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Melty Blood Act Cadenza
Tohno, Shiki Character Guide
Version 0.1
April 14, 2007

Created by: jygting
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Table of Contents
1. Author's Note
2. Illegal Blipwah
3. Basic Controls
4. Summary of Movelists
   4a. Explanation of Movelists
5. Boss Strategies
   5a. Nanaya, Shiki
   5b. Aozaki, Aoko
6. The Seiyuu behind the glasses
7. Version History
8. Credits

1. Author's Note
Hey there! Welcome to my Melty Blood Act Cadenza Tohno Shiki Guide 
(damn, that's long o.o)! In this Guide, I'll cover his movelists and 
strategies that are listed in here so sit back, relax and enjoy!

2. Illegal Blipwah
So far there are scums (like you for instance...) are trying to steal 
our work and showing it off in their sites/forums WITHOUT OUR 
NOTICE/PERMISSION. That's total bull and of course the most common to 
all writers, plagarism. By doing this kind of illegal stuff, I will 
remove this guide WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. Oh yeah, Copy and Paste doesn't 
save your butt either since I can recognize my format of typing and I 
do go on a Google/Yahoo searching if ever some scums plan to steal this 
and our other works as well. If you want to live much longer, be a good 
boy/girl and don't steal this! It's bad.

3. Basic Controls

Instead of using the numerical key for the movelist, I'll use the 
directional pad method...

db- down backward
d-  down
df- down forward
b-  back
n-  neutral
f-  forward
ub- up backward
u-  up
uf- up forward

[] Button- Weak Attack    (A)
X Button-  Medium Attack  (B)
O Button-  Strong Attack  (C)
/\ Button- Parry (Shield) (D)
L1 Button- ABC
R1 Button- AD
R2 Button- AB

Blowback Edge-      hold <n> button (see movelist)
Heat Mode-          when Magic Circuit is 100% above, press AC or BC
Blood Heat Mode-    during Max Mode: AC or BC
Circuit Spark-      while damaged, press AC or BC (Magic Circuit=0%)
Dash-               tap f,f or f+AB
Backward Dash-      tap b,b or b+AB
Air Dash-           in air, tap f,f or f+AB
Backward Air Dash-  in air, tap b,b or b+AB
High Jump-          d or df then uf
Double Jump-        jump then ub,u or uf
Guard-              b or vice versa
Low Guard-          db or vice versa
Air Guard-          in air, ub or vice versa
Throw-              f/b+AD (close range)
Air Throw-          in air, f/b+AD (close range)
Shield Bunker-      d,db,b+D
Evade-              d+AB
Tactical Recovery-  tap f/b or u when knocked down to the ground
Air Recovery-       tap any button when knocked in the air

4. Summary of Movelists

Note: The C Button in most movelist is referred as "Kyou" (Strong) like 
in Namco X Capcom and moves with an asterisk '*' means that you can 
perform it in the air.

Blowback Edges                 B,B (2nd), C or in air C

Special Moves
Air Launcher                   B,B

Kirifuda Sono Ichi (Dai Giri)  d,df,f+A or B

Kirifuda Sono Ichi (Dai Giri)
  [Kyou]                       d,df,f+C

Kirifuda Sono Ni (Joudan Sukui)d,db,b+A or B

Kirifuda Sono Ni (Joudan Sukui)
  [Kyou]                       d,db,b+C

Jibundemo Yoku Wakaranai Geri  
  (Sensou: Rikugyo)            f,d,df+A or B

Jibundemo Yoku Wakaranai Geri
  (Sensou: Rikugyo)[Kyou]      f,d,df+C

Arc Drive
Chokushi no Magan              b,db,d,df,f+C

Arc Drive (Blood Heat)
Jyuunana Bunkatsu              b,db,d,df,f+C

Last Arc (During Blood Heat Mode)
Chokushi no Magan: Kesshi no 
  Ichigeki                     Parry attack in middle stance

4a. Explanation of Movelists

Kirifuda Sono Ichi (Dai Giri)- d,df,f+A,B or C
Shiki dashes and does an upward slash with his knife. As for the C 
Version, he does a downward and upward slash then a side swipe which 
causes Wallslam.
                               Combo: B- 3 Hits
                                      C- 4 Hits+Wallslam

Kirifuda Sono Ni (Joudan Sukui)- d,db,b+A,B or C
Shiki does a slide kick which can be cancelled into any of his Special 
Moves. The C Version does an additional upward slash which causes 
Wallslam but if it misses, he won't do his upward slash.
                               Combo: C- 2 Hits+Wallslam

Jibundemo Yoku Wakaranai Geri (Sensou: Rikugyo)- f,d,df+A,B or C
Shiki does an upward kick then a second kick that sends the opponent 
                               Combo: A and B- 2 Hits
                                      C- 3 Hits

Chokushi no Magan- b,db,d,df,f+C
Shiki says "Mieta!" then slowly (yes, very slow) dashes, hops through 
the opponent and slashes it in a blink of an eye then the background 
shatters. Range is somewhat short. Blockable.

Jyuunana Bunkatsu- during Blood Heat Mode, b,db,d,df,f+C
Shiki saya "Korosu" then slowly dashes though the opponent and hacks 
the opponent 17 times with just a dash then the background shatters. 
The range is short compared to Chokushi no Magan since the jump is very 
short. Blockable.
                               Combo: 17 (as the movename 

But I think Chokushi no Magan and Jyuunana Bunkatsu are unblockable if 
you are VERY close to the opponent.

Chokushi no Magan: Kesshi no Ichigeki- during Blood Heat Mode, parry 
attack in middle stance
Shiki crouches, does a quick slant slash (with blood) and the screen 
shatters (and no, I don't mean your TV Screen...). Causes Circuit 

5. Boss Strategies

5a. Nanaya, Shiki
One word to this guy: Fast. Teleport is his best friend and often does 
his sweep kick which ends up to his trust Sensa: Hattenshou (Kyou). If 
he, however, teleports upward, perform Jibundemo Yoku Wakaranai Geri to 
stun him. Stay on range because more likely he will teleport and punish 
you real hard.

5b. Aozaki, Aoko
Cheapness isn't her specialty but staying away does. She mainly casts 
Floating Starmine (both in ground and air) to stay away within range. 
Before she performs it, get close to her and do a combo (it's up to you 
how) on the ground but not in the air or else she'll counter you with 
either Floating or Raining Starmine. She's fairly easy.

6. The Seiyuu behind the glasses
His Seiyuu is none other than Nojima Kenji! I'll also list some of his 
roles in game/anime as well.

Gakuen Alice
Mecha Gokiburi

Melty Blood 
Nanaya, Shiki

Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3
Hikaru Ichijou (Macross Ai Oboetemasuka?)

Zoids Fuzors

Pokemon Crystal -Raikou: Ikazuchi no Densetsu-

7. Version History
Version 0.1 (April 14, 2007)
Started and finished the guide.

8. Credits
I wish to thank the following:

For creating this doujin game for Type-Moon fans! Thanks! You guys 
totally Ro'K!!!

For making the game! You also Ro'K!

<You (the Reader)>
For reading this! Keep on Ro'Kin'!!

For making this guide.

For posting this guide.

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