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Family Guy - The Video Game! (Too HOT for TV!)

Cut Away Games Guide

By BladeVampero



1) The Family Guy Game
2) Purpose of Guide
3) Legal
4) The Cut Away Games
 4.0) Character Descriptions
 4.a) Sky Hook
 4.b) Sexy Party
 4.c) Most Disturbing
 4.d) Vote
 4.e) Can of Tuna
 4.f) Nature Special
 4.g) Small Stature
 4.f) Marco Polo
 4.g) Sit Down
 4.h) God
 4.i) Worst Job
 4.j) Columbus
 4.k) Disco
 4.l) Blown Budget
 4.m) Big
 4.n) Crazy Idea
 4.o) Jesus
 4.p) Locked Keys
5) Other "Mini Game" Scenes
6) Legal Again
7) Contact


1) The Family Guy Game

What is the one milestone in today's media based society that
almost every single popular TV is going through? The Video Game
adaptation. 20th Century Fox seems to enjoy turning popular shows
into video games. The Simpsons have had games for the longest time,
Futurama had one a while back, and now Family Guy has followed suit.
Family Guy has become an iconic phenomenon that everybody can
relate to. The random side scenes that have nothing to do with the
plot at all became the icon of the series. The game is no different.
In tune with the show, the game has random asides that tell a joke.
Since it is a video game, however, the scenes are interactive and
provide gameplay rewards. This is what separates the game from the
show, and will make it a mainstay on my shelf. Now, onto the guide!


2) Purpose of Guide

This guide is to provide quick reference on how to beat these
little side scenes, providing the maximum rewards. Some are rather
difficult, and you don't always get clear instructions, so this will
help you prepare for them.


3) Legal

This guide is to only be used on and nowhere else.
'Nuff said.


4) The Cut Away Games

Once you have played any of these games in the story, you can
play them again by going to the Special Features section of the
Options menu. (Notice Quagmire in the background. ^_^)

A little explanation before I go on. I own the XBox version of the
game, and am taking that version to base this guide. It will easily
translate to the PS2 and GCN versions as well. If you own the PSP
version, assume that "Left Control Stick" means the analog nubb.
"Face Buttons" refers to the four action buttons on the controller.
(A, B, X, Y for Xbox and GCN, X, Circle, Square, and Triangle for
PS2 and PSP)

4.0) Character Descriptions

The rewards for each character are different, and provide a different
aid in gameplay.

Stewie - Win one of his games and get more Raygun pieces. One step
         closer to getting better firepower!

Peter - Win these and get Hotdogs for the Snack Meter. Now you can
        do more special moves!

Brian - Win and Brian becomes invisible for a few seconds. Touching
        an enemy will still alert them to your presence.

And now, onto the games!

4.a) Sky Hook

Character - Stewie

Controls - Left Control Stick

This is a bit tough, but not very. Just quickly get the cursor in the
target area so that the nailgun fires in it. You can hit the guy, but
all you'll get is laughs out of that. The kickback from the nailgun
makes the sight jump a bit, so it can be a bit annoying to get it to
the target. Even with help, this guy is a bad shot!

4.b) Sexy Party

Character - Stewie (Who else?!)

Controls - Left Control Stick

Just run to the star! Once you catch it, Stewie and the girls will
dance. Though catching it is a troubling task. It moves around
pretty randomly. Running around in the middle works, because there's
a good chance you'll catch it crossing the center at some point. No
promises though. The only thing I don't like about this one is
Stewie's repetitious laughter. Gets on my nerves.

4.c) Most Disturbing

Character - Brian

Controls - Face buttons (two randomly chosen)

Brian has to dig a hole. Since he's a dog, he throws the shovel
away and decides to use what God gave him, his paws!
Just see what two buttons they want and quickly alternate pressing 
them. Not hard at all. Notice the title on the film can, 
"Quagmire in Blair Fist Project." Funny stuff.

4.d) Vote

Character - Brian (with special guest Abe Lincoln)

Controls - Left Control Stick (Left and Right only)

Just dodge the president! Once Abe is looking in a direction, he's
locked in it, so don't worry about him pulling any fast ones on you.
Just push left or right to jump before he lunges out at you.
This one's really easy too.

4.e) Can of Tuna

Character - Peter (Sumo!)

Controls - Face buttons (two randomly chosen)

Another alternating game. Just press them fast and Peter will
rip into that can of tuna. Not hard at all. One of my personal

4.f) Nature Special

Character - Firetruck (counts for Peter)

Controls - Left Control Stick and Face Button

This one can be a bit tough. You have to press the button while
the ladder of the truck is over the gazelle. Its a fast little
bugger. You can move left or right to try and follow it. You only
have to hit the button once though. Funny ending!

4.g) Small Stature

Character - Stewie

Controls - Left Control Stick and Face Button

Poor Stewie. Simply move him to where the empty seat is and press
the button. Not hard. Just disappointing. He really should've won
that raygun.

4.h) Marco Polo

Character - Stewie (Special Guest Helen Keller)

Controls - Left Control Stick and Face Button

Easiest game in the bunch. Just don't touch Helen! Not too hard,
considering that she DOESN'T MOVE! You can do the same, or have some
fun and swim around a bit. The button just makes Stewie say "Marco!"
A lot of good that'll do him, since the girl is dumb, deaf, and blind!

4.i) Sit Down

Character - Peter (Sorta)

Controls - Face Button

You simply need to press the button when the cursor moves over the
chair. Though its not hard, it is kinda funny to watch him miss. Do
that when you play in the Special Features menu, not in the story.

4.j) God

Character - God (Counts for Peter)

Controls - Two face buttons (random)

Simply alternate the buttons again until God is done dancing. I
guess it is his birthday. ^_^

4.k) Worst Job

Character - Brian

Controls - Left Control Stick and Face Button

Get as close as you can to the customer and press the button. Not
too hard, but the guy can move. You may end up coming close to the
end of the clock depending on where the guy goes.

4.l) Columbus

Character - Brian (with Peter)

Controls - Left Control Stick

Just rotate the control stick to make Brian blow air into the ship's
sails. You also have to beat Peter and the clock, which I believe are
tied together anyway. Can be hard if you don't spin fast enough or
don't make full circles.

4.m) Disco

Character - Peter

Controls - Face Button

Peter's gonna swing a stick back and forth. Hit the face button
when it lines up with the disco ball. Hit it three times and win!
The time limit in this one leaves no room for error, so make sure
you time it just right all three times and quickly!

4.n) Blown Budget

Character - Peter

Controls - Any face button

So, the designers ran out of money. Hard to believe, but okay. When
it says go, hit any of the face buttons. Its that easy. Triggers, 
control sticks, and the d-pad don't work for this. It is only the
four face buttons. Losing is kinda funny.

4.o) Big

Character - Stewie?

Controls - Face buttons

Big Stewie walks down the line, ducking under signs. You need to press
the requested button before Stewie hits the signs. Timing doesn't need
to be precise. Once the button icon is on the screen, you have until 
you reach the sign to press it. Even hitting it at the very first
moment you can works. Three times and you win!

4.p) Crazy Idea

Character - Peter

Controls - Face Button (random)

Peter swings his hand back and forth between the toaster and the
waffle iron. When its at the waflle iron, hit the requested button.
Not too hard, and funny either way. (Win or lose.)

4.q) Jesus

Character - Jesus (Counts for Peter)

Controls - Face Buttons

The exact same as the God game, but for Jesus. Just hit the two face
buttons fast and you'll be fine. "Go Jesus! Its Christmas!"

4.r) Locked Keys

Character - Peter (Counts for Brian)

Controls - Face Button

Peter swings a bent hanger back and forth. The button you need to hit
only appears when the hanger is over the keys. The timer is short too,
so make sure you figure it out and move quickly. Funny for win or loss.


5) Other "Mini Game" Scenes

Peter has a few random moments on his own that don't count as Cut Away
Games. Some enemies, when health is low and are special attacked, go
into a finishing move "game." Most are rapidly pressing the Punch button
to subdue them, then hitting the Kick button to finish them off. Other
enemies have you press certain buttons in a certain order. As long as
you keep up with it and don't miss, you'll do extra damage to the guy.

Peter also plays "Port-o-Pottie Simon Says" (my own name for it) with
somebody. Who, is a mystery, but the game isn't hard. Just follow the
notes with the face buttons. The first time I did it, it was "Mary Had
A Little Lamb." I don't know if there's more than one song, but I doubt
it. Not too hard, just funny.

Stewie has a few scenes where he fights his enemies in a "classic"
fashion. He faces forward, and the enemies come out in waves, like
centipede or galaga. Some enemies pop up that, when defeated, leave
behind piles of raygun parts. The one that takes place inside Peter
had landmines all over the ground. If a spot turns green, MOVE! It
will explode, leaving a small crater. You can then safely walk over
that area. The battle against Bertram resembles Space Invaders. Once
the holographic clones are cleared out, shoot the real Bertram before
the next wave shows up.

Brian eventually goes undercover as a hotdog vendor. Just feed the
people that wave him down, and don't talk to anybody who didn't.
Order doesn't matter, just as long as you get them all. The game
will tell you when you're done. (This is kind of like a boss stage
for him.)


6) Legal Again

This guide is to only be used on and nowhere else.
'Nuff said.


7) Contact

If you wish to contact me on anything about this guide, feel free to
do so below. Whether it be a mispelling, missed info, praise for a job
well done, or a simple cash donation (kidding), I am open to all.

Thank you for reading my guide, and GOODNIGHT!