---JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Phantom Blood FAQ---
                 JoJo's Bizarre adventure: The Phantom Blood

                                  Version 2.0
                               February 04, 2007

Sony Playstation 2 Import
By Joshua Reno (Ornclown)

JoJo's Bizarre adventure: The Phantom Blood is Copyright Bandai Namco Games, 
2006 All rights reserved.
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken is Copyright Hirohiko Araki & Luckyland 
Communications, all rights reserved.

I don't mind if you use this FAQ for your own purposes. Just please don't 
alter it, sell it, or use it in any way other than its original intended 
purpose. If you do use any part of this FAQ, please recognize the author.
This is an in depth FAQ for the game JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Phantom Blood
(known as JoJo's Bizarre adventure: The Phantom Blood in the U.S.)  This FAQ 
covers the PLAYSTATION 2 NTSC version of the game, available only in Japan as 
of this writing.


I:    Brief Explanation of JoJo

II:   Game Play 

III:  On Screen Display (H.U.D.)

IV:   Controls, Combos, & Tips

V:    Chapters/walkthrough

VI:   Unlockables/Extra modes

VII:  Dio Mode Walkthrough

VIII: List of Profiles

IX:   Credits and Thanks

I:                    Brief Explanation of JoJo
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure the Phantom Blood is a cinematic action game which
recaps Hirohiko Araki's original manga titled "JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken" first 
appearing in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1987. The manga is divided into seven 
different story arcs thus far. This game covers the very first arc, in which 
young English nobleman Jonathan Joestar grows into a man through a series of 
life-altering events. In the beginning of the story we find Jonathan's father, 
George Joestar, being rescued by a thief named Dario Brando from an over-turned 
stagecoach. Although Dario was only there to rob what he presumed were corpses, 
he is instead rewarded by the grateful George for his acts of kindness. Several 
years later, in 1880, the sick and dying Dario tells his son Dio of a debt 
which George extended to Dario: inviting Dio to live with George and Jonathan 
at the Joestar mansion in England should anything happen to Dario. Soon after 
Dario is dead and buried, and Dio heads to his new home in England with a plan 
to steal as much wealth from the Joestars as possible. When he arrives, Dio is 
greeted by young Jonathan and right from the start the two set in motion a 
whirlwind of destiny from which neither can escape!  

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary with the release 
of "Phantom Blood." Here is to another 25 years of bizarre adventure!!

II:                            Game Play 
Much like Capcom's previous effort,  Jojo no Kimyouna Bouken: Ougon no Kaze,
Phantom Blood is a cinematic action game which leans heavily on the 3D beat'em 
up model. The characters are faithfully re-created as beautiful three-
dimensional models in fully rendered large environments taken directly from 
the manga. Between action sequences, the game progresses through mostly static 
comic book-like cinemas as the characters explain what is happening. As the 
player, you have complete control over the character you are playing as, and 
while it may feel a little stiff at first, you will adjust to the scheme in no 
time at all.

                          --Title Screen--    
Press Start to open up the first four options which are:

1.   Story

2.   Chapter

3.   Museum

4.   Options

Press the Circle button to enter the highlighted option, or press Square to go
back to the title screen.

The story mode is the real meat of the game, and the mode in which you unlock
most of the Character Profiles and Theatre Movies. The game progresses roughly
in this order: Cinema->Fight->Cinema->Fight Etc.
-Players will watch cinemas to find out what's happening. This mode is shown in 
comic book panel type screens which showcase the point of the narrative. They
are all spoken completely in Japanese by the very same talented voice actors
who will play their respective roles in the new JoJo Movie released in March of

-Selecting Story mode from the main menu offers two choices:
a. NEW GAME - Lets you start fresh from the beginning of the game.
b. CONTINUE - Continue from your last saved game.

                             -NEW GAME-
-After viewing the opening and a few cinemas the story mode brings the player 
to a confrontation and then game play begins. A list of the available commands 
is displayed before the fight takes place. Again, this is a completely 
free-roaming game, although there are "boundaries" where the character cannot 
pass. This creates an arena of sorts. Once you have won the battle against your 
enemy/enemies you will be evaluated on your performance during the fight. Here 
you will be given a letter grade in each of six categories: S (the best grade),
A,B,C,D, & (the worst) E.

The six categories are, in this order:
-TIME (how quickly you finish the battle)
-ACCURACY (Hit Percentage)
-BEAT (Combo Hits)
-NUMBER OF BLOCKED SHOTS (successful blocks)
-HITS TAKEN (the number of punches you take)
:NOTE: After certain fights you will only be graded on three or four of the 
above categories. As far as I can tell, the grading system and the points you 
earn have absolutely no impact on the game at all. If you want to try and earn 
a better grade on a particular level, it would be for your own satisfaction.

After reviewing your scores press the Circle Button to continue where you will 
immediately be given three options in this order:

a. Continue Story
b. Quit Game (and save)
c. Replay Battle

a) Continue story: Choose this option to continue to the next cinema and 
move the story along.

b) Quit game: Choose this option if you wish to stop playing. You will be 
asked:             "Do you really want to quit?"
             -Yes (left)                 -No (right)

If you choose yes then you are prompted to save:
               "Do you wish to save game progress?"
             -Yes (left)                 -No (right)

:NOTE: Do not be alarmed by the beeping sound at the save screen. It is just 
telling you not to remove the memory card, not that your card is too full.

c) Replay battle: Choose this option if you want to replay the fight you just 
had in order to get better grades and ultimately a better score after the 
fight. (You can replay the fights as many times as you want to.) Also, if you
are not satisfied with your grade, you can always replay battles from the 
title/museum/chapter screen. 

-If you happen to loose the fight a GAME OVER screen will appear (in most 
cases) followed by two options:
                                  -Quit Game

If you opt to quit the game, you will have a chance to save and then return to 
the title screen.

-The second option in the main menu, chapter will only be accessible after you
complete at least one STORY Mode chapter and save your progress. When the 
player enters this mode there will be a list of all the completed chapters on
the right of the screen. To the left you will see a small picture from the 
currently selected chapter with a brief synopsis of that particular battle. 
This mode allows the player to go back to any one of the chapters that they 
have already finished and replay it to earn a better score and/or more points. 
Once you have watched the cinemas and beaten the enemy again, you will be given 
the option to save and then be sent back to the CHAPTER menu screen.  

-Museum is the third option on the main menu. When the player selects this mode
they are sent to a sub-menu with five more options shown in this order:

*The last three options need to be unlocked first. (see part VI of Faq)

a) Profiles is an area where you can visit to view any one of the 32 profiles 
of characters you have met or defeated in STORY mode. Select a name from the 
main list and press the circle button to view the profile or R1 Shoulder button 
to go to the next list. :NOTE: Some profiles have more than one page, press the 
start button to turn pages. When you are finished press the square button to 

b) Theatre mode allows the player to view all 80 cinemas found in STORY mode. 
Again you can select a cinema from the main list by pressing the Circle button 
or press R1 Shoulder button to see the next list of cinemas. There are 10 lists
in all. After the cinema is over, you will return to the menu screen.

c) Extra Battle: Fighters battle it out in original Jojo's scenarios.

d) 77 Ring Knights: Players must battle 77 enemies in a row in this 
all-or-nothing survival mode.

e) Dio mode: Play through the game from Dio's perspective!

-The fourth and final selection from the main menu is the Options menu. Here 
is where the player can change certain game settings, change controller setup, 
or save & load information from a memory card. The list is presented in this 

>Vibration.....................Turn controller vibration "on" or "off".
>Key Config..................Re-configure the controller button layout.
>Sound....................Switch between "stereo" or "monaural" sounds.
>BGM........................Raise or lower the background music volume.
>S E ..........................Raise or lower the sound effects volume.
>Save...................Save current progress to your memory card 8meg.
>Load......................Load information from your memory card 8meg.

At the bottom of the menu there are two options:

-Reset options to default                     -Exit with current settings  

III:                    On Screen Display (H.U.D.)

-Here is a look at the goings-on during game play. Everything that happens in 
a chapter is displayed somewhere on the screen. I'll list them from 1 to 7:

                         --Max Gauge/Overdrive--
1) In the upper Left-Hand corner of the screen there is a semi-circle with a 
hollow middle encircled by a GREEN bar and on the border of the circle is a 
LIGHT BLUE bar. The hollow portion of this circle is your "Heat Gauge." As the 
player continues to inflict damage on his enemies the circle slowly fills up 
with an orange glow. Once the circle is full, the words "Heat MAX" will flash 
inside of it. This indicates that the player is able to use his Overdrive Move!
Press the R2 Shoulder Button while facing any enemy and the player will dash 
toward said enemy and begin the finishing combo! Here the screen will change 
to an up-close cinema of the character with an empty bar across the bottom of 
the screen. The player must fill this bar up by constantly circling the LEFT 
ANALOG stick clockwise at a fast pace. If you fail to fill the bar up 
completely, a reasonably strong attack will still follow the cinema, but if you 
do fill the bar up then get ready to tap the SQUARE Button rapidly to unleash a 
barrage of punishment on your enemy! :NOTE: Keep in mind that if you get hit 
while trying to fill the Heat Gauge up, it will slowly drain as you take 
damage, so use another combo of hits on the enemy to keep it growing. Also, 
this gauge is not useable for the first few chapters. It should also be noted 
that the lower an enemies health, the easier it is to fill up the Overdrive 
bar during the cinema.

                             --Health Gauge--
2) On the outside of the Heat Gauge is the "Health Gauge" represented by a 
Green Bar. This bar will decrease every time the character is hit by an enemy. 
As the Green part of the bar goes down a Red bar is revealed underneath it. If 
the player can keep from being hit for a short time, the Green will gradually 
cover the Red back up, even if there is only a sliver of Green remaining. 
However once the Green bar is completely gone, the character dies, no matter 
how much Red is left behind. :NOTE: Some of the more powerful enemy attacks 
will deplete both the Green and Red bar at the same time.

                            --Stamina Meter--
3) Finally, on the edge of the Health Gauge sits the "Stamina Meter" shown in 
three Light Blue segments and an Arrow pointing to your remaining Stamina 
level. The Stamina level is depleted when the player uses the Hamon Move by 
pressing the R1 Shoulder button. The longer the R1 Button is held, the more 
powerful the Hamon Move will be, (up to THREE levels) and thus the more Stamina 
will be used up. To refill the Stamina Meter the player must perform a combo of 
Square button followed quickly by The X Button. (See below for more info)

4) Just below the Semi-circle Gauge in the upper left-hand corner is the TIMER. 
The Timer will count down from a pre-set time depending on the chapter in which 
you are playing. If the time runs out before you finish your objectives, the 
game will end. :NOTE: When the Timer reaches 30 seconds it will move to the 
middle of the screen, change from white to red, and begin to flash off and on.
(No pressure though...)

                              --Combo Meter--
5) The upper-right most part of the screen displays the "Beat Meter" or combo
gauge. Any successive hits you land on an enemy are added to the Beat Meter, 
even if you stop for a short while and begin to attack again. As long as the 
number is still displayed in the corner, you can continue to add to it, but if 
you wait too long, the numbers will fade out and the combo or Beat is over.
:NOTE: A good way to keep a "Beat" going is to press the Triangle Button before 
you finish a combo. This move will stun all nearby enemies and allow you to 
immediately pick up on a new combination of punches and kicks!
                             --Game Messages--
6) On the opposite side of the Timer and just below the Beat Meter is where 
your "Statistics" are shown. Certain stats such as "Attack," "Speed," 
"Recovery," and "Defense" can be boosted during a fight. Here I will list the 
combos necessary to boost these individual statistics:

>Hold X = Stamina Charge
>Square, X = Recovery (Recovers GREEN health only)
>Square, Square, X = Defense (Increases defense to take less damage)
>Square, Square, Square, X = Attack (Increases hit power to deal more damage)
>Square, Square, Square, Square, X = Speed (Increases speed of movement)

After an above combo is performed the Statistics will be displayed on the 
game screen.

                          --Enemy Health Gauge--
7) Finally, at the top of the screen is where the "Enemy Life Gauge" can be 
seen. Much like the players life gauge, the enemy can slowly recover health if 
they are not under attack, but only to a certain point. The enemy life gauge is 
broken into multiple segments, and when you completely drain one segment, that 
particular one cannot regenerate. When there are multiple enemies on the 
battlefield, each one will have a separate life bar accompanied by a small 
portrait of the enemy so that the player can keep track of them. :NOTE: Certain 
battles require you to defeat a set number of enemies to complete your 
objective. In these battles there will be ONE long life bar running across the 
top of the screen with a tally of fallen enemies, i.e. 7/10. The closer you get 
to your quota the shorter the bar will become.

IV:                     Controls, Combos, & Tips

-Here I will give some advice on combo dealing. I don't need to list every 
combo since the game automatically shows the player a list of the combos before 
every fight. (Certain combinations will change as you progress through the 
chapters and switch characters.) Below is a list of the controller layout.

Basic control scheme:
Left-Analog stick...............Move character
Right-Analog stick..............Rotate Camera
Triangle button.................Shoulder Charge Attack/stun 
Circle button...................Roll Forward/counter
Square button...................Punch Attack
L1-Shoulder button..............Guard/center camera

Advanced control scheme:
X Button........................Stat Boost*
L2-Shoulder button..............Auto Face the nearest enemy
R1-Shoulder button..............Hamon power (hold to charge)*
R2-Shoulder button..............Overdrive*
R3-Analog button................Pan camera in/out
*These abilities aren't available until later chapters.

                        --Advanced Moves--
-In addition to the basic controls for Phantom Blood, i.e. movement, punch, 
block etc., some of the same buttons can perform multiple functions depending 
on the situation. Here is a list:

CIRCLE Button - Press forward and Circle to ROLL, or press Circle just as you 
are being attacked to cause a COUNTER.

TIANGLE Button - Press Triangle on it's own to STUN nearby enemies, or use 
Triangle in the middle and end of combos for stronger attacks and to LINK 
combinations of hits together.

R1 Button - Press R1 to throw a punch/kick with MINIMAL damage, or HOLD R1 to 
charge your HAMON meter up to 3 levels and unleash a POWERFUL attack.

L1 Button - Hold L1 to GUARD against enemy attacks, or quickly TAP L1 to 
RE-CENTER the camera behind your character.

Also, the RIGHT ANALOG STICK is used for movement, as well as to max out your 
OVERDRIVE attacks. (See part III of this Faq)  

-The most common combo in Phantom Blood is quite a simple one:

Square, Square, Square = punch, punch, knockdown move.

-Later on in the game your combo strings will grow, but they never get very 
complicated. Example:

Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle = Punch, Punch, Uppercut, Multi-hit 
Punch, knockback move.

-As mentioned earlier, you can extend the number of "Beat" counts by using the 
stun technique (press the Triangle Button before the end of the combo). Here is 
an example:

Square, Square, Square, Triangle (stun), Square, Square, Square, Square, 
Square = Punch, Punch, Uppercut, Stun-punch, Punch, Punch, Punch, Uppercut, 
Kick back.

-Each character you play as has a variation of the same combinations, although 
at the end of the combo-string they will perform different attacks. Some of 
them are pretty cool looking. :NOTE: Some characters use weapons, so their 
combo strings are a little more limited than those who don't.

                        --Game Play Tips--
-Sometimes it feels very cumbersome trying to move the character around. 
Remember that you can always Auto-face the nearest enemy to you WHILE holding 
your block by pressing the L2 Shoulder button! Also you can Re-center the 
camera behind your character by pressing the L1 Shoulder button again.

-Remember that your character is invulnerable while performing the Roll Move 
(Circle Button). So if you find yourself stuck in a corner, roll past your 
enemy and run away to give yourself time to adjust and counter-attack!

-In later levels the Stun move is invaluable! If you find your character being 
mobbed by a large number of enemies, the Stun technique will freeze them all 
and allow you to re-collect yourself and fight back.

-Block, block, block! The more you block, the less you get hit. Although there 
are certain enemies that have un-blockable moves, the majority of them only 
come at the end of a combo-string. While blocking the first few hits in a 
combo, quickly press the Circle Button to roll out of the way before you are 
hit by the un-blockable combo finisher.

-If you press the Circle Button right when you are attacked by a powerful hit, 
you will perform the counter move. This move will knock the enemy back and 
stun them for a moment allowing the player to get in some quick combos.
:NOTE: Keep in mind that this move will cost you a small portion of your life 
bar every time it is used, so use it sparingly.

-Continue to deliver the punishment! Keep on attacking your opponent with 
little to no breaks inbetween combinations. Why? Because there are TWO factors 
working against you: Time and the enemies Life Gauge recovery. Be cautious of 
enemy attack, the more they hit you, the quicker THEIR life bar refills!

-Use your stamina wisely. If you are facing a large number of enemies, try to 
charge your Hamon Power to level three, then unleash it on them when they group 
together. This will deliver an extremely powerful blow that will affect ALL 
enemies in it's path!

-The camera is in your control. If you are fleeing from an enemy and want to 
see where they are while staying out of their way, just rotate the Right Analog 
stick in one direction while moving the Left Analog stick away from danger.

-Pressing the Triangle Button by itself delivers a handy shoulder blow 
knock-down technique. Use this on some of the weaker enemies to make some 
time to start charging the Hamon.

-Combo your attacks as much as possible. The ONLY way to charge your Max Meter 
is to connect with multiple hits on an enemy. Even when you are fighting tough 
Boss type characters, go after the small-fry first to strengthen up to your 
Max gauge!

-Use your Stat Boosts! You would be surprised how helpful an "attack boost" 
becomes in the middle of a fight.

-My final words of wisdom: have fun. It sounds fatuous, but this game can get 
pretty difficult in some areas. Don't get frustrated, instead remember that 
you can always replay ANY one of the chapters later on to get a better score. 
Also, if you are having a hard time with a certain enemy, try different combos. 
I have found that certain combos are more effective on some enemies than 
others, especially after the Counter Move. And if you accidentally skip one of 
the cinemas in Story mode, don't fret, just continue playing until you can 
save, then go watch it in the Theatre Mode!

V:                         Chapters/Walkthrough

(I don't know the exact names for each chapter, but they are all numbered so 
it shouldn't make much difference) :NOTE: In certain battles a TIP will be 
shown before the match, I will explain those in their respective chapters.

An ancient Aztec king sacrifices a young girl and spills blood on the strange 
stone mask he is wearing. In the distance a crowd is cheering for him...



-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: Just sit and watch the opening of the game! 

                             --STORY (1)--
Dario Brando is on his death-bed and tells his son Dio of the night he met 
George Joestar. After Dario dies, Dio travels to England to live with George 
and his son, Jonathan. In this scene two bullies are picking on a young girl 
named Erina, and young Jonathan comes to her rescue...


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat the two bullies.

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: This is your first fight. Simply wait for an opening and deliver 
the square, square, triangle combo. Remember to auto-face the bullies with the 
L2 Button, and roll out of the way with the Circle Button.
After Jonathan takes care of the bullies he heads home and is greeted by a 
stage-coach carrying Dio inside. Right off the bat Dio delivers a swift knee 
to the chin of Jonathan's dog, Danny. Jonathan is very upset. Later we see Dio 
interupt a boxing match in order to fight Jonathan himself...


-OBJECTIVES: Try to survive a boxing match against Dio.

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: Unless you are blessed with infinite patience and luck, this fight 
belongs to Dio. It IS possible to beat him, but EXTREMELY difficult! Just try 
to do your best and eventually Dio will beat you. After the match ends, choose 
the first option on the next screen to continue to chapter 03.

If you decide you want to beat Dio, here is one word of advice: block! Just 
stand in front of Dio while holding L1 and wait for him to finish his THREE 
hit combo. Right after his third hit, release L1 and dish out a three hit 
combo of your own. Once in a while Dio will taunt you. When you see him lean 
over to harass you, immediately launch a combo on him. Be patient, and most 
of all, DON'T attack Dio if he only throws two punches! He recovers too 
quickly, and will counter your attacks! Wait for his three-hit combo. 

Dio is a jerk. He is constantly trying to drive Jonathan mad. He runs into 
Jonathan's new girlfriend Erina, and KISSES her! Upset, she washes her mouth 
out with dirty water from the street. This action makes Dio so mad that he 
strikes Erina across the face! Obviously Jonathan is not too happy about this 
and rushes home to confront Dio...


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat Dio!

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: In this fight stick with the square, square, triangle combo after 
blocking Dio's assault. Dio is pretty cocky in this fight, so he will always 
try to taunt you. As he taunts lay a combo on him! This fight is not too hard. 

As Jonathan delivers the final blow to Dio's face, some of Dio's blood is 
thrown on a strange stone mask hanging on the wall of George's hallway. Sharp 
barbs suddenly jut out of the mask as it falls to the ground...
Years later Jonathan and Dio have grown into strong young men, but George 
Joestar abruptly becomes very ill. Jonathan discovers a letter of Dio's 
showcasing George's very same illness afflicting Dario! When confronted about 
it Dio reveals it is an ancient Chinese toxin that is the cause... 


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat Dio to save your father.

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: This fight is very similar to the last one. You now have a longer 
combo to use on Dio after blocking his hits. Dio will still try to mock you, 
and when he does, combo him! The one ting to watch out for is the corners. This
is a smaller arena than before, so don't let Dio corner you. Use the roll!

Jonathan travels to the seedy heart of London's underground in order to find 
the Chinese man named Wang Chan. Here Jonathan is ambushed by three men, one 
in a stylish derby, one with a tattoo across his face, and one who practices 
Kempo. After Jonathan defeats the trio in battle, the one wearing the derby 
tells Jonathan that his name is Speedwagon, and that he will show Jonathan 
how to find Wang Chan...


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat Speedwagon, Tattoo Face, and the Martial Artist.

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: It is important to use the L2 auto-face button here. Your standard 
four-hit combo will work well against these three, and when you can distance 
yourself from them, use the dashing kick to knock them down (square button 
while running).

Speedwagon accompanies Jonathan back to the Joestar estate to confront Dio and 
prove his guilt. Dio, having full knowledge of the stone mask's powers, pulls 
out a knife and unintentionally strikes George Joestar in the back with it. 
Naturally the blood soaks the mask which Dio is now wearing and turns him into 
a super-naturally powerful vampire! Dio also discovers that he has the power to
turn others into blood-craving zombies...


-OBJECTIVES: Kill the Zombie Cops!

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: In this fight you will have to put up with Dio as you try to kill 
the two zombie cops. You are armed with a massive spear as well. The square, 
triangle, triangle combo is especially effective here because the final hit 
knocks down anybody in Jonathans direct vicinity, and inflicts lots of damage. 
Continue running around avoiding Dio and comboing the two zombies as they will 
follow you, but rarely do anything else. If you see one of them jump, hold L1 
to block it.

Jonathan now at wits end, resigns to kill Dio, and the only way he knows how is
with fire! Catching Dio on fire causes the whole mansion to be engulfed in 
flames, and just when Jonathan thinks he has won, Dio leaps from the fire and 
meets Jonathan on the top floor for a showdown...


-OBJECTIVES: Put an end to Dio!

-TIPS: Use the Shoulder Ram (triangle) to push Dio into the fire!(extra damage)

-STRATEGY: Dio has a mean combo in this fight, so don't let go of the L1 button
until he is completely finished with it. Use your roll to lure Dio over to the 
fires then hit him with a trusty five hit combo. As he begins to get up off of 
the ground, use the Shoulder Ram to knock him into the fire. Repeat this, and 
remember not to get cornered.

After the fight the mansion is in ruins and Dio is thought to be dead, but this
isn't so as Wang Chan finds out while looking for the lost stone mask. Jonathan
recovers from his wounds with the help of Speedwagon and Erina, and as they 
leave the hospital they meet a man named Zeppeli. Zeppeli explains to Jonathan 
that he is searching for a strange stone mask with evil powers, and tells him 
that he senses great power within Jonathan. He also tells Jonathan that Dio is 
still alive. After being trained in the arts of "Hamon", Jonathan, Speedwagon, 
and Zeppeli set out to stop Dio once again...


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat Zombie Wang Chan.

-TIPS: Use your new abilities, hamon & stat boost! (see part III of Faq)

-STRATEGY: Now you are a full-fledged master of the hamon. You also have a 
nifty new combo which fills up your MAX gauge fairly quick. Square, square, 
square, triangle, triangle. Wang Chan is hard to get a hold of, so spend some 
time fighting his army of zombies to build up your MAX gauge, and when it is 
full run toward Wang and press R2 to unleash the Overdrive move.(see part III 
of Faq) This fight isn't terribly difficult, but remember to roll out of the 
way if you are being ganged up on, or use the counter move if you can spare the 

Dio has a new body-guard, Jack the Ripper (the one and only) Not only that,
but he has turned Jack into a vampire-zombie! As our three heroes head into a 
tunnel leading to a small village, they are ambushed by Zombie-Jack!


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat Jack the Ripper!

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: In this fight we finally get to play as Zeppeli! He is very similar 
to Jonathan in terms of moves and combos, but he is faster and by pressing the 
triangle button he will launch out two discs which stun the enemy AND do a 
good amount of damage! Like the fight with Wang Chan, beat up the lesser 
zombies to build up your MAX gauge and unleash it on Jack. Two things to keep 
in mind here: 1)Zeppeli takes more damage than Jonathan, and 2)this particular 
arena is very cramped, so use your counters and rolls!
After being beaten by Zeppeli, Jack the Ripper flees to an indoor maze. 
Jonathan begins to go after him, but is stopped by Speedwagon. Zeppeli gives 
Jonathan a glass of wine and tells him to use it to defeat Jack. Jonathan 
understands and then goes after Jack the Ripper...


-OBJECTIVES: Kill Jack the Ripper in the labyrinth.

-TIPS: Hold the X button to send ripples into your wineglass and detect Jack's 
location in the maze.

-STRATEGY: Not as hard as it may sound. An easy strategy for beating Jack is to
hold down the R1 button and continue running through the maze while your hamon 
power charges to level 3. Once you see Jack coming up from behind you, (which 
he definitely will) turn around and release your hamon punch on him. Four or 
five of these and Jack is a goner. Keep a look out for zombies in the maze, 
some of them will try to jump at you as you run by. If you desire a better 
grade on this level, beat up the roaming zombies to build up your MAX gauge, 
then hold down X to see Jack's location in the glass of wine. Go to him and 
use the Overdrive.

The trio of heroes have made it to the small village where Dio is hiding. 
Suddenly out of nowhere a small village boy named Paco swoops in and steals 
Jonathans travel bag. As Paco tries to escape, Jonathan forces him off of a 
small cliff, and just as he falls into Jonathans arms the two realize that
they are being surrounded by zombies!


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat 20 zombies!

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: Your biggest worry in this battle is the time limit. By pressing the 
Triangle button Jonathan will attack with a stun-punch instead of the shoulder 
ram now that he has mastered the Hamon. Use this stun technique often to slow 
up the zombies surrounding you. Once you have charged up your MAX gauge, try to 
lure a group of zombies toward you, then unleash the Overdrive move. This move 
will not only kill the zombie that you connect with, but it will affect all the 
surrounding enemies as well. Also, try no to let any zombies sneak up on you 
from behind, use the roll!

As Jonathan fends off the zombie horde, Zeppeli takes Dio head on! He is 
stunned to find out how powerful Dio really is as his punch does nothing to 
the evil Vampire. Dio has managed to freeze the blood in Zeppeli's arm! Just 
before Dio's fist strikes Zeppeli, Jonathan gets between the two and forces 
Dio to back away..........but not for long!


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat 15 zombies while trying to avoid Dio.

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: I actually found this fight to be easier than the 20 zombie fight. 
Use the same strategy as before, but watch out for Dio's punch, if he connects 
with it you will be temporarily frozen in place. Keep comboing the zombies as 
you run around the arena, keeping your distance from Dio. Remember, it is not 
necessary to fight Dio - just the zombies.
After proving to Dio that he can stand his own ground, Jonathan is horrified 
to see that Dio has resurrected the Legendary Black Knights, Bruford and 
Tarukus as zombies!! He has no choice but to face them alone because Zeppeli's 
arm was injured by Dio. Suddenly Bruford steps forward and attacks Jonathan! 
Before long, they are both thrown into the nearby lake of water where Bruford 
thinks he has the advantage in this fight...


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat Bruford Underwater!

-TIPS: Swim over to the streams of air bubbles coming up from the ground to 
replenish your air supply (stamina). If you do not, your health will lower.
-STRATEGY: Ooookaaayyyy!!! This is probably one of the most frustrating and 
difficult battles in the game. Jonathan doesn't swim very fast, so as you make 
your way to the air bubbles you must constantly stop and auto-face Bruford 
before he attacks you. Bruford's attacks are abnormally strong in this fight 
and just two or three of them will kill you. The best way to stop him is to 
auto-face him and use the square, square, triangle combo after blocking his 
attack. Sometimes he will move past you as he attacks, so auto-face him again 
just before you use your combo. The final hit of the combo will send Bruford 
flying across the stage giving you time to edge closer to that precious air! 
Stay patient and continue to use this strategy and you should whittle his life 
down to nothing, and time shouldn't be a factor either.

Jonathan is victorious under the water and lands a vicious punch which sends 
Bruford flying out from the depths and onto dry land. Jonathan follows after 
the Dark Knight, but Bruford will not be defeated so easily...


-OBJECTIVES: Kill Bruford on land.

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: This battle is MUCH easier than fighting Bruford under water. Keep 
attacking him with the square, square, square, triangle (stun) repeat combo. 
This works especially well if you can back or lure Bruford into a corner. Watch 
out for his "spinning sword" attack because it can do tons of damage. When you 
see him getting ready to perform an attack, remember to press circle just as 
he hits you to knock him senseless. This is one of the more fun fights in the 
game, and a huge relief after that last fight.

After Bruford goes down, Tarukus steps in to finish the job! Instead of risking 
everybody's lives, Jonathan and Zeppeli use the Hamon to create a giant "leaf" 
which they use to escape to a large balcony. Somehow Speedwagon is separated 
from his companions and must fight his way back to them...


-OBJECTIVES: Fight your way back to the others, killing ALL the enemies.

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: This is another difficult level. Not because the enemies here are 
tough, but because you have very little time to kill them all. Another problem 
is the fact that, unlike other levels, only three or four zombies will attack 
at a time. I guess this is a blessing since you play as Speedwagon, who is 
holding a giant hammer. What you want to do here is clear out the first wave 
of zombies using standard combos; square, triangle, triangle works well. This 
will lower the spikes that block your path and build up some of your MAX gauge. 
Now that you have more running room, hold R1 and circle around the next set of 
zombies until you reach level 3. When they get close, release R1 to instantly 
kill them! If one gets away use a combo on him to add to your MAX gauge. When 
the next set comes at you, wait until they group together and release the 
Overdrive move on them. After you defeat each wave of zombies the wall blocking 
you will disappear giving you more room to charge the R1 attack. Everytime I 
have tried this level, I always use up too much time to earn a good grade, but 
I can't see any quicker way to kill the zombies.

Speedwagon makes his way back to the others only to find out that Jonathan is 
trapped in a great hall along with Tarukus! The two are engaged in a 
"chain death match" where each of them wears a giant chain around their neck 
connected to the ceiling. Fearing for Jonathan's life, Zeppeli and Speedwagon 
look on as Paco quietly climbs through a window in order to reach the inside 
of the great hall. Once inside Paco trips the switch to open the door blocking 
the others out, but not before Tarukus kicks Paco across the room! The hurt 
Paco tells Speedwagon that he did it because he had to prove to himself that 
he was not the scrawny wimp that everyone in his village took him for. Zeppeli 
has seen enough, and decides to take action...


-OBJECTIVES: Stop Tarukus!

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: This is a fairly straight forward battle. There are no zombies in 
your way this time, just Tarukus and Zeppeli. The easiest way to win this fight 
is to press the triangle button the minute the round begins. This will throw 
out hamon discs that will stun Tarukus allowing you to run in and use square,
square, square, square. After the final hit of the combo, immediately press 
triangle again, and repeat the combo. Continue this pattern until you have run 
out of stamina, and you should have more than enough heat in your MAX gauge. 
Also by this time Tarukus should be really low on health, when he tries to 
attack you press the circle button to counter his blow and immediately press 
R2 to finish him off with your Overdrive! :NOTE: If you look in the background 
toward the ceiling you can see Jonathan hanging from his neck-chain...

Although Zeppeli had fought a good fight up until now, he simply cannot match 
the raw power of Tarukus. Zeppeli finds himself twisted up in Tarukus' 
death-chain, with no way of escape. Just as Zeppeli begins a new attack, 
Tarukus yanks on his end of the chain tearing Zeppeli's body in two! Somehow 
he still manages to reach out to Jonathan, take hold of his hand, and transfer 
all of his Hamon Power into Jonathan. This last effort leaves Zeppeli 
completely wiped-out, but Jonathan has become supercharged with energy! 
Grabbing the chain around his neck, Jonathan's muscles grow and bulge ripping 
his shirt off as he twists the chain into pieces. Now, angrier than ever, 
Jonathan looks at Tarukus and swears he will fulfill Zeppeli's final wish, and 
destroy him!


-OBJECTIVES: Kill Tarukus! 

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: Don't be intimidated by Tarukus's size. To win this battle you 
should begin charging your hamon by holding the R1 button and running along 
the edges of the room, don't worry about your enemies, they will definitely 
follow you. Once you have achieved a level 3 charge, turn around an release 
R1 to cause some good damage to Tarukus. (Be careful when facing Tarukus, as 
he sometimes likes to do a dashing punch at you, and if hit, you will lose 
your level 3 charge.) Continue this strategy, remembering to stop and hold the 
X button to fill up your stamina meter, and throw in some quick four hit 
combos when you see an opening. You should be able to unleash the Overdrive 
a couple of times in this fight, after which Tarukus will be no more.

Jonathan, Speedwagon, and Paco exit the great hall after saying their last 
good-byes to Zeppeli. Now in the heart of the village the threesome come 
across a villager whom Paco recognizes named Mr. Adams. As the two exchange 
words, the uneasy feeling that Speedwagon was having comes to light when the 
villager mutates into a tongue-lashing, bloodthirsty zombie!


-OBJECTIVES: Destroy ALL enemies on screen at once/fight Dire.

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: This battle can become a little frustrating because you have to 
kill every enemy on the screen at once! The actual fight itself is not hard 
at all, especially since Jonathan is now super-charged and extra powerful. 
What you want to do here is mix up your combos, from four hit knockdown ones 
to the seven hit MAX charging ones. Remember to concentrate your attacks on 
the large "tongue zombie" and stop to press triangle when a crowd forms around 
you, because this will stun everyone in the direct vicinity. Once the main 
zombie has lost almost all of his life, he will collapse on the ground and 
slowly regenerate a small portion of energy. This is when you should lure the 
rest of the zombies over toward the main one, and once he gets up unleash the 
Overdrive on them. This might take a couple of tries, but the enemies are not 
very difficult, and it is easy to build up your MAX gauge on them.

After Jonathan takes care of the tongue-zombie, a new face appears before him. 
A man with a very serious look in his eyes begins to assault Jonathan! Having 
no choice but to defend himself, Jonathan strikes back!

-STRATEGY: Here is part two of this fight. First zombies and now an unknown 
assailant with no save-game in-between?! Luckily this is also a pretty easy 
fight for anyone who has made it to chapter 18. A good strategy against your 
new foe is to quick combo him into a stun, then re-combo him again: Square, 
square, triangle, square, square, square, triangle, triangle. Also remember to 
throw in some charged hamon blows (R1) and of course, the Overdrive. One thing 
to watch out for is this guy's combos. They are long and powerful, so remember 
to use the counter (circle).

Just when the fight was heating up, the new enemy jumps at Jonathan and splits 
his defenses in order to land a bone-crunching chop to the neck. Instead of 
backing away, Jonathan meets this blow head-on and delivers a brutal head-butt! 
When the enemy falls backward to the ground he tells Jonathan to stop, and 
explains that he was only testing Jonathan's abilities because he knows 
Zeppeli was his teacher. The man tells Jonathan that his name is Dire, and as 
he gets up, two other men appear alongside of him. They introduce themselves 
as Straizo, a fellow student with Dire, and Tonpetti their master and the man 
who taught Zeppeli the ways of Hamon. Zeppeli had written his master a letter 
asking for help in the fight against Dio, that was why they were here. Knowing 
that everyone is on the same side, the group, now six-strong, head for Paco's 
home in the village...

When the group reaches Paco's house they are surprised to find out that his 
sister has been abducted. Knowing full well who was behind the kidnapping they 
head for the once-abandoned-castle at the edge of town, now inhabited by the 
evil vampire Dio! As soon as they arrive in Dio's surroundings they are 
attacked by a gruesome monster , wearing a sack over it's head and mumbling 
incoherent rabble...


-OBJECTIVES: Kill the monster, Doobie.

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: This is a dangerous fight for two reasons, the monster can poison 
Jonathan, and it is accompanied by numerous Cat-birds and Man-dogs. (Freaky 
creatures for sure.) If you are poisoned, beware, your life will slowly drain 
for a short period of time, and if you are hit while poisoned the damage is 
doubled. Here you are going to have to run around the room charging R1, and 
when you reach level 3, turn and strike! This strategy is a little slow, but 
it is the safest one because this creature is also a strong fighter with a 
mean combo. If you have time, combo some of the small beasts around you, and 
then resume the R1 charge. Hopefully you will have acquired enough heat for 
your MAX gauge which you can turn on the enemy.

After Jonathan makes short work of Doobie, the group makes it inside Dio's 
inner sanctum. In this new area Jonathan is quickly set apon by a squad of 
faster, meaner, and deadlier zombies which resemble lizard-men...


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat 10 Lizard-zombies.

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: This fight is really no challenge at all. Just watch out for the 
Lizard men's speed, and the ones who wield swords can poison you as well. This 
is another one of those fights where you want to use the stun (triangle) move 
to keep your foes in check. Once they have been stunned, use the combo of your 
choice to build up some of your MAX gauge. Also remember that if you use the 
Overdrive on a group of enemies, they ALL will die, not just the one you 
connected with. You can also use the hit-and-run technique of charging the R1 
while circling the room until you get to level 3, then turn and blow the group 
that is chasing you away. Just watch out for the Lizardmen sliding across the 
floor, they will knock Jonathan down while trying to charge the R1.

Once Dio makes an appearance Jonathan heads for him, but is quickly stopped 
by Dire. Dire explains that it is HE who wants to kill Dio for murdering his 
long-time friend, Zeppeli. Jonathan begs Dire to change his mind because he 
does not know the extent of Dio's powers, but his pleading is in vain, for 
Dire has already engaged Dio. Unfortunately Dire was too quick to fight, and 
now he finds himself at the mercy of Dio. Dire had tried his patented defense
splitting move which had previously almost worked on Jonathan, but Dio grabbed 
a hold of Dire, and now has him frozen from the neck down! Just as Jonathan 
comes in for the rescue Dio shatters Dire's body into hundreds of pieces. Now 
Dio has invoked the anger of Straizo...


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat Dio's four henchmen/fight Dio with Luck & Pluck.

-TIPS: none

-STRATEGY: Personally I found these four mutants even easier than the Lizard 
men, especially with Straizo. That's right, you get to play as Straizo in this 
fight, and man is he strong! The first thing you will notice is Straizo's 
speed. He can charge the R1 move extremely fast as well as move around a lot 
quicker than Jonathan. Also, Straizo's long combo is really powerful and fills 
the MAX gauge fast! Have fun with this battle, use combos to unleash Straizo's 
Overdrive and charge the R1 up a couple of times. You will make short work of 
these guys in no time at all. The one drawback to this fight is that there is 
only four enemies to beat on!

After Straizo gets rid of Dio's henchmen, Jonathan steps up to fight Dio 
himself armed with the sword named "Luck & Pluck" which Bruford had given him 

-STRATEGY: Yes this is one of those two-stage fights with no save point 
in-between, and where Straizo's fight was fairly easy, Jonathan's fight is a 
lot tougher. The first thing you will notice here is that Jonathan now wields 
a sword in battle. This really cripples his combos AND his stun maneuver 
because the only thing the triangle button does on its own now, is throw roses 
at the enemies. Dio is one tough cookie. There is really only one combo which 
I found to work well: square, triangle, square, (pop up) square, square, 
square. This string will knock Dio into the air where he will be juggled three 
times before being knocked away. This is a fairly strong combo which will help 
you fill up the MAX gauge. Killing the little creatures that surround Dio 
help to fill it as well. Watch out for Dio's speed and his "freezing punch", 
if he hits you with it you will be temporarily helpless. Don't try to charge 
the R1 button, Dio is much to quick for the hit-and-run tactic. Instead, stick 
with the combos, and eventually you will get him.

Jonathan and Dio's fight wears on until suddenly Jonathan gains the upper-hand 
and swings his sword right at Dio, cleaving him in half!! As the others look 
on in amazement, Jonathan realizes that Dio has frozen his sword and, in turn, 
his hands. Jonathan gets rid of Luck & Pluck and turns to see Dio re-aligning 
his two halves back together. Now Dio is really mad. Fearing that there may be 
no way to kill this evil, blood sucking vampire, Jonathan suddenly notices a 
glowing twinkle in the direction of the balcony...


-OBJECTIVES: Kill Dio Brando once and for all!

-TIPS: Punch the flames on the balcony to add more power to your fists!

-STRATEGY: This can be a somewhat difficult fight, as it should be, this IS 
Dio after all. Not only will you have to put up with Dio, but two lizard-men 
constantly accompany him during this fight. As the TIPS suggest, punching the 
flames on the balcony will catch your fists on fire, adding more power to your 
combos, and not only that, but the fire is ESSENTIAL if you wish to even touch 
Dio. Without the flames on your hands, every time you begin a combo on Dio, you 
will be frozen UNLESS it is after a COUNTER move (circle while being hit)! 
What you want to do here is begin the match by holding the R1 Button and 
running around the perimeter of the room. Head toward one of the balconies and 
wait for Dio to come to you. When he gets near, unleash the Hamon Punch on him, 
and hopefully kill one or both of his henchmen while you're at it. Now, move 
out onto the balcony and punch the flames, and when your fists are on fire, 
run back inside as to not get cornered on the balcony. Since you now have 
flames on your fists you are free to approach Dio and begin a combo, but be 
careful, Dio has a nasty habit of pulling out of your combos and letting his 
lizard-men attack you from behind. (They can even poison you!) This is a hard 
fight to fill your MAX Gauge on, but it will happen eventually. If your fists 
run out of fire while you are fighting Dio, remember to hold L1 to block, and 
when Dio attacks, press Circle to cause a counter! Once Dio is stunned by the 
counter move, unleash a big combo on him, then retreat and press square, 
square, X to replenish the health you've lost. Repeat the Counter, Attack, 
Replenish tactic until you have taken most of Dio's life, and your MAX Heat is 
flashing. Don't try to just run up to Dio and press R2 as he will most 
certainly dodge your hard-earned Overdrive move. Instead, wait for him to 
attack you, then perform the Counter and while he is stunned, press R2 to 
really hurt him. :NOTE: It is easy to get trapped out on the balconies where 
you will be cornered by all three enemies at once. Remember to Roll and/or 
Counter to get back inside!

After a long, grueling battle, Jonathan finally catches Dio jumping right at 
him. Sticking his arms in an outdoor lantern, Jonathan's hands are consumed 
by fire, and just as Dio realizes what is happening two flaming fists come out 
from nowhere! Just barely managing to catch Jonathan's fists, Dio now tries to 
finish him off. It is a power struggle of monstrous proportions, but Jonathan 
seizes control and delivers his muscular arm right through Dio's chest!! With 
the power of Hamon, a blinding light sprays out of Dio's back as he flies off 
of the balcony and all but incinerates on his way to the ground far below. 
Finally, everybody can breathe a sigh of relief, for Dio has been killed; or 
has he?

A few weeks have gone by and Jonathan and Erina are finally married. It is on 
this, their wedding night, that they set sail for America in search of a 
wonderful honeymoon. As the two lovers sit down together and eat in the ship's 
dinning hall Jonathan has a strange premonition and looks over toward the 
entrance. What he see's frightens him beyond words, for there in the flesh is 
Wang Chan! He immediately senses the presence of Dio on board the ship and 
runs after Wang. When the two reach the cargo-hold, Wang lifts open a large 
trunk and reveals the bodiless head of Dio to Jonathan! Before Jonathan can 
react, Dio fires two beams from his eyes and pierces Jonathan in the throat! 
Now severely wounded and all alone, Jonathan must once again deal with the 
approaching mob of zombies and Dio...


-OBJECTIVES: Stop Wang Chan and Dio!

-TIPS: You must use the Overdrive!

-STRATEGY: This fight is a walk in the park. There are more than enough zombies 
to quickly fill your MAX Gauge by performing a few combos. One thing to make 
note of is how slow Jonathan moves due to his wounds, and the fact that every 
once in a while Dio will blast you with his eye-beams. Don't try to be fancy, 
just combo the heck out of the zombies around you and pay no attention to Wang 
or the beams that will hit you, you will have plenty of health. Once the MAX 
Gauge is full and flashing, head toward Wang Chan and press the R2 Button to 
activate a cinema. Using the Overdrive is the BEST way to finish this fight.

Another way to finish this fight is to complete it WITHOUT using the Overdrive 
technique. It is extremely difficult, but possible to do this. Start the match 
by approaching Wang and pressing Triangle to cause a "ripple" that will stun 
Wang and allow you to use a good long juggle combo. Keep in mind that in this 
particular fight you cannot recharge your stamina gauge, so try to stun Wang as 
many times as possible before it is depleated. Continue to combo Wang while 
moving around the room, and avoid the zombies as much as possible (this is hard 
because Jonathan mmoves so slowly in this fight.) Keep up this strategy and 
eventually you will defeat Wang Chan and Dio.

As Wang's brutalized body goes flying across the room, Dio forces him to 
sacrifice his body by jumping into the engine compartment! Wang's corpse clogs 
up the engine-works and sparks begin to fly about. Suddenly a huge burst of 
steam and fire shoot out of the cargo-hold! The ship is sinking and Jonathan 
has realized that his fate is to die with Dio and the ship. After pleading with 
Jonathan, Erina finally decides to save herself because of a small infant that 
was left behind on the ship. As she looks behind her at the massive wreckage 
that was once their ship, she sees Jonathan stab Dio right in his neck and grab 
hold of the struggling head. The ship finally sinks to the bottom of the ocean 
along with Jonathan's now lifeless body and the head of Dio Brando. 

Since the day that the two boys met, the only thing Jonathan ever wanted was a  
friend. All he has ever known is Dio and his cruelty, but somehow Jonathan 
still manages to find some resemblance of companionship between the two of 
them, no matter how bizarre it felt.



-TIPS: none


                         --End Credits (25)--
Congratulations! You have finished the story mode! Sit back and watch the 
credits roll as scenes from the story appear from beginning to end. But this 
is not the end of the game by a long shot! There are still a few surprises in 
store for you...

VI:                     Unlockables/Extra Modes

After you have finished the Story Mode, the title screen of Phantom Blood will 
change it's color to green. When you finish all other modes, the title screen 
changes to a picture of Jonathan and Dio! By beating the story you will have 
unlocked EXTRA BATTLE Mode!

A.-------------------------Extra Battle Mode-----------------------------------
This is a mode where the player gets to go through select story chapters with 
alternate characters! Often times they are battles that could never have 
happened otherwise. For example, you get to fight Dio in his castle with 
Zeppeli, even though he was dead by this point. Also you can take on Zeppeli, 
Dire, and Straizo as Tonpetti, or visa versa!! The list goes on and on! You get 
to play as almost everyone who appears in the story mode! There are even brand 
new characters to play as like three more knights to join the ranks of Bruford 
and Tarukus! 

Also, head back to the Chapters Menu and go back to some of the earlier fights. 
You will see that you can now play as multiple characters in the Story Mode as 

Since these are mostly "dream matches" that never really happened in the manga, 
this mode is really just cool fan-service and a lot of fun. Below I have listed 
all the Extra Battles in order from 1 to 32. Also I have given each one a rank 
in difficulty represented by (*). *=easy to ****=insanely difficult! The names 
listed on the left are the characters you will play as, the names on the right 
are your opponents.

1. Brat A, or Brat B vs. Young Jonathan. *

2. Brat A, or Brat B vs. Young Dio. **

3. Speedwagon vs. Tattoo Guy & Kempo Fighter. *

4. Speedwagon, or Tatoo Guy, or Kempo Fighter vs. Jonathan. **  

5. Police Zombie vs. Jojo and two policemen. ****

6. Speedwagon or Policeman vs. Dio and two Zombie cops. ***

7. Wang Chan vs. Dio and two zombies. *

8. Jack the Ripper vs. Dio and Wang Chan. *

9. Zeppeli vs. Wang Chan and two zombie knights. *

10. Wang Chan vs. Jojo and Zeppeli. *

11. Jack the Ripper vs. Jojo, Zeppeli, and Speedwagon. *

12. Speedwagon vs. Jack the Ripper (in labyrinth). **

13. Aztec Chief vs. 15 Aztec warriors. **

14. Bruford or Tarukus vs. 10 Zombie Knights. *

15. Speedwagon vs. Tarukus and two zombie knights. ***

16. Doobie vs. 50 Cat-birds and Dog-men. ****

17. Sword Zombie or Claw Zombie vs. Jojo and Speedwagon. *

18. Page, Jones, Plant, or Bornnam vs. Jojo and Speedwagon. **

19. Page, Jones, Plant, or Bornnam vs. Straizo and Speedwagon. ***

20. Page, Jones, Plant, or Bornnam vs. Tonpetti and Speedwagon. ***

21. Dire vs. Page, Jones, Plant, and Bornnam. *

22. Dire vs. Dio and two Lizard-zombies. **

23. Jojo, Zeppeli, or Speedwagon vs. Tonpetti, Dire, and Straizo. *

24. Straizo vs. Jojo, Zeppeli, and Speedwagon. *

25. Dire vs. Zeppeli, Tonpetti, and Straizo. *

26. Straizo vs. Zeppeli, Tonpetti, and Dire. *

27. Tonpetti vs. Zeppeli, Dire, and Straizo. *

28. Winzaleo vs. Bruford, Tarukus, Eijkman, and Caineghis. ****

29. Eijkman vs. Bruford, Tarukus, Winzaleo, and Caineghis. ***

30. Caineghis vs. Bruford, Tarukus, Eijkman, and Winzaleo. ***

31. Zeppeli, Speedwagon, Dire, Straizo, or Tonpetti vs. Wang Chan with Dio and 
three zombies. *

32. Zeppeli, Speedwagon, Dire, Straizo, or Tonpetti vs. Dio (in tuxedo),
Winzaleo, Eijkman, and Caineghis. **

B.----------------------77 Rings Knights Mode----------------------------------
To unlock the 77 RINGS KNIGHTS mode, you must complete at least five of the 
Extra Battle levels. This is a mode where the player must take on 77 enemies 
in a row and kill them all. Only Jonathan is selectable at first, but each time 
you beat this mode, another character is added for you to play as. The 
selectable characters are:

-Jonathan Joestar
-Will Antonio Zeppeli
-Jonathan with LUCK & PLUCK
-Jonathan in Tuxedo

Once you have completed this mode with all the available "Heroes", a new mode 
will appear where you can play as the "Villains" of the game. Here is a list:

-Wang Chan
-Jack the Ripper
-Mr. Adams (Tongue Zombie)
-Wang Chan with Dio's Head

C.------------------------------Dio Mode---------------------------------------
To unlock DIO MODE, you must first obtain all the Extra Battles by completing 
each one as they become available, or by playing through the story mode again 
as one of the ALTERNATE selectable characters. You will notice that when you 
get to the final Extra Battle, it remains locked. In order to unlock it you 
have to beat 77 Rings Knights Mode with at least FOUR characters. Once you have 
done this, go back to the Extra Battle Mode and defeat Dio in the (now 
available) final chapter. Now Dio Mode will become available.

Dio Mode is a shorter version of the Story Mode played from Dio's perspective!
It consists of sixteen chapters spanning the entire length of the Story Mode, 
with a few deviations. This mode is really fun to play and a great fan-service.

VII:                    Dio Mode Walkthrough

In Dio Mode there are no cinemas between fights as there are in the Story Mode.
Here I will list the sixteen battles you must undergo to gain victory, and 
strategies for each fight. Things to keep in mind when playing as Dio: He is 
strong, dealing good amounts of damage to his enemies. He is fast, moving 
around the arenas very quickly. He has no roll, instead he is given a "back-
step" maneuver to get him out of immediate danger while still facing his 
enemies. Finally, when blocking, he automatically counters with a mean punch! 
Yes Dio is stronger and faster, but remember, that doesn't always mean easier.

After arriving at the Joestar mansion, Dio immediately finds distain for young 
Jonathan, or Jojo as he likes to call him, and vows to humiliate him in any way 
he can. One of his opportunities comes when he meets Jojo in a "friendly" 
boxing match...


-OBJECTIVES: Beat Jonathan in a boxing match. 

-STRATEGY: This fight is e-a-s-y. Just continue to block until Jojo takes a 
swing at you. You will automatically counter-punch, and when you do, follow up 
with a three hit combo: square, square, triangle! Repeat this until Jojo is 

Dio's plan is to turn all of Jojo's friends against him. He has succeeded so 
far, but there are two boys who still need some convincing!


-OBJECTIVES: Beat up the two brats.

-STRATEGY: While that last fight was easy, THIS fight is probably THE MOST 
DIFFICULT fight in the game!! At this point Dio has very little offense, and 
these two brats will take every opportunity to gang up on Dio as possible. What 
you want to do in this fight is try to spread the brats apart. Try to get one 
to follow you for a bit, then begin to run around and deliver a dash-kick to 
him. (Triangle while running) Continue to run around and dash-kick the same 
brat until he is knocked out. Once the fight is down to just Dio and the 
remaining brat, this fight becomes a lot easier. Continue to block and counter 
like you did with Jojo until brat #2 falls.

After kissing and then smacking Jojo's girlfriend, Erina; Dio calmly waits for 
Jojo to return home hoping to see the anguish on Jojo's face. Instead, Jojo 
comes crashing through the front door and immediately engages Dio... 


-OBJECTIVES: Defend yourself against Jojo.

-STRATEGY: Another easy fight for Dio. Continue the tried and true method of 
block-counter-combo. Just be sure to watch out for Jojo's punch combo as it 
will take a lot of life away from you. :NOTE: If you study the area to the left
of the entrance, you can see the evil stone mask hanging on the wall there.

When Dio is caught trying to poison his adoptive father, George Joestar, he 
tries to explain the situation. Jojo is not convinced, and plans on beating 
the truth out of Dio...


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat Jojo!

-STRATEGY: Okay, is this really a fight? Dio is so much more powerful than Jojo
in this battle. It almost seems unfair. Anyway, here is an awesome combo to 
unleash on Jojo after countering his punch: square, triangle, square, square, 
square, triangle, triangle. This is a mean juggle that will have Jojo beat in 
no time at all!

Dio is so angry about his plan to steal the Joestar's wealth being foiled, that 
he flees from the mansion with the stone mask! Not having full knowledge of the
mask's powers, Dio decides to test it out on a smug passer-by on the street. 
As he sticks the mask on the man's face and splatters it with blood, sharp 
barbs shoot out of the mask and into the head of the man as he collapses. Just 
as Dio thought, the mask was a perfect way to kill Jojo! But WAIT! The man 
suddenly stands up and comes after Dio! This stone mask didn't KILL the 
wearer, it had turned him into an almost invincible vampire!


-OBJECTIVES: Stop the mask-wearing man! 

-STRATEGY: This is your first real fight with Dio. The vampire-man is a swift 
opponent, and can counter your strikes. Continue to hold L1 while auto-facing 
him. When he throws a punch at you, beware, he will suddenly back-step your 
counter-punch! Instead, wait for the man to taunt you then unleash a combo on 
him. Just like the fight with Jojo, use the juggle combo. Sometimes the man is 
also susceptible to a running kick, just beware of his quick feet. A few combos 
and this fight will be over. The one major thing to watch out for is the man's 
brutal combo. It will take A LOT of life away from you. :NOTE: This is an 
original enemy and arena created especially for Dio Mode taken directly from 
the manga!

Dio, now fully aware of the mask's powers, pretends to turn himself over to the 
police. He asks that Jojo be the one to put the handcuffs on his wrists. 
Speedwagon, a new friend of Jojo's, recognizes Dio's ambush and exposes the 
mask he was hiding! Without any other choice Dio puts on the mask and tries to 
stab Jojo with a knife, but to his surprise he stabs George Joestar instead, 
spraying blood all over the mask. The police open fire on Dio and blast him 
out of the window onto the street, where Dio's metamorphosis into a vampire 
takes place. Now with unlimited strength and immortality, Dio returns to the 
house to kill Jojo...


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat Jojo while avoiding the cops.

-STRATEGY: Now that Dio has become a vampire he gains some more speed and a 
new technique used with the R1 button. This fight isn't all that hard, just 
watch out for the cops when they fire their guns. The easiest way to beat Jojo 
is to run around the room while charging R1 to level three, then releasing it 
on Jojo as he follows you. You can try to combo Jojo, but the pesky cops will 
keep attacking from behind. Just stick with the R1 charge attack, and with 
some patience, you will win this fight easy.

When Jojo sees how powerful Dio has become, he figures his only chance to stop 
him is to set the house on fire! With the first floor completely engulfed in 
flame, Jojo escapes to the top floor and waits for Dio to burn to death. As 
the raging fire spreads a shadowy figure appears out of the smoke! It's Dio! 
Now he is on a mission to destroy Jojo. Tearing the burning shirt from his 
body, Dio scales the wall, vertically no less, to reach his opponent on the 


-OBJECTIVES: Destroy Jonathan Joestar.

-STRATEGY: Dio is pissed-off, and it sure shows in this fight! Jojo doesn't 
stand a chance against you here. Start the fight by holding L1 to block, and 
Jojo will approach and attack you. When he does, Dio will automatically counter 
his hit with a punch of his own, after which you can let loose with a mean 
square, triangle, square, square, square, triangle, triangle juggle combo that 
will send Jojo flying over the side of the house into the fire! Quickly run up 
to the edge and wait for Jojo to reach you again and repeat the combo. Not only 
will this send Jojo back again, but the flames will do extra damage as well! 
Three or four of these strings should send Jojo to the hospital lickety-split!

Somehow Dio knows he will face Jojo again someday, so he ramps up his 
protection by hiring Jack the Ripper and Wang Chan and turning the both of them 
into zombies! But, in order to make sure they are worthy enough to serve Dio, 
he puts them to the test by facing both of them himself at once!


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat Jack the Ripper & Wang Chan!

-STRATEGY: This battle will definitely test Dio's ability to kick butt. It is 
one of the more challenging fights in this mode. What you should do here is 
hold the R1 Button while running around the parameter of the room. Once you 
have charged to level three, turn around and release your attack on whomever is 
closest to you. Continue this pattern until one of them falls, after which you 
can have a little fun with the remaining enemy. Remember that pressing the 
Circle Button right as you are attacked will cause a counter which will stun 
the attacker; use this to your advantage. There are two things to be careful of 
in this fight: one, Jack has the power to poison you, so remember to block! And 
two, your enemies will not miss a chance to tag-team you to death, don't get 

In a continuing effort to sharpen his abilities, Dio resurrects fifteen zombies 
to test out his new skills on. Dio now has the ability to freeze his enemies 
in one of three ways: the first, hold the L1 Button and if you are attacked 
while you are blocking, the enemy will temporarily be frozen! The second, 
pressing the Triangle Button while prone or while running will result in an 
attack which will freeze your opponent in place! (The running version will 
have Dio flip over his enemy and place him behind them to begin a new 
onslaught!) The third, by charging up the R1 Button to level three, Dio will 
pound the ground and cause huge spikes of ice to erupt out under his enemies!
This attack will not only freeze them, but do massive damage as well! This 
fight also marks the spot where Dio gains a brutal new combo: square, triangle, 
square, square, triangle, square, square, triangle! This is a mean juggle 
where Dio will hit his enemy multiple times before sending them off with a 
flick of his wrist. Finally, Dio also is granted with the Eye-beam blast, by 
tapping the R1 Button instead of charging it. Here, a high-powered stream of 
liquid is shot out of Dio's eyes causing a good amount of damage to his foes.


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat 15 zombies within the time limit.

-STRATEGY: With all of your new attacks available, (see above) this fight 
should be more fun than frustrating. You can play it safe and use the 
run-charge R1-attack strategy, or you can show them who is boss by taking them 
head-on! Either way, just remember not to get surrounded by the zombies, 
because they will definitely gang up on you and do lots of damage at the same 
time. This is an excellent opportunity to practice your new combos and special 
moves all the while eliminating your undead foes. Keep an eye on the timer as 

Before Dio can send Bruford and Tarukus off to kill Jojo, he must test their 
abilities in combat. He figures he will do this by engaging them both in combat 
at the same time.


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat Bruford and Tarukus!

-STRATEGY: This fight is hard. The arena is much smaller than the previous 
ones, and the sheer size of Tarukus doesn't help either. The way to overcome 
this fight is to begin with a tap of the R1 Button to fire an eye-beam at the 
attacking knights. Then immediately HOLD R1 and run around the parameter of the 
arena. (Try to stay as close to the edge as possible.) Don't worry, both 
Bruford and Tarukus will follow behind Dio. When your charge meter has reached 
level three, don't turn and release it right away, because 9 out of 10 times 
Tarukus will shoulder-ram you, making your attack useless. Instead, try to 
adjust the camera with the Right Analog stick so that you can see the knights 
approaching you. When they get close enough, release R1 and Dio will freeze 
both of them. Now you are free to combo either one. Just watch out for Tarukus' 
ground-slam maneuver as this will constantly juggle Dio, and allow Bruford to 
tack on a few cheap hits. Keep using your fully charged R1 technique until one 
of the knights finally dies, (this takes awhile, even when their life is 
nothing but a sliver, they keep coming at you) then you can free up some room 
in this cramped arena for some combo dealing, Dio style!

Apparently, fighting two of the toughest dark knights at once wasn't enough to 
satiate Dio's lust for battle. So he decides to resurrect three more of the 77 
Rings Knights as zombies, and fight them all at one time! Winzaleo, Eijkman, 
and Caineghis are more than happy to take on Dio in the confines of the "Chain 
Death Match" room...


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat Winzaleo, Eijkman, and Caineghis!

-STRATEGY: This battle isn't as hard as you might think. Although it definitely 
takes awhile to kill each of them, the three dark knights are pretty weak. 
Winzaleo has the power of earth, and will smack the ground causing a juggling 
mini-quake (similar to Tarukus). Eijkman uses the power of electricity, and 
will try to sneak up on Dio from behind. Caineghis possesses the power to 
poison his enemies and is the most nimble of the three. Using the Triangle 
Button will deliver a solid punch that will freeze anyone in Dio's way, and 
cause a good amount of damage at the same time. Continue to punch the closest 
enemy to you and remember to hold L1 when not attacking as this will also 
freeze anyone dumb enough to strike Dio. Mix in a few combos, both long and 
short, and try to concentrate your attacks on Winzaleo at first because he is 
the strongest of the three. You can also use your R1 charged to level two or 
three if you are allowed the luxury, but mostly just wail on these guys 
remembering to auto-face your nearest enemy and avoid being hit from behind. 

It would seem that two of Dio's henchmen are a little upset with their master 
after being embarrassed by Jojo and company. Doobie, the mutant lackey and 
Mr. Adams, the tongue lashing zombie have decided to team up against their 
creator and put him in his place. After luring Dio into a small room in his 
castle they both ambush him! At first a little surprised, Dio quickly realizes 
what is going on and a small grin appears on his face. Dio will relish the 
opportunity to make examples of these two unfortunate souls...


-OBJECTIVES: Kill Doobie and Mr. Adams.

-STRATEGY: This is another fairly tough battle. Mr. Adams is pretty susceptible 
to Dio's attacks, but Doobie is a different story entirely. First off, Doobie 
can avoid any type of combo you throw at him pretty easily by crouching and 
shooting snakes out of his mask. If you are struck by this attack of Doobie's 
you will become poisoned. Secondly, the fact that "Cat-birds" and "Dog-men" 
accompany your enemies in this fight is highly annoying as they will constantly 
claw and bite you from behind. Begin this fight like you have with so many 
of the others and sprint around the edge of the room charging R1 to level 
three. Once you are at your maximum level, run toward Doobie and release your 
attack on him. This will cause him to be temporarily frozen (as well as any 
small-fry that are around him) and allow you to perform a SHORT combo like 
square, square, triangle. Do not try to perform a longer combo on Doobie, 
because he will break your combo and poison you. Also, if you attempt the 
juggle combo, rarely will you get to finish it, due to the fact that either 
one of the small enemies or Mr. Adams will attack you from behind. Continue 
this pattern until you've vanquished Doobie, then turn your attention on Mr. 
Adams. Like I stated earlier, Mr. Adams is vulnerable to any type of attack or 
combo you throw at him. So have some fun with the second half of this fight, 
just watch out for the mutant dogs and cats roaming around.

Somehow Zeppeli and Speedwagon have made it into the confines of Dio's castle. 
With no Jojo in sight, Dio decides to send a message to would-be intruders and 
destroy the master of the "Ripple" technique Zeppeli, and his accomplice, 


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat W.A. Zeppeli and R.E.O. Speedwagon.

-STRATEGY: Although Zeppeli can be a little intimidating, don't be too alarmed 
by him. Zeppeli's attacks are pretty weak, and his only real threat comes from 
his Hamon abilities. Also, Speedwagon is more an annoyance than a real threat. 
His attacks from behind can get a little pesky, but like Zeppeli, he is not 
very powerful. The running triangle freeze move comes in handy against Zeppeli, 
whom you should concentrate on first, as is the R1 Charged to level two or 
three. Zeppeli takes so much damage from you that he will fall in no time, and 
you can clean up with Speedwagon all alone. Freeze techniques (see BATTLE 09 
above) nd combos are your friends in this fight.

After the last battle, Speedwagon narrowly escapes, but Zeppeli isn't so lucky. 
Dio takes his life and proves HIS powers are ultimate. What Dio does not know 
is that before going to battle, Zeppeli had written a letter to his master 
Tonpetti asking for help in destroying Dio. No sooner has Dio tasted the sweet 
victory of Zeppeli's death than Tonpetti shows up along with two more of his 
students, Dire and Straizo!


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat Tonpetti, Dire, and Straizo.

-STRATEGY: This battle is very similar to the last one, except EVERYONE has a 
"ripple" attack. Just keep your distance and abuse the R1 Level three charge 
move. Tonpetti has the lowest defense, so he will be the first to go, usually 
followed by Dire. They are all very vulnerable to freeze tactics, just beware 
of attacks from behind, especially Hamon attacks.

Now that Dio has claimed victory over almost every "ripple" user, he patiently 
waits for the last and most dangerous one, Jonathan Joestar! This time 
Speedwagon has informed Jojo what Dio has done to his allies, and decides to 
accompany Jojo back to Dio's castle in an effort to finally rid the world of 
the malicious vampire, Dio! Jojo, now angrier than ever before reaches the 
inner-sanctum of Dio's home, and engages his destiny to battle Dio to the 
death, but this time with a little help from an old friend, Speedwagon.


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat Jojo and Speedwagon.

-STRATEGY: Again, this battle is almost exactly like the one you've already 
fought against Zeppeli and Speedwagon. Concentrate your attacks on Jojo and 
watch out for his Hamon attacks. He is a little stronger than Zeppeli was, 
but still no match for Dio's triangle button freeze punch. After a few juggle 
combos and repeating the strategy from battle 13, Jojo will finally fall at 
the hands of Dio. Now, Speedwagon has nowhere to run, and will eventually be 
killed by Dio as well. Speedwagon has not changed at all from the last fight, 
so use the same techniques on him as before.

Dio was so preoccupied with his victory over Jojo that he failed to realize 
that Jojo was indeed not dead yet. Quite the contrary, Jojo was biding his 
time and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Just as Dio turned to face 
Jojo, he is met with a punch that could level a mountain! Still flabbergasted 
by this turn of events, Dio's body is hurled over the side of his castle and 
disappears into the darkness. As his body falls it slowly bursts into flame, 
and Dio's only chance for survival is to decapitate himself! Once his bodiless 
head strikes the ground it is found by Dio's subordinate, Wang Chan.
Weeks go by as Dio plans his ultimate revenge to steal the body of Jonathan 
Joestar on his honeymoon voyage to America. He patiently waits inside of an 
eerie casket until a drunken thief tries to break into it. When the thief sees 
the living head of Dio looking back at him, he screams for security and 
unknowingly alerts Jojo to Dio's presence. Now Dio has no choice but to carry 
out his plan prematurely, only now he needs Wang Chan to haul his head around.


-OBJECTIVES: Defeat Jojo while avoiding the drunken man and the cops.

-STRATEGY: Even though Wang Chan has some good attacks and combos, he is no 
match for the foursome in this fight. Instead use the seemingly cheap method 
of charging R1 until you reach level three, then find Jojo and release your 
powered-up eye beams on him. Five or six of these and Jojo will bite the dust. 
Be aware that the R1 charge takes a long time to charge, but it is the best 
strategy I've found to beat Jojo easily and with as little frustration as 
possible. Also, since the eye-beams fire in a straight line, make sure you are 
directly facing Jojo when you fire at him. This shouldn't be too hard since 
Jojo is injured and moves very slowly in this fight. He can usually be found 
limping-around near the middle of the arena.

Congratulations! You have beaten Dio Mode! Now just relax at the bottom of the 
ocean until the time comes for you to start harassing Jonathans great-grandson, 
Kujo Jotaro!!

VIII:                      List of Profiles

Here is a list of all the profiles of characters found throughout Jojo's 
Bizarre Adventure the Phantom Blood. :NOTE: Some profiles have more than one 
page, press start to view the next one if applicable.

1. Aztec Chief / Stone Mask
This is the muscle bound Aztec Leader that sacrifices a woman in order to gain 

2. Jonathan Joestar / Dio Brando
Here are Jojo and Dio as they appear when they first meet.

3. Brat A / Brat B / Erina Pendleton
The two brats that pick on Erina, the girl who eventually falls in love with 

4. Jonathan Joestar / Dio Brando
Jojo and Dio as they appeared in the boxing match.

5. Jonathan Joestar / Dio Brando
Jojo and Dio wearing what appears to be school-uniforms.

6. Jonathan Joestar / Dio Brando
Jojo and Dio as young men.

7. Jonathan Joestar
Jonathan as he appears when searching for Wang Chan. He appears to be an 
"adventurer" of sorts, similar to Indiana Jones.

8. Speedwagon / Tattoo Guy / Kempo Fighter
The threesome that tries to thwart Jojo from finding Wang Chan. Speedwagon 
eventually becomes Jojo's best friend.

9. Dio Brando / Jonathan Joestar / Zombie Police
Dio as he appears shortly after turning into a vampire. Jojo wielding a giant 
spear. The policemen who are turned into zombies by Dio.

10. Dio Brando / Jonathan Joestar
A shirtless Dio coming after a suave Jojo in a black suit. Dio lost his shirt 
when Jojo burned his own home to the ground.

11. Will Anthonio Zeppeli / Jonathan Joestar / Erina Pendleton
Master of the "Hamon" ripple technique, Zeppeli. Jojo as his trainee, and Erina 
as a young beautiful woman.

12. Wang Chan
Here is Wang Chan as a sinister zombie!

13. Jonathan Joestar / Speedwagon
Jojo in his famous blue mock-turtleneck and bowtie. Speedwagon is wielding a 
giant hammer.

14. Jack the Ripper
The infamous Ripper of London who becomes Dio's willing servant in exchange for 
eternal life. Jojo puts his life to an end when they meet in the labyrinth.

15. Zombie Knights
The backbone of Dio's monster armies, they are countless in numbers.

16. Dio Brando
Dio in his most famous yellow outfit.

17. Jonathan Joestar
Here is Jojo swimming. When he fought Bruford for the first time, it was 
under water.

18. Bruford
The first of two extremely powerful zombies, Bruford the Black Knight!

19. Hungry Zombie
A nasty creature who is swiftly killed by Bruford.

20. Poco
A young village boy who is saved by Jojo.

21. Tarukus
The second of two extremely powerful zombies, Tarukus the "Chain Death Match 

22. Mr. Adams
One of Poco's neighbors who was turned into a disgusting zombie with a long 
lashing tongue.

23. Dire / Straizo / Tonpetti
Tonpetti the Hamon master, and his two understudies, Dire and Straizo.

24. Doobie / Cat-bird & Dog-man / Poco's Sister
Doobie is the sinister mutant with snakes crawling throughout the inside of his 
body. The Cat-birds and Dog-men are the morbid creations of Dio while he was 
practicing his new powers. Poco's sister is kidnapped by Dio!

25. Sword Zombie / Claw Zombie
These are a more powerful version of the standard zombie, resembling lizard-men 
more than humans. One wields a giant sword, while the other is content with his 
own razor sharp claws. Both of them can poison Jojo.

26. Page / Jones / Plant / Bornnam
Four villagers that Dio had chosen to become "Super-Zombies." While they may 
appear strong at first, they are actually very weak.

27. Jonathan Joestar with "Luck & Pluck"
Here is Jonathan brandishing the sword named "Luck & Pluck" which Bruford had 
given him after their battle.

28. Dio Brando
Once again we see Dio in his yellow outfit. This time he looks even more 
sinister and powerful...

29. Jonathan Joestar
This is Jojo on his wedding voyage to America. He is injured and slumped over 
in pain from the battle with Dio and Wang Chan.

30. Wang Chan with Dio
Dio had beheaded himself in order to preserve his life. His plan is to steal 
Jonathan Joestar's body for his own, and to do this he has Wang Chan carry 
a jar on his shoulder containing Dio's head.

31. Jonathan Joestar / Dio Brando
This is Jojo in the tuxedo he wears while dinning with his new bride, Erina. 
Had Dio been successful in stealing the body of the drunken man who tried to 
rob Dio's casket this is how he would appear, in a long-tailed tuxedo.

32. Winzaleo / Eijkman / Caineghis
Three more extremely powerful knights who survived the 77 Ring Knights 
challenge. Winzaleo carries a giant battle-axe, Eijkman uses an electrified 
halberd, and Caineghis wields a poisonous scimitar.

33. Erina Joestar
Here we see Erina in her formal dinning gown now with the surname "Joestar."
Although she was only married to Jonathan for a short while, she had loved him 
her entire life. Now she must watch her new husband die at the hands of their 
childhood rival Dio, and leave his body to rest at the bottom of the ocean 
while she carries their unborn child and an abandoned kid to safety.

IX:                       Credits and Thanks

Again, I don't mind you using this Faq. Just please recognize me if you do. I 
wrote the entirety of this FAQ on my own, so I am sure there will be glaring 
errors here and there. If you find something wrong, please let me know.

Also If you have anything to add like secrets, strategies, hints, etc. or if 
there is just something I missed, e-mail me at ornclown(at)yahoo(dot)com and if 
posted, I will give you credit.

Thanks to Hirohiko Araki for his wonderful imagination and talented pen.

Thanks to Bandai Namco Games for delivering a truly awesome experience!

Thanks to GameFaqs for inspiring me to write another FAQ, Keep up the great

Thanks to the Loves of my Life, Samantha and Margi.

and Thanks to all those who took the time to read this FAQ, it was all for you!

Copyright 2007, Joshua Reno (Ornclown)


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                                --The End--