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What do i do after pulling the four coloured levers in The Steeds of Time?

Heya jst bought dis game on the ps2 nd m unable to find ma way after pulling the levers in the steeds of time.

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temeG answered:

ok after u pulled the levers their binders will open ( you can see it on your screens ) so for example if u pull the red lever the red blind will open and you must go there and insert the key to it before it closes after that there r flying monsters..they fly in the middle of the horses and stay there so after you return and pull another one you will go to the blinder you unlocked before and swing on the flying monsters to unlock the other blinder and after u have inserted the key and unlocked all of them you will go to the place where you pull the pulleys and then press R1...and then the horses move and make a way for you to get in to the island.
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outlaw4151 answered:

After pulling each lever and hitting the matching targets on the horse's heads to unlock their blinders, go back to the center where the levers are and hit the prompt (R1 or O, cant remember). This will unlock the steeds and retract the platform you're on. Hitting R1 at the front of the platform will start the minigame where stick movements need to be performed to get the horses moving.
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