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         MMMMM       MMMMM          KK   KKK                 AAAAA
        MMMMMMM     MMMMMMM         KK  KKK    00           AAAAAAA
      MMMM   MMM   MMM   MMMM       KK KKK     00          AAAA AAAA
     MMMM     MMM MMM     MMMM      KKKK                  AAA     AAA
    MMMM       MMMMM       MMMM     KKKK                 AAAAAAAAAAAAA
   MMMM         MMM         MMMM    KK KKK              AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  MMMM                       MMMM   KK  KKK    00      AAA           AAA
 MMMM                         MMMM  KK   KKK   00     AAA             AAA
MMMMM                         MMMMM KK    KKK        AAAA             AAAA

 KKKK   KKK        III      RRR   RRRR      MKA     MKA
 KKKK  KKK         III      RRR    RRRR    MKA       MKA
 KKKK KKK          III      RRR    RRRR    MKA       MKA
 KKKKKKK           III      RRR   RRRR     MKA       MKA
 KKKK KKK          III      RRR RRR        MKAMKA=MKAMKA
 KKKK  KKK         III      RRR  RRR       MKA       MKA
 KKKK   KKK        III      RRR   RRR      MKA       MKA
 KKKK    KKK       III      RRR    RRR     MKA       MKA

 1)  Copyright info-------------------------------------[CWT]
 2a) Kira's backstory-----------------------------------[KBS]
 2b) Kira's info----------------------------------------[KIN]
 3)  Kira's moves---------------------------------------[KMV]
     a) Yuan Yang---------------------------------------[YYG]
     b) Yuan Yang in air--------------------------------[YYA]
     c) Dragon Teeth------------------------------------[DRT]
     d) Dragon Teeth in air-----------------------------[DTA]
     e) Specials----------------------------------------[SPC]
 4)  Strategies-----------------------------------------[STG]
 5)  Thanks---------------------------------------------[TKS]
 6)  Kontact me-----------------------------------------[KME]


1) Copyright Info ---------------------------------------------------[CWT]

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Copyright 2007 Matthew Ashworth

Email me only if there is a major error in this FAQ or if you've got 
any questions about Mortal Kombat Armageddon. I will try to answer these, 
but I am not ace at this game. Or if you want my permission about posting
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2) Kira's backstory -------------------------------------------------[KBS]

Kira used to live in mountains of Afghanistan and was selling weapons to
terrorists there. She was disguised as a man, but when terrorists found out
that she wasn't they wanted to kill her/capture her. She fought her way out
of there and soon was recruited by Kabal to be a part of Black Dragon clan
as her survival from terrorists proved that she was worthy.
 Joining together with Kabal, they hope to make Black Dragon a much fiercer
band and to cause downfall of civilization.

Thanks to where the information has been taken


3) Kira's Info ------------------------------------------------------[KIN]

Kira's original skin/costume looks like this:
 o Red hair tied in twin ponytails
 o Black leather top
 o Red mini-jacket
 o Weird trousers with cuts on the sides and boots

Kira's second costume looks like this:
 o Hair not tied in ponytails and just loose
 0 Black and red mini-top
 o Sexy red mini-shorts
 o Knife-straps with knives
 o Red boots

To unlock Kira's second costume, simply step on a spider in a very first
section of Konquest mode, even before you get to the first checkpoint. 
 After you stepped on a spider, a treasure box should appear. Kick it
open and you'll get Kira's second costume.

Kira appears in MK: Deception and MK: Armageddon.

Kira has additional chains for fatalities. She counts as one of characters
with short swords/knives.


4) Kira's moves -----------------------------------------------------[KMV]

Kira's unarmed fighting style is Yuan Yang. She stands on one leg, while
another one is bent in the knee and sticks forwards. Looks a lot like
Chameleon's Crane stance, with the exception that in Yuan Yang stance arms
are stretched to the sides rather than up. When she moves in that stance
it looks like she is dancing.

Kira's weapons are Dragon Teeth. The Dragon Teeth stance consists of Kira
in a relatively low profile, bent slightly forwards and holding her knives

I've only played the PS2 version so all the controls will be for PS2. Sorry
about that.


Abbrev:       PS2 configuration:
Attack 1    - Square           - S
Attack 2    - Triangle         - T
Attack 3    - X                - X
Attack 4    - Circle           - O
Fwd         - Forward
Bck         - Backward
Dwn         - Down
Up          - Up
CS          - Change style     - L1
G           - Grab             - R1
B           - Block            - R2
PW          - Pick up weapon   - L2
,           - Order, i.e. one button pressed after another
+           - Together, i.e. press simultaneously

Layout is the following:
Combination - Name - Description (how much out of 10 I like it in brackets)

a) Yuan Yang --------------------------------------------------------[YYG]

1           - Open handed strike          - Quick palm strike into the
                                            face (2)
Fwd+1       - Strong fist                 - A powerful hit with two fists
                                            simultaneously (6.5)
Dwn+1       - Low punch                   - A low punch into the stomach (2)
2           - Dual duck strike            - Double fist hit into the face
Dwn+2       - Warhammer uppercut          - Uppercut with both hands held
                                            together (7.5)
3           - Roundhouse thrust           - Stretch kick into the stomach.
                                            Don't understand why it is called
                                            roundhouse (6)
Up+3        - Lifting leg                 - Kicks enemies up into the air
                                            nearby making air combos
                                            available (8)
Dwn+3       - Mandarin kick               - Low kick into groin in a backward
                                            position (4)
4           - Duckling strike             - Quick stomach kick (6)
Bck+4       - Frozen wind                 - Kick on a kneecap (4)
Dwn+4       - Chill foot                  - Half-swipe low kick (5.5)
1,1         - Cold fingers                - Two quick open handed strikes
                                            with different hands each and 
                                            also involves movement forwards
1,2         - Mandarin fists              - Open handed strike followed by a
                                            gentle tap that pushes enemy
                                            slightly away (3.5)
4,4         - Funny boots                 - Two quick strikes of attack 4
                                            and movement forwards (7)
1,1,Up+3    - Mandarin duck legs          - At the end hits into the air
                                            nearby allowing room for air 
                                            combos (8.5)
4,4,1       - Red Kira                    - Two kicks and a palm strike done
                                            pretty quickly (7.5)
4,4,Fwd+1   - Evil presence               - Two kicks and a strong fist atk
                                            at the end (8.5)
4,4,3       - Deadly decoy                - Triple fast kick (8.5)
4,4,Up+3    - Mountain air                - Kicks up into air nearby at the
                                            end allowing air combos (9)
4,4,1,1     - Ice fists                   - Same as Red Kira plus a knockdown
                                            hit at the end (9)
4,4,1,2     - Hardcore fighter            - Funny boots plus Mandarin fists
                                            done straight one after the
                                            other (7.5)
1,2,CS      - Aussie hunter               - At the end of a combo gets out
                                            her Dragon teeth and hits enemy
                                            into the air nearby allowing
                                            air combos (8.5)

b) Yuan Yang in air ---------------------------------------------------[YYA]

These moves can be done when an enemy was hit into the air and Kira is in
Yuan Yang stance.

1           - War cry                     - A simple punch (1.5)
2           - Smash down                  - A hit downwards (4)
3           - Gut kick                    - Name says it (3)
4           - Flip throw                  - In the air Kira flips over the
                                            enemy and then chucks them
                                            forwards (5.5)
1,1         - Downward swat               - Second punch swings down (3)
3,3         - Air sans                    - Two kicks similar to scissor
                                            kicks (5)
1,1,1       - Downward end                - Last punch hits enemy downwards
1,1,2       - Swipe                       - Same as Downward end except last
                                            hit causes enemy to bounce back.
                                            Perform more combos (8)
1,1,3       - Hovering kick               - Two punches and a kick (4.5)
3,3,1       - Swat team                   - Two kicks and a punch (5.5)
3,3,2       - Power down                  - After two kicks, on the third
                                            strike, enemy bounces back. Do
                                            more combos (8.5)
1,1,4       - Crashing wind               - A flip throw at the end that
                                            causes enemy to bounce back (8.5)
3,3,3       - Spinning wheels             - Two kicks and a backflip kick at
                                            the end (8.5)
3,3,4       - End times                   - Two kicks and then a flip throw
3,3,1,1     - Downtime                    - Ends same as Downward end (8)
1,1,3,3     - Pinwheel                    - Ends same as Spinning wheels (9)
1,1,3,4     - Bounceback                  - Flip throw at the end. Don't
                                            understand why it's called a 
                                            bounceback as enemy does not
                                            bounce back (8.5)
3,3,1,4     - This is the end             - Ends with flip throw (8.5)

c) Dragon Teeth --------------------------------------------------------[DRT]

These moves can be done when Kira gets out her Dragon teeth knives.

1           - Forward chest slashes       - Gentle forward jab-like slashes
Bck+1       - Downward circling sword     - Vertical spin with knives down
Dwn+1       - Low upward knife            - Knife hit into stomach (3.5)
2           - Rising Dragon Teeth         - Hits up into the air nearby
                                            allowing air combos (9)
Bck+2       - Upward circling teeth       - Vertical spin with knives up
Dwn+2       - Uppercut                    - Self-explanatory (7.5)
3           - Frontal stab                - Stab in the stomach (7)
Up+3        - Tippy toe stab              - Stab in the face. Stuns (7.5)
Fwd+3       - Dragon push                 - Slides forwards slightly and
                                            hits with knives (7)
Dwn+3       - Low tippy kick              - Low walk-like kick (2)
4           - Front sidekick              - Name says it (6)
Bck+4       - Spinning dragon kick        - A forward swipe (7)
Dwn+4       - Low spin kick               - A low kick that looks like a
                                            forward swipe, but does not
                                            knock enemies off their feet
1,3         - Dragon tooth                - A slash followed by a stab (7.5)
4,4         - Snap dragon kick            - Two fast kicks. Second one is
                                            into chest (8)
4,4,4       - Black dragon tail           - Three fast kicks where last one
                                            knocks down. Very useful! (9.5)
Bck+1,Bck+2 -                             - Downward knife spin followed by
                                            an upward one. Not on command
                                            list, but is a possible combo
                                            (8.5) (Just like Meat's)

d) Dragon Teeth in air -------------------------------------------------[DTA]

These moves can be done when enemy was hit into the air and Kira has Dragon
Teeth equipped.

1           - Downfall            - A kick (3)
2           - Lucky change        - Backflip kick (6)
3           - Marked humanoid     - A kick (3)
4           - Spinning feet grab  - Grabs enemy's head with her feet and
                                    flips him/her over (6.5)
1,1         - Stinky air          - Two kicks, similar to scissors (5)
3,3         - Hyper gust          - Two kicks in a different fashion (4.5)
1,1,1       - Fresh air           - Two kicks followed by a forward flip
                                    kick that hits enemies down (8)
1,1,2       - Air slinky          - After two kicks, Kira bounces off the
                                    ground diagonally, kicks this way and
                                    gives room for one more air combo (9)
1,1,3       - Airway              - Three kicks (6)
3,3,1       - Gut kick            - Three kicks. Not on command list but is
                                    a possible move (6)
1,1,4       - Shove it            - Two kicks with a flip over grab at the
                                    end (8)
3,3,3       - Barrel roll         - Two kicks and a horizontal spin kick
                                    at the end that hits away (8)
3,3,4       - Downward spiral     - Two kicks with a flip over grab at the
                                    end (8)
3,3,1,1     - It's all over       - Series of kicks ending similarly to
                                    Fresh air (9)
1,1,3,3     - Air barrel          - Series of kicks ending similarly to
                                    Barrel roll (9)
3,3,1,2     - Back in action      - Series of kicks ending similarly to
                                    Air slinky, but doesn't allow another
                                    combo (9.5)
1,1,3,4     - Boot slam           - Series of kicks with a Spinning feet
                                    grab finish (9)
3,3,1,4     - Zero G              - Series of kicks with a Spinning feet
                                    grab finish (9)

e) Specials ------------------------------------------------------------[SPC]

These moves are Kira's specials. Unfortunately there's not many of them.

G           - Aussie bulldog      - Kira grabs enemy by the head, spins
                                    around them, causing them to lose balance
                                    and to fall forwards on their face (7.5)
Bck,Fwd+4   - Black dragon ball   - Kira spins in the air and hits an enemy
Bck,Fwd+1   - Kiss of death       - A kiss that at a close range stuns an
                                    opponent (7.5)
Dwn,Fwd+3   - Nightshade          - A low pink-coloured blast (6)


4) Strategies ----------------------------------------------------------[STG]

Kira, I think is a relatively fast character. Most of her moves follow one
after another pretty quickly.

Kira's best moves I think would have to be the long combos that finish with
a knockdown, like Evil presence (4,4,Fwd+1), Ice fists (4,4,1,1) and Black 
dragon tail (with dragon teeth: 4,4,4). They are the ones I would advise to 
use the most often.

Rising Dragon teeth move (2) whilst having Dragon Teeth out is a very useful
way to get enemies up into the air nearby as it is very easy to input.
One can say the same about Lifting leg (Up+3) while in Yuan Yang stance.

Kira should be an ace against fast enemies as majority of her moves are fast.
This means that it is relatively easy to perform a move before they do. I
would advise blocking though as well.

Against enemies with long ranged weapon, block a lot and also jump towards
them with a kick. Also reaching out moves can work, like Tippy toe stab with
Dragon Teeth (Up+3), or a roundhouse thrust (3) in Yuan Yangs style. Kiss of
death special should be good to use too, so you can stun them before coming

Against boss-like enemies parry and breakers should work well as most of 
their moves are slow and easy to predict. Also jumping towards them with a
kick works too. I would also strongly advise Black Dragon ball special. But
do not use it too often, because if it gets blocked you can be in a 
vulnerable position. Any other long and fast combos should be useful too.

Against shooting enemies use a lot of 8-way run and blocks. Black dragon ball
is a quick way of getting close to someone, so use it. They are not likely
to shoot when you're close. Or you can use their way and shoot back at them
with Nightshade special move. It is considerably good because it shoots low.

For enemies that perform a lot of parries and breakers, keep on changing your
attacks. Use combinations of low and high attacks, fast and slow attacks.
This way they will find it harder to time their parries or breakers. Do not
repeat the same attack unless it's a long-ranged attack.


5) Thanks --------------------------------------------------------------[TKS]

I want to say thanks to:


* makers of MK: Armageddon as it is an amazing game

* for Kira's backstory

* readers of this FAQ


6) Kontact me ----------------------------------------------------------[KME]

My email address is

Remember to email me only if there is a major error in this FAQ or if you've
got any questions relating to MK: Armageddon.

Thanks again for reading this FAQ!