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Asked: 5 years ago

Cheat for Infinite Money?

Is there a cheat code for infinite money in this game?

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No, there are no money cheats what so ever in this game. Perhaps there are some related gameshark cheats, but there aren't any actually built into the game. That means you'll have to get that sweet new ride the good ol' fashioned way :)

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I have to agree with Munky321, There are no cheats for infinite money. There is one and more cheats if you buy a action replay, Gameshark, and codebreaker discs for ps2

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There is one cheat that i know of it only gives you $1 but when you go to the cheat menue type in kubmir then set it at the top of your hot key list and go nuts it will take a long time to get anything good though so keep racing.

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Well nooo lol

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Probie339 is right their is one cheat for a dollar but thats it ive looked every where

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There is none.BUTT u can type kubmir 4 $1 added

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