FAQ/Walkthrough by Betelgeuse

Version: 1.0.2 | Updated: 07/30/07 | Printable Version

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                     Ruff Trigger FAQ/Walkthrough
                            Playstation 2
                            Version 1.0.2


Table of Contents

1. Revision History
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. The Story
5. Piglots
6. Weapons
    6a. Guns
    6b. Genetic Powers
    6c. Armor
7. Pick-Ups
8. Walkthrough
    8a. Stage 1
    8b. Stage 2
    8c. Stage 3
    8d. Stage 4
    8e. Stage 5
    8f. Stage 6
    8g. Stage 7
    8h. Stage 8
    8i. Stage 9
    8j. Stage 10
    8k. Stage 11
    8l. Stage 12
    8m. Stage 13
    8n. Stage 14
    8o. Stage 15
    8p. Stage 16
    8q. Stage 17
    8r. Stage 18
9. Legal Stuff


== 1. Revision History ==

Version 1.0 (07/27/2007): The first version.  The body of the Walkthrough is
                         done, as well as several of the minor sections.

Version 1.0.1 (07/30/2007): Put finishing touches to certain areas of the FAQ.

Version 1.0.2 (06/23/2015): General proofing and wordsmithing.


== 2. Introduction ==

Ruff Trigger is an Action/Adventure Platform game with gameplay reminiscent
of the Jak and Daxter or Ratchet and Clank series.  Although Ruff Trigger is
rather straightforward in its stage design, there are certain points throughout
the game that may cause problems.  This guide is designed to help get through
those rough (no pun intended) spots.  I have included strategies that I have
found to be most useful and practical.


== 3. Controls ==

As normal Ruff or werewolf Ruff:

X Button           Jump / Double Jump (push X twice)
Square Button      Attack
Circle Button      Action
Triangle Button    Enter/Exit first-person view
D-Pad              Cycle through weapons
R1                 Target (hold)
R3                 Reset Camera / Zoom-in (first-person view guns only)
L1                 Strafe mode (hold)
L2                 Alternate between normal Ruff and werewolf Ruff
Left Analog        Walk / Swim / move camera in first person view
Right Analog       Move camera in third person perspective

While on Cecily's bike:

X Button           Accelerate
Square Button      Decelerate
Circle Button      N/A
Triangle Button    N/A
D-Pad              N/A
R1                 N/A
R3                 N/A
L1                 N/A
L2                 N/A
Left Analog        Steer the bike
Right Analog       N/A


== 4. The Story ==

The Vanocore Corporation has just developed a series of adorable pets called
Piglots.  The company hopes to replace the more common pets, like cats and
dogs with these cute little creatures, designed for a multitude of tasks.
There are Piglots for playing games, doing chores, and protecting homes.

Unfortunately, the first shipment of Piglots was never delivered. The three
cargo ships filled to the brim with the tiny pets crash landed on the planet
Endust. If this was a normal planet, there wouldn't be any problems. But of
course, Endust is covered with hazards and dangerous monsters. Rather than
risking their own hides, the people at Vanocore commissioned the bounty hunter
Ruff Trigger to travel to the planet and do all the dirty work on his own.

While rounding up the Piglots Ruff finds that their food supply, a mysterious
green liquid called Vanocore Power Drink, has some rather unusual effects when
ingested. The people at Vanocore seem to have a great deal of interest in
keeping this information and the VPD from becoming public knowledge.

What initially appeared to be a simple recovery mission is catapulted into an
intensive investigation into the unknown origin of the Piglots.


== 5. The Piglots ==

There are a variety of Piglots, each with its own special and unique
characteristics. All of the Piglots look different, and are easily
distinguishable. Throughout his mission, Ruff will continuously exploit the
special abilities of certain Piglots in order to advance.

-Natural Born Piglot-
This is your standard Piglot. It is white with green spots covering its body.
The majority of the Piglots that you will be saving will be of this normal
type. Generally these can be found in groups, so if you find one be sure to
look around to see if it has any friends lurking around the area. There is
nothing particularly special about it, and it has no practical use at any
point in the game. Basically, this Piglot is just there to be rescued and has
nothing to offer you in return for your services.

Tykel Value: 50 Tykels

This Piglot is exactly what it sounds like. This is an experimental unit that
Vanocore developed. All that is visible of this Piglot is a faint white
outline of its body. They can be especially difficult to spot. The only way to
come across these is either by pure luck, or hearing its yelp and searching
the area for it. These Piglots are very few are far between. There will never
be more than one Invisi-Piglot in any given stage.

Tykel Value: 150 Tykels

-Fake Piglot-
The Fake Piglot is not, in fact, a Piglot at all (surprise!).  Rather, it is a
cleverly disguised time bomb.  Fake Piglots are limited to movement within a
certain distance of their spawning point, which is a small circular device on
the ground.  Once they have been picked up, they can be safely carried around
for an unlimited amount of time.  Once they have been set down, however, the
user has a few seconds to clear the area before the bomb goes off.  These are
very useful when trying to clear out blocked passages or when removing iron

Tykel Value: N/A

-Smart Piglot-
This is a rather interesting looking Piglot.  It has what appears to be some
sort of satellite dish on its head and goggles over its eyes.  It is
apparently a Piglot of the highest intelligence.  This guy can slip through
small spaces, push buttons, retrieve objects, and various other tasks.
Use it to go places that you can't.  It is very willing to help you as long as
you promise not to forget to teleport it back to HQ.

Tykel Value: 50 Tykels

-Charging Piglot-
This Piglot is overflowing with VPD.  It has so much VPD contained within it
that it is willing to share it with anyone or anything it comes into contact
with.  If you should ever come across a Charging Piglot and werewolf Ruff is
in need of some VPD to recharge his energy, simply pick up this adorable
Piglot to leech some of that Green Stuff off it.  This Piglot may have uses
beyond giving werewolf Ruff energy.  Perhaps it can supply power to other
things as well...

Tykel Value: 50 Tykels

-Fat Piglot-
This Piglot knows how to live.  He looks exactly like a Natural Born Piglot,
except that he's a little bit chubby.  The Fat Piglot is happy with his
appearance and won't change for anyone, but who would want him to?  This
weighty Piglot spends all his time eating from the VanoSnack machines he
surrounds himself with.  It may not seem like this Piglot could be of much use
to anyone, but you may just be surprised.

Tykel Value: N/A

These Piglots packs quite the bite.  They are light brown with darker brown
stripes.  They have red eyes, and sharp fangs.  T-Grots are highly aggressive
killers.  They have no qualms about showing off their combative nature to
anything that gets in their way, including Ruff.  The only way you'll get a
positive response from these creatures is if you are just as wild and untamed
as they are...

Tykel Value: 50 Tykels

This is one bright looking Piglot!  This Piglot is rather hard to miss due to
the intense light that it gives off in dark places.  Who needs a flash light
when you've got a moving lamp that doesn't require batteries?  When things are
looking on the dark side, the Piglow is sure to be there to light the way for

Tykel Value: 50 Tykels


== 6. Weapons ==

Here is a list of every weapon and genetic power available to Ruff.  For the
guns, I have listed here the cost of each weapon, the rank you are required to
be to purchase it, the maximum amount of ammo it can hold, the amount of ammo
an ammo pick-up will give you, and a description of what each gun's ammo pick-
up looks like.

=-6a. Guns=-

It doesn't have much punch, but the beginning-level Transfixer fires fast and
on target.

Cost: 150 Tykels
Required Rank: (1)Rookie
Max Ammo: 40
Refill: 20
Ammo Description: Gray cylinder, colored red on either end.

-Mega Gun-
Developed for multiple targets, the pump-action Mega Gun blasts foes inside a
90-degree arc.

Cost: 500 Tykels
Required Rank: (2)Novice
Max Ammo: 10
Refill: 5
Ammo Description: Black and gray box with a red trapezoid on all four sides,
                  and four red semicircles on top.

-Giga Cannon-
This portable powerhouse packs a slow-moving missile carrying a debilitating

Cost: 700 Tykels
Required Rank: (3) Expert
Max Ammo: 3
Refill: 3
Ammo Description: A dark gray rocket with a yellow missile head.

The Devastator fires fast with a wide blast radius, but it doesn't have much

Cost: 900 Tykels
Required Rank: (4)Hunter
Max Ammo: 150
Refill: 50
Ammo Description: A tall gray rectangle with a strip of red along the top and
                  black strips along the sides.

A favorite among snipers, rogues, and rebels, this rifle hits hard at long

Cost: 1200 Tykels
Required Rank: (5)Mercenary
Max Ammo: 5
Refill: 5
Ammo Description: Looks like two discs attached back to back.  It has
                  concentric circles on the faces of the gray and green discs.

Equipped with an innovative spinning blade, the Mulin-Ex whips foes down to

Cost: 1500 Tykels
Required Rank: (6)Veteran
Max Ammo: 50
Refill: 50
Ammo Description: Looks almost like a canteen.  It has a small handle, a cap,
                  and a green circle in the center of it.

-Lightwave Gun-
Lightweight and amazingly fast, the Lightwave Gun shoots narrow beams at a
dizzying rate.

Cost: 1700 Tykels
Required Rank: (7)Commander
Max Ammo: 15
Refill: 15
Ammo Description: Looks like a canteen of a different style.  It is a gray
                  square with a cap on top.  It has a purple square on its
                  front and back.

-B-G Launcher-
Launches a green bouncing projectile that explodes against unsuspecting

Cost: 2000 Tykels
Required Rank: (8)Elite Master
Max Ammo: 10
Refill: 5
Ammo Description: A big black and white spiked ball.

Lays down a cluster of explosive mines capable of tripping up the most
aggressive bad guys.

Cost: 2500 Tykels
Required Rank: (9)Hero
Max Ammo: 20
Refill: N/A
Ammo Description: There is no ammo for this gun.  Those twenty shots that come
                  loaded are the only twenty shots you'll ever fire from this

Great for massed minions, this explosive launcher hits everything inside the
blast radius.

Cost: 4000 Tykels
Required Rank: (10)Legend
Max Ammo: 10
Refill: 5
Ammo Description: If you've ever seen the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it
                  looks exactly like those cases of mutagen slime.  If not, it
                  looks like a glowing, radioactive barbell.

=-6b. Genetic Powers=-

-Moon Genetic Power-
This is the first genetic power you'll ever receive.  You get it in Stage 2,
when you find a vile of VPD near the crash site of one of the cargo ships.
This attack targets one enemy and fires a blue ball of energy at them.

-Thunder Genetic Power-
This power is acquired in Stage 4.  This  attack calls upon the power of
electricity to rain lightning bolts down all around Ruff.  Rather effective
for crowd control early on.

-Storm Genetic Power-
Ruff will be able to use this genetic power in Stage 7.  With this power, Ruff
can generate a little miniature wind tunnel.  This strong attack whisks enemies
around in a circle, dealing heavy damage to them.

-Ubiquity Genetic Power-
This genetic power becomes available in Stage 9.  Like the name suggests, this
power enables werewolf Ruff to be everywhere at once, and to do deal damage to
everything in sight.  When Ruff uses this, he will deliver a punishing scratch
to every enemy who is nearby.

-Superlight Genetic Power-
This powerful technique becomes Ruff's in Stage 11.  This is an extraordinary
power with extremely long range and packs a massive punch.  With its incredible
crowd clearing ability, it is arguably the most powerful of all the genetic

-Earthquake Genetic Power-
This seldom used genetic power can be gotten in Stage 13.  This power is
supposed to be used to reveal hidden passages.  But as far as I am aware, it is
only ever used once.  It is moderately effective in battle, but there are
better powers at your disposal.

=-6c. Armor-=
Armor can give you the extra protection you need to squeak by those though 
spots.  Sometimes, when you're having a little bit of difficulty, spending a 
few tykels on armor can give you the necessary advantage over the enemy.

-Level One Armor-
Cost: 200 Tykels
Required Rank: (2) Novice

-Level Two Armor-
Cost: 300 Tykels
Required Rank: (4)Hunter

-Level Three Armor-
Cost: 500 Tykels
Required Rank: (6)Veteran

-Level Four Armor-
Cost: 700 Tykels
Required Rank: (8)Elite Master

-Level Five Armor-
Cost: 900 Tykels
Required Rank: (9)Hero


== 7. Pick-Ups ==

There are many objects throughout the worlds that Ruff will come across.  The
Boss has given Ruff free reign to pick up whatever he finds along his way that
he thinks will aid him.  All of these items will indeed help Ruff to overcome
the obstacles blocking his path towards the truth at the bottom of this
Vanocore Conspiracy.

These are an electronic chip currency that's readily recognized at automated
K-Stores throughout the universe.  You'll find tykels inside crates and behind
broken decorations.  They come in six different denominations:
Green        5 tykels
Blue        10 tykels
Red         50 tykels
Purple     100 tykels
Silver     500 tykels
Gold      1000 tykels

The quickest way to earning a promotion in this biz is by collecting tokens.
Grabbing these spinning disks will earn you a higher rank so you can buy
better armor and weapons at the K-Stores.

-Health Orbs-
These glowing orange balls will replenish your health when you pick them up.
They are not very common, so only take them if you are in desperate need.
Sometimes it is better to leave them where they are so that you can come back
to them later if you are close to death.

-Vanocore Power Drink-
A secret Vanocore beverage used as Piglot food, VPD also replenishes Ruff's
werewolf power meter.  Drink these before a fight and keep your werewolf
powers at full strength.

-Extra Lives-
Snoop around and explore a bit and you'll come across hidden caches with
twirling Extra Life icons.  You'll need a few extra lives to overcome some of
the toughest planets in the galaxy!

-Oxygen Charger-
Any Oxygen Charger is an object that can only be found in the water in Stage
1.  If your air supply is running low, swim over to one of these Oxygen
Chargers to replenish it by a few bars.


== 8. Walkthrough ==

-8a. Stage 1-

The Boss tells you to have a look around, so go ahead and do just that.  Walk
forward a couple of meters and a cutscene will begin.  Ruff scans the small
creature before him.  The Boss comments that what he is looking at is a
Natural Born Piglot.  He goes on to tell you to pick it up.  When you do so,
you will be shown the blue teleporter you must take the Piglot to in order for
it to be rescued.  When you deliver any Piglot to a teleporter, you are
rewarded with Tykels and tokens.  The amount of each depends on the rarity of
the Piglot you deliver.

After taking the Piglot over to the teleporter, a gate will open up allowing
you to leave this area.  As you approach the gate, the Boss will chime in.  He
tells you the object in front of you is called a Vapakula Totem, and that you
should beat up on it.  Don't worry, the Totem is completely harmless and will
not attack you.  This is your hand-to-hand combat training.  When you get up
next to the Totem, the Boss instructs you to attack with three attacks:
[square], [square, square], and [square, square, square].  If you wish, all
you have to do is use the [square, square, square] attack and the Boss will be
satisfied.  Either way, you'll next be told to use a hook sequence and
explosive smash [square, square, X], and finally a hook sequence and flare
kick tumble [square, square, circle].

When you finish with the first Totem, a gate will open behind it.  Go through
it to face another Vapakula Totem.  Here, the Boss will tell you to perform a
double charged punch [X + square] and a double spinning hook [X + circle].
Going through the next gate brings you to yet another Totem.  There's only one
more move you need to learn, and in my opinion it is the most useful.  It is
the smash-punch [X, square].  If ever you don't want to waste ammo on an enemy
(once you get a gun), I have found that the smash-punch is the safest of the
hand-to-hand techs.

Proceed through the gate that just opened up.  You'll come to a lava pool, but
conveniently enough, a rock will rise up which you can use to cross over to
the other side.  Here, the Boss tells you that pushing X will in midair will
enable you to do a double jump.  Immediately after this, you will come into
contact with your first nine tokens.  The Boss explains that they are used to
increase your rank so that you can buy more powerful weapons and more
protective armor.

Up next is your first fight.  There are three hideous spiders lying in wait
for you.  Small spiders like these can be taken down in a single [square,
square, square] combo or by two smash-punches [X, square].  Do whichever you
feel like, and when all three are dead a platform will rise up at the end of
the one you are standing on.  Jump across it and the Boss tells you that the
sound you just heard indicates that you have reached a checkpoint.  If you die
at any point here, you will restart here instead of at the beginning (assuming
you have any extra lives remaining).

Move to the next platform and you will be standing next to a teleporter.  Here
there are six Piglots waiting to be saved.  Instead of picking them up and
carrying them one at a time, run all the way to the other end of the platform.
As you pass each one, they will start to run after and follow you.  When
you've got all six behind you, run back to the teleporter and all six will be
transported far away and you will be 300 tykels richer.

Continuing will introduce you to a health orb.  If those spiders from before
hurt you, smash the box open and grab the orb to replenish your health.  Head
on to the next area and there will be a strange gray thing in the middle of
the platform.  This is a K-Store.  Here is where those tykels and tokens come
into play.  Right now all you can buy is the Transfixer.  You have to do so to
advance the game, so go ahead and fork over 150 tykels.  A platform will rise
up with a Vapakula Totem.  If you want to practice with the Transfixer you
may, but it isn't required of you.  Press on past the Totem and if you used
any ammo yet, refill your gun with ammo pick-ups from the gray boxes.

Once again you are faced with spiders.  This time there is also a huge one
accompanying them.  Worry about him later.  The three small spiders are in the
form of a triangle.  Jump into the middle of them and wait for them to
converge upon you.  As they get close, jump into the air and perform a smash-
punch.  If you did it right, all three will be affected.  While they are
recovering, jump into the air again and do another smash-punch.  This should
kill all three at once.  Now all that is left is the large spider.  You can
use your Transfixer if you'd prefer, but I suggest going hand-to-hand against
him.  Use [square, square, X], immediately followed by [X+square] or
[X+circle], and finally finish him with a couple of punches.  The next
platform is tiny and the enemy on it can deal a lot of damage.  Stay on the
platform where the spiders were and pump ten shots into the big guy from a
safe distance.

Up ahead, the Boss shows you some orange boxes.  These are just like any other
breakable object in the game, and contain tykels.  Be sure to fill up on ammo
here, because you'll definitely need it.  Past the three tokens, you'll come
up against your first mini-boss: The Firebird.  It rises up out of the lava to
challenge you.  It's simple enough to defeat.  Just use L1 to strafe while
targeting and holding square.  Avoid its fireballs and when it uses a stream
of fire, hold L1, pull back on the left analog stick, and hit X to do a
backflip.  If you run out of ammo, there is a box on the left that keeps on

Replenish your ammo and head through the gate.  Three Piglots here need your
help.  Jump across the lava pits and grab one.  It's important to remember
that you can't double jump while carrying a Piglot.  And since Piglots can't
jump, you need to carry each one individually to the teleporter.  A gate opens
when all three have been teleported.  Go through it and it will close behind

There are two large spiders and two lava golems in here.  For the spiders, use
the strategy you used on the three smaller ones earlier.  Jump in between the
two beasts & keep the smash-punches coming!  The golems are best taken out
with the Transfixer.  Ten shots in each of those and the gates will open back
up.  But before you continue, it's worth it to take a brief detour.  To the
right of the next gate is a small path leading out to a ledge with three
orange boxes on it.  Smash them for some tykels.  Move back towards the
beginning of the path, but don't leave it.  Instead, drop off to the right and
you will be on a sharp decline towards a small alcove.  There are 18 orange
boxes, a life orb, some tokens, and a large purple tykel.  This purple one is
worth 100 tykels.

Climb back up the path and head through the next gate.  The next room is
filled with water.  Hop in and learn how to swim.  L1 dives and R1 resurfaces.
If you swim over to the left, you'll see a passage with a gate shut tight.
Since you can't get through there, you've gotta find a different route.
Follow the tokens under the water and through a tunnel.  In the path of the
tokens are large brown containers.  These are oxygen tanks and they will allow
you to stay underwater a little bit longer.  When you reach the end of the
tunnel, surface and get out of the water.  There are five small spiders lying
in wait for you in this little cavern.  Dispatching them should be a piece of

Killing all five of them opens up a gate and also triggers a cutscene.  The
outline of a Piglot comes scampering out towards our hero.  He calls it in to
the Boss, who tells him it is an experimental model of Piglot known as an
Invisi-Piglot.  Grab it and carry it over to the teleporter.  Doing this opens
the gate in the previous room.  Head back through the tunnel and come up for
air, but don't get out of the water just yet.  Swim back to where you first
hopped into the water.  Looking at the bottom of the room reveals that there
is a purple tykel down there.  Dive to the bottom and snag it, then resurface,
making sure to grab the oxygen tank right next to the tykel.

Go through the gate that you just opened.  There's another lava pool and once
again a rock rises to the surface for you to hop across.  A gate opens as you
approach.  Make sure your ammo is full before you go through.  The gate closes
behind you and you are left to face the last couple of enemies before the end
of the stage.  Stand right where you are and take down the first lava monster
with the Transfixer.  Move forward and kill the two spiders.  Kill the final
two golems in whatever way you see fit, and last of all kill that small spider
near the exit.  When they are all dead, you will gain access to the Vapakula
Reserve.  Go through the door to finish out Stage 1.

-8b. Stage 2-

As soon as the stage begins, look over to your left.  You should notice that
the rock over there forms what appear to be steps.  If you hop onto them, they
will lead you up to a hidden path.  This path runs down more steps into a 
small clearing.  There are a couple of spiders and lava golems here. If you 
kill them, the hidden treasure here is yours.  There are several orange boxes 
among other things, including a silver tykel worth 500 tykels.  You can exit 
the same way you came in when you are finished.

Follow the tokens along the ground.  When you get to the end of them, the Boss
will tell you to defeat all the enemies.  There are several spiders here.
Kill the four small ones first.  You'll notice that now they drop one token
when they die, as opposed to nothing in the previous stage.  After the four
small spiders are dead, rush the large spiders and obliterate them.  At the
death of the last spider, there is a cutscene.  Ruff rushes up to the cargo
wreckage and finds a box full of vials, which contain a mysterious green
fluid.  Presented with such a situation, it is obvious that the best course of
action is to drink this potentially dangerous liquid.  After Ruff drinks the
entire vial, he begins convulsing.  After he throws a fit, he is transformed
into a large wolf form.  This werewolf form allows Ruff to run faster, jump
farther, and attack with a more powerful punch.

After the cutscene, proceed to the end of the land.  Off to your right you
will see two iron bars going out to a purple tykel.  If you want it, go for
it.  Just make sure you are careful.  Falling off of there almost certainly
means death for Ruff.  Regardless of whether or not you go for it, at the end
of the area with the spiders there is a platform that rises and sinks in the
lava.  Hop on it and ride it to the bottom.  There is a series of rocks all
along the lava, so use them to get to the other side.  When you're back on
stable ground, climb the rock steps to find a Vapakula Totem.  If you want,
test out your werewolf powers.  Jutting out from this platform over the lava
are more iron bars.  This time they lead out to an extra life.  Again, it is
up to you to decide if it is worth the risk.

From the Totem, follow the tokens across the bridge.  If you take a moment to
listen, you may hear the anguished cry of a lost Piglot.  Go to the right and
take the stone steps down.  Follow the path around to a small room.  At the
center is an extra life, to the far end is a purple tykel and all around are
Piglots.  Climb the stairs again and head through the large door to face
spiders and two lava golems.  As werewolf, it takes a single smash-punch to
kill a spider and two to kill a lava golem.  I suggest you use that to your
advantage here.  Go down the hall and take all the tokens.  Ignore the K-Store
for now, as you shouldn't have enough tokens to buy anything new.  In the next
room, you are introduced to Vapadevils.  They're pesky, but if you attack by
hand them as werewolf, they go down pretty quick.  There are two Piglots
trapped behind grates in this room.  Also behind a grate is a health sphere.
When you pick it up, it will light up the little room it is in.  If you aren't
paying attention, it is easy to miss the secret passage leading downwards.
Following it to the bottom reveals a room full of orange boxes and a silver
tykel.  After you finish looting that room, go break those Piglots out.

When you get those two Piglots to the teleporter, you are told to rescue the
other Piglots in this room.  Follow the tokens across the bridge and save the
three Piglots on the next rock.  When they are saved, jump on top of the large
rock platform and save the Piglot up there.  The Boss will congratulate you on
saving them all and a new path will appear.  But in fact, you have neglected
to rescue one Piglot.  Go back across the bridge with the hole in it and go to
the right.  On this little rocky area is an Invisi-Piglot.  Locate it and take
it to the teleporter.  Now go to the bridge and go on the other side of the
doorway.  Back there is an extra life.  By now, you should have gained enough
tokens to raise your rank to Novice.

Go along the pathway that appeared and jump across the moving rocks.  In the
middle of the next area is a purple tykel.  Grab it and the tokens and go
through the doorway.  In this hallway there are fire traps.  Careful timing
will get you through this hall unscathed.  Or, as werewolf you can simply jump
over the walls of flame.  After the hall, you'll arrive in an area with small
houses.  The place is being patrolled by spiders and creatures carrying
large spiky maces.  Take these guys out carefully, because they can cause
severe damage with little effort.  When they're dead, there are two little
Piglots in this area.  Bust them out of their cages and take them to the
teleporter.  At the top of the hill, there is a K-Store.  Activate it and
purchase the new gun, the Mega Gun.  It has ten shots which fan out to hit
multiple enemies.  At this point, you can also purchase armor.  Buy it if you
feel you need it.  Behind the K-Store are a couple of platforms.  Jump onto
the first one and grab a Piglot.  Take it to the teleporter on the next
platform.  Do the same with the other.  Make sure you grab the extra life
before going back to the mainland.

Cross the bridge and enter a courtyard.  Move towards the raised circle.
There are four Piglots on it.  Unfortunately, there are also four malicious
beastly statues.  When you approach the Piglots, the beasts spring to life and
put up a barrier of fire to keep you away.  Strike a beast to temporarily
deactivate it.  Use that time to rescue the Piglots.  You can deactivate as
many or as few as you want.  You really only need to shut down one to do the
job, but if you feel more comfortable, get rid of all four beasts.  It's just
that you'll have less time to get the Piglots to safety.  Either way, once all
the Piglots have been teleported, a gate will open and you can continue.  In
addition to those four Piglots, there are two in cages on either side of the
teleporter.  And there is a purple tykel behind the teleporter.

Go through the new gate and drop down to meet a bunch of enemies.  Kill all of
them and the Boss will tell you to rescue all the Piglots.  Head on down the
path and break open the two towers to release two Piglots.  Behind the second
tower is an extra life just waiting for you to take.  Run up to meet the last
three Piglots.  Switch to werewolf Ruff if you aren't already using him.  Jump
over the fire to reach the teleporter and save the final five Piglots.  Right
next to this teleporter is a purple tykel, so make sure you pick it up.

Walk to the edge of the broken bridge and you'll see a weird enemy spraying
some harmful substance upwards.  You can't kill this thing, so you've got to
time your jump to get over it.  Do the same for the next one.  Jump off of the
wooden bridge and onto the land.  Up next are the last five enemies of the
stage.  There are three small spiders and two Vapadevils.  Knock off the
arachnids first and then deal with the demons.  When you've finished with
them, the door will open and you can finish Stage 2.

-8c. Stage 3-

At the end of the previous stage, Cecily offers you a ride to Rusty City, the
location of the second cargo wreckage. In this stage, you will be controlling
Cecily as she speeds through narrow passages and over ravines. This can be
quite the tricky level, especially with a time limit. But lucky for, running
out of time or falling off the edge of the track doesn't subtract a life from

You've got 150 seconds to make it to the end.  Try not to waste precious time
by falling off a cliff.  When you start, keep following the road through
several bends and turns.  When the road takes a sharp turn towards the right,
you should see a rocky patch of land directly in front of you.  Behind it is
nothing but air.  Do not follow the road.  Drive straight off this cliff and
land on the road below.  Immediately after you land, there will be another
patch of rocky land and yet another cliff.  Do the same as before and keep on
driving until you are reunited with the main path.

Follow the road, staying centered when you reach the wooden road descending in
a turn.  Get to the right of the road when the wood bridge ends and hit the
ramp to jump over a small pit of lava.  When the road forks, go to the left.
When the road splits again, go to the left once more.  After a short while,
the ground will drop out from beneath you and you will land on the road below.
Follow the road around a sharp left turn.  Slow down so as to take this turn
safely.  If you can, hit the ramp with the accelerating strip on it. From here
on in, it's pretty much clear sailing.  When the road turns to a light colored
dirt and there is a darker dirt on the sides, avoid that dark dirt like the
plague.  It will slow you down unmercifully.  When you get to a long stretch
of road with a couple of ramps, you will know that you are almost there.  When
you finally make it to the finish line, sit back and watch the cutscene.

-8d. Stage 4-

Your goal in this stage is to reach the second cargo ship.  The Boss warns
you about some sort of intense security here in Rusty City, so be prepared for
some more difficult battles.  Grab some armor at the K-Store if you think you
might need it and make sure to stock up on ammo, because you'll definitely
need it.  Run through the doorway and you will be immediately thrust into a
battle with a very large robot.  This is Rusty City's security system that the
Boss warned you about.

The Guardian isn't all that difficult.  The only thing he'll do is shoot pairs
of yellow lasers at you, but those are easily avoidable.  Just run to the
front of the platform and keep firing shots from your Transfixer into his ugly
mug.  Remember to run left and right so that you can stay one step ahead of
his lasers.  When the Guardian has had enough, it will retreat back into the
city to regroup.  The platform will lower again and allow you to continue.

Start by running forward and getting all those Piglots to follow you.  Go back
through the door and go off to the left to find a teleporter.  When that's
done, go through the only other door yet to be entered.  Grab all the tokens
along the path and watch out for the two little red balls moving along the
ground.  These things will blow up if you get too near to them.  Take them out
from a distance with the Transfixer.  Just a single shot from it is enough to
detonate them.  Go up to the huge iron doors to open them.  Inside you'll find
five of those little red bombs and two new enemies.  These gray robots look
rather like tripods, what with their three propulsion jets.  They typically
stay in place, unless you move too close for comfort.  They will fire yellow
lasers at you at a rather quick pace.  So rather than try to do too many
things at once, just eliminate all the little red bombs from the doorway.
Once they're gone, go in and deal with the tripod robots.  Keep running and
strafing and they should have a harder time hitting you.  When all seven
robots are dealt with, walk onto the red circle on the ground.

An elevator will take you up to the next floor.  Up here are three Piglots.
If you make it to this point and it is exceptionally dark in here, it means
that it is nighttime.  Days and nights pass quickly, so I suggest you wait
until it is daytime to do anything.  There are several holes in the floor up
here and if you fall down to the bottom level, you will die, no matter how
much health you have.  Once it is light enough to see the holes, start working
on getting the three Piglots to the teleporter.  Once they've been rescued,
double-jump across the large gap to the elevator on the other side of the room
and ride it to the bottom.

By this point, you should have enough tokens to rank as a Expert.  Go up to
the K-Store and buy the Giga Cannon.  You'll be needing it.  While you're here
grab some armor if you'd like a bit more protection.  Head on up the road,
destroying the little red bombs as you see them.  You'll come to a bridge with
red and white caution stripes and the ground.  Don't walk out onto it just
yet, though.  Walk over to your left and go out on the small ledge to collect
an extra life.  Now you can go ahead and get on the bridge.  As soon as you do
so, the bridge will detach from the road and descend.  At the same time, the
Guardian will return from the city to do battle with you again.  His attacks
haven't changed much.  He still uses the same yellow lasers, but now he will
also shoot two fireballs in succession at you.  These are pretty slow, so you
should have no problem evading them.  Use the same strategy you used before -
strafe and shoot.  Alternatively, you can just unload all three shots from the
Giga Cannon into the Guardian and that alone will be enough to bring it down.
You'll probably be hit several times if you choose to do this, so make sure
you know what you're risking if that's what you want to do.

When the Guardian retreats, get off the bridge and run around the curving path
destroying the bombs.  When you reach the end of the road, you'll have to take
an elevator to get to the next area.  There's another miniboss waiting for
you, but this guy is a piece of cake.  A large green guy will come out of
nowhere to fight you for unknown reasons.  Use your Transfixer or Mega Gun to
deal with him.  He has only a couple of attacks, none of which are
particularly impressive.  He will also perform a taunt occasionally which
doesn't seem to have any sort of effect.  When you beat him, he'll run off and
drop a vile of VPD.  Ruff drinks it and gains a new power as werewolf.  This
is the Thunder Genetic Power.  If you like to use werewolf Ruff, this is a
very useful technique.

Ride the elevator down and stack up on supplies.  Jump on the next platform
and it will trigger the Guardian yet again.  Its attacks are all still easily
avoidable.  Take the Guardian down just as you did the other two times.  If
you have any ammo for the Giga Cannon ammo, feel free to use it on the robot.
Otherwise, stay forward to avoid his missiles, which cannot seem to hit you if
you stay close enough to the edge.  Chop away at its health until it runs away

Grab some ammo and run on down the path.  Break the orange boxes for some
tykels and get the health, as well.  Go through the door to face two more of
those tripod robots.  Keep moving as you shoot at them.  When they're gone
you'll be shown what is upstairs.  Take the elevator to get up there and
you'll find that there are lasers everywhere.  They will hurt you if you touch
them, so be careful.  Walk up to the lasers that are moving up and down.  You
want to run through the little gap that opens up when the lasers move up
towards the ceiling.  Do the same thing for the next set of lasers to get to
the other side of the room.  Looking over to your left, you should see a large
yellow and black box behind a set of moving lasers.  This thing is the power
source of the all the lasers in the room.  Run under the lasers as they move
up and punch the box to push the power button.  Doing so will deactivate all
the lasers in the room.  You are now able to help all the Piglots over to the

Step out of that building and onto a small balcony-like area.  There's a gap
in the fence just across from the door where you can jump onto a moving
platform.  Hop onto it and ride it till it comes to a stop.  You should see
another platform right next to you, so jump onto it.  This one will take you
over to solid land.  Here there are several orange objects on the ground.  Do
not go anywhere near them.  These are landmines and they will cause severe
damage if they blow up next to you.  Safely disarm them with your Transfixer.
A single shot should be enough to blow them up, but sometimes it takes more
than one to hit exactly the right spot on it.  Around the corner are more of
these powerful mines, followed by two tripod robots.  If you are low on
health, use your Giga Cannon to dispose of those pesky robots.  Standing
behind them is a single-wheeled robot.  This guy shoots alternating orbs from
its hands.  If you shoot it with your Transfixer repeatedly, it will be unable
to fight back due to the shock of your blasts.

When the coast is clear, you are free to move on.  I recommend picking some
armor up at the K-Store.  You never know if you might need it, especially with
what's coming up next.  The next thing you'll face is the Guardian.  This time
its pretty mad.  The attacks this time around aren't so easy to dodge.  He
lasers which he shoots from his eyes extremely difficult to avoid, and his
barrage of bombs can also prove to be quite inevitable.  I still suggest to
keep up the same basic strategy of staying close to him the entire time.  The
faster you get all your shots off, the less time he has to cause any real
damage to you.  Use your Transfixer, and then your Mega Gun when you've
exhausted all your Transfixer ammo.  When he's done, go to either side of you
and get both Piglots.  Then follow the tokens to two more Piglots and finally
a teleporter.

Take care of the four of them and move on.  You'll come to a dead end at the
K-Store.  It may not look like it, but you have more than one choice of where
to go at this point.  The obvious choice is to jump across the platforms to
cross the abyss, which isn't wrong.  But there is a quick detour that is well-
worth the time.  Walk to the edge of the platform and look below you.  You
should see a small grey area.  Drop down there to find a secret area.  Down
here there are multiple orange boxes, many tokens, a silver tykel (worth 500),
and an Invisi-Piglot, which is especially difficult to find in the dark.  When
you finally find it, pick it up and carry it back to where you dropped down.
Get on the elevator and take a walk back to the teleporter where you delivered
those other four Piglots.

Once that's taken care of, you're free to cross over the giant gap.  Carefully
jump from one platform to the other until you've made it to the other side.
Go over to the right hand side of the platform and break all the boxes, then
grab the extra life that is in the corner.  Go on through the door and three
one-wheeled robots will materialize.  If you want to change things up a bit,
switch to werewolf Ruff and rip the robots to pieces.  If not, just use
whichever gun you are most comfortable with.  Once they're gone, the doors
will open up again.

Fill up on ammo, tykels, and health from the boxes along the way.  Follow the
tokens around the corner to find three Piglots and a tunnel full of moving
lasers.  Get all three of them to follow you and head on through the tunnel.
The Piglots have no problem walking through the lasers, so don't worry about
them.  Get to the other side of the tunnel and show them the way to the
teleporter.  Walk around the corner and enter the building there.  You'll be
ambushed by two one-wheeled robots and two tripod robots.  This combination
can cause a lot of damage if you aren't careful, so watch your back.  Destroy
them as quickly and as safely as you can.  When you come out you can stock up
on health and ammo before continuing.

Walk down the narrow path and you'll get trapped with two more one-wheeled
robots and a single tripod robot.  This is slightly easier than the battle you
just fought, so you shouldn't be given as much trouble.  Dispatching them
removes all the lasers and allows you to rescue the last three Piglots of the
stage.  Escort them down the path to the teleporter.  While you are down
there, make sure you punch the button on the yellow and black box.  This
activates a laser bridge back where you were just fighting.  Cross over the
bridge to fight the Guardian for the fifth and final time.

This guy is down to the bare minimum by this point.  He has very few attacks,
limited to only a single laser cannon and a barrage of fireballs.  Just keep
at him with your Transfixer or Mega Gun until the Guardian is left with
nothing to fight you.  The Guardian will fall down and run off.  The Boss will
then contact you and tell you that the mysterious green guy from before is
known as Mr. Armageddon and that he used to work for Vanocore.  The cutscene
ends shortly after that and Ruff is left looking at a short tunnel.  At the
end of it are the last two enemies of the stage, two one-wheeled robots.  By
now these guys shouldn't be causing you any problems.  You should be able to
subdue one with gunfire, while easily avoiding the other's shots.  When they
are dead, you can run no through the door at the end to finish out stage four.

-8e. Stage 5-

You start out in a square room with only one way out.  All around are orange
boxes and ammo crates.  Feel free to go on a smashing rampage before taking
the elevator in the middle of the floor.  This elevator dumps you in a narrow
passageway with a bunch of live bombs.  Eliminate them before they get too
close to you.

Down at the other end of the hall is another elevator.  Take it and you'll
meet a rather unfriendly-looking gargantuan of a robot.  You're gonna want to
stay clear of him if you know what's good for you.  Run away from him and get
your shots off when you can.  Make sure you keep an eye on the bombs that are
running around here.  After many shots that behemoth will fall.  Take a look
around the room.  There are cylinders filled with sparkly pink stuff.  You can
smash them for some tykels, if you'd like.  There's a purple tykel behind one
group of them.  Also, you may or may not notice an Invisi-Piglot sitting in
the alcove closest to the lava pit.  There are no teleporters nearby that you
have access to at the moment, so let the Piglot sit over there for the time.

Run towards the lava pit and ride the elevator down a short distance.  Wait on
this platform for the moment and inspect the situation.  There are platforms
moving across the lava, and of course you must use them to get to the other
side.  Don't be rash and jump onto the first platform without thinking.  You
need to make sure of something first.  Check to make sure that the second
platform is coming from the right side as the first platform is coming from
the left.  If not, you'll have to wait until that happens.  As the second one
is almost completely inside of the left wall, the third platform will emerge.
The same thing will happen with the fourth.  Finally, the jump from the fourth
to the fifth is a long one, so you'll need to be careful.  Get on the elevator
and step off to trigger a cutscene.  Ruff has found a new tool.  Fake Piglots,
which is what you're looking at, are time bombs.  They won't detonate until
you've set them down, though, so you can carry them for as long as you like.

Pick one of the Fake Piglots up and place it in front of yellow and black box,
then run to safety.  The cover over the button on it will be removed and the
button underneath will be automatically pushed.  Walk through the newly opened
door.  A green giant robot and two tripod robots will materialize.  Deal with
the giant first, then handle the two smaller ones.  They shouldn't really give
you much trouble at all.  A new door will open when they're gone.  Go through
it to find a bunch of Piglots, but no teleporter.  Looking closely, you can
notice a crack in the wall.  Run back to where the Fake Piglots are and bring
one to the wall to blow it up.

Breaking this wall down will reveal a couple of bombs, which will come
straight at you, and a one-wheeled robot.  Destroy them all as best as you
can, then carry the Piglots over the gap one at a time.  Break a bunch of
boxes, get armor if you want, and then jump across the next pit.  You'll be
faced with four sets of moving lasers.  These are real easy to get under.
Around the corner are three little bombs and a one-wheeled robot.  Once again,
these are also very easy to overcome.  There's another yellow and black box up
ahead with a protective cover over its button.  So go and grab a Fake Piglot
to blow it off.  As a warning, it is highly likely that two bombs will respawn
as soon as you do this, so make sure they don't blow you up.

Through this door are two one-wheeled robots and a green giant robot.  Again,
I recommend defeating the big guy first before the other ones.  Try to stay
away from the other robots while you are attacking the large one.  If you stay
at the right distance, they won't be able to shoot you.  After this, there are
more bombs up ahead and a cracked wall.  Blow up the bomb and then bring the
wall down with a Fake Piglot.  This part can get messy if you aren't prepared.
When the wall comes down, three or four bombs will rush you, followed by shots
from two one-wheeled robots.  To avoid getting wasted, run far away when you
set the Fake Piglot down.  Then move in slowly and take out your enemies at
your leisure.

After a couple more jumps you'll come to four Piglots.  Get them to the
teleporter up nearby, then keep moving.  Follow the road around and up to a
vat of molten rock.  A cart will come along and deposit some more rocks, at
which point you need to hop onto the cart before it moves off.  Don't miss
this cart, because it will be a long time before another one comes along.
Don't worry about the robots along the way.  They won't be able to hit you as
long as you stay at the center of the cart.  When you come to the end of the
line, allow the cart to dump you off.  Grab the purple tykel and go through
the door right next to you.

Defeat all the bombs in this room.  There are two doorways.  Go through the
one off to the right first.  Look familiar? Grab the Invisi-Piglot from before
and go back through the door you came from.  Now head through the other door
in this room.  Set the Invisi-Piglot down for a moment.  Take out your Giga
Cannon and blow up the one-wheeled robot down in front of the yellow and black
box.  Then, go down and take out the two green giant robots.  Make sure you
isolate one, so you aren't fighting two of them at once, which would get
pretty ugly.  When they are defeated, activate the button on the yellow and
black box.  Seemingly nothing happens, but this box is what enables the other
boxes in this room to function.

Go back up the elevator and walk around the catwalk to where there is a large
gap.  Across from you there is a one-wheeled robot that just materialized.
Turn him to scraps before he harms you.  Now, this gap here is just a bit too
long for you to be able to jump across.  So, there must be a different way to
get past it.  Take out any gun you want, hold R1 and fire at the yellow and
black box.  The switch will be activated and a laser bridge will appear before
you.  Also, an elevator to the next level is also activated.  Do the same
exact thing for the next two levels.  There's a purple tykel at the end of the
third bridge, so make sure you nab it.  Take the elevator up to the top floor.
Up here a couple of bombs will spawn alongside two green giant robots.
Dispatch them all and go through the door to finish off this stage.

-8f. Stage 6-

This isn't so much a real stage as it is a boss fight.  Step forward trigger a
laser bridge.  When you cross it, the bridge will once again recede, leaving
you trapped on this platform.  Believe it or not, this is your sixth and final
encounter with your old buddy the Guardian of Rusty City.  Rush forward and
take shelter behind your weapon, a rather large cannon.  The idea is to take
the Fake Piglots from the front of the stage and load them into the back of
the cannon.  Set them down by the small little hole and they'll waltz in to be
automatically fired at the giant enemy robot for minimal damage.  You've got
to time your shots carefully.  I've found that if you set the Fake Piglot down
as the Guardian Machine is at either side of the stage, he'll almost always be

I strongly suggest that you transform into werewolf Ruff for this battle.  His
speed and jumping ability can prove useful to you when trying to dodge the
attacks of the Guardian.  Remember that you will drop the Piglot if you are
hit, so try to grab them when there is a lull in the onslaught.  At first,
Guardian will just fire single shots/streams of lasers at you.  After three
hits, he will step it up a notch.  He will start tossing yellow proximity mines
at you.  Stay clear of them and they won't be a problem.  It takes seven hits
in all to bring the Guardian down.  His machine will be destroyed and he will
at last meet his death.

This ends your time here in Rusty City, and your trip to beautiful planet
Endust.  On to the next planet!

-8g. Stage 7-

A Piglot factory has mysteriously exploded and you must investigate it while
rounding up the loosed Piglots.  Run down the stairs after Cecily drops you
off.  Hopefully by now you have collected enough tokens to raise your rank to
Hunter.  If you have, make sure you buy the new and invaluable weapon, the
Devastator.  This gun is a highly powerful rapid fire weapon.  Also now
available is Level Two Armor, which surprisingly enough, is longer lasting and
more protective than Level One Armor.  Get it if you want to.

Around the corner is a new kind of enemy.  You can go up and introduce
yourself to these helmeted foes in close quarters, or you can eliminate them
from afar with your Giga Cannon.  Beat the two of them along with the bombs
and move on a little bit.  Near to the K-Store is a blue door, which can be
broken down.  Inside you'll find a purple tykel.  Coming up on your left is a
storefront you can smash and loot.  Across from it is a building with tall
glass windows.  Two of them can be smashed.  Release the Piglots from behind
their bars and lead them around to the teleporter.  The little hole is too
small for you to get under, and the Piglots aren't clever enough to know to go
under it by themselves.  You're left with no choice but to force them through.
Make them cluster around the hole, then jump into the air and do a smash-punch
to send them into the hole.  Keep doing this until all of them are under the
wall and on their way to the teleporter.

Rescuing all three of them removes the laser barricades from the area.  As you
leave the building, watch your right side for another helmeted enemies.  Go
around the corner and continue on down the dock until you find another
helmeted enemy.  Kill it, and make sure you take note of the large building
sitting out in the middle of the water.  Go back to where the electric fence
once stood and walk straight until you hit a body of water.  Drop down to the
little wooden deck and look to your right to find an extra life surrounded by
tokens.  Hop back on to the deck and eliminate as many of those water dwelling
creatures as you can.  When you've got most or all of them, swim over to the
building and collect all the tokens from around the perimeter.  I encourage
you to use werewolf Ruff to swim, as he can move much faster in water.  When
you've got all the tokens in the water, go back to the front of the building
and swim down to the underwater entrance.  Surface inside and collect even
more tokens.  Run over to that button and punch it.  This will open the door
of that first building you saw.  Grab a Fake Piglot and blow the door off of
this building, then retrace your steps to the first building.

Again, kill as many of those water monsters as you can, then collect all the
tokens.  In the back of this building is an extra life.  When you go inside of
this building, you'll find five Piglots.  Take them all outside and over to
the teleporter.  Go back inside and punch the button in the back.  This will
open the door of yet another building somewhere.  Swim back to the dock and go
back to the K-Store.  Near there is a Fake Piglot.  Pick one up and walk up
towards the water where you were just swimming.  When you are facing the lake,
turn to your left and inspect the blue wall there.  You may notice that it is
cracked at the top.  Set the Piglot down and let the wall crumble.  Inside
there are tokens and two extra lives.

Blow the next wall down and you will reveal two helmeted guys here.  Kill 'em
both.  To the right of the wall you just exploded is a blue door.  Knock it
down to find two Piglots.  From the broken wall, go to the left towards the
second water building (the first one that you entered).  On your left are two
Piglots behind glass.  Free them, then turn around and go up the road, past
where you broke the wall down.  You'll be attacked by a red lizard.  Two shots
from the Mega Gun will take care of him.  Get the two Piglots here to follow
you and take all six of them to the teleporter.

Saving these six will remove an electric fence.  Instead of turning left where
the fence was just taken down, go to the right towards that blue area.  There
is a glass window you can break down to snag an impressive gold tykel, worth
1000 tykels.  Now go through where the fence used to be.  Ignore the big blue
door for now.  Walk over to the left and you will see a gold door on your left
hand side.  Break it down to collect a purple tykel.

Now go back to that huge blue door and enter.  This shop belongs to Mr.
Kerubino, owner of the K-Stores and father of Cecily.  If you didn't get it
yet, here is another chance for you to buy the Devastator.  Go to the back
room for a cutscene.  Introducing the Smart Piglot, designed to go places that
you can't.  Take it outside and set it down next to the small hole in the
wall.  The Smart Piglot will run through the ducts and find a keycard.  I'll
bring it back to you and deactivate the electric fence.  When it comes back,
take it back to the teleporter.

Around the corner of the newly opened fence, another red lizard will attack
you.  Kill it, then go into where it came from for two purple tykels.  Across
from here is a gold door with a third purple tykel behind it.  Walk up the
road a bit and go off to the left to find a third building surrounded by
water.  There's a ton of tokens on either side of the wooden dock.  Grab them
and swim to the building.  Once again, there are tokens all around the
perimeter.  Inside the building are more tokens and five Piglots.  Punch the
button here, then escort all of the Piglots out to the teleporter.  Back in
the second building, the cage will rise from the center of the room, allowing
you to rescue the Invisi-Piglot inside.  Go back and do just that.  If you've
been religiously collecting tokens throughout the game, it's possible that you
will at this time have enough tokens to rank as a Mercenary.  If that's the
case, go find a K-Store or go to Kerubino's store to purchase the new P-6000.

Head back to the third water building area.  There are two gold doors nearby,
each hiding purple tykels.  Walk into the small plaza and eliminate all the
bombs roaming about.  Walk over to where the water begins and take a plunge.
In this area, there is an extra life, two silver tykels, and a couple tokens.
They are all on the small beaches around the outside of the water, so they
shouldn't be very difficult to find.  When you're done hunting for treasure,
go back to the plaza.  Walk up to the electric fence and find the small green
button on the wall.  Approach it to trigger a cutscene.

Armageddon is back, but you've got a secret weapon this time.  Take out your
Devastator and rip him to shreds.  In one second flat, Armageddon will be
retreating and you will obtain the Storm Genetic Power.  On his way out of the
building, Armageddon opened up the fence for you.  Head on down the hallway.
Goblins will materialize before you and attempt to cause you some sort of 
harm.  They really aren't the most impressive enemies you'll ever come up 
against.  Defeat these nuisances and continue on.

The hall will take you a rather tricky spot.  The helmeted guys can very
easily pin you down with gunfire from where they are.  Hopefully by this
point, you have the P-6000.  Use it to knock them off.  Go over to their
platform and look to the left and you'll see a beach.  Take a swim over to it
and claim the extra life that's sitting over there.  Return to the platform
and continue until you see two more helmeted guys.  Hide behind the little
blue fence that's there so that they cannot hit you.  Poke your P-6000 over
top of the fence and make short work of them.  A bridge will appear, under
which is an extra life.  Proceed with caution until you meet up with three
more of those helmeted jerks.  This time, whip out your Giga Cannon to handle

Walk out onto the bridge that extends between the two areas and jump off the
left side of it.  Swim until you can't go any farther, then grab the extra
life that's in the corner of the moat.  Go back to the bridge and get out of
the water.  Cross to the other side and go collect all the goodies in the
right and center alcoves.  You'll end up getting four purple tykels just from
those two areas alone.  When you've had enough of this place, go inside the
left entrance to finish off the stage.

-8h. Stage 8-

You are now in an underground cavern.  Go to the K-Store and walk behind it to
find a purple tykel and some tokens.  Get all the tokens from around the
stalagmites in the middle of the room.  Then walk to the left wall, across
from the broken elevator.  Part of this wall is breakable and there is some
VPD and ammo back there.

Go down the hall.  It's blocked by rocks, but there's a glass door you can
smash through.  Pick up the Fake Piglot and set it by the rocks to clear them
out.  Hideous little bugs will pop up out of the ground to attack you.  A
single punch kills them.  On your right are stalagmites with a blue light
behind them.  There's a breakable wall nearby you can break to get back there.
There are tokens and a purple tykel hidden.  Walk a short distance forward and
you'll see a glass circle on the ground.  Run back and grab a Fake Piglot and
set it on the circle to blow a hole in the ground.  Jump down it.

Go up the stairs down here to find two Piglots.  Look for the two patches of
blue light on the walls.  Break through the rocks by them to find two more
Piglots.  Break the door down, grab a Fake Piglot, and follow the tokens.
Drop the Piglot at the end of the hall to smash all the rocks.  Enter the next
area and pull out your P-6000.  Snipe the two helmeted guys before they shoot
you.  Get the Smart Piglot off the center platform and go up the stairs behind
you.  Smash the door and send the Smart Piglot through the little hole in the
barred door.  It will trip the switch and open up the door for you.  Escort
the Smart Piglot and any other that followed you up from down below past the
big bugs to the teleporter.  Now go back and pick up any stragglers left
behind.  These big guys will respawn if you leave the hallway, so be prepared
to face them again.  On your way back with the last few Piglots, stop off back
where the Smart Piglot opened the door.  At the bottom of the small pool here
are a bunch of tokens.  Once all the Piglots are teleported, look behind the
teleporter to see a large golden door that you can't smash down.  What you
can't smash, you must blow up.  Go get a Fake Piglot and blow a hole through
this door to reveal two extra lives, a purple tykel and some orange boxes.

When you've completed your business here, break the door next to the
teleporter and go off to the right.  There's a breakable wall on the left
hiding a silver tykel and some tokens.  Go backwards after grabbing it and
follow a trail of tokens to a hall with a pool at its beginning.  At the
bottom of this pool is an extra life, so grab it before crossing to the other
side of the water.  In this hall, there are a couple of those goblins as well
as two crab-clawed monsters with missile packs mounted on their backs.  Kill
them and clear your path.

Go down some step-like stones and you'll see a blockage of rocks up ahead.
You can't go back and get the Fake Piglot from before, because you'll never be
able to jump across that pool of water in the previous hall.  So go to the
left and see a Smart Piglot.  Over to the left is a breakable wall concealing
an Invisi-Piglot.  Ignore both of them for now and jump across the pit to the
tokens, then go around and to the right.  Break the door on your left to find
a Fake Piglot.  Pick it up and carry it on with you, while dodging all the big
bugs.  This path will come out on the other side of those rocks you saw
before.  Blow them up with the Fake Piglot, then eliminate any big bugs
bothering you.  Go grab the Smart Piglot and carry it down to where there is
another barred door.  Send it through the hole and open it up.  Teleport the
Smart Piglot, then go back for the rest.  In all, there are four Piglots left
to save - the Invisi-Piglot, along with three Piglots trapped in cages along
the path.

Back where the Fake Piglot hallway is a gold door.  If you take one of those
Fake Piglots and set it in front of the door, it will break down.  Behind it
is a silver tykel.  Proceed down the hallway and kill the small bugs that
pester you.  There's one more Piglot and a gold door at the end of this hall.
Teleport the Piglot and blow up the door with a Fake Piglot to score two extra
lives, along with other treasures.

When you come to the next big bug, look around for a luminous blue crystal on
the wall behind some stalagmites.  When you've found it, jump between a couple
of those pointy rocks to collect the gold tykel that's hidden there.  Continue
until you reach another gold door.  Outside it are two Piglots.  Take them
back to the teleporter and bring a Fake Piglot with you again.  Inside of this
door are three extra lives!

Jump up on that step right next to you and go through the door.  The acid in
the pit will begin to rise.  I suggest turning into werewolf Ruff to take
advantage of his superior jumping abilities.  Move quickly, but cautiously.
You have plenty of time, but there is still a certain sense of urgency.  Don't
miss out on all of the extra lives along the way.  When you get to the top of
this room, the stage will be complete.

-8i. Stage 9-

At the start of the stage run forward, but stop before you get to the big 
brown pipes.  Take your P-6000 out and snipe three helmeted guys patrolling 
the next dock over.  When you've done this, jump into the water between the 
two docks and get all of the tokens in there.  Then get over onto the next 
dock.  Hide behind one of those small blue walls to shield the shots from the 
two helmeted guys on the next dock.  Peek out quickly and snipe them.

Once they've gone, continue along this dock and jump over the far edge into
the water.  You should be staring at a purple tykel in a ring of tokens.
Beyond that is a silver tykel.  Get both of these and then swim off to the
right with the wall on your left side.  In plain sight, just like the others,
is a gold tykel.  Swim back up the lake.  On your right you should be able to
see the opening of an underwater passage.  Dive down and swim up it.  Surface
and you will come out in a tiny little cave.  In here is an Invisi-Piglot.
Find it and use the teleporter here to rescue it.

Return to the docks and go back to the K-Store where you started.  Jump into
the water from here and get all the tokens and the purple tykel looking you in
the face.  Swim to the corner where the dock and the rock wall meet and you'll
find an extra life.  Swim over to the large submarine.  Underneath it are many
tokens and a silver tykel.  It may take a while to get all of them, so don't
be afraid to resurface for air.  On one of the fins of the first submarine is
an extra life.  Leading away from here is a trail of tokens ending in an extra
life.  After getting that, surface and swim to the closest grey pipe.  Get on
top of it and run along it to find another extra life.  Floating in the air
near the middle submarine is a purple tykel.  Now swim up the waterway between
docks 2 and 3.  Get on dock 2 and go back to the K-Store.  If you haven't done
so yet, buy the Mulin Ex.  Go back to the third dock and jump into the water
on the other side of it.  Get the extra life in the corner and then follow the
tokens through the underwater tunnel.

Emerge from the water and go into the large circular room.  There'll be a
cutscene and Armageddon will show up.  Use your Devastator to eliminate him.
After the fight, you'll get the Ubiquity Genetic Power.  Take the elevator up
to the next level.  In front of you is a door you don't want to go through
just yet.  Go to all the other rooms first and rescue the Piglots there.
There are six of them in all.  When you've got all of them, go through that
other door and enter the hall.  Kill the goblins and the crab clawed monster
that impede your progress.  At the end of the hall you'll be faced with a
rather unique sight.  This is a Charging Piglot and it is extraordinarily
rare.  You won't see another one of these for a very long time.  If werewolf
needs his energy recovered, you can grab hold of this guy to regain the green

In the next hall, you'll face goblins, a crab clawed monster, and a red
lizard.  Use werewolf Ruff's powers if you feel like something different.  You
can always just use the Charging Piglot to regain the energy after the fight.
The end of the hall comes out at a small room with water in the middle.  The
door on the right goes to a Smart Piglot and the left to a Fake Piglot,
neither of which are going to be of much use to you right now.  Swim under the
water through the door.  Jump on the center platform in the next room and do a
smash-punch on the button.  This'll open a door, which you should go through.
In the next room, get out of the water and push circle on the button to press
it.  This will drain all the water in this area and cause enemies to spawn.

In the small hallway coming into this room is a hole in the floor.  Drop into
it and dive.  Follow the tokens to another room.  Kill the goblins and check
out that huge contraption.  There's a button for a Smart Piglot but the hole
is barred.  Go to the door to this room and push the button.  Run back and
grab a Fake Piglot to destroy the iron cover.  Then go get the Smart Piglot to
push the button.  On your way back, go under the stairs for an extra life.

Sending the Smart Piglot through the hole will open the last door in the big
room.  Take the Smart Piglot and don't forget to go back for the Charging
Piglot.  Escort the two of them down the hall to the teleporter.  Go through
the last door there and end the stage.

-8j. Stage 10-

This stage is another one involving driving Cecily's bike. There is an easy way
to go and there is a harder way to go.  I've tried to figure out for you which
one is the most straightforward and least hazardous.

The first fork you come to is a three-way intersection.  You should take the
center road.  At the next intersection, go off to the left.  After that, you
want to bear to the left and follow the arrows.  At the next intersection, go
straight.  Go to the right at the next fork, then take the left turn at the
next opportunity.  From there it is pretty much clear sailing.  Just don't
crash too much and you should be just fine.

-8k. Stage 11-

There's a lot to smash in this first room if you would like to do so.  Get
whatever you need from the K-Store and follow the tokens down the hall.  When
you enter the next room, you'll be trapped with two handgun wielding helmeted
enemies.  Kill them to open up a door.  Go through it and you'll be told to
find the right tune.  Push the button on the right, and then the button on the
left.  This will open up the door across from you.  Gather up the Piglots and
take them to the teleporter in the newly opened room.  When all five have been
rescued all the doors will be opened.

Go through the hall and come into a large circular room.  Armageddon will
appear.  You know what to do here.  Devastate the green freak to the
Superlight Genetic Power.  Follow the next hall and get on the elevator.  Ride
it down and jump into the water.  In back of this platform is an extra life.
Grab it, then go through the doorway.  As soon as that first door opens swim
upwards into the tube.  There's a gold tykel up here.  Back in the water and
through the next door.  Get up the next tube to fetch an extra life.  The
following tube has nothing in it but tokens, but the one after that has an
extra life.  Go through the next door and you'll come to a room identical to
the previous one with the elevator, except that in back of the platform is a
purple tykel, this time.

Go up the elevator and follow the hallway right into an ambush.  Take down the
red lizard to open a door with a helmeted enemy.  Kill him and proceed into
the room behind him.  There's another musical puzzle.  It goes like this:
Left, Right, Center.  Completing this will open the door across from you.
There's another helmeted guy guarding four Piglots.  Kill him and save the
cute little creatures.

Go through the next door and buy the Lightning Wave Gun if you can.  The hall
after this K-Store will lead to another fight.  A crab-clawed monster will
appear along with two goblins.  When they die, they'll be replaced by a
helmeted enemy.  Kill him to open the door behind him.  The doors on either
side of the room hold Piglots.  Make sure you find the Invisi-Piglot in the
room on the right.  Get them all to follow you to the teleporter up ahead.  In
the next room, Ruff will find a rather portly Piglot admiring the serpent
statue.  Strike the VanoSnack machine to release food.  The Fat Piglot will
pounce on the treat and activate the switch on the ground.

Create a snack trail, starting with the one behind the one you just hit and
ending with the machine with the red button.  The door by the red button will
open once the Fat Piglot reaches the end of his trail.  In the next room there
is a big music tone puzzle.  The solution is as follows (numbered from left to
right): 4-5-3-2-1.

Go for a swim and grab the extra life under the stairs.  On your way out of
this room, grab the silver tykel.  Make your first left at the purple tykel
and come up for air.  There's a Smart Piglot here and another purple tykel
under the stairs.  Go back into the hall and at your next left is a purple and
a silver tykel, a Fake Piglot, and a button.  Push it to lower the water level
down here.  Grab a Fake Piglot and continue to the end of the hallway.  Grab
the tokens and the extra life, then blow the iron cover off the Smart Piglot's
hole.  Go get the Smart Piglot from before and send it through the hole.  It
can't get past the bars on the inside of the machine, though.  Turn around and
push the button to open the door to this room.  Create a trail of VanoSnacks
to the red button next to the Smart Piglot.  The Fat Piglot will raise the
bars and allow the Smart Piglot to do his stuff.  The last door will open and
you can proceed to the final few enemies.  Before doing this though, remember
to take the Smart Piglot to the teleporter.  When you've done that, go and
face the helmeted enemy and the goblins which guard the exit of this stage.

Note: I can't seem to find a way to teleport the Fat Piglot.  If it is
possible and anybody knows how to do it, please send me a PM!  I'll give
you full credit for your info.

-8l. Stage 12-

By now it is possible that you have become an Elite Master.  If that happens
to be your case, then head on over to the K-Store and buy the new B-G
Launcher.  If you want it, you can also get the Level Four Armor.  Afterwards,
smash the pots in the area.  Behind one group of them is an extra life.  Head
down the hall following the tokens and go through the door.

Welcome to your second boss fight!  This is Octopus and he'll be your sworn
enemy for the next few minutes.  Take note of how he sticks six of his
tentacles through the colored holes in the wall.  These correspond to the
colors of the machine through the tiny hole.  The first pair of arms you'll be
faced with are the red ones.  What you want to do here is send the Smart
Piglot through the hole once the light on the machine has turned to red.  But
you must be careful and watch out for the attacks of the arms as you do this.
Once it gets through, the Smart Piglot will activate the machine and hurt
Octopus.  Repeat this again to get make him withdraw his arms.

The large green arms will come through the holes and a goblin will spawn off
to your left at this point.  Now to complicate matters, not only must you
avoid the smashing of the arms on the ground, you've gotta keep an eye on that
goblin.  Don't go after the goblin willingly; let it come to you.  No matter
how many times you kill it, it will keep on respawning.  When you get the
chance, you want to send a Smart Piglot through the hole when the light on the
machine is green.  Two successful Smart Piglots later and the yellow arms will
be coming out at you.

These arms will spray a toxin into the air with a rather large range.  The
goblin will continue to pester you, but it will still only be one at a time.
The yellow light on the machine has a comparatively small window of time
during which you can send the Smart Piglot through.  Wait for exactly the
right moment and time your advance on Octopus carefully so that you can get
two final Smart Piglots through the hole.  When Octopus dies, Ruff will run
into that scrawny scientist again.  A quick cutscene will reveal that he is
Mr. Armageddon.  He'll also tell you that the heads of the Vanocore
Corporation are actually quite sinister.  From here, Ruff goes to Viridian to
speak with the Vanocore sisters personally.

-8m. Stage 13-

I hope that you are used to using werewolf Ruff by this point, because
using him here is a near necessity.  Run forward down the steps for a cutscene.
As long as you are in your werewolf form, the T-Grots will not harm you.
However, the second you switch back to normal Ruff, they will pounce on
you and start taking huge bites out of your health.  All around this area are
bees.  The Superlight Genetic Power has an uncanny ability to clear an area of
bees effectively and quickly.  Remember, though, that if you use up your last
bar of green energy, you cannot transform into werewolf Ruff again until you
find a vile of VPD.

There is a giant monkey that will drop from the treetops to come and fight you
as soon as you attempt to advance from the area.  Let the T-Grots do most of
the work, taking a couple of potshots every now and then if it gets
uncomfortably close.  Around the corner from here are three red frogs.  Kill
them, then teleport the T-Grots.  Jump up on the ledge behind the teleporter
and head down the steps to discover a silver tykel and an extra life.  Look
around a little harder to find an Invisi-Piglot.  Take it and go back to the
teleporter.  From here, go forward but be careful of the sand pit which would
kill you immediately if you fell in.

There are many bees guarding this bridge.  Using a Genetic Power will get rid
of them painlessly.  On the other side are two large monkeys.  Take care as
you fight them because a single punch from one of them can cause a huge amount
of damage.  The T-Grots will likely help a little.  When they're gone, go into
the clearing and kill the green lizard with the cannon attached to its back.
It isn't much of a threat.  There are three Piglots near here and a purple
tykel in the corner.  Also is an extra life behind some orange boxes.  Lead
all five to the bridge.  Clear it off with a Genetic Power (Superlight still
works wonders) and look to your left.  You'll see a purple tykel there and
some boxes.  Grab all the stuff over there and come back to the bridge.  Take
the five Piglots across to the teleporter on the other side.  Transform into
normal Ruff and climb up the stairs here.  Mr. Armageddon will come to fight
you.  Pick out a powerful gun and eliminate him to receive the Earthquake
Genetic Power.

Go to the small clearing that opened up when Ruff demonstrated the Earthquake
power.  Collect all the tokens and the silver tykel, the use the Earthquake
Genetic Power once again.  Jump down the hole that it formed from the blast.
At the bottom is a gold tykel hidden in the corner.  Up ahead is a red frog
and a green lizard.  Squash them both and keep on going.  You'll come to an
area with T-Grots, bees, a monkey and a frog.  Use the T-Grots to help kill
them all before using the teleporter to rescue them.  Make sure you search the
side alcoves, because you'll find two Piglots in the right one.  Jump across
the platforms in the quicksand and kill the little green lizard.  Then jump
down a step and murder the frogs here.  Follow the path to its end and get out
of this place.

-8n. Stage 14-

This is a very dark level, so watch where you're going.  First, turn around
and follow the tokens.  There's some stuff back here to smash open and grab
some extra tykels.  If you haven't done it yet, buy the PML2K at the K-Store.
A word of warning, it is not possible to get any extra ammo for the PML2K. What
you have in the gun when you buy it is all you will ever have. Use it wisely!
Kill the giant swamp monster that pops up out of the mud.  Use something
powerful on it because it will not be going down easily.  The P-6000 works with
just a single shot.

Follow the path to where you see some small circles of land in the mud.  Hop
across them to find a Piglot.  Take it back to the path with you.  Set it down
and continue along.  A swamp monster will jump out on you.  Make sure you have
a powerful gun at the ready to take it down.  Use a Genetic Power once it is
gone to clear out all of the bees coming up.  Go to the next bend in the path
and jump along the next set of stepping stones to another Piglot.  Now with
two, go along the path and kill the bees as you come to them.  The next set of
stepping stones will take you to a third Piglot, and the ones after these lead
to a teleporter.  Carry all three over to it one at a time.  When they've all
been transported, go to the very end of the path and come into a small

You'll be shown a cutscene and you will meet the luminous Piglow.  Walk over
to some yellow rocks while carrying the Piglow and you will create a temporary
lamp.  Run around to all four yellow rocks in this area to cause them to
remain on permanently.  Doing this will also, however, spawn a snakelike
enemy.  This guy will shoot projectiles at you and then teleport to another
area before you can get to him.  Chase him down and kill the freak.  Carry
your Piglow friend forward with you.  When you get to the red frogs, you have
the option of going in three directions, though it may not be obvious.  Kill
the frogs before moving on.  To your right is a gold tykel and an
Invisi-Piglot.  To the left is an extra life.  Collect all these things and
teleport the Invisi-Piglot up at the teleporter.  Get rid of the Piglow as
well, because try as you might, you will not be able to take it any farther
than here.  Double jump over the mud and kill the four froggies that spring
out at you.  Buy whatever you need at the K-Store here.

Double jump over to the next area and fight those two slimy snake monsters.
After you kill them, platforms rise on all sides allowing you to continue on.
Go over to the side which would have been on your right as you entered this
area.  Use the P-6000 to take down the swamp monster over here.  Grab the
Piglots and take them all back to main platform in the area.  Go to the
opposite side once you've retrieved all three.  You'll step into a pretty
tricky fight over here.  There's a swamp monster spitting sewage at you, four
angry red frogs, and destructive mud all around.  P-6000 the swamp monster
into oblivion, then handle the frogs two at a time.  Go back for the Piglots
when the coast is clear.

Head back to the main platform where you fought the snake monsters.  Very
carefully move forward from here.  This part gets to be very dark and there is
a long jump you have to make to get to the next platform.  Take your time.  Up
on your right are a bunch of stepping stone platforms with four Piglots on
them, two of which are T-Grots.  Bring them all to the main path.  Make sure
they're all with you and go forward, making the first right you come across.
The T-Grots will be hugely beneficial to you here.  They will go after any and
every enemy that you meet.  Walk slowly and let them do their thing.  Watch
the monkey at the end of the path here, and then clear out the bees
surrounding the teleporter.  Once you've got the enemies defeated, teleport
all the Piglots.  Make sure you pick up the extra life here and get the VPD
and extra health if you need it.

Head back up the path and go to the right.  You'll come out at a Piglow.  Grab
him and start jumping around the platforms.  You should notice that you're
moving in a circle.  The goal of this place is to move around the circle
quickly and light all the yellow rocks simultaneously.  You can't afford to
lose any time in doing this, so kill all the bees that would slow you down.
Light the yellow rocks in the circle and the entire area will become awash in
light.  You'll see that there is a center platform with a gold tykel on it.
Further exploration will bring you to a teleporter.  Go back and carry all
four Piglots (Piglow included) from the circle to the teleporter.

Instead of going behind the teleporter, go off to either side.  You'll come
across monkeys guarding paths.  Defeat the apes and go back into the large
areas.  In each of the areas, you'll find two Piglots and a teleporter.  In
the area to the right, you'll find an extra life, and in the place to the left
you can find a purple tykel.  Once you've finished, return to the teleporter
in the brightly lit area and take the path leading away from there.  Proceed
with caution, because there are several enemies out for blood back here.
You'll find a couple of those large swamp monsters, a bunch of frogs, and many
bees.  Make your way carefully to the cliff.  Scale it to get to the end of
the stage.

-8o. Stage 15-

Go off to your right and go around the catwalk.  If you have enough tokens,
buy the E.R.A.S.E.R. on your way.  Go through the door and kill all six
escaped frogs in here to activate an elevator.  Grab the Piglow up here and
descend.  Go to the other end of the room and push the red button to open all
the cages.  The hatch in front of you will open and a Smart Piglot will be
revealed.  Take it back to where the elevator is and send it through the hole
in the nearest cage.  This will open all the other cages in the room.  Kill
the three frogs that hop out of their cages.

Collect the Piglots and take all five through the door by the elevator.  Take
them to the teleporter here.  Navigate through the rest of this bee infested
room until you get to an elevator.  Take it up and push the red button.  This
reveals a Fake Piglot.  Take one and blow off the iron grate from the last
cage on the right.  Then go and get another.  Take it across the catwalk and
free the Smart Piglot from its cage.  Send it through the tiny hole that you
opened up to free the rest of the Piglots.  Take all four of them and go
through the at the end of the room.  Teleport them and go off to the left.

Around the corner is a big headed swamp monster.  Assuming you've got it, the
E.R.A.S.E.R. is a miracle worker here.  It can kill one of these hideous
creatures in a single shot.  There are a few more of them throughout the hall,
but they can't hope to pose a threat to you as long as you've got the
E.R.A.S.E.R. at the ready.  At the end of this room, go through the door and
you'll find yourself in a room with two strange looking helicopter robots and
what appears to be a rather large power core.  Destroy the robots quickly
before they can do you any harm, then transform into werewolf Ruff.  Walk up
to the big red button and get ready to run.  As soon as you push the button,
you will receive a warning to evacuate the area.  Continue along the catwalk
and go through the next door.  You'll be in a very long and very dark hallway.
You want to try and keep pace with the lights.  There are several pitfalls
along the way that will slow you down.  Jump over all the sand traps and run
through the door at the end of the hall.  If you fail to make it through the
hall fast enough, the reactor will blow with you trapped inside, and you'll
have to start over back at the big red button.  If this happens, you don't
need to push the button again, just start running.

Once you've made it to safety, walk over to Cecily.  Armageddon will jump down
and attack you.  Waste him with whatever weapon you prefer and you'll get a
cutscene that explains the entire Vanocore Conspiracy.  After the cutscene
finishes, you're taken to the stage completion screen.

-8p. Stage 16-

You are once again forced to do an annoying bike stage.  The good news?  It's
the last one!  Surprisingly enough for being the last motorcycle stage, it is
actually the easiest.  It couldn't be much more linear than it is. Follow the
road straight ahead around many bends and curves.  When it splits and you must
choose whether to go straight ahead or go to the left, go straight and try to
hit the green speed booster.  Soon after that, hit the central ramp to vault
over some yellow crystals.  Keep on following along until the road begins to
form just a few feet ahead of you.  This is tricky, but if you can watch the
triangular signs and not fall off the edge, you'll be able to tell which way
the road is going to be curving.  After a couple of bends in this road, you'll
come to the door of the Vanocore Corporation's Headquarters.

-8q. Stage 17-

Buy Armor Level Five!  This level is very challenging.  You're going to have
to conserve as much ammo as possible, because there are a ton of enemies and
a limited number of ammo crates.  That being said, fill up on ammo here and
cross the laser bridge and you will be ambushed.  Destroy the three
helicopter robots that appear.  Grab some ammo here if you want, otherwise
continue on across the next bridge.  These enemies here are exactly like the
red bombs from way back in Rusty City, they just look a little bit different.
Instead of wasting ammo on them trying to blow them up, run up alongside of
them.  When they stop moving and begin to spark, jump away as fast as you can
to get away from the imminent explosion.  Go through the next door when they
are taken care of.

You'll be attacked by a bunch of helicopters and two large green enemies
carrying handguns.  If you can, kill the helicopters first, because the green
enemies take a fair amount of shots to bring down.  When they're dead, go
through the door that opens.  More bombs are up ahead.  Blow them up without
shooting them and go to the next room.  You'll get trapped in here with some
robots.  There are two green robots and five helicopters in all.  When you've
smacked them all around, the next door opens up.

Note: If you don't want to waste any ammo, feel free to transform into Werewolf
Ruff and bash the robots heads in with brute force.  There are plenty of
health crates around if you get injured to severely, and by now you may have
upwards of forty lives.

Through the next door, there are two helicopters and a green robot.  Kill them
and proceed.  Grab a powerful weapon before crossing the bridge. First up are
two green robots and three bombs.  Let the bombs detonate themselves, then 
take on the green robots. When these robots fall, you'll be put up against four
one-wheeled robots.  They appear in the four towers at the corners of the
room.  Try to find a moment where you can sit still for a second and shoot
your P-6000 into the heart of one of those robots.  It gets considerably
easier as more are defeated.  If you run out of ammo, use the Giga Cannon, or
go and grab some ammo from the respawning ammo crate.

Once they are all gone, you can move on.  If you want, you can exploit the
respawning ammo crate to refill all of your weapons.  It takes some time, but
some may think it is worth it.  When you're ready, cross the bridge and
collect the extra life and health.  Get past the bombs and buy some armor at
the K-Store before going on.  Once across the bridge, you'll face two
helicopters and a green robot.  And then when they have fallen, four more
helicopters will appear floating in the air on either side of the platform.
Keep on strafing and firing whatever you've got at them.  Blow them to pieces
and continue across the bridge.  In the hall you will fight two additional
helicopters, a green robot, and a couple of bombs.  Disassemble these robots
and emerge at a bridge leading to a big empty platform.

A crap load of helicopters will appear alongside two green robots once you
step off the bridge.  Destroy all of them and a wave of tiny monsters will
appear to attack you.  Werewolf Ruff can kill large groups of them in a single
smash-punch.  Once they are all dead, cross the bridge to the other side and
collect the treasures there.  Go down this hall and the small monsters will
start crawling out of the walls to attack you.  In the next room, there are
three of those small monsters that will jump out to bite your ankles.  From
here it doesn't much matter which way you go.  You'll end up at the same room
and you'll face the same enemies.  Regardless of whether you go left or right,
in the first room you come to you will fight a helicopter and two small
monsters.  The second room will give you a green robot and three small
monsters.  The third room houses a helicopter and three small monsters.  The
fourth room, the room where the two paths meet up again contains two large
green robots.  Destroy the pair and go around in back of the large power
generator.  Back here is an extra life and a K-Store.  Buy some armor, since
it's here.

Go into the large circular room and you will be faced with a rather large
fight.  For starters, three green robots and three helicopters will all appear
rather close to each other.  Their close proximity makes dividing them
difficult.  Do your best to attack the helicopters first.  Try attacking from
a distance with a longer range weapon like the Devastator.  Then worry about
the three green robots.  If at any time you are running low on health, there
are orange health crates all around the outside perimeter of the room.  When
you've dispatched the first wave of enemies, two more green robots will appear
along with a one-wheeled robot and a bunch of those small monsters.  Finally,
once they are dead and gone, jump into the center platform and ride the
elevator up to the Vanocore Sisters.

-8r. Stage 18-

Walk forward and grab the VPD.  Then buy Level Five Armor at the K-Store.
Up next is the final battle.  Transform into werewolf Ruff and walk
through the door. Your weapons will not hurt the Slaygrot and werewolf
Ruff's smash-punch is so much more useful against the small monsters
than any of Ruff's guns. Werewolf's speed and jumping abilities are
invaluable here.

The basic idea here is that you need to take the Charging Piglots and place
them into the green circle on the ground.  The Piglots VPD will be sapped from
it and stored in one of those large tubes.  Three Charging Piglots gives
enough power to fire a laser at the Slaygrot.  Four shots from the laser is
all it takes to down the monster.

Those small monsters from the previous stage appear here as well.  They are,
as it turns out, baby Slaygrots.  As you carry the Charging Piglots around,
the baby Slaygrots will hamper your progress.  Smash-punch them to smithereens
when they start to cluster together.  The big Slaygrot will not attack you
until you attack it.  After it has been hit by the laser for the first time,
it will cause VPD to rain from the sky.  Aside from doing that once, his only
attack will be a ground stomp, which will cause a damaging quake that moves
out in a ring around the Slaygrot.  Don't stop jumping up and down unless you
are either picking up or setting down a Charging Piglot or you're doing a
smash-punch against the baby Slaygrots.

After you shoot him twice with the laser, the Slaygrot will stomp both of his
feet in succession, causing two quake attacks.  Hit him three times and he
will being to make VPD rain from the sky on a regular basis.  Four hits from
the laser, and the Slaygrot falls dead.

Congratulations! You've just foiled the evil Vanocore Sisters and completed
Ruff Trigger!


-9. Legal Stuff-
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