion,
Mavado is the far superior fighter in this game, due to his Long Fist stance.


IX.  Credits

And that, as they say, is that!  I hope that I was able to help a few of you 
out there.  

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, feel free to contact me at

Thanks go to Midway for the creation of this great gaming franchise.  And to for hosting this guide.  

This guide was created specifically for  It may not be 
duplicated, reproduced or copied on any other website, without my permission.

Thank you for reading!!!