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                     MORTAL KOMBAT : ARMAGEDDON

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                          RAIDEN CHARACTER GUIDE

--------------- Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

--------------- Character Guide (PS2)

--------------- Raiden

--------------- By CruZer_69

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--------------- Started : 16/01/07

--------------- Finished : 19/01/07

--------------- Version 1.00

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--------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS --------------------------------

 1) Raiden's info            =========================================== RI11

 2) Raiden's moves           =========================================== RM22
    a) Nan Chuan             =========================================== RNC3
    b) Nan Chuan in air      =========================================== NCIA
    c) Staff                 =========================================== RS55
    d) Staff in air          =========================================== RSIA
    e) Special Moves         =========================================== RSM7

 3) Raiden's History         =========================================== RH88

 4) Raiden's Strategy        =========================================== RS99

 5) Raiden's Points          =========================================== RPGB

 6) Sites                    =========================================== SAFD

 7) Thanks                   =========================================== TTRT

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============================= RAIDEN'S INFO ======================== - RI11 -

I liked Raiden from Mortal Kombat II. In Mortal Kombat : Armageddon he really
does have A LOT of moves and some pretty big comboes although fairly simple.
That is one of the reasons why I like him. His Staff doesn't provide as much
moves as Nan Chuan but it's reach is certainly unmissable. His specials offer
everything too from grab close range moves to long ranged and teleport moves.

About his costumes, well what can I say? The first one, (the original one) I
think looks superb and is the classic of what Raiden wears. Not so much 
compliments for the second one though. First time I saw it, I couldn't 
recognize him. His first costume consists of the following : His legend 
God hat, He has got samurai armor on him, the sash, a brown cape and weird 
looking boots supported by some cloth rapped around it lots of times. And
also, RED EYES! His second one is not a lot different except that he takes 
his hat off, half of his chest is revealed, he has a samurai sword and blue
monk beads. His hair is in a small ponytail and kind of drooping and it's 
grey. His hat is on his back.

With Nan Chuan the positioning is this : Raiden's right fist ( or left depends
which way he is facing you) is withdrawn to the side of his respective ribs
and the other one sort of just hangs losely unclenched facing the opponent.
His legs are slightly bent ready for attack. With Staff positioning he stands
up a bit and holds the staff with both hands above his head with the staff
pointing diagonally down at the enemy.

The games which Raiden appears in are :

 Mortal Kombat : I  (bottom left of the choice of fighter screen)

 Mortal Kombat : II (bottom right of the choice of fighter screen)

 Mortal Kombat Trilogy (There are two Raidens here. The first from MK II and
                         the second from MK I. The first is the top row and
                         6th fighter counting from the left hand side. The 
                         second one is bottom left corner)

 Mortal Kombat : 4  (Top row and 2nd counting from the left hand side)

 Mortal Kombat Gold (Here he is right in the middle)

 Mortal Kombat : Deadly Alliance (Second to last row, 1st one from the left)

 Mortal Kombat : Deception (2nd row, 1st one from the left hand side)

 Mortal Kombat : Armageddon ( 4th row, 8th one from the left hand side ;duh!)

============================= RAIDEN'S MOVES ====================== - RM22 -

Raiden has a lot of moves of which some have lots of comboes. They deliver 
power as well as speed. His Staff is the faster one I think but doesn't 
have quite as many combinations as Nan Chuan.

                                                                    - RNC3 -

========= NAN CHUAN (On PS2)

--------- Key :

--------- Attack 1 - Square

--------- Attack 2 - Triangle

--------- Attack 3 - X

--------- Attack 4 - Circle

--------- L1 - L1

COMBINATION            NAME                    DISCRIPTION

 1                     Lightning Jab           A punch in the upper body

 back + 1              SIde Chop               A hit hitting the enemy up
                                               but not in the air.

 forwards + 1          Shoulder slap           An overhead smack down.
 down + 1              Low Step Strike         Crouches down and elbows in the

 2                     Rainbow Chop            Hits with both arms overhead at 
                                               it's respective side.

 back + 2              Overhead Chop           Smack overhead with the other 
                                               arm making them bounce up

 forwards + 2          Dual Thunder Palms      Hit with both hands into torso

 down + 2              Palm Uppercut           AN uppercut hitting in the face

 3                     Fast Snap Kick          Brings Leg forward and smacks 
                                               in the face.

 Back + 3              Hook Leg Takedown       Hooks their leg with his and 
                                               trips them up

 down + 3              Heel Strike             Gets down and hit their legs 
                                               with his

 4                     Hop Side Kick           Heavy boot in the face

 Down + 4              Low Chin STrike         Gets on his arms and strikes 
                                               with the foot lightly

 1,1                   Lights out              Two Punches0

 2,1                   Throat punch            A double overhead hit and then
                                               a punch in the throat

 2,back + 1            Electric Snake          A double overhead hit and then
                                               a hit hitting them up but not 
                                               in the air.

 2,back + 2            Overhead fury           A double overhead hit and then
                                               another overhead hit actually 
                                               hitting them against the ground
                                               making them bounce up.

 2,3                   Double Damage           A double overhead hit and then
                                               a heavy boot to the face

 1,1,2                 Trickster               Two punches and then a double 
                                               overhead hit

 2,1,1                 Triple danger           A double overhead hit then two

 1,1,back + 2          Monkey fist             Two punches and then overhead 
                                               hit actually hitting them 
                                               against the ground making them 
                                               bounce up.

 1,1,3                 Body blows              Two punches then a havy kick in
                                               the upper body

 1,1,2,back + 1        Wake the dead           Two punches and then a double
                                               overhead hit followed by a 
                                               hit making them go up but not
                                               into the air

 1,1,2,forward + 1     Thunderous Slap         Two punches and then a double
                                               overhead hit followed by a hit

 2,1,1,2               Trickster fists         A double overhead hit, two 
                                               punches and then another double
                                               overhead hit.

 2,1,1,back + 2        Static Clencher         A double overhead hit, two 
                                               punches and then another over
                                               head hit 

 1,1,2,back + 2        Fierce Chop             Two punches, then a double 
                                               overhead hit followed by an
                                               overhead hit to go in the air

 1,1,2,3               Thunder Gods            Two punches and then a double 
                                               overhead hit followed by a 
                                               heavy boot.

 2,1,1,3               Freight Blows           A double overhead hit then 2
                                               punches then a heaby kick.

 2,1,1,2,back + 2      Wake the wind           A double overhead hit then two
                                               punches then another double
                                               overhead hit and finally a hit 
                                               hitting them up but not in air.

 2,1,1,2,3             Dark Lightning          A double overhead hit then two
                                               punches then another double
                                               overhead hit and finally a kick

 2,1,L1                Tricky Stick            A double overhead hit then a 
                                               punch and then Raiden takes out
                                               his Staff and smacks the enemy
                                               down with it.


========= NAN CHUAN IN AIR                                           - NCIA -

--------- Key :

--------- Attack 1 - Square

--------- Attack 2 - Triangle

--------- Attack 3 - X

--------- Attack 4 - Circle

--------- L1 - L1

COMBINATION            NAME                    DISCRIPTION

 1                     Bombardment             A Punch 

 2                     Updraft                 Hits once making enemy spin

 3                     Fire Fly                A Kick in the Chest

 4                     Whiplash                Grabs them, flips himself and
                                               the enemy and then chucks them

 1,1                   Airmatic smacks         Punches once and then does an
                                               overhead punch

 3,3                   Double Airkicks         The name basically says it :
                                               two kicks

 1,1,1                 Power Bash              A punch then an overhead one
                                               and swings his arms to the 
                                               side to hit them away.

 1,1,2                 Backup                  A Punch, an overhead one after
                                               that and then hits them so 
                                               they spin away.
 1,1,3                 Reset Fists             A punch then an overhead one 
                                               after that, and a hit which
                                               makes them hit the ground and
                                               bounce back to him.

 3,3,1                 X Marks the spot        Kicks twice then hits them 
                                               away bringing his arms to his

 1,1,4                 Zero Cool               A punch, then an overhead one
                                               and finally he grabs the enemy
                                               ,flips and chucks him back 
                                               down to the ground.

 3,3,2                 Ploted Tree             Two kicks and then a final
                                               hit from overhead to hit them 

 3,3,3                 Shaddy Heel             Two kicks and then a final
                                               kick to bring them down to 
                                               the ground.

 3,3,4                 Null G                  Two kicks and then grabs them,
                                               flips himself and the enemy 
                                               and chucks them down to ground


========= STAFF (On PS2)                                             - RS55 -

--------- Key :

--------- Attack 1 - Square

--------- Attack 2 - Triangle

--------- Attack 3 - X

--------- Attack 4 - Circle

--------- L1 - L1

COMBINATION            NAME                    DISCRIPTION

 1                     Overhead strike         The name says it.

 Down + 1              Low one handed poke     Thrusts it lightly at the 
                                               enemy's lower part of the body.

 2                     Upward Strike           SPins and hits in the face

 Back + 2              Charged stick           Trips them up with the staff 
                                               and then smacks greatly overhead.

 Down + 2              Low Strike              A half spin hit down

 3                     Leaping strike          A huge overhead smash

 Back + X              Reaching strike         A thrust to trip up the enemy

 Down + X              Sweeping Strike         A half spin hit down (2)

 4                     Reverse Thrust          A smack with the other side of 
                                               the staff.

 Up + 4                Staff Blast             An overhead hit with the other
                                               side of the staff.
 Down + 4              Sweeping Swing          A spin at legs to trip up.

 4,4                   Slap Down               A hit with the other side of the
                                               staff and then an overhead one.

 4,4,3                 Pain From Above         A hit with the other side of the
                                               staff and then an overhead one
                                               and finally a huge overhead one

 4,4,4                 Great Lightning God     A hit with the other side of the
                                               staff and then an overhead one
                                               and then a spin smack to face.

 4,4,Back + 2          Whirlwind Air Flow      A hit with the other side of the
                                               staff and then an overhead one,
                                               trips them up with the staff 
                                               and then smacks greatly overhead.




========= STAFF IN AIR (On PS2)                                      - RSIA -

--------- Key :

--------- Attack 1 - Square

--------- Attack 2 - Triangle

--------- Attack 3 - X

--------- Attack 4 - Circle

--------- L1 - L1

COMBINATION            NAME                    DISCRIPTION

 1                     Downfall                One Kick

 2                     Lucky Change            Flips and does a kick to make
                                               the enemy spin.

 3                     Marked Humanoid         A Very light kick

 4                     Spinning Feet Grab      Grabs the enemy's head with
                                               his legs, spins and chucks 
                                               them down

 1,1                   Stinky Air              Does two identical kicks

 3,3                   Hyper Gust              Does two light kicks
 1,1,1                 Fresh Air               Does two identical kicks then
                                               flips and does an overhead
                                               kick to bring the enemy down

 1,1,2                 Air Slinky              Does two kicks and on the 
                                               third one he hits away from
                                               the enemy to the ground and
                                               bounces back to the enemy.

 1,1,3                 Airway                  Two kicks and then another
                                               light one

 3,3,1                 Gut Kick                Does 3 kicks. 

 1,1,4                 Shove it                Two big kicks then grabs the
                                               enmey's head with his legs
                                               flips and chucks him down to
                                               ground with his legs

 3,3,3                 Barrel Roll             Two kicks with the third one
                                               hitting away.

 3,3,4                 Downward Spiral         Two kicks then grabs the 
                                               enemy's head with his legs,
                                               flips and throws them away
                                               to the ground with his legs

 1,1,3,3               Air Barrel              Does 4 kicks with the last
                                               one hitting away.

 3,3,1,1               It's All Over           Does four kicks with the 
                                               last kick being an overhead
                                               kick bringing the enemies

 3,3,1,2               Back in Action          Does 3 kicks with the last 
                                               kick hitting away from the
                                               enemy towards the ground and
                                               sending the enemy flying the
                                               other way. 

 1,1,3,4               Boot Slam               Three kick and then grabs the
                                               enemy's head with his legs,
                                               flips and throws the enemy 
                                               away towards the ground

 3,3,1,4               Zero G                  Does basically the same as 


========= SPECIAL MOVES (On PS2)                                     - RSM7 -

--------- Key :

--------- Attack 1 - Square

--------- Attack 2 - Triangle

--------- Attack 3 - X

--------- Attack 4 - Circle

--------- L1 - L1

--------- R1 - R1

COMBINATION            NAME                    DISCRIPTION

 R1                    Shocking Lift Kick      Raiden grabs the enemy with 
                                               hands, electicutes them and
                                               then kicks them up and away.

 Down,Up + 3           Static teleport         Raiden goes down through the
                                               floor in an electric fashion
                                               and comes out the other side
                                               of the opponent.

 Down,Back + 1         Lightning Bolt          Raiden launches out of his
                                               hand an electric bolt.

 Forward,Forward + 2   Shocking Touch          Works a bit like the grab but
                                               Raiden grabs the enemy with
                                               one hand, electricutes them
                                               and punches them away with the
                                               other hand.

 Forward,Forward + 4   Flying Thunder God      Raiden launches himself at the
                                               enemy taking them with him,
                                               flying a bit forwards and then
                                               releasing them causing them to


========================== RAIDEN'S HISTORY ======================== - RH88 - 

 FROM Very helpful and much appreciated for this.

 = = = = = = ABOUT RAIDEN

The eternal god of thunder and protector of Earthrealm, Raiden is a wise and 
powerful force. Often, he leads the forces of good against those of evil. 
Raiden has played a pivotal role in the Mortal Kombat games and storyline and 
will likely remain a key player in the future. Since he is a thunder-god, 
Raiden commands many supernatural abilities such as the ability to teleport, 
control lightning, and fly. As an immortal, he thinks in terms of eternity 
rather than normal human lifespans and his memories date back to the beginning
of time itself. It is unlikely that Raiden can ever be truly killed. Even if 
his mortal form is destroyed, Raiden will rematerialize some time afterward.

 = = = = = = RAIDEN'S BIOGRAPHY (still from wikipidea)

When Earthrealm was young, Raiden was its protector. He fought the rogue Elder
God Shinnok,who wished to overthrow his fellow gods, in a war that threatened 
to destroy Earthrealm its elf. One of the casualties of the war was the 
Saurian civilization (of which Reptile was a member), forcing the remaining 
survivors to emigrate to another world, which they named Zaterra. With the 
aid of the Elder gods, Raiden managed to defeat Shinnok and banished him to 
the Netherealm and secured the amulet in a secret location- a Temple of the 
Elements tucked away in the highest mountains of Nepal. Raiden charged four 
gods with guarding the amulet- the gods of Wind (Fujin), Fire, Earth and Water.
When the elder Sub-Zero stole Shinnok's amulet from the temple for Quan Chi 
millions of years later, Raiden appeared before the Lin Kuei warrior, and 
instructed him to enter the Netherealm and steal it back, lest Shinnok use it 
to free himself. Raiden could not himself enter as his powers would dissipate 
in the Netherealm. Sub-Zero's mission into the Netherealm was a success and 
Shinnok was, for the time, no longer a threat. Thought it was later revealed 
that the sorcerer Quan Chi had given Shinnok a false amulet, Raiden never 
realized it, and Quan Chi would remain in possession of the true amulet for 
the following years.Some time later, Shang Tsung invited many of the warriors 
of Earthrealm to participate in Mortal Kombat on his island. Aware of the 
danger that Shang Tsung and his tournament poised to the future of Earth, 
Raiden assumed mortal form and fought in Mortal Kombat as well. He is also the
only one to have witnessed Sub-Zero's death at the hands of the hellspawn 
ninja spectre Scorpion. One year later, after Liu Kang's triumph in the 
tournament, Raiden found that he had no choice but to accept Shang Tsung's 
challenge of Mortal Kombat in Outworld. However, again aided by Liu Kang and 
the warriors of Earthrealm, Raiden prevailed over Shang Tsung's treachery and 
Shao Kahn's brutality.Unknown to him, however, was the fact the Outworld 
tournament was only a distraction from another way to enter Earthrealm: 
resurrecting Shao Kahn's queen, Sindel, in Earthrealm to allow him entrance to
the realm in order to reclaim his Queen, and start the invasion in the process.
Despite Shao Kahn taking every soul on Earth as his own, Raiden was able to 
protect the soul of Liu Kang and other warriors from Earth. At first unable to
participate due to the merge of both realms, after the Elder Gods refused to 
assist him Raiden decides to sacrifice his own immortality, turning himself 
into a mortal in order to help his chosen warriors against Shao Kahn. In the 
end, Raiden and the warriors of Earthrealm were able to defeat Shao Kahn and 
his minions in Mortal Kombat, repelling the invasion back into Outworld and 
restoring Earth (and his status) to its rightful state.

Some time after the invasion was driven back into Outworld, Shinnok, with the 
aid of the vile sorcerer Quan Chi, again sought to rise from the Netherealm 
and conquer the realms. However, this time the war would also be fought by 
mortals; with Liu Kang uniting Earth's warriors at the side of the thunder-god,
Raiden's Forces of Light emerged successful. Now granted the status of Elder 
God, he turned over his position as Earthrealm's protector to Fujin. As an 
Elder God, Raiden could not interfere when Shang Tsung and Quan Chi killed Liu
Kang many years later. Disgusted at his peers for their refusal to intervene, 
he renounced his position as an Elder, gathering his warriors to stop the 
Deadly Alliance. This time, disaster struck the heroes. The Earthrealm 
warriors Sonya, Cage and Jax were all slain in battle with the Tarkatan horde 
and Kitana was slain by Quan Chi, and Kung Lao slain by Shang Tsung. In a 
desperate measure, he confronted Shang Tsung and Quan Chi in front of the 
soulnado, but was defeated.

He returned to his feet when Onaga, the Dragon King, entered the chamber, and 
stood beside Tsung and Quan Chi as they attacked Onaga. When he saw that their
attacks barely slowed Onaga down, Raiden released his godly essence, the effect
of which was a single, massive explosion. It obliterated the Dragon King's 
tomb, snuffed out the soulnado, apparently destroyed the Deadly Alliance and 
Raiden himself, but did not harm Onaga. Raiden's essence soon gathered again 
in the Earthrealm, where he had now become furious with the way Earthrealm's 
inhabitants had treated their own realm. He became even more enraged when he 
learned that Shujinko had foolishly unleashed the Dragon King by attaining the
Kamidogu of various realms for him. With that, his patience exhausted, Raiden 
then decided he was going to punish those who placed Earthrealm in harm's way.
Raiden's shift in attitude comes to a head in his Deception game ending. He is 
seen brutally slaying Shujinko for his error. As it turns out, this ending was 
not canon, as Shujinko is still alive and well in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. 
As for Raiden, in MKA, to protect Earthrealm, he strikes a deal with Shao Kahn,
agreeing to step aside and let the Emperor conquer and rule all other realms 
as he sees fit, so long as Kahn leaves Earthrealm alone. In return, Raiden 
agrees to hunt and eliminate Taven for Kahn, so that Kahn can claim Blaze's 
godlike power for himself. He confronts Taven as Shao Kahn, Onaga, Shang Tsung,
and Quan Chi escape into a portal leading to Edenia. Raiden is unsuccessful 
however, as Taven defeats him and leaves him unconscious on the ground as he 
follows the villains through the portal while still being in shock and 
disbelief at Raiden's actions.In Raiden's ending, he becomes extremely powerful
after defeating Blaze. To make sure no other realm will possibly threaten 
Earthrealm again, he destroys them all.

A Lot isn't it? Thanks again Wikipedia.

============================ RAIDEN'S STRATEGY ===================== - RS99 -

You should use Raiden's long reach with his staff to good use and to your 
advantage. 4,4,4 is good for the length of the combo and because it stuns it's
opponent with the finishing blow allowing you to continue the further 
punishment with other combos. Use the 2,1,L1 move anytime you need to get your
Staff out foolowed by a Back + 2 when they are in the air. Staff is very useful
against Goro and other charcters like him or Boss Characters as they are very 
deadly close up and you should really try to keep them as far away from 
yourself as possible. That's where the staff is handy. His Nan Chuan is also 
good for his length of combos. However they are not too strong and only a 
couple of the long ones actualy hit away the enemy in the finishing blow.

His Specials are of course good too. When ever you feel the enemy is coming
too close or you need to counterattack, use the Static teleport to get behind
yor enemy and suprise him. Shocking Touch is really good for close range for
when or if your enemy is bugging you and staying really close to you. Flying
Thunder God is not amazing but it lets you move the opposing player quite 
far from the previous position. And of course the Lightning bolt is a simple
but a good method for long distance.

Against Big Characters  : USe Staff more

Against fast Characters : Use Specials more

Against Boss Characters : Use 8 way run (<,>,^, etc.) more

Against Everyone else   : Use Nan Chuan


     I  This is advise only. 

============================ RAIDEN'S POINTS ======================= - RPGB -

Raiden has some Advantages and Disadvantages.

()  The Good :
          Unlocked at start

          Fast Weapon (Staff)

          Long Comboes (Nan Chuan)

          Got all you need for specials (Long, CLose, etc.)

          Staff has a long reach
          Balanced with speed and power

          Comboes quite easy to do

()  The Bad :

          Staff has only a few good combos

          Not a lot of Pop up moves

() The Ugly :

          His second costume :D

A good player that is not too hard to control and has quite a lot of good

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they choose to. Any other sites, please do ask permission before you upload 
it. I will almost certainly say yes. :)

================================== THANKS ========================== - NWTS -

Well this is the end of the Character Guide. I hope it helped and that you 
have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

 Thanks to Gamefaqs

 Thanks to everyone who read this.

 Thanks to Raiden for making me write this FAQ

 Thanks to Midway for creating an awesome game like Mortal Kombat:Armageddon

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By CruZer_69

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